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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 17, 2015 2:35am-4:01am EDT

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e asked what band to consider changing its name to "rescue shelter boys"? okay. beastie boys. i don't think so. nickelback. rescue shelter boys. hm. this is a good question. i have an idea. i have a pretty strong idea, but i'm just not comfortable just going for it yet, so i think i'll just jump it. >> you'd like to jump the question? >> i would like to jump the question. >> that's your final? >> yes, that's my final. >> okay. courtney has decided to jump the question. it is now out of play. who do you think? just take a guess. >> you know, i've never heard the pet shop boys, but because it was peta, i was sort of leaning towards the pet shop boys. >> was it pet shop boys? yes, it was pet shop boys. how much money did courtney jump over? $3,000. it's okay. $3,000. let's keep this thing rolling. still big money on the board and you're one step closer
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to the million. >> yes. >> next question. according to harvard medical school, if you suspect that you're having a heart attack, after calling 911, you should immediately start chewing what? >> okay, so i actually have heard that, if you think you're having a heart attack, you should chew an aspirin. that's what popped into my head when i heard you read the question so i feel pretty confident going for "b," an aspirin. final answer. >> and you are right. let's go! chewing it gets your blood-thinning drug into your system faster. let's get some money into your bank faster. here we go. $1,000. 1,000 bucks. here is your next question. we're on a roll now, courtney. utilized once or twice a day by acrophobics
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a police department in delaware offers a service where they'll actually drive your car for you where? >> okay, i'm actually happy to see this question because i am an acrophobic. [chuckles] i'm scared of heights. so i would say it's across a suspension bridge, "a." final answer. >> you are right. you're not scared of money. acrophobes are afraid of heights. let's give her some money. $7,000. we'll be right back with more millionaire and courtney right after this. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer.
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(female announcer) you could win $1,000 a day for life... (husband) hon! it's grover cleveland! (female announcer) ...when you play the new cash4life, from the pennsylvania lottery. (husband) let me get this. (female announcer) that means you too could experience the joy of winning. (wife) look who went shopping! (female announcer) every day... (grover) your chariot awaits! (announcer) ... for the rest of your life. (wife) jump on! (grover) nothing like a new mower. (wife) what? (grover) see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. >> welcome back to millionaire. i'm here with the lovely courtney young from louisiana. she has $10,000 in her bank.
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[applause] just getting starting. are you ready to keep it going? >> i am. i'm very excited. >> let's play millionaire! [cheers and applause] here is your next question. which of the following is not an ingredient in miracle whip? >> so i know miracle whip is mayonnaise. and i could imagine all those ingredients in it but pixie dust. so i would say "d," pixie dust. final answer. >> pixie dust is delicious but it ain't in miracle whip. you are correct. let's get her some money. $15,000! $15,000 for courtney young. let's keep this rolling.
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25,000 in your bank. does it feel good? >> it feels wonderful. >> let's go. let's get some more in there. though its composer's identity is unknown, what is the original name of the timeless piano song known as chopsticks? >> wow. so i can hear chopsticks in my head. i'm familiar with the song. but i'm not quite sure what the original is. merry sticks march. celebrated chop waltz. jubilee chop jig. stick brigade polka. so i'm thinking-- i'm looking at chopsticks and i see merry sticks so that seems to correlate. >> you do have 1 lifeline. >> i do have 1 lifeline. and i'm not sure if that correlation's strong enough to just go on it.
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>> you know what? i think i'm gonna just use my final lifeline. i don't want to take a chance. just bring my sister down here and see if she can help me sort of talk through this. >> you'd like to use your plus one? >> yes, i would. >> all right, it's time for you to be on tv. >> hi. very nice to meet you. >> how are you? >> good job, good job. okay, let's see. to be honest, i'm gonna tell you out flat, i'm not really sure myself, but let's work through this. >> yes. >> okay. >> so i was thinking 'cause of chopsticks merry sticks march you know, it's just like-- >> i agree, but there's also stick brigade polka. >> right. >> i'm pretty sure i would-- my first thought was the jubilee chop jig. but it says chop in it as well so i don't know. i really--courtney... >> so if you were-- >> you might be on your own. >> [scoffs] >> let's see. >> merry sticks march. so let's just think about this a little bit more before. >> let me lay this out. i'ma lay it out for you
2:43 am
right now. you have no lifelines remaining. 25,000 in your bank. if you decide to walk away you walk away with $12,500. >> okay. >> not bad. but the big money items are still up there. >> they sure are. >> 25, 10. >> yeah, all that stuff is up there. >> but it's your decision. >> it is. celebrated chop-- i mean, i keep going back to "a," but-- >> and i go to-- actually, i'm going to "b." i don't know. >> yeah. you know, i hate to do this, since i just-- >> let's think of the... [sings melody line] what kind of dance would that be to you? >> stick brigade polka? >> courtney, i don't know. i really don't know. >> you know what-- >> i'm sorry. >> are you a gambler, courtney? >> i am, but i don't know-- >> 12,000 is a lot of money. >> that's a lot of money to gamble with. i usually buy those $1 lottery tickets
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and hope for the best. [laughter] that's the extent of my gambling. >> that's $12,500 $1 lottery tickets. >> that's right. you know what? i hate to do this so early but i think i'm going to walk away, because i just-- i just don't know. >> is that your final decision? >> yes, sir, that's my final decision. >> okay. courtney young has decided to walk away with $12,500 in her bank. that's excellent. just take a guess. which one? >> i would have gone with "a." >> was it "a," merry sticks march? it was celebrated chop waltz. that's okay. we'll be back with more millionaire. we're making money. [cheers and applause]
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>> welcome back to millionaire, where all this week we're working with children's miracle network hospitals. [cheers and applause] please welcome our next contestant, from san francisco california chris bottorff! hey, chris, how you doing? >> what's up, man? >> how are you, sir? >> oh, so good to see you. >> come on over here. love that jacket. >> thanks.
2:48 am
>> that's hot, my man. >> somebody let the burgundy tiger out of the cage. >> oh, you--rawr! [laughs] are you ready to play? >> yeah, super ready. >> all right, then, the questions have already been shuffled. now we're shuffling the money values too. you've got all your lifelines, chris. are you ready to play? >> yeah, let's do this. >> let's play millionaire! [cheers and applause] rawr. here is your first question. though it doesn't involve making out, "necking" is a behavior witnessed in what animals as a way to established dominance over each other? >> [whistles] that's a tricky one. tricky one to start off right off the bat. well, giraffes have long necks. i think that's kind of the most obvious answer. and i'd like to build a little momentum and keep it working.
2:49 am
killer whales, no. toucans, no. beavers, no. i'm gonna "c," giraffes. final answer. >> you are right, chris! >> yeah! >> the tiger is out of his cage. >> rawr! >> let's put some money in your bank. $7,000. >> oh, yeah. >> 7,000. that's how you start the game. >> oh, yeah. >> let's keep it rolling. >> yeah, let's keep it rolling. >> next question. incorporating more than just food what country's weekly lifestyle pyramid condones a daily half serving of birra or vino? >> all right, feel pretty good about this one. one of my best friends owns an italian wine shop. carrie--she's a just dynamite lady. and, you know, one of the things that i'd really like to do
2:50 am
with the money that i win on this show is, take my girlfriend to italy. so "b," italy. final answer. >> you are right, chris! birra and vino are italian for beer and wine. let's get him some money for his correct answer. $500. >> oh, yeah. >> 500. >> that's like a case of vino. >> hey, look. here we go. [laughs] next question. what annual competition held in cumbria, england prohibits lawyers and politicians from entering because they are "too skilled"? >> i'm gonna go ahead and say "b," world's biggest liar. final answer locked in. >> and you didn't lie. you're right! >> yeah!
2:51 am
>> let's give him some money. pay the man. >> big money. >> $100. >> hey, come on. >> knocked off the millionaire money tree. all that big money still there. here we go. let's get it. telling the story of migrant workers george and lennie, what john steinbeck novella was originally titled "something that happened"? >> this is pretty cool because i'm from california, and they teach a lot of steinbeck in the elementary school system. and i've actually been in this play at the high school level. so i know it. and this is great. "c," of mice and men. final answer locked in. >> locked in is correct.
2:52 am
you are locked. let's lock some money in your bank right now. >> let's get some real money. >> come on, it's time. $15,000! >> whoa! >> we'll be right back with more millionaire and chris right after this. when i'm out in the hot sun, i know how to hydrate on the inside. but what about my skin? coppertone sport sunscreen puts a breathable layer on your skin to help keep it hydrated by holding in natural moisture while providing protection from harmful uv rays. game on. coppertone sport. to feel this special... you need to eat this special. ♪♪ start your day... with 150 nourishing calories in a bowl of special k. eat special, feel special.
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>> here's your question of the day:
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stay tuned for the answer. hey mom? i got the job! you got the job. welcome aboard. i've got a job to do today. have a good first day at work, mom! narrator: donate to goodwill. help provide job training in your community. when i started taking care of mom, i didn't realize the challenge of playing so many roles. but above all, i'm still... her daughter. [announcer] visit we're here to help.
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>> the answer to that question was jake the jailbird. welcome back to millionaire. i'm here with chris bottorff from california, and he has $22,600 in his bank. [cheers and applause] are you ready to keep it going? >> let's go. >> let's play millionaire!
2:56 am
[cheers and applause] here is your next question. of the following surnames, which is the only one not shared by two oscar-winning actresses? >> well, i know hepburn is probably... hepburn's probably one of them. davis might be one. i just don't know if there's two hunts or two hudsons. you know, i-- i'm gonna jump this question please. >> you definitely would like to jump the question? >> yeah, i'm gonna jump it. >> okay, chris has decided to jump the question. it's now out of play. take a guess? which one did you think? >> hunt.
2:57 am
>> is it hunt? >> no, it's hudson. the others are audrey and katherine hepburn, helen and linda hunt and geena and bette davis. how much money did you jump over? $1,000. not a big deal. 2 more lifelines. let's keep this going. here is your-- [horn blares] oh. that's our time for today. we will see you next time on millionaire with chris. here we go! >> keep it rolling. >> yeah. [cheers and applause] >> closed captioning sponsored by:
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this morning on "world news now." there he is steph curry and the golden state warriors win the nba championship over king james and the cleveland cavaliers. we have all the excitement from last night's final game. super soaker. what's left of tropical storm bill battering texas. why many americans outside texas need to follow the storm's every move. speaking out. the former leader of spokane's naacp chapter born white identifies as black, she says. >> i felt very isolated with my identity. >> her explanation and how she defines herself as, quote, transracial. later, a place of her own. a feminine take on man caves. are you ready for your own
3:01 am
private she shed? it's june 17th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now," with t.j. homes and reena ninan. >> well we have two words to start off this broadcast. >> what's that because i'm listening. >> andre iguodala. >> look at you. you've been practicing that for the past half hour. >> i thought it was andre equaldollar. >> equaldollar? what he just did might equal dollars for him later. yes, golden state, nba champs. you know what good for you folks out in the bay area. golden state hasn't won a championship in 40 years. congrats to you guys. it's fantastic. >> we'll have a report on that actually kick it off there with another nba season in the books. golden state warriors finishing as champs. >> too much last night for cleveland. cleveland has been -- their biggest star out for the season already. they weren't in the playoffs. they couldn't help lebron out
3:02 am
here. golden state, there they are, great picture. win the nba title winning in cleveland last night. >> and there we have abc's paula faris on the ground there. good morning, paula. >> reporter: t.j. and reason nashgs a good evening to you. a small contingent of warrior fans now leaving the arena. everyone said this golden state team was a little too young, a little too inexperienced at this level. guess what? they are the 2015 nba champions and they did it here in cleveland. pretty tough to do. they're the youngest team to win since 1983. and they controlled the majority of this game. it wasn't a one-man show. even scoring. they got about 25 points from stephen curry who was not named the mvp. it was andre iguodala believe it or not. the chances of him winning that award, 100-1, because he hadn't started a regular season game. >> this solidifies your career
3:03 am
as far as me having some individual awards and getting on this big stage when i had to sacrifice and take less in order for the team to do better. it's showing it paid off. >> reporter: lebron finished with 32 points and 18 rebounds. undeniably one of the best performances in nba history. he's now been to the finals six times and has only one twice. t.j. and reena? >> paula, thank you so much. yes, it was a bit of a shock. i think they got it right with andre iguodala got right but he hasn't started all year. he did not start a single game for the warriors. >> i didn't realize that. >> all season. he started the last three games of the final. steve kerr decided to put him in the starting lineup play small ball, and it worked out. >> this is my favorite moment. >> this is awesome. this is awesome! this is how we usually end the week here at "world news now." >> that's exactly how one minute
3:04 am
after the broadcast ends. >> that's how we feel, we made it. steve kerr, first year coaching these golden state warriors. he inherited a talented team. rookie coach winning the championship. what a night. i wanted this thing to go seven games. >> it was a great game. >> i just wanted more basketball. >> i like to extrapolate a life lesson from whatever big championship -- >> this ought to be good. stand by. life lesson from nina. >> i would say iguodala making oprah dollars. >> we can't even hear crickets. crickets aren't even cricketing on that one. >> i'm trying to say -- >> producer in my ear saying would you all please shut the hell up. moving on. stay with us here at abc news. looking for more reaction from both teams on "good morning america.." tropical storm bill battling
3:05 am
texas with hours and hours of pounding rain. >> crashed aboard the gulf coast just before noon. slowing moving inland, soaking cities already sopping wet from last month's deadly floods. abc's rob marciano is in the thick of things. >> reporter: barrelling ashore, tropical storm bill pummeling the texas coast. winds to 60 miles per hour. nearby galveston, rough waves crashing onto beaches, spilling onto streets. storm surge turning coastal homes into island in st. louis pass. our affiliate has been in the center of the storm all day. >> the rain is coming sideways. it is certainly -- you can tell that this is whipping around the eye. >> reporter: the storm pressuring this banked roof in clear lake to collapse. the real fear with this storm across the water-logged region is the rain. more than half of all deaths from tropical cyclones come from
3:06 am
flooding. >> wow. never seen anything like this. >> reporter: in houston, residents preparing for what could come. the shelves at this supermarket completely cleaned out as people get ready to ride out the storm. as it makes its way inland and heads towards oklahoma and the midwest. and from the midwest to the northeast, the last 24 hours bring intense severe weather. a funnel cloud spotted on lake michigan. in ohio flash flooding stranding cars. this man rescued from his car, completely submerged. on wednesday what's left of bill will push north into dallas oklahoma areas still saturated could get several more inches of rainfall and then pushes into places east st. louis, even upstate new york unfolding for places like south texas. they don't don't need any more water. rob marciano abc news houston, texas. >> as you can imagine, sadness in ireland and around the san francisco bay area following that deadly balcony collapse in
3:07 am
berkeley. an irish diplomat was among those participating in a wreath-laying ceremony at the site of the crash. dan sullivan, another irish student, was sleeping nearby when it happened. >> just a shock. like our thoughts with the families back home. it's just terrible. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused the balcony to collapse. the building had been recently renovated. the white house confirms a top al qaeda leader has been killed in a drone strike. the death ofis expected to be a major blow to the terror group. here now brian ross. >> reporter: demonstration of what has long been the u.s. nightmare scenario. a bomb hidden on an aircraft. something officials hope they have made much less likely. with the announcement that a cia drone had killed nasir al wuhayshi regarded by u.s.
3:08 am
officials as the al qaeda figure most determined to attack the u.s. it was under al wuhayshi that al qaeda tried to bring down a series of aircraft with bombs hidden in shoes, underwear even printer cartridges. they all failed to detonate. what scared authorities is that each of the devices was able to get past what the u.s. thought was state-of-the-art airport security. >> it's a significant development he's dead. this is a blow to the al qaeda movement overall. >> reporter: al wuhayshi who rose from osama bin laden's top aide was last seen in this 2014 video from yemen, ral lig his fighters in a large, open-air meeting as if to dwicia predator drones flying overhead. now the drones over a second leader in libya, the group that took over an oil refinery killing dozens of hostages including three americans. american authorities say it's
3:09 am
not certain he was killed but if so, it would be a week to remember for the cia. brian ross abc news new york. the massive cyber attack of government employee records might have happened because government computers are too old. lawmakers slammed officials for the failure yesterday. millions of personnel records were not encrypted because the computers are too old. some blame chinese hackers for the attack. you talk about baseball scandals a pitcher drg the ball pine tar on the bat. that's what makes these allegations perplexing. the fbi is looking into whether the cardinals hacked into the houston astro's database allegedly stealing sensitive information. it came to light last year when houston's data was leaked. that breach included player strategies and trade talks. houston's general manager used
3:10 am
to work for the cardinals. they believe he used his old password to hack houston's system. again, all allegedly. at this point. okay. file this next story under age ain't nothing but a number. an 80-year-old man can look forward to another day of paddling on the mississippi river and plenty more to come. he's already been on the river for a month. >> he's trying to become the oldest person to paddle the river's entire length all 233 miles aware of it. he's trying to raise awareness and money for juvenile diabetes foundation. >> he plans on traveling 30 miles a day and plans to reach the gulf of mexico in august. >> we will follow up in august. coming up in "the mix," see who's eating a five-foot long sandwich in less than ten minutes. forget about man caves. how about a she shed with a trend for women to find a place to relax. the former naacp chapter
3:11 am
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prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. a volcano in indonesia. hundreds of villagers have been evacuated. thousands are refusing to leave despite warnings of a powerful
3:15 am
eruption. more than a dozen people died during an eruption last year. british actor john hurt has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. he has no plans to stop working. he's optimistic about his prognosis. he's been nominated for an academy award for roles in "the elephant man" and "midnight express". >> we're thinking about him. such a great actor. rachel dolezal, you've been hearing that name a whole lot, she is speaking out now. remains defiant after sparking a national debate over racial identity. >> the former naacp president says she identifies with black. here's more from abc's steve oe. >> reporter: she may be the most controversial naacp chapter president ever born into a white family. she's not backing down. telling msnbc she's been black
3:16 am
for a long time. >> i've really gone there being the mother of two black sons. and really owning what it -- what it means to experience and live black -- blackness. >> reporter: rachel dolezal, who resigned from the civil rights group monday under fire says even as a white child living in montana, she knew she was black. >> from a very young age felt -- i don't know if it's spiritual, visceral just very instinctual connection with black is beautiful, you know, just -- just the black experience. >> reporter: she made headlines when she struggled to say if she was black or white. there was a moment in 2002 on her long road to blackness when she was insisting she was white. she filed this lawsuit against historically black howard university saying she was passed over for teaching positions at the graduate school because she was caucasian. the case was dismissed. she now says she's transracial
3:17 am
in the way some are transgendered and experts say that's for real. her estranged parents say she's as white as she was. as a girl she says she preferred brown crayons instead of peach ones and living in black america. across black america, some say if she wants to live black, have at it. abc news, atlanta. >> well he didn't clear a lot of things up for us in a lot of ways. she spoke. we've been waiting to hear from her. you know what, this upset and angered a lot of people. woo! >> i'm glad you weren't one of them. >> you know i watched the "today" show interview. i watched that. i did not see her msnbc comments. this is why so many people are so infuriated by this. you can't go in and out of blackness. there are some things about the black experience you say you have, but you can't decide to take this part of the black experience i'll skip that part. that's what people are having a problem with. >> that's a big takeaway a lot
3:18 am
of people feel. >> goodness gracious. >> let's talk about keeping americans healthier. >> let's do that. >> fda -- >> what's up with the fda? >> what this means for the transfat that are already in your kitchen. that's in our next half hour. also this is a story you're crazy about, right? we talk about the man cave. there's a she shed out there. what's in the she shed? >> he said there's a she shed. >> there's a she shed down by the sea shore. this is for ladies only. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer:
3:19 am
a lot of people watched the nba finals last night. some may have watched in what they call a man cave. you didn't? >> i didn't. but if you want a different take, want to go in a different direction, perhaps, how about a she shed? we're "uhm all nightline". >> the golden state warriors are
3:20 am
the 2015 nba champions. >> reporter: tonight the golden state warriors bringing home that title, nba champion. the champagne is flowing in the visitor's locker room here at quicken loans arena. >> reporter: and what better place to watch that victory than in the comfort of your man cave. this is the man cave. >> no one allowed in here. >> reporter: monuments of masculinity in movies like "i love you man". >> we're just chillaxin. we're in the chill station. >> reporter: the tried and true. >> in the man cave. >> reporter: to the more unique. >> so this is my lego room. have you your flame, your wood. >> reporter: there's even a man cave show featured on the diy network. >> you guys this is unbelievable. >> reporter: the newest twist with a decidedly feminine touch, the she shed. >> it's being away without being away. >> reporter: this 144-square-foot bungalow tamara's at home retreat, right in her backyard. >> i can sit and read in my
3:21 am
house. i'm also sitting around thinking i need to wash the windows. i need to do the lawnry. oh look at that dust over there. i'm in here i'm not thinking that. >> reporter: it's the same concept as the man cave. a way to get away without going away. some turning to pinterest to share design tips on the popular new trend. >> you'll find in there things like my daughter would paint a rock glue something together. i've kept it. it's in there. i do paint in there. i read in there. right now i'm doing some collages. >> reporter: these petite pads to watch or wile away the next big sports game. >> what are you going to do in your she shed? >> you know what i would do? i would read a book. >> you can read a book anywhere. >> i think i -- >> what is that? >> i don't know. why am i wearing leopard print. >> is that an oven in the back? >> my easy bake oven. easy to bake. >> what is going on in your she shed right now? >> no kids no husband, no one asking what time dinner is made.
3:22 am
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man, don't love being on live tv right now? >> especially sitting next to you. >> a lot of people don't get that privilege. not of sitting next to me, just being on a live tv. >> that's a privilege? >> i'm not saying this is a privilege. but some folks get a little geeked up. case in point. let's roll this footage. a guy is sitting in his home realizes he's watching tv and there's a reporter outside and what does he do? he runs outside and tries to get on tv. let's listen to some of this. >> yes! >> oh. those are his friends inside -- >> he's doing it over and over again? >> still filming. they're filming it. they realize the reporter was right outside their home and the guy runs outside, goes back and
3:26 am
forth, filming this thing. >> it's in their house, i see. >> this is so amateur hour. >> why do you find this so amusing? >> i don't know. because it's something stupid guys would do. our man cave. >> you've been there before. you've been the reporter trying to get a serious report -- >> i have. we've had all sorts of stupid things happen behind us in live shots. i give them credit. >> oh, boy. how about a history lesson for some folks? >> i could use one. >> a dad had a creative way of teaching history. he dressed his daughter up to teach women's history. >> that's awesome. >> there you have it. mother teresa noble prize peace winner. may jamison, dr. may jamison. and three times hit in the head by bullets fired by the taliban. isn't that a gorgeous shot? i love that. and a woman who needs no introduction queen latifah. there you go. >> well done. >> isn't it awesome? and i should say, by the way,
3:27 am
he's a photographer mark and his wife janine. >> well done. that's a good way to do it. to teach history like that. very well done. we have one more here. competitive eater. let's look at her. here she is. you see that sandwich in front of her? is that -- is that a five-foot sandwich? five-foot long subway sandwich. she eats this thing in under ten minutes. actually 9:17. >> look how skinny. there's no way -- >> she's actually a model, former beauty pageant contestant and also a competitive eater. >> she looks like a slow eater to me. she's going to do that in ten minutes? >> she did it in ten minutes. ten minutes seems like a long time but you talk about -- you're talking about a sandwich almost as tall as you are. >> what? that is crazy. the trick seems to be you drink a little bit and down it. >> what does it feel like afterwards? >> you know what that is exactly why i don't do it. the hot dog eating competitions we cover each year -- >> exactly why you don't
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- flooding fears. what's left of tropical storm bill slamming texas. heavy downpours threatening an already flooded state and big areas outside texas. accuweather has it all for us. two clues left by the convicted killers still missing after their prison break. what investigators discovered and the new areas they're searching. we are the champions! game six turns golden for the golden state warriors beating king james and cavaliers. growing excitement on the court and in the streets of california. and trumped up. the donald is running for the white house. and he's already calling one of america's closest neighbors the enemy. in "the skinny," how stephen colbert is already taking aim on this wednesday, june 17th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now," with
3:31 am
t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> yes. >> lots of rain. >> we still talking rain. poor texas. >> frightening for some people. >> it is. because now we're talking about tropical storm bill. the remnants crawling through texas, dumping the heaviest rain overnight. happening from austin to houston. >> it's moving north as a massive system pushing into oklahoma and the northwest. it will reach as far as upstate new york. texas to upstate new york. abc's emmitt miller brings us the coverage. >> reporter: millions of people live in heavy weather. in the south tropical storm bill slams ashore making landfall in texas with sustained winds up to 60 miles an hour and the potential to dump as much as 12 inches of rain. >> the rain is coming sideways. >> reporter: as bill moves north, the midwest already dealing with heavy storms. a waterspout over lake michigan. a rain-laden monster descending
3:32 am
on wash. in the town of lima a man is pulled to safety after being stranded on top of his car. torrential downpours, flooding streets, vehicles bottoming out in toledos old west end. some homeowners can't even use their toilets. >> we're sick and tired. the county we pay good money in taxes, they need to get it fixed. >> reporter: in pennsylvania a popular swimming pool is covered. >> it's coming in like niagara falls. >> reporter: although tropical storm bill has weakened with landfall scattered severe thunderstorms are expected throughout western nebraska and south dakota into wyoming, montana and colorado. in los angeles, emmitt miller abc news. as we mentioned, millions of americans likely to feel the impact of tropical storm bill. >> after texas, a huge area of the country will get soaked.
3:33 am
meteorologist paul williams. good morning. >> thank you. bill will cause three main problems. widespread flooding gusty winds, 50 miles an hour or worse, isolated tornadoes, and already problems with dangerous rip currents along the coastal region. bill will affect houston, dallas oklahoma city and then he's not done. there's a sequel to bill we won't necessarily want to experience, but we will. bill will move into the memphis area can city and lean towards the northeast before it's all said and done. back to you, reena, t.j. >> paul thank you so much. we turn now to a memorial growing at the site of a deadly balcony collapse in berkeley california. six young people killed. they plunged 50 feet to the sidewalk below. five of the victims were from ireland. the other was a student from california. one engineer speculated that the balcony may have overloaded given the fact it was holding 13 people at the time. the search for two missing prison escapees in upstate new york is being shifted to a wider
3:34 am
area away from the prison. there's been no sighting of the convicted killers since they disappeared nearly two weeks ago. we learned the pair likely planned the escape for months even leaving themselves notes inside the tunnel. abc's gio benitez has details. >> reporter: gio benitez with abc news. how's your wife doing right now? the husband of the prison worker accused of helping two murderers escape running from our cameras. he was tight-lipped but law enforcement sources are not. they are now investigating whether joyce "tillie" mitchell helped the con fikts escape because she believed they would help kill her husband. officials believe the trail of the killers has gone cold and wondering if they had someone else helping them beyond mitchell who has pleaded not guilty. >> i don't know for any reason for a fact that she's plan "a," b or c. i would find it hard with the time they've had to plan that out, set so much up to get to that point, that they would have taken along somebody, you know,
3:35 am
for -- basically that would have been baggage to them. >> reporter: abc news learning sweat and matt planned for months, exploring the underground pipes they used to escape even leaving themselves notes. now matt's prison artwork, pictures of celebrities like julia roberts, now part of the case. investigators desperate for any clues about how they could escape undetected. 800 officers have been scouring this whole area for 11 days now. we're learning authorities may be scaling back that search fearing the killers could be long gone. gio benitez, abc news. disturbing new details in the colorado theater shooting hearing. the psychiatrist said james holmes had homicidal thoughts three times a day. dr. lynne fenton said she described holmes as a shy, anxious, bizarre and at times sad individual. the day after their last
3:36 am
appointment, fenton said she was so concerned about holmes she called his mother. a new york college student has been arrested for plotting attacks on behalf of isis. they say he planned a boston marathon type bombing in new york. the 20-year-old student from queens searched online for information about pressure cooker bombs and new york city landmarks. well donald trump is entering into the republican presidential race is being met with scorn, mostly from other members of his party. trump made the official here in new york in usual over-the-top style. he gave his first interview as a candidate to abc's george stephanopoulos about one of his more far-fetched ideas, i guess. >> you said we're going to build a wall and have mexico pay for it. >> absolutely. because mexico is the new china. mexico is ripping us more than any other country. killing us at the border, sending in the illegals. they're not sending us our best and finest. >> how are you going to get mexico pay for a wall.
3:37 am
>> you have people -- >> you're calling -- >> george george, mexico does not like us. mexico is not our friend. mexico is the new china. mexico will pay, you mark my words, i win, mexico pays. >> you like that? you mark my words, i win, mexico pays for that wall. >> wow. >> i talked to him at the white house correspondents -- >> don't worry, mexico. >> don't worry mexico? >> our best analyst is also getting into pollitics. >> i said this i asked him at the white house correspondents dinner, i said are you going to be at this dinner two years headlining? his response crazier things have happened. >> you mean telling jokes? >> as president. >> maybe he meant -- >> he understood. he understood. well who's going to be his running mate, a good one for trump? so many options, right? >> so many options. >> well trump says he and oprah
3:38 am
winfrey. >> i did read that. >> would be a lock for the white house. >> you know what? i would like to see trump and you. >> oh, my goodness i would ride that -- oh i would ride that thing all the way. oh my goodness are you kidding me? >> for more of donald trump's interview, tune into "good morning america" later this hour. you'll see how trump's critics are taking aim. >> can you imagine our campaign? >> i can't. a strange story for major league allegations. allegations of computer hacking against the st. louis cardinals. the fbi is looking into whether the cards hacked into the astro's database, allegingly stealing sensitive information, houston's general manager used to work for the cardinals. authorities believe his former colleagues in st. louis used his old password to hack houston's symptom. >> congrats to you folks in the bay area. your golden state warriors are champions, first champion since
3:39 am
1975. they had a big third quarter. they pulled this off in cavaliers. the warriors won this thing 105-97. steph curry, your league mvp, and andre iguodala was the finals mvp. he didn't start a single game the entire regular season. last night was his third straight start in the championship series, though. >> this is my purpose. i accepted it. i got great teammates. steph, i want to be just like steph when i grow up. just a god-fearing guy. great man. this is great. we're going to remember this for a long time. >> okay just like they did in chicago monday night when the bhak hawks won the stanley cup warriors fans celebrated in the streets. first championship since '75. oakland making plans for a victory parade on friday. >> looks like a lot of fun there. come on. well elephants are known for big sparks but who knew they were sophisticated, too, with great taste in music. ♪
3:40 am
>> you love this story. you love your animals. these animals at the zoo -- oh they clearly enjoy classical tunes paid by a pair of concert violinists at times swaying. they plan for a concert in the park and zookeepers wanted to make sure they weren't scared bit unfamiliar sound. good preparation. you love your pet stories. >> it's not fair to your viewers. you wonder what in the world are they laughing about? sometimes we are going to say stuff we can't let go of. draymond green, a star of the golden state warriors. during the sound bite she said drummond? who's drummond? it's draymond green. you need to know what's going on behind the scenes. >> i was just making sure you know how to pronounce his name in case -- >> this is why you can't live
3:41 am
down the wutong clan. >> we'll get to that later in half hour, that's coming up. and a chance to win a "world news now" mug. a new online caption contest. in "the skinny," madonna and her fellow pop star diva getting together in song and taking aim at taylor swift. no way. one of the most feared ingredients in processed food. how the government cracking down and how it impacts food in your kitchen. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by pampers. you are loved in so many different ways that's why you're wrapped in the comfort of pampers swaddlers with blanket-like softness and up to 12 hours of protection so all you feel is love. wishing you love sleep and play. pampers
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which is so appreciated. make a mess. make a mess. make a mess! make a big mess. your first words. tide he turbo clean 6 times the cleaning power in half the time. that's my tide. what's yours? look at this. that is a new york city cab. it was a close call for the cab
3:45 am
driver and his passenger. taxi burst into flames. the driver said he heard the sound of sparks and told the passenger to get out of the cab. they scrambled out before it burst into flames. no word on exactly what caused that fire, though. the obama administration is taking action to make americans more healthy. >> ordering food manufacturers to get rid of something they describe as a threat to public health. abc's linsey davis explains. >> reporter: the fda cracking down on food manufacturers, giving them three years to remove artificial transfat from their products. saying it's not generally recognized as safe for use in human food. with transfat being removed r we going to sacrifice taste and texture? >> over the last few years a lot of brands have been removing the transfat from products without any notice. >> reporter: between microwave popcorn, baked goods and cake icing, you likely have transfat in your pantry right now. many doctors consider it the worst type of fat. it can raise bad cholesterol and lower the good kind, and
3:46 am
contributes to 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths each year. artificial transfats allow food to have a longer shelf life. >> the product's going to become more expensive. the food companies are going to have to figure an alternative. >> reporter: while that slice of cake may cost a bit more, removing transfat will prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks every year. increasing the shelf life of many americans. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> sounds pretty good to me. well coming up the rock legend who has just -- he doesn't want anything to do with donald trump. and is madonna copying or getting back at taylor swift with katy perry. "the skinny" up next. >> announcer: "world news now"
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ all right. have you heard? donald trump is the 25th republican -- i don't know what are we up to? do we have a count? >> is it 19? >> i don't know what we're up to but he's in the real estate. the real estate tycoon made the announcement he's running. >> before the donald even spoke, his entrance music was "rockin' in the free world" by neil
3:49 am
young. >> a manager for neil young said trump was not authorized to use the song. he is barring politicians to use their song john petty has done this and drop kick murphy. >> one excited about the newest presidential candidate. >> donald trump has announced he is running for president of the united states. thank you. this will be the finest most luxurious gold-plated diamond-encrusted campaign that will give hope to a weary nation until together we reach that fine fall day when the new season of "celebrity apprentice" premieres. yes. >> y'all are worried about stephen colbert, were you? he's still doing political satire. rest assured, he's still got it. >> he's been long known to make fun of trump. couldn't resist with yesterday's news. >> more fun material. moving on to a different kind of feud. taylor swift and katy perry.
3:50 am
swift's song "bad blood" an apparent dis aimed at perry. >> was it really? >> i don't know. we say that about two men, right? >> we don't do that. >> bad blood -- >> we always want to pit two women against each other. taylor with a super team of friends, style of the music video looked -- using social media rollout, very recognizable. it appears that katy might be getting back at taylor, we say, without having to do any of the heavy lifting. madonna possibly taking aim at taylor swift with aisam look with her own super team with katy perry, nicki minaj and rita ora. i love rita ora. >> whether she's going after swift or paying homage to her, the video looks like epic. title subscribers will only get to see it today.
3:51 am
>> boy, jay z knows what he's doing, man. exclusive content. have you to be on title. >> do you get a free one week with title or something? >> i don't know. >> we have to check it out. >> 30 days. >> 30 days. thank you, b.k. sticking with the music theme, we have an update on the biggest rock bands, foo fighters dave groehl falling off the stage in sweden snapping his fibula. kept playing. now he has to stop. rest up doctor's ordered. >> they were forced to cancel the rest of their uk tour. finally, if you need help getting around why not enlist the talents of the terminator. he's tough, can fight traffic. when you need to return to where you came from he'll be back. >> the app now offering the option of having the terminate guide them home.
3:52 am
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♪ look at this. oh my -- the graphics department working overtime for us. >> you love the graphics department. >> we even have a hashtag, wnn, is that what it said? >> yeah. >> you've been after us for these mugs. these were the only two. now we have thousands upstairs. we ordered some. we're ready to give them away like gangbusters. the first question is, what is your favorite thing to do while watching the show? we had winners last week. one of the best responses we have right now? >> well apparently i became a meme while i was gone on vacation. a facebook fan made reference said he listens to the wu tong
3:56 am
clang. >> it's funny because the name of the group is the wutang clan but that's before oh reena, she is our hip-hop savant right? stop. don't make it worse. this is before you left you called it the wutong clan. i had to get up and walk away. this was >> yeah. >> i got calls from riza and method man, like, what's with your girl? >> i want to tell you something. >> yes. >> we have a surprise caption overnight, the pop-up mug shot challenge. we'll get to that also. but when i was in china, i did get tongs because you know the wutang clan, they -- i'm sorry. now i can't get it right. they are inspired by you know china, kung fu -- >> say the name of the group.
3:57 am
just say it right now. >> the wutang clan. i can say it. let me just tell you -- >> this is still happening. >> i got your tongs and a free dumpling strainer. >> okay. go with this right now. >> there's a picture also of t.j. from our morning meeting with a hoodie. >> okay. we had -- we asked for a caption. what's the best caption? this was -- i got this hoodie from my folks at discovery. they sent me this, shark week, a fin at the top. elaine white, you get a mug for the caption you came up with which said gonna need a bigger news room. >> that's true. >> well done elaine. we'll send you your mug here shortly. just say the name of the group. >> wutang clang. so we're asking our beloved in insomniacs for help. i know i love sports so does t.j. what should we do
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, warriors win. the celebrations under way in cleveland and in california. steph curry leading his team to victory. bill strikes texas. high waves and winds, the system making its way inland where it's all heading right now. new this morning one of north carolina's shark attack victims talking about what happened. >> i saw it had attacked my arm because it was out of the water a little bit. >> the moment the shark latched on. new details about the attack. about how he made it back to authorize. it's official donald trump running for president. why he says he's running and where he wants oprah in the administration an abc news administration.


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