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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  June 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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at he molested a woman at his home. he is facing other charges as well as child pornography. the disturbing case against the accused sexual predator, vernon odom was in court for the hearing you have the full story tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening monica, hours of lurid testimony today against an alleged sexual predator begins his journey through chester county's justice system. daniel daniel milowicki remains free on bail today. during his three hour hearing today, a woman testified that he was forced to perform sex acts again her will after being lured to milowicki's home looking for a small woman to model clothes.
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he threatened to put her photos online, if she did not perform sex acts. >> involuntarily deaf yet sexual intercourse and intent to sell marijuana, and child pornography. >> daniel milowicki worked at parties. they raided his home and found 300 child porn pictures some children as young as 5, add to that they say marijuana plans with knowing intent to manufacturer or deliver for sale. as they left court milowicki and his lawyer had little to say to "action news." >> he is not guilty. >> that is all you'll say? >> that is all i'll say right now. >> the chester county da
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investigators continue to search for other possible victims. live in westchester vernon odom channel 6 "action news." >> now to a developing story out of philadelphia septa police released this video of a person of interest in this video officials say that 9:30 this morning, the 30-year-old victim got into an argument with this man at the station and the man then punched her in the face and pulled out a razor and sliced her arm. we'll have more in a live report at 6:00. tonight philadelphia police are looking for three suspects three men and a woman, after a man was stabbed in the robbery. it happened at 11:30 last night at sixth and summerville in the logan section, the man's cell phone, watch and wallet was taken.
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they are looking at surveillance video to see if they can identify any of the suspects. police are talking to a prison worker who helped two inmates break out of a prison in new york. joyce mitchell spoke to the two murderers about possibly hiring them to kill her husband. there is no indication that lyle mitchell knew about the escape plan and that joyce mitchell planned to drive the get away car and then backed out because of guilt. >> meanwhile the search now spans 16 square miles of woods fields and swamps they have been missing now for 12 days. we are learning more about a college student that was accused of planning attacks on behalf of isis, he was studying aeronautics and circuitry are and openly supported isis
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activities on twitter. according to court documents he researched several weapons on line including pressure cooker bombs, knives and cross bows and he was arrested earlier this month for allegedly lunging at an officer. william f. meyer was killed in 1985 after a traffic stop in smyrna a car hit the officer during the stop. he was just 28 years old when he died. today they honored his service by dedicating a roadside memorial sign by the duck creek bridge. a student here entered a contest what the american flag
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means to her. here is the story from toms river, that is hannah and her brothers racing to the inside of a hot air balloon, wind kept the balloon grounded but the fourth grader of cedar grove elementary school is still flying high. hannah is the winner of a contest what does the flag mean to her. >> hannah was born in korea and abandoned on a doorstep and she was adopted, her essay was chosen from almost 5,000 entries, she remembered how she felt as a frightened little girl and seeing old glory. >> i saw the join flag and saw the stars and stripes and knew i was in america and knew i was home, saw the stars and i know people wished upon them and i
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wished upon my family. >> her love of the american flag is easy to understand what she hoped for and wished for alone in the orphanage all came true. >> it's the story of america, but told in a powerful and emotional way. >> she saw the flag and that was her association with america and she realized that was her, i'm home. >> what the flag and stars mane to her it was unbelievable. it almost brought tears to my eyes. >> she is entitled to a hot air balloon ride and once you meet hannah you know there is no limit to how high this talented ash articulate student can soar. >> congratulations hannah. the campers continued to arrive in dover for the 2015 firefly musical and for the first time it is sold out. expect 90000 people to attend the four day event and it starts
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tomorrow with 16 acts some of the anticipated performances are paul mccartney and snoop dog, four day passes were made available. philly fans are calling it an embarrassing loss, the orioles beat the phils 19-3 in baltimore last night. walter perez is outside of citizens bank park tonight where they take on the orioles again hopefully with a much different outcome. >> rick i have to tell you at this point the fans are hoping for a good showing, it's getting ugly with the phillies at this point. just seven years after winning the world series the phillies are in the middle of a season to forget. >> it's a long season that is the sentiment from the phillies fans that we spoke with. in case you missed it they lost to the orioles 19-3 giving up
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eight home runs. what upsets fans the most is how far they have fallen since winning it all in 2008. >> we have been waiting so long for something to grow and be nurtured and it was right in front of us and then it disappeared. >> every time i see them they are just bad. >> they are going to rebuild, hopefully that is what he does. >> the tv voice of the phillies says rebuild is something that the front office is in the process of doing and that demands patience from the faithful. >> there is an ebb and flow, and they were good for five straight national east championship and two national league pennants and one world series and now they are trying to do it again. >> nobody wants another run at the world series than the
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phillies owners and managers. >> i think it will happen again whether it happens in 2016 or 2017 that is part of the process. >> you make me believe. >> i hope i can make everybody believe. >> you leave until they make it. everybody wears a hat when they make it. have you to be a fan all the time. >> if the eagles fall short in the fall, the delaware is going to slip into a deep depression. walter perez channel 6 "action news." >> okay. absolutely time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> speaking of depressing matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> you are not looking for news that will make you feel better i
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hope. 422 westbound this afternoon it got warm outside and the road buckled again, westbound direction approaching the phoenixville collegeville inchange, they are working on the buckle for most of the afternoon. speeds like 11 and 10 miles per hour the whole way from 202 in king of prussia on out to 29 a long slow crawl think german town pike or ridge park or maybe the pennsylvania turnpike to 252, and the bypass 30 and the stretch you use between the chester county airport exit and business 30 in parksburg rg stay local on business 30 or the westbound turnpike. in newcastle county look for a crash in kennett pike, and one along church mans road and one in christiana at 7 at 273. we'll check it again in the next half hour.
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>> there is much more to come on "action news" tonight. a global relief fun is giving five children from tanzania much needed medical attention in the u.s. ali gorman shares their story of hope. coming up. and we head live outside to cecily tynan at the philadelphia zoo. >> reporter: hi, i have bill with me the pencil tailed skink, they live in trees and are also called a monkey tailed skink, they use that tail to wrap around the trees to climb really well, one thing that is unusual with these guys is that males are the ones that take care of the babies. i like that. i'll feet the western low land gorillas coming up from the philadelphia zoo. back to you guys. >> thank you cecily. much more ahead at 5:00.
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>> health check tonight the story of five african children getting a chance to a new life
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thanks to a philadelphia hospital. ali gorman is here now with the inspiring story. >> the five children are from tansphia they are all albino and because of that they have had their arms or legs chopped off. >> the two boys and three girls got out of suv still sleepy from coming from new york. they came from a childrens charity based there melissa saw a story about 6-year-old baracka online and had to track him down. >> i thought oh my god i how do i reach this kid, and when she reached him she said she wanted to help four more. the limbs are sold to witch doctors to use in magical
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potions. >> if they are doing business and someone is doing business -- >> 17-year-old cabula talked about the day she lost her left arm, she was 12. >> they came into the house and told her mother to give her up and she resisted. some of the kids will get prosthetics, and baracka may get a new hand. >> it's a transplant with the opinion's own tissue the time and again that shriners hospital will put in is worth it. >> if the child can go back with
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restored life and youth there is no reason we shouldn't help. >> they will get fitted for the prosthetics and they will learn how to use them. they are playing games and living at the hospital sharrie williams we'll continue to follow their journal youy. >> hope that their journey from here is more hopeful. >> ali thank you. a proud day for the graduates of west philadelphia high school the ceremony was held at the irvine university center. 90% are headed to college in the fall and they gave the graduate several messages of inspiration at today's ceremony. a big day for masterman middle school at spring gardens, the eighth grade class graduated today, 194 students will be
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starting the ninth grade next year at masterman high.
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>> time for accuweather at the big board. meteorologist, adam joseph what a nice way to start the midweek david. >> did you say david? >> no i said adam. >> a beautiful change after the beginning the week, the heat and human, we have dropped both of them temporarily we are starting to change things with clouds from the west and showers
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from double scan live radar from the poconos to lake harmony a sprinkle or two near hamburg, moving directly to the east right now and we'll work towards new york city and that is just the beginning stages of what will be a decent slug of rain here to begin your thursday morning, temperatures are cool at the shore the wind is coming in off the atlanticic and it's in the lower 70s, 75 in millville 80 in philadelphia after topping off at 85 and the wins from the east tropping temperatures in wilmington and lancaster in combination with the clouds from the west in the upper 70s, double scan live radar a few showers breaking away from the main system, a warm front from the west and that surges in the heat and humidity and as it bumpps in here tomorrow morning, we get a wave of energy to develop with a
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steady period of rain, cloudy and a couple of showers developing and millville and trenton 64 degrees, future tracker tomorrow morning, with a brief round of heavy rainfall for the morning rush. allow a little extra time to get around and it breaks away and pushes off tomorrow afternoon and a lingering shower and cloudy afternoon and turning more muggy what to expect here for tomorrow morning's commute with a quarter to three quarters inch of rain and it will be a muggy thursday and that will get north break here as we get into the day on friday. your five-day at 5:00, a wet start, a muggy day to start and temperatures in the upper 70s, another break here on friday and much like today with 86 degrees and low humidity and that humidity returns on saturday we start with sun and end with clouds and tropical downpours
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with bill and the humidity drops on monday and 90 degrees, cecily tynan is at the philadelphia zoo she says she has something cute and cuddlily to show me. and i don't believe you. >> i knew it! >> some people think snakes are cute and cuddly this is row hoe, a rainbow boa they are called this because on their skin they have an ear december ensheen and a microscopic ridge and it reflects light like water drop lets do in the air creating a rainbow affect. and you can see it on the skin of this boa. she is getting very comfortable with me. i'll be feeding the western low land gorilla. back to you guys.
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>> and apparently adam just left the parking lot. >> he is running. more "action news" coming your way. we'll see you in a bit. >> that was bad joke.
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are are are. "action news" at 5:00 continues. >> here is what is happening on "action news" wednesday night. philadelphia law enforcement is teaming up with local utility companies to keep people safe from scammers, we'll explain. and a man is on the run after making a shocking confession to his family. and a young man attacked by a shark off the coast of north carolina, is talking about his frightening encounter and sharrie williams has his story coming up. now the details philadelphia police are rolling out a program to protect senior citizens from predators. >> reporter: it's a knock at the door someone claiming to be from a utility company, but you didn't call them. this is part of a campaign be sure before you open the door, that aims to put scammers out of
5:31 pm
business. >> a man came out to try to get me to change my utility company sade williams is one of many seniors that was approached by someone claiming to be a utility worker. >> his shirt was saying one thing and his cap is saying something else, that made mayan ten ago up and i thought this is a phoney out here. >> the philadelphia police teamed up with peco and the philadelphia corporation for aging to tell seniors to find out who is at their door. >> you didn't call them, call us, let us find out for you. it's not a burden. >> you can call 911 and the police department will help you find out if the worker is legit or a scam artist, and send a police officer to your door. >> all have you to do is dial
5:32 pm
911, conbe easier than that. we can remember those three numbers. >> miss sade has taken extra precautions around here house so she can do what she loves gardening but knows she has to be careful and knows she has to be careful as well. >> anybody will do anything to make an easy dollar so we have to beware. philadelphia police are looking for the man that allegedly confessed to killing his girlfriend inside of their home this morning, but he row remains at large tonight. detectives say that the suspect told his family that he killed the woman at 7:30 a.m., and investigators are not releasing the woman's name or how she died or the motive for the killing might have been. authorities are looking for to armed men that pulled off a home
5:33 pm
invasion and robbery in german town this is video outside of the residence where it took place. detectives say that a 39-year-old man and 35-year-old woman came upon two armed men in their home, they were forced into a car and held for several hours before being let go one victim told police that one of the suspects told someone on the phone that they quote got the wrong guy. the philadelphia water department is on the scene of a water main break in the lawndale section, along newton avenue a short time ago the water was rushing down the road and the force of the water broke away the pavement and it's not clear if the homes lost their water service because of the break. dozens of philadelphia school students spent the morning honoring stoops that lost their lives to violence. trees and flowers here are mane to honor the victims and deputy
5:34 pm
mayor was there to talk to the kids on how his own life was effected by violence. a former delaware county bank employee is acuted of stealing more than $400,000 from customer accounts. katherine almond was a manager at the bank in aston, they say she about drew money from different accounts for a decade, all belonging to elderly women. an attorney noticed a withdrawal from one woman's estate after she passed away. the 16-year-old boy that lost his arm in the frightening ordeal with a shark is talking about what happened and how he plans to move forward. abc's karen travers has the story. >> reporter: in the 911 tape you can hear the terror. >> someone got bit by a shark.
5:35 pm
>> a massive shark jumping out of water in north carolina on sunday and attacking a teenage boy and ripping his arm straight off. hunter is speaking out from his hospital bed. >> didn't see it coming but felt it on my leg and saw it once it attacked my hafrm good he was wading in waist deep water when the unthinkable happened. >> beach goers jumped in to stop the bleeding before emergency crews air-lifted him to the hospital for surgery. >> they wheeled me into the er 25 people there, actually quite a spectacle, and i was aware with. >> he was the second victim in that area that day, kerstin was also bitten by a shark and lost a portion of her left arm below her elbow she is in stable condition but has a long road to
5:36 pm
recovery. hunter lost part of his left arm in the attack. but is keeping a positive attitude. >> i will fight to live a normal life with the cards i have been dealt. >> the quick action by bystanders made a difference. >> a great outlook from that teen, this picture has drawn a lot of attention from social media, the last few days, the remains of a dolphin that washed up along the jersey shore over the weekend, an expert now agrees it was eaten by a shark however experts do not believe that the shark bite was the final blow the newborn bottlenose dolphin was likely already dead before being bit and by a tiger shark.
5:37 pm
they described the sand tiger shark as a harmless species with no confirmed human fatalities, it's not uncommon for dead animals to be bitten by sharks. when you see news breaking in your area, you can send it to us by email by using, or posting it on social media using #6abcaction. over to rick and monica. >> thank you. a look at the commute home tonight one you more time. >> you do not want to join this action on 422 what a mess on the westbound side because of a road buckle this afternoon these are the westbound lane as approaching 22 9 the phoenixville are collegeville area, the buckle is blocking both lanes and traffic is squeezing by on the shoulder this is the case most of the afternoon, giving it time to
5:38 pm
really develop, westbound is a parking lot from 202 to that point approaching 209 head for german town pike, ridge pike and 252 instead. better news on the 30 bypass by the chester exit, everything is reopen and picking up the pace in that area. the northeast extension approaching mid county southbound a report of a vehicle fire and then it's a solid line from mid county to media. a crash involving a pedestrian along wildwood avenue and the tacony palmyra bridge getting ready for an opening. >> thank you. still to come on "action news," a major league scandal is browing between two rival teams and now the fbi is getting involved and we'll explain. cecily tynan is back at the philadelphia zoo for the outdoor adventure.
5:39 pm
>> a nice day at the zoo, this is dewey a speckled owl if you look at the face, dark feathered around the eyes it looks like they are wearing glasses, dewey is a bird of prey and a lot bigger they actually build their nests inside of tree cavities, the females have this loud intense screech that attracts the males. back to you guys. >> thanks cecily the phillies finally back in philadelphia following a dismal road trip, ducis rogers has more in sports when "action news" continues.
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law enforcement officials tell abc news that the fbi is cracking down on home grown terrorists in the u.s., they include isis sympathizer like fareed who with was arrested after allegedly trying to attack fbi agents with a knife and that he admitted to discussing a
5:43 pm
boston marathon style attack with another college student that was arrested over the weekend, investigations are underway in all 50 states and several arrests are expected before the 4th of july. the st. louis cardinals are now under investigation tonight for hacking into other team's data base the fbi is looking into whether the team stole sensitive information from the houston astros including scouting reports and statistics, he has speculated that the team used his old passwords to break into the astros computer system. they promise a full investigation, and it's too early to determine what a possible punish many would be. ducis rogers is live in the sports center. >> the phillies played eight
5:44 pm
games on the road trip, we use the word played loosely, they lost all eight and they are home tonight against the orioles again, here is jaime apody with more on the struggling team. >> despite the fact that the phillies are coming off their worst road trip in 132 years ruben amaro has no plans to fire manager ryan sandberg. they lost to the orioles 19.3, they could not get anybody on the phone because the phone was off the hook, and an ugly scene on the mound, chase utley upset with pitching coach for leaving him in that long. >> he appreciated the love from
5:45 pm
his teammate. >> he is that type of guy, at the same time i was able to get out of it the perfect time and keep it going but chase is there for me no doubt. >> do you respect that as his teammate. >> absolutely, i was about to tell him switch gloves and just pitch. i went just enough where i was done after that. >> one brought note, the phillies introduced cornelius randolph a hard hitting high school shortstop hopefully when is he ready for the bigs this team is a contender again. >> the orioles and phillies go at again and we'll hear more coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. football now some fans and members of the media may not be past the whole evan mathis
5:46 pm
situation they are using this whole mini camp to get allen barber up to speed be demarco murray has a vested interest in this offensive line and likes what he sees. >> we have jp and kelso two veteran guys and younger guys are following them and we are competing for starting jobs, have you to compete every day to keep your job and earn a job. that is the mantra around here. >> iguodala is not only a champion but a finals mvp. he helped to lead the team to their first championship in 40 years. >> i have been on teams and we have been close knit and it helps us just getting to the playoffs we were not the most tal ened. imagine our talent and our cohesiveness and putting it together the results that can
5:47 pm
come from that. >> yet another former philadelphia athlete finding hardware elsewhere. >> summer time is a great time to pick up a few great books and that is what city officials are encouraging students to do. they kicked off the read by fourth reading initiative today the program aims to boost the number of students entering the fourth grade that are reading at their reading level by year 2020. camps and rec centers are including a daily literacy kpoen an to the program.
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accuweather now with adam joseph. >> the drop in heat and humidity, with the winds coming in off the east and sea isle city at the boardwalk between 71 and 73 degrees, philadelphia 80 degrees, a little warmer inland as the chillier wins come in off the water modify north and west. reading 82 and 80 in philadelphia 85 degrees earlier this afternoon. we are tracking a warm front that warm front is to our south and west. the warm front is the dividing line of the heat and humidity to the south and less humid you air to the north and west, you see the downpours beginning to break out and as that front punctures through early tomorrow morning,
5:51 pm
we get the round of rain and cloudy and showers developing mainly after midnight temperatures 62 to 65 it starts relatively relatively comfort and after midnight the humidity rushes back in and future tracker at 7:00 you can see how brought it is numerous downpours around the region and the rumble of thunder is possible but mainly just some hod rate to heavy rain. as we get into lunch time, downpours still southern new jersey and shore communes from atlantic city to cape may, even if are you heading towards dover for firefly tomorrow night there will be left over showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon, and then we'll settle down the skies with mainly cloudy skies as we get deeper into the afternoon tomorrow. a morning soaking about .25 to .75 inch of rain and 79
5:52 pm
degrees and cloudy in the afternoon and the 79 feels uncomfortable and then we get another believe break as high pressure comes in from canada and pushes the front in from the south and temperature of 86 degrees and then we get tropical moisture from the remnants of bill here of the latter part of the upcoming weekend as it aims in our direction from saturday night in early sun morning, as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a wet start and muggy tomorrow a temperature of 79 degrees, friday partly sunny and not too bad, 86 with lower humidity and then morning sunshine giving way to afternoon clouds on saturday, with a temperature of 85 degrees and then we'll have some of those tropical downpours, 88 degrees on sunday and again it will be tropically humid here for dad and temperatures on monday of 90 degrees, sometimes cecily is at the zoo the animals
5:53 pm
eat the wires. >> we have to see the gorilla, you can't miss this. >> we are back and kristin is with me now the western low land gorillas, get ready honey. tell us about these guys. >> this is our family group of gorillas we have the big guy back there our 30-year-old western low land gorilla and honey is our 20-year-old gorilla and both of our females, we have breeding recommendations for both of them. >> we may have a family eventually. >> hopefully very soon. >> and this weekend, a big event at the zoo. peco jungle days this weekend, a family fun event and check out our primates and see the gorillas in the freeway and it will be a good time. >> as i am throwing before the air -- >> these are tomatoes.
5:54 pm
>> and honey actually caught one. >> honey! there we go and that one right there, that is kira. here we go. go get it. the male is going to get it. come on. they are telling me to wrap. there we go. thank you so much. as you working on my pitching arm, thank you guys. >> when the big guy wants the tomato they all stay clear. >> quick break.
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5:56 pm
well, the 2015 class for the school for creative and performing arts took a big step into their future. at the merriam center they had
5:57 pm
their commencement ceremony they had creative writing and technology and music and visual arts or dance. congratulations to all of them. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00, septa police is trying to track down a man who attacked a woman with a razor. and also new luxury condos are about to rise along the schuylkill river we'll show you the plans next at 6:00. for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a nice evening. >> good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. >> wednesday night police identify a fourth suspect wanted for a home invasion in broomall and high leaves of carbon monoxide force the vacations of four homes in wilmington but the big story on "action news" is a hideous crime in the frankford section of the philadelphia. a woman tried to enter the station to the frankford l was slashed on the arm, it happened at 9:27 this morning, it began with an altercation and quickly escalated to a razor slashing. dann cuellar is live now. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, police say that the last thing the woman was expecting when she came to the margaret station to hop on a
6:00 pm
train was to get into an argument with a strapger and worse that he would slash her with a razor. >> this is the man police are searching for captured on surveillance footage, he approached a 50-year-old woman. >> she approached the fare line and a man started to speak to her and an argument ensued and the man punched her. >> the woman does not know what the argument was about and had never seen the man before. >> the man drew back and cut her with a razor on her forearm, a 4 inch gash. >> the woman walked to a hospital nearby to get stitches on her forearm. >> we don't have these things like this on the system. a rare incident of violence and we need the public to help us


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