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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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on a train was to get into an argument with a strapger and worse that he would slash her with a razor. >> this is the man police are searching for captured on surveillance footage, he approached a 50-year-old woman. >> she approached the fare line and a man started to speak to her and an argument ensued and the man punched her. >> the woman does not know what the argument was about and had never seen the man before. >> the man drew back and cut her with a razor on her forearm, a 4 inch gash. >> the woman walked to a hospital nearby to get stitches on her forearm. >> we don't have these things like this on the system. a rare incident of violence and we need the public to help us
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find this person. >> the suspect is a black male in his 20s, medium build wearing a white t-shirts and wearing shorts and carrying a backpack if you recognize the person call septa transit police i'm dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> thank you dan. a dj and photographer from chester county a wedding d.j. will go on trial for a list of trials including sexual assault and child pornography. police found the images on daniel milowicki's computers after a woman accused him of assault after a modeling session at his home. prosecutors say he was found with child porn and upskirt videos of girls at school dances. >> we know more tonight about a story we first reported late last night. police are looking for the man that held up a rite-aid pharmacy
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in haddonfield and carjacked a retired priest. there is now a $5000 reward. david henry is live now with more. >> reporter: jim the latest is we have surveillance video of the suspect and he looks like a character out of the village people, complete with a hard hat. he knocked off this pharmacy yesterday and one in logan township last month. >> this is odd, the first time this happened in logan township. >> this could be a clever way to deflect suspicion he has a safety vest and a hard hat he walked in carrying a traffic cone. >> he was dressed like a traffic engineer, and he was actually measuring trees outside beforehand beforehand, police say he jumped over the pharmacy counter and
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demanded demanded adderall and oxycodone pills. they believe he is the same bandit that robbed this farm pharmacy last week. the outfit makes him easy to spot and also easy to blend in. >> we have four jobs nearby today. yesterday in haddonfield police say he had a gun and in logan township, he had a hammer. either way he got away with pills worth thousands of dollars. >> they are easy to conceal and easy to sell. >> they don't know if the getup is safe or if it's a traffic engineer that goes out robbing drug stores on his lunch break
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if you see someone with that kind of outfit acting suspiciously, police want you to call them. david henry channel 6 "action news." a third suspect in a violence delaware home invasion is charged as an adult. only "action news" was there as 17-year-old abdullah hartage was arranged today. he is one of four suspects accused of breaking into a home on old cedar grove road in browmal on monday. brothers germane and sterling wallace were arraigned yesterday. also new tonight police identified the fourth suspect, they are still searching for him. lawmen had not yet figured out what caused the driver of the philadelphia housing authority van to strike an early childhood education center this morning the van slammed into the caring center in powellton. fortunately nobody was hurt and the building did sustain damage
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that will have to undergo a thorough inspection. they evacuated homes this afternoon because of high levels of carbon monoxide crews responded to the calls of bad odor on rodney street. the generator in one of homes was the source of the problem and they checked several residents on the scene and everybody is okay. firefighters are using fans to air out the fumes. republican state senator, john raverty launched his bid for states attorney general today. he made the bid at theteen state troopers association he is serving his fourth term and represents the 44th district including parts of montgomery chester and berks counties. tonight at 11:00 we will
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introduce you to a special philadelphian, he is leaving right now with a group of inner city youngsters, 13-year-olds on an extraordinary journey, the subject of my next one-on-one. steve is a one time salesman of office equipment and now a full-time employee of the philadelphia parks and recreation but to the anderson monarchs baseball team he is coach mentor teacher and so much more, his team which sent seven players to the taney dragons to the world series at this hour they are leaving, this is obviously much more than just baseball. >> i just felt it was really necessary and the kids were at the right able to learn about the civil rights movement we started with roots if you don't
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understand slavery, you can't understand the civil rights movement, you need to understand this and if you don't understand that you condition understand ferguson and baltimore and what is behind that. >> he is steve bandora, he has made impacts on lives over the past decade and you'll learn about him on "action news" at 11:00. dozens of philadelphia police officers were honored for their service in philadelphia. they were awarded for merit condations 87 officers were honored in all. the recipient for the 2015 liberty medal is the dalai lama, the constitution center made the announcement, he is being honored for the advocacy for human rights around the world
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and dialog and tolerance the ceremony takes place in philadelphia on october 26th the liberty medal ceremony will be broadcast here on channel 6. coming up on "action news" tonight, construction is underway on the luxury condos along the schuylkill river in philadelphia. we'll show you the plans for the new high-rise. jaime apody is live at citizens bank park where the phillies hope to erase the memory of last night's game. >> one of the most embarrassing losses in franchise history, fans are calling for ruben amaro's and ryan sandberg's jobs. and sunshine earlier today and now the clouds have pushed in and an area of rain aiming in our direction, well let you know when the drops start falling. those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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we are live in atlantic city tonight where protesting casino workers are chanting shame on carl icahn the largest union representing workers at the casinos are outside the trump tanl mahal right now to protest the bankruptcy to benefit 1,000 casino workers. the cuts sought by billionaire carl icahn to keep the casino open is coming at a time when
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the resort city is suffering as revenues continue to drop and casinos continue to close. "action news" is live on the scene. >> the residential building boom is continuing to build unprecedented steam they broke ground today on 1 riverside overlooking the schuylkill river. john rawlins has the story. >> reporter: it's just a construction site now but a tall, thin, glass tower called 1 riverside near spruce and locust with high end kitchens and luxury amenities. one bedrooms start at $685 and people are in their 50s, 60s or 70s and have a big home on the main line in pennsylvania or
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knowledge. and alyssa is trading a long ride from the suburbs to a short walk to work. >> it's different and different is not bad. >> an old warehouse son, they developed housing here more than 20 years ago he credited the wildly popular schuylkill banks park where people will spend big to live. >> we see modest amounts of infrastructure making big invest manies it has probably gone up tenfold. >> there was a neighborhood concern, sun reflecting off the glass with plans off the commune you gardens next door, the arc tebt explain its was designed to use less reflective materials. >> this portion here, that is why this portion has punched hole opening and has solid
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elements. >> the expected completion date. summer of 2018. zip car is now available in wilmington. dennis williams along with members of city council cut the ribbon in rodney square today. residents can secure a car with a mobile app or by phone up to a year in advance. seniors from philadelphia central high school became alumni this morning, the commencement ceremony for class 274, that is how they say it at central was held at the kimmel center today.
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>> a lot of head scratching, a lot of people disconslate about
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the phillies. >> the 19-3 loss to baltimore the just one game what about the last seven they are on an eight game skid and will face the same orioles tonight at citizens bank park. >> ducis this is a team that was not suppose to contend but last night was a low point for this franchise after coming off the worst road trip in 132 years and they are calling for ryan sandberg's job, but ruben amaro has no plans to fire his manager. the decision was made to let one of their outfielders pitch two innings. innings. innings. frank -- he stud up with a
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confrontation with his pitching coach. here is what the powers of be had to say about the19-3 debacle. >> it's taken care of. >> were you embarrassed by it? >> it's not our greatest moment but it's added. >> there was nothing that went right in the whole game including the phone in the bullpen. >> there is nothing to do now but look to the future, here is cornelius randolph the first round draft pick, getting advice from francone. >> i played out field during the summer and i have been out there, i feel like i could adapt to anything. >> hopefully by the time the shortstop is in the bigs the phils will be a contender again. ruben amaro says that is his
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job, and while doing his job he can't worry about his job. phils and orioles again tonight at citizens bank park. >> thank you. day two of eagles mini camp, we focused on a player from chip kelly's first draft who is beginning to blossom. >> zach ertz is dreaming about getting the top tight end in football. >> i want to be the best, that is the goal i have each and every day. >> i don't care where he is rated i know he is doing a great job for us and has an unbelievable work edgic. >> this offseason he sought out future hall-of-famer, tony gonzales and they had a three hour lunch and among the things that ertz learns was it's not just about catching touch downs.
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>> he was one of the best to may the game, hes with a good blocking tight end in his career and i needed to do that to be considered being one of the best. >> he put up bigger numbers than the 172 yarded receiving that he did last year is not how he measured success. >> the only numbers i care about is the wins and 16-0 is what we are going for. >> that is a look at sports. >> thank you. two buck county students were the envy of their classmates. levi and kate peterson arrived at the warrington school by limousine they were escorted by cody ashy, the parents won this experience through a phillies charity auction.
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accuweather promised and you delivered on the great weather today. >> we have normal break friday so another day to enjoy. as we look at double scan live radar, the clouds are thickening up from the west and we have sprinkles out towards lancaster and north of the poconos, but the real meat of the rain will arrive well after midnight. we confirm that the clouds have pushed in we had a decent amount of sunshine and the clouds come first and then the rain. it was warm today and less
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humid, yesterday was 91 degrees, feeling like 95 in the afternoon the normal is 83 degrees, we are still above the normal where we topped off at 86 degrees, and it felt like a lot more comfortable out and the numbers continue to drop, the clouds coming in from the west and the combination from the winds coming in from the water out of the east and the ocean has warmed to 78 degrees, it's pushing the warmer waters from the gulf stream off the coast and pulling it inland temporarily but air temperatures dropped because of wind off the ocean. 73 millville and 76 in wilmington and 83 in allentown. we have the stripe of rain that continues to train in from the west and along with that cloud cover because the high pressure to the south winds are around clockwise and everything rotates around the high including tropical depression bill, winds
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sustained at 17 miles per hour, it's moving north of dallas and some parts of eastern texas over a foot of rain since bill made landfall yesterday afternoon you can still see the circulation with storms rotating around it near dallas and oklahoma city and eventually the energy will pull through here over the upcoming weekend, but first chunk of rape that passes through tomorrow morning. taking time for the morning rush as the warm front arrives to usher in more humid air and the rain moves out by lunch time and overall cloudy in the after none and muggy could be left over downpours south and west and the real wet start to the day ends to cloud cover in the afternoon, with the soaker in the morning, we are looking at a quarter to three quarters inch of rain and high of 79 and sounds cool and muggy and the secondary break this week arrives on friday and that pushes the front to the south and winds from the
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southwest warm and 86 and less humid and the tropical might our from the remnants of bill will arrive along the boundary here for sunday. the shore forecast for tomorrow an arcade or indoor gulf kind of day. again with that morning rain and a lot of clouds in the afternoon, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 79 it's a wet start for your thursday and muggy we get the break with the heat and humidity on friday no 90s but 86 degrees and not bad with sun and sunshine to begin the weekend and clouds increase saturday afternoon and tropical downpours for dad on sunday miserable day at 88 and the humidity drops to 90 on monday and upper 80s tuesday and wednesday and maybe a pop-up thunderstorm in the afternoon and it's all about the thunderstorms about the hurricanes and the tropical systems and our double scan live radar gives you a behind the scene look at accuweather.
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summer storms and i'm sleeping in. finally tonight they were shooting for the stars in hamilton township, the young astronauts of robinson school held their 2015 model rocket launch participants rockets hundreds of feet into the air and it was a great way to spend the day outdoors and for kids to learn about the wonders of science. >> world news with david muir next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff and ducis rogers and join us at 11:00 for "action news" on channel 6. for cecily tynan adam joseph ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, the breaking news, the terror crackdown across america, the concerns before the 4th of july the fbi targeting home grown terror suspects. this evening the arrest the man accused of lunging at agents with a knife, authorities say another suspect, quote, off the chart dangerous. the major development, the plot thickens now, the murder for hire plan as authorities revealed there was much more here. 60 million facing extreme weather tonight, flood emergencies from texas to illinois blinding downpours. my interview with governor jeb bush the moment in the general store, in the car, and what he says about his very private wife. and your cell phone bill tonight, the major investigation. are you really getting what you paid for? are they secretly slowing down your service?


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