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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 17, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, the breaking news, the terror crackdown across america, the concerns before the 4th of july the fbi targeting home grown terror suspects. this evening the arrest the man accused of lunging at agents with a knife, authorities say another suspect, quote, off the chart dangerous. the major development, the plot thickens now, the murder for hire plan as authorities revealed there was much more here. 60 million facing extreme weather tonight, flood emergencies from texas to illinois blinding downpours. my interview with governor jeb bush the moment in the general store, in the car, and what he says about his very private wife. and your cell phone bill tonight, the major investigation. are you really getting what you paid for? are they secretly slowing down your service?
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good evening from iowa. we begin with breaking news. an fbi terror crackdown here at home. urgent new concerns that isis sympathizers here in the u.s. could try to strike before the 4th of july. we have learned tonight of three arrests in four days now an arizona man being called quote, off the chart dangerous, arrested in relation to that attack in garland, texas. and we now know authorities say he wanted to attack during the super bowl. in new york city the college student in queens researching how to make a pressure cooker bomb. tonight we learn of a new arrest in staten island new york. the suspect lunging at officers with a butcher's knife. this evening the fbi warning, the crackdown is far from over. abc's senior justice correspondent in washington leading us off. >> reporter: fbi agents were tracking that latest suspect, that staten island man today, when things turned violent.
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>> reporter: the fbi says he tried to plunge this butcher's blade into an fbi agent. according to the fbi he's a fervent supporter of isis and was part of a broader plot to carry out attacks. prosecutors claim he was working with this man, a college student from queens who they say had been conducting surveillance on the george washington bridge. the fbi says muther omar suleh was studying how to build a pressure cooker bomb. >> the threat is the most significant we faced since the september 11 attacks. >> reporter: the announcement of suleh's arrest came on the same day that a phoenix man was charged in connection with the isis-inspired attack in garland, texas last month when two radicals were killed in a shoot-out with police. prosecutors describe abdul kareem as off the chart dangerous, and they say he had aspirations to attack the super bowl but it's not clear how. since that texas attack at least seven alleged isis supporters have been charged in
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the u.s. and abroad. those arrests come as part of a broad campaign by the fbi targeting americans who follow isis online. hundreds of terror investigations are under way in all 50 states. sources tell us many more arrests are anticipated as we move closer to the 4th of july the fears so many large crowds across the country can be seen as targets on a major holiday. david? >> pierre thomas leading us off. thank you. to the other developing headline p tonight, the manhunt for those escaped killers. officials releasing these new images of the convicts what they say they could look like after more than a week on the run now. this evening a chilling revelation about the woman, the prison worker accused of helping them. officials now say she wanted those convicts to murder her husband. abc's ggio benitez is in upstate new york. >> reporter: tonight, prosecutors claim that behind these walls, prison worker joyce tillie mitchell schemed with two convicted murderers helping them to escape and plotting to kill her husband, lyle.
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>> what about that alleged murder-for-hire plot? >> the information we had from joyce mitchell is that that occurred. >> reporter: authorities today revealing new details about mitchell's alleged relationship with both men. she was investigated last year for becoming too close with one of them, david sweat. he was then transferred out of the tailor shop where she worked. and soon after, the prosecutor tells me, mitchell began an affair with the other killer, richard matt. >> she made the allegations or statements to us that there was a sexual relationship, a very limited relationship. >> in the tailor shop? >> in the tailor shop. >> reporter: as for her husband lyle -- >> mr. mitchell, gio benitez, abc news. >> reporter: investigators are talking to him, but he's not talking to us. >> what do you make of the reports that she was trying to have you killed? >> reporter: the murderers, of course, still on the run. the search that started around the prison, expanding to a small town miles away, even crossing state lines into vermont, now cold. officials admitting tonight the killers could be anywhere. and here at the district attorney's office, prosecutors are now considering possibly charging joyce tillie mitchell in that murder plot.
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she's already pleaded not guilty to helping the prisoners escape, but she's got a long road ahead. david? >> our thanks to you tonight. now to the extreme weather turning deadly. that direct hit for texas, and now 60 million americans bracing for more. tropical depression bill bringing flash flood watches from texas to illinois a foot of rain in parts, and images from the storm zone coming in tonight. vehicles sliding off highway 59. outside corpus christi, pounding rain. look at the radar at this hour, remnants of bill moving from texas into oklahoma and northeast. rob marciano with the forecast but first rob on the ground in texas. >> reporter: tonight, crashing surf and pounding rain in texas, flooding roads all across the state. this coast guard helicopter flying over the galveston area, just after tropical storm bill made landfall. our kendis gibson, right there today.
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>> take a look and listen to how strong the winds are here in galveston 24 hours after bill. and as for the waves, they're just as rough. >> reporter: the relentless rain in an already saturated state in a record wet may. >> the last couple weeks been a lot of water. >> reporter: parts of el campo, texas, now completely under water. over a foot of rain in the area since the storm began. the center of what's left of bill almost in oklahoma, but still torrential downpours driving through houston. the rain turning streets into lakes. many drivers taking their chances. this one stalling out. >> has this ever happened to you before? >> ah, no. >> reporter: and in dallas, the city using this line of 11 portable pumps, trying to move flood water into the trinity river. the circulation of what's left of bill going over the top of dallas this evening. et gets into oklahoma by tomorrow and that's where the heaviest rains are going to be in the next 12 to 18 hours, potentially floods there. into missouri by friday morning, springfield to st. louis. flood watches all the way into indiana and illinois.
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the rain upwards of six inches and that would include cities like cincinnati and pittsburgh through the end of the week so a huge chunk of u.s. real estate getting a piece of this storm. >> rob, thanks. this evening the faa is now investigating a close call at a major airport, chicago's midway. a southwest flight heading down the runway an air traffic controller noticing another plane, a delta plane, heading towards them. both planes picking up speed, the air traffic controller ordering them to stop. >> stop stop! >> both jets slamming on the brakes stopping before their collided. there are major new developments tonight in that deadly balcony collapse in california. here again is the before and after, that balcony landing on the balcony below, the victims plummeting more than four stories. tonight here the faces of those six victims, many of them exchange students from ireland. en and now the new focus of the investigation, look at the wood used to build that balcony. the question was it rotted. cecilia vega from berkeley
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tonight. >> reporter: the terrifying moment that fourth floor balcony packed with 13 party-goers came crashing down. five students visiting from ireland, and 22-year old ashley donohoe from california, killed. six more injured. today, berkeley's mayor saying improper sealing on that balcony may have allowed water to seep into the wood. the culprit could be dry rot, snapping. a balcony one floor below also ordered removed, investigators fearing it too was in danger of falling >> this was a clear-cut case to you? >> yes, it's clear-cut. >> reporter: some signs of possible danger? on stucco, dark stains or cracks. on wooden structures, soft spots. all could mean water damage. >> what might look fine from the outside, there may already be considerable damage on the inside. >> reporter: crews still working to bring that second balcony down. and investigators are on the scene trying to determine exactly what happened out here. this, as so many grieving
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families from ireland are now on their way to california. david? >> thank you. we turn now to your voice, your vote the race for 2016. we are in iowa tonight with former florida governor jeb bush. our moment in the country store with him today, in the car, also what he said the common hurdle that both he and hillary clinton face. and what jeb bush revealed to me about his very private wife. >> how are you doing? >> fancy meeting you in iowa. >> yeah. >> reporter: so it officially begins, one country store, one person at a time. >> what are you doing in here? >> campaigning for president of the united states. >> this just in. >> reporter: the governor telling me he ran out of shaving cream 509 days before election day. >> oh, there it is. bless you. >> there you go. now you're all set. >> 35 years after you were working the phones here for your father and look at what we've found, a little -- >> oh-oh, that was me. >> what would you say to that guy? >> i would say that was one of the greatest experiences of giving back to a father who
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loved me unconditionally when i was a kid. >> so as you embark on this 509 days out, how easy is this going to be for someone who describes themselves as an introvert. >> i'm a grinder. i'm really competitive, really focused. i'm very disciplined. but it takes a lot of effort for someone who's intro vertd. i admit i am. >> it's interesting, our current president takes a lot of heat for being insular and not having a beer, say, with members of the opposite party. having a beer with members of the other side doesn't sound like something an intro vert would enjoy either. >> but it's work. it's required. that's not the president's forte. >> i want to ask about your brother, president george w. bush. you have said i have to do the heisman on my brother that i love that this is not something i'm comfortable doing. >> there's a real fascination about where i'm different and where i'm the same. when you love someone as your brother or your dad, it's not easy for me to say -- kind of throw them under the bus to make
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myself look better. i can't do it. >> he has said he will campaign for you. will you ask him to? >> he's been helpful already. he's helped in gatherings where it wasn't inconvenient for him. >> he'll be out there in the battle ground states with you? >> i don't know. we just started. >> let's switch to the mood of the country because your mother barbara bush famously said that there have been enough bushes in the white house. she's come tarnd and change her mind but she did say something that a lot of americans are saying to themselves a bush or a clinton, isn't there anyone else out there? do you understand where people are coming from? >> absolutely i do. i'm totally self-aware and understand that i have a challenge and i intend to overcome it by sharing my life story. >> let's talk immigration. your kickoff speech this week we saw the hecklers spelling out legal status is not enough. you have said along the way you would be open to the idea of a path to citizenship, more recently legal status. as we sit here today in iowa where do you stand? >> i think we ought to have a
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path to legal status and the people the kids that were protesting frankly, i think they ought to have a path to citizenship. dream act kids kids that are here because their parents came they had no control over it there ought to be some recognition that we're not going to send them back to a country they know nothing about. >> so a path to citizenship for them? >> absolutely. >> and not their parents? >> not their parents. >> on iraq president obama authorized an additional 450 american troops being sent to iraq. would you send them? >> we need a strategy in iraq. this president has admitted twice in the last year that he doesn't have a strategy yet he is kind of sending troops without a strategy. >> some of your republican opponents right now in the primary have weighed in. scott walker doesn't rule out boots on the ground. lindsey graham suggesting 10,000 ground troops. can you rule out boots on the ground? >> no. i think we have boots on the ground already. >> the supreme court said to rule on same sex marriage any day now. i'm curious what you hope the
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court decides. >> i hope that they decide that the states should make this decision. >> a lot of people think that this issue in particular is a generational issue, and we saw your parents. we saw your father as a witness to a same sex marriage in maine. >> yeah. >> i'm curious, would you witness a same sex marriage if you were asked? >> sure i would. i would if they were friends and i cared for them of course i would. >> your wife we saw the tweet not long ago, happy anniversary to my wife of 41 years. we have read how private your wife is and i'm curious what she said to you this time that you knew that this was the time to run. >> she told me something -- she told a friend and then she told me that not allowing me to pursue this mission would be like telling a musician you can't play music, which i thought was typical of my wife the way she expresses herself. >> reporter: in the car driving
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me through iowa i asked the governor about his cherished sundays with his grandchildren. >> how many of those sundays are you going to have to put aside? >> i'm pretty serious about maintaining sunday as the afternoon for my grandkids which is really important to me. i can campaign real hard for six days and take a day off for a while. >> determined to keep sunday fun days as the jeb bush family calls them on sundays. we'll have much more tonight on "nightline" and tomorrow on "good morning america," jeb bush's son on the thanksgiving meeting they all had, the heart to heart with the family they had with both mom and dad before the big decision. we move on with other news tonight and the shark attack the third in three days a 10-year-old boy on daytona beach, florida. this haunting image, north carolina's crystal coast, fins in the water. tonight we hear from the 16-year-old attacked over the weekend who lost his arm with one powerful message. here's abc's melvin gordon. >> reporter: swimming off the carolina coast, 16 year-old hunter treschel was in just waist-deep water when he felt a bump, then a second one.
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>> that was the first i saw it. it was biting up my left arm. >> reporter: it was a shark. >> it bit a man's arm off? >> yes, he's bleeding out. we need an ambulance. >> reporter: randy mill began was right there. >> i saw him, his arms went up. the shark took his left arm. >> it was quite a spectacle because i was conscious and aware. i like to think i was aware at least. >> reporter: doctors managed to save his life but not his arm. >> i can try to live my life the way i was, or i can let this be completely debilitating and bring my life down. there's only one i would choose and that's to fight and live a normal life with the cards i've been dealt. >> reporter: the one thing the shark couldn't take, his spirit. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> one incredible 16-year-old. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight," the victory for cell phone users
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"severely slowed down" the speed for its highest paying customers, the ones opting for unlimited plans and after they used a large amount of data making it more difficult to stream movies or make video calls. at&t told abc news in a statement today it will vigorously dispute the charges, saying it has been fully transparent with its customers. the fcc called their warnings vague. there is a way to tell if you are getting the speed you are paying for. download a speed app and test your phone. and you can save money by restricting which applications on your phone can use cell data, and use wi-fi whatever possible. david? when we come back here preparing for a possible major eruption the e evacuations under way at this hour. e to severe crohn's disease. it's tough, but i've managed. but managing my symptoms was all i was doing. so when i finally told my doctor, he said humira
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and finally tonight here made in america, something made right here in pell la, iowa in millions of homes across america. there might be a couple of them right where you're sitting right now. pull back the curtain. >> reporter: the made in america team from st. louis, missouri to the desert and right here in iowa right down main street the pell la plant. they show us inside. churning out thousands of windows and doors for americans homes every day. terry has been on the line 32 years using those red lasers to pinpoint exactly where the saw will cut the wood. then april cuts them into carefully measured pieces. she's been here 25 years. they get pieced and glued together then stained, wrapped and shipped. >> this is going into a home in des moines. >> this unit is going to richmond virginia. >> reporter: they're hiring
6:58 pm
tonight. kelly blackman hired just three weeks ago, single mom, three girls proud of her at home. when she got the news? >> all my co-workers were standing there. they knew what was happening. i balled. >> reporter: 90 years later, still family owned. steve and the team. >> everybody comes here every morning with a smile on their face and i plan on retiring from here. >> reporter: smiling because they know across america tonight millions of opening their windows just in time for summer. >> made in america! >> we love made in america. and that is "world news tonight" from iowa. i hope to see you tomorrow night from new york. until then, good night.
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