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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  June 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> here's what's happening on this thursday, june 18. >> breaking news, nine people are dead after a mass shooting at a church in south carolina, the suspect is on the loose. >> a new report says the death penalty is off the table for the soldier charged in the murder of his girlfriend's mother in the lehigh valley. >> rain ask making for a messy commute, how long will it stick around? >> don't ask us, we have people who can tell us that.
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karen rogers is in for david murphy and matt pellman has the roads. >> reporter: we have rain blanketing much of the region. some of it heavy at times. it is pulling through the area, we see behind it we have breaks in lancaster. you're almost dry already in dover and wilmington, just the end of that now. so watching right now for storm tracker 6 live, at least the beginning part of your commute it's a wet one. you look at temperatures around the region, 6 in browns mills and hockessin delaware. it's cooler to start you off with the rain we'll have that reduced visibility. four in philadelphia. 3-mile at atlantic city airport. looking at the temperatures again, 67 degrees right now in philadelphia. here's what to expect today. we're watching for the showers and thunderstorms, most of it is happening right now in the early morning hours, so the roads are still going to be wet when you head out. beyond this early morning commute for of us going out at
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7:00 a.m. it's not a wet. lots of clouds and peek of sunshine or two later in the day or the evening commute you get a shower or thunderstorm. just right huh. nonetheless, matt it's muggy out there, although we're talking about cooler temperatures. >> reporter: we have so much going for us, don't we? it's almost friday. the good news, the construction is cleared out on the vine street we say -- expressway. conditions are wet, i don't blame them for wrapping up construction early on the vine. we have a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound side a single-vehicle accident the vehicle flipped over past the norristown interchange and one lane is blocked. expect slowing as you travel past the accident scene. two lanes blocked because of
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construction near willow grove they wrapped up the construction on 422 the road buckled westbound approaching 29 phoenixville collegeville, everything is wet but moving in both directions. a gunman opened fire inside a horrifically black church in charleston, south carolina, nine people are dead and the shooter is being sought. erin o'hern is live in the satellite center. >> reporter: authorities are calling this heinous act of violence a hate crime while the you want community is in shock police learned the shooter attended the prayer service before opening fire. police say a white man in his early 20s opened fire during the prayer meeting inside the emanuel ame church. the scene was described as kay on chaotic.
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officials found 8 people dead inside the church. the attack comes after the fatal shooting of walter scott by a white police officer in northbound charleston. the pastor of the church where the shooting was is a state senator who responded the bill to get police agencies body cameras. reverend al sharpton is saying the pastor is among the dead. the fbi is on the scene investigating the murders as a hate crime. >> this is a tragedy no community should have to experience, it is senseless and unfathomable that somebody in today's society would walk into a church when people are having a prayer meeting and take their lives. the entire community to pray for safety for our people,
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we we would hope this person who committed this heinous crime which is a hate crime is brought to justice we stand in sold -- solidarity. >> reporter: the sheriff a working to track him down. today at noon there will be a vigil outside the church. we'll tell you how a five-year-old boy survived the shooting inside the church. erin o'hern channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. philadelphia police are on busy on the case of a woman who was randomly attacked and slashed while trying to catch a septa train. that victim is speak be out to "action news." katherine scott is live at septa headquarters in center city with more on the story. good morning katherine. >> reporter: septa police
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released the video hoping someone recognizes the suspect. the victim is 50 years old and mother of 3 and attacked after buying tokens. >> he tried to get me here and here. >> reporter: 50-year-old has a gash on her wrist but feels fortunate that the injuries are not worst. this man was captured on surveillance who approached her. her yesterday morning. >> i blocked the punch like that he got mad. >> reporter: she said she tried to get away, but he chased her around the platform a yellow box cutter in his hand. >> i'm going to kill you i'm going to slice you. >> reporter: as he swung the box cutter she tried to defend herself. >> when i'm holding the paper i'm going like this with the paper. he sliced me here, when he
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realized he sliced me, he kept coming back. >> shalee walked herself to the hospital to get stitches, he fled. another look at the suspect all you have to do is visit us on our website at we're live in center city. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. philadelphia police are searching for a man who allegedly confessed to killing his girlfriend inside her house. the 29-year-old woman's body was found yesterday morning in a front room inside a home in logan. the suspect said he killed the woman around 7:30 a.m. investigators have not released the woman's name, how she died or a possible motive. a soldier accused of conspiring with his teenage girl to kill her mother will not fails the death penalty. % will not seek the death
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penalty against caleb barns. he is charged in the stabbing death of her mother who was killed in the driveway of her home. >> police have released the surveillance pictures of a mysteriously dressed bandit who attacked a priest. he was dressed as a construction worker and carjacked the priest and left him in the vehicle a block away. the bandit who pulled a robbery in logan township last month wore the same outfit. the search for the two men who broke out of a marks mum security facility -- maximum security facility remain free.
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prosecutors say joys mitchell agreed to be the getaway driver. authorities have released new images of what sweat and matt might look like after two weeks on the run. >> of time is 4:39. operation santa scam hear how authorities say three postal workers stole from a program meant to help under privileged kids. samsung phones are vulnerable to hackers. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live hd double scan shows how we have a wet start to your early morning commute. what about the rain? details coming up.
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>> surveillance video shows a man dousing a police cruiser with gasoline in massachusetts and laughing and achieving as he lights it on fire. police identified the arsonist as arthur burnham saying he had 16 run-ins with police in the last 6 months. he was taken into custody he
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will undergo a mental valuation. >> we are waking up to a rainy thursday morning. >> reporter: if you sleep in better it will get better. >> nobody tells me that. no. >> reporter: let's take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, if you're waking up early that's a good way to start the commute, less traffic. we have rain in spots, we could go close are with double scan. we could put that in motion, the area of heavy rain, the area of yellow that's starting to move into the city currently watch for that as you head out right now. it's lt it's wet out here, about to get wetter, that's the area of heavy rain pushing through media and chadds ford and heading into the city. all right let's go outside and see what it looks like right now, as sky looks live, philadelphia international slowing things down as you head
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out. you have ponding and puddling on the roads as you're dealing with you are not currently. 67 degrees, the dewpoint, 64 degrees obviously a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. even though temperatures are down today it will feel muggy because the winds are out of the east/southeast at 9 miles per hour. the barometer is falling. satellite and radar showing how this batch of moisture the heaviest of the rain i think we'll see during the day is happening right now. we see it pushing off the coastline you get the sense we're not dealing with a lot of the rain, we'll see clouds and peeks of sunshine, too. at 9:30, if the commute is later, you're looking okay here's the shower here or there not a big deal as far as impacting driving rain. it's cloudy and damp, you have a morning for the showers even at lurch time seeing a sprinkle or two. we'll see peeks of sunshine
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mixing with clouds. a look at 4:30 again later in the day we have a chance for shower or pop-up thunderstorm or two, not everybody will get them, as we advance them, the best chance would be north and west of the city. watching for that today and through the evening hours it's not raining constantly by any means. the heaviest is happening right now. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, lots of clouds, maybe a peek of sunshine, but feeling damp with the showers. 77 is the high, don't forget late in the day, north and west you have a chance for a thunderstorm, as well. tomorrow, morning shower, partly sunny, 89 degrees, looks like the temperature will be higher because of the sunshine. saturday, sunshine the best part of the day, and the best part of the weekend first half of saturday. maybe a shower in a couple of places or thunderstorm. not terribly wet. saturday into sunday we have a front coming through and we have
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tropical moisture from tropical storm bill. we'll see some downpours 82 degrees, that will hold the temperature down. monday hot less humid 90. tuesday, 87 degrees, just a chance for a shower, wednesday partly sunny skies 89 degrees, so the first half of saturday will be the best part of the weekend. thank you karen. well three postal workers in new york city are facing federal charges for allegedly stealing gifts meant for underprivileged kids. two men and one woman carried out the alleged scheme between 2013 and 2014. they wrote fake letters to get electronics and other items and replaced the children's addresses with their own. they face federal charges. the. the canadian government said it's the victim of a cyber
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attack. no, no personal information was compromised, but some people had trouble accessing government websites through the day yesterday. the anonymous online collected said it was a the protest of antiterrorism bill -- passage of an aty at terrorism bill. customers complained about unlimited data -- atat used throttler. there's a flaw in the galaxy 6 that makes it vulnerable to hackers. the company is now working on a
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patch. all the major market indices were flat yesterday after the ferveg announced there will be no -- federal reserve announced there will be no interest rate hikes futures are flat this morning. a study by citibank found americans spend 200 hours and $26 a year on their daily commute that's 45 minutes and $10 per day. new yorkers spend the most time commuting and the people in los angeles spend the most money on their commutes. 4:48. an adventurous cat is back home in kansas after make it's way to hawaii. a tribute is in the work for the youngest victim of the boston marathon bombings. "action news" is next.
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>> reporter: good soggy thursday morning to you our last standing construction crew on the vine street expressway was working under the overpass who could blame them? they cleared out from the westbound lanes, they will return and close it tonight at
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11:00 p.m. nothing else closed on the pennsylvania turnpike, our overnight crash on the eastbound side between norristown and fort washington just cleared. all the eastbound lanes are reopened. westbound you're without the right and center lanes because of construction near willow grove. you'll see the slow-moving traffic as you head westbound toward 611. hurfville road is closed a pole came down near dr. dan's auto repair. i think we need dr. dan now. tam. a well-traveled cat has made it back home after taking an accidental island vacation. the feline has been a mascot at a scaffolding company for years.
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it managed to climb into a 40-foot container and shipped to hawaii. someone heard it inside. after taking a few days to recooper rate operate in paradise, the cat was shipped back to kansas yesterday. >> bridge water state university in massachusetts is honoring the youngest victim killed in the boston marathon bombing an artist is sculpting a bronze statue of martin richard. the statue will stand in the middle of campus where his parents first met. >> it helps one bridge water student to pause and reflect upon their response i bet to make good choices or inspires them to help someone in need or i allows them to see that this world can be made better through a combination of hope and
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perseverance, then as you recall the meaning of our son's life lives on. >> bridge water is renaming its institute for social justice to honor martin. coming up on "action news," thousands of fans flock to delaware today for the firefly festival. the florida couple that buys a cart ton of eggs and ends up with their rare find.
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the odds of this boy achieving his dream in fashion? 1 in 23 million. the odds of having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 68. i am tommy hilfiger. learn more at
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>> good morning everyone, it is raining in many areas of the delaware even lehigh valleys right now that's a live look at center city philadelphia. getting up to 77 degrees, rain should shut off by the time we hit this afternoon. a florida couple found something unusual as they went to make omelets last sunday morning. a carton found a pacifically spherical egg. >> reporter: it was a perfectly round egg. it would be classified as an exterior b grade it would not be put out to the public. >> the chances of finding a presquely rounds chicken egg is
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one in a billion. they've sold online for hundreds of dollars and he hopes to make money off his rare find. a deadly attack in a church in south carolina hear what we know about the gunman. there were several arrests in atlantic city, "action news" "action news" will be right back.
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>> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. thursday, june 18. we are following breaking news. >> new details are emerging about the gunman who killed at least nine people at a historic black church in south carolina. >> several people were velocity in an accident and a tire flies into attractive. >> accuweather is tracking what looks like a rainy can morning commute. >> reporter: karen rogers is here along with matt pellman. >> reporter: good morning, we're starting with storm tracker 6 live double scan we have the


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