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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 19, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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s making news in america this morning, church massacre. a fresh-faced accused killer. new details about the suspect, a high school dropout with a criminal past. >> that boy had hate in his heart. hate killed these people. >> plus new video from inside the church moments before the attack. what we've learned about the victims. we have live coverage coming your way. firefighters working to get the flames under control right now with hundreds of homes in danger and new evacuations announced overnight. rough round. tiger woods' freefall at the u.s. open. one of his worst starts in tournament history for him even getting beat by a 15-year-old newcomer. big winner. who you a bathroom break landed a woman this massive check for $5 million.
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and good morning to you all. we start with the latest on that church massacre in charleston south carolina. >> four were ministers including reverend clementa pinckney the pastor of emanuel ame and respected state senator. >> what you're see is a 21-year-old suspect. his friends saying he had a deep hatred of black people flown back to south carolina. dylann roof is his name on suicide watch hours away from facing a judge. his own uncle saying he is unable to forgive his nephew. if he gets the death penalty he'd like to push the button himself. >> video from inside the church. the shooter sitting with the bible study group just moments before opening fire. it was posted online by one of the victims just before he was
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killed. we have live team coverage this morning with lana zak standing by with reaction and begin with abc's kenneth moton live in charleston. kenneth, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, reena and t.j. that 21-year-old suspect dylann roof will wake up in the local jail this morning as you mentioned under suicide watch. the church he's accused of terrorizing has now become a place of vigil. a memorial of flowers, balloons and candles outside emanuel ame church. prayer circles throughout the city of charleston. >> we will get through it. our church will get through it. it's tough times but i know for a fact everybody will press on. >> chris singleton's mother sharonda singleton was one of nine targeted and killed by suspected gunman 21-year-old dylann roof after a bible study study wednesday night. >> my mom was a god-fearing woman. she loved everybody with all her roof. >> reporter: roof was captured outside charlotte, north carolina 12 hours after the shooting that kill well-known
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snat senator and the pastor clementa pinckney. >> clementa was a cousin but in some ways he was like a brother to us as a young boy, my father took him under his wing and my father worked with him and taught him. >> reporter: federal law enforcement officers are now investigating the 14509ing as a possible hate crime. survivors and the suspect's friends say he spewed hate. >> he said that he thought that the black -- the black in general as a race was bringing down the white race. ♪ >> reporter: but while roof is accused of trying to divide there's only been unity after tragedy. and roof will be arraigned in just a few hours. hear the charges against him. the woman who spotted him in his car she is being called a hero because she said once she saw that car and his unique haircut, she called her husband and then
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911. t.j. and reena. >> kenneth, i want you to hit on that point some more. he said he did this to incite a race war. he wants to pit sides against each other but that we're seeing it seems the exact opposite in charleston. >> that's right. it is the exact opposite because the survivors, they say they heard him spew hate. also people who knew him said they heard him say derogatory statements about african-americans. and he warranted to create a civil war and a divide but i will tell you that what we've seen here is a community coming together. >> all right, important to make that point. we appreciate you from charleston, south carolina. thanks so much. >> dylann roof a high school droopout with a couple of recent brushes with the law. >> he was arrested at a mall wearing all black. the mall employees said he was asking out of the ordinary questions. he was accused of illegal possession of a drug and arrested again at the same mall
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for west passing and hearing chilling new details from survivors of the attack. >> sillylvia jackson is a cousin of clementa pinckney. she spoke to david muir after hearing from a woman who survived the attack by playing dead with her granddaughter. >> she said it was horrible. it was just like -- it was just blood all over the place. she played dead in order to survive, in order to get him not to shoot her. >> she told her granddaughter to play dead. >> play dead yes. her son was also supposed to play dead but he wanted to check on my cousin the reverend clementa pinckney and when he got up that's when the gunman questioned him and started, you know saying y'all rape our
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women and y'all have taken over the country. and i have to do what i have to do. >> the survivor said it wasn't until the bible study ended when the suspect just started shooting. >> the support for victims extending far beyond charleston. >> vigils were held ail over the country including washington, d.c. president obama who personally knew the murdered pastor weighing in along with many others. abc's lana zak continues our coverage. lana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, reena and t.j. from social media to local churches americans have gathered together in hope and prayer as a nation reacts to this tragedy. from pastors -- >> we pray for the members of emanuel church. >> reporter: -- to the president -- >> now is the time for mourning and for healing. >> reporter: the nation's prayers are focused on the nine innocent lives lost in charleston, south carolina. >> to say our thoughts and
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prayers are with them and their families and their community. that doesn't say enough to convey the heartache and the sadness and the anger that we feel. >> reporter: in washington democrats and republicans joined together in sympathy. >> the depth of our grief reveals the depth of our love and our resolve. >> reporter: but politics divided reactions to calls for gun control in the wake of the tragedy. >> still have hope. >> reporter: prayers from new york to florida. in communities already struggling with racial strife this alleged hate crime is particularly troubling. >> of course i'm angry that he did it. but my bible i use teaches us to love and not hate. >> reporter: love sent from across the country to south carolina. >> and the heart and soul of south carolina was broken. >> reporter: and the mourning
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will continue today with vigils and walks planned in areas across the country. the largest one expected in charleston at 6:00 tonight. back to you, reena and t.j. >> we will certainly be watching for that. lana zak live in washington. thanks so much. stay with us here at abc news. the latest from charleston. you can expect from us. our live team coverage continues. you can see whole lot more coming up on "good morning america." well still ahead, the government cracking down on those unwanted robo calls. >> also the dry conditions on the west coast fueling fast-moving wildfires. hundreds of acres torched. plus rough landing. a plane slams into a fence. new details about how this happened just coming in.
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welcome back. breaking news from california where a monster wildfire is burning out of control. >> this is known as the lake fire. it's in the san bernardino national forest that spread to 10,000 acres largest this year. only 5% contained at this point. evacuations are mandatory for several communities. also much smaller fires on the indian reservation near san diego here in glendale. in northern california a grass fire that destroyed at least three homes is now completely contained. dozens of people were evacuated after the flames jumped a river and spread quickly. the fire also cut power to about 20 homes. also many so roads. they were closed. only one injury reported. a homeowner suffered mine for burns. north texas and oklahoma the problem is flooding the remnants of bill dropped 10 inches of rain on the region in just a few hours. searchers found the body of a toddler yesterday swept out of his father's arms by a flash
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flood. several adults also died in the raging waters and runoff could cause more flooding. what's left of tropical storm bill heading into the midwest and residents there bracing for more flooding as the radar shows, missouri, indiana and illinois in particular in for heavy rain. when we come back benched. a baseball player in trouble with his team for liking something on social media during a game. and you want half? you can have half. the scorned ex-husband who took a judge's order just a little too seriously and literally. my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. when it's go, go to the new the site with the right room, rewards
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aveeno® naturally beautiful results®. might be days before all of interstate 35 between oklahoma city and dallas is re-opened after a rock slide caused by heavy rain. the sliding included a large boulder. a vehicle ran right into that. some traffic being detoured. it's more volume than local roads can handle at this point so we got a mess there. >> that won't be the only traffic trouble spot. drivers should watch out for flooding from the mississippi and ohio valleys across to the mid-atlantic coast and down to florida. roads in the upper plain, interstate 35 wet south of dallas. flying most likely to see delays in memphis. well recapping the latest on the deadly church shooting in charleston the suspect back in south carolina for a hearing this afternoon. >> yeah there he is. 21-year-old dylann roof described by friends as having a
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deep hatred for black people. his own uncle saying can't forgive him. now, this morning we're hearing from the son of one of the nine victims. sharonda singleton is her name. she was a high school track and field coach. her son chris is a star baseball player at charleston southern university. he says his mother was always smiling no matter what was happening in life. >> in a situation, you know i just think about her smile. she smiles 24/7. that's why i'm just thinking about to push me on and do stuff like this. just thinking about her smile. i just say love is always stronger than hate. so if we just love the way my mom would, >> the victims range from 26 to 87. three survived a woman and her granddaughter. they played dead to survive. well new images just n. a small plane crash in southern california. the pilot ran into this fence while trying to land at the long
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beach airport. the plane as you can see is pretty much destroyed. that pilot was taken to the hospital but should be okay. >> the government cracking down on those annoying robo calls and also those robo texts. you can now opt out by pressing a designated key even if you said yes in the past and they must come comply. some carriers now offering free call blocking services. there are more than 3 million complaints about these robocalls last year. okay, well now some sports. the nba champion golden state warriors are the guests of honor at a victory parade and rally today in oakland. >> the blackhawks had their big party showing off the stanley cup. estimates are 2 million people were out there along the parade route. as for the day's highlights from our guy at espn. >> reporter: good morning. welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. let's get started with the u.s. open. opening round from chambers bay outside tacoma, washington. tiger woods having some
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problems. second shot on 18, wow. worst round ever for woods at a u.s. open, plus 10. only one round of 80 plus in his 41 rounds. this is third time this year. dustin johnson played the best round of his major career. second shot par 4 5th rather on the green nearly holed it out so complaints about the greens but not from johnson. he's tied for the lead with henrik stenson at 5 under par. marlins and yankees. alex rodriguez looking to career hit 3,000. runners on first and second. rodriguez off mat latos, brett gardner score, two away and yankees up 1-0. bottom of the fifth. rodriguez, 3-1 count. fights that one off from latos and one hit away from 3,000. so let's go bottom eighth.
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this could be the moment. but he gets walked so two hits for rodriguez, yankees win it 9-4. yankees are in the middle of an eight-game home stand so looks like 3,000 will come in front of the hometown fans. that's all from here. now back to you. >> stan appreciate you. remember that 15-year-old cole hammer his name. he actually beat tiger woods by two strokes. he's 15. >> i know. also one more other supports note. the red sox third baseman expects to be back in the lineup for the game against the royals. >> pablo sandoval was benched for last night's game in atlanta. the kung fu panda is his name forced to sit for checking out instagram during a locker room visit while the game was going on on wednesday night. evidence got him busted. he liked two pictures of a woman. he since apologized to his teammates for this. it's easy to get distracted sometimes. >> i like the nickname kung fu
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♪ all right, we'll keep "the pulse" fresh starting with the california mom who got a break because she took a break. we're talking about jennifer daniels pulled over at a store on her way to work because she needed to use the bathroom. >> on her way out she put $20 in a vending machine and won $5 million. she plans to keep working but no more sick days or overtime. when you got to go you got to take advantage of it. >> it could pay off. >> i wish that would happen to me. >> take more bathroom breaks.
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>> maybe that what it. "the blind side" earned sandra bullock an oscar and brought fame to michael oher. >> he doesn't like the movie. it's the story about him when he was a homeless teen. he says because of the movie his every move on the football field is scrutinized. he says other offensive linemen go largely ignored. >> i love that movie. come on. >> too much attention on him. maybe too much expectations. >> it's all in the head. head game right. >> here's your life coach. all right, also you take that line, you love this. >> he's back! >> arnold schwarzenegger can have a good time. this is good stuff. >> at madame tussauds on hollywood boulevard people taking a picture with the terminator. >> you look real. >> because i am. >> can i help you? >> oh. >> no touching.
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>> you want to come in the shot? >> that's good. >> arnold took a walk and confronted some terminator impersonators. >> it wasn't all just for fun promote-moteing a charity and has a new terminator movie coming out at the end of the month but that's fun stuff. >> uh-huh. finally a divorce that's all about splitting everything 50/50. when we say 50/50, we actually literally mean that. >> he took this too far. a guy in germany, he cut everything in half. yes, you see him there cutting a phone in half. he's living up to the divorce agreement giving his ex-wife half of everything he owns. that includes chairs a wide screen -- oh don't cut up the tv man. >> he cut their old bed in half. maybe the best part their car. he's sending her half of all this stuff and selling the other half on ebay. what about just half the bank account, dude. that would have been just fine. >> i think she gets that too. i'm pretty sure she gets that. some of you your local news is up next.
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meteorologist karen rogers is join us and track the showers which are about to hit the jersey shore we're learning about the man who place say carried out the deadly church massacre in south carolina, he'll face a judge this morning. tragedy on a texas road. a woman was killed in a crash relatives say she was chasing her husband who was in a car with a another woman. firefly festival is getting a former beatle tonight.
4:28 am
in south carolina. and maybe if i wasn't nearing the end of the run or this wasn't such a common occurrence maybe i could have pulled out of the spiral but i didn't and so i honestly have nothing. i don't want to get into the political argument of the guns and things -- what blows my mind is the disparity of response between when we think people that are foreign are going to kill us and us killing ourselves. we got to do whatever we can to keep americans safe. nine people shot in a church. what about that? hey, what are you going to do? crazy is as crazy is right? that's the part that i cannot for the life of me wrap my head around. the confederate flag flies over south carolina and the roads are named for confederate generals.
4:29 am
and the white guy is the one who feels his country is being taken away from him. we're bringing it on ourselves and that's the thing, al qaeda, all those guy, isis they're not [ bleep ]. compared to the damage that we can apparently do to ourselves on a regular basis. i heard someone on the news say, well tragedy has visited this church. this wasn't a tornado. this was a racist. i hate to even use this pun but this one is black and white. it's -- there's no nuance here. >> and there's so much more today. he will in fact dylann roof the shooter will go before a judge and just a few hours, in fact. >> but it gives us all something to think about as we go into the weekend. father's day weekend. tell him you love him. hug him a little tighter this weekend, folks and give a thought to those folks in south carolina. have a goo
4:30 am
>> good morning here's what's happening on this friday, june 19. >> the man accused of gunning down nine people in a church in south carolina is set to appear before a judge today. >> cruise spring into action after a massive water main break in hunting park. >> police are trying to get the man in a brutal sexual assault robbery in south philadelphia. >> let's go over to karen rogers with weather and matt pellman that is tra


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