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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  June 21, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." deadly church shooting. mother emanuel's doors open again for a day of healing and hope. the overflow crowds. the officers on guard. and tonight, that accused killer. did he try to take his own life inside that church basement? flag furor. calls growing louder for the confederate flag to come down. flying at south carolina's capitol. a symbol of slavery, or a piece of history? the debate now stretching all the way to the campaign trail. closing in. the search heating up in the hunt for those two escaped killers. callers reporting possible sightings. >> have a confirmed track of two individuals. need assistance at that
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location. >> tonight, how they may have managed to get hundreds of miles away from that prison. and, citizen passengers. the bus driver, behind the wheel and on the phone. caught on video by a passenger onboard. distracted bus drivers, busted by the riders themselves. good evening. thank you for joining us on this father's day. i'm cecelia vega. we come on the air with the emotional return to that church in charleston. four days ago, the scene of a massacre massacre. today, a place of strength. mother emanuel's doors opening for the first time since the tragedy. every seat filled, every voice raised in prayer and song. ♪ but there are stark reminders, too. the fallen pastor's chair draped in black.
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and hugs and tears, and outside, a police officer standing guard at every door. tonight, the investigation growing. did the accused killer write a hate-filled manifesto? and did the accused killer try to turn the gun on himself? steve osunsami, once again. >> reporter: they had a strong message for the accused gunman, all the evil in the world couldn't close the doors. >> they expected us to do something strange and to break out in a riot. >> reporter: with the heat so thick they ran out of fans, white families joined black ones, filling the wooden pews of this historic african-american church. >> it's a message that hate will not win. love will have the victory. >> i was drawn here to worship in solidarity with my brothers and sisters. >> reporter: hundreds more had to stand outside.
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and racist shooter that killed nine. and authorities saying that when he was done, 21-year-old dylann roof tried to kill himself. and failed. >> there was no bullets left. >> reporter: this reverend said she had to see the seat where her sister died. she had to take this photo where her cousin lost her life. in an emotional interview, she told us not to get it confused. not everyone is ready to forgive. >> i know it's a process, and i know with god's help, i will get there. but i'm not there yet. >> reporter: police continue to look at what may be roof's manifesto, posted on the internet. there's a moment of light posted
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online. a drawing from a 7-year-old girl outside charleston. being color-blind is awesome, you should try. families planning funerals for the end of the week. >> thank you. and the debate of the confederate flag still flying above the south carolina capitol building. the church calling on the governor to take the flag down, saying it hurts us. devin dwyer on the polarizing symbol. >> reporter: tonight, it's still flying high at the state capitol, as calls to take it down grow louder. >> take it down! take it down! >> reporter: the symbol of the confederacy celebrated by accused racist killer dylann roof. >> that flag gave his shooter and others like him a banner under which to justify their actions. >> you can't separate the heritage from the hatred that's associated with it. >> reporter: a debate expanding beyond south carolina's borders, to the 2016 campaign trail. republican contender jeb bush saying he moved florida's confederate flag to a museum. even mitt romney weighing in, tweeting, "remove it now, to honor #charleston victims."
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president obama replying, "good point, mitt!" the only 2016 candidate from south carolina, lindsey graham, not taking a stance. >> i welcome any debate, any discussion. that will help my state and nation. >> reporter: rick santorum weighed on abc's "this week." >> this is a decision that needs to be made here in south carolina. >> reporter: a state where pressure from outsiders is unwelcome. >> whether or not people have used it as a positive symbol or negative symbol, it's still part of our history. >> reporter: a symbol of southern pride long backed by a majority of south carolina voters. many now wondering if tragedy will change minds. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. we turn to our other top story, the hunt for the two escaped inmates. on the run for more than two weeks. now, a resident saying some men inquired about a car. could it be the break in the case that police need? here's linzie janis. >> reporter: tonight, parts of
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western new york on lockdown as over 300 members of law enforcement comb the dense woods, and check every car after multiple sightings of escaped killers richard matt and david sweat. >> we will search under every rock. >> reporter: around 8:00 p.m. saturday, a witness in the area of friendship reporting two men asking for help getting out of town. >> two male individuals just approached him outside his home, requesting information about the trucks and vehicles on his property and if any of them were for sale. >> reporter: another witness telling police she saw two men come of the woods near a railroad track. new york's allegany county, nearly 400 miles away from the prison. we are on our way from the prison to friendship. you can see how heavily wooded the area is, plenty of cover. most of the recent sightings happening along this freight line that runs through sweat's home town. >> one possibility, is that they are riding the rails. >> reporter: new york senator chuck schumer also commenting on the investigation. >> there are some prison guards who are not talking. >> reporter: but correctional officer gene palmer says he is talking. the guard put on paid leave,
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emerging saturday after 14 hours of questioning. did you have anything to do with their escape? >> no comment at this time. but i am here on my own free will to help. >> reporter: so far, palmer not accused of any wrongdoing. palmer is a guard at the prisons honor block where sweat and matt had cells and where they were given special privileges that may have helped them plot their escape. cecilia? >> thank you. and we turn to the severe weather in more than a dozen states tonight. 25 million people in the threat zone. texas can't catch a break. the guadelupe river flooding, rushing water flowing over its banks. a severe thunderstorm sending the kansas airport into darkness. flight delays all day long. the storms are on the move at
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this hour. the forecast in a moment. but first, rob marciano with the storms that have already claimed two lives. >> reporter: it's a virtual water world in parts of texas. >> it's getting a lot worse, man, for sure. >> reporter: north of dallas more flash flooding rains. the emergency weather alert on that phone sounding the alarm. this bridge collapsing into the south sulphur river. this truck nearly vertical, rescue required, no word on injuries. and remember this dramatic rescue in southern illinois? >> help! help! help! >> reporter: a boy getting sucked into that culvert. witnesses racing to help him. >> jesus, please help this kid right now! >> reporter: finally pulling that boy to safety. in the past 36 hours, storms firing all the way to the east coast. watch the lights go out after this delaware lightning strike skies lit up from washington, d.c., to illinois. and wind taking out this tree, claiming a mail carrier's life when it crashed down on her mail truck while driving through a thunderstorm. another death in ft. thompson, south dakota. >> it sounded like a whoop,
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whoop, whoop. >> reporter: close by, samantha weaver was asleep with her family in their camper when the storm hit. >> we rolled one and a half times, and we lifted over the electrical box, and then landed, and rolled again. >> and rob is here now. a terrifying night for that family. the first day of summer, rough for so many people. you were telling me the center of the country is getting slammed. >> i think the north central part of the u.s. will be hit tonight. tornado watch in eastern montana through north dakota. we're watching the storms pop up. and will drive through the east tomorrow. highly populated areas like minneapolis, chicago. detroit, area of severe weather there. damaging winds, and possiblilyy lyily a tornado. >> how about the heat out west? >> some relief there, but it's going to be expanding. and no real rain in the forecast. five to 15 degrees above normal. oregon and washington, could see triple digits toward the middle part of the week. and that's pretty unusual for
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this time of year. and the temperatures and lack of rain not good news for crews on the wildfire battle lines. dozens of fires burning across several states. and tonight, red flag warnings in nevada stoking fears that fires may flare there, too. and ryan owens reporting in from the fire lines tonight. >> reporter: dozens of new fires popping up across alaska. tonight, there are 145 burning across its vast wilderness. more than 30 homes destroyed. in california, 500 residents evacuate after a new fire breaks out near san luis obispo. the state's largest fire, the so-called lake fire, is burning in the san bernadino mountains east of los angeles. an aerial assault all weekend, combined with that ground army of 1,800 firefighters, is slowing the fire's advance. tonight, containment is up to 15%. in arizona, they're trucking in female inmates to beat back the
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largest of seven fires now burning in that state. >> there's a lot of heat out there. it's a hot fire. so, we had a lot of work. >> reporter: some firefighters hard at work on the front lines. this is early in fire season, and with california in the middle of an historic drought, the forecast for the rest of the fire season, simply miserable. >> thank you. tonight, people in new orleans got their man in an all-night manhunt. a suspect in custody that somehow managed to get into the front seat of a officer's car and kill him. karen travers on this stunning escape. >> reporter: tonight, stunning new details about what happened in that police suv. 33-year old travis boys fatally shooting new orleans police officer daryle holloway before fleeing the scene. >> during the course of this investigation, we recovered two guns. >> reporter: neither were officer holloway's, but one is the weapon police say boys used to kill him. police frisked boys after his arrest friday night.
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they say he's double jointed and moved his cuffed wrists from his back to front, but can't explain where the guns came from. >> that is under investigation. so we realize that's an obvious issue. >> reporter: tributes for officer holloway pouring in over social media from all across the country. a 22-year veteran of the new orleans police department. he leaves behind three children. >> he was a good man, a good father. our hearts break for him and his children on father's day. >> reporter: boys will be charged with first degree murder. karen travers, abc news, washington. we turn to the golf course. the u.s. open about to get a new champion tonight, and one of the top contenders is not just facing tough odds in this tournament. he's also dealing with a
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serious health condition. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: pro golfer jason day is in a four-way tie for the u.s. open lead. but tonight is battling a lot more than his fellow players. >> one of the competitors, jason day, that can't get up. >> reporter: the number ten best player in the world has overcome incredible odds this week, collapsing on the last hole during friday's round. revealing what took him down was a bout with vertigo. >> i've just had vertigo for a while now. >> reporter: vertigo is a symptom of problems in parts of the inner ear and brain that help control balance. it's common. 35% of adults 40 and over, nearly 70 million americans, have had it. >> the gold standard in treatment involve rapidly changing the position of the head, and these maneuvers can be very, very effective. about 70% to 80% of vertigo cases can be successfully treated or cured. >> reporter: it's now up to day to sink his putts. determined to make sure vertigo doesn't sink him. clayton sandell, abc news, denver.
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. ♪ [music] ♪ defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. tonight, when bus drivers tempt fate, taking their eyes off the road to text or make a call, it can lead to disaster. and now, it's the passengers who are on alert, armed with the same electronic devices, catching those drivers in the act. here's phillip mena. >> reporter: every day, millions of riders put their lives in the hands of bus drivers. but it's what passengers are spotting in the hands of some drivers that has them taking action. this video was shot by a passenger on a pittsburgh city bus. >> bus driver was on his phone listening to music.
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and then he was texting, not paying attention at all to the road. >> reporter: the port authority is now investigating that driver. so many riders with their cell phones already in hand. making it easier to report bus drivers using theirs. this driver caught by a passenger texting on a greyhound bus. greyhound saying we take these incidents very seriously. another driver in maryland, using his ipad while taking families to an amusement park. venus cotta says her daughter filmed her bus driver on the phone while driving a busload of students. that driver was suspended. >> when she showed me the video i just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: mere seconds of distraction can turn deadly. these two little girls and a teacher's aide were killed when their bus slammed into another last december. police in tennessee now saying that driver was texting before the crash. as for that city passenger back in pittsburgh -- >> i hate seeing anybody get in
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those serious about celebrating the arrival of the summer solstice, gathered at the historic stonehenge site in the u.k. the sun rising in alignment with those massive stones on this day. the clouds almost won. but there was just enough sun to save the day. the days do get shorter from here on out, but let's not think about it. it's thankfully still summer. and finally, on this father's day, a vintage look at the commander-in-chief, back in the day. just being a dad. first lady michelle obama tweeting this throwback picture. the president with sasha and malia on the beach, saying, quote, "thinking today and every day about the father of these two. happy father's day." happy father's day indeed. still ahead, faith and the power of song. the message from a heartbroken city, determined to heal. ♪ oh lord we need your spirit ♪ ♪ right now ♪
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finally tonight, they walked into this church one by one until there were no seats left. mother emanuel opening its doors again, the faithful spilling into charleston streets. gathered together in grief. and finding strength in unity. ♪ >> i want you to know because the doors of mother emanuel is open on this sunday. >> yes. >> it sends a message to every demon in hell and on earth. ♪ spirit of the living god ♪ ♪ hallelujah ♪ >> as we come, let us remember those who are still on the battlefield, studying the word of god. led by pastor reverend clementa pinckney.
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♪ this is my story this is my song ♪ >> our spirits may have been crushed, but they're not broken. by any means, standing tall. knowing, god, you will never, ever leave us alone. ♪ jesus said you can lean on me ♪ ♪ jesus said you can ♪ ♪ if you just lean on me ♪ >> hallelujah! [ applause ] >> and we thank you for watching tonight. "gma" first thing in the morning, david muir will be back here tomorrow. i'm cecelia vega in new york. happy father's day to you. good evening.
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bergeron: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we dare you not to laugh. man: good job. woman: run, run, run, run, run. whoa! [ woman laughs ] aah! oh! [ applause ] welcome to... and now, here he is, the host of "afv"... tom bergeron! [ cheers and applause ] thank you! thank you very much! thank you, caleb for that introduction. oh, that's plenty. welcome to the show.


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