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tv   Action News 630 AM  ABC  June 22, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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racially motivated attack in a charleston church. good morning 6:30, june 22, let's head over to david murphy with accuweather and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, we have the sun up over the horizon, take a look at satellite, you can see we have significant clouds around, most of the it is meting away. still feels humid right now testers are warm, 76 degrees in philadelphia. 67 in allentown better up there, not as sticky. 70 in millville humid in sea isle and other shorepoints. dewpoints we're dealing with numbers high above 60. the drier air you see working into the north and west will sweep across the region and the humidity will drop as we head into the afternoon. it will be a hot one later
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today, 91 today sliding in at 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. so, hot today but humid as the day goes on. karen rogers unfortunately that pattern doesn't last, tomorrow, the humidity swings back in and it gets hotter and there's a chance of strong thunderstorms in the afternoon and early evening. i'll have details on that and track the storms on future tracker 6. that's coming up. you have a couple of highways that have been busy. >> reporter: new jersey transit river line is suspended because of police activity between would he would he robling and boredden down. we have an accident in cherry hill, new jersey turnpike northbound approaching exit 4, the exit for route 73. some people take that to get on 295. watch for a delay on the new jersey turnpike with the new accident northbound near exit 4. i-95 approaching cottman the
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accident move off the shoulder, it was creating a jamup on i-95 as you head toward center city. now all lanes reopened, 28 minute ride from wood lairch to the vine. -- woodhaven to the vine. disabled vehicle in upper dublin lime kiln pike and susquehanna road getting busy. we're starting with breaking news, gunfire erupting in north philadelphia lacing the side of a car with bullets. now police are out there looking for the shooter. katherine scott is live from hanheman university hospital with the latest details. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam the circumstances rounding the shooting remain under investigation, two people were you tell hit one remains in the hospital in stable condition. a second man released, he was able to drive to the hanheman. his car is parked outside the
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emergency room taped off by police. the driver of the car suffered a graze wound. he was released from the hospital about an hour ago police gave him a ride home. his car has a bullet hole in the door and windshield. the drivers side window of the camry is shot out. this happened at 2:00 a.m. in north philadelphia at 11th and west styles. the driver said he was driving down the street and saw people on the corner and he heard shots, the katz war hit several times -- the car was hit several times, a man walking on the sidewalk was also hit. police don't know if the driver was targeted. they don't have an description of the gunman this remains under investigation. we're live at hanheman university hospital. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> we are following a developing story this morning police are investigating a murder in the northeast section of philadelphia. gunfire erupted after 1:00 a.m. along the 1700 block of
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scattergood street. police tell "action news" a 21 man was shot and pronounced a short time later. no word on a motive or who gunned down the victim. >> getaway from there you're about to get plowed. >> this was video you saw on "action news," police officers saved a man's live before a freight train smashed into his car in newark, delaware. police say the elderly driver was trying to make a turn when his car got stuck. look at that at 11:00 p.m. two police officers got him out before the csx train hit. 6:34. the search goes on for a gunman who opened fire at a west philadelphia block party. it happened saturday night at 41st and ogden an armed man and accomplice waited until it was dark to walk up to the party. they sprayed the crowd with
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petal hitting ten people including an 11 and 1-year-old and 12-year-old. >> we came to the door and we heard the shots we saw everybody running. >> police say the shotgun pellets used in the shooting are meant for hunters. investigators believe the shooting was in retaliation for a fight. >> the tragic and brutal killing of nine people in a historic black church has reignited an age old debate about the confederate flag calling for it to come down at the soldier's monument at the state capitol. one state senator said the flag should stay put in the name of south carolina historical. jeb bush and former candidate mitt romney called for the
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flag's remove from public sight and buildings. we'll have more on charities ton south carolina coming up on "good morning america" at 78:00 a.m. a delegation from philadelphia and afternoon -- archdiocese have arrived in rome this morning. business leaders and the archdiocese personnel will be meeting with their counter parts at pontiff cal council of families. the pope arrives in philadelphia on september 26. brian taff is arriving in rome for the final meetings ahead of the pope's visit to philadelphia. his live reports start on "action news," brian will be reporting for us through thursday. and you can follow brian's trip and get the latest yup dates about the pope -- updates of the pope's visit president obama at twitter. devon still'sive
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five-year-old daughter leah is leaving the hospital today recovering from stage four neuroblastoma. a clearly happy still declared they will be leaving. >> looks like they were having so much fun. >> we had news she was getting a little bit of a set back and now things are looking great. >> reporter: good father's day gift for him. >> reporter: we're riding into the morning under the sun without any precipitation. sky6 live hd backing that up along the shore. generally speaking it's a bright one, another day for sun block and cool drinks as we stay hot. 76 degrees in philadelphia. the dewpoints 66. still feels a tad on the humid side as you start walking around under the sun. winds are shifting out of the
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west/northwest at 7. that will bring in a drier comfortable quality of air albeit hot. looking at sat light and radar no rain, no clouds, failure bright today a frontal boundary dropping through that won't change the air temperature all that much, but introduce lower humidity air out of the great lakes. it will feel more comfortable as the day goes on. as we look at temperatures, 77 degrees muggy by 8:00. 11:00, dewpoints starting to drop. 84 degrees, by the afternoon even at the shore it will start to feel better. 89 degrees by 2:00. 91 is the high probably late in the day around 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. close to 90 by 5:00 p.m. with sun and partial cloud mix. 91 in philadelphia. up in allentown getting up to 87. upper 80s in trenton and reading and wilmington and mid 80s down the shore in cape may
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and atlantic city. less humid as the day goes on with the sun and clouds mix. closer look down the shore you can see the mid 80s from surf city to ocean city. ocean temperature in the mid 60s along the jersey coast. rehoboth beach mid 80s. buoys around the delaware bay showing temperatures in the water in the # -- 70s. it is getting warmer around the mouth of the delaware bay around lewis. tomorrow things change big time. we have a cold front coming in from the west that will swing the winds out of the southwest. a break today but tomorrow more humid, a as the front gets closer thunderstorms in the poconos and northeastern pennsylvania will probably after 4:00 p.m., start to march toward the immediate region. not everybody sees these but those who do could see strong
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drenching storms and strong damaging wind gusts and there's a chance for severe storms. this will not be until late in the afternoon tomorrow, if you hear thunder in the afternoon or early evening take cover. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, hot and less humid, high of 91. you'll need the sunscreen and cool drinks. hot and humid again on tuesday unfortunately with a high all the way up to 795. it will feel like it's close to 100. late in the day and early evening we have the thunderstorms i just showed you. wednesday the front is gone, sunny and nice, high of 87. good news for the evening fans fans -- good news for the union fans. thursday, we have a thunderstorm west of philadelphia, that's good news because we have the live coverage and the approach
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of tall ships. i've seen it before with when we had it in philadelphia. it's real a spectacle. 84 degrees friday, clouds and rain 81. saturday, 79 and sunday, period or two of rain. >> we have tragic new details on the missing chef who worked for two u.s. prosecutes. we have video of -- presidents, we have video of a man who killed a new orleans police officer moments before he arrested. southbound traffic heading toward center city heavy past woodhaven to cottman problems with mass transit, all the details coming up next. >> >> i am -- kim kardashian
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celebrates father's day by announcing the sex of her new baby.
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(dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >> welcome back you're taking a live look here down the shore a beautiful ocean and the sky there above atlantic city. if you took this week to be down the shore, you were smart it will be nice to be near the water. 6:44 75 degrees, we love the picture, not the picture you're seeing in traffic. >> reporter: we're talking about the problem spots so we can help you avoid them. one is with mass transit, new jersey river line suspended chopper 6 heading to the scene. expect delays using new jersey
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transit river line because of part of that is suspended. i meant to take you to cherry hill, new new jersey turnpike northbound approaching exit 4, the exit for route 73. we have an accident out there, it's off to the right shoulder, watch for that right now. burlington bristol bridge up right now. you want to stick to the turnpike connector instead. don't forget the burlington bristol will close each night this week from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. for maintenance. let's take a look at i-95 we have this accident right now this is southbound approaching cottman. it's been pushed off to the side. it was blocking the left lane, that was creating a backup on i-95 southbound as you try to head toward center city. you can see that heavier traffic right now. the delay is easing. we're jammed from past woodhaven to approaching cottman, on i-95 southbound. you can see that reflected in the speeds on the big picture. you're about 16 miles per hour as you head southbound near girard the more usual spot for slowing. a couple of issues in west
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philadelphia. the water main break from last weekend causing a closure on 52nd street near westminster. the accident on haverford avenue near 41st street. we're sending the traffic on twitter with the #6abc traffic. temperatures 67 degrees in warrington. 76 in center city. 68 in glassboro we're dry but we have the sun glare. >> brearking right now the -- breaking right now, the taliban has taken response i bet for the attack -- responsibility on the tack on the parliament building in average. >> the video is in on the moment of the impact. >> a suicide bomber attacked the main entrance wounding 31 people and gunman stormed the compound and met by afghanistan security forces. the suspects took refuge in a
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neighbor building. the attack moved as the defense minister was arriving for his confirmation. developing overnight search teams in new mexico recovered the body of a beloved former white house chef. walter shibe several as executive chef under bill clinton and george bush from 1994 to 2005. the 61-year-old was in good shape, but an amateur hiker with enough supplies for a day and found two miles away from his car. there's no word on what killed him. a surveillance video shows a suspected cop killer in louisiana minutes before officers arrested him for a he could second time. tavis boys walks by a police officer at a new orleans' convenience store. on saturday, while he was being
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transported to jail, he managed to get a gun and shoot the police officer who was driving the van. the suspect was the only person wearing a jacket while it was hot out yesterday because the suspect was hiding broken handcuffs. boys was arrested minutes later getting on a city bus. >> 6:48. we have more news stories including an area dealing with flooding. now we have more water to deal with because of a water main break.
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>> new this morning a
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philadelphia police officer shot at a suspect. the officer fired two shots during a chase on foot in north philadelphia. this started at 1:00, on north colorado street and ended on the 2100 block of north 17th street. the suspect was not shot and managed to get away. investigators have not said what triggered the chase. this video is just in of a costly crash in west philadelphia. an suv plowed into several parked vehicles near 43 and haverford. the suv was found nearby, no word if the driver is under arrest. the road has been closed but since reopened. a mess there that you've got. let's talk, other problems on the roads as we go outside live we went to show you what it looks like in new jersey, 42 northbound traffic heavy from ac expressway to 55 and slowing from 55 to 295. watch for people coming back
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from the shore. upper moreland township montgomery county we have a vehicle fire at blair mill road a disabled vehicle in upper dublin and lime kiln pike has cleared. >> it's a warm start with temperatures in time 70s in a lot of neighborhoods some of you in the upper 60s the humidity levels will drop. 9:00 a.m., 79. noon you'll feel the humidity go down 87 degrees. 90 by #3:00. 91 at 3:30 or 4. # 8 by 6:00 p.m. the big story other than the heat is the fact that the humidity will have a tendency to fall off as we head past the mid morning and late day hours clouds and sun a good day to burn, it's always a bad day to burn, but it's a good day to battle the uv index with the
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sunscreen nydia. >> i got it, thank you david. water shot 50 feet in the area in rockwall texas. someone caused this by crashing into fire hydrant. the town had already been soaked by more than 3 inches of rain. >> kim kardashian has told the world she is having a baby boy. she has a 2-year-old daughter north with her husband kanye west.
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>> welcome back here top stories, police are certaining for the gunman who shot a man inside a car in north philadelphia overnight. a man walking on the sidewalk was hit by the gunfire. the driver took himself to the hospital treated and released. the other man was taken by a neighbor and is in stable condition. >> reporter: new jersey transit line suspended in robling. chopper 6 heading to the scene. >> reporter: it's a hot one even though it's sticky, the humidity will go down as the day goes on. >> that will be a good thing. we'll send you up to "g.m.a.," we'll see you back here in 30
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for updates. for matt o'donnell, nydia han karen rogers, david murphy welcome back. i'm tamala edwards, keep cool out there this week.
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good morning erks. and breaking news. a big break in the massive manhunt for the escaped killers. hundreds of officers swarming a small town in upstate new york. >> we'll search under every rock behind every tree. >> new clues at a campground where they may have been hiding. prison gear and fingerprints matching at least one of them. also this morning, floods and fires. brijs and roads overwhelmed by torrential downtours. >> it's gone. >> the drivers rescued. the highway underwater as major cities in the midwest brace for powerful tornadoes. in the west, wildfires fueled by dry conditions and sizzling


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