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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 22, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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carolina the fight brewing over a prominent site at the state capitol building. residents in a philadelphia neighborhood woke up to find their fires slashed and said this is not the first time. honoring joe paterno how a brewy is paying homage to the penn state coach. now to south carolina one week after the deadly shooting at a black church. that church reopened for the first time yesterday as part of a weekend of faith and forgiveness, now criticism is turning toward the south carolina state capitol. it all has to do with the confederate flag that flies there. abc's karen travers is live in washington, d.c. with more on the story now. karen. >> reporter: good afternoon sarah some remarkable scenes over the weekend. the healing community coming
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together united. now the conversation is turning to the flag and no surprise it is a very controversial topic. a powerful scene in charleston thousands joining handles on the bridge to take a stand against hate. at that historic church the pews were packed for sunday services days after nine people were murdered there. >> a lot of folk expected us to do something strange and to break out in a riot. >> reporter: white and black families coming together. >> it's a message that hate does not win it's love that has the victory. >> reporter: police are looking into the alleged gunman's manifesto. he is seen posing in front of confederate monuments including this one in charleston that was vandalized sunday and racist rants inspired by the hate groups counsel of conservative citizens. last week's tragedy sparked a
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renewed debate over the confederate battle flag. the flag is flying high at the state capitol. 2016 presidential contenders are treading lightly. >> this is a decision that needs to be made in south carolina. >> i still feel like it's not an issue for a person running for president. >> reporter: any decision to take down the flag would have to come from south carolina's state legislator tur which is controlled by republicans, we are expected to hear from south carolina governor nickie hailey later this afternoon on the topic. reporting from washington, karen travers channel 6 "action news." >> we're following developing news out of the new york city, a 51-year-old man from philadelphia is dead after shots were fired near coney island. eric rivera was killed after a
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large dispute broke out. initial reports indicate he may have been trying to break up a fight between two woman at the time. he was visiting family from brooklyn. police are looking for one gunman several people fled the scene. we'll post updates at we're following developing news out of philadelphia's strawberry mansion section where the tires on a number of cars were apparently slashed. neighbors near 29th and huntington tell "action news" several vehicles were targeted. one resident said she did not realize what happened until she tried driving her car. >> i got up, i got in my car actually, and i want to you know, try to drive off a little bit, i heard something funny so i came out and seen my tires were slashed. >> residents tell "action news" this is the second or third time this has happened in this very same area. more developing news about bottled spring water that's
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prepared and distributed in our area. it's being recalled this noon because of possible e coli contamination. bottled water manufactured by niagara between june 10 and june 18 at berks county and upper macungie township lehigh county facility. the water tested positive for e. coli. it was sold under acme and price right shop rite and wegmans and others, we posted more at turning now to accuweather a bit of a break we're getting from the humidity today let's step outside, sky6 live hd a beautiful scene here, taking a look at the center city skyline. blue skies overhead. temperatures are expected to rise into the 90s this afternoon and top out in the mid 90s by tomorrow. meteorologist david murphy outside with the full details. david. >> reporter: all right sarah well we're definitely warming up
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today albeit not as humid as yesterday. take a closer view on satellite i got this zoomed into the immediate area. the only thing i have are small scattered cumulus clouds that look lonely up there. the temperatures across the region, we're zooming on up, 8 # in philadelphia. 88 down the pike in washington d.c. 90 in richmond. our wind direction is from the west. we're not looking to tap into the higher humidity air as the front has dropped to the south. we are still in an air mass that's hot. here the dewpoints though, washington, d.c. that's almost 670. that's bordering on oppressive humidity, that's because because they are south of the frontal boundary. in philadelphia we're north of the front and the humidity is lower and it feels better. 89 degrees by 2:00 p.m. the high today will be 91. so it will be a day that's on the hot side. if you're out there walking
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around or working or even at play make sure the sunscreen is handy and keep the cool drinks flowing. 6:00 p.m., we'resing back to 8 -- we're easing back to 88. it's travel season if you're flying this afternoon there are a couple of parts of the country you want to be careful of. chicago and detroit severe weather, possible tornados and thunderstorms. areas highlighted in the yellow that's a gusty thunderstorm or two. chicago airport, by the way is experiencing delays of an hour, because we have showers and thunderstorms buildings through the windy city. sarah when i step back inside we'll talk more about the weather over the next couple of days and we're going to have a more humid one tomorrow in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. the search continues at this hour for the gunman who opened fire at a west philadelphia block party
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injuring ten people including children. it happened at 41st and ogden. an armed man and accomplice waited until it was dark to walk up to the party they sprayed the crowd with pellets injuring ten people including an 11, 12-year-old and 18-month-old toddler. they say they didn't see the shooter, but heard the gunfire. >> we heard the shots we saw everybody run. >> police say the shotgun pellets used in the shooting are used by hunters typically the investigators believement shooting was for retallation of a -- retaliation of a fight earlier in the week. a family in new jersey say their home is being stalked. ever since they bought the home they have been getting threatening letters. now they are suing the perceives owners because they didn't say anything about the activity before they moved out.
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>> reporter: in the upscale new jersey home of west field one family said a relife real estate nightmare is carrying out. a stalker is allegedly terrorizing them so much they have not moved into their million dollar dream home. they also three days after they bought 6 bedroom, $1.3 million home last june is they started receiving threatening letters according to the reports, the watcher wrote that the home has been the subject of my family for decades, claiming he was put this charge of watching and waiting for a second coming. he includes an ominous question and promise, why are you here, i will find out. and then the family said there's this from the watcher i am pleased to know your names now and the names of the young blood you have brought me. the family suing the perceives owners claiming the seller
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received one of the letters a week before the closing and should have told them about it. adding this will affect the value of the home. >> >> reporter: the previous owners don't have a obligation legally to tell prospective buyers or a new owner effectively that their house has been stalked. >> reporter: nobody knows who the watcher is, but this family is not willing to find out. >> the world meeting of families hunger and homeless committee is launching a new campaign in honor of pope francis' visit this coming september. organizers unveiled the justice and mercy initiative a funding campaign to ease the growing issues of poverty hunger and homelessness around the region. "action news" anchor brian taff is in rome for the final
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meeting ahead of pope francis' visit to philadelphia. his reports will be on "action news." a pennsylvania brewery is raising its glass in honor of joe paterno. it's coming from latrobe feeting paterno and a list of his accomplishments. he coached penn state until 2011 when he was fired in the sandusky scandal. it will be available in mid august. there's much more ahead on "action news" at 1:30, a recipe makeover at general mills. what officials say they are changing about some of the company's most popular cereal without changing the look or the taste. plus taylor swift anne -- and apple have hashed out their
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bad blood, change in music after she lashed out on social media.
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texas continues to take a pounding from torrential rains that are the remnants of tropical storm bill. parts of route 75 near dallas were under water. a bridge washed out as an suffer crossed it. the couple inside was rescued by other drivers. a bridge near the oklahoma border gave way but nobody was on it he at the time. the area has seen 12 1/2 inches of rain in the last week. general mills is reworking it's recipes without artificial flavors and colors. researchers have been trying to find ways to replace the ingredients with natural ones
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rebecca jarvis got a sneak peek. >> raddishes, straw about strawberries, it's a combination of things to get to the right color and not taste like rad issues. the artificial ingredients are gone from cheery owes, and cinnamon toast crunch. jordon h is the talk of the golf world. that was dust continue johnson missing a putt by inches giving spieth the big win outside of seattle. else the youngest golferrer to win the u.s. open since 1923. he is only the 6th golfer to win the u.s. open at the masters in the same year. u.s. woman's soccer team is able
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to advance to the quarter finals today, the team came out on top of the group of death. today they take on columbia in the knock out round. apple has tweaked it's policy to it's new streaming service thanks to taylor swift. the pop star said she was withholding her album from apple music because of three month free trial. she said artists will be missing out on royalties for that permit so she was not participanting. now they will be paid including during the free trials. jiewrveg world told me -- jurassic world topped the box office for the second week in a row bringing in $100 million over the weekend. it's close to hitting the billion dollars mark worldwide and expected to be one of the
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fastest flicks to hit that mark ever. disney pixar inside out banked $91 million over the weekend. that's the second largest opening weekend behind toy story three and spy came in third.
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>> the mural arts program unveiled a new mural in southwest philadelphia dedicated to dads, the mural unveiled in time for feargt's -- father's day, karen rogers has more in 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: artist from the philadelphia arts program worked with inmates at graterford prison on a mural that depicts bond between father and child. >> men inside graterford and other artists collaborated to design it. it's a group effort. >> reporter: the mural is made up of 60 separately painted
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panels. >> it can go into different communities and have lots of different hands all over the city and involved in the actual painting of the mural. >> reporter: mural arts designer worked with the prisons father and children program and took panels into graterford so inmates could paint with their kids. >> to be able to do that with your child can't be explained. >> reporter: the quality of one on one time helped them bond. >> this program opened my eyes to the effects of a fatherless household. now a free man he is excited to celebrate father's day with his son. >> to be walk down the street, to say my dad was part of that. the two children in the mural are my kids. the mural arts program offers
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trolley tours where you can learn stories about the stories behind the murals in the city. go to loves the arts to learn more about this and other area events. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. >> that's a really great story,. >> reporter: i love the murals, i love that they are all over the city. >> probably a nice day to take a little tour. >> reporter: it's not as humid but it's still hot we can't forget that. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry at least. the action cam in wees hiken park -- wissahickon park looks like a spring day temperature of 75 nice blue sky but it's hot out there if you're out and about, you want to keep the cool drink handy. a couple of highlights not forecast, it's hot even though we are getting a break from the humidity, it doesn't last, the humidity builds back in, it will be stickier on tuesday there's
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a chance of heat indexes and spotty thunderstorms. 87 degrees is the currents temperature, dewpoint has slipped below the 60-degree threshhold for humid air. suburbs on the sticky side not as bad as yesterday. winds out of west at 9 miles per hour probably gets less humid as we go through the next several hours. as we take a look at satellite not a whole lot of cloud cover out there, as we get into the afternoon heating there's a chance of fair weather cumulus popping up. generally speaking i think we're looking at a bright day sun and clouds in most neighborhoods. less humid overnight warm, high temperatures in the mid 80s down the shore upper 80s in trenton, reading allentown and wl and some -- wilmington, and some spots closures to philadelphia getting above the 90-degree mark this afternoon. looks like we'll see 90 by 3:00 p.m. 91 around #-- 4:00 p.m. 90 by 5:00 p.m.
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we get to 74 overnight. overnight we'll feel the humidity begin to build back in. down the shore highs in the mid 80s from surf city to ocean city. ocean temperatures picked up a couple of degrees since this morning. we're looking at temperatures in around the mouth of delaware bay, if you're in rehoboth beach or lewis that's where you'll get the warmer water. 86 degrees on the beach in delaware. tomorrow, it will be more humid because a frontal boundary will be out of the west, you get a flow along the face of the fronts. in this case it will bring the humid air back into play. we have a chance of thunderstorm. looks like it holds off until later in the afternoon. the latest model run 2:30, 3:00 p.m., brings it down through the north western suburbs and philadelphia
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somewhere around 4ish and by 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. looks like it's pulling toward the coast. some of the storms could produce torrential downpours and lightning and gusty winds. 90 is high hot and less humid. tomorrow, 95 and heat indexes around 100 in urban centers it's going to be sweaty and we have the thunderstorm chance i showed you. wednesday, it's nice and sunny 87 less humid. thursday, clouds increase, looks like showers and thunderstorms stay to the west of the region, and that's good because we have at 2:00 p.m., 89 parade of sails special the tall ships coming into philadelphia. looks like it will be decent for that. rain on friday and rain on sunday, and good looking days in between. >> thank you david. we'll be right back.
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>> if you're looking for distraction this afternoon check out, a squirrel stole the show at friday's phillies game the annual scaled the net behind home plate and made his way into the dug out. you can watch more of that video and catch a break from your day at that was the highlight of the phillies game. >> reporter: that game it was. they played better sunday thankfully. all right, so across the region it will be warm and in some cases hot northern and western suburbs, warm conditions high 80s. sun and clouds. several spots could get up to 90. winds 8 miles per hour. nice from atlantic city to cape
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may. finally at noon, five dozen surfers rode a wave into the guinness book of world record. that's 66 surfers riding one long bored. they stayed upright for 15 seconds, the board weighs 1,000 pounds. officials are checking to see the that's the largest long board ever used in the ocean. don't forget to join us later today for "action news" at 4:00, 5 and 6:00. for david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist, have a great afternoon! # #
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