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tv   Action News  ABC  June 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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huntingdon park seconds o "action news," delaware valley alleys leading news program with jim gardner. monday night. the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news. chopper 6 is live over the scene of a hit-and-run in the huntingdon park section of philadelphia. police say a 40-year-old man was riding his bicycle along the 600
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block of east erie avenue when a ford f150 puck-up truck hit him and then just kept going. officers found a vehicle matching the description a few blocks away. they are investigating whether this was the suspect's truck. all we know of the victim's condition is that he was rushed to temple university hospital for trauma. he is in extremely critical condition. "action news" will be following developments. we will bring you the latest as we get the details on images like this are never a good thing. and this came close to being catastrophic. this was a case of hitting the gas instead of hitting the brake. and with a woman with special needs ending up underneath the s.u.v. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at castor and loanee in philadelphia where three people were hurt.
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it could have been a great deal worse. dann? >> yes, it could have. the house has been shored up until repairs can be made. the three people remarkably are the driver of the jeep a special-needs teenager and her caregiver, they are all going to be all right. >> i am very shaken up right now. >> stopped at the traffic light and castor when a blue jeep came towards the path of her subaru. >> i tried to swerve out of the way and a wide right turn. and bounced off me and went right through. >> the jeep driven by a 24-year-old woman went up the hasn'ty cap ramp and through the door where a special-needs teenager was with her caretaker. her father in the dinner and heard a loud boom. >> and we heard the loud boom and went to see if we could res pew the child and caretaker.
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>> and riding in the back of his aunt's car, he was shaken and ran in to see about the people in the house. the caretaker pinned under the neeth. >> and the two men are trying to get her out and she was going "help help" and i was thankful that i got some surge of energy and was able to move the boulders and get them out of the way. and i pulled one out, the caretaker out and she was crying and saying "where's my baby where's my baby" she sometimes nurse that takes care of the child. >> they were all taken to the hospital and all reported to be in stable condition. great news for mark and his aunt. >> and nobody lost their life, that's the important thing. >> that everyone is stable and that's all that matters. that's the big picture. >> now police say there was no intoxication involved but they still don't have a clear picture from the driver as to how she
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managed to lose control of her jeep. so they will have more questions for her tomorrow. live in the rhawn cuellar. if you thought the first full day of summer was hot wait until tomorrow. authorities issued an excessive heat advisory feeling like nearly 100. the humidity will be high and we get to meteorologist adam joseph live outside with the latest from accuweather. when and where does the heat advisory begin? >> basically it is highly urbanized cities along i-95 wilmington, philadelphia trenton. you are already feeling the heat out here tonight. today 91 in philadelphia washington 94 richmond 91. again we excel the numbers tomorrow afternoon. the heat advisory 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. any towns in oranges and between those as well the heat index
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tomorrow near 100 degrees. some areas could exceed the century point. and double scan radar, a nasty lines of storms. work evening and it is severe for late in the night. it falls apart late tonight and refires back up between 2:00 and 4:00. and near boston the brighter colors on futuretracker is where we expect the highest threat for severe weather tomorrow in northern and southern new england. wind hail an issue there as well as a possible tornado. for the rest of us in the yellow mainly wind and hail that is scattered with some of the storms tomorrow afternoon. when i come back inside we look at some specifically what futuretracker locally and what comes thereafter in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. late tonight we learned of an arrest in the sexual assault of a teenager an assault allegedly caught on a store
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surveillance video. 37 year old eliazar polanco turned himself into the philadelphia police a 14-year-old girl says he molested her inside of the joycelyn corner store at 18th and huntingdon at 9:00 in the morning. polanco was an employee there and has been charged with several felonies. the philadelphia police are still trying to track down the gunman that opened fire in kensington. a total of 17 people suffered wound from shotgun blasts on the 700 block of east tilton at 2:30 today. among the victims two 10-year-olds and a 3-year-old. and two are in critical condition and at the hospital as is annie mccormick. annie? >> and jim you are right, the gunman is still on the loose and the police need help from the community. they are urging residents to come forward with any information they have. as you said two men remain in critical condition and a third is also here at temple university hospital in stable
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condition. and several children were also a lone gunman opened fire in the 700 block of east hilton around 2:30 monday afternoon. the police say he was wielding a shotgun and pellets sprayed the block. the police recovered a shotgun at the scene and officers transported three men in the cruisers to temple company and an ambulance took one to the hospital. and this young girl was also grazed and released from st. christopher's this afternoon. a sister of one of the young victims spoke expressing her anger. >> he should have thought about the kid before doing the stuff that he did. because if one of our kids would have got hit or my sister would have died god bless her, it would be crazy. >> commissioner charles ramsay agrees. >> the guys just don't care. they just do not care. and any time any place, irrespective of who may be on
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the street. >> the police say the street was packed and witnesses need to come forward. and the main concern is about the kids. >> it is your neighborhood. you fear for your children but otherwise it is a good neighborhood. it is just the wrong people coming into the neighborhood. >> and police released a description of the suspect. a black male 5'7" stocky in build. 25 to 30 years of age. he was wearing a black hankerchief on his face and a black and white tank top. if you have information you are urged to call the police. reporting live annie mccormick for "action news." and by now you may have heard of the major bottled water recall that started over the weekend. here is what you need to know of the concern over e. coli contamination. niagara bottling voluntarily pulled all of the products bottled at two facilities in our area. in upper
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and they said that the back tier not found in the final product. and they pulled what was bottled including at acme shoprite 7-eleven and giant store brand. if you think you bought some you can return the water for a full refund. we provided a link on so you can check the code on your water bottles to see if they are affected by the recall. the confederate flag began at the center of a compassioned controversial in the wake of last week's massacre in a black church in south carolina. and the flag continues to fly on the surrounds of the state capital in columbia and some say it needs to come down. live is sharrie williams and what is the latest on all of
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this? >> the people of south carolina have been fighting over this flag for decades. this time around it's different because the sitting governor is weighing in. she says she understand that this flag is integral part of the past but says it does not represent the future. >> it's time to move the flag from the capital grounds. >> south carolina governor says to the confederate flag flying in front of the state capital building has to go. she sayings she's not against the heritage the flag represents, but it's time for a change. >> for many people in our state, the flag stands for traditions that are noble. those who wish to show respect for the flag on their private property, no one will stand in your way. but the state house is different. the events of this past week call upon us to look at this in a different way. >> last week racially-motivated church shooting left nine african-americans dead has sparked an outcry over the flag's presence on government
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property. [chanting] >> the flag was the symbol of the confederate army during the civil war, but reminds some of slavery and segregation. an alleged manifesto on a web side registered to the alleged church shooting shows him 'em bracing the flag. and there are some in south carolina who says the flag represents heritage and pride and the church massacre cannot be blamed solely on the flag. >> what at that terrible thing to happen there. why think the flag had anything to do with it. >> and the governor a demanding the state lawmakers meet this week and move quickly to take down the confederate flag long part of a divide. >> we can move forward and honor the nine blessed souls in heaven. >> a decision to remove it from the capital goundz required a 2/3 vote by the assembly.
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in the meantime wal-mart announced it will remove all merchandise were a confederate flag on it. sharrie williams for news." >> thank you. president obama started alarminger discussion concerning race after using the n-word in a podcast video. stopping by the studio friday to appear on the show called wtf. >> racism clearly. it is not just a matter of not being polite to say [beep] in bub that is not a good measure of whether racism still exists or not. snool >> saying that the president was speaking candidly about last week's church murders in south carolina. and he had to address it many
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times after the shooting in florida. and a $40 million renovation officially underway at plymouth whitemarsh whitemarsh class. and the groundbreaking taking place. and the cafeteria seating is a top request. the make-over will modernize the building installing air conditioning for the first time. construction set for completion by the fall of 2017. it is a new chapter as well tonight for the seniors of highland high school in blackwood, new jersey. they marched across the football field tonight for their commencement airceremonies. and offer our congratulations to the latest graduates of the class 2015. the annual chuck chastity dinner taking place tonight. the fund was established in honor of the philadelphia police
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officer chuck cassidy killed while answering a hold-up call in 2007. >> still to come on news" tonight, this likely only ended in mangled medal. and brian taff along side of the philadelphia dell gets preparing for the pope's visit. and the first report corporal and tomorrow the risk of storms and stopping winds and hail, and tracking it on futurer track erand weather. >> and taking on the phillies in new york and an admission from pete rose about betting when "actio
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>> witnesses grabbed the cell phones as a freight train barrelled through an s.u.v.
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stuck on the tracks in newark delaware. thatching thankfully te jt pulled t driver out saying 76-year-old george kitchline trying to make a turn when the vehicle was struck. the impact sent the s.u.v. flying a quarter mile down the track. ♪♪ both city and church officials from philadelphia in rome this week with very important work to do. they are preparing for the visit by the pope. "action news"'s brian taff with the delegation has this report. >> my allings they should be down right blurry-eyed upon arrival in rome early this morning but the delegation sleepless from a long night's flight was bright-eyed eager to get going planning for the arrival of pope francis in philadelphia happening just about 95 days from right now. >> this visit to rome is so important. >> and that may well be an understatement.
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with a long list of logistics and global tension mounding the world meeting of family and the headline-making visit of pope francis here in rome without a single second to waste. >> i think a lot of the nuts and bolts really get tightened up in the last 100 days. >> and there are lots of so-called "nuts and bolts" to tighten. from a planner's perspective the next three days is ensure that if philadelphia, if not quite ready is getting there. and the director and mayor say there is work to do. a scale from a to z. >> we're going to stay with the alphabet, fairly fair down. we are past m. >> i would agree with him. i would say somewhere n to p. it depends on the day. >> beyond who the world meeting of families is bringing there is great hope surrounding what it may bring. a renewed global reputation for
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philadelphia. tonight, members of the delegation met with the u.s. ambassador to the vatican at this closed-door reception discussing how to see to it that the buzz from the papal visit does not leave after he does. >> we want everyone who comes to this event to go home and say that was the most incredible experience of my life. >> and among those details that we will be finding out this week are the names of the performers that will be coming to philadelphia along with the pope. some high-octane stars in the music world, names you no doubt have heard before. we will hear them officially tomorrow and pass them along to you on "action news." in rome, brian taff for "action news." and stay with us for continuing coverage. brian will have reports all week long and get an update on the visit to the vatican. it is going to be a very -- you know what? let me tell you this.
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the progress on the papal visit to philadelphia in september, you can see that by following power dedicated twitter account at >> can't forget twitter. >> absolutely not. it's going to be a blistering day tomorrow. >> it is. it is dangerously hot in the afternoon and capping it off late in the day with severe thunderstorms. we track them on futuretracker and double scan right now. not showing anything but that will change tomorrow afternoon in spots. but we're coming off of a very hot day. and still very balmy in philadelphia. 80 degrees now, near 80 in wilmington. 73 in sea isle city. the wind are now turning out of the south. earlier they were dry wind out of the west so the so winds throwing moisture our way. the dewpoints, any time above 70 degrees it feels oppressive. it is in the 50s to low 60s this afternoon. many but the 70s are invadeing from the south to the north and
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turning very uncomfortable tonight. when you factor in the dewpoints in the 70s tomorrow with air temperatures in the 90s, feeling above 100 in the heart of the delaware valley. either place in the pink. and at the shore between 95 and 100 degrees. the heat in place, the moisture in place and then we have a trigger mechanism that is a cold front that is really firing up storms even this late at night. and the tornado watches and warnings, east of chicago. all of that will fall apart overnight and reignites tomorrow afternoon. starting 1:30 north of the poconos and then slides close to philadelphia around 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. if your heading to the shore it is dry for most of the day. then the storms pass through between 5:00 and 7:00. and then they head off the coast. so as the storms pass between 2:00 and 7:00 we'll have some very vivid lightning with them.
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when you have that much heat and moisture in the air you really candice charge the lightning at intense rights. tropical storm downpour and quarter-size hail. not every storm will have these, but there is the possibility there. the water temperature 72. again, if you are heading to the sand tomorrow most of the day you are ok. breezy and humid, 89 degrees. the storms have been late in the day so follow me on twitter tomorrow and i will tweet out if you are at the shore tomorrow to give you a head's up of when the storms will be heading towards the jersey story. the exclusive seven-day forecast, hot and humid and strong storms 95 tomorrow the air temperature. and then a break here. the pick the next seven days is wednesday. and giving way to clouds thursday afternoon as the tall ships arrive in philadelphia with some late-day showers. hope full after the ships arrive
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and then the low pressure is slow to move in and out. and a lot of clouds and a few on and-off showers. and the upper 70s, low 80s. and clouds at 80 degrees goo david murphy in the morning tomorrow and "action news" has the latest on futurer track erand the timing of the storms. this is one of those stories. a south jersey man's fishing execution with his son turned into quite a father's day story when he reeled in a rare catch. ron rossi showed "action news" this pacu fish he caught yesterday in burlington county. it is related to a piranha. but instead of razor-sharp teeth they are flatter and almost human-like. it's great. state officials believe the fish native to south america are ending up in our waters from pet owners who no longer want them
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phillies up at yankee stadium trying to avoid yet another road loss. >> and they did. >> they did avoid it. >> they did. and the phillies haven't won on the road since may 23. the 12-game losing streak is the longest in a long time. hard to think that it would take the trip to the bronx to snap it. they have to go happy and he is the one reason to watch. the first at-bat at yankee stadium. he will remember that one. and the phills up 6-2 and the rookie the 2-run single to right giving the phillies the 8-2
11:29 pm
lead. in the sixth one on and another one gone. a 2-run home run. the first multi-home run game. and not just showing off with his bat, batter in the sixth. the diving stop. and throw to first for the out if 4-5, five r.b.i.s and they beat the yankees 11-8. and the 12-game losing streak is over. the phills may have the worst record in baseball but only the second worst in grammar according to the wall street journal. second only to the mets in spelling and grammaticaler ross. and they used software to look at the website for findings. and pete rose reapplied to baseball, and today they say they uncovered a notebook proving that he bet on the reds while playing. previously he game clean of
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>> it could be the week we point to that determines the sixer's destiny. the all-important draft days away. who will be their guy? many point to russell the sixer select. and the point guard definitely fits the need. 6'5", 195 pounds a good shooter and reportedly "killed it" in his workout with the sixers last week. what is he expecting for thursday? >> i feel like i will be sweating crazy just from nerves. and i definitely have to turn my phones off. i have no idea.
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just to say i am in this position, so many guys that dream of it and don't really expect it to come. 333 minutes, that is how long it has been since team u.s.a. allowed a goal in the women's world cup. and alice morgan gets them on the board. and columbia playing with 10 after the goalkeeper was red-carded. and after the tip by the new jersey stay active and u.s.a. place china in the finals. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." his guests tonight are andre iguodala, chris tucker mark feuerstein and music from robert delong. "action news" continues at 4:30. now for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪♪ "action news" is sponsored in part by --
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's “jimmy kimmel live”! tonight -- from the golden state warriors, mvp andre iguodala. chris tucker. mark feuerstein. and music from robert delong. with cleto and the cletones. and now,here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪


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