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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ing in effect for the entire region that as well until 6:30 and with good reason, it is pouring in most of the region right now with repeated lightning strikes and you thunder claps we have some real weather outside. lets go to meteorologist, adam joseph at the big board adam some of these storms are hitting hard but they are moving quickly. >> they are moving fast to the east at 30 to 40 miles per hour. you mention the new tornado warning it was just issued until 6:30 p.m. radar indication that a tornado or rotation in the radar is just south of the philadelphia international airport moving to the east towards runnemede and berlin and to the west of medford lakes thank is gloucester and camden county and the western part of the burlington county until 6:30 p.m. the philadelphia international airport you can see some of the runways here, that is where the rotation is south of the runway
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over the river near gibbs town and in between gibbs bro and moving to the east at 6:00, mantua 6:04, and woodbury at 6:06 and sewell at 6:06 and the winds are being syphoned into the storms here into the philadelphia international airport heading south of downtown gibbs town along 295 towards mickleton and mantua and here is the new jersey turnpike, it's split between 295, and the new jersey turnpike downtown mickleton and bridgeport east of there is showing the rotation setting up shop south and to the west of democrat road north of kings highway, berkeley road if you know anyone in this area, what you want to do at this present time is to head into the lowest
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part of your home, head into the basement, if you don't have a batesment go to the lowest level of your house, not the second floor, a multilevel home or an apartment complex, first level or basement lowest level interior hall or bathroom would be best. don't go on the outside, find the interior bathroom or closet and cover your head. lets go to stormtracker 6 live double scan and we'll tilt the storm, when we had that tornado warninging in chester county we saw the cylinder being pulled out of the storm on 3-d, we can see the cylinder and here is the airport right here. here is the cylinder, on 3-d judge south of the philadelphia international airport tremendous amounts of lightning and destructive winds 60 miles per hour reported and wilmington
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near 70 miles per hour wind gusts as this storm passed through, and we see a cylinder right here and we see a cylinder north of there into southern and eastern pennsylvania as we watch the storm pushing into southern new jersey right now, there is the cylinder pushing to the east, near woodbury mantua, you are just started to hear the rumble of thunder and the rain is starting to fall but the leading edge of the storm where you see the rotation as it heads off to the east and farther to the east to give you a better heads up warning, blackwood i would take cover and turners turnersville, take cover and pitman north of there take cover there as well. sewell and depford 6:08 p.m. the storm relative velocity
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mode, where you have the red that is winds moving away and the green is moving towards the radar, we are looking at this in chester county, there is one little blip of red and it's mainly green that is showing the rush of green the destructive winds from the severe storm looking at the red not seeing twisting but a lot of red, take shelter because we have the tornado warning for camden gloucester and parts of northwestern burlington county all of that is until just after 60s to 6:30 p.m., that is where we have the tornado warning in effect until we have the graphic, until 6:30, here is the philadelphia international airport, right about here south of there in parts of gloucester county slicing through camden county and runnemede and burlynn
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and bumping into medford lakes. where the rotation could be indicated at the intersection of the new jersey turnpike and mantua and paulsboro road and union road and south glassboro road and tanyard road and hufferville road as well as 55 the highway right here as this heads to the east, speeds of 30 to 35 miles per hour, that tornado, possible tornado, moving towards mickleton and mantua and blackwood, that is only one piece of the storm, the other part is the dangerous vivid constant lightning being released 800 or so lightning strikes in that wide vantage point, moving through the heart of philadelphia and center city being inundated with rain and lightning right fow and that line extends south of woodbury and into salem and every now
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and then the cylinders are popping up and just to the east of there over the river in camden, doesn't mean there is a tornado but philadelphia and cherry hill, means that the rush of wind being pushed out by the storms is tremendous right now, between 60 and 70 miles per hour and a weak tornado, can you see winds of that strength with this severe storm in this area, can do just as much damage as a small tornado, you want to have your guard up anywhere near he cherry hill and southern camden and gloucester county the tornado warning is just to the east of gibbs town and swedesboro where you see the hook here, the void in the radar that is where you can get winds to syphon into the storm and circulate the atmosphere between woodbury and barnesboro
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and heading towards berlin, turnersville at 6:12, the time is 6:07, about 6 to 7 minutes towards birdsboro and sewell and depford 6:08 and blackwood 6:11 and pine hill at 6:17 as the storm you can see what double scan is doing here is the line, it's moving out and giving you towns and times over here, gibbs bro 6:19 and berlin 6:21 and as it turns to the east, creson and lake pine at 6:25. that was to extend the length of the tornado warnings until 6:30 p.m. this is the area of the tornado warning, from runnemede to berlin and west of medford lakes, 3-d now in tds mode,
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looking at possible cylinders on double scan live radar all the white dots and lines are lightning strikes right now. it goes to show the tremendous amount of electricity that is being released by these storms as it passes through and the latest imagery here, the red underneath the tornado warning we are not seeing cylinders right now coming out of this particular part of the storm but we'll continue to watch this as it pushes off to the east of speeds of 30 to 35 miles per hour. do we want to go back to jim? >> let me ask you a question does the electricity in the atmosphere contribute to the possibility of tornado, is there a connection? >> no not with the electricity but the winds at the surface veering and moving in different directions you have to look at the atmosphere to where we stand
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on the ground to our head and beyond that, if the winds are moving in one direction where we stand and above it comes more you start to rotate the winds around and what you see here jim is again that hook, when you see what looks like a hook in the radar. >> it is becoming more distinct. >> yes it is north of glass bro, once the storm starts to pull the winds in it's like a snowball rolling down the hill, there is no stopping the winds from being wrapped in jim when you were talking about the lightning being released and the energy energy, each lightning bolt -- 71 miles per hour wind gusts at philadelphia international airport. hurricane force winds are 74 miles per hour, 3 miles shy of
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the hurricane force winds. lightning bolts are five times hotter than the surface of the sun, they carry 1 billion volts of electrician that is how dangerous it is. >> you got a lot of knowledge here adam. if you would show us the itinerary where this thing is going next. paul is running the graphics for us, he'll track this storm and as he gets this up here, if you are in the path of this possible torn, first level of your home, interior room away from windows and the lowest level of the building, here are the towns for you, heading towards pine hill
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6:17 and sickleerville, 6:18 and berlin 6:20 and cedar brook at 6:21, this is moving to the east again at speeds of 30 to 40 miles per hour and the warning until 6:30, and i'm looking at the lightning strikes that continue to excel. we are looking at 340 lightning strikes, when we show you the lightning detector this is this vantage point alone showing you the lightning in the last 15 minces it's a very dangerous aspect to these storms in edition to the possible tornado. we close in it's near downtown turnersville heading towards berlin and throw a couple of roads on here for you to get a better bearing to where i'm talking here. williamstown just to the east of
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turnersville the atlantic city expressway is right through here, moving over the atlantic city expressway overturnersville and blackwood turnerville road and south of gibbsboro, and downtown berlin and pitman and glassboro, are you hearing the roar of the wind and the constant rumble of thunder right now as the meat of the part of the storm the wind and rain and lightning is moving over you with the possibility of a tornado, it's now overturnersville and moving towards berlin as wells across key road that insects over the atlantic city expressway. >> people say we shouldn't alarm our viewers, we never needlessly want to alarm our viewers but a little alarm can go a long way,
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we want you to take precautions when there is a tornado warning in your neighborhood. quick question to try to put this in perspective with every tornado warnings what are the chances if you can quantify that that there could be a tornado in the area? >> statistically, when you look at a tornado warning, that you take seriously every time. right now we see one or two tornadoes out of those ten years typically jim it's 90 to 95% chance that a tornado does not happen in our area, when a warning is issued. >> say that again. >> when a warning is issues there is a 90% to 95% chance that the tornado is not happening, when the tornado warning is issued by the national weather service when you see the cylinders are on the
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radar, it shows the rotation on the storm you can't ignore it. >> can you tell where a rotational image is more serious or more likely to actually cause a tornado, can you see the severity of the chance of a tornado? yes, lets pull up the radar paul lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan matt you are over there put d in weather 3 for me please something is wrong with that local radar with whether lightning hit the radar, which we hope is not the case but not showing up at the time. there is a mode when you look at stormtracker 6 live double scan that storm relative velocity mode basically when i show you
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the greens and reds, it's moving away from the radar and green is moving towards the radar and the opposite forces we look at double scan radar with the technology when we look at this, it looks impressive, yellows, greens oranges or reds, you can't tell where it is on this line you go to the velocity mode to see the winds in the atmosphere where they are moving in one direction toward the radar and away from the radar, then we can pinpoint exactly where the tornado could be on the ground. this is showing the rainfall intensity. >> lets look at sky 6 hd mowned on a high building at temple university. we are looking south into center city philadelphia difficult to see because the landscape and the skyline is obscured by the
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very dark clouds containing an eowe normous amounts of moisture and electricity. let me ask you a question adam. how many lightning strikes can you give us a sense of how many lightning strikes may have happened over center city philadelphia over the last 15 to 20 minutes. >> are you talking thousands? >> right now, in the whole viewing area thousands in the last 15 minutes, over center city philadelphia i'll throw out a number between 100 and 300 in the last 15 minutes or so. but what we can do later is go back and look how many lightning strikes hit an area. but what we look at with double scan live radar is present radar, showing how much is being released in a 15 minute window.
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>> now we want to show you this video, this is cell 6 live. this is video being taken from "action news" reporter david henry's cell phone it is in camden county i think david is on route 42 near 295, and we just froze up for a second but lets crank it up again and this is really extraordinary, this video now from david henry's cell phone we call it cell 6. and it is live. now lets go to some video off the our pat crow here on city avenue, and monument road and you can talk about the winds but you can talk about them all you want this looks like a hurricane adam, this is off our patio, right outside of our studio and obviously the wins are whipping to dangerous velocities right now. adam talk about what we are
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seeing. >> this is straight line winds it's basically a wall of wind that comes out of the storm and the stom as approach, you have the tremendous amount of rain that comes out of the clouds and as the rain comes out and hits the ground it brings winds down with it these storms are tapping into levels of 40,000 to 45,000 feet in the atmosphere that is strong winds being pulled down with the rain, hits the ground and then slams out like if you took a big bucket of water it hits the ground and spreads out every why or throw a big rock into the pool or puddle and see it ripping out. that is what happens when the winds hit the grown and it threads out. we have a warning for camden and burlington counties, and you can get just as destructive damage
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from straight line winds as you can tornadoes. >> after straight line winds you'll see five, six or seven trees kutd off. >> midway. >> and across the street nothing, you can see where the straight line winds carve a path. >> they can slice the trees off at the top and that can be a small torn that tries to come down from the sky almost reaches the grown and hits the top part of the trees and does damage it's hard to distinguish straight line winds and damage. that is why you have the straight line winds. >> the tornado warning is canceled now for camden and gloucester and burlington county this is where we saw the particular area moving north and east of the glassboro and
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heading towards tabernacle, if are you in dover and southern new jersey or burlington county, do not let your guard down. jim what does this look like to you? it looks like a bow and arrow, this line of storms see how it's bowing out that is when you get the tremendous rush of wind heading away from the storms so all of southern and eastern new jersey and delaware will get a powerful rush of wind in excess of 70 miles per hour as these storms approach we have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect to the coast now even though the tornado warning has expired. >> one might ask why does the tornado warning expire before it gets to the coastline? >> so when you look at the water, itself as marine air
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it's salt air, when you get winds and much the time in our area and the summer in the afternoon it's sea breeze kicks in and it brings in marine air from the ocean it's stable air for the atmosphere it vokes the storms as they push towards the coast, and a lot of times they break up in southern new jersey and delaware but we didn't have much of a sea breeze and it was equally hot down the shore so there was no stopping these storms down the shore they are barrelling down with winds in excess of 70 miles per hour, and heading to millville and dover and southern parts of delaware county. >> this is temple university sky 6 correct me if i'm wrong, in the right middle part of that image it looks like we are
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beginning to see clearing? >> brightening to the sky. >> and take a look at this, this is our sky 6 hd at philadelphia international airport and there you see the end of the storm right there over the horizon. >> yes think about this, what must rise must fall so when you get the tremendous amount of lift and energy in the storms as they pass through, all the rising air has to fall at some point and behind the storms the carefuls and you get sinking air and you get the sky to basically clear out and get some beautiful imagery and pictures post storm as you see that wall of clearing coming in. >> this is center city philadelphia again our sky 6 hd camera, you see the beginning a break in that thick layer of dense cloud cover. >> but the lightning flashing too. >> and you probably will for sometime. >> lightning can strike up to is
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a miles per hours from the storm, it could be sunny where you are and a lightning bolt could hit. never let your guard down post 15 minutes after you hear the last crack of thunder. >> we have had two tornado warnings this morning, one in chester county and one in camden county and gloucester county and part of burlington county and both were half hour warnings at the beginning and both were canceled before the half hour expired. >> what does that mean? >> it's not a bad thing have you to assess each storm differently here, but what you do, is the national weather service issues warnings, and what we do here is look at the radar and if you want to pull up the director we can get the imagery for you. a lot of times jim what we look at is -- paul can you do this
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for me switch it to the velocity mode jim, how do you see that within a radar? see the greens there and the reds the leading edge of the storm, you see the lightning bolts near berlin and marlton see the tremendous green east of all the lightning those are the rushing straight line winds moving towards the radar, that is showing the trucktive winds moving towards the radar where you have the red it's moving away from the radar where the winds are much less at that point. away from the squall line if you see a particular super storm cell and the reds and green are on top of one another, that is how we see the velocity that is the mode we look aat but when warnings are canceled early what they do at the national
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weather service and us here in accuweather, we look at that and say there is no greens or reds next to each other anymore, don't keep it up anymore not after one scan but a couple of different scans and they move further apart and that rotation is no longer in that storm. >> we are always concerned about our viewers safety particularly in a situation like this, but this is fascinating stuff and interesting to hear you talk about all of this. >> i'm a weather geek, i when to school for this, hopefully you learned something to help you the next time it happens. >> lets go to matt pellman, needless to stay this impacted on our traffic situation in the tri-state area, maybe it has cleared a bit.
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>> in spots jim yes from your weather geek to your traffic geek, a lot of ponding on these roads as we look live at port richmond at i-95, we still see the lightning bolts in the sky and a whole lot of traffic moving slowly and from time to time we see vehicles pulled off from the side and trying to wait out the weather that pulled through and the lanes are soaked and the heaviest of the rain is not coming down here in center city right fow, still the traffic is moving slowly heading towards 95 and we see downed trees and downed wires especially with the earlier tornado warning in chester county and when the storm rolled through we had a bunch of downed trees and wires and i want to check some of those spots had is the schuylkill expressway, when you see a storm like this, cameras go in and out and check
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the roosevelt boulevard and this is ridge falls by east after few the rain is not really coming down, just 10 or 15 minutes ago. the rain was coming down so heavily and visibility was so low and the road is still wet and still uponing and puddling and the rain has moved through but in the spots where we see the flooding like on the boulevard on broad street, watch out on the ramps there this is the schuylkill, yes we are looking at the boulevard at broad street the ramp that often floods out. traffic is getting by now but a lot of wet roadways and puddle as we head home this evening. >> adam are you going to go to the wall with matt? >> come on in. >> we are going wall-to-wall. >> as we take a look at double scan live radar right now we can see south and east of the philadelphia, as we have a major part of the storm sliding south of the city, in center city, all
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points north and west into pennsylvania, we are seeing light rain at this point look at the severe storm warning until 7:30, all areas in the orange from lakehurst to atlantic city and right through the middle part of cape may county and all southern new jersey and a sliver of newcastle county, a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:30 p.m. >> that is an extension as i understand because at one point we were talking about a thunderstorm until 6:30. now that has extended that for an hour. >> yes, because it pushed to the coast at the present time. what we are seeing with this storm the danger of vivid lightning and winds of 70 miles per hour and possible hail and the possibility of some rotation and a torn out of this storm. as we take a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, beyond the storms it's beautiful tomorrow 86 degrees and morning sun giving way to
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afternoon clouds and a stray thunderstorm late in the day with temperatures in the 80s, as we get into the late week, early rain giving way to drying in the afternoon the weekend cool and cloudy and highs in the lower 70s and monday and tuesday drying up to the upper 70s and low 80s, southern new jersey and delaware powerful wins be lightning heading our way. >> we have a thunderstorm in effect until 7:30, but for the majority of the our folks the worst of it is over. >> here is the radar jim take a look at it in southern new jersey and delaware 430 lightning strikes in 15 minutes. >> we'll be here in case there is another tornado warninging or something of that nature we'll break into programming if something like that happens of course. now for the entire "action news" team especially mr. adam joseph, i'm jim gardner. please stay with us.
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states. philly new york boston bracing for storms tonight. the power lines, the transformers blowing. twisters caught on tape. homes destroyed. from kansas to michigan to ohio we're on the scene, where they say it's a miracle everyone survived. ginger with the track for tonight, city by city. an abc news exclusive. the swrid owe emerging of one of the escaped convicts just as authorities tonight now say the fugitives could be armed. breaking news. a mistrial. the young football players convicted, accused of attacking a female student scene on cell phone. their conviction, thrown out. and the major recall tonight, bottled water. the stores and the states. we have the list.


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