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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 25, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, cheers and anger after the supreme court decision on obama care. the race to read the decision the conservative chief justice helping to save obamacare for a second time. millions will keep their insurance. some presidential candidates tonight vowing to repeal it. breaking news tonight in the case of the escaped killers. a second prison worker arrested. accused of smuggling items and allowing the convicts to rewire their prison cells. horrific driving and an ef-1 tornado just confirmed. the system moving east to d.c. arson. authorities investigating two churches set on fire in two separate states. the pastor who says he's redady to forgive. and falling from the sky. the block of ice and part of the landing gear both dropping from
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separate planes crashing into homes. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin with the historic ruling on obamacare at the supreme court. very strong reaction tonight on both sides. that dramatic moment interns, reporters sprinting with the decision from the nine justices in their hands. the question? would the president's achievement survive? many tonight pointing to this man, the conservative chief justice, john roberts, twice now saving obamacare. one dissenting justice tonight with fiery words now. let's get right to the moment this decision was handed down. abc's terry moran at the supreme court. >> reporter: out they came dashing across the supreme court plaza, the running of the interns. rushing up to reporters, us too, with the answer to that crucial question would obama care survive? it did.
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in a stunning 6-3 decision the court saved the linchpin of the president's health carol law. those federal subsidies that already help 6.4 million americans in 34 states purchase health insurance. chief justice john roberts, who saved obamacare once before back in 2012 did it again today, rejecting conservatives arguments that nose federal subsidies should not be provided to people who live in states that have refused to set up their own obamacare health insurance exchanges. but the chief justice declared that made no sense, given the purpose of the law. congress passed the affordable health care ability to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them, roberts wrote. roberts ruled that courts should follow what congress intended when they wrote the law. in a democracy, he wrote, the power to make the law rests with those chosen by the people our role is more confined. justice antonin scalia furious in his dissent. on the losing side again, and blasting his colleagues who keep
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saving this law. we should start calling this law scotus scotuscare he sneered. he added, the discouraging truth that the supreme court of the united states favors some laws other overs. at the white house, the president in the rose garden relieved. >> this is health care in america. what we're not going to do is unravel what has now been woven into the fabric of america. >> and terry moran live with us now from washington because terry, the supreme court is not done yet. a major decision on same sex marriage could come as early as tomorrow? >> reporter: absolutely david. this is the one everyone has been waiting for on whatever side of the question you're on. in this case, it could mean -- could mean -- that gay couples in every state in the united states would have a constitutional right to marry and it could come as early as tomorrow. >> all right, terry moran and we know you'll be right there tomorrow. terry, thank you. but we do have one more question on obamacare tonight. let's get right to jon karl over
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at the white house. you saw the tweets, among them rand paul tweeting this decision turns both the rule of law and common sense on its head. vowing to repeal it if elected. others vowing to do the same. but jon, you were telling me earlier that quietly, there are some republicans who are relieved this is off the table for now? >> reporter: that is right, david. publicly republicans are expressing outrage over this ruling, but privately, many republican leaders are breathing a sigh of relief because if this ruling had gone the other way, more than 6 million americans, most of them from states with republican governor would have lost their health care subsidies and republicans were deeply divided about what to do about it. that said despite that relief david, republicans have voted 67 times to repeal all or part of obamacare, and you can bet that will try again. >> all right, 67 times and counting. jon, thank you. we have major developments tonight in the case of those convicted killers on the run. believed to be armed and dangerous, possibly with guns from that cabin in the woods.
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the prison worker a woman, accused of helping them now. and now, another prison worker a man accused of helping them too, letting them out of their cells, allegedly helping them rewire their cells. here's abc's linzie janis on the scene again. >> reporter: tonight, prison guard gene palmer charged with smug ming a wide range of contraband to those two murderers. food, even tools. >> he provided needle nose ply yards to the inmates. >> reporter: palmer allegedly letting the inmates rewire electrical boxes themselves to help them cook in their cells. and bringing them art supplies. one of the killers, richard matt painting celebrity portraits. the guard, now accused of accepting them as gifts. prosecutors say he also smuggled hamburger meat with hacksaw blades inside. telling police he had no idea they were there and no knowledge of the escape plot. he was just making a delivery for prison worker joyce mitchell who allegedly
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conspired with the killers. we caught up with palmer saturday -- did you have anything to do with their escape? >> no comment at this time but i'm here on my own free will to help and assist. >> reporter: he wouldn't say much then but in a radio interview in 2000 he complained how stressful life is for guards in the prison. >> with the money they pay you, you'll become an alcoholic and kill yourself. >> reporter: tonight, authorities still comebing these dense woods. one of the theories police are working on is whether they followed this trail under these power lines all the way from the prison to that cabin off of wolf pond road. police once again warning the men are dangerous and are likely heavily armed. and david, that danger prompting a children's summer camp in the area today to cancel its first week. david? >> linzie thank you. we're going to turn now to two separate arson investigations tonight. two different churches in the south. among them this church in charlotte. the fbi telling us there is no
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hate crime investigation right now. the pastor of the church saying he is ready to forgive. authorities are asking for the public's help. abc's linsey davis is in north carolina. >> reporter: charred remains tonight at this predominantly black church in charlotte, north carolina. fire officials now calling it outson. >> the baptist church on briar creek road right before central, it's on fire. >> reporter: flames were shooting through the roof when the pastor rushed to the scene. >> i was really concerned about the fact that you know are we going to watch our church go completely up in flames? >> reporter: investigators are looking into who started the blaze and why. an fbi spokesperson in charlotte tonight saying there's no hate crime investigation at this time. but local authorities on the ground aren't ruling it out. still, even in these tough times, pastor kinsey tells me, he's ready to forgive. >> we said to whoever has done this we forgive you and hopefully there's an opportunity for us to even meet. >> reporter: what would you say to them?
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>> again, i would like to hug them. >> reporter: this is the second black church this week to go up in flames. in maycon, georgia, a church badly burned. investigators determining that is arson. but why is still a mystery. david, here at breer creek road baptist church, the raveverend is hopeful they'll be back in the church on sunday. david? >> linsey davis, thank you. now, to the severe weather marching across the country this evening. 30 million americans from the northern plains to washington, d.c. in the storm zone now. severe thunderstorm watches in ten states after a brutal 24 hours already. in colorado an ef-1 tornado, six more people struck by lightning there. now 11 struck in 24 hours. and dramatic images tonight, thunderstorms lighting up the skies of taylor missouri. iowa hit hard. a super-cell in guthrie county there. whipping rain in iowa. and look at this.
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underwater water up to the hood of that car. chief meteorologist ginger zee with the storm hitting tonight. >> been lightning and raining for hours and hours now. >> reporter: hours of heavy rain. flooding streets, forcing water rescues just west of des moines. parts of iowa getting more than seven inches overnight. those ominous thunderstorms blasting through with winds gusting to 80 miles per hour. in colorado, a waterfall of hail and flash flooding. >> he is done. he is done. >> he needs to call rescue. >> oh my god. >> reporter: all that rain filling city streets in denver. and just east in aurora -- >> coming through here it looked like a tornado went right down the street or something. >> reporter: it did. an ef-1 tornado, winds up to 90 miles per hour. with all that severe weather, dangerous lightning. 11 people struck in the past 24 hours in colorado alone. meanwhile, in the west 42 large wildfires burning in six states.
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five just in california. the largest, the lake fire in the san bernardino national forest, growing overnight to more than 23,000 acres. >> so let's get right to ginger now. >> reporter: the dangerous severe thunderstorms along that warm front and cold front. pockets of severe thunderstorm watches, virginia north carolina you can see right there from parts of kentucky back to missouri and just east of the rockies, too. so that large swath is in tonight. then it sinks to the south tomorrow. and you've got louisville little rock and oklahoma city all on alert as we start our weekend. >> you showed us the pictures from the west and temperatures soaring? >> reporter: we know it's not just california. look at this. this is a friday high temperature. and it only gets hotter through the weekend. portland oregon and seattle, washington, d.c. both with excessive heat watches and warnings. that's how the trend goes the next six to ten days david. below normal in the east much above in the west. >> ginger zee, thank you. this evening, the faa now investigating a close call a
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mysterious object crashing into a home an eight-pound ball of ice, they say likely falling from a plane. and it's not the only case. look at this tonight. a tire from the landing gear hurtling into another home. a different plane. abc's neal karlinsky with one of those homeowners. >> oh my god. >> that's the biggest chunk that survived. >> reporter: it came hurtling in like a meteor, but tonight investigators say this huge ice chunk likely came from an airplane, straight into dwaine morrison's house. an eight-pound ball of ice that smashed through the roof the attic and ceiling, landing in a thud of insulation in the master bedroom's closet. >> when you look at that damage you're like if that hit a person, you're dead. >> reporter: remarkably, this airplane wheel crashed through a montreal apartment, putting a hole in the kitchen while the woman who lives here was out. >> it's ridiculous, it's a plane tire! >> reporter: airplane parts do occasionally fall off mid flight, something the government calls tfoa -- "things falling
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off aircraft." from debris on a georgia woman's home in 2013, to this airplane door near seattle a year earlier. the faa is investigating what flights might have been overhead at the time all this ice came crashing through. regardless, everyone here is just thankful tonight that no one was hurt. david. >> neal thank you. to france now. a war over the passenger service uber erupting on the streets of paris. cars set on fire as thousands rise up in process. claiming the uber app is putting them out of business. these passengers forced to walk with their luggage. court lee love tweeting this picture. french officials announcing a ban on one type of uber service there. now, to japan. the ceo of takata there, bowing apologizing for the air bags capable of sending slaphrapnel
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through your car. abc's david kerley tonight. >> reporter: the ceo of takata, for the first time, publicly -- "deeply "deeply" apologized for the deaths and injuries his company's airbags have caused. those air bags explode with excessive force, shattering sending shards of metal through the bag into drivers. eight have died. seven in the u.s. we have tried to talk to takata. >> i am going to have ask you to step off the property. >> okay, no problem. >> reporter: but the family owned japanese business. mr. shimisu -- can you tell us why you're not expanding the recall? has only appeared at congressional hearings. when the recall grew dramatically last fall, i took my car to the dealer and was told i wasn't part of the recall. but the recall has since doubled. and millions have just been added to so, i'm re-entering my v.i.n. number and now i am part of the
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recall. i need a new air bag. nearly 34 million airbag inflators recalled. and the advise tonight, re-enter your vin number. david kerley abc news, washington. >> david, thank you. now, to california. a mother left her children in the car, went in to pay for gas. somebody taking off with the car. her girls inside. abc's kay that whitworth with what happened next. >> reporter: tonight, police are looking for this man. surveillance footage capturing him strolling up to a running car with two girls in the back seat. he quickly jumps inside, taking off. their mom almost making it in time to rescue them. watch again. the 10-year-old makes the quick decision to grab her 2-year-old sister and bail from the moving vehicle. the girls escaping with minor injuries. but police say the suspect, 24-year-old cory ahumad is still at large. even though the mother was in here, just a few feet away from her girls, it wasn't enough time for her to stop him.
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it can happen in an instant. this father in atlanta jumped on the hood of his fiance's car after it was stolen from a gas pump with his 8-year-old son inside. the child then managed to escape. this mom in washington state was terrified to find a stranger get into her running car and take off with her two children. they were reunited a short time later. in order to avoid dramatic scenes like this police say never leave your child alone in an unlocked running car, because it can be stolen in just seconds. kay that whitworth, abc news redlands california. to politics and the race for 2016 tonight. new jersey governor chris christie now expected to announce he's in. early next week tuesday. the 14th republican contender. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the health scare on the coat. new developments tonight. the son swimming dying from a flesh-eating bacteria. the concern at the beach. also the network that's picking the miss usa pageant, off the air, outrage oefrd comments made by donald trump about mexican immigrants. what he said and he's firing back tonight. and take a look at this
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get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. next tonight, republican presidential candidate donald trump and his miss usa pageant, taking off the air by univision over something he said. here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: tonight, television network univison telling donald trump, you're fired. the spanish language broadcaster cutting ties with trump, announcing they won't be running the july 12th miss usa telecast because of comments he made about mexican immigrants. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. and some i assume, are good people. >> reporter: trump made the comments during his presidential campaign announcement. he told abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos mexico should build a wall on the border. >> mexico, you say, we're going
6:49 pm
to build a wall and have mexico pay for it. >> absolutely. mexico is ripping us more than any other country. >> reporter: the univision decision comes after major latino celebrities slamed trump. ricky martin tweeting in spanish, "the republican candidate has hate and ignorance in his heart." trump claims univision apologized to him about the decision this morning, but univision in their statement called his comments "insulting to mexican immigrants." do you regret the comments? >> not at all. i said it about people from all over. >> reporter: trump just told me the broadcasting deal on univision was worth about $15 million. david, he sails he's going to sue for that and more possibly even slander. >> talking to trump just moments ago. tom, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the new concern at the beach. the son who died of flesh-eating bacteria. and the worries tonight. and pope francis and his eye-opening comments about divorce. when the moment's spontaneous, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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26-year-old son died after contracts a flesh-eating bacteria in the water. he was suffering from an auto immune disorder. his death, two days after swimming near pine island, florida. pope francis with new words on divorce tonight, saying quote, there are cases in which separation is inevitable. even quote, morally necessary, in order to protect spouses and children from violence. pbs tonight declaying the new season of "finding your roots" after the controversy with ben affleck, after producers agreed not to mention that one of his ancestors owned slaves. when we come back here tonight, that stunning paraglider moment and ginger zee taking off, too.
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finally tonight, when we saw this today, we asked, are you kidding me? the paraglider the dare and now ginger zee, who has flown before. >> reporter: 43-year-old professional speed flier arnaud longobardi paragliding straight towards that moving cable, on purpose. aiming for the open doors. pinpoint accuracy. extraordinary courage. he lands it. nearly getting pulled back out. so, how'd he do it? he says it was a perfect combination of teamwork weather, aim, timing and, we think, guts. that's the how, but when you see something like this, you say -- why? well i first tried it in mexico. feels very crazy. then, in colombia. and even paragliding while
6:58 pm
feeding a vulture. yes, a vulture. above the foothills of the himalayas. the adrenaline rush is amazing. you get to touch the clouds. it's a meteorologist's dream. and the views? unbeatable. kind of like this landing. >> just incredible. that's our ginger. thanks for watching on a thursday. i'm david muir. hope to see you on "gma" in the morning and right here tomorrow night. good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a director of communications from houston, texas... a director of a contemporary arts center from buffalo, new york... and our returning champion a graduate student in history from summerville massachusetts...


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