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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  June 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> good morning we're following several breaking stories on this friday june 26. a pilot and 8 cruise ship passengers are dead after a crash of their sightseeing plane in alaska, we'll give you details. pope francis is miking headlines for seeming to question catholic tradition what he is saying about divorce. >> frustration is mounting after people are being kept in the dark days after tuesday rasp storm. good morning friday
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morning, tamala edwards with eva pilgrim matt is off. let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers is looking at traffic. >> reporter: we're calling for overnight showers the good news for the morning commute they are toward the east, it does look like we're starting out cloudy, most spots in delaware, when i stepped outside, the roads are dry. still got some trees and wires down across the region, so you have to be careful of that, but i'm sure things are improving over a day or two ago. 67 in wilmington, 63 degrees cool and comfortable in allentown at this early hour. reading, 63, upper 60s along the boardwalks for the early strollers. as we head out the door between 6 and 8:00. 68 degrees by 8:00 a.m. mainly dry across the region and mainly cloudy. as we roll through the day, it will be are a cloudy day with sunny breaks at times probably
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more in the afternoon than in the morning. 69 currently, 68 by 8:00. 83 degrees is the high at 3:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m., 77 degrees, nice night on the town, karen phillies are home, we'll talk about that coming up. we have heavy rain on saturday and there might be flash flooding, i'll have more on that, as well and talk built weekend call. >> reporter: the ramp from the schuylkill eastbound to the vine just reopened, westbound ramp is blocked, watch for the westbound vine being blocked thee still on the scene. in west philadelphia, 52nd street is closed near westminster because of the water main break use the numbered streets there. in chester county lots of
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closures remain in the area. in weston township, 926 blocked at caleb drive. downed tree at unionville road. downed tree blocked at schoolhouse lane. traffic lights are out in entire counties for some spots give it extra time when you're traveling, especially early on when it is dark out there. >> a sightseeing float plane carrying 8 cruise ship passengers and a pilot crashed into a mountain in southeast alaska. this is file of the cruise ship that carried the passengers. they were from the westerdam cruise ship. holland america released this statement saying we are incredible distressed by the situation and our thoughts and
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prayers are with those on board the plane and their dams. >> peco with out of state contractors are working around the clock to get the power back on but for tens of thousands the lights might not flip back on until this weekend. 3400 customers from the immediate aftermath. atlantic city the hardest hit 82 outages pse&g 4,000 and dell jp dellacamera -- delmarva, 88. atlantic city is waiting for disaster proation. >> take pictures of anything you throw out personal property, some people are tossing things out, they are telling me the items they threw
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away, where are they, they got picked up. you have to have pictures to show the items existed. >> power is out at lindenwald towers home for senior citizens, a backup generator is giving limited electric activity, but people are still frustrated. get updates from the "action news" weather team @ 6abc on twitter. ebony magazine named him one of the top leaders of the future. today there's a calling for support. >> president obama will all guise reverend pinkney. >> reporter: today a community will say goodbye to charleston's
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religious leaders. one by one they walked by reverend pinkney to pay their respects. >> we come together to remember and say thank you brother pinkney for the work well done. >> reporter: president obama will deliver the all gee for pinkney -- eulogy for pinkney one of the 8 gunned down with his parishners. people honored the minister. >> she was a victim of hate, they could be a symbol for love. >> reporter: since the killings there's a movement across south to remove symbols of the confederacy from public places.
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arsons at two predominantly black churches in georgia and north carolina. but in this procession of people, there was no racial tensions hours before the president stands before the community. first lady michelle obama and vice president biden will attend the funeral. >> despite the plea from a family of a teen killed -- nearly killed by gunfire santiago was visiting her stepfather in port richmond when two people opened fire, she was hit in the stomach and that bullet ripped apart her internal organs. >> her liver was damaged very bad that's the part that they
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are concerned. >> reporter: we know that people out there know the identities of the people unfortunately we live in a time where the notice snitching rule is in -- no snitching rule is in effect. >> the fraternal order of place are approaching a 500-dollar reward will get someone to come forward in the investigation. >> chris christie is said to announce his presidential bid next tuesday. else expected to declare his candidacy at his hold high school in livingston. and head to new hampshire. a cnn poll finds him tied for 7 with neuro surgeon ben carson. spanish language network said it's dropping donald
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trump's pageant over controversial remarks he made about mexican immigrants saying they bring drugs and are racist and we should build a wall to keep them out. >> a dramatic carjacking caught on camera and the escape of two little girls that was very daring. >> new comments by pope francis go against the catholic word more on what he said coming up. >> reporter: for a change we have a high temperature set to finish below the average high 83 degrees, lots of clouds around, we have weekend rain for part of the weekend i'll have details on future tracker 6 and the rest of the seven-day forecast coming up.
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>> it is one of those weeks we're happy to get to friday. >> reporter: yeah, mostly cloudy, no more rain, no more storms the sun won't be beating
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on you. storm tracker 6 live double scan, a little bit of rain came in overnight, we have that over in south jersey, but it's getting off the coast in the next hour or so. we're in the process of drying out. as we take a look outside cloudy skies as we take a look at penns landing. of course not a bad day to go down and check out the tall ships i was down there yesterday, after work it was really great coming in. interacting with the crews there's a french ship where the crew was singing songs and getting people to clap. a good time down at penns landing. 67 degrees dewpoint, 64. winds out of the east at 7 miles per hour. satellite shows you the cloud cover lingering behind the rain that came through overnight. this afternoon there's a chance of pop up instability shower here or there but most of you will be dry. cloudy skies during the morning. 69 degrees by 8:00. 11, 77.
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we're looking at peeks of sunshine. the high is 83 around 3:00 p.m. 78 the high in allentown, 79 in reading. down the shore, 76 in ac. 74 in cape may. in philadelphia a bit cooler. the ocean temperature off atlantic city, 71 degrees, so it is milder in the water even though you've got mostly cloudy skies and 73 at the inlet to the delaware bay 75 on the beach in rehoboth beach, as well. for the phillies, a mainly cloudy night probably dry as the nationals come to town, 7 approximate degrees for the first pitch. not bad despite the cloud cover overhead. we have a wave of low pressure coming from the west. in the afternoon and evening we're looking at rain, at times this could be soaking downpour producing rain. we're looking at future tracker 6 showing us we're dry at 9:00. 3:00 p.m., we're dry, a new
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model run just out holding it off until the evening hours but i have to allow for it in the afternoon, as well. the point here, once it gets cranking it will dump enough rain to create flash flooding. hopefully it does it sunday morning and sunday is mostly dry. the ocean down the shore breezy rainy saturday sunday, a better day slight chance of a spotty shower. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 83 is the high in philadelphia. mostly cloudy. cooler and rainy on saturday, rain arrives in the afternoon and in the evening, high of 73. rain could be heavy at times or at night. mostly cloudy on sunday, 77. a slight chance of an instability shower hear or there, mainly dry. nice and bright on monday, getting into the 80s more humid conditions on tuesday back to the sunday is the way next week is looking.
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>> thank you david. >> one arkansas man is thankful he is alive after a mass gunman shot him in the face, but missed. he was inside this exxon station when two men stormed in and brandished a gun. the mask man pulled a trigger right in his face he turned his head and missed. both suspects took the cash and ran out of the store. two little girls managed to jump out of their mother's car as it was being stolen. it happened last week, the mother went into the convenience store when the carjacker jumped into the driver seat with a 10-year-old and 2-year-old in the back seat. amazingingly the ten-year-old grabbed her little sister and opened the door of the moving car and tumbled out. they are both doing okay.
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>> now at the big board taking a look at business, atlantic city is having trouble they are trying to turn things around. t-street at the playground will open for business replacing the former pier shops at caesars. it will feature music venues anbar and restaurants, we hope a lot of people come out and support the shore. t-mobile will allow customers to upgrade their phone three times a year, it's called jump on demand. if you trade up, the price may change depending only the phone you choose. the debt in greece on the mind of investors all markets were down, futures look like they will be mixed. you can use your phone for anything now you can use it to get money out of an atm. wsf bank showed off the new tech
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with the help of a robot. it's only the 4th bank in the company to offer the new service. if somebody steals your phone. >> i don't trust the robot. >> can the robot go shopping? >> still ahead new stories you didn't see last night. growing gridlock a major highway in eastern tennessee is shut down after 6 people are killed in a crash. >> a purple heart resip yanlt yanlt -- recipient was denied a ride on a new jersey transit bus because of who was with him.
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>> crews have been working to clear it and they just did before they were supposed to, the vine westbound reopened at this point eastbound reopened a little bit ago you're good to go on the vine. i-95 approaching cottman traffic looking good, that's southbound traffic heading toward center city. no delays because it's early out there. let's look at the maps, we have a few accidents at this hour, this one coming into us at aning ton montgomery county. another accident in vineland closing landis avenue between maine and spring road.
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stick to chestnut avenue as the alternate. we have an accident on the atlantic city expressway at the black horse pike in atlantic county. it cleared traffic was restricted. moving once again burling bristol -- burlington bristol bridge was closed for maintenance and now it's open good to go, tam and eva. >> two bullets hit a bus filled with students driver was transporting students when he heard the shots. nobody on board was hurt. there was a large fight on one school campus before the shooting. it is unclear if the incidents are related. new this morning authorities in tennessee are working to determine the cause of a crash that killed 6 people on a highway. police say the crash outside of chatga that stretch of
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roadway is expected to stay closed until sometime this morning. an investigation is underway after a veteran said he was denied a ride on a new jersey transit bus because of his service dog. daniel heart tried to board the bus with his dog a pitbull named tank. the driver wouldn't let him on even though the dog was marked with a vest and tag. another bus came along and allowed them to board. >> we have details of a lehigh valley mother accused of hiring a hit man to murder his daughter's ex-boyfriend. >> bristol pail lynn has what she calls depressing pregnancy news we'll explain.
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>> more new video on "action news," a man's high speed flight from police ended with a sputter in l.a. after he led authorities on a high-speed chase through orange and riverside county. after the bike ran out of gas he waited for the authorities to catch up with him. california has passed a bill for mandatory vaccines for all kids. the bill was sparked by a measles outbreak at disneyland
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removing personal and religious exemptions for vaccinations. the california senate must i approve the bill before it is sent to the governor's desk. pope francis said sometimes divorce is necessary to protect the safety of women and children. the catholic faith does not recognize divorce only annulments approved by the church. pope francis has made headlines for his progressive stance on social stance on political issues. bristol palin announced she is pregnant daughter of say.sara palin. she was engaged to be married over memorial day weekend but called off the wedding a week before the ceremony. >> 4:57 a video taped beating
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of a philadelphia high school student leads to social media manhunt for the people responsible. >> the cdc reveals the gross truth behind red burning eyes when you go into the swimming pool, "action news" continues.
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>> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., friday, june 26. matt o'donnell is off, eva pilgrim joining us, here's what's happening. >> accuweather tracking a damp start to the morning and more rain will move in over the weekend. >> social media turns the tables behind the boating of a philadelphia teen. >> burning eyes from swimming in a pool doesn't come from chlorine. >> and the next thyme it happens you'll want to get out of the pool. let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers good


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