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tv   Action News 600 AM  ABC  June 26, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., friday, june 26 matt is off, eva pilgrim is joining us. here's what's happening. >> accuweather tracking a damp start to the morning and more rain will move in over the weekend. of. >> social media turns the tables on those behind a beating of a teen. >> cdc said if your eyes are red from the pool, don't come from the chlorine. >> if you can smell the chlorine, don't get in. >> reporter: let's go over to david murphy with accuweather and karen rogers has traffic good morning. >> reporter: we have showers that came through mainly over to the east. roads are dry as the showers are long gone. take a look at the shower activity. south jersey dealing with a
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little bit of that but it will be off the coast before too much longer. we're looking at a mostly cloudy day and sunny breaks and brief light sprinkle popping through here and there but most of you stay dry. 69 in philadelphia. 64 in allentown. # # in trenton. -- 66 in trenton. 69 in sea isle city, the dewpoint is on the higher side, but it's not bad with a nice cool breeze. this afternoon 80 degrees by noon, 83 is the high at 3:00 p.m., again some sunny breaks mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, rain building during the afternoon and night at at some point it could get heavy enough to produce flash flooding in spots. i'll talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and let you know whether a kind of improvement we get for sunday. you can see the roads drying out after the rain. i-95 southbound approaching cottman. getting word of an accident where a vehicle ran off the road into a poll watch for it in hat
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borough, montgomery county. jacksonville road at county line road. chester county, several areas with downside trees, some of power is restored there might be spots where you're seeing the intersections with the traffic lights not working. some of the blockages 926. wawaset road is blocked at lenape road. baltimore pike blocked at thornen road. we have an accident landis avenue blocked in vineland, between maine and spring road. the big one down trees and downed wires in spots. >> we've got breaking news out of france a terror investigation is going on after an explosion at a gas plant. one person was killed, decapitated outside an entrance
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to the factory. one of the alleged attacker was arrested, we'll bring you more as it comes into us. a violent video shows a group of teens beating a high school student this went viral when the police and public stepped in refusing to let this go. katherine scott is live outside of mlk high school in germantown. >> reporter: good morning, the school found out about the video and work with the police to find those involved. the victim suffered concussion and had stitches and major dental injuries. video of the attack on the 17-year-old martin luther king high school student was posted all over social media. police say the suspects were bragging about it. [laughter]. >> reporter: you can hear laughing in the background, the victim is hit in the mouth, some of his teeth were knocked out.
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>> this kid was an innocent person he had done nothing to anybody. >> reporter: this happened on june 4th on the 6500 block of north wister street as the teen was walking home. the video shows the teen down on his niece trying to protect himself -- on knees trying to protect himself from his blows. 18-year-old and four juveniles 16 and 17 were arrested. the video outraged nearby residents. that made my stomach turn. >> he is so defenseless and sitting there by himself you got five guys beating up on him. i'm glad they found them. >> reporter: the charges include aggregated assault and recklessly endangering a person. a lehigh valley woman pleaded guilty in connection with a murder-for-higher plot.
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she hired an undercover police officer who she thought was a hit man to burn her daughter's ex-boyfriend alive. nobody was hurt. the supreme court upheld the affordable care act for a second time. it allows federal tax credits for insurance for millions of americans. chief justice was saying that what congress the representative of the people intended. president obama calls this a victory for his landmark legislation saying our grandchildren will be saying that poor people were denied healthcare. republican insiders are ready to let this go rather dealing with
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voters anger over losing this care. that had an impact on stocks for healthcare companies. let's head over to maribel aber live at the nasdaq at time square. >> reporter: healthcare stocks were a big winner thanks to the supreme court always ruling. aca and universal healthcare services rallied. large picture on stocks, stocks ended lower futures pointing to a mixed open. major redevelopment project has reached a milestone. today is the opening. t street if he playground. it's styled after nashville and memphis, it is right on the boardwalk. you may hit the slots at philadelphia international
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airport. it's one of 6 in pennsylvania included in a bill from a state representative. it would allow slot machines past security checkpoints. proceeds go to the airports and local municipalities. nothing like the sounds of slot machines. >> reporter: so ready to go on an expensive vacation expwu -- and you blow your money, sounds like a bad idea. we have sprinkles and showers lingering at the shore and getting set to move off the coast in the next half-hour or hour. they are light and nuisance at this point. as we look outside we have cloudy skies over the airport speaking of which, and the slot machines are not clanking there yet, but the crews are doing that as they move around and get ready to get the flights off the ground. not bad conditions to fly out of town or arrive.
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69 degrees in philadelphia. we have the cloud cover but the rain is pretty much over by the coast and getting out of here. 64 in allentown, 66 in trenton. 67 in wilmington, close to # 0 on the boardwalk for the early morning stroll down the shore. there's the rain overnight boom, most of the roads are dry away from the coastal areas. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies with sunny breaks, i can't rule out a sprinkle popping up here or there but for most of you it will be a dry day. in allentown muggy but not bad, 78 degrees, still mild, mostly cloudy skies, down the shore, humidity up a bit mostly cloudy sunny breaks at times high of 76. in philadelphia we're going for a high of 83 degrees this afternoon mostly cloudy skies sunny breaks a bit on the humid side not horrific. winds northeast at 6 to 12 miles per hour. a bit of a breeze. by 11:00 a.m. we'll be well in the 70s and most of the
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afternoon in the 80s, high of 83 at 3:00 p.m. and then we move on tonight washington nationals in town, 76 for the first pitch and downer to 70 in the -- down to 70 in the 9th inning of the ballgame. we'll see if the phils can get back to what was winning ways last weekend. a wave of low pressure out to the west will approach us and at some point in the afternoon and evening we'll see rain arrive, but at times it will be heavy. this new model run is sort of delaying the arrival of this until later at night. there have been other recent model runs and other models showing it coming in faster. the way i would like you to approach saturday is look for a cloudy morning anytime after lump time there's a possibilities of rain arriving. as you go through the afternoon and night, the better chance you have a heavy rain popping through. it could be heavy enough to
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cause flash flooding. at some point late in the day or saturday night we're looking at a period of heavy rain. down the shore 74 degrees, rainy. sunday, 78 clouds and sun maybe an instability shower or thunderstorm around, but drier on sunday than saturday. 83 in philadelphia. mostly cloudy skies, for the weekend, 73 degrees cooler with the rain arriving during the afternoon and evening heavy at times. cloudy on sunday, 77 degrees, slight chance of spotty instability shower. monday we have the sun tuesday higher humidity with a shower or thunderstorm. wednesday or -- and thursday, high 80s and sunny. >> kind of comfortable high 80s and sunny i like that. more stories you didn't see last night including an update on fierce fires out west. >> and the real reason you get
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burning eyes in the pool. >> reporter: looking live at the schuylkill looking good, dry and clear, how does it look on 422 i'll have that coming up. the sixers make their first draft pick, its not the one people were expecting but i think people could like this one. that's next on "action news." [brad] my friends, my sweet, sweet friends, i believe that finding the
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>> good friday morning, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us, over the ben franklin bridge there, sure to be busy this time of the morning. >> if not then very soon. let's find out what is busy and go over to karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: here we are at saint gabe's curve 422 heading toward king of prussia. no major delays on 422. of on the waze app we're looking at tim -- tomlinson mill road in marlton new jersey. i was talking to the police about how many areas are without power. they have police directing the traffic at tomlinson mill and edmund son and moss way.
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it's difficult traveling in and around the area. we're looking at a problem one that cleared and one that is out here. jacksonville road at county line road an accident where a vehicle slammed into a pole. that might be out there a little while. huntington road edmund, traffic moving nicely in abington. that accident has cleared. another issue in chester county bondsville road blocked at fisher road. that's one of the big spots barely mill road is blocked at centerville road in greeneville delaware downed trees causing a problem. crews have a lot of the to clean up. you can get the latest on twitter i've been using the #6abc traffic. check that. 69 degrees in philadelphia, high of 83 today. eva and tam. a week old wildfire has roared to new life in southern
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california san bernadino mountains. fire crews had to temporarily ground air tankers after a drone flew over the fire last night. it's the worst fire conditions officials say they have ever seen. fires are burning in northern california oregon and alaska. >> attorneys for colorado shooter james holmes begun their defense, they called on a psychiatrist who interviewed homes 40 days after the 2012 shootings. he said he was so psychotic he couldn't tell right from wrong. two court appointed psychiatrist also came to differing opinions saying he was sane at the time of the attack. >> we have tech bytes. >> reporter: apple is joining the battle against the can fed reas, the company has removed all games and apps that flag.
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>> reporter: apple pulled all civil war games and reinstated some of them. >> reporter: t-mobile is differentating itself from others. they are upgrading their phones free three times a year. google is testing it's driverless cars in silicon valley. there are basic controls at top speeds for the prototypes, 25 miles per hour. not zooming through there. >> those are tech bytes have a good one. >> 6:17 up next, how to tell if your pool is polluted. >> the sixers pick big on draft night. hear from their number one picks. >> reporter: if you're heading to the poconos rain with
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>> reporter: i just got off the phone with police in gloucester county. how many intersections don't have power? they said upward of 50. there are entire towns with no lights on. be careful as you travel around. this is the blue route near route 30, traffic is moving nicely, the roads are dry. new jersey transit atlantic city rail line suspended because so many trees are down on the rails dave. >> reporter: lots of clouds, temperatures in the 60s. 71 is the temperature by 9:00 a.m., noon, 80. in the afternoon, sunny breaks,
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83 is the forecast high, it's going to be a little bit on the humid side today but basically dry with a slight chance of pop-up sprinkle or brief shower. if you're traveling to louisville or kentucky or memphis or nationalville that would be the hot spot for strong gusty thunderstorms and tornado. there's south carolina, northern half of georgia and el paso thunderstorms later in the afternoon. something to keep in mind if you're traveling to those parts of the countries. at the airport no major delays and no rain in the most commonly traveled doughs nation,. >> it's it's the -- destinations. it's the common belief that the chlorine is what's burning your eyes no, people are not
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take a potty break. it's probably from urine in the pool always the chemicals have to work harder. hourly breaks can ward off summer germs. the phillies start a three game series with the phillies. #ers were thinking big on draft night. okafor 6'11" 270 pounds joins the front court already stocked with nerlens noel. he led duke to a the national championship as a freshman and tells "action news" he is ready to play for the sixers. >> i have no trouble scoring, i feel confident when i have the ball in my hands i can score any points. i'm a great passer and great teammate and all about winning i'm excited. >> sixers president said he
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does not anticipate trading this pick. 6'11" that's tall even for the nba. >> will the sixers start to win? we hope so. the. new jersey deals atlantic city a bit of a bailout. >> information on a cruise ship exertion that took a deadly turn.
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discover brookside. we snap it. we stack it. we smoosh it. we love it. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. hershey's is mine, yours our chocolate. >> a trail of clues helped rescuers reach a woman and her
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5-month-old baby lost in the jungle for four days. their plane crashed saturday in a row meet area of western columbia. the crash killed the pilot. the 19-year-old and her son survived. she survived on the watery liquid inside unripe coconuts. both are recovering in the hospital. new jersey lawmakers pass a rescue plan for atlantic city, the most important piece of legislation will let the casinos make payments in lieu of taxes for 15 years that let's them know exactly how much they owe the state instead of facing unexpected increases. the other would increase education aid for atlantic city mandate health insurance and requirement benefits for casino workers and redevelopment funds to pay down the dead and shut down the atlantic city alliance to use it's 30 million-dollar budget for other purposes. the state house passed the
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ban of powder alcohol. it could lead to overconsumption for adults and dangerous to children. >> breaking overnight a plane goes down with passengers from a cruise ship on board. storm hits the delaware valley, an update on the efforts to restore power to people next up on "action news."
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>> hamming today tobacco -- happening today, president obama clifers the you'll -- eulogy of the pastor slain in the charleston church shooting. >> a military veteran wants
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answers after a new jersey transit bus refused him and his service dog. let's go over to david murphy with accuweather and karen rogers has traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody we're off to a cloudy start across the region. take a look at satellite we did get showers as expected. they did get through the region in a hurry. there are light sprinkles and showers by the coast. overall we're looking at clouds and sunny breaks, but frankly it will be a day where it's difficult to get a whole lot of sun in play. 69 in philadelphia. 64 in allentown. 63 in reading. 66 in trenton somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 on the boardwalks. noon 80 degrees, 83 by 3:00 p.m. with sunny breaks that's the high. by 6:00. back to 77. it's going to feel a little muggyier today than yesterday but not too bad. a


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