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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 24, 2015 11:35pm-12:38am EDT

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, charlize theron, from "paper towns," nat wolff, and music from tori kelly. with cleto and the cletones. and now, for the duration, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ jimmy kimmel live ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very good to be here.
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thank you. and thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ] all right, thank you for braving the humidity and heat to be here in our air conditioned studio. i have to say i love air conditioning. one thing i learned over the last two weeks, i love air conditioning more than any person, any invention i even looked it up today the man who invented air conditioning, willis carrier, born in angola, new york, named after a country that is very hot, he designed the air conditioner in 1292, put it on display in 1939. they said come visit the igloo. people would go in. be cold. comfortable. married three time. never had any children. ironically he never had anyone to yell at for leaving the door open while the air was on. he also, will sound like a joke, it's not. look it up. on his deathbed he coined the phrase it will be a cold day in
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hell. that came from willis carrier, the greatest man who ever lived. so, may god bless him and everyone he loved, willis. [ cheers and applause ] i did not, i say this because i didn't have air conditioning for a couple nights over the break. it was terrible. it really was. do you want to see a couple of my vacation photos? [ cheers and applause ] it would be funny if you guys went, "oh, not really." my family, my wife, my kids. my mother, my father, my brother, my sister, my niece, nephew, whole thing, went to italy over the break. a beautiful island not far from naples, iscia. where my great grandparents were born. that's iscia, my brother took this. with the panorama. my great grandfather, that is him. button on his shirt popped open
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at the stomach. that's what happens when the food is good. he married maria lombardi, great grandmother. shorter one. my great grandmother spoke seven languages if anything like the rest of my family. spoke all at once simultaneously. vicenzo and maria, were born, live in a little town, first time ever been there, casa micula, santa marina magdelena. the inside of the church. right here. we went to mass there. that was very nice. my daughter, janie eating pizza on her birthday. she ate everything in sight. do 1-year-olds eat pizza? finally, a picture of my father sleeping by the mediterranean sea. that was our summer vacation. and by the way, in a nutshell. [ applause ]
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i dropped my phone into that sea and i wasn't able to get a new one until today. no phone for four days. to be perfectly honest i am lucky to be alive. i really am. i was lost. i couldn't google anything. kept trying to take pictures with my thumb. nothing. my wife actually shot some video of me losing the phone in the water. it was crazy the way it happened. look at this. i was surfing. that's me. and then the shark, out of nowhere, a shark attacked me, and i punched at it hard. and my phone i think it got lodged down its throat or something. i was under quite a while. and i swam. started swimming as fast as i could. and -- then some, there was some dudes on a, yeah, one of those things, they picked me up. and i lived. ha-ha-ha. [ cheers and applause ] hey, you know -- gives me an idea. maybe we should enter donald trump in a surf competition. even if he doesn't get eaten by a shark. worth it to see him with his
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hair wet, right. it has been a disastrous few days for donald trump's fake presidential campaign. as you may have heard on saturday, trump appeared at something called family leadership summit in iowa. where he add some very unkind word for arizona senator john mccain. >> i supported him. he lost. he let us down. but he lost. so i never liked him as much after that. because i don't like losers. but, but. frank. frank. he is not a war hero. he is a war hero. he is a war hero. because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. i hate to tell you. he is a war hero because he was captured. okay. >> can you imagine being tortured 5 1/2 years in a vietnamese prison camp, vietnamese offer to release you, no not until you release americans longer here, then 40 years, host of celebrity apprentice, the man closest he got to battle was a fight with rosie o'donnell, a man who's arguably the greatest war time accomplishment was brokering
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peace treaty between gary busie and meat loaf, belittles you and calls you a loser. in fairness, donald trump had a very good reason for not fighting in the vietnam war himself. >> why did you not serve in the vietnam war? >> student deferments, a long time ago, student deferments and ultimately had a medical deferment because of my feet. i had a bone spur. >> dr. scholl's footpad or deferment. he bravely chose the deferment. >> the lesson comes in many forms, at the end of the comedy routine, or whatever the hell he is doing. some of the nuts in the audience gave him a standing ovation. >> ladies and gentlemen, donald trump. >> thank you, thank you, everybody. thank you. i get a standing ovation. other people don't. >> jimmy: ever get the feeling like maybe his parents didn't encourage him enough or something. who says that? donald trump says a lot of crazy
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things. since it is very hot outside, we decided to make this into a game that covers two bases. it's called "say it or spray it." let's go to the wall right now. [ cheers and applause ] my cousin sal is out on hollywood boulevard. hello, cousin sal. how you doing? >> good, how are you? >> jimmy: doing well. we have players out there? >> we sure do. >> jimmy: i'm going to. this is how it will work. i will read a get. people will tell me if donald trump said it or something we made up or took from some place else. sal, what happens if they guess wrong? >> if they guess wrong, they will be forced to look at more pictures of your fancy italy vacation. no, i will spray them with the hose. >> jimmy: sal was not invited to vacation. what he is trying to say. sal, you have a hose. hold that up. bring in the first contestant.
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your name is? >> my name is tj. >> tj, you look like you could use a hosing. >> no, i am okay. >> jimmy: you're all right. it's hot isn't it? >> a little warm. warm day. >> jimmy: you would prefer to not get squirted with the hose. >> probably not. >> jimmy: up to you. tell me, yes or no. did donald trump say this? you think a woman president could take on isis? isis will never take orders from a woman. donald trump yes or no? >> yes. >> jimmy: you think he did say that. he did not say that. very sorry. tj. but that's how the game works. sal, you missed a spot. >> yes, yes, yes. >> jimmy: all right. thank you for playing, tj. what do they get if they get it right? >> they walk off with their head up. not fun for me at all. >> jimmy: all right. bring in someone else. let's see who we have.
11:44 pm
hi, what's your name? >> i'm laura. >> jimmy: hi, laura, where are you from? >> temecula, california. >> jimmy: do you know about current events? >> hope so. >> following donald trump? >> little bit, yes. >> jimmy: your job, tell me if this is a real donald trump quote or something we made up. are you ready? >> yes. >> jimmy: i have always been a fan of steve jobs but the yacht he bought is truly ugly. did donald trump say that yes or no. >> yes. >> jimmy: that is correct. he did say that. ha-ha-ha. all right. one more. left's bring one more up here. what is your name? >> tate. >> jimmy: tate. you look a little sweaty. you might get hosed. >> let's try to not make that happen. >> jimmy: okay. tate. tate, the quote is, i have a great relationship with the blacks. i have always had a great relationship with the blacks. did donald trump say that? >> no. >> jimmy: yes, he did. all right. there you go. all right. sal, get some more contestants. we'll come back to that. it is a great game. it's, we have been on vacation.
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[ cheers and applause ] nbc refused to air donald trump's miss usa pageant this year. it's a shame because a lot of people didn't get to see this. >> recently comedian jerry seinfeld spoke out against political correctness in our culture do you think political correctness is helping or hurting this country and why? >> that's a very good question. i think it is a balance of both. we definitely need -- i'm sorry, will you please repeat the question? >> recently, comedian jerry seinfeld spoke out about political correctness in our culture. do you think political correctness is helping or hurting this country and why? >> i think it is a balance of both. we need, we need the people to remind us, especially, politicians, to remind us what
11:46 pm
to do, right, when to do wrong, and it's never -- >> time's up. thank you so much, rode island. >> jimmy: the good news, i think donald trump may have just found his runningmate. why would the time ever be up? that could go on forever. let's go back to the wall real quick. cousin sal, hey, cousin sal. all right. >> microphone is drenched. don't know if you can hear us. >> jimmy: we can hear you. no problem. are you ready for your quote? >> ready. >> jimmy: your name? >> stacy. >> where are you from? >> i think gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman? did donald trump say that? >> yes, he did. >> oh, i'm sorry. he didn't. arnold schwarzenegger said that, but -- >> all right. there you go. we'll take a quick break. when we come back, an all new
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mcdonalds is getting together a mix of fun new flavors this summer. with the new oreo frappe and the new real lemonades from mccafe. and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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>> jimmy: tonight on the show, music from tori kelly, nat wolff is here. we have been on vacation two week. a lot of staffers took trips. a lot stayed back with their families. from nickelodeon kids choice sports awards. at the end of the clip pay attention to the upper right hand corner of your screen then i will explain. >> the world's greatest athletes have been battling it out. tonight the kids sports blitz.
11:52 pm
>> the guy up in the corner who barged into the shot. that's our miniature co-executive producer jason, jason tripp right here. right here. [ cheers and applause ] what happened? what exactly happened? >> the show was starting. we had to get to our seats. >> jimmy: you have never been on the set of a television show before. >> no one stopped us. we just went. >> jimmy: correct me if i am wrong, didn't you almost some what disrupt the ellen show. let's look at the tape. >> first time i've every danced not on shag carpet. and of course this man unfortunately -- we know who he is. he is actually -- he is married to one of our staff members. so what a lucky woman she is. >> jimmy: nicely done. do you have plans to ruin any other shows in the near future?
11:53 pm
>> just this one. >> jimmy: just this one. have you seen the new pictures of pluto. nasa "new horizons" sound like a rehab facility but a spacecraft. released close-up photos of pluto this week. they took the photos in a fascinating way. they built a 3 billion mile long selfie stick. and they just -- no. this is, this is pluto. it has a craterless plane that is, not, not, like 100 million years old. which is very, very young. they know pluto is young because you can see here it has bad skin. it has acne. actually that's pluto's moon. all over the news this weeken. a big deal. something we should be proud of. i wonder if people are paying attention to things like this. we isn't a camera and crew on to hollywood boulevard today to ask people if they saw the astronaut
11:54 pm
land on pluto this morning. now, an astronaut did not land on pluto this morning or last week or the afternoon. but what do you know people said hey saw it any way on pluto edition of "lie witness news." >> hey, what's your name? where are you from? >> roberta. >> roberta did you watch the live stream of the first american landing on pluto? >> yeah. >> where were you? >> shopping. watched it on my phone. >> what did you think of it? >> weird. i didn't expect it. >> exciting or little scary when he took off his helmet and did that factout and held his breath when he first landed? >> i was scared for him. really. how is he doing that. >> as you know the first american landed on pluto this morning. >> right. >> what went through your mind when you saw the american flag planted on pluto's soil? >> a couple things went through my mind. there was a huge accomplishment, the first time we have been able to take pictures on planet pluto, being able to realize how close we are discovering things throughout the world and throughout the country. >> were you surprised by how
11:55 pm
tropical pluto was in the footage, how lush and greens parts of the planet were on the equatorial region? >> yeah, i really didn't expect that to be like that. it was really surprising. >> tell me about the beaches? the palm trees? >> they were really green. the water was like weird. it was pluto. >> uh-huh, yeah. >> it was red. >> it had to be red water, of course. but of it was like, i don't know. i just wanted to go with him. and you know -- >> what do you think about major tom bringing his dog along for the ride his trusty companion? >> i think it's sweet. companionship is really good. it was really sweet. >> even though he had to ultimately slaughter and consume the dog? >> yeah, i thought that was a little bit intense. things happen. so? >> sometimes you have got to eat your dog. >> that's right. as you know this morning the first american landed on pluto. >> no, he didn't land on pluto. >> why not?
11:56 pm
>> pluto is over a billion miles away. and that -- the aircraft, it goes, it is like sending 6,000 miles away from pluto. they didn't land on pluto. but they got some body on a spacecraft going around polluto. he neverlanded. >> you are the smartest person i have spoken to, today, in a weird way. thank you. >> jimmy: we found one. we have a good show tonight. we have music from tori kelly, nat wolff is here, and we'll be right back with charlize theron. so please stay with us. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] like that guy! everything's on demand, so why wait two years to upgrade your phone? what if you made the wrong choice? or an even wronger choice? yeah, i know. and you! hi! i'm on this phone to tell you more about phones.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism. >> jimmy: tonight, from the new movie "paper towns," nat wolff is with us. then, a native of this state, called california, her debut album is titled, "unbreakable smile," tori kelly from the beautiful new samsung outdoor stage. tomorrow night, denis leary will be here, from the u.s. women's
12:02 am
world cup champion team, alex morgan will join us, and we'll have music from big. and later this week, ed helms, colin farrell, brie larson, with music from joss stone and meghan trainor too. so join us for all of those shows. >> jimmy: after barreling one-armed through a post-apocalyptic wasteland in "mad max: fury road," our first guest returns to present day fully-limbed in the new thriller "dark places." it is availabe now exclusively on directv and opens in theaters august 7th, please say hello to charlize theron. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> are you okay? >> jimmy: yeah, a little under the weather. >> so sorry. i will try not to infect you. >> stay over there. >> the doctor said as long as i
12:03 am
don't get any fluids on anybody. >> in that case i think we will be okay. you know, i, this thing with the shark in, in jeffrey's bay in south africa, which is where i'm from, it's so crazy how you forget things. and then things can spark memories for you in adulthood that you just go, wow, i was crazy when i was a kid. i used to swim in those waters all the time. and regularly. lake i would say once a day, the lifeguard would blow his whistle and that just automatically meant everybody had to leave the water. and we would just swim out to the edge. and watch the waves go up and watch the sharks swim by. then another whistle would be blown. okay, go on back. and we did. we did. isn't that insane. >> jimmy: that is insane. really crazy. happened to me with my mom at jones beach in new york. she was out swimming, i remember
12:04 am
i was a little kid. the lifeguard would do this, blow the whistle. that's the shark. way out in the water. my sister and i were terrified. my mother of course didn't listen to the whistle. kept swimming. sharks are not stupid. they learn about the whistle. >> oh, they do? >> jimmy: they will hear the whistle. we'll wait for the whistle. the second whistle is when we swoop in and eat everybody. did any body get attacked by a shark? >> i don't want to say regular, but it is a lovely place, please go. i don't want to single-handedly kill the tourism for jeffrey's bay. it is beautiful. but there was a lot of attacks. i remember, and i never thought about this when i was a kid. we would be doing the six-hour drive home. everybody in the car would be talking about some guy who was attacked. i never thought, yeah, i'm in that water. look that could have been me. >> jimmy: really, really crazy.
12:05 am
>> isn't that bizarre? >> jimmy: yeah, it is. in a way for "mad max" if you had lost an arm. it would have helped you with your performance. >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: i loved that movie by the way. whoa, that was fantastic. >> thank you. aw. thank you. >> jimmy: i assume you really had to shave your head for the movie that wasn't just -- >> yeah, yeah, i did. i was excited by it. i just had to figure out how to fit into a boy's world not stick out, i didn't know how to do that with a ponytail. >> jimmy: fear ever, the hair won't come back and i will be bald. >> is that what happens when you shave your head? i thought that was your eyebrows? people said that to me when i did monster, saved my eyebrows. you did not shave them? they're like they're never coming back. >> jimmy: how long did it take? >> they were back really, i might just be really hairy. i don't remember it taking that long. >> jimmy: that's good. sharks don't look hair. it pokes them. did you want to be an actor, as a kid, swimming around with the sharks, something you wore interested in then? >> i don't think i quite understood the concept of being an actor.
12:06 am
i loved movies. i loved, loved movies. my mom bought a beta, beta or beta. >> jimmy: beta max. instead of a good vch. >> jimmy: is that what you called it, vch? >> vcr or vhs. >> vhs. >> jimmy: thought it was a thing over there. >> i am a little jetlagged. okay, guys. >> jimmy: you got the beta, the vch. >> my mom was telling me beta was the way to go. maybe she was right. i can't say the other one's name. >> they said beta max was the better one, then there were no tapes. >> cut to a year later. only three movies you could rent on beta. >> jimmy: what were they? >> dirty dancing, splash and overboard. >> jimmy: really? >> good movies. >> jimmy: goldie hawn and curt russell. >> explains my career. >> jimmy: you watched them over
12:07 am
and over. >> all i had. the only three i could watch. >> do curt russell and or goldie hawn know you watched them repeatedly as a kid? >> i don't know. now they do. now they do. i loved that movie. >> jimmy: the last time you were here, president obama was here. >> oh, god. >> jimmy: a funny thing happened. we are like where is president obama? he was chatting with you. we're like, okay, yeah, that makes sense. >> this is like -- >> jimmy: what did you talk about? >> this is terrible, jimmy. this is terrible. >> jimmy: what do you mean it's terrible? >> i have this thing hat happens when i get nervous. i get so nervous. i will say something really inappropriate. i can't, it's like turrets in a weird way. i don't know how to stop it. just like verbal diarrhea. i was really nervous, because, i was kind of hiding in the back. and then, somebody from his team
12:08 am
like came to get me. ushered me over to him. he waited to meet with me. everything had stopped around his world to meet me. it was a lot of pressure. i was really nervous. >> jimmy: yeah. >> he was so -- he was so complimentary about you, how grateful he was to be on the show, that he felt like being on the show, he felt look he was reaching demographic, younger, he didn't say it like this please don't quote me, i am not quoting the president. but something like that. and i, then there was this pause. and i, i didn't know what to say. and all i could come up with was, "well if you are looking for a different demographic i can take you to a strip club." >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. >> terrible. terrible. terrible. >> jimmy: and he didn't go?
12:09 am
i would have got right in air force one and said drop us off at the nearest strip club immediately. >> michelle obama is going to kill me. he was so gracious, funny. and you can tell i was nervous. nothing but lovely. then i couldn't sleep for four weeks. every time i closed my eyes, i went, oh, my god, i said that. oh, my god, why did i say that? >> jimmy: that is a pretty great thing to say to the president. you should say that to all the presidents as they go on. eventually there are some, if you said that to president clinton, you would probably still be at that strip club. >> jimmy: charlize theron! her movie is called "dark places." we'll be right back. creatures take flight, soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have an unreliable cell phone network, and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering.
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>> i know you killed him. >> that's not what you said back then? >> i was the kid nobody paid attention to. in that courtroom people were scared of me. i was a bad ass. >> a bad ass who killed his family. >> i was a fool. i did not kill mom, debbie or michelle. >> then why have you never filed for an appeal? huh? you like it so much in there, you want to stay there? you know what i think, i think you are full of [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: charlize theron! that is "dark places."
12:16 am
i like the movie. very good. really creepy. tell everybody what it is about? >> from the author gillian flynn, who wrote "gone girl" in the world of the suspense thriller. but great, interesting, characters. >> jimmy: satanism thrown in there. >> satanism. when you do this a long time. you read scripts. you can predict, thrillers you, get suspicious, i guess. this was literally the first script i have ever read in my life where i couldn't figure out who did it. >> jimmy: usually you know. i never know. people will tell me the ending of the movie. even then i don't know. even then i forget. oh, yeah, now i remember. somebody did ruin the movie. no spoiler alert for me at all. i get, i become so absorbed in the movie. >> that's great. >> jimmy: either that or i am dumb. >> let's go with the first. okay. >> jimmy: you know across street we have the max museum, they have a figure of you. tried to bring it over.
12:17 am
it is being cleaned right now. >> what does that say about my wax figure, she need to be cleaned? >> jimmy: she's dirty. a dirty wax figure. that is the wax figure. i don't think it looks that much look you, i have to say. >> i don't think i have ever had that hair, which is really quite impossible. >> jimmy: they should shave your head. it looks a little bit like deborah norville, i think. >> it is so bizarre to see something like thought of yourself. >> jimmy: did they do a scan of you for this? >> you know what is exact -- is the thumb. >> jimmy: the thumb. >> the thumb is exact. >> jimmy: they nailed the thumb. >> i have a super long thumb. >> jimmy: do you have a long thumb? >> now i will show my freaky things. i do have a very long thumb. >> jimmy: which one, both? >> both. this one is a little longer. >> jimmy: it doesn't look that long to me. >> it doesn't.
12:18 am
>> jimmy: bodily fluids, sit down. this is a convenient excuse. >> yeah. >> very nice. very nice. >> jimmy: this movie is on directv first which is something you don't see very often. >> yeah, i think it's great. when you make, it takes a lot of time and effort to make movies. and the more people who get to enjoy it and experience it the better. >> jimmy: what guillermo always tells me. right, guillermo. >> guillermo: that's right, jimmy. >> jimmy: charlize theron! "dark places" is available now exclusively on directv and opens in theaters august 9th. we'll be back with nat wolff. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ here we go again. another day shackled by wires. how long do we have to keep untangling for just a little taste of power? who knew charging could be so... ...draining?
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>> jimmy: last summer, our next guest made you cry, like a baby chopping onions in "the fault in our stars." starting friday, he's back for more pure teen emotion in the movie "paper towns."
12:24 am
please welcome nat wolff. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: welcome sorry for the fist bump. i would shake hands. >> i'm a total germaphone. thank you. >> jimmy: that's a problem for you. >> i'll be over here. >> jimmy: the movie where especially the young lady go crazy and chase you everywhere and want to put their mouths on you. and the germs. >> thank you for not doing that. yeah. >> jimmy: teenage girls are the dirtiest of all carriers. they go to school then they chew gum and they are texting all the time. they touch. >> just a lot of purell. >> jimmy: your first talk show, i understand? >> yeah, my first talk show. >> jimmy: it's going great so
12:25 am
far. >> i'm glad to be doing it with you. a big fan. >> jimmy: i can tell the audience really likes you already. >> thank you. >> jimmy: see that. >> all right, all right. >> jimmy: at a certain point it becomes insulting. mickey rourke mentioned you the last time he was on. >> yeah, yeah, i worked with mickey, while we were working on the movie. he went on the show and he texted me. to say, hey, watch me i am going to talk about you, kid. and i saw him on the show. he said this really nice thing about me to you. he said he was being complimentary, young actor really up and coming. i really like. then he called me nate wolff, not my name. very close. so close. that point, knowing mickey, i was like, good enough. so, you know. it was like working with miky. >> jimmy: this movie with mickey is a road trip movie. >> my only experience had been driving.
12:26 am
playing a character who was drunk driving in a movie. i learned to drive, pretending to drunk drive. all i had done. it was actually, hadn't had a license until "paper towns" this movie coming out. also a road trip movie. i keep get cast in road trip movie. i'm the worst driver that ever existed. >> jimmy: why are you the bad driver? >> no coordination. don't know left from right. i space out. on my driving test. i went left when i was supposed to go right. i some how passed. i got my license three days before we started shooting. i passed by two points. when i showed up on set. i didn't have my license. i had a receipt that i had a license that i could show the producer. >> jimmy: that's legal. that's okay. >> probably not.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: they had mickey rourke. they had enough problems to deal with. is mickey rourke crazy? >> i think you could answer that. yeah, i mean i think a lot of great, the great actors are crazy. >> jimmy: who else is crazy? tell us some other crazy people you worked with. robert de niro. >> i want to say mickey is crazier. but, but a good crazy. a good crazy. i worked with robert de niro. and i just -- you know, worked with a couple people that have been super difficult. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. and i have been not even difficult as much as i have been really nervous to work with them. so i thought i would be quiet. i would go on set with robert de niro. he had no reason to talk to me. we did a scene together. talking to each other. i sat back. and, then i was chewing a piece of gum. the first thing he said, hey, you what you you going to do with that gum? i was like, i don't know thinking of spitting it out before the take. he goes what we used to do when i was a kid we used to put it under the table.
12:28 am
i was like, cool, yeah. and then he kind of looked around like, it's all clear, go for it. so i just took it out. i put it under the table he goes, i can't believe you just did that. that's a set. this kid just put his gum on the set. i was like, oh, my god. and all the characters from taxi driver and raging bull are going through my head. i'm dead. >> jimmy: you got hazed by robert de niro. >> he was trying to make me feel comfortable. >> jimmy: killing a little time. this movie is by john greene you wrote "the fault in our stars." >> he made more people cry than high school bullies. >> jimmy: for my niece the biggest deal in the world. >> yeah, amazing these stories. no car chases, no zombies. it is about a couple people. >> jimmy: because you can't drive. >> i can't drive. >> jimmy: there is no gum. >> there is no gum. and then it's on this big stage. everybody is going to see it.
12:29 am
i am super lucky. >> jimmy: you come from a show business family. >> right. >> your mom was on "thirty something." when i was a kid, watch the show regularly. my parents made me think never get married. it would be really good. it is so depressing. >> my parents actually met and then got married on, on a talk show. they met on "the arsenio hall show." my dad was the bandleader. >> jimmy: your dad was the bandleader. >> my dad hit on my mom in the hair and makeup room. then when he left, my mom said does he come in and hit on all the actresses like this. they said, no. this is the first time he has ever been in here. so he had like a big crush on her from before. or they were good covers. >> jimmy: something else. maybe cleto will hit on your mom next. wow. >> i have actually, i have actually been here before. >> jimmy: to our show. >> to the show when i was 10 years old. i had like a baby --
12:30 am
a manny, a babysitter who was a guy who said he was going to see his friend that worked on your staff, dating her, i think i was kind of like on a date basically. >> jimmy: really? >> i went here. and jason biggs was the guest. i was excited because they swore on the record, i wasn't allowed to have them. the thing i loved the most about being here was you had this huge mountain of caramel. i was eating them with my brother. we ate this huge amount. why do they have all this caramel? because jimmy loves caramel. i kept it in my head ever since. i actually brought you some caramel. because you like caramel. >> jimmy: i really don't like caramel that much. it's a nice thought. but i'm not necessarily. >> my childhood dreams. >> jimmy: this is not caramel. they're werther's originals. >> a caramel flavor. >> jimmy: a big difference, kid. you have a lot to learn. congratulations on all your success. the movie. i am not going to touch you. don't want to make you sick. >> nat wolff!
12:31 am
"paper towns" opens in theaters friday. and we will return with music from tori kelly. stick around. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is present by samsung.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> jimmy: i want to thank charlize theron, nat wolff, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. nightline is next, but first, this is her cd "unbreakable smile," here with the song "should've been us," tori kelly. ♪ ♪ walking round with my head down but i can't hide with these high heels on ♪ ♪ downtown in a thick crowd but it's just you that my mind is on dressed up ♪ ♪ got my heart messed up you got yours and i got mine it's unfair that ♪ ♪ i still care and i wonder where you are tonight thinking it could ♪ ♪ be different but maybe we missed it yeah thinking it could
12:34 am
♪ ♪ be different it could it could it should've been us shoulda been a fire ♪ ♪ shoulda been the perfect storm it should've been us coulda been the ♪ ♪ real thing now we'll never know for sure ooh we were crazy ♪ ♪ but amazing baby we both know it should've been us us ♪ ♪ it it it should've been us back and forth like a tug of war ♪ ♪ what's it all for do i want it back i still got a little flame for ya ♪ ♪ even though you drove me mad now and then i pretend ♪ ♪ that it's you when i close my eyes you got yours i got mine ♪
12:35 am
♪ but i wonder where you are tonight it should've been us shoulda been a fire ♪ ♪ shoulda been the perfect storm it should've been us coulda been the real thing ♪ ♪ now we'll never know for sure ooh we were crazy but amazing ♪ ♪ baby we both know it should've been us us it it it ♪ ♪ should've been us oh oh oh oh it should've been us oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh it should've been us it it it should've been us ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ thinking it could be different but maybe we missed it thinking it could ♪ ♪ be different it could it could oh it should've been us ♪ ♪ shoulda been a fire it should've been us ♪ now we'll never know we were crazy ♪
12:36 am
♪ but amazing baby we both know it should've been us us ♪ ♪ it it it should've been us oh oh oh oh it should've been us ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh it should've been us it it it ♪ ♪ should've been us oh oh oh oh it should've been us oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh it should've been us it it it should've been us ♪ ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline." tonight -- tragedy at the movies. an ordinary night turns deadly when a shooter opens fire. >> your initial reaction is it is not a gun. because it would never be a gun. >> new details now emerging about the attack the gunman and stories of heroism. surf's up. he holds the guinness world record for riding the biggest wave ever recorded. so what is this pro surfer trying to conquer now. the perfect wave. tonight a dangerous breathtaking adventure chasing a dream on the other side of the world. ♪ my anaconda >> nicki minaj. they're both nominated for the vmas. what's with the anaconda-sized


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