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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  August 8, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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eagles play first season game monday and first nfl preseason game the hall of fame game. pittsburgh steelers and minnesota strikeings and former steelers star jerome dancing his way to hall of fame tonight terrible towels take on canton ohio inducked with tim brown, charles haley and bill polely to say the few and emotional night for his family especially sydney former chargers
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linebacker committed suicide three years ago. >> we were more than just 55 buddy you are a life. an want nothing more to than to see you come on stage, give the speech you were meant to give, give me a hug and tell me you love me one last time. >> moving over to soccer, union looking for first win in nearly a month tonight in orlando. 81 minute. best shot, christian madonna, what a save by orlando cali hall. union ended scoreless draw winless in last four mls matches and arena football with regular season game. soul winner winner chicken dinner 48-33 finished regular season 15-3 second best record in league. next up next saturday soul face kleevd lands again in first round of play yvs. >> good luck to them. "action news" continues at 1 11:30. "action news" continues at 1 11:30. the next
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>> well saturday night here's what's happening on "action news" 11:30 philadelphia police are looking for a person that stabdz a 21-year-old man to death on the 7300 block of revere street early this
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morning. thomas ewing was walking home from a bar someone got out of a pickup truck and stabbed anymore chest, shoulder and abdomen. it began when the victim yelled to the driver le was going wrong way on one way street. and republican candidate done called trump was dumped in atlanta today after he implied megan kelly posed a question in thursday's presidential debate because she was hormonal. first tonight pennsylvania top months cuter is officially on the other side of the law. attorney general kathleen kane was arraigned on several charges including felony personalry today. prosecute alleged kane leaked confidential information to a surprise last year and later lied about it under oath. officials say the 49-year-old democrat did it to restalliate against a former state prosecutor who made her look glad. bad bad.
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her attorney spoke pointing all holes in the state ace case against kane. >> it leaves out players and leaves out communications and it's really only a small part of the story. >> kane is free on 10,000 unsecured bail and will remain free as long as she did not intimidate or retaliation against any witnesses in the case which she was and indicate was back for preliminary hearing august 24. >> morning loss of 21-year-old man stabbed to death in northeast philadelphia in the 7300 block of revere street early this morning and thomas ewing was walking home if a bar and someone got out of a pickup truck and stabbed anymore had chest, abdomen chestier and the victim yelled to the driver he was going wrong way on one way treat. witnesses say said saw you and collapsed.
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>> i said something was wrong. he was down and i saw the kun kid give him cpr. and then he said, come on, come on, get up, get up. >> police have not made any arrests in this case. if you you have any information give them a call. >> philadelphia homicide detectives tell "action news" they're questioning three fwhem connection to another deadly stabbing overnight. this one happened 2700 block oakford grays ferry station. i man was stabbed once around the chest and pronounced dead at the scene so far no formal arrests have been made. >> dozens of philadelphia police officers road bikes today to remember a fallen police officer. the bike ride started at 10 this morning as philadelphia police academy and ended at living flame memorial at 6 and race street in northeast philadelphia. and the philadelphia fire department provided a fire truck with ladder extended overstate road with american flag. lieutenant shawn lynn took own life in february and before the
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race began organizers prevented lynn's family with american plaque to recognize his service to law enforcement. >> and spending the day being active to honor a fallen police officers in cobbs creek and this event was all about basketball. org nirzers want the morning they were playing in and remaimed after fallen police officer robert wilson the third said listen he was fatally shot during attempted robby in north philadelphia in march. >> new trauma done on the campaign trail courtsey of trump. he was disinvited to a big event after controversial comments that some labeled attack on women. devin dwire has more on donald's controversial remarks. >> uninvited and donald trump finding him safely kicked off the list at major summit with republican candidates. >> i don't want my daughter in the room with donald trump toj night so he's not invite the i'm sorry. >> legislative organizer eric
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ericston have the gop front runner come out because of the foxt he made about megan tellly during interview cnn ci. >> you could see blood onlying out of her" s and whenever. >> critics immediately poupsed saying she was. >> he tried to clarify saying whenever meant nose. and kelly had questioned trump about his treatment of women. >> you call women you don't like fat big, dogs, blobz. >> i have been nice tou but i probably could not be. >> gop can state quickly responded. carly on twitter saying many trump there is no excuse i stand with megan kelly and mike huckabee faced questions after speaking at the ritz. >> should mr. trump apologize? >> i'll have to leave that up
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to him. she's a person that is as smart as anybody i've ever known. >> your decision watt ingt right one. mr. trump should apologize. >> "abc news" learned key mroyl advisor is leaving trump's team. even in under wire. devin dwire, "abc news" even in under wire. devin dwire, "abc news" washington roger stone said he is leaving the campaign because me megan kelly took away from or message images and in gel county it wrapped up hours ago at father nail field in was land. it's okay to do srm are you for this employ. he's undergoing treatment, organizer raised $ 15,000 helps look pay for his recovery. >> so to come on action nupt tonight she was a business
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woman and he was biochemest and unless he gave it up to pursue your stream of drinking europe pen stable to the legal legal daily and he informed us and that's a hero without a home. a man who lived on streets explains what come tells years of teenager girls that definitely lead needed rescuin rescuing. >> sunshine, high of 87. what more do you wants. how about a reap. i have that for you and rain in the 7 day forecast. details on all of that when the 7 day forecast. details on all of that when "action news" continues.
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sxwlv app armed homeless man is credited with saving a life and ain that case fresno california a man and exgirlfriend got into a fight. witnesses says she pulled hevr out of the car and punched her unconscious and that's when the homeless man jumped in and rescued her. >> he probably would have killed her i have no doubt in my mind. he would not have stopped. he was -- she was out of it and he was still kicking her. >> and he says after an ambulance took the 19-year-old woman to the hospital the exboyfriend returned to the scene and shot him in the arm. both he and woman are expected to make a full recovery. >> turning now to weather. beautiful day for us. we are hoping for more of the same. >> it was georgous day today. and we've got a repeat for tomorrow. nice weather coming your way. let's start off with stromtracker double scan we're dry through the area and using double scan to track heavy rain coming up in a couple days. let's go on right now and take a quick look at must be number
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numbers. 7 in philadelphia exdew point 59. winds southeast at. barometric pressure rising he. let's go outside, sky6 looking live and hey they're roller skating in penn's landing i used to do that a lot when a was a kid. it's georgous out here tonight. mainly clear skies. satellite 6 and action radar showing high, thin clouds in the afternoon and evening and dissipating as that area of low pressure continues to kickoff the coastline and that'sive going us mainly clear skies. here's that low. it's also churning up the surech. we're sear four, five feet swells off the coastline and that's creating moderate risk of rip current and be careful if you head in the ocean. other than that rain staying off the clouds and nice looking weather for you. for tonight partly cloudy and nice and comfortable. dew point 59. anything below 60 don't feel humidity that's the case in over nights hours and tomorrow
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too. 69 we'll dip to in city and 60 suburbs with winds out of east about five to ten miles an hou hour. tomorrow gorgeous one, 86. you'll see lots of sunshine especially early on in the afternoon and evening like today we'll see clouds filling in. and there will be high, thin clouds and you get so see the sunshine throughout it. 86 comfortable this time of year. right about average. if you head down the shore enjoy it just heed your life guard's warnings. mostly sunny skies. light breeze, not too breezy, 76 for the high cool and beautiful and partly sunny skies will be a different story with the temperatures to make it up to 81 and nice and here in city high of 86 and that's how we get there by 8 a.m. bright sunshine and 7 degrees and 11 aek, still bright sunshine in afternoon hours. p.m., 8, by 5 p.m., 86. it's a gorgeous day.
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humidity is in check as well. so feeling pretty comfortable for you. let's take a look now at your exclusive accu wairm 7 day forecast. mostly sunny skies for sunday. high of 86 degrees feeling nice and comfortable and then non turns more humid. and we do have the chance for a thunderstorm at the end of the day. but the best chance for really heavy downpours and gusty thunderstorms is overnight monday early part of tuesday. you know what that's like when you get a wet tuesday morning commute. make yourself aware of that one. watch for heavy rain early on. high of 81. thunderstorm maybe at the imd of the day. wednesday we recover nicely. after the storm partly sunny, 84. slight chance for shower and thursday, sunny, cool, look at the temperature, 82. in the overnight hours, 64 in the city and friday we're really warming up though june up to 87 and back to average. it's a nice day and sunshine and clouds on saturday. it's a summer beauty. 89 degrees. we're counting down the few weekends that we have left in the summer season and it looks gorgeous and not only this
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weekend but the first part of next weekend look going too. >> i'm refusing to counts an anymore, thanks, karen. >> they met 20 years ago penn state and got married and worked in corporate world and one international taste inspires this west chester couple to save up sweat equity and start a business from scratch yummy one hand made in the delaware valley. alicia vitareli has their stor story. >> rowing the dough balls. >> husband and wife business partners an now full time bakesers and wafatiers. >> she was a business woman he was microbiologist but an bree aand drain quit the corporate world because of one special bite in belgium. >> this is a europe teen sweet treat for cementryes. people love. it when we got home we said these need to happen they need to come to states. >> these are not just any waffles they're belgium liage.
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>> say at the together. >> liage. >> sounds fancy. >> it's is fancy smansshy. >> they saved up and started tickering with recipes. >> these are night and poofy and lovely. >> and waffletopio was born. >> today they hand make each and every one from scratch and put it into the exchange for west chester. >> that makes it lovely and delicious that being imported belgium shared. >> this this is the original and they make a belgium chocolate duff. >> when you might in clock hat blitz. add to roster potential granite and. >> we teamed up with the brewing company and have two beer waffles welcome america. >> di mention maple bacon? >> just skip the see syrup not
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that they're against it. >> we don't need no stickin' sear up. > you can find waffle topia products at local markets, cafes, green i'll grocery in philadelphia and in fact they were just featured on great american food find hosted phillies food. more details on you on including sports, jeff porter tells us whether or not the phillies continue their hot tells us whether or not the phillies continue their hot streak when activity continues
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>> of it was a pawty i was not being prong but like dog paw first pool pawty fund raidsing events. pairs up for intense training. it featured swimsuit contest and trick workshops and differ demo. >> i want to see which dog would the suit contest. >> dog days of smrer not with the phillies. too bad the season deposit start a few weeks ago. since the break they have the best record in baseball and keep it going tonight in san diego. herrera counts first three runs in the third. second rbi single of night. padres within one late. in the eighth how about insurance. chase utley back in leadoff spot. gets into swing ever things. second double of the night average up to 185 and next
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batter hernandez down the right field line. phils up 4-2 in the in my in my opinionth now with two out and trying to improve 15-5 since the all star break. all right, football demarco murray first place in 68 years to switch teams after leading nfl in rubbing. he's in, out, in, out, looks who is back. demarco eagles training camp after missing time the last couple days with illness. tight end zach ertz returning and banked up and quarterback sam bradford is getting comfortable. it means nothing until he faces pass rush in season. protecting bradford key. they're unsure who blaze right guard. each julianne vapder developed are fighting for that one spot. >> you want it done sooner than later but it's the right guy in the right fit. we're giving everybody ample
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opportunity. this say huge difference between training sessions. and with that evaluation won't be made. >> trying to bounce back after tear ago killyes last season. ryan says feels great. he's upbeat against the d. and they've upgraded and guys like kiko a alando still recovering chip yes is stacked at linebacker. >> it's comforting to know he we have the wallty of depth we have now. which is something we don't find most often. there's a drop-off last year. we cannot handle a drop-off at the position. we have to have guys that can -- if somebody goes down we have to have guys to step up and get the job done.
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>> eagles will hold another on practice at the linc. gates on 10. eva we'll see you there. >> castle is next here on "channel 6 action news" continues at 6 tomorrow morning now for walter perez, melissa magee, karen rogers, jeff porter, he's running here really fast. i'm eva pilgrim, have a good really fast. i'm eva pilgrim, have a good night, guys, there
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