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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  August 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this saturday, august 15. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." an 18-year-old and 9-year-old become victims of gun violence while sitting on the front porch of a delaware county home. the deadline is quickly approaching for those to file claims for super-storm sandy related issues. plus, the return of heat and humidity, how hot will it get in accuweather? chris sowers joins us with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we're getting hot and humidity in spades. >> reporter: today is not that bad, last week we were topping
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out at 90 degrees, it was a comfortable 90. there was no humidity. today will be similar to that. tomorrow, temperatures are up a few more degrees. humidity starts to increase. today is a comfortable 90. there's the view over the ben franklin bridge. all is quiet on this saturday morning. quakertown doesn't feel too warm up there, 61. 60 in tanersville. 62 in saint davids. pottstown, 63. gandys beach, 68. glassboro, 67. cinnaminson checking in at 66 degrees. ocean water temperature right now if you're down the shore and have a nice day relaxing on the sand, the ocean water temperature is 76 degrees, that's like batting water. noticing going on, huge high pressure system sitting over the mid atlantic states. lunchtime, 80 degrees, facebook facebook -- maybe a few puffy come will you say clouds that's
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about -- cumulus clouds that's about it. here's how many 90 degrees we've had. atlantic city, 22. wilmington, 12 -- philadelphia, 22, atlantic city, 1, reading 12 and wilmington 9. police are looking for the shooting of two victims who were sitting on the porch of their home. the 818 yrlt was hit in the food. -- the 18-year-old was hit in the food the 9-year-old was grazed they are in stable condition in the hospital. chopper 6 hd was above a fire in trenton last night that left a 22-year-old woman in
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critical condition. the five homes were destroyed leaving 13 people homeless. a woman who was celebrating her 22nd birthday was severely burned and in critical condition. a firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. fire officials are looking for what may have sparked that blaze. >> we're here at the "action news" big board taking a look at the countdown until pope francis arrives in philadelphia for the world meeting of families, 42 days, 3 hours 11 minutes, counting down the seconds here, city officials are making preparation around the clock for the pontiff's visit. for those who live in the city, decisions on parking are not sitting well. "action news" reporter, trish hartman complains. >> reporter: in northern liberties many park on the street with unlabeled spots with no time limit. with the pope coming next month
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some say they will stick it out, but others. >> i'm going to my boyfriends. >> reporter: traffic boxes go into effect fridayseptember 25t. those who live outside the boxes fear their precious parking space will disappear. >> two weeks before i'm going torched a spot and leave it there. >> reporter: city officials say a secure vehicle zone within the black outline will require all vehicles to be removed from the street on thursday september 24. logan square pizza and gill is inside the zone, there will be no delivers and simple menu. >> we'll serve cheese steaks fries and pizza. >> reporter: employees are making arrangements for what will be a busy weekend. >> i'm lucky enough that i have
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a friend who lives across the street from my job, he'll be out of the city so i'll be housesitting for her. >> we're based in fairmont. we're trying to decide based on on the perimeters that are being established if we can run bike tours. >> if you live near the restricted areas, the best bet is to find a parking spot for the car and leave it for the weekend. >> reporter: residents in the secure zone will receive notice about removing their vehicles in the near future. trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." >> transit passes go on sale today, if you plans to -- if you plan to use new jersey transit pass, there will be a limited number of tickets available. you will need them to ride the atlantic city or river line
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trains which will be operating at certain stops. "action news" is in argentina gathering stories from the place where pope france was born and raised. jim gardner will start a series of live reports from buenos aires 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. fbi is helping philadelphia as they search for a serial bank robber. this is surveillance video of the alleged bank robber who hit twice in a week. fbi officials say he walked into the citizens bank on cottman avenue yesterday and handed the teller a. note. monday, the same robber held up the pnc in montgomery county. nobody was hurt in either holdup. taking aim at mail boxes n
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tallxford road and sumneytown pike. >> they came in the neighborhood and check mail boxes that people put out for pick up. >> they open it up they are looking for identification cash, things like that. >> police are urging residents to check their statements for discrepancies. watch what else left out in the mail or trash can. presidential candidates are pouring into iowa, the site of the first caucuses in the race for the white house. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton and donald trump will appear both hold leads in the iowa poll. several other presidential
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hopefuls on both sides are in iowa for the state fair. the economy are foremost on the minds of the potential voters in iowa. donald trump will be taking a break from campaigning so he can return to manhattan to serve jury duty. the new york daily news reports that trump has ignored 5 jury summons since 2005 and was find. he plans to honor this notice. thousands of cubans lined the streets to watch the flag go up at the newly opened embassy in havana chanting you you -- u. a. secretary of state john kerry was there for the ceremonial
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flag raising saying the u.s. a talks will start neck -- next month. this man came from cuba 20 years, he said his native country needs america's help. >> it's a very poor country they need u.s. companies and tourists people who can use the money for the benefit of my people. >> the cuban flag does not fly on the benjamin franklin parkway, the mayor's office is hoping to change that soon. some local firefighters are heading west to battle wildfires. 20 firefighters are leaving to take on fires in organ, montana and idaho. -- oregon, montana and idaho.
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the trucks are designed to get water into remote areas. three years later, super-storm sandy punch is still being felt in new jersey. the federal emergency management agency is asking new jersey residents to submit sandy related claims by september 15. claims sent in after that date will be considered. it's part of a compromise after state lawmakers filed an extension call (866)337-4262. a new recall this morning, we'll tell you which cars are on the list. also ahead, plans for one carrier to keep costs down. plus, no tee town at the pga championship, strong storms wreak havoc for golfers. home you enjoyed the comfortable weather, because we've got a heat wave on the way. details in the seven-day
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before little kids cobecome big kids.ce and celebrate our 35th birthday with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. buy your 2016 pass now and get the rest of 2015 free. sesame place. ♪ go before they grow. teed off on the golf course, a strong storm knocked down the leaderboard in wisconsin. the damaged-delayed play goes until this morning. that should be a good one all the top leaders in golf everybody is watching are doing well. >> reporter: you get the big tennis tournments, the golf tournments when the people you want to see are not in the top leader leaderboard, but whose
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this guy, but everybody is doing really well. it should be a good weekend if you like golf, especially. cape may, it's quiet we have the slightest breeze, it is comfortable, you can see the seagulls flying around. it's going to heat up in the second half of the weekend. double scan live crystal clear, we'll keep it that way, but there's a slight chance of a pop-up shower in the poconos. very brief if you see it at all. wind are light out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour. that will heat things up as we get into sunday. today we'll probably crack 90 degrees, with the low humidity it will feel okay. tomorrow that changes. poconos 60. sea isle city, closing in on # # -- 70 degrees. sunday will be higher than the 58 point that's shown. you get the idea it will be more humidity as we progress along.
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nothing outrageous. low 60s, slightly humid. 65, 66, slightly unbearable. 70s like new orleans. that's not expected in the next five or six days. it will be be more humid, bus stop not too bad. high pressure out to the west is in control that will dominate the pattern. the unfortunately it is a heat pump high. it heads out to sea and we have a heat wave on our hands. it's a system that sits over the lonestar state of texas. it is bringing heat along with it. from orlando into the garden state of new jersey, you feel feel the effects of this as we get into next week with high temperatures in the low to mid 90s. here's the heat indices, we're forecasting a high of 90 degrees. heat index will peek out around 89. it will be a degree cooler than the air temperature which means there's not much in the way of
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humidity. for sunday same thing we'll top out around 92, 93, the heat index will be a degree cooler than the actual air temperature. monday, high temperature around 91, 92. with feels-like temperatures of a degree cooler than the actual air temperature. the humidity comes up a little bit, mostly sunny in the lehigh valley. 89 degrees, if you have outdoor plans keep yourself hydrated. take frequent breaks. 84 degrees, there will be a slight sea breeze kicking in later on, it will be slight. the temperatures will be nice and toasty on the stand. 90 for philadelphia. wind out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the way the daybreaks down. lots of sunshine throughout the day here. puffy cumulus clouds that's about it. don't forget to apply the sunscreen if you're outdoors. snoop dog that's the headliner
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for musikfest this evening, in the lehigh valley kicks off around 9:00. partly cloudy and warm, temperatures in the mid 70s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast take your pick the entire time it is hot, it becomes increasingly more humid starting tomorrow, but not too bad. mostly sunny, today, 90 degrees, sunday, hot and humid, 93. it will feel like a degree cooler than the actual air temperature. but gotten it's going to be high, the average high is 86. we're talking about 7 degrees warmer than the average. the entire time we're stuck in the 90s. next weekend looks like 95, 96 stuffer. >> we're not getting away from this. >> reporter: maybe the following monday we getaway from it. but you've got a good seven to ten days here. >> settle in. thanks, chris. the smooth sounds of jazz filled the area last night in south philadelphia. ♪ this is part of penns landing's
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smooth jazz summer night series, all these smooth jazz concerts are free and open to the public.
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a recall 85,000, 200 distance. an electric problem could cause the car to shift into newt
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neutral. americans living in rentals are spending a third of their income on housing. landlords have increased rent because demands for apartments remain high. homeownership in the u.s. has fallen to the lowest level in 50 years as strict lending standards and tight inventories keep many in rentals. airlines says don't call us, the airline has limited it's toll free serve customer service number. it is part of a cost-cutting move by frontier as it converts to the low cost carrier model. that means outsourcing baggage
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handing and customer service reservation jobs. consideration
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everyone, 6:24 saturday morning, you're looking at satellite and radar. we have a huge area of high pressure coming out of the heartland of the nation. this will continue to drift east over the next several days. it's a heat pump high, as the drifts east it will strengthen, that means a lot of heat up and down the eastern sea breeze. 90 degrees everyday. shore forecast, sunny and warm, comfortable, humidity levels in check. the winds are out of the southwest it's a slight land breeze, but they will shift in a southerly direction. in areas that will be a seaside.
6:25 am
case in point, atlantic city. 84 in avalon. cape may, 84. rehoboth beach and bethany, 86. the rip current risk is low, a low risk is not a no risk. you have to be caution. winds out of the southwest at 10, seas 2 to 3 feet. sports chase utley is at the center of trade talks and the eagles make their call on sam bradford for tomorrow's preseason opener. here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: we'll have to wait for one more week to see sam bradford in game action. he is being held out tomorrow. they insist he is not hurt and has not had a set back with his surgically repaired knee. bradford said he is disappointed, but he inside.
6:26 am
>> it's fun to play real football again, it is a little bit disappointing, but i'm excited about the opportunity next week. >> we've back and forth i make the final call, he'll be be able to play,. >> any opportunity is great, you have to make the most of it, that's what we're all trying to do. >> reporter: zack ertz will mills preseason, he had a groin injury, eagles are confident he'll be ready for regular season. in buffalo, last night former eagles lesean mccoy made his debut. he got 16 yards in 16 carries. marcus mariota is he the
6:27 am
one ho got away? not a good showing. his own incompletion, he has a costly fumble that leads to a tusm -- touchdown, eagles fans will be following his career rather closely. chase utley is in milwaukee with the phillies. he has not been traded is of yet. but a half dozen teams made offers. utley went 4 for 5. utley has the average up to 208. brewers in the third, inning strange play here. fly to right center, two collide. the catcher made the tag from second base and comes around to score. phillies lose 3-1. that's a look at sports this morning, i'm ducis rogers, you have yourself a terrific weekend!
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>> and labron james didn't go to college, but he wants to make sure hundreds of i couldn't think stories from his hometown in ohio will. he he is paying for their education. his family foundation will grant full college scholarships to 200 children in ai don't know -- ai don't akron, ohio. he bypassed college to play in the nba. >> several homes in trenton are
6:29 am
6:30 am
destroyed, a resident rushed to the hospital in critical condition after a four-alarm fire. a montgomery county restaurant is damaged after a fire sparked inside. and a driver is dead after a freak accident at a central pennsylvania speedway. 6:30, let's start with meteorologist chris sowers, first with the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: hot hot hot. >> are you getting bored saying that. >> reporter: really, it is a very simple forecast if you love the heat you'll be happy. if you don't like the heat you'll not be happy. it's a lot of 90s in the seven-day forecast. as we look live on sky 6. you can see the battleship new jersey, it's a beautiful morning around the delaware valley. low humidity levels. you can actually tell, we have a
6:31 am
little bit of haze, it is slight, if you look at the water there's barely a ripple, the winds are calm, as well. we have an air quality alert, if you suffer from asthma, this will be a lay where you want to limit the amount of time you spend outdoors or limit the amount of activities that you take part in outdoors today because of the air plootion pollution that's in the atmosphere. if you get the area of high pressure that sits over top you, the air sinks, all the pollute anlts in -- pollutants in the atmosphere sit over you. lots of sunshine out there, don't forget to ray ply the sunscreen. 88 degrees by 1:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., 90 degrees, just a few fair-weather puffy cumulus
6:32 am
clouds. the union play at ppl park a 7:30 start time, temperatures dropping into the upper 70s. this morning, authorities are trying to figure out what sparked a massive four-alarm fire in trenton that critically burned a woman on her 22nd birthday. chopper 6 over the 200 block of hills place. the fire destroyed five homes and left 13 people displaced. a 22-year-old woman suffered critical burns. officials have not said how the fire started. a woman who lives nearby said she heard a loud boom and saw a flash of light. >> i saw everybody screaming and kicking in doors and windows, a little girl came outside and her body was on fire. >> a number of fire companies including one from bucks county were called out to help because of water issues. crews had a hard time accessing the alley here. the stay with "action news" and
6:33 am for the latest developments. crews from more than ten fire companies battled this blaze in montgomery county. chopper 6 over the italian restaurant on the 700 block of south broad street in lansdale. the fire broke out before 10:00 p.m. flames quickly consumed the restaurant, as well as apartments on the top floor. it took three hours to get the fire under control. it is not clear how it started, nobody was hurt. a penns landing hotel became a big crime scene after a large amount of drugs were found. philadelphia police converged on the hilton and took four men into custody. sharrie williams has exclusive video. >> reporter: it's a sight that doesn't happen often, at least not here. police swarm the popular hilton hotel along penns landing. >> we could see the lights from a few blocks away. >> reporter: sources tell "action news" that a hotel
6:34 am
employee spotted suspicious items in one of the rooms. philadelphia police were called into to investigate and say they found a large amount of drugs and loaded weapon. >> 3 1/2 kilos of alleged cocaine what appears to be cocaine packed in a kilo-type form. ascertain loaded semi -- and a loaded semi automatic handgun. >> reporter: police waited for the owners of the room to return and then they took them down. >> i thought it was a concert or crowd control for the harbor park. >> i think it is great community here, it's a cool spot to hang out in philly. it happens everywhere. >> reporter: the investigation isn't over, police say they are working to acquire a search warrant to go inside that hotel room. meantime we are being told, four guys, four men are being held and questioned. along penns landing, sharrie
6:35 am
williams channel 6 "action news." >> police are looking for three men on atvs in connection with a shooting in kensington. a 29-year-old man was shot in the 2900 block of d-street. 3 men rode up at 8:30, one man pulled a gun and fired and hitting one man in the backen and they took off. >> the 29-year-old victim is in temple hospital in critical condition. it is unknown whether he will survive the gunshot wound. police say there's a nearby business with surveillance cameras that capture the entire incident. simmering tensions turned to assault when one woman attacked another with a frying pan. the fight sent a woman to the hospital and another to jail. it happened on the 2300 block of notaries street yesterday. police say the -- of north reese street yesterday.
6:36 am
the argument was over an ipad. james campbell junior died after his car hit a wall and caught fire on the williams grove speedway in cumberland county. campbell was from feasterville. the speedway canceled the rest of the race and all of today's events. officials don't most what caused a small plane to crash in allentown injuring the pilot. police rushed to the scene of the little lehigh creek west of the i-78 overpass. an experimental plane crashed in 6 to 8 feet of water. the pilot was rushed to the hospital conscious, but hurt, no word on his injuries. people from all over the world will be traveling to philadelphia in just a few weeks for the world meeting of families and the historic pope francis visit.
6:37 am
officials have improved wi-fi and more color to tiles in the bathroom. old signage has been replaced. of 900 staff members are getting a refresher course on how to help stressed out travelers. the goal is to solve problems. >> even if they don't find the luggage, at least that person knows that the folks care about them. >> reporter: holiday size crowds are expected at the airport during the week of the pope's visit. if you're planning to take the nj transit trains when the pope is here, you'll need a special pass. they go on sale today at noon. 4,140 tickets are available each day. you'll need them to ride atlantic city or river line trains that will be operating at certain stops. remember visit our special pope channel at you can see the security perimeter maps and other road
6:38 am
closures in detail and get more information on the transportation situation on septa and new jersey transit. still much more to come on "action news" this saturday morning. the story how dr. drey and ice cube got their start in the music industry. we'll have the story straight out of compton next. firefighters deal with heat and fires in california. chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment. hey, mom and dad! hey, kiddo!
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get to a better state. are battling a wild tbier that broke out -- wildfire that broke out yesterday afternoon north of los angeles. it drove it into 800 acres of brushy ridges. 40 people have been evacuated. hundreds are battling the flames in 100-degree heat. so far two cabins have burned. >> they are dealing with dry conditions out there. >> reporter: it is getting dry around here, as well. as a matter of fact the u.s. drought monitor has put mercer county and points north in north an central jersey back in the drought risk again. we need rain around, we don't have much of it in the seven day forecast. we'll show you a couple of sky
6:42 am
6s. 70 degrees, dewpoint, 73. that number will drop off during the day. same thing in cape may, 65 will come down. present temperature reading, 65. beautiful sunrise. tanersville getting into the 60s. quakertown, 61. pottstown, 63. oxford, 60. kennett square, 62. geabdz -- gandys beach, glassboro, 66. avalon, 70 degrees. it feels slightly humid with the dewpoints, again the range in between 60 and 63. the numbers will come down during the afternoon only to go back up into the slightly humid category sunday and higher monday and beyond. satellite and radar, here's a
6:43 am
look at how quiet it is across the mid atlantic. across the entire county is a huge dome of high pressure. it acts like a block almost like on a football field. you can't go through it, you have to go around. there's the jet into canada. all the storm systems pull to the north. the entire lower 48 is quiet. we're getting into peak hurricane season nothing going on. if you're vacationing in the bahamas or jamaica or someplace in the carribean there's nothing to talk about. it is very, very quiet. vacations looking good right now. heat indices not much of a factor. today it will be a degree lower than the air temperature. tomorrow, a degree higher or lower than the air temperature. the humidity levels are on the fence. they are not that impressive at
6:44 am
all. same things for monday, humidity goes up a little bit, we've dealt with worse than this. low 90s. we had a heat wave earlier. we can handle 90 to 98. that's not a big -- there's a slight chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. sunday, sunny and warm, high of 85. the jersey shore looks delightful. what a weekend it will be. last week it was beautiful. lots of sun today, 84. warm and humid, sunday, 85. humidity increasing during the second half of the weekend. 9 on0 in philadelphia. wilmington, 87. allentown, 89. slightly more humid than yesterday, but, again, not that bad. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a ton of 90s out there. 93 hot and humid tomorrow. if you're heading to lincoln financial field eagles colt
6:45 am
game, keep hydrated with water not beer. 93 is 93. it's easy to overdue it. monday, hot and humid, 93. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, look at all the 90s and no rain. there's a slight chance of a thunderstorm here and there. but most of us stay dry. >> beer might be liquid, but it does not count. >> reporter: water or gatorade. >> one for one people. great music filled the air at the philadelphia folks festival schwenksville montgomery county down at the old pouhl farm. arrest low guthrie performed and there was a film screening of his hit alices restaurant. there will be live radio broadcasts as well, it's a beloved three day event in montgomery county.
6:46 am
there was smooth vibe with the caribbean night last night on the parkway. 93 sphwhrienltdz gliewblghtsz
6:47 am
gliecialghtsdz glienchth glienltsdz. >>
6:48 am
>> check it out, i love that this guy plays tennis every saturday pretty much about the same time. he is getting better look at him, hitting the ball on the back wall. >> reporter: above the white line. >> he is doing good, look at him. 72 degrees, he is out there it's going to be hot later today. 90s for the week. kordell wallace quit the
6:49 am
bruins football telling the coaches wants to pursue a career in film production. the royals are telling the paparazzi to back occupy, -- bak off, saying they are going too far snapping pictures. the royal family sent a letter to the media group asking them not to pay for unauthorized photos of prince george. there's something or everyone at the movie theaters, karen rogers takes a look at what's new at the box office. >> reporter: we've got new films just coming out. first up we have the man from uncle. it's an action comedy spy film based on on the 1960s series of the same way. >> you looking at it?
6:50 am
>> yes. >> you have just one hand on the steering wheel. you hear something drive. >> reporter: the two agents must put their heads together to stop a criminal organizations that's working to pro live rate nuclear weapons. they must find the daughter of a missing scientist who they must fine soon to prevent a catastrophe. straight out of compton the group mwa and the five young men who revolutionized music. you're crewing down the street. -- cruising down the street.
6:51 am
>> reporter: the film shows controversy about life in the hood in southern los angeles. >> i want to take the kids to see this one, underdog, a film of a young boy trying to save the day. >> we're going to help. >> reporter: jake is a shy talented player his love of the game is rival by free spirited laura. he beats the town bully flash in a game. flash returns as the world's best soccer player. the toy figures come to life to save his hometown and his girl. you can find out where any of these films are playing by using
6:52 am
your internet-ready cell phone or tablet. have fun at the movies, karen rogers channel 6 "action news." >> william williams is self described as an. williams was born in philadelphia and lived most of her life in massachusetts. nt of.
6:53 am
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. >> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:54 saturday morning, time for the travel forecast, we'll start you out with satellite and radar. the jet stream the storm track is running through the packed
6:55 am
northwest into canada. this is where all the storms will stay over the next several days. the heat pump high continues to build over the heartland of the nation. as long as the high pressure is in control. the air tends to sink. it's difficult to see showers when the air mass is sinking. there can thunderstorms across the high plains places like bismarck, north dakota which will top out at 100 degrees. they could see a strong thunderstorm. really, it's a small area across the united states. a lot of area stays dry. major hubs, dry, logan, 70 degrees, midway and o'hare temperatures in the upper 60s. >> do you like the look of wood planked walls, but overwhelmed by the cost and time that goes into it? the designers the knock it off have a way to get it.
6:56 am
>> reporter: wood plank walls are a great way to bring wood into a room. check out this trick for planks in a modern line streamed bedroom. when i think out west, cabin there's wood tones in it. >> we're going to use mds that's the cheapest on the block. i prepainted it in the same color as the wall. here's an 8-inch plank we'll skip 8 inches and go down, the eye will think there's wood in both spots, but it's the wall. >> you like it? >> i love it. >> push in, pull the gun. where they pursue meet there will be a seam. >> i think it looks well looks like it is set in deerm instead of flush -- deeper instead of
6:57 am
flush planks. >> reporter: if we planked the entire room with high-end wood would be a thousand dollars him but using this idea it costs 80 bucks. tune into knock it off sunday night at 7:00 p.m. on the live well network. have a window bench you would like to have covered, but the and he knows is giving you pause, the designers show you how to do it less for 50 bucks. the stage is set for a big music weekend in atlantic city put on by live nation. nick jonas and maroon five. it provides a boost for hotels and parking lots and other nearby businesses. here's stories we're working on for you, last at her is the best medicine, we have proof, plus a lobster, we'll
6:58 am
explain what this giant crustation is made of. those stories and more when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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7:00 am
violence while sitting on the front porch. delaware county home. the deadline is quickly approaching for those who need to file claims for super-storm sandy related issues. plus, the return of heat and humidity this weekend, details on how hot it will get from accuweather. meteorologist chris sowers he is outside in the heat and humidity, not quiet too hot and humid. >> reporter: it feels okay out here right now. the humidity increases tomorrow. today we'll top out around 90 degrees, it will be a comfortable 90 degrees with dpoinlts in the 50s. -- dewpoints in the 50s. 63 in tanersville. 60 in quakertown. 66 in warrington. center city the warm spot this morning, 70. cinnaminson, 65. glassboro, 66. gandys beach 67 and avalon 69. here's satellite and radar, as you can see there's not too much


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