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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> and further north a dangerous rescue off the jersey shore. crews facing pounding waves to shore. crews facing pounding waves to reach a strandede
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>> children were juneing into fountains and children enjoying ice cream and doing thinking they can ta stay cool. >> big story on "action news" is the heat. it will get hotter tomorrow and we'll likely have another august heat wave. >> meteorologist melissa magee at the big board with steamy accuweather forecast, melissa. >> sarah, walter, all we need is three straight days with temperatures in the 90s and this will be heat wave number four for summer season. we'll have more on that in a moment. definitely hot once again today across the delaware and lehigh valley. high today in city 93. 92 atlantic city for high today and 91 for both allentown and trenton at this hour and wilmington high temperature coming in 92. still pretty warm at this 11:00 hour with that stiff southerly wind. 79 in city and 79 allentown and lehigh valley and poconos 67 along the dmooingt sea isle city and boardwalk in beach
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haven that number holding 75. check out the dewpoint. it's a legal of moisture in the air. earlier today dew point in upper 50s. relatively comfortable this time of year. right now humid. if you were to step outside you could feel the difference in spike in humidity. any time you have dew points numbers in upper 60s approaching 70 it is humid, if not down right oppress any some locations and unfortunately that humid air stick ago around tomorrow. how hot will it feel. slightly humid, dew points 60 to 6 aa5. we'll talk about what to expect for the week ahead. hot and sticky with a bit of hot stretch on the way. potentially heat wave number four we'll talk about numbers in full and exclusive accuweather forecast. sending it back your way sarah. >> rights now looking live in atlantic city and boardwalk in sky6hd highly anticipated maroon five concert wrapped up and people are out enjoying a night on the boardwalk.
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in is what it looked like a few hours ago. a sea of people packed the beach for big show. you could not even see the san sand. concert was part of ongoing effort to boost struggling local economy. "action news" reporter jeff chirico live with more. hey, jeff is. >> hey, sarah. you know thiss with a concert that happened on the beach. maroon 5 is not even touring but made a special appearance here in ac. now this is second summer in a row that atlantic city has hosted a concert on the beach all in an effort to change its image♪ baby i'm playing on you tonight♪ maroon 5 on ac beach 50,000 fans coming to see the band and adam lavine. in a town trying to reinvent it itself as family friendly destination. >> i would not be here if it were not for the concert. >> we're here for the concert
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specifically. >> town is jammed and hotel room sold-out. >> the concert is expected to have economic impact in excess of 24 million more importantly it introduces visitors to a changing city and it lost 12 of 4 casinos. >> we're here to diversify economy and show people a great, great time and spectacular show. >> while many enjoyed concert there were problems. somewhere treated for apparent heat-related medical issues and numerous others left early complaining they paid for upgraded tickets but crowds get them from getting to their section. >> we are trying to get through and can't. we're trampled by people. security is not directing us and we can't get through. >> sabrina smith of northeast philadelphia says the section for those with disabilities was three blocks to from the stage. >> i cannot see anything even screen that they're showing band on i didn't see anything.
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>> now alliance spokesperson tells me they're going to address these issues with the concert promoter live nation but overall this concert seems to be a huge success. the police telling me there were zero arrests. live in atlantic city, jeff chirico, "channel 6 action news." >> from the delaware newsroom two people are recovering after the driver of a stolen vehicle crashed into them 3:30 intersection of fourth and pat knoll street in wilmington and investigators say during the chase the stolen vehicle ran into several cars and after the driver crashed one person inside the vehicle ran off. police were able to arrest the other. a bit of good news here, police were able to reunite one of the victims with their dog that ran away after the crash. >> new details tonight about a hit-and-run that injured a 6-year-old girl in northeast philadelphia. police are now identified 2 27-year-old mark edwards as driver who hit the young girl
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last night here in the 6600 block of sylvester street. she's facing several charges including criminal mischief and edwards crashed into three parked cars before hitting the girl. he tried to take off on foot and police arrested him a short time later. the young girl was treated for broken bones. >> the eagles are back on the field and it's just what anxious fans wanted to see. bird beat the colts at the linc 36-10 hopefully a a sign of what is to come. annie mccormick spent the day with the fans as she joins us live in south philadelphia. annie. >> walter, who is not pumped up. football season is here and eagles fans excited there was a win during today's preseason game and excited that for the first time they're able to see some newest eagle on the field. they're able to see what they can bring to the game. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> at chickie's and pete's sunday nights fans are talking about the eagles preseason win
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over indianapolis colts. >> i'm so excited for the season. >> it was minimum of caution and confidence postgame. >> i guess i have to wait a couple weeks until i see how my fantasy is going and i think they'll be pretty good this year. >> it was awesome. few, fantastic, everything was fast paced and i running like they do. they are the best offense in the league. it's what it is. >> today some newly acquired birds got to show their stuff and team ended with a sweet victory of 36-10. >> we got see a lot of different players and they look good. >> i definitely enjoyed tim tebow getting up touchdown. there tim tebow. >> tim tebow gotten is it aing ovation and a touchdown. first round draft pick nelson agoular impressed with the touchdown too. somewhere dispoyptded murray and bradford were out. ahead of the game tailgaters got dust off grills and we new old traditions. >> festivities everybody
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everyone looks forward to. >> aft game the discussion turned to reality check and while this is kickoff to the season for us, it's still a tryout for some of the players. >> you have all this talent and everybody is trying to make a play for themselves. and got to get rid of a lot of guys yet. so who can we keep? >> yeah practices resume this week. it will have to be during the heat wave. maybe the heat is good luck since they did so well today. they will play the ravens next week. reporting in south philadelphia annie mccormickp "channel 6 action news" walter. >> so far so good thank you annie. jeff skversky breaks down the final qb spot and meanwhile head to for full recap of the eagles preseason opener you can see photos from the game and read game analysis from espn reporters. >> "action news" has new
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information tonight about the swimmer who died last night in schuylkill near manayunk. a friend was watching the 52-year-old man swim on his back and soon lost sight of him off venice eye landch the victim showed no signs of being disstresd. after 25 minutes people on the shore started calling 911 and police recovered the swimmer's body an hour later. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight new pictures show a dramatic rescue off the jersey shore. >> and "action news" has new information about what caused yesterday's outage and massive flight delays. melissa. >> and sarah, you might have slow downs due to heat and oppressive humidity on the way for the rest of the week. we'll let you know if we're close to heat wave number four for the summer season. details in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you melissa. jeff skversky has all your eagles highlights and sports jeff skversky has all your eagles highlights and sports when "action news" comes right
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>> these new pictures show first responders rescuing three people strappeded on fishing boat off the jersey shore and it happened friday night in spring lake. officials say the boat ran aground on jetty ape waves rocked 21 foot vessel we're told one person on the boat suffered a serious head injury and no one else was hurt. they areg the boat's operator and arrested him for boating while intoxicated. he's thomas mc beginly of toms river. >> three people are recovering in the hospital after the hot air balloon name contact with overhead lines. the pilot safely landed but when he start ready he leasing air the balloon blew over on to the power lines. all three victims suffered serious burn injuries from electricity. faa is investigating the case. >> all day people are honoring memory of civil rights pioneer
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julianne bond. he pass away last night in4 florida after a illness. he served as founding president of southern poverty law center in 197 0s and forefront of civil rights move nment 1960s protesting for equal rights for african americans and today please obama released this statement reading julianne bond helped change this country for the better and what better way to be remembered than that. julianne bond was 75 years ol old. >> flight delays across the northeastern part of country a software upgrade in leesburg virginia may be culprit. the new features installed during the upgrade were disabled until the investigation is complete. >> still to come on "action news" tonight a police officer's wild rescue in middle of a river in new jersey. >> and meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather forecast 7 day magee has the exclusive accuweather forecast 7 day forecast.
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>> recipients n and families raising awareness f organ donation of the kidney transplant program. one man has been waiting for a new kidney two years now. he's grateful for support he's received through the transplant program. >> if i live wondering when is this or that that's living in prison without bars and i trust god for whatever happens. >> transplant recipients were there sharing stories how receiveing a transplant changed their lives. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. yesterday was hot but you deposit really feel. it today you felt it. >> dewpoint numbers and humidity increasing and that's the case as we get to the day monday. it's heat.
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there's also humidity. we show you stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you it's dry, quiet. no issues with precipitation. all this weekend thanks to this dominating ridge of high pressure and rim of high pressure stays put for start of the workweek on monday. we'll show you picture outside. the action cam was outside earlier tonight there in center city looking up at city hall underneath that a mostly clear sky. you can see the flowers gently blowing in the wind. we have southwesterly breeze pumping in all of the warmth and humidity at this shower. just one day away from making this an official heat wave in fact heat wave number four of summer season yesterday's high 91. today we climbed up to 93. we need one more day with temperatures in 90s and we have to wait and see what numbers look like as we get into the day monday. with that southerly wind 79 city at this hour and 80 reading and 79 allentown lehigh valley and up in the poconos 67 along the coast and 75 this tomorrow will be a nice place to beat the heat and humidity
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with that south facing wind. you will into an afternoon seabreeze. temperatures on the coast will not be as warm as inland locations. here's satellite 6 and action radar not a lot to talk about right now from new england down to cross the mid-atlantic region with dry conditions an mostly clear sky and dominating ridge of high pressure. we're building heat and tracking it over the next several days. this heat pump to the south is happened to the return flow. it's hazy, hot and humid and more than lickly that is heat wave number four in philadelphia. so it's all about the numbers. future tracker 6 has you covered as you wake up tomorrow morning. 6:00 in the morning it's a warm start. 71 in city and 68 allentown tomorrow morning and 70 down the coast. there in wildwood all advance this weekend trying to tap into the hot southwesterly wind streaming north ward. 91 degrees at:30 tomorrow afternoon and will more than likely get hotter than that by day's end. the call from accuweather for
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the morning rush sunshine and clouds and you notice humidity tomorrow. 6 a.m., 74. 77 at 8:00 tomorrow morning. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast high tomorrow, 95. near records in city. record 96 setback on this date. on tuesday humid with thunderstorm around and 9 with moisture streaming into the region and wednesday, same thing holds true. popup shower or thunderstorm that heat sticks around, high of 90. thursday is questionable tracking a cold front that moves through. high of 9 0. if we get more showers and storms that come into the area we'll more than likely have to bump this temperature down to upper 80s. nonetheless the heat and humidity will be on. it's about the timing in this cold front that moves lieu late this nurse and into into friday. clouds and sunshine. 90. saturday, eagles back at home at another preseason game. sunny, hot, temperature coming in at 89. stay hydrated tomorrow guys because the heat will make
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temperatures feel well above average tomorrow. >> thanks melissa. >> it took time it morning at the philadelphia zoo to contribute to the fight against melanoma. health reporter ali gorman was among those taking part in miles for melanoma 5 k. hundred president were raising money in education for skin cancer. fox chase experts were there as well offering free skin cancer screenings and melanoma on the rise across the u.s. especially screenings and melanoma on the rise across the u.s. especially among younger people.
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accurate. nearly over throws nelson agoular. he grabs it and scores. the rookie a touchdown. battling for third job barkley looks sharp and throws 200 yards. setp a score. end of half. chip kelly has to like this from former player oregon. trying to make the team as fourth running back and special teams player. how about the run, runs for score and runs it back to 92 yard punt return. eagles up 20 at the half. 3rd quarter tebow time. he doesn't throw for touch down. but runs this in in fourth. eagles win 6-10. will chip hand tebow a roster spot. only time will tell. jamie apody has more. >>. >> it was everything we hoped a first preseason game would be. plenty of entertainment from bottom roster guys plague their
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all to make this team. in end 36-10 eagles for the win all around. >> to be back in the stadium and hear the fans and go through the whole drill again it was nice to just get things going and nice it's almost september and can't come fast enough. >> something i've never seen a crowd this into a preseason came. it's not often you see fans on feet in the middle of august and then again it's not often tebow mania comes to philadelphia for the first tim time. >> tim tebow entererd to standing ovation and did good like touchdown late in fourth. and some not so good. matt barkley that looked to have a leg up right now where i'm at i feel great ki score points and move this team down the field. >> i think there's things we did well and things we want to work on. it's going back and watching film and looking at everything and trying to make corrections.
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>> i like how timmy threw it that's big concern with everybody coming in has he really changed. when they run the right routes he had an opportunity to throw the football and i thought he threw it well. >> more with the eagles in a few minutes as we kickoff "action news" sports sunday at 11: 35. eagles linebacker brandon graham joyngs us for analysis and highlight. what's brewing for philly this weekend. how about a whole lot of nothing. not only are ro they swept but phils finish 0-7 against milwaukee for the first time in team ran harang givet many on one pitch. ryan ground the grand slam. phils lose 6-1. final round of final major of
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the year. pga championship what a day for jason day. here on 752 foot put for birdie get in the hole. jason day wins first career major first to ever win at 20 under day breaks down in tears he's been at this for a very long time. >> soccer union against check chick 90th minute la tu breaks the-2 tie and union takes the lead and ut, oh in blichk of eye every other way john mccarthy gives up the goal. union, 3-3 draw. they have not won mls match in more than a month. >> thank you, jeff. >> a new dog park officially opened in clayton new jersey. clayton dog and butterfly park is located within autumn pasquale memorial bark park. it will be on dawn to disk each day. creation of the dog park was
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made possible thanks to a girl scout who designed it and raised the funds to make it happen. raised the funds to make it happen. >> jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks
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mauri peers. they released ducks into the water and raised more than $60 $600,000 for the united way. >> they probably want to join the ducks tomorrow and find nice cool water. it will be hot. >> we'll find the day plannerch the heat is on. 8 a.m., temperature 77. bright and sunny. up to 87 at 11 a.m. and 92 at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon and 93 at 5 p.m.. we're maxing out with high tomorrow of 95 and if there are changes meteorologist david murphy will have the latest tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. >> 95 oh, boy. >> all right. melissa thank you. >> police officers never really know what they'll encounter each day opt job. today an atlantic city officer got the call to rescue a stranded raccoon. the little guy was stranded at the base of the bridge in the bay. officer cindy rangioni managed to grab the raccoon without scaring it into the water.
11:34 pm
she works with a non profit group that helps injured wild life. the raccoon whose new name is bridgeit is being checked out and will eventually be released back into the wild. as walter said that's a mug shot there. >> and officer got sgluts all right sdhat for "action news" at 11. >> for melissa magee, jeff skversky, walter perez and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, "action news" entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, "action news" sports sundays is next.
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♪ touchdown nelson agoular. >> when he gets the ball in his hands he's explosive. >> every day at practice we try the 3-2 line than that was practice and it turned into more. >> into the end zone for a touchdown. >> my job is to succeed at any opportunity given. when i look back tat. >> 92 yard punt return. >> it's one step for us we feel like we have a lot of good film to teach off of. >> her air agog back and it's a grand slam. busted this ball gamen. >> a phenomenal talent and major champion


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