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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  August 22, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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was tonight. >> since i've been here the fans are been phenomenal and a lot of passion and emotion and enthusiasm that comes in for those guys as players we feed off that and energy was awesome tonight it was greet play in front of fans. >> good to see demarco murray here at the linc in green after those years with the cowboys with the enemy. chip kelly was particularly impressed with seconds arie as he should be with more interceptions tonight. question is what makes them g he said they are "lactose intolerant. they don't bite the cheese in front of them" got love the coach and win this dim nant even if it is preseason. jamie apody, "channel 6 action news." >> we'll get them soy milk. ducis and jamie and myself will be joined by brandon graham at 11: 35 on sunday. still to come in sport, 11: 35 on sunday. still to come in sport, phillies.
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line up tonight. no big deal. philly get pow frer the young guys. they fall behind 2-0 in miami. rookie darnell sweeny in the 8th picks up chase utley trade. how about this? first major league homer in his first hit just like utley did twelve years ago. high fives all around. no, you're a rookie. phils tied 2 in the 8th. in the 9th. solo shot. philly goes back-to-back. darin ruf would follow. phillies win 4-2. union looking for first mls w. seb tas tan la tu. first victory since last month. >> lots of w's sglont top stor 's tonight. >> lots of w's sglont top stor 's tonight. top stories coming up
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>> saturday night i'm walter perez. here's what's happening on "action news" at 11:30. new indications that joe biden still might just run for president. we'll tell you who he met with today that could serve as prelude to race for white house. two fallen police officers are honored with a unique and
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emotional tribute. how their district involved a local community in creating a lasting memorial. and happy homecoming between mother and child. adorable rescue and reunion. >> breath taking act of heroism on board a train. americans took down a gunman with high powered weapon in pound a train for paris. >> spencer stone waved as he left the french hospital tonight where he was treated for cuts to neck and hand. sustained in a furious struggle with the heavily armed suspect on that high-speed train. this video showing dramatic scene on the train. thrown shirtless and bleeding tending to another passenger. his attacker the gunman tied up a few feet away not moving on a nearby seat the gunman's automatic weapon. those three americans and britt push man took done a suspect after he shot another passenger almost certainly prevent aid
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massacre. two unwounded americans praising their friend's quick action. >> spencer ran a good ten meters to get to the guy and we deposit know his gun was working or anything like that. spencer ran anyway. >> proud of my friend he reac reacted to quickly and is so brave. >> suspect is a 26-year-old native of morocco. french authorities say he may have belonged to radical islamist movement. they found an ak 67. >> hand gun. box cutter and ammunition. >> we're lucky nobody got killed especially spencer. >> president obama praising the three americans, stone oregon national guards man alex scarlatos and civilian friend sadler. stone just out of the hospital is expected to be reunited with his fellow heroes. >> that was abc ron claiborne
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reporting. the suspect moved to france last year and he was on spanish radar they notified french he was highly radicalizeed and dangerous. today he is detained and undergoing interrogation by law enforcement. >> now there are new indications vice-president joe biden could throw his hat into the race for the whitehouse. today he had a private meeting with elizabeth warren. she is popular with liberal democrats and yet to endorse anyone. biden told his associates he expects to make a decision sometime over the coming month months. >> meanwhile hillary rodham clinton's campaign is disputing a report in the "new york times" implying the former secretary of state changed her vacation out of concern over the swriling email scandal. and clinton does plan to interrupt her vacation in hamiltons with three days of campaigning in the midwest. but the campaign insists it's not because of scandal.
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>> and official numbers in and donald trump's rally in alabama last night drew more supporters than any candidate so nar election season. 30,000 people packed stadium in mobile, alabama during his speech trump took a shot at hillary clinton bringing up email scandal and went after jeb bush. it say battle expected to roll into next week. we have undate now on news we brought to you over the last half hour. an elderly man that was discovered at the bottom of a pool in washington township died. this happened 9:30 hunter court. investigators say the man yet to be identified, had suffered from parkinsons disease. two police officers from philadelphia killed in the line of duty were honored today with new memorial up veiled at their home district. local community day was held this afternoon 2 district in philadelphia as part of the honor.
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trish hartman as more. >> family members of officer moses walker junior and sergeant robert wilson iii shed tears when they saw mem or dwrool their loved ones killed in the line of duty. >> i was taken aback a bit back to the day of the funeral seeing you know in that manner. >> statues of walker and wilson complete with glass cases and lighting are here thanks to community donations and artist and creator a fellow officer. >> it makes me happy and sad at the same time just sad. but i hope it honors them. >> walker was shot and killed during a robbery attempt in 20 2012 as walking to a bus stop after shift at 2 district. wilson was killed earlier this year as he tried to stop a robbery at a north philadelphia gamestop where he was buying a gift for his son. >> in addition to the memorial unveiling a cookout was held at
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the 2 district and officers hope this becomes an annual event a way to improve relationship between police officers and community. >> especially for the children. because it gives them guidelines and let's them know hey the police are not always just out to harrah you or hurt you. they're there to protect you. >> between the grills, music and newlyly dedicated memorial the folks hope the bonds formed here will last longer than a day. >> in a situation like this event like this it makes me show there doesn't need to be a divide. officers are like people you and i. >> we're not all bad. >> in north philadelphia, trish hartman, "channel 6 action news." >> much more to come on "action news" tonight a puppy is back with her mom after a frighte frightening ordeal. we'll show you the rescue and reunion. >> plus it's one of the biggest gators ever pulled from a lake in alabama and how much this giant lizard weighs. >> walter, partly cloudy, dry, quiet. we're tracking changes for the second half of the weekend.
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>> some from alabama redefined pulling in a big catch. it weighs in approximately 920 pounds. one of the guys who caught the gator said it's not going to waste. he is planning on one huge labor day cookout. that's a lot of barbeque. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast with melissa magee. lovely weekend coming up.
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>> nice day today and most of the day tomorrow dry. spotty showers. sprits, sprinkle east of city not a big deal. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar showing you it's dry and quiet high pressure dominating our region. spectacular today and plenty of sunshine for most tomorrow. we'll show you picture outside sky6 live in hd spruce street harbor park in penns landing and you see mostly clear sky and comfortable conditions with low humidity here on this august 22 day. high today in philadelphia in at 835 degrees. nice and comfortable. trenton high 83. 81 allentown for high today and west chester 77. up in poconos cool today with high of 72. neighborhood numbers north and west of town 58 in quakertown and 63 slatington and 66 center city and same in chester out in new holland coming in 64. down across new jersey 65 browns mills and 69 along the coast in sea isle city and
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lower 60s vine land and bridgeton and hockessin 66. dew points it's level of moisture in atmosphere. any time we have dew point at 60 or below we have comfortable conditions overhead thanks to northerly wind that helps to drain out the atmosphere and dry it out with relatively low humidity conditions as well. 53 dew point in philadelphia. not bad in millville. poconos pleasant as well. call from accuweather. comfortable, 56 suburbs overnight low and drop down to 66 in city. here's satellite 6 and action radar few changes on the way for sunday. we're tracking this frontal boundary kind of hard to detect here across coastal sections of new england down across the mid-atlantic as well and area of low pressure out along atlantic. front app boundary is not going to move to the east. it will retrograde west ward across our region and that could spark off sprits or sprinkle and spotty shower mainly east of city tomorrow. so here's a setup for us
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sunday, clouds and sunshine. maxing out at 86 in city and again we're tracking area of low pressure with stalled out frontal boundary and east ward and most locations dry second half of the weekend. call from accuweather looking at day planner partly sunny, 8:00 in the morning temperature 80. 70 i should say. 79, 11 a.m. and partly sunny 2:00 in the afternoon and 5:00 temperature 85. here's the exclusive 7 day forecast. sunshine on the way tomorrow. high temperature 86. monday we're tracking cold front out of great lakes. humidity creeps up monday high temperature 89 degrees. thunder shower likely by day's end. once the front moves on through the humidity lowers by tuesday in at 88 degrees. wednesday that's a good looking day. sunny and beautiful, 86. thursday mostly sunny sky at 84. clouds and sunshine on friday high of 86. and partly sunny as we get into
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next saturday walter with high at 88. not a bad finish to the weekend as we get to sunday and most locations should stay dry in the afternoon hours. >> sounds good. >> thank you melissa. >> a newborn puppy saved after one big rescue operation in arizona. tiny puppy stuck 35 feet in sewer pipe with no way out. sarah haines explains it took an effort but this story has a happy ending. >> this morning a puppy and mother are back together. >> separated for nearly 24 hours the newborn puppy was rescued by arizona humane society workers after a rough day. >> he's trying to nurse on towel. >> he's alive. >> he's a live and kicking and doing good. >> still too type dwroy on eyes she fell into on sewer pipe outside a house in south feign im. law enforcement and humane society trying to get her out and they called a plumber. >> we tried to make contraptions out of coat
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hangers and making loops and hooks to snag here. >> after nine long hours this tough little dog was free. free to come home to the fu furever love of her family. >> that was sarah haines reporting. for now the puppy is at the arizona humane society with mother and stay there two months and then be old enough to be adopted. much more to come in news including sports. jamie apody joins us live from the linc to talk about eagles preseason win tonight and breaks down sam bradford first performance in green and looking at birds' strengths and weakness when's "action news" looking at birds' strengths and weakness when's "action news" comes right back
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>> eagles quarterback sam bradford walks away with a bloody lip. bradford wanted to get hit and nokdz down to the ground going into the game. tyrell suggs taking it too far. let's go back live to jamie apody and the linc. bradford not happy he was hit in the left knee which he tore this time last year. did you think it was dirty hit. >> it was hard not to think it. it was running play. bradford was not about to bust one off for a 70 yard touchdown there. and so basically it looked to me and to everyone else here that suxt ggs was going for his knee. afterwards in the locker room jason peters said it was cheap shot suggs was talking trash all week and he thinks he intentionally tried to go for bradford's knee.
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the guys not happy. bradford himself said it looked like he was going for the knee. i chip kelly said he didn't seat play which is hard to believe. you wonder if the league might fine suggs he got a penalty on the hit it was not a quarterback lay. chip kelly was asked will bradford play more this week. didn't play much this week. he said that's the plan. but you never know. so, coach will you play him more against green bay, right, right? >> i don't know. that's why i answered the question i don't know. he could get sick and have legionnaries disease and i don't know. >> tonight i was able to go out and i didn't think about my knee. that was big for me. just to get out there and take shots you know just feel speed of game and rush. we try to simulate that in practice but it's hard.
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>> legionnaries disease? >> let's hope he does not get legionnaries disease. >> he said lactose intolerant because they don't bite the cheese in front of them. legionnaries disease. >> the way they're out playing these teams. is it too early to think this team could be super bowl contenders i know it's only preseason. >> we can't use the word super bowl being it's second preseason game. i think it's fair to get excited about the team. because especially after tonight they look like they dominated ravens and rave republicans not a bad team they're a good team. what i was most excited about look what the secondary was able to do against joe flacco. look what run defense was able to do. that's impressing me. those interest sellings byron maxwell interceptions secondary was so awful last year you have
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to have hope this team might be a fun team to watch. that might make a little run here. >> it is fun to watch so far right now. a lot of fun. next up, green bay, bradford perhaps will play if he does not get legionnarie's disease. james yes, i ducis and myself will be joined by brandon graham on "action news" sports sunday tomorrow 11:35. i can't wait to hear what brandon graham has to say about tyrell suggs and everything else. back tou walter. >> thank you jeff. final a surprise party in wilmington to wish bairj smith a happy 100 birthday. friends and family gathered at the united mem diingt church for cake and presents. as to her secret for long life her response it different than most. >> long life, eating a lot. >> sounds good to me. >> birtha was born and raced in
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wilmington and worked at john wanamakers. longevity is in her family her mother was 105. happy birth day. castle is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning with nydia ha han, eva pilgrim and chris sowers. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, have a good night we'll see you news" team, i'm walter perez, have a good night we'll see you back here
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