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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 23, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> good afternoon, sunday, august 23, i'm eva pilgrim. >> announcer: in an is off today. here some of the stories we're following on "action news." new information on a early morning crash that killed a philadelphia police sergeant. joe biden's stealth meeting
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with a democratic senator causes campaign buzz. the eagles winning the battle of the birds soundly at the linc. those stories, but let's go outside to chris sowers who is basking in the sunlight. >> reporter: this is perfect august weather we have low humidity levels and we have high, thin clouds in the sky. the sun is not beating down on you. 82 right now in philadelphia. allentown, 79. trenton, 80 degrees. 77 the number for reading and lancaster. 80 in dover, 77 right in exaip exaip -- cape may. here's satellite and radar, showing the high, thin clouds moving in west to east. thicker cloud tops reported down the shore north of lcts atlantic
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city. the call from accuweather this morning, looks like, 86 degrees, sun and clouds and very, very nice. here's a quick look at the area of concern later this afternoon and again it is just a spotty chance of a shower coastline ocean and monmouth county, maybe you a see a spritz or sprinkle later on. everybody else enjoys a combination of sun and clouds. we have the threat of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, monday night into tuesday, those could produce somewhat heavier rains, nothing too terribly heavy, but somewhat heavier than the spotty spritz or sprinkle you'll see today. we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast why see you again in just a bit. >> we're following a developing story this noon an off-duty philadelphia police officer lost his life in a crash in roxborough. his truck crashed into a tree. investigators are trying to to find out how it happened. trish hartman joins us outside
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the 39th police district? tioga, nicetown with new information. trish? >> reporter: eva we are waiting to learn the victim's name. but we're learning information about the crash that took his life. philadelphia police say there's no indication that alcohol was involved, but they say that speed may have been a factor. as officers reported for duty in the 39th district they learned the news that one of their own had been killed. officials say the 32 philadelphia police sergeant lost control of his 2007 dodge ram around 11:45 crossed the center median and crashed into a tree. it happened in the 6000 block of henry avenue near dupont street. the workers had to free him from the truck. he was rushed to einstein where he was pronounced shortly after arrival. his body was solemnly taken by
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police to the medical examiner's office. there was so much damage to the truck, they were able to determine if he was wearing a seat belt. the second philadelphia police officer killed this year. in march, sergeant robert wilson iii was shot and killed in the line of duty as he tried to stop a robbery in progress at a north philadelphia game stop. now, officials say the officer was not on duty when the crash happened. we expect to learn more about the crash from philadelphia police in a news conference scheduled for 1:00 p.m. live in tioga, nicetown, trish hart mannor. a tractor-trailer crashed on i-95 in chichester township. the big rig ended up stuck in the trees on the southbound lanes at the pennsylvania delaware border. no word on the driver.
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police in camden are looking for suspects in a deadly shooting at sycamore and orchard streets at 1:00 a.m. police found a man in his 20s shot in the head. he died at cooper university hospital. a south jersey man found with rosie o'donnell's missing teenage daughter has been arrested. stephen sheer has been arrested and charged with having inappropriate online communications with the 17-year-old. chelsea o'donnell was found at sheer's barnegot township home on tuesday after her mother put online that her daughter was missing. joe biden's stealth trip to washington has the political world buzzing. the vice president who is weighing a presidential run met with elizabeth warren. her backing could be a big help if biden runs. for now he is eyeing funds
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raising and ballot deadlines and early primary state strategy. hillary clinton is cutting her vacation short to get back on the campaign trail. polls show she is losing to bernie sanders and donald trump. donald trump once again talks about how he would remove all illegal immigrants from the united states. he was repeatedly asked how he would be able to kick 11 million people out of the county. >> how will you round them all up. where do you get the forces, how do you do it? what are the specifics? >> it's called management we'll get people back in the real good ones, we'll do it so they can
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get in quickly. >> many gang members in baltimore and other cities are illegal immigrants. the off season addition to the eagles quarterback sam broad ford and running back demarko murray got on the field during an actual football game and they were everything feelings fans were hoping for. they made their preseason debut against the ravens. broad ford took a cheap shot on his surgically repaired need. he led the team on a 84 touchdown drive. murray took it 17 yards scoring a touchdown. the eagles face the packers on saturday night in green bay. don't forget to tune into "action news" sports sunday at 11:35. the "action news" sports team and brandon graham will breakdown last night's game and talk about what's ahead for the
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birds. still much more to come on "action news" sunday afternoon. a local university isn't done yet battling legion disease. robin roberts takes a look at the gulf coast ten years after the biggest natural disaster. "action news" continues in a moment.
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wal-mart is marking the 10th answer anniversary of katrina
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pledging money to nonprofit groups in the u.s. mississippi native returns to the scene of the worst natural disaster, hurricane katrina. alicia vitarelli has a preview. >> reporter: i can remember the morning after katrina, you're looking all around you don't recognize it. it's hard at that moment to feel, to think about tomorrow much less ten years since then, but a decade has passed since hurricane katrina made landfall, 1800 lives lost and countless buildings destroyed and 1 million people displaced, now robin roberts returns home to see how the region is recovering. i'm glad to share stories that have not been told. >> reporter: like this man who commandeered a boat meant for 6 people and saved 15.
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>> howard navigated the boat two miles of treacherous waters finally reaching safety on a motel balcony just above the water level. >> they call me a his or her, everybody was a his or her -- everybody was a hero who made it out. >> there are more restaurants now, who would have thought that after katrina. >> and thanks to celebrities like harry connick junior music is a pulse of the big easy. >> it's been the backdrop for good times and bad times, so the thought of it not being around any more was something that made me lose sleep at night. >> reporter: new orleans' spirit never went anywhere it was always there, it was dampened a little bit because of katrina, but it's alive and well.
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it's an emotional and raw and uplifting look, ten years after the storm airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. on 6abc. alicia vitarelli channel 6 "action news." >> we've been saying it's hard to believe it's been ten years. >> reporter: it seems like yesterday, i remember that storm, i remember how big it was, how ferocious it was in the gulf winds up to 215 miles per hour. there were like four or five category fives. >> there was another one before that and one after that. >> reporter: there was william and katrina. the two of them hit florida, that was a nasty year, homefully we don't see anything like as we march through the hurricane season, with the el nino continuing to grow in the pacific more than likely we won't have to worry about storms like that. there's danny in the atlantic we'll show you what else --
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what's doing. we have nice day, 82 degrees, the winds are calm, they are picking up down the shore. that's the view in atlantic city. i love this shot you can see the shadow from the clouds on the beach. 74rd street. it's cloudy, dewpoints are much higher because you're closer to the water and the winds are off the water, so it's sticky on the sand not a bad day. 78 degrees in pottstown, coatsville, 76. objection formed you -- oxford,. buena, 82. satellite and radar showing a bunch of clouds out there this afternoon, but nothing threatening. the no organized low pressure systems we're tracking until we get into the high plains and the western great lake states this low and its trailing cold front will come in monday night into tuesday morning that will bring
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showers and brief thunderstorm through that time frame. here's the weather risk, the whole country enjoys fairly quiet weather, some areas pick up hours showers, but no severe weather. coastline system right there. cloud cover this afternoon, but as i mentioned earlier it's high, thin cloud deck, sun shines through it. monday, sun and clouds, showers developing late in the day after 6:00 p.m. western suburbs first and marching into the city later on. future tracker 6 we'll time it out for you, sun and clouds for the remainder of the afternoon. overnight tonight, major clear, tomorrow afternoon we'll see mixed skies, here's the front knocking on the door by 9:00 a.m. actually we're pushing the time on this back a little bit more. it is 9:00 we're seeing the showers push through the western suburbs, as they march east they are encountering the dry air
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over top of the delaware valley. one or two survive the journey. 2:00 p.m., tuesday afternoon this is the latest update it shows a few more showers developing along the front for the jersey shore from lakehurst to wildwood. obviously we'll see how that plays out, most other forecast models suggest don't expect to see much moisture, sun and clouds for the poconos the remainder. afternoon, 77 degrees, very comfortable up there, the dewpoint in the poconos in the 40s that's very refreshing for this time of the year. jersey shore, 81 degrees, slight chance of a pop-up shower north of the atlantic city and rip currents pay attention to the lifeguards. 83 in lancaster. 85 in reading, 84 in allentown. dover, 83. millville, 85. the trenton, about 84. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast temperatures are going to drop off again overnight tonight, but the humidity increases a little bit. tomorrow morning you may have temperatures in the low to mid
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60s it won't be as refreshing as this morning. 86 degrees today. 89 tomorrow. some areas flirting with 90 degrees, monday night into tuesday, a shower or two, tuesday afternoon looks good. actually the rest of the seven-day forecast looks good, lots of sunshine, no humidity and temperatures around 85, 86 degrees, beautiful. >> reporter: nice stuff. >> you heard of snakes on a plane? how about one in a school cafeteria. workers arrived torched a water -- to find a water snake crawling over a computer. they believe it slither into a box of supplies. and exterminator was called in to remove the snake. after ten years on the market, doctors take stock of a drug to help smokers kick the habit. we'll be right back. patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. just seven percent received five stars. among them were four hospitals that are part of cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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you, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us over center city. a beautiful day shaping up for us, low humidity, but temperatures just 78 degrees right now. in "healthcheck," west chester university has turned off the hot water to ten buildings after a precaution after finding the bacteria in the water can cause legionaires disease. the water tests were done after a school worker came down with the disease last month. a school official said the towers have been cleaned. the labs tested the hot water found the bacteria in the water is not cause for immediate concernle of while the hot water is turned off, the hot water systems in the buildings are being super chlorinated to kill
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the bacteria. the drug to help people stop smoking has helped adults using cigarettes. when which chantax was founded n 2006. it replaced older methods. in summer camp kids learn craft or sports, in atlanta they learn skills that could improve the public health, it's disease detective camp. >> do you have a fever? >> reporter: these teens are trying to figure out what caused a fictional outbreak of measles at disney world. they are is at the center of disease control and prevent learning what it is like to be a virus hunter at the detective camp. >> our hope during the week on some level we connect with the camper to say inspire them to
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consider a career in public health. >> campers come from all over the world to learn from scientists and epidemiologist how to spot track and stop outbreaks. many students say the ebola outbreak in africa stirred their interest. >> we look at the economic factors in the community, we do school wellness program valuation where they look at their own school wellness programs to evaluate them using cdc valuation component and we round out the week with the public health law session. >> the kids are great and it is interesting, when you put together great mind great things happen it's a great place to be and great place to work at.
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>> in sports this noon it is a sunny day for the phillies and eagles, they both put games in the win column. here's jeff skeverski with all the details. >> reporter: sam bradford said he wanted to get hit last night, careful what you wish for. in his preseason debut he is hit multiple times on his first and only drive. everyone is holding their breath. eagles fans this is what you've been waiting for. bradford making his debut against the ravens. suggs takes a cheap shot against broad for on the knee he had surgery on. he gets up and dusts himself off
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and keeps going. 14-yard score 7-0. broad ford leads them ton a 12-play 84-yard drive. joe flacco picked off bye-bye ron maxwell -- picketed off by byron maxwell the pricey corner. demarko is out there. five carries for murray. chip kelly's former oregon player returns the punlt -- punt, 68 yards. everyone talking about broad ford getting knocked to the ground. >> i was a little upset, i'm not sure i can repeat what i said to him. >> i thought he limped a little bit, i don't know what hit that came on, he did get a couple of
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hits, good first step. >> i took a couple of hits got up and felt good, it's part of the game, one of the last hurdles, last boxes that needs to be checked, i think it was tonight. >> reporter: chip kelly will not say how much time the guys will get in green bay. we'll have more on "action news" sports sunday tonight at 11:35. despite a big game friday night, the big piece not in the phillies lineup the 4th time in the last five games. the phillies getting power from young guys, phillies falling behind until the 8th. darnell sweeney they picked up in the chase utley trade, a homer just like hutly did 12 years ago. and then in the 9th solo shot,
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ruff follows with a homer of his own. they have won three of four. union gets their first mls win in 6 weeks, le toux on a tear, union win 1-nill their first victory since early last month. the arena bowl on the line for the soul later today. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. >> another half-hour of "action news" is just ahead. here's some of the stories we'll have for you, a south jersey mother calls for the federal investigation into the death of her son in a police shooting. from toast to beer, some light-hearted ways to celebrate the pope's visit to philadelphia. those stories and more when "action news" continues. >> happening on "action news,"
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speed may have been a factor in an early morning crash that killed a city police officer. we're live with the latest. the suspect who was attacking on a french train was on the radar of three countries. we'll have more on those stories in a moment, but first the check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist chris sowers another beautiful day shaping up. >> reporter: we're sitting pretty out here this afternoon, temperatures in the 70s and there's not much humidity out
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here at all. let's go over to the numbers, we have some areas that are barely in the 70s. look toward the top of the screen, tanersville, 71 degrees, i was looking at the heat index number and the heat index is 69. that feels wonderful for this time of the year, dog days of august, i think not. saint davids, 7 #. center city the warm spot at 83. there's no humidity, even the # 3 -- 83 feels okay. satellite and radar showing a combination of sun and clouds this afternoon, high, thinus clt beating down on you making it feel warm than it is. inland locations if you're away from the coast, 84 degrees by 1:00 p.m.
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4:00 p.m., 86. the uv index on a scale of one to ten is a seven. burn time 30 minutes. here's a check on tropical storm danny hanging around in the atlantic quickly approaching the british and u.s. virgin islands and the dominican republic and puerto rico. you can see in the last several frames it is getting better organized, you can see more structure to the storm. when i come back in a few minutes well have the latest tracking and the timing on the system in the british islands. that's straight ahead, eva. >> philadelphia police investigating a deadly crash that killed one of their own, trish hard mannor was the latest -- trish hartman has the latest live from the 39th district where the officer was assigned. >> reporter: eva we hope to learn about the crash and the officer in a briefing that is
12:33 pm
scheduled for 1:00 p.m. as officers reported tore duty in the 39th district they learned the news that one of their own had been killed. officials say the 32-year-old philadelphia police sergeant lost control of his 2007 dodge ram around 11:45 crossed the center median and crashed into a tree 6700 block of henry avenue near dupont street. responders had to work to free the driver from the truck. he was rushed to einstein where he was pronounced shortly after arrival. his body was solemnly escorted by police from the hospital to the medical examiner's office. investigators spent the night at the scene examining the wreckage trying to determine a calls. police say there was so much damage to the truck they were unable to determine if he was wearing a seat belt. in march, sergeant robert wilson iii was shot and killed in the line of duty as he tried to stop
12:34 pm
a robbery in progress at a north philadelphia game stop the cause of the crash is still under investigation and police say he was off-duty when it happened. police say at this point there is no indication that alcohol was involved, but they they do say that speed may have been an factor. live in tioga, nicetown, trish hartman, eva. >> it was a cold call in oxford circle when a two car crash landed on a family's doorstep. two people were hospitalized one vehicle filmed thip and landed on the front yard of the home. no word on what caused the crash. from the new jersey newsroom an investigation is underway for the shooting of a burlington county teenager. a 17-year-old boy was shot in the chest at his home at 11:30 rushed to cooper university
12:35 pm
medical center in stable condition. no motives or suspects in the shooting. the family of a man shot to death by two bridgeton, new jersey police officers calling for a federal investigation. >> i feel that justice was not served. my son does not have justice. and i don't have no peace. shalaya reid made the call last week. two bridgeton police officers shot and killed jerome reid after he divide orders to stay in the car. a bridgeton officer had just removed a handgun from the glove box. so relatives say reid was no threat, bus stop the officers say they thought reid might have a weapon or try to take one of theirs. bridgeton mayor under the public to accept the grand jury decision. overseas high-level talks
12:36 pm
between north korea and south korea have resumed. korean foot annual show thousands of young people signing up for military duty. south korea has dismantled the loud speakers shouting antinorth korean propaganda. ayoub el-khazzani is being questioned by anti-terrorism police, authorities found assault rifle nine magazines and box cutter after he was disarmed by three americans, one hero is out of the hospital though bandaged from the arm and hand injury he suffered. tomorrow they meet with the president of france. the pilot of a military jet
12:37 pm
that crashed at an air show in britain continues to fight for his life as investigators try to figure out what went wrong. the air show jet crashed on a busy road killing seven on the ground. the plane seemed to be going too slow while doing a stunt. 4400 migrants were rescued as smugglers took advantage of ideal sea conditions off libya. so far this year, 100 ten thousand migrants have been rescued off libya. in less than five weeks, pope francis arrives in philadelphia for the world meeting of families, tomorrow you'll get a special play book to help you navigate the big event. the papal visit play book will be posted online at noon, it will answer questions about transportation and other services especially for those living inside restricting areas.
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the pope's visit is being called the most motous event ever why not find creative ways to toast the pope. >> i thought twos edgy and fun. >> reporter: something debby cooked up in her kitchen, an invention she some things is the best thing since sliced bred. she said the idea popped into her head. while we toast the pope why not toast the pope. >> he is the people's pope. >> the toaster comes with two plates that seer his image on the bred and seer his image spread the love while you spread the butter and jam. now everyone can have breakfast
12:39 pm
with the pope while he is in town. pope tarts. >> we're coming out of the yopo. a pope francis pail alley -- ale , cape may brewery will make 6,000 barrels of beer this year, but only 15 contain the limited edition brew. we did a lot of research we found he is not much a beer guy, but the beer he does drink is a light beer. we tried to get argentinian hospice. for fear the beer would miss the papal visit they settled for. >> an unholy amount of hospice. >> reporter: ymplet -- yopo.
12:40 pm
>> made in cape may. legislation will clear where craft brewers can sell their suds. craft breweries in the garden state have grown from 18 to 36 at last count. another 16 are expected to open soon. much more to come only "action news" this sunday, it's a special arrival time at the national zoo. it is place where trying to out run a police car is okay, but this drag rails has a serious -- race has a serious message, too. sky6 live hd overlooking center city. that's the temple university camera there. chris sowers has the full accuweather forecast when "action news" continues. "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are
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not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence and quality of life is so important. agency show officials
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were warned of a spill from the colorado gold mine, yet there was no plan to deal with it. the cleanup company new the spill potential and planned to build a containment pond, but it wasn't done when the spill occurred. heavy smoke from the wildfires in eastern washington caused air quality concerns in the city of spokane. the skyline is hard to see. those with respiratory problems are under to stay inside. healthy people are told to cutback on outdoor activities. many say there's a smoky smell inside many buildings. >> i was talking about my girlfriend she is pregnant she said the air quality is pretty bad. >> reporter: you can't see anything out there. let's go you outside and show you what's going on in our neck of the woods. it is beautiful around here, we
12:44 pm
have comfortable temperatures and high, thin clouds upstairs which is providing for a real nice day, you're seeing sunshine down the shore, most importantly, you're not experiencing that sun just beating down on you like we had yesterday. yesterday was a beautiful day, don't get me wrong, but it is hot this time of the year and the month of august with the rays directly over your head. the clouds are helping out a little bit right now. trenton, 80. allentown, 79. here's the thin cloud deck pushing across the keystone state in the delaware valley. more clouds over the coast and clouds associated with a canadian front across the great lakes. that will slide in monday night into tuesday morning. north of the atlantic city expressway there could hit or miss showers developing later on. it shouldn't amount to much. everybody else is dry, combination of sun and clouds.
12:45 pm
overnight skies clear out, tomorrow same thing, combination of sun and clouds, late in the day that canadian front approaches the area, note the time clock here it is very late in the day. more like the evening hours, showers and thunderstorms may develop along the front always the pushes through the western suburbs first and getting into the city of philadelphia during the overnight hours monday night into tuesday no longer, that will clear the coast tuesday afternoon. from that point on, it is smooth sailing, very comfortable conditions and very tranquil conditions. there's really not too much in the way of shower activity expected at all once we get past tuesday morning. here's the latest on tropical storm danny sitting 500 miles east. windward islands. this is dry air even through here, as long as that dry air is in place, the storm has to run through that, it will kind of take that dry air and wrap it in the circulation of the storm that will inhibit it's growth. we don't expect, even though it is getting better organized
12:46 pm
right it will not further strengthen. it will weak nl further as it the -- weaken further as it gets over the caribbean islands, an off cuba thursday morning by 8:00. if it manages to hold together it will re-emerge in the warmer waters south of the bahama islands. question is will it redevelop once it gets into the warm waters here. some of the forecast model suggest once it gets over haiti it will fizzle out into nothing which is good news. sun and clouds in the lehigh valley, 84 degrees is the forecasted high. jersey shore, same thing combination of sun and clouds, north of atlantic city there's a chance of a spotty shower, a little sticky on the sand, 81 degrees is the beach forecast. 85 for philadelphia today, sun and clouds, pleasant. winds out of the north at 10 to 15 miles per hour. partly cloudy and nice overnight
12:47 pm
tonight, 57 degrees outlying suburbs, 66 center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast nice and dry, once we get past monday night, monday is a hotter day near 90. monday night into tuesday morning, from that point on, dry, sunny, high temperatures in the mid 80s. eva? >> thanks, chris. the national zoo in washington thought maybe their panda was expecting, they had no idea she was having twins. the first cub born at 5:30, the second five hours later, both cubs appear to be healthy. (plays throughout)
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♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first.
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denver botanical garden all to see a stinky flower. the corpse flower is described as rotting meat helps attracts the insects who pollinate the flower. it's the first time the 15-year-old flower blooms and up to ten years before it hams again. pumpkin spice latte are going to need patience. it won't be out until september 8. the good news the latae will have real pumpkin flavor partly of a mood to get rid of artificial flavors. panaro will use real pumpkin and dump the high fructose corn sir i sir -- syrup. the top cop drag racing
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challenge. they wanted to win the trophy and raise awareness about the dangers of illegal street racing. they are lobbying for a new drag strip. mexico's two most famous artists are the subject of a exhibit. but the exhibit in mexico city focuses on the years they lived and worked in the united states. two of the years were in detroit celebrating the city's industrial might. they use a hologram so you can look over his shoulder as he creates a massive mural. philadelphia independence seaport museum takes on a slice of city history, it's about the dock street market and people who lived there. david murphy has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the exhibits is called hucksters.
12:52 pm
it takes visitors back to a time when philadelphia society hill neighborhood was home to a bustling and boisterous market. it is filled with photographs and memorabilia and dock street from it's inception of dock street. >> they are produce men, fish mongers. >> reporter: guest curator john taxen's grandfather was aoyster. >> weiss created the exhibition from artifacts passed down from his grandfather. >> it is an interesting and fascinating look at old philadelphia. >> reporter: starts when dock
12:53 pm
street was dock creek. >> schooner ships came down the creek. >> reporter: when it become polluted, city fathers paved it over. dock street was a massive distribution center for the city and state. it was where a lot of immigrants came and they made their i don't want to say their fortunes, but they made their living in philadelphia. huckster is on exhibit through next february. you can see it at loves the arts, for 6abc loves the arts i'm david murphy. >> recapping our top stories on
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"action news," investigators are trying to determine what caused the early morning crash in roxborough that killed a philadelphia police sergeant. the 32-year-old was off duty when his pickup went out of the control on henry avenue and slammed into a tree. west chester university turned off the hot water in ten buildings after finding bacteria in the water that can calls legionaires disease. the water system is being super chlorinated. the levels are not calls for immediate concerns. eagles quarterback sam bradford had his preseason debut he bounced back from a cheap hit against the baltimore ravens. the eagles won 40-17.
12:57 pm
go eagles! the weather is good, too. >> reporter: we are winning in the weather department. sun and clouds, 86 degrees, partly sunny tomorrow, 89 him tomorrow is a little hotter and more humid, nothing close to the heat wave that we experienced so far this summer. 86 degrees, tuesday and from tuesday evening on the humidity drops off and it feels fantastic out there. the can't complain. >> all kind of of theme restaurants 50s and westerns and theater one and there's one in hong kong for the hello kitty theme. the familiar face is on foods like rice and buns. all of it has to be approved sanrio who licenses the images. the fans are lining up to eat
12:58 pm
there and it's adding to 6 billion billion dollar a year empire. "action news" continues tonight at 6:00 p.m. for nydia han, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. get out there and enjoy a nice sunday.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee. saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >> we spend a night on the town in mt holly! >> sample philly made muffins, biscuits and bagels. >> and wash it down with some coffee that comes to you >> if juice is more your thing, we've got that too! >> plus we tour a stunning historic building turned luxury apartments! >> and get some tips on interior design. >> hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at the brand new mercer café at the philadelphia navy yard. >> they serve everything here from breakfast and barista-made. >> but it was their pizza that really caught our attention. >> the philadelphia navy yard is the newest home for tacconelli's pizza. >> tacconelli's pizza is legendary, everybody knows the name. >> the third location is part of the new mercer café and it's all in the family.


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