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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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get close to the pope during his visit to philadelphia, next. too. socan get online.e house but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 25 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $350 back. hurry, offer ends september 19th. get out of the past. get fios. the news came as a revelation tonight, a new layer of restrictions for upcoming papal visit, that is on top of the traffic box stretching across much of the center city. for tens of thousands of people the basilica on logan circle will be as close as they get to the pope, if you
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want to get anywhere within ear shot on the parkway you are now going to need a ticket. wednesday night, jim's off, i'm rick williams. the big story on "action news" tonight is if you want to see the pope up close later this month you will need a ticket. this is as concern grows that the expect large crowds may be smaller then anticipated. "action news" reporter sharrie williams is live tonight along the parkway to bring us up to speed on these new developments, sharrie. >> reporter: and rick, this is first confirmation that we are being given, on what you will need and what you will not need a ticket for from event here on the parkway to independent hall, you may need a ticket. >> he is a a very popular pope. like a lot of people would like to see him. >> reporter: even those pope francis like ability is soaring, is there still plenty of opportunity to be part of visit to the delaware valley. with just three weeks away from his a arrival lindh berk of wynnewood is glad to hear there is still room for her.
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>> i would definitely like to see him but i don't know if i will be downtown or do something closer to my house. >> reporter: tonight organizers with the world meeting of families officially a announced portions office papal visit will be ticketed. the holy father's address on independent mall that saturday, for instance, will now require a ticket to attend. 5,000 tickets will be made available to the public, next tuesday, on a first come first serve basis. and after the papal mass on that sunday, on the ben franklin parkway, certain sections between 20th street and eakins oval will be for ticket holders only, while portions for further back will be opened to the public. kim, says that there is a a lot of information to take in. >> the overwhelming aspect is the size of the crowds, and distance to have to walk. >> reporter: back in june it was estimated there could be as many as 5,000 charter buses carrying pilgrims to see the pope but today the confirmed number stand at only 1100.
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tens of thousands of train passes still have in the been sold and thousands of hotels are still opened. also, today, harsh word from the city controller, he released a survey of 68 businesses, located inside of the traffic box, that are raising concerns. >> there has to be a plan for continuous trash removal so that the trash bins don't become over run, we don't have a rodent problem, we are not showing a bad face to the world. >> reporter: organizers with the world meeting of families didn't go on camera tonight the but they did issue a statement. they say local parishes will be receiving a portion of those tickets. we are live on the parkway, sharrie williams for channel six "action news". rick. >> sharrie, thank you. lower merion schools will be closing due to the pope's visit. the district says classes are canceled friday september 25th and will open up two hours late the following monday
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after the the pope left. the superintendent says that the school year will not be extended because of this. and now that the secret service has put out these new maps with additional restrictions with the new layer of security, we have posted them to our special papal coverage section on six so you can examine them more closely and see how they may affect you. and this reminder friday night at 10:00 o'clock tune in for a special addition of 2020 pope francis and the people. abc news david muir moderated a historic event with the pope from the vatican. that thinks friday at 10:00 o'clock right before "action news" at the 11:00. and we are following developing news out to the schuylkill county, pennsylvania, tonight, where a female police officer was assaulted and thrown down an embankment. officials say that west penn township sergeant melissa rouse was driving along route 309 when she saw a car on the side of the road. she apparently pulled over. as she approached the vehicle a man grabbed her and threw her over the guardrail.
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she tumbled 35 feet. by the time help arrived the man had driven away, she was flown to a lehigh valley hospital. authorities say her injuries are not considered life threatening. the the search for her attacker continues tonight. the family of the brandon tait brown has withdrawn its wrongful death lawsuit in philadelphia and has instead filed a federal class action lawsuit. the 26 year-old was killed by philadelphia police officers in december during a traffic stop. the officers alleged he was reaching into the car for a gun. the officers were not charged, grain i, partially obscured surveillance video recorded the incident the. tait-brown's family says it bolster their case that the officers lied about what happened. they are seeking damages and jurisdiction over police training reforms. we're also following details of a home invasion late tonight in philadelphia's lawncrest section where a woman was hurt. action cam was on the 6400 block of dorkes street in the past hour and a half as a victim was transported by police.
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authorities say two men got in the house, at least one was armed with the gun and they have not said what was taken, if anything, or provided a detailed description of the suspects. a montgomery county teenager is on the run tonight in a new photo scandal that has rocked north penn high school. the 18 year-old suspect is accused of posting name pictures of the female classmates many of whom were under age and tonight he faces various charges. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at the montgomery county district attorney's office with the very latest in the investigation, dann? >> reporter: rick, montgomery county authorities have been working on this case as it first became known back in march. they finally connect all of the dots that would lead them to a 18 year-old man who had just graduated from north penn high a few months ago. this is the man police say is responsible for posting sexually explicit photos of other minors on the internet, identified as 18 year-old brandon t berlin, his former classmates at north penn are stunned. >> it is crazy. just can't believe it. >> yeah.
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>> i can't believe that, man. i mean, be in should be able to do that to anybody. >> reporter: authorities say back in early march, they have uncovered a drop box account titled i probably have had your picks containing numerous sexually explicit images of females, under the age of 18. they were current or former students of north penn high and towamencin township. authorities say at the time the web site was created, berlin was a senior at the school. they alleged he created links to the knowledge for other students to view the photographs, that he collect from various sources. >> and then he literally trade them like pokemon cards. >> reporter: authorities say although they interviewed dozens of people and serve search warrants they decided to charge only berlin because he took the extraordinary step of compiling the photo the owes and placing them on the drop box account. >> messed up. he shouldn't have done it. >> if that was my girlfriend if he did that to me i would be highly upset. >> you cannot put peoples life out there like that. you cannot put that out there, that is just too much. he deserves what he will get,
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assume. >> reporter: students were outraged that he put titled the web site i probably had your picks which authorities say, was also his senior quote, in the high school year book. >> it is not something funny, and now he is sitting in jail. i wonder if he thinks that is funny. >> reporter: tonight we caught up with berlin's lawyer, michael quinn. >> overall he is just never intended to hurt anybody. >> reporter: berlin is out on $10,000 unsecured bail, and there are conditions, he must not have any contact with his victims or witnesses, involved in this case. we're live at montgomery county courthouse in norristown, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". >> dann, thank you. in delaware someone intentionally set fire to a children's play ground. tonight investigators are trying to track down an arsonist, in new castle, delaware. authorities say the fire started at this park at about 6:30 this evening. fire fighters had to douse several pieces of play equipment here. it is in the determined what was used to set the fire nor
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an estimate of the damage. at the new jersey shore a family of four is dead in what police say was a murder suicide. thirty-five year-old linden shane beharry, his partner, a amanda morris and their children seven year-old brandon and four year-old brian were discovered inside their burning home in long branch, monmouth county. investigators say several small fires had been set and it appears all of the victims suffered injuries before the fire started. neighbors say the family appeared to be happy and there is no word tonight on a possible motive. shattered glass littered some streets in camden county after a vehicle vandal went to work overnight. at least four cars had their windows smash in the glendora neighborhood of gloucester township. neighbors say it appears that a object was used. they are expecting it the to cost a few hundred dollars for repairs but some of the victims say they are glad it was in the worse. well, it was another day of 90-degree plus temperatures as our fifth heat wave of the summer season, continues. and tomorrow, it looks to be
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yet another scorcher, before we finally get a break, but only a temporary break at. that meteorologist adam joseph has late word from accu weather. he is outside our studios with the the very latest, hi, adam. >> it has been a sizzling start to september and pretty much the first week of september will mimic what we have experienced the first couple of days, as we look at this, heat wave number five, it is still going on. day four and counting on sunday it was 91. ninety monday. ninety-five yesterday. today, 93 degrees. and as we look at present number, it is still very balmy in the city of philadelphia and trenton and in the upper 70's. seventy-five in cape may. seventy-two in the lehigh valley. the exception to the poconos in the 60's. now this a afternoon the dew points were low in the 50's and lower 60's for mess of the area so there was a dry high heat. the wind coming off the water and after sunset is there not much mountain way of wind. is there a light southeasterly wind the dew points climbed backup in the 60's and lower 07's and that makes it feel
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more oppressive outside. as we head outside the door early tomorrow morning, warm, humid, there will be areas of fog developing much like this morning, and 74 at 6:00 o'clock and a very balmy, 78 at 8:00 o'clock in the morning. in fact as we take a look at that accu weather forecast coming up we will talk about a sizzling thursday, on tap, a much cooler, friday, and then saturday, so above normal but better than the last few days and then heat wave, number six, it is on the way, and as we get into labor day weekend. we will chat about those falling and then climbing numbers, rick in the full a accu weather forecast. >> we will see you back inside, thank you. secretary of the state john kerry was in philadelphia today to make his case for the iran nuclear deal, as the vote nears in congress. in a speech at the national the constitution center, kerry said at agreement is the best way to prevent iran from ever obtaining a nuclear weapon. and before his appearance at ncc, kerry visited our six abc studios for an exclusive sit down interview with "action news" morning anchor matt o'donnell and he told matt the
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deal is making a difference in limiting iran's nuclear capabilities. >> the amount of time to be able to produce enough material for one bomb was down to two months. we will now stretch that out. we have already stretched that out. we have reduced their stockpile. we have limited their centrifugees. >> president obama secured enough vote from senate democrats to assure that the iran nuclear agreement will survive in congress. in cherry hill tonight hundreds showed up at the katz jcc for a forum on the deal. famous author and attorney alan dershowitz was among those speaking. nuclear agreement has divided the jewish community. members of the jewish federation of philadelphia are opposed but hundreds of rabbis, are in support. tonight chopper six was over a river rescue along the delaware this afternoon. emergency responders pluck a man and woman from the the water near state road in linden avenue in the
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torresdale section of the city following a distress call. philadelphia police welcomed back to the dock, safely. teachers in the chester up land school district returned to the classroom today but they did so without pay. despite that, they still held a enthusiastic welcome back celebration for students. teachers and staff voted to return even though the district won't make payroll next week. officials say state funding formula puts chester at a disadvantage because half of the students there attend charter schools. new statewide student testness pennsylvania pennsylvania may be putting philadelphia students at a disadvantage. test scores have plumet add cording to the school district. far fewer elementary school students passed this new test, that was redesigned this year to align with the common core standards. only 17 percent of student in third through eighth grade were considered proficient or advanced in math, compared to 46 percent last year. and in english the passing grade fell from 43 to 32 percent. science scores held steady at
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37 percent. the district says an apple to apples comparison is not appropriate since the new tests are more challenging. some jaw dropping maneuvers woed a crowd of hundreds of thousands office people along the jersey shore today. the atlantic city air show thrilled an audience that lined the beaches from brigantine to ocean city. the highlight of the day was the navy blue angels. it was their first appearance here since 2006. even chopper 6hd, made an appearance, this is what we will show. there we go right there. still to come on "action news" tonight emotional tribute tonight for an officer gunned down in illinois as his killers remained at large. plus new statistics, she total knee replacement surgery is bending toward a younger demographic. adam? rick, as we look at the high temperatures in the eastern half of the country thinks reminiscent of july, not september, and get used to
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the 90's, they are sticking around. we will have numbers in the accu weather forecast. also ducis rodgers with that moment in tonight's phillies game where flipping over a wall turned into an inside the park home run. come back, you have got to see it when "action news" continues tonight. (plays throughout)
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an emotional vigil was held in the small town north of chicago, to remember a police officer, gunned down on the job. lieutenant charles gliniewicz and his widow and four son spoke before a crowd of hundreds. large contingent of law enforcement and military personnel showed tribute to the police veteran. gliniewicz was shot and killed chasing three men yesterday morning in the town of fox lake, illinois. police scaled back all out manhunt for the killers, described only as two white men and one black man. investigators are looking for surveillance video from homes and businesses near the scene. at the height of the search, there were 400 officers focusing on a 2-mile perimeter. tonight, newly released audio appears to capture the officer a's final call from an
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isolated back road. resident are on the look out for anything out of the ordinary, saying, if these men shot a police officer, they could be desperate as well as dangerous. back here it was a tip call police said that led to the arrest of this man a accused of stealing a donation box from the wawa in glenn olden. police say video shows 48 year-old david melonchuck swiping a contain their held donations to the uso. after pictures were posted on social media police received several calls leading them to the suspect. he has been charged with theft and released on his own recognizance. police say there was less than $50 inside the jar. roller coaster ride on wall street continues tonight h this time on the upswing today. dow jones jumped nearly 300 points but not enough to make up yesterday's lost ground. the nasdaq did especially well, gaining two and a half percent to close at 4749.
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pgw customers have something to look forward to in their next bill, gas utility is dropping rates. the price is going down 2 cents per hundred cubic feet. pgw says average user will save 1.7 percent on their bill. rates will be reevaluated on december 1st. health check at 11:00 tonight, more people are getting knee surgeries in the u.s. and it is not just older americans. the new cdc report find an estimated 5.2 million knee replacement operations between 2000/2010. and the average age a patient getting knee replacements dropped over the course of that decades long study. for men 45 and over the rate increased by 86 percent. and nearly doubled among women in this age group. how is your knees doing, okay. >> okay, so far. >> yes, knocking on wood. >> all right. >> how are we looking. >> a little will bit on the warm and humid side. we are going to get a break from the heat and humidity
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toward end of the week. >> good. >> looking at double scan live radar, right now, all is quiet, it is hazy, it is humid, and you know what we will get a little bit improvement before that haze and humidity, will make a run back at us by end of the weekend. right now 79 in philadelphia it is pretty warm out there. seventy-eight in trenton. seventy-one in millville. we have wind out of the southeasterly direction throwing that marine air inland, and that will help set up some patchy fog by tomorrow morning. but as we look at satellite and radar we are crystal clear looking above that fog layer, a clear skies, despite we just missed some much rain to the south and west and energy rolled through great lakes, across the the ohio valley and now sliding off the coast of virginia and north carolina so that bus stop forecast for tomorrow for those kids who are already back hitting those books, warm, humid, areas of fog. seventy-four at 6:00. quickly clipping in the upper 70's by 8:00 and we will wait
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a cold front to our north here on thursday, but before that front slides through we will peak the heat at 95 degrees tomorrow, a and there could be an isolated thunderstorm with the front in the lehigh valley and poconos, very late in the day. and then as this front slowly slips through high pressure the two north of the front, it will help push it to the south here over the upcoming weekend. that will be muggy on friday. but we will bump that week even, with a scattered thunderstorms around the region. until then tomorrow with another day with air quality alert, the ground level ozone will be on the unhealthy side especially for sensitive groups. if you have problems breathing, if you have respiratory issues or heart concerns you may want to limit your outdoor activity tomorrow late morning and early afternoon when we see that peak of the heat. as we look at the shore forecast 86 the air temperature. seventy-seven is your water temperature. despite that we have a sea breeze and keep it in the 80's. still sticky and muggy at the
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shore so good day to hit the the the ocean. as we look at the exclusive seven day forecast, hot, hazy sun, dryer heat inland tomorrow much like today of 95 . we are back in the 80's but still above average for this time of the year, friday is humid with a stray thunderstorm and a few spots in the afternoon. gorgeous, low humidity on saturday, and then sunday we will heat it backup to 90 degrees. still not oppressively humid on monday but labor day holiday itself at 91. heat wave number six will begin tuesday at 92. staying hot a week from now wednesday, at 90 degrees. so we could see the most 90-degree days in one month in september as opposed to the actual month of june, july, august. >> nice tie. >> mine's nicer. >> see hoist dancing with the stars, season 21 of the dancing with the stars will debut on six abc in less than two weeks. today we have learned which celebrities will battle for that mirror ball trophy.
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they are academy award actor gary busey, paula dean, singer andy grammar, wild life conservation is in, steve irwin, and shack a can and rounding it out one of the american heroes who helped stop a gunman on the high speed train in france last month alex skarlatos. season 21 of dancing with the stars september september 14th on 6 abc. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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their division, they have the phillies to thank don't you agree. >> mets are now 14-two against phils, three games above 500 against the rest of major league baseball. mets love playing against the phillies. night after snapping that ten day skid from new york, the phillies are back in the loss column. one to nothing in new york, ruben slices one to right field. do in m brown had both eyes on the ball, in eyes on the wall. look out. brown was later leaving the game due to concerns that he might have a concussion. meanwhile, he is motoring. a two run inside the park home run. three to nothing mets. more trouble for aaron nola in the third inning. michael supporto, smacked a two run home run the more conventional way. phillies lose nine-four. they are off tomorrow before visiting boston on friday. good news and bad news concerning miguel franco. today injured third base man began swinging a bat but still
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feels discomfort in his wrist are. franco has been out three weeks with a broken bone in the wrist. return this season is in serious doubt and may not be prudent at this point. eagles never ending preseason will come to an end finally tomorrow night when they visit new york jets. we don't anticipate any start earth playing in that one. eagles must trim down to 63 players by saturday. that means 22 have got to go. unlike in years past there does than the seem to be a lot of jobs up for grabs. >> there is a lot made out, you know, a lot of older guys. i got a good feeling coaches probably have who they think will be the guys already figured out. there might be one or two or three guys on the bubble really but for the most part it is fun for all of these guys, even guys that will not make our team, go out and play. hopefully they all play well and after tomorrow's game whether they are here or not, they will be in a good place moving forward. >> still to come hear why temple coach does not feel his team will be intimidated by penn state this weekend. quite a racket, at the
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u.s. open.
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can you call ate rivalry if it has been one sided since 1940's? temple host penn state at the link saturday afternoon. history is not on temple side. owls lost the last 39 meetings between the two schools and head coach matt rule believes his players are up for the challenge. >> i have had one chance to be a head coach begins penn state and i'm zero and one. this team we have right now have not had a chance to play so they will go play them and i just want them to play well. i want them not to have the moment be too big for them. we are beyond that. it will not too big for them. i think we will be ready to go. women's top seed serena williams advances to wound three. noback djokovic leads two games to none. cocoa vanedder way loses her first five games, but, she
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has the racket, pay the ultimate price. crowd cheers it. cocoa continues to go loco but she lost her match by the way. i have done that to golf clubs, so thanks ducis. youngsters had a chance to have a saying what the playground of their dreams will look like thanks to our parent company disney that dream will come true. these kid are part of the organization, the oldest latino non-profit in philadelphia helping design a new play frown. construction is set for november 14th. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest are amanda pete and chris young. "action news" continues at 4:30. for ducis, adam, cecily, jim, the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams.
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dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- amanda peet, bobcat goldthwait, and music from chris young. with cleto and the cletones. and now, that reminds me, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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