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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  September 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> we are following a developing story on this tuesday september 8th. >> philadelphia police are trying to figure out what led to a deadly shooting in west oak lane. >> pressure is mounting on european countries to help hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees. >> summer has come and gone. today is the first day of school for many students across the area. >> prepare for that alarm clock to shout at you. good morning,. tam is off, erin o'hearn is joining us. we have david and karen. go,. >> good morning. nice have you erin. lots of sunshine getting ready to build over the horizon later this morning and as
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expected for what is the first day of school for many of you it is going to be a hot and humid one and you will need the shades if you're driving the school bus or the car or anything else. 74 degrees in philadelphia right now. 68 in wilmington, 70 in trenton, 66 degrees in allentown. not quite as warm up in the lehigh valley. we also have that cool 66 in require millville. 74 degrees down the shore. cape may in case you are extending the holiday weekend. 67 degrees in philadelphia. that is your dewpoint. so, it's still rather humid in and around the i-95 corridor and we have some 70's in some spots, too. oppressive humidity the farther south you go. not as bad up in allentown with that 62-degree reading but the humidity is going to be part of the package. warm and humid on the bus stop this morning. mainly clear, 70 degrees by 6 o'clock, 73 by 8 o'clock and as we roll through the day it's going to be a hot one today. 73 degrees by 8 o'clock. by noon, 89. and by 3 o'clock, 93 degrees with a high of 94. a little after that around 3:30 or 4:00 and back to 89 by
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6 o'clock. karen rogers the heat and humidity will be joined with the possibility of a thunderstorm as we go a little later into the work week. details on that coming up. >> all right, the kids will be sweating it out in those classrooms. looking live outside in center city, vine street expressway we are dry, we are clear, were we are looking good. we certainly expect a lot more volume today. that summer time traffic you enjoyed is out of here but for now it's early. you can see that reflected right now on the speeds, schuylkill mostly in the 50's as well as i-95 looking pretty good out there. we still have spring garden near the schuylkill. some of the lanes there continue to be blocked for the made in america but that will reopen within a half hour. things will be back to normal for you then. on the schuylkill westbound the off ramp to the ben franklin parkway crews had been out there as well. coming back if the shore you can expect a clear easy ride so far at least on the atlantic city expressway. we were waking up with anything fog in some of those areas dan it's looking a lot better. matt. >> thanks, karen. developing right now homicide detectives are
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investigating whether drugs played a role in a deadly shooting in the west oak lane neighborhood. the action cam was on the 7100 block of north uber street last night. detectives found a 41-year-old man shot several times outside of a running car. he died at the scene. one bullet pierced the car's window. police recovered 1 pound of marijuana from the vehicle. no arrests have been made. the car crash let's at least -- left at least one person injured in center city. a suv crashed along the 200 block of south street at 10 o'clock last night. initial reports say the driver lost control, hit at least one parked car and there as you see overturned. the driver was rushed to jefferson university hospital. >> happening today, many students across our area are heading back to school. in just a few hours, the bell will be ringing to start the first day of the 2015-2016 school year. our "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood with more. i think a lot of disappointed
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faces this morning, katherine. >> yeah, a lot of disappointed faces. people are sorry to see the end of summer. of course there's that back to school excitement. can you feel it? i can feel it. of course it's still early and as usual back to school for back to school day will help a family get up and get ready and out the door for that first day of school but we're not there yet. it's still early. we want them to get the last few minutes of sleep. after all there's been a lot of preparations over the last couple days to get all those last minute school supplies. you can see out across the area yesterday parents and kids, they were out getting all those supplies, their pencils, note books, everything they need. of course some students have already been back to class. they started before labor day but today is the first day for a number of schools including those in the school district of philadelphia. tens of thousands of kids are heading back to city classrooms today and while a lot of kids are looking forward to that first day seeing their friends, their teachers, there's that general excitement that accompanies
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the start of a school year, many do admit they're sad to see the end of summer. are you sad that summer is over. >> yes, very sad. >> i excited to see my friends more. i really like few. it's my favorite season, it's my favorite part. >> reporter: and it won't be long until those alarm bells are ringing to signal the first day of school and again, "action news" will be there as the family gets up and gets ready but we're going to let them get a little bit more sleep in. we're live in east falls, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." erin. >> my kids went back last week. it wasn't pretty at 6:00 a.m. thanks katherine. our web site is a great resource for parents at we have everything from study tips to healthy breakfast suggestions. you can find advice on getting children back into their routines and much more. >> detectives say they caught the man who sexually assaulted a woman in the city's olney section and then tried to carjack another. the frightening attacks happened last night on the 400 block of west tabor road.
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the 42-year-old woman says the attacker forced her out of her car and sexually assaulted her. detectives say he then fled and tried to carjack someone else to get away but was unsuccessful and then was apprehended by police. the woman was taken to the hospital for treatment. investigators are looking into whether speed was a factor in a crash involving a taxicab that killed two pedestrians in center city. police identified the two victims as 25-year-old amanda digirolamo of phoenixville and 25-year-old bryan botti from baltimore, maryland. the cab struck and killed them yesterday morning at broad and arch streets near philadelphia city hall. both were in town for the made in america festival. >> the witness approximated their speed at being over the speed limit. that's all i can give you at this point. that has not been confirmed. >> police have not released the cab driver's name. he was with rosemont taxi. a fire along the jersey shore caught the attention of people enjoying the last hours of their labor day vacation. the million dollar home in
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stone harbor caught fire at 5:30 yesterday evening and went to two alarms. the house is on a cul-de-sac on the 10,000 block of golden gate drive. people took pictures from the water showing the smoke pouring from the house. fortunately no one was hurt. >> the refugee crisis overseas continues to grow as hundreds of thousands of refugees flood into europe fleeing brutal violence in the middle east. pressure is mounting on european countries to provide more shelter. carolyn costello has details. >> reporter: it is the biggest movement in europe since the second world war. hundreds of thousands of refugees like abdul salaam fleeing brutal violence in syria. >> we want a good life far away from the -- from the death and the war and everything. >> reporter: as refugees stagger across borders, volunteers struggle to get them on buses and to shelters. >> the people are coming quicker than we can load them.
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>> reporter: the influx outpacing pledges of shelter from european leaders. hungary one country resisting pressure to take more asylum seekers in has seen clashes at its border between police and refugees. germany has been accepting the largest number of arrivals expecting to take 800,000 refugees by the end of the year. angela merkel says her country can't sustain. france and great britain pledged to take tens of thousands more but prime minister david cam von expecting a need for a comprehensive approach. >> that means stabilizing countries where the refugees are coming from. >> reporter: but for now mothers desperate to keep their children warm and well, just hope their difficult journey brings them to a safe and peaceful place. some lawmakers are pushing the obama administration to allow more syrian refugees into the united states increasing the number to 65,000 next year.
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while the obama administration is reportedly considering a number of options, no time line has been given for a decision. carolyn castle abc news new york. >> coming and later on "action news," switched at birth. a doctor in central america is under investigation after parents to a dna test on their baby. >> president obama says he's using his executive power to force several contractors to offer workers paid sick days. david. >> we are headed back to school today, at least a lot of kids are, and if you're dressing them it's shorts and t's. this is often the case but probably true this year than most. we'll be back with your accuweather 7-day forecast, let you know what the kids face on the bus stop this morning and this afternoon and the threat of some thunderstorms later in the week. it's all ahead.
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>> nasa astronaut scott kelly got a unique view of what many people call the northern lights and the southern lights. this shot is from the international space station. the bright red hes and greens of the auroras are caused by energized particles from the sun interacting with the planet's magnetic fields. you got that? it's pretty awesome. >> it is really one of the most wonder russ things. i saw in it king of prussia one time.
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>> occasionally you do. it's one of my bucket lists actually i'd like to go up closer -- you can do it. >> alaska. >> santa's house. >> iceland and greenland. >> that's where he lives. >> storm tracker6 live double scan -- is that where he lives. >> no. norway. [laughter] >> storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows now precipitation and as we take a look outside, we have clear skies for the most part. not a lot of fog around and we are looking at sun coming up nice and bright a little bit later on. not that you're really going to necessarily want to see the bright sunshine given how hot and humid it's going to be later on. the temperature currently is 74 degrees. your dewpoint at 67 indicating very high levels of moisture in the atmosphere so it does feel muggy especially as you start working out this morning. winds out of the southwest at 8 miles per hour. satellite shows you a very similar picture as what we showed you yesterday. no real significant cloud cover in the immediate region. there's a frontal boundary off to the north of us and cold front out to the west. that's not going to have. of an evening on us today in
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the way of cloud cover. we are going for a high of 94 today, though and that's just 2 degrees off the record. tomorrow is 90, also more or less in record territory. so, unusually hot for the first week of school. 73 degrees at 8 o'clock. 84 degrees by 11 o'clock. 92 by 2 o'clock and we're going for a high of 94. we'll probable have to wait until about 3:30 or 4 o'clock to get there but the bottom line is it is going to be hot and on the humid side today. 93 is the high in allentown, 94 in reading, 93 in wilmington, 92 in trenton. in the 80's in millville. mid 80's down the shore just in case you're among the lucky ones who can stay down the shore a little past labor day holiday. looks like low to mid 80's on the beach. not a real big chance of rip currents today. 78 degrees in the ocean. september that first maybe two, three weeks of september just about my favorite time down the shore because the ocean is always so warm. and the crowds are a little bit less, too. 77 in the ocean, 84 in rehoboth beach on the beach, pleasant there. for the phillies tonight,
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looks like another decent flighdecentflight for baseball. 84 degrees for the first pitch. it will be mainly clear so no rain but it is going to be humid and muggy still holding onto the up ever 70's by the end of the contest. tomorrow we've got a cold front coming in from the west been evening there couland by ee a thunderstorm. but it's still hot and humid and we'll go for a high of about 90. could even go a little higher than. that your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast going for a high of 94 today. hot and more humid than yesterday, cool drinks, shady breaks, all that important. hot and sticky then on wednesday, a high of 90 and again in the evening in particular there could be a thunderstorm popping up north and west of philadelphia. thursday that's when the front really gets on top of us and it looks like we're going get some much needed rain. i will caution that the story isn't all good here as we could also get some heavy strong gusty thunderstorms mixed in bringing us some of that rain so a lot going on on thursday afternoon and evening. 85 degrees for most of us, though.
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the rain is going to be good news. and then that rain gets out of here and now it looks like friday is a day of improvement where it might be muggy in the morning but less humid as the day goes on with sun reemerging with a high of 83. saturday looks great. sunday with another thunderstorm possible for the arrival of rosh hashanah and pleaseday babe. >> thanks, david. president obama spent his labor day getting paid sick leave for workers on federal contracts. he signed an executive order guaranteeing them one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours they work that's up to seven days a year. critics say it will make it harder for small businesses to keep federal contractors but the move got applause at a union rally in boston yesterday. and speculation continues to grow over vice president joe biden's possible run for president. yesterday he attended a labor day parade in pittsburgh. he was seen zigzagging along the route taking selfies and
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shaking hands. people were even clearing run, joe, run, but when asked if he would jump into the race he deflected the question. >> vice president there are a lot of people asking you to run. >> i've got a lot of nice friends. good to see you man. >> people close to biden say he will likely make a decision near the end of the month. meanwhile hillary clinton's numbers are dropping in two critical states in new hampshire she's losing to bernie sanders who is also gaining in iowa. on the gop side, donald trump continues to be the republican frontrunner. >> time for your first look at business at the big board. wall street is back opened for trading today after taking three days off for the long labor day weekend. investors are preparing for more volatility. futures right now are pointing to gains at the opening bell at 9:30. we'll see if that holds. today marks the return of the pumpkin spice latte at starbucks. the fall favorite is a big seller for the coffee chain. the company says this year's version is new and improved. it no longer uses artificial
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flavors and colors and instead puts real pumpkin in the pumpkin spice latte. more than 30,000 new jersey transit commuters will have to change their routines at the nation's busiest bus terminal beginning today. the port authority of new york and new jersey has reassigned gates at its 65-year-old bus terminal in manhattan. the effort is meant to reduce delays and overcrowding but commuters are have to navigate different pick up and drop off locations. nj transit is the terminal's largest operator. the buses serve more than 60 percent of passengers during peak periods. >> still to come on "action news" why pope francis is releasing new procedures today for annulling marriages. >> more than just catholics will take the stage at the world meeting of families here in philadelphia. the pastor of a first african baptist church is preparing a speech. that's when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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be there as well. on the schuylkill expressway here near girard, traffic is moving nicely. we've got light volume. it's clear and dry. what more could you want on a tuesday morning? matt and erin. >> thanks, karen. pope francis is laying out new guidelines today for the catholic church's handling of marriage annulments. he says the current system is costly and can be unfair. the vatican had a commission of canon lawyers spend the past year studying ways to simplify the process. under church teachings, catholics can only remarry if their first marriage is declared invalid. that process can take years and cost hundreds of dollars. pope francis has already said annulments should be free. >> and it's not just roman catholics taking part in the papal visit. reverend terrence d. griffith at the pastor of the first african baptist church in south philadelphia one of the first black baptist churches in the country. he was invited to speak at the world meeting of families congress later this month. griffith will address concerns of the urban family.
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>> i think if we can get back to the center where the home, the school, the church, the mosque, the synagogue intricately weaved who family life i believe our society would be better. >> the hope is that the dialogue extends past the world meeting of families and will lead to solutions in urban communities. and of course we have all the latest details on the papal visit at there you'll also find our ongoing coverage with everything you need know about the historic weekend. >> 4:53 and we will have more on the papal visit during our next half hour including how you can get tickets today to see pope francis' speech at independence hall. >> and in other news a loophole in the oregon state law means this mobile marijuana cart can operate but police there are -- what police there are saying about it coming up next.
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>> new this morning, the couple who claimed their newborn baby was swapped at birth and sold to traffickers has been reunited with their son. the couple who now lives in texas delivered the baby in the mother's home country of el salvador in may. mercedes casanellas says she became suspicious when she noticed differences in the features of the baby she first held after birth and the child brought to her a day later. the couple decided to have a dna test done three months after the birth which revealed their son jacob was not theirs. >> this is a life long injury that's very, very deep and it's horrible.
4:57 am
>> the parents said they love both babies and hope they can keep the two infants but officials are working to reunite the first baby with his family as well. el salvadorian authorities have launched a criminal investigation into the doctor who delivered the baby. >> also new, the owner of a mobile marijuana shop in portland, oregon admits he's using a loophole to give pot away to people via container from his cart. the oregon health authority states any transfer of pot to or from a dispensary must take place at a registered address. the owner of the cart nicknamed smoke buddy says he's just selling containers. customers who buy the containers get weed for free. portland police say if they receive a complaint about a cart they would respond but they do not plan proactive enforcement. >> 4:57 now. coming up at 5:00 a.m., developing overnight, flames are racing through a jersey forest. we'll have the very latest. >> and funeral services for a new jersey family that died in
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news
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program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday, september 8th. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us and we're following several developing stories. >> gunfire erupts after a bar fight spills into a philadelphia street. now police are investigating a double shooting. >> fire crews in burlington county are battling a raging forest fire. it has spread across 100 acres. >> and ready or not, a sure sign summer is over. at least unofficially. it's time to head back to school. we're live with the details. >> parents like it, though, advertisements here'sometimes. here's david and karen with more. >> he doesn't go back until tomorrow. he's 17. he's cool. all right, so satellite right now shows you -- some of the older parents i can say this stuff. satellite right nosh


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