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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  September 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news police show off weapons seized from criminals in delaware county. and apple gets ready to
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unveil the new iphones in san francisco. >> but the big story is another scorcher, it's hot and humid out there, the soupy conditions could even lead to afternoon storms and schools are sending students home early because of the heat. eva pilgram has the story coming up from trenton but first lets get the forecast from meteorologist, david murphy. >> the best thing we can say, is we are not alone, temperatures in the high 80s to 90s in richmond, virginia, this is in the process of coursing through the region, as we take a live view on satellite and radar, we have a frontal boundary out to the west of us, it's firing up a couple of showers and thunderstorms in western new york and an area of high pressure that shifted off the cost and between the two features we look at a pronounced
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southwesterly flow, the same thing that kicked in yesterday and the more and more the humidity pours in and we have enough warm air where we look at highs in the 90s today, the humidity combining with the heat making things uncomfortable, 88 in philadelphia and 88 in wilmington and even in the lehigh valley, you climbed to 85, and 88 in trenton and 84 in cape may, these arrows showing you the flow of air from the south, how it feels out there. the dew points even in the lehigh valley, reached the 70 degree range and anything that is 70 or better reaches oppressive humidity, wilmington and dover and cape may with these much higher numbers, so extreme heat and humidity making things uncomfortable for the afternoon. the forecast high is 82 well
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above the high. and still muggy today, tonight and tomorrow. a chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm, but that is so scattered and few and far between it won't provide much relief but things change tomorrow where the temperatures drop and even though it will be humid, we'll get drenching rain that will help. all of that is coming up with future tracker 6 and the seven-day forecast. >> help out all the brown grass out there too. the heat is leading to a short school day for thousands of local students, some districts heard the forecast and made the call to dismiss early, including grab elementary school in trenton, eva pilgram joins us live there now. >> it's the second day back for students in trenton and the day is cut short because it's so hot. this is grant elementary school, there are some window units here on the school and this is the office, it felt pretty good on
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the lower level, but the classrooms have their windows cracked there is not a.c. in all the classrooms, they decided to dismiss students earlier, trenton students are releasing the high school students at 12:30 and middle school at 12:45 and elementary schools like grant gets out at 1:00, and clifton schools another school letting out early, high school 11:48 and middle school 12:10 and the almost schoolry school is getting out at 1:00. you heard david mention it's the upper 80s, couple that with the humidity and it's incredibly uncomfortable, very quickly the school district is taking no chances making sure these studentses are safe. letting them out of school
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early. we are live here in trenton, eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. hundreds of teachers the chester upland school district are getting paid after all, staffers are returning to school even though the district admitted not being able to pay because of the financial crisis, but they will get paid today because the state made the debt payment. chester upland school still needs to solve the budget shortfall. if you missed out on yesterday's ticket available for the pope's speech in independence hall. you have two more chances, there are two major ticket releases today for two more free events, at 4:00, there are 10,000 free tickets online for the festival world meeting of families
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saturday night and 10,000 tickets for the papal mass on the ben franklin parkway. >> now david henry is live with where they have pope gear going on sale today too. >> reporter: hey rick, if you are wondering where to get a pope francis bobble head doll, your wait is over. the official merchandise store is open here in the lobby of the aero mark tower in center city. it's the first store selling world meeting of families misdemeanor and papal souvenirs, they have cuddly pope dolls and everything else you can imagine. from $5 for pope medallion to $70 for the half zip pullovers and they will sell crystal rosary beads for $200, the world meeting of families did not say
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how much they expect to make. >> we have a fundraising goal of 45 million there's, our last announcement was $30 million. matt robinson chipped in $80, he was the first customer he bought two golf shirts at $40 a piece. >> i was across the street getting my tickets and i saw the door was open and decided to come in. >> this is the only location to buy the merchandise but there will eventually be others, pop-up stores will be at the convention center. a lot of knockoff merchandise is already on the streets for weeks but this is the official stuff. >> this is america, it's a free market, we salute the creativity we have seen in some of these, but this is the only official retail merchandise.
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>> if you can't get down here to the store here at 11th and market, you can find that merchandise available on the world meeting of families website. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> david thank you, we are posting everything you need to know about the papal visit on, that includes septa's service plans for that weekend and the latest information on the tickets being offered for some of the pope's biggest events. upper darby is showing of hundreds of weapons seized from criminals. 70 long guns and 70 handguns and an assortment of bows and guns over the years. they were part of domestic violence cases and drug raids. we'll show how they are disposing of these weapons at 12:30. detectives say a man was killed trying to rob someone in chester, the victim turned the
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tables and shot the suspect at 1:00 a.m. on 7th street, the victim was not hurt. well, if you tuned in to "good morning america" this morning you may have spotted some of philadelphia's finest. >> we are celebrating everybody on this beautiful wednesday morning, the philadelphia police department comes every year. we are so happy to see them. their big on hair moment came on times square with ginger zee, she were on several times when they gave the forecast. looking good. still to come a plane catches fire on the runway in las vegas, what passengers felt when it happened. and a car struck by bullets what happened that has arizona drivers on edge.
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14 people are recovering from minor injuries after their plane caught fire yesterday. flames started to shoot out of a jet as it was getting ready to take off from las vegas,
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passengers and crew members scheduled to go to london found themselves scrambling down money slides, you heard a boom and it shook the plane and it was like, i thought it was the tire blowing out and then another one, as soon as they opened the door you smelled the smoke burning. >> the fire department reached the plane in two minutes. british airways say it took all the passengers that were not hurt to local hotels. a possible act of domestic terrorism is under investigation in arizona, someone has been shooting random cars on a freeway in phoenix, nine random cars were hit including two yesterday, a 9-year-old girl was hit by shattered glass and more bullets hit a tour bus, the driver was the only person on
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board at the time. police remind people to be vinl lent. >> it's just a matter of time before we have tragedy on our roadways, we are fortunate enough not to have serious injuries and no one has been killed. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. kim davis, the kentucky county clerk released from jail is expected to return to work on friday or monday, a deputy clerk says he will not stop issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples even if davis, his boss, tells him not to, when a judge released the clerk he told her not to interfere with the licenses in any way. >> secretary of state john kerry is discussing the possibility of allowing more syrian refugees
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into the united states, kerry is attending closed door meetings today. the obama administration is looking for ways to assist in migrants arriving from the middle east and africa, but countries such as germany says there is not enough space to allow them all in. congress is holding long awaited hearings on planned parenthood. they say they violated a federal ban on selling fetal tissue, but planned parenthood said they did nothing illegal, and donated the tissue for research. thousands of students in seattle are suppose to head back to school today and teachers are
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on strike. the two sides have not agreed to pay raises and teachers in faculty plan to picket all the school districts today. coming up apple is getting to make a big reveal in san francisco. and one set of siblings taking an adventure too far. >> oh, no. what do a nascar® driver... a comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors
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away from unveiling new iphones. the events start in one hour from san francisco, steve cook will show off the 6 s and 6 s plus, and possibly a new ipad and new apple tv. and upgrades to siri. chipotle held its first career fair, managers held open interviews at every location in the nation until 11:00 this morning, chipotle offers benefits to all employees including paid sick leave and vacation time and some are eligible for assistance with tuition. to health check this noon, researchers say that diabetes is more common than we think, a study from the american journal association says half of americans may be living with the
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condition or prediabetes, and that a third of the people with diabetes don't know that they have it. alicia vitarelli is live in our newsroom with a preview. >> hey guys, a forest fire continues to burn through the pine barrens, those flames already burning through 1,000 acres in parts of two counties, we have more on the progress that firefighters made today. plus, it was a hazing scan del that forced saints joe's university to cancel the season for one of their teams, how it ended between the school and its victims. take us with you on the go on our news app, and watching us live or your tablet and smart phone. >> david murphy is going to sing the songs too. >> really? >> with his guitar and everything? >> yes. >> if you see any stray cats
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running around it's because of david. accuweather is coming up.
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david is here with a check from accuweather, a steam bath out there, technically the temperatures are lower and won't make a difference. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we are dry and heading into the afternoon, and as we look outside, the action cam was out on the water and pretty pictures of flowers in wilmington delaware, and not so pretty outside as you head out there and start to wilt almost immediately, 88 is your temperature in philadelphia, here is the real problem, the dew point is up over 70 and we always say this, any time it's up over 70 it's oppressive out there, not real used to this and it is uncomfortable out there. you need cool drinks and shady
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and a.c. breaks today. 80 in wilmington and 88 in trenton and allentown the due pointses are high and gets stickier in south jersey and delaware, 84 in cape may and noticeably humid. here is the heat index making it feel like 95, in general, the heat index making it feel 6 or 7 degrees above the temperatures and the temperatures have not stopped climbing we see heat indexes around 100 before we are done. the sun and clouds mix around 3:00, there say chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm, and in this extremely humid air mass, anything that does pop could produce a drenching downpour, you could get some isolated drenchers here but most of this action in the northern suburbs by the way, most of the area is dry, you might get a drencher but the better chance is you won't, by 11:30, we have lining up thundershowers up to the north and most of those fading off into showers, lehigh
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valley, clouds and sun and an afternoon thundershower cannot be ruled out. higher humidity today than yesterday and that is the big story in the lehigh valley, down the shore better 86 and very humid, sun and clouds and 70s in the water once again, there are no lifeguards and a chance of a rip current, and maybe a better idea just to get your feet wet. hot and humid and more uncomfortable than yesterday. wins 7 to 14 miles per hour, and 73 is the muggy overnight low and an isolated shower or thunderstorm is possible and most of you dealing with a muggy night, and we have 92 for your high at 4:00, 89 and humid at 9:30, and 84 degrees and clouds and sun and on the sticky side, if you plan on bringing cool drinks or buying them tonight, if you head to the phillies, they try to win the series against the braves, 79 in the
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fifth inning, i'm allowing for a thunderstorm. something to keep in mind. tomorrow a frontal boundary comes through and drops the temperature down to 82 and with the front coming through we could get gusty storms south and east of philadelphia, and drenching downpours elsewhere. future tracker 6 shows in the morning we have drenchers around. hopefully it starts to pull over to the east in time for the evening rush hour, today's high 92, hot and sticky and could be coming down in buckets and friday there is improvement, and humidity dropping in the afternoon and more comfortable high in the low 80s and saturday looking good, and back to the 70s for the first time in a month on sunday. could be saturday night and sunday rain. >> thanks david. >> well, many parents know that kids can be quick to find trouble and in texas a 6-year-old trouble got stuck in
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side of an arcade game. here is the proof, juliet is sitting amid the balls in the claw machine and this happened at a pizza place. the fire department responded quickly and opened the machine and lifted her out. this is more to the story, her older sister double dog dared her to climb inside. >> they went home with nothing. >> more ahead on "action news" at noon, google is bringing the grocery store to your front steps, the new they are checking out that could be available nationwide. and a milestone for gene elizabeth that had people showing up at buckingham palace.
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"action news" continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again. here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. nearly 100 weapons off the streets of delaware county for good. how police are turning a potential danger into a positive for one community. and they say that the screw to blame for a deadly plane crash that killed a philadelphia
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businessman. and accuweather is tracking a hot and sticky day. prompting schools to close early like here in new jersey. police in upper darby showed off dozens of weapons they took off the streets and now they are making sure those weapons are rendered useless. >> handguns, long guns, swords, more than 100 weapons recovery over the past several years will be destroyed this afternoon, upper darby police superintendant says it's their way of cutting down gun violence in the community. >> each weapon has a different store why, some police seized in drug raids and many through domestic violence calls. they will be destroyed today when they bring them to a trash and steam plant to be turned into electricity. >> we feel it's an offensive weapon, and we are called there for criminal


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