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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 10, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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when the pope is here, you may be walking beside your bike. >> let's go over to david murphy who is saying rain. karen rogers has the morning commute. >> reporter: we have rain popping through and it is moving through philadelphia and up toward trenton. this is the largest cluster wherever you see red and yellows that's the downpours. we have lightning around trenton and philadelphia. the active lightning appears to be in cumberland county and salem county and maryland, split between baltimore and wilmington. there's some pushing toward the northeast and lightning strikes around ocean city and sea isle city. all moving toward the north. temperatures right now, 72 degrees in philadelphia. 74 in wilmington. 70 in allentown. 70 in trenton. 77 in cape may. like the last couple of mornings
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it's humid, where it isn't raining you're seeing leftover water on the windshields and dewpoints in the 70s south and north. 74 by 6:00 a.m. 76 by 8:00 a.m. mainly cloudy and it is wet in spots as you just saw. as we head to school and home from school. 76 by 8:00 a.m. 80 by noon. not as hot today, high of 82 degrees, that will be early in the afternoon, say 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. 81 by 3:00 p.m. 75 by 6:00 p.m. all day long into the evening, though, karen we're looking at on and off periods of rain and thunderstorms some of which could bring more heavy downpours, what we're finding, dave the road is getting wet because the rain is coming down hard in spots where you get the thunderstorms. aramingo avenue, the roads are
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wet. people are having a tough time driving today. the action cam was on the scene of a horrible accident. look at this, a car flipped over on its roof. there's a fuel spill eastbound at broad and the schuylkill expressway. someone slid and flipped on their roof. they have cleared out the accident, there the driver was injured, rushed to the hospital. but there's a fuel spill that's what they are continuing to clean up on the schuylkill expressway eastbound at broad street. we have another accident. i just got off the phone with police in burming -- burlington county new jersey. route 130, two tractor trailers, one tractor-trailer was hauling furniture. they have all lanes blocked on 130 northbound are they hope to open an lane shortly and in an hour they will clear it
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altogether. stick to 260. or use high bridge road to get around the accident in burlington county, new jersey. matt and tam. >> developing now, armed intruders stabbed a man during a home invasion in camden. the duo barged into a house on the 1200 block of landsdown avenue an hour ago. the victim is in serious condition. a woman also in the home not seriously hurt. a crime spree near st. joe's university is spoiling the excitement that surrounds a new school year. students are taking precaution from four gunpoint holdups near hawk hill. the bandits are not only dangerous, they are young. >> all four jobs occurred between 8:30 and 12:30. one case two people walking together, the other three are individuals walking by themselves up in the area. >> students have been robbed of cell phones, debit and credit cards and cash.
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saint josephs has increased patrols and escorts available to students. a guilty plea is expected in a local kidnapping case that sparked a massive manhunt across state lines. delvin barns is accused of abducting a woman who was tied up in the trunk of his car. armed bandits -- residents in arizona have been warned about a cereal shooter along interstate ten. police are calling the individual cases acts of domestic terrorism. >> i don't know if this is a copycat crime or multiple people, there's no pattern,
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different days of the week, different hours of the day. >> nobody has been seriously hurt or killed, but a 13-year-old girl was struck by shattered glass, a tour bus and police officer on the way to work have come under fire. good morning will pick this up after "action news." pennsylvania supreme court is going to hear arguments on the death row moratorium. seth williams challenge ldz the the -- challenge the the moratorium. wolf said he'll continue the reprieves until the study is done. gone in 30 seconds that's how how fast the tickets were taken
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for mass for pope francis' mass on the parkway. >> you have to drive around to find a spot, period. >> it's only the beginning he we'll continue to partner with other organizations to get the word out. >> the delaware river port authority want people to nonthat bikes will be allowed on the ben franklin bridge, but you have to walk them over you won't be able to ride them. there is more information at there's information about what's prohibited on the festival
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grounds. >> we have rain, and better chance later? >> reporter: we'll see periods throughout the day and this afternoon's round is more widespread. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows that parts of the region are getting hit. as we go into the two dimensional view and dive in closer there are areas of the region getting pounded with steadier rain. the area between trenton and philadelphia, would be one of those spots, every now and then embedded in this, you have yellow and orange that's the downpours producing the ponding and puddling, karen rogers has been telling us about this on the highway, there's spray every. there's one philadelphia, camden and gloucester county. there's a recent lightning strike be careful. philadelphia will get into a lull. as we look to the south there's additional showers and thunderstorms on the way with recent lightning strikes popping south and west of wilmington.
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that one there producing a number of strikes in the last 15 minutes. there's a recent strike south of millville. the wide view shows you there may be a bit of a lull happening anywhere before another round comes late this morning and through midday. we have wet conditions across the region including down the shore, there's atlantic city, lights on the boardwalk and showers and thunderstorms in that vicinity, as well. 72 degrees currently in philadelphia. the dewpoint is up there, at 69. it's humid even where it isn't raining, winds out of the northeast at 7. future tracker 6 handling the rain between now and noon we get a lull and another batch of scattered and heavy downpours and producing showers and thunderstorms. 3:00 p.m., doesn't look like it fills in a little bit, and parts of the region looks like a broader area will look at the pounding rain. it continues in the evening howh
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hour and pushes off to the north an east. in terms of rainfall amounts most of us looking at 1 1/2 inches. some spots a little less. we could all use the rain of course. there's a chance that bullet areas go a lot higher. the model wants to push that up to trenton. can't guarantee that's where the actual heavy set up is. but you could go every that two inch threshhold. 79 by 11:00. on and off showers and downpours throughout the day. 82 is the high around 1:30, 2:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., 76 degrees, high temperatures across the region. upper 507s in the suburbs. -- upper 70s in the suburbs, 82 in philadelphia. tonight for the phillies game we should be winding down quickly this evening, bus there's a chance of an -- but there's a chance of an early shower or thunderstorm. the cubs in town and temperatures in time low to mid
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70s. we have tropical storm henri, this is not going to be a rainmaker for us, as it pushes to the north an northeast we could get heavy surf down the shore because of that over the next couple of days. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 82. periods rain on and off, look out for heavy downpours in some neighborhoods that could produce quick hinting runoff on the streets. tomorrow, clouds and sun, beautiful afternoon, 84. saturday, the next system will come at us quicker that will turn morning sun into an cloudy afternoon and there could showers around. sunday could see a shower or thunderstorm. but we're down in the 70s on sunday, and next week looks nice, we warm up a little bit, but it's comfortable the first half of next week. >> 5:40. still ahead on "action news," an investigation is underway after
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ex-tennis pro is slammed to the ground by police officers. >> and new warnings on new york city mean -- menus. crews are picking up the construction on woodhaven road. there's a lot of ponding and puddling on the roads. >> an unusual sighting in the gulf coast, and there could be more, those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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look here down into delaware, all over the lehigh valley. today we're getting rain, it is something we have needed and we're seeing it's affect on our temperature. 5:44, 74 degrees, we'll get up to 82. yesterday we were talking about getting up to 92. a break in terms of how it's going to feel. >> karen you were wandering if people remember how to drive in the rain. it's been a long time. >> reporter: it's been a long time and the oil comes up from the rain, and the roads are slick. i-95 near new hope. traffic is moving nicely. no problem there, you can see the spray as the drivers are running through the ponding and puddling. where there are thunderstorms you're having rain come down
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pretty good. woodhaven eastbound we have construction that's clearing out. 295 southbound at 42. we have construction blocking a lane that will be out there for another half-hour, you'll see crews out there even in the wet conditions are out there, live in new jersey. that's 42. northbound traffic looking okay at this point. lots of water on the roadway. we can pull up storm tracker 6 live double scan and see who exactly is getting the rain right now. we see some of the lightning strikes we've got 27 lightning strikes through the general region through cape may and sea isle city, 47 millville. 55, route 49 near salem and middle town in delaware. going a little closer to the city. we see that rain that is just now pushed through the city for the most part. it's heading toward cherry hill. a bills area in cherry hill if you're getting up to do your commute, you're dealing with
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rain coming down. new jersey turnpike exit 4 we're seeing rain there, as well. mount holly, and trenton we have rain i-95. we're seeing rain in the area of yellow. jenkintown and willow grove, you're seeing it pull out of here. travel carefully and slowly. the roads are wet. >> new this morning, a prominent ex-tennis pro is speaking out about his treatment by the nypd. james blake was slammed to the ground as he stood waiting for are a taxi. it took 15 minutes for detectives to realize they had mistaken him for a suspect in an identity theft case. the argue officer was placed on modified assignment. blake plans to issue a formal statement later today. new york city is the first in the nation to require salt warnings on menus. chain restaurants will have to post a black and white salt
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shaker image next to dishes that have the recommended daily limit of sodium. that's 2300 milligrams. it will only impact fast food chains at 15 or more locations nationwide. it's the first ever food truck special, karen rogers has the word soul food philly. a rookie food truck that took home the first place price. >> reporter: my goal to introduce people to korean food. >> reporter: his korean american fusion menu has been a big had it. >> i think i've converted quite a few people. he said a traditional barbecue
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fills the need for cheese steak. you're not a good korean unless you have this. the. >> i'm sold. this is deep fried anything deep fried is good, and anything from jersey makes it better. that looks good, you can catch fyi philly at it's new saturday time, 7:30 and sunday at midnight. >> pinky is back in the spotlight with another rare sighting. >> reporter: all right, kids we're dressing the kids with umbrellas on the way to school and on the way home. we'll have the day planner forecast coming up next.
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at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. pink dolphin it was spotted in 2007. the captain named it pink yes thinks the dolphin is bathing. something going on right here. who knows a bunch of of rosy dolphins. >> reporter: maybe she is blushing that's why she is pink. >> knee -- neopolitan like the ice cream. >> reporter: the roads are good
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approaching conshohocken no problems on the blue route, in some areas we're seeing ponding and puddling. everything is on time no problems with mass transit as you head out. things look good so far on the rails, the roads, eh. >> reporter: we have rain coming down intensely in some areas. we have lightning strikes every now and then. where you see the yellow in cumberland and salem coming toward new castle county delaware and across the river in camden county, philadelphia. speckled in trenton that's heavy rain producing ponding and pulgding on -- puddling on roads. you want to take it slow. dressing the kids it's obviously a day for umbrellas. warm and muggy across the condition. 72 in pottstown. 69 in chester. a lot of 70 in south jersey and delaware this morning.
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if you're running errands there's no best time of day to do it. because we're looking at on and off rain all the way today. 77 by 9:00 a.m. 80 by noon. the high today 82 degrees that will early around 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. the rain will taper off later this evening, matt and tam. >> the senate has started a debate on the iran nuclear deal. respects claim it is flawed while democrats claim there's no alternative. this may be for show, even if congress passes a dpoorvel resolution -- disapproval, president obama has enough votes to hold a veto on the measure. a man heard a noise in his apartment he as he was moving back to brown on saturday. he shoved the suspect against a
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wall and dragged the man into the bedroom that had bars on the window so the suspect was unable to escape before police could arrive.
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>> a criminal investigation is underway after several homes were hit by stray bullets in the lehigh valley neighborhood. people say it's been happening for months and the bullets are coming from a gun club that's half a mile away. the north hampton county district attorney's office is investigating the claims. preliminary rounds continue
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for the nis america pageant in atlantic city. the prelims are a chance for the judges to get an early look at the 52s. karen rogers and i will have the countdown to the crowd watch the competition live from boardwalk hall live 9:00 p.m. on 6abc. a dog struggles to survive an evil deed. up next we'll give you did you have request's -- duffy's details and how you can help. ♪
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>> good morning, everyone, 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, september 10. we're following breaking news. >> fire tears through a row home development in delaware. >> robbers are terrorizing students near a college campus. >> we are waking up to thunderstorms, our accuweather team is helping you get around them. >> reporter: we have rain on the terrace, all the rain is moving toward new york and the northeast. a batch of it pushing away through northeast philadelphia and trenton in that direction. there's another batch coming south of wilmington. in south jersey, thunderstorms and recent lightning strikes flash on the screen. some pushing toward atlantic


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