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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  September 12, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> good morning, 7:00 a.m., saturday, september 12 here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." an overturned tractor-trailer is wreaking havoc in south jersey, we'll have the details on the traffic mess. prosecutors dropped the case against a temple university proif hefessor accused of spyin. keep the umbrellas andy, because we'll have storms. chris sowers is outside with that. >> reporter: it's beautiful, out here, it's a little clammy and sticky, but temperatures wise we're in the 50s and 60s and i have clear skies overhead. not a bad morning at all. 55 in quakertown. 58 in martins creek. 55 in tanersville. saint davids 62. center city 69. gandys beach, 73.
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a nice morning on the delaware bay. bay temperature, 80. hammonton, 59. and avalon check, checking in at 70. there's the view right now as we look over atlantic city. just a few clouds dancing around the skyline. otherwise you're seeing mainly sunny conditions. it's tranquil out there, hardly a breath of air. we're not expecting rough surf conditions down there. it will be a nice day down the shore. you'll see the clouds on the increase there's a shower threat later on. day planner, lunchtime 80 degrees, if you have plans over the next few hours you may not need the umbrella. after 2:00 p.m. you'll see rain drops. 3:00 p.m., 78 degrees, showers and storms developing. 6:00 p.m., 76 degrees, more showers and storms anticipating a high of 80. shower anne thunderstorm chances their highest today. we have a high threat of seeing more showers and storms once
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again tomorrow. look what happens, monday, tuesday, wednesday, it turns drier we'll see a ton of sunshine and lower humidity levels. look at the dewpoints heading this way. only in the 50s tomorrow, 40s for monday, for the most part all of tuesday and 50 wednesday. after this bout of rain and thunderstorm activity this weekend we've got some real nice stuff in the seven-day forecast to talk about. itch it for you coming up in just a bit. >> we have an update on a tractor-trailer crash in south jersey that caused traffic troubles on 295. the truck overturned on 295 near exit 27 to route 76 in belmawr this morning. one lane is getting by. two lanes remain closed while state police conduct the investigation. the big rig has been removed from the scene, but a backup from the initial crash remains. the driver is okay. a chester police officer injured in a hit-and-run is
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hospitalize in the crozer-chester million center. officer daniel hoffman's bike was hit in chester. the police say the driver of a car made an illegal left turn clipping hoffman before taking off. hoffman fell off and the bike kept going hitting the suv. witnesses say the suspect was driving a burger -- burgundy late model grand prix. >> when the bike goes down and goes 3040 feet, the officer goes down, you have to know what's happening. >> we are told officer hoffman is conscious and alert and speaking with doctors. if you have a tip on suspect or car involved call police. the search is over for a missing pilot whose plane crashed seven miles off the coast of atlantic city.
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dr. michael moir was traveling from michigan to atlantic city when his plane crashed. he had 40 years of flying experience. the coast guard spent 22 hours and searched 8 # square -- 83 square miles before spending their efforts. federal prosecutors will drop the case against a temple professor, after reviewing e-mails and hearing from fidz -- physicists he was sending information that was not restricted knowledge or secret. graham spanier will not be traveling overseas while waiting for trial. he asked the officers to
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temporarily return his passport if he wants to go over seas. he is accused of covering child sex abuse complaints against jerry sandusky. tributes and moments of silence were held here in new york and washington as well as across the nation as americans remember the lives lost 14 years ago. yesterday marked the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. [bell ringing] [. >> at ground zero a solemn tradition went on. families read their names of lost loved ones. a son of a man who died on 9/11 said as long as i'm breathing i'll be here. defense secretary ash
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carter dedicated a wreath in memory of the people who died at the pentagon. a bell rang remembering the victims of flight 93 that was taken down in shanksville pennsylvania. homeland security secretary jeh johnson traveled to shanksville for the 9/11 remembrance. one of philadelphia's jewels have filed for bankruptcy hoping to create a better future. it's "the please touch museum" in fairmont park. it will stay open while it reorganizes. two years of negotiations led to the restructuring of $60 million in dead. they will have to raise $10 million by march of next year. pope francis arrives in two weeks for the world meeting of families, there will be no mail deliver saturday september 26
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for those in the restricted festival grounds. those who live in the zip codes on the screen will not receive mail. the postal service will remove the blue collection box also from the neighborhoods while the pontiff is in town. they will be removed september 24th and reinstalled sunday afternoon. for those who live inside the traffic enforcement zone. there's good news you have to move your car before the pope arrives, burr the 20 dorl fee to park in the designated garage also will be waved if you have a current and valid pennsylvania parking permit. parking placards will be available at the parking authority at 8th street. we have all the restricts posted at we have address to help you
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navigate the papal visit 14 days away. up next on saturday morning, concern about the syrian refugees new disturbing video has been relieved showing the brutal side of freedom. plus an officer assigned to the vice president's motorcade is injured. we'll have details ahead. double scan live is showing our next weather maker already knocking on the door. you can see the showers and thunderstorms off to the southwest. i'll let you know when this arrives and what you can expect in the seven-day forecast when you come right right back. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings.
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saudi arabia says it has taken in 2.5 million syrians. a 5.2 earthquake rattled tokyo this morning, but there's no risk of a tsunami. some people were trapped in lifts in several areas. that caused minor injuries. the quake was centered in tokyo bay near the airport. new york city police officer was hurt escorting joe biden's motorcade. the spokesperson said it happened as biden wrapped up his trip to the big apple. he was returning to will a lagua when the officer was hurt. biden made a stop on colert show has been briefed on the accident. phoenix police station are questioning a plan in connection with the string of a freeway shooting. 11 cars have been shot since august 29. 8 with bullets and three with
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projectiles that could include bbs or pellets. in california a state of emergency has been declared after a wildfire exploded to 100 square miles. the evacuation orders were called off after the fire changed directions. the residents were told to leave at a moments notice. the fire has burned 65,000 acres. 6,000 properties are threatened. 7:12. we had a wonderful streak of weather on the weekends, but it's coming to a screeching halt. >> the summer season is officially over. >> we like nice weekends. >> reporter: for me it doesn't make a difference if it is sunday or cloudy or raining because i'm not going outdoors anyway because of the football. there's the view looking live at penns landing. you can see, i believe that's
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the moshulu spirit of philadelphia, chart house. a nice quiet morning, seeing the slightest breeze out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour. the clouds are starting to increase, you'll notice the increase in humidity. double scan live, however is crystal clear we'll keep it this way throughout the this morning hours, the afternoon we get wet. allentown, 57. reading, 59. 69 in philadelphia. millville, 64. dover checking in with a pair o. humidity levels it will be sticky by 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. as the moisture from the southwest rolls in. just like thursday it's another area of low pressure riding southwest to northeast into new england by later this afternoon. there's the potential of heavy showers and thunderstorms. drenching downpours again.
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double scan live showing the activity is starting to blossom. we're getting hundreds of lightning strikes north of richmond. getting into delaware, obviously first and pushing into south jersey and northwestern suburbs by 2 or # p.m. this afternoon. the biggest threat with the system is the drenching downpours, there's an isolated chance one or two storms could turn severe especially across the south jersey or delaware. the primary threat being strong winds in excess of 6 miles per hour. there's the low coming over the eastern seaboard tonight into sunday. it sits over new england. itthe dry hours will outnumber e wet hours this weekend overall. future tracker 6, during the morning hours we're dry, and the showers start to erupt by mid
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afternoon. one or two thunderstorms developing drenching downpours, a good bet, by 5:00 p.m. interior sections of south jersey. most of today cloudy skies, maybe a few showers, but the thunderstorms hold off until nightfall. and then we get into the overnight hours, it's cloudy and muggy. sunday morning we see a combination of sun and clouds. most of the afternoon is cloudy and there's a chance of leftover shower. not the nicest weekend overall, but it's not looking like a wash. afternoon showers developing across the philadelphia area, maybe a thunderstorm, one or two could turn severe south and east, generally speaking a half inch to an inch of rain expected for the storms. sunday lots of clouds, limited sunshine maybe a leftover spotty shower. here's the forecast for today. temperatures wise north and west, upper 70s, 76 in lancaster. 78 in reading, 78 in allentown. trenton. 80 degrees, millville 81. mainly cloudy skies, afternoon
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showers developing one or two thunderstorms possible drenching downpours a good bet if you do pick up the storms. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, mostly cloudy once again tomorrow breezy maybe a leftover shower cooler 75. monday feels great. breezy and pleasant 76 degrees. very low humidity levels. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, notice the temperatures here, the normal high is down into the upper 70s. thursday we're in the upper 80s. the good news this will not be a heat wave we're not expecting 90s or oppressive humidity levels. it's just a few days above average before a cool spell pulls in. >> you're jumping for winter i know you. the. >> reporter: i'm very disappointed what i am seeing in the long range. >> disappointed meaning mild? >> reporter: that's another day. >> that's positive to hear. "dancing with the stars"
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kicks off another season this coming monday. on the the hit show and off of course ballroom dancing is surging in popularity. in the art of aging we have seniors having a ball. >> reporter: at the arthur murray dance studio in new jersey some are learning swing. many retired couples finding dancing cheek to cheek can help them reconnect. >> they start walking hand-in-hand after a couple of lessons. they find out they have communication they have not had in time. >> it's a been a great he'll for our relationship. >> when you're dancing in your husband's arms what more than could you want. >> reporter: students say the class are a great way to get fit. >> i've lost ten pounds and in better shape than i've been in a
7:18 am
long time. >> you have to think, you ceant just do it mindless -- you can't do it mindlessly. >> reporter: ballroom dancing is easier to learn than what you think. >> there's a lot to be learned, but it's very exciting. >> reporter: you can find fun ways to stay fit and age gratefully on our website at of aging. tamala edwards channel 6 "action news."
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everyone, 7:23 saturday morning, on thursday, the national drought mitigation center put us in an abnormally dry sector with moderate drought conditions. philadelphia picked up 5 inches of rain. allentown, almost 2. dover, almost 2 and poconos 1.75 and trenton, 1.25. we've been dropped. a lot of lawns are showing life and shades of green popping up and more weeds. double scan live showing showers and thunderstorms approaching the area. some of them are heavy. you can see the reds in the purple shades. those are drenching downpours, numerous cloud to ground lightning strikes. here's the day planner. cloudy and humid, 80 degrees, we should starting point to see the activity push in from southwest to northeast roughly by 2:00,
7:25 am
3:00 p.m. 78 degrees by 6:00 p.m. maybe more showers and storms 76. thanks, chris. in sports, the phillies lose both games of the double headers to the cups. the eagles are talking about expects before the sunday opener in atlanta. >> reporter: jeffrey lori was asked about lesean mccoy who continues to bash the birds in the press. he said people say things when they are rejected. he said coach kelly has never been more assessable to his players. many are saying the eagles will win the super bowl. lori not buying into the hype. >> a team is 0-4 in the preseason and people think they will miss the playoffs and go
7:26 am
vice versa. i'm on to atlanta. >> reporter: sam bradford's first extended game action since tearing his acl during last year's preseason. imagine his emotions heading into this moment. jitters? of course. >> i think there's jitters every window he can that's what -- every week that's what makes the game fun. >> reporter: sam got a haircut. we're teeming up with phl17 coverage starts at 6:30 with the countdown show followed by monday night football. it's hard enough watching the phillies lose night in and night out, but twice in one day that's torture. the touching tribute to remember the victims of 9/11 at the game last night. solo homer in the first gave
7:27 am
them 1-0 lead. two run homer, two pitches, two homers, phillies lose 7-3. in the first game, there was a homer in the first. that was the only mistake the cy young candidate made. he has been on fire. phils fell 5-1. they begin the post reuben amaro era with a loss in two hours. serena williams was crushed yesterday when beaten by roberta vinci a 300 to 1 underdog. she failed to take a single step which goes to show you anything can happen on any given day and
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news this morning, philadelphia police have closed down an area in front of episcopal hospital
7:30 am
temple university campus after a suspicious pack and was found at the main entrance this is at lehigh and 8th. they have roped off the main entrance. security guards found a suspicious brown bag with writing on it at the main entrance around 7:00 a.m. police were called in they have secured the area and waiting for the bomb squad to arrive. the parking lot has been closed. however, the hospital has not been evacuated, there's no word that any evacuation from the hospital will happen. most service at this particular hospital are on outpatient basis. police have closed down the area afternoon episcopal hospital. let's turn to chris sowers outside with details on possible storms raining on our parade
7:31 am
this weekend. >> reporter: korea, a little bit of shower and thunderstorm act act -- activity possible. it is really, really sticky with dewpoints into the 60s already at this point. so thool help to trigger -- so that will help to trigger the showers arena thunderstorms. fleetwood, 59. it's a shame, otherwise the temperatures are nice and cool. it doesn't feel as refreshing as it normally would if the dewpoints were lower. martins creek, 59. warrington, 64. center city checking in at 70 degrees. across river into south jersey, glassboro, 66. gandys beach, 73. delaware, smyrna, 65. dover, 67. hockessin 63. satellite and radar, showing the area of low pressure we're watching between richmond arena washington, d.c. closeup view
7:32 am
shows the drenching showers and thunderstorms that are starting to develop along the front range of that. again, that will push through over the next several hours. most of the morning will stay dry. it's probably the middle of the afternoon we pick up the rain drops and thunderstorms toward evening. the day planner, keeping it dry for the morning, 72 degrees, we'll quickly cloudy over by lunchtime. 80. showers and thunderstorms more widespread 76 forecasting a high of 80 degrees. overall looks like a gray weekend, a rare gray weekend for the delaware valley. showers and storms possible. still have the shower threat tomorrow and cooler conditions in the seven-day forecast, i'll have the details when i see you again in just a bit. eva? >> thanks, chris. we have new information on a tractor-trailer crash that caused problems in camden county all morning. the big rig overturned on 295
7:33 am
north to 76 in belmawr. crews have removed the tractor-trailer, state police are on the scene investigating the crash. two labels are closed, but traffic is getting by in one lane. the driver was not injured in that crash. new this morning, a woman stabbed another woman during an argument in north philadelphia. police say the two women were arguing inside a home on the 2300 block of north 20th street. during the fight, one woman pulled out a knife and stabbed the other woman in the face, shoulder and back, she is serious condition at temple university hospital. the other woman fled on foot. we're learning about a suspicious device that led to evacuations in center city. security officers from jefferson hospital noticed the device at the intersection of 11th and locust before 11:00 p.m. police and the bomb squad responded they blocked off a three block area and evacuation
7:34 am
waited several businesses. police say it was an orderly model pressure cooker but nothing along with it. police are trying to determine if it was left there intentionally or by accident. a manhunt is underway for a driver who hit a chester county police officer on a motorcycle and kept go. the officer daniel hoffman is expected to make a full recovery. "action news" reporter, jeff chirico explains the car involved has very distinction features. >> reporter: chopper 6 over the scene at east 4th and morton as rescue crews respond to a call of a police officer before 3:00. officer was riding his motorcycle when the driver made an illegal left turn and clipped him and fell off. the bike kept going hit an suv. the hit-and-run driver absolutely knows what he or she
7:35 am
did. >> you cotten mills these motorcycle hims, are when the wiek goes down and goes -- when the bike goes down and goes 30, 40 feet, and the officer goes down, you have to know what happens. >> reporter: the police shut down the intersection for two hours while the accident was investigated. witnesses described the car as a burgundies late model pontiac grand prix with a green hood trunk or bumper. the chester mayor is pleading for them to turn themselves in. >> they can turn themselves in and make it easier on everybody especially them if they come and do the responsible thing. our police officers are on putting their life on the line everyday this is a perfect champ of what they have to face when they are outline there. >> reporter: hoffman was banged up in the crash. he has scrapes and bumps and bruises, but expected to make a full recovery. he spent the night at crozer-chester medical center
7:36 am
for observation. at chester police headquarters, jeff chirico. >> police in chester county need your help in their search for a missing elderly couple. they have not been heard from yesterday morning. dominic is diabetic and dependentent on insulin. they recently moved into the bellingham retirement community in east goshen the only people. if you have seen the couple call police immediately. another concerned is joining the race for u.s. senate in pennsylvania. john fedderman is running for nomination for pat toomey's senate seat next year. former congressman joe sestak and katie mcginlty are seeking the nomination. there's one less candidate in the race for the white house. former texas governor rick perry
7:37 am
who was seeking the republican candidacy has dropped out of the race. else the first major candidate to give up. his war chest was running dry and he failed to make the prime time debates. the justice department said hillary clinton had the right to delete personal e-mails during her time as secretary of state. the 2016 presidential candidate admitted that using a private e-mail server to conduct government business was a mistake. as far as deleted messages the justice department said they were not part of the public records law. preserved e-mails were turned over to the state department. pope francis will arrive in two weeks for the world meeting of families. the workers were busy at eakens oval constructing the site for the papal alter. pope francis will celebrate mass there. the meanwhile, there's space in
7:38 am
hotels for the weekend of the pope's visit. mayor michael nutter would not say the city overestimated the demand only that people are making plans. he walked the streets of center city yesterday pressing the flesh as his role as cheerleader and chief to drum up excitement. the philadelphia hotel association is saying one third of the rooms are available and some hotels reporting a pick up here in the last week. officials in delaware laid out new plans to keep people moving through wilmington, the weekend pope francis is in town. both amtrak and septa run from wilmington to 30th street station in philadelphia. septa has sold around 5,000 tickets for the wilmington/newark line that weekend. amtrak is leasing commuter trains and calling in extra help in case anything goes wrong. >> we'll have staffing coming in this case we have any
7:39 am
problems we'll have quick response time to get them to the events on time. >> delaware officials say 5800 parking spots will be available around the wilmington station, not all parking will be free. they encourage people to car pool and keep traffic issues to a minimum. you can get more information on our twitter account dedicated to the papal visit follow 6abc pope at the latest. the countdown for miss america is on. the shows us your shoes parade will step off at 5:00 p.m. on the boardwalk. people from all over the country are set to be at the shore to support the 52 contestants. >> it's about families and connection it's great to be back. >> contestants will compete for the crown tomorrow. be sure to tune in tomorrow
7:40 am
for countdown for the crown our live preview at 8:00. it's time for the pageant tree with miss america beginning at 9:00 on 6abc. well, still ahead on "action news" saturday morning, we're following breaking news, the action cam is live outside episcopal hospital in north philadelphia. this is where the bomb squalled has been called after a -- bomb squad has been called after a suspicious package was found, we'll have a live update next. ♪
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news, we're taking a live look the bomb squad has arrived at episcopal hospital temple university campus in north philadelphia after a suspicious package was found at the main entrance, this is lehigh and a. moments ago police began taking down the crime scene tape that was blocking the area in the front of the hospital. security guards found a suspicious brown box with writing on it at the main entrance at 7:00 a.m. the parking lot at last check was closed. but at this time the hospital itself has not been evacuated. this campus of episcopal is used for outpatient services. the bomb squad arrived moments ago began taking down the crime scene tape that was blocking off the hospital. we'll continue to follow it and bring you updates as the
7:44 am
information about,s available on air and online at 7:44. let's get a check of the weather. i wish the weather was happier today, but it's not. >> reporter: yeah, later this afternoon we have showers and storms on the way. as we get you outside, we have a hazy camden skyline. we have dewpoints in the mid 60s and the numbers will climb through the day. the clouds will increase over the next couple of hours. flip it over to the numbers. we're sitting at 69 degrees in philadelphia. we're in the upper 50s north and west. it's a shame the dewpoints were so high, otherwise it would be fantastic. with the humidity increasing, it doesn't feel as it should. pair of 5s for the poconos. trenton, 63. millville, 64. wilmington and dover, mid to upper 60s. here's a look at the satellite and radar, still a little bit of
7:45 am
sunshine across south jersey. there's the cloud deck approaching from the southwest pushing overly the delaware bay region that's leading edge racing off to the northeast. underneath that we have the showers and storms starting to flare up. this is another area of low pressure providing ground -- cloud to ground lighten strikes. drenching showers and thunderstorms that's the idea in the delaware valley. this is a huge pocket of chilly air diving across the great lake states make it's way into the ohio valley. if this was january or february this would be a nice shot of cold weather pushing through that part of the country. chicago, 52 degrees, bismarck, 45. this strip of dark blue that's temperatures in the 30s. they actually have frost advisories. the chilly fall-like weather pushing into the lower 48. that air mass is dry.
7:46 am
look at how the dewpoints drop off. 40s monday tuesday and wednesday. that's comfortable stuff. it's going to be sticky today. the rest of the seven-day forecast even though we warm up, it will feel nice. morning plans are okay. first part of the afternoon looks like you'll stay dry. you can see how the showers and storms increase from the south. heavy drenching downpours are possible here or there, depends on where the downpours set up. everybody is fair game after 2:00 p.m. through the evening hours in the overnight night you'll see clouds and showers, maybe a quick hitting thunderstorm. tomorrow morning we'll start out like today. clouds on the increase and leftover showers tomorrow afternoon. there's a high probability you'll see clouds and showers cloud to ground lightning strikes. most of the thunderstorms are containing drenching downpours,
7:47 am
one or two could have strong gusty winds. large hail and tornado threat we can't completely rule it on out, it's on the low side. sunshine for the jersey shore. whatever sunshine you're seeing will cloud over. high temperatures, 80 degrees. that's the same number for philadelphia. cloudy skies, afternoon thunderstorms, some of them will be on the heavier side. through the evening hours, otherwise after midnight cloudy and humid, 62 degrees, outlying suburbs, 64 for center city. for the first time in a long time it's actually the weekend that looks gray and gloomy most of us next week looks fantastic. 80 degrees today, 75 tomorrow. mainly cloudy a little damp with a leftover shower here or there. sunday is not too bad of a day. most of the time we're dry. monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday we're dry sunshine and highs in the mid 80s.
7:48 am
>> not too hot, not too cold. >> reporter: this is where we should be no more 90s. fyi philly is coming up tonight. >> reporter: here's what's coming up on fyi philly. it's our first food truck special. some classic comfort foods to savory sands wimps and snacks, tasty meals own wheels. that's tonight on fyi philly. we hope you tune in. ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs.
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7:50 on this saturday morning, sky6 live hd taking a live look at this beautiful picture for us of the sun shining over the water there in atlantic city. this morning there's a
7:51 am
potential break through for people with type one diabetes. university of miami say they have reversed the disease in wendy she had a successful cell transplant that is helping her body produce insulin. if it works it could mean an end to blood sugar checks or injections that diabetics deal with everyday. north eastern pennsylvania has a fundraiser this weekend giving hope to a young cancer survivor. "action news" reporter, and registered nurse gore grand -- i gorman has her story. >> reporter: months before graduating high school before i had knee found a lump in her breast. she is 18. a biopsy revealed she had stage four breast cancer. on the morning of graduation she
7:52 am
started chemo therapy. after a few rounds came the side effects she was dredding she started losing her hair. it. >> mate it feel more real like i have i'm on chemo i have cancer. thousands will take to the streets of scranton, pennsylvania this weekend for the race for the cure. it raises money forescreening and treatment programs and research. >> i'm hoping one day, because of this possibly they will have better medicines and possibly a cure. >> reporter: and that is definitely the hope. we should mention britany's case is rare. the race for the cure funds the susan g. foundation. ali gorman channel 6 "action news." >> next meteorologist chris sowers will take a final look at
7:53 am
the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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7:56 am
it's a comfortable warmup as opposed to the oppressive heat. >> you're so over it. 7:56 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." here's paula ferris with a preview. >> reporter: good morning eva. hello philadelphia. we have an incredible footage that was released in the arrest of james blake overnight. the officer placing his knee into blake's back before can you him. wildfires burning out west. residents excavating and the governor declaring a state of emergency. is there any relief in sight? we'll have the latest on that. we're talking about the shocking upset at the u.s. open. italian tennis player. did the pressure finally get to
7:57 am
her? it's coming up on "g.m.a." saturday. we'll see you soon, philadelphia. breaking news, police are investigating after a suspicious package is found outside the main entrance of a philadelphia hospital we'll have the latest. plus negotiating 101 we'll show you how to get discounts in everything from rent to college tuition. now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eve eastbound. have a great saturday. we'll see you back here at 9:00.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. new details and new video in that now infamous takedown of a tennis star. surveillance video catching the moment james blake was tackled by a plainclothed officer in a botched sting operation. the nypd's reaction this morning and what we're now learning about this officer's past. >> a trump apology? donald trump hitting late night tv and promising it is possible one day he'll say he's sorry. >> i will absolutely apologize sometime in the hopefully distant future if i'm ever wrong. plus, the first campaign casualty. a candidate calling it quits. firestorm, the raging wildfire. it's threatening thousands of homes and exploding in size. >> w


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