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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  September 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now. >> philadelphia firefighters have just brought a three alarm building fire in center city under control. we've got a live report with the update. >> more than a dozen women who claimed bill cosby assaulted them are going on prime time television. >> could have been a win. the battle of the birds in atlanta didn't end so well for the eagles. we'll hear from the players and from coach chip kelly if we're not throwing in the towel just yet. >> no. >> it's only the first game. here's dave murphy and karen rogers. >> off to a cool start again across the region for our postgame recovery i guess. lots of sunshine coming up in the horizon in awhile. taking a look at satellite, that storm system is pinwheeling over maine and nova scotia at this point leaving behind clear wide opened heavens above us. 59 degrees currently in philadelphia. the currents number has dipped into the upper 50's in philadelphia and in the mid to low 50's in allentown, reading, wilmington, millville, trenton at 56. cape may still running a little bit ahead of everybody else. the winds this morning, though, are not a factor. remember how yesterday it was
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chilly and kind of breezy. not the case right now as we have calm winds in philadelphia and a high winds amount of nine in pocono. as we roll through the day it will get warmly by 8 o'clock warm 61. by noon up to 76 and by 3 o'clock that's your high today, 83 degrees so a warmup once again. in fact a little warmer this afternoon than it was yesterday. and with less wind it will really feel like summer once again. looks like it gets warmer in the accuweather 7-day forecast before we eventually start to turn things around. i'll talk more about that and let you know when the next chance of rain is in the forecast. that's all coming up. karen, you've got some issues there looks like around center city. >> lots of closures right in center city, dave. this is because of that multi alarm fire that we've been talking about and the closures keep coming in. so, 13th street is closed between irving and walnut, juniper is closed between walnut and locust. you can use 11th and broad to avoid those. walnut street itself is blocked between 12th and broad. we've got locust blocked
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between broad. now learning that septa bus routes are detoured around this area, nine, 12, 21, 42, all being detoured because of the fire right in center city on 13th street. and right now we're looking live and you can see police on the scene at i-95 at cottman. this is a disabled vehicle. we've got a really closeup view of this. can't really see the road too much but you can see police and penndot on the scene. this is blocking the right lane. stay left coming north of bridge street. i-95 northbound as you head towards academy road, you've got this problem with this disabled vehicle blocking the right lane. plymouth meeting we've got another fire location here. this is gravers road and monterey drive. stick to gallagher road as your alternate n salem county all morning we've had a problem with downed poles and wires from an earlier accident. 40 westbound is blocked at 628. stick to 48 to avoid the delay there matt and tam. >> karen we're following thattic whatting news that you mentioned in traffic. a fire at a center city building. >> and firefighters are just getting the upper hands-on that large fire that spread through a building that was
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under construction. >> "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the scene with more of what's going on right now. katherine. >.>> reporter: matt, we just learned that some of the residents from some of the surrounding buildings are allowed back into their homes. they described to me this morning these intense flames that were coming from this construction site. you can see right now chancellor street is just filled with fire equipment, firefighters here. they're still working at the scene of the flames here. the fire is under control but still a lot of activity. chopper is overhead right now and you can see all of the construction in the building. there's also a lot of roads closed off the surrounding area for the fire activity. you do want to avoid this area. quite a few residents around the building were evacuated. let's go in so you can get an idea how fierce the flames w you can see it stretching into the sky. the fire was called in around 4:30 this morning at 13th and chancellor in center city.
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firefighters arrived to heavy flames coming through the roof. the building where the fire started is a two story restaurant which was under construction. there are apartment buildings on both sides of that fire scene. there's also one across the street. they were evacuated but again, we're hearing that at least residents from one of the buildings have been allowed back inside of their homes. some residents woke to smoke alarms, others just woke up. they heard some activity and they saw those fierce flames. >> it wasn't smoke that woke me up. i happened to just wake up and i could see the flames. my window was opened. i could see that the building was on fire. it spread quickly. because i was actually inside the apartment and i could see that my air conditioner had started to melt. >> reporter: the bulk of the damage at this point seems to be that construction site but some of the surrounding residents are worried about any sort of damage from that fire, if it extended into
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their homes, they're worried about that. they're also worried about all of the thick smoke and any sort of smoke damage that could have happened. so far again we haven't heard of any injuries but again, we're here, we're awaiting an update and of course at this point there's no word on the cause of the fire. we're live in center city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> you'll keep us posted. thanks katherine. also developing a man on a bike shot and killed another man in south philadelphia overnight. police tell "action news" the gunfire erupted at south 24th and montrose streets at 11:00 last night. police found the victim lying in the road suffering from several gun shots. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. several cars in the area were riddled with bullets. witnesses saw the shooter take off from the scene on a bike. >> it is now 6:05 and a hearing to determine if there's enough evidence to put former harrisburg mayor steven reed on trial goes on today. authorities say reed stole the funds to purchase architect facts like a vampire kit, a suit of armor and a sarcophagus. reed is facing over 400
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criminal accounts including theft of public funds bribery and receiving stolen property. the 65-year-old democrat left office in january of 2010. >> ♪ >> the countdown is really winding down for the arrival of pope francis. we're almost in single digits in terms of the days left until he arrives. 11 days, three hours and some change. now, notices have already started to go out to residents who live in the papal no parking zones. the philadelphia parking authority says those who live and park on the street inside the secure vehicle perimeter will need a special placard which will secure a space in 6ppa garages around center city. it costs 20 do. however, the fee is weighed for those with a current residential parking permit. the ppa plans to start together cars in the no parking zones as early as this weekends. >> together is going to begin in many of these areas on sunday, the 20th of september. so, it's really important for people to get here and get their permits before that time
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so they can have them on the car so they won't be towed. >> vehicles can start to park in garages a week from this thursday. once the vehicle is parked you will not be able to exit the garage until the following monday when the pope is gone. we have more information about the parking and travel restrictions in the city of philadelphia at plus items prohibited in the francis festival grounds and more on how you can see the pope during his two scheduled parades. >> a report on retail sales is due out today and it's already had an effect on the markets. let's go over to maribel aber live at the nasdaq if times square. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: good morning, tam. worries over a possible hike in interest rates also weighing on the markets yesterday. right now futures pointing to a lower open. as you mentioned a report on retail sales due out later today. we'll be watching for that. all right mcdonald's has given the quarter pounder a makeover. the patties are bigger and mcdonald's has changed how the burgers are seared. the change will lock in more flavor according to mcdonald's and the ones for
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the quarter poppedder are being toasted longer as part of the changes. engineering dominates the list of the highest paying college degrees. nine of the top 10 degrees ranked by salary potential are for engineering. petroleum engineering was number one with the potential salary of $168,000 in mid career. now, the only one of the top 10 that wasn't engineering actuarial mathematics according to pay scale. communication studies and journalism came at 168, mid career pay is 69,000. >> i'm not complaining. thanks maribel. [laughter] >> i'm not. >> storm tracker6 live double scan shows you that we are dry. take a look outside. stars out and the skies starting to get a little bit brighter in the east. also you don't see much movement on the camera because winds currently in philadelphia are calm. 59 degrees the number has slipped into the 50's right now in the city. 56 in trenton, 54 in wilmington, 53 he in allentown. and we have 52 on the
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thermometer in millville. still 69 in cape may. running a little bit milder way down south. as we take a look at satellite and radar it's definitely safe if you're taking to highways and by ways as very little significant cloud cover of any sort is setting up over the region. yesterday's storm system that brought those winds down through the region also pushing away from us so up in allentown, lots of sun, less wind than yesterday and a little milder, getting up to 82 after we stopped in the 70's in most neighborhoods yesterday. down the shore, 78 there, mostly sunny, a light wind though, so it should be a pretty nice afternoon to go strolling on the boardwalk and in philadelphia we'll go for a warmer high today of 83, lots of sunshine, less wind than yesterday with winds generally only running about four to 8 miles per hour. as we roll through the day, 61 degrees and still cool by 8 o'clock. by 11 o'clock, 72. feeling pretty comfortable if you want to get out there and get errands done or maybe do an exercise walk this morning. you're in good shape there. then 2 o'clock 81 degrees, 5:00 81 and your high of
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83 degrees is going to be about 3 o'clock this afternoon. if you're headed to the phillies washington nationals in town again and 76 degrees at the start of the game with less wind. it will feel pretty comfortable at the start but do bring along a jacket or a sweatshirt or maybe both because we are going to be cooling down during the game getting down to 66 at the end. and then tomorrow the beat goes on. high pressure still in control, still lots of sunshine and in fact, we'll raise the temperature a few more degrees tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 83 degrees, sunny and warmer today. 87 on wednesday and thursday. so, very summer-like conditions in the afternoon. and 86 with partly sunny skies on friday. for the weekend, still warm and pretty nice on saturday with a high of 87. and then a front approaches kicking in more clouds on sunday. our high will only get up to about 81 degrees and in the afternoon in particular there is the chance of a showers or maybe a thunderstorm. we'll see whether or not that hunters the eagles in the afternoon... hinders the eagles in the afternoon and its eagles at night. >> the lesion play in the rain, hopeful no lightning,
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though. we'll be watching. thanks, david. 6:10. breaking overnight new information on the shooting of a college professor an woman on a college campus in mississippi. >> the birds season opener may have been a bust but the team is already focused on the future. karen. >> little volume on four want to eastbound at 29. certainly not a major delay just yet but big problems in center city with that fire location. a number of closures. bus detours. we've got all the latest coming up when "action news" comes right back. >> "action news" at 6:00 a.m. is sponsored by temple university. 40,000 students and 300,000 alumni strong. ours is an uncommon drive. charge.
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>> let's head over to karen rogers. we've been watching this fire in center city and boy, is it going to snarl some traffic this morning. >> yeah, lots of problems right in center city with this fire location and look at the closures we've got. thirteenth street is closed between irving and walnut. juniper is closed between walnut and locust. you can use 11th and broad as your alternate. walnut and locust itself are closed between 12th and broad. so avoid that area and use market or spruce instead and this is affecting some septa bus routes. we've guilty nine, 12, 21, 42, all being detoured through that area because of that fire right in center city. multi-alarm fire on 13th street. lots of closures, bus detours so that's really impacting your morning commute. the fire location i have been telling you about in plymouth meeting has just cleared. gravers road as reopened. let's go outside live and see
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wait looks like. this is i-95 at cottman. that northbound traffic moving a little bit better. we understand that that disabled vehicle is clearing out so we've got the lanes backed open there. southbound though you're seeing your morning jam so that's your southbound traffic right there. pretty heavy at this point from past academy to cottman and allegheny to girard. we also have this problem in new jersey on 40 westbound and that's blocked at 628 because of the downed poles, downed wires from an earlier accident so people have been using 48. that's your best alternate to avoid the problems in salem county. temperature-wise it's kind of cool out there. if you're dressing the kids this morning or yourself you might want a sweater or light jacket. it's only about 50 degrees in quakertown, 51 in saint davids and kennett square but it's 63 in center city, a little bit better there. and in the suburbs in new jersey, 53 in browns mills, 61 on the boardwalk in ac and 52 in dover, telling wear, headed up to a nice sunny and warmer 83, matt. >> all right, thanks, karen. two fast moving wildfires continue to engulf northern california. authorities found an elderly
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disabled woman dead in the ruins of her home. hundreds of houses have burnt to the ground displacing thousands of residents. years of drought in california have left nothing but dry timber behind making these the most destructive fires of the summer. >> and we have breaking news this morning. delta state campus in mississippi who authorities say killed his live-in girlfriend an fellow professor at the school, committed suicide after authorities conducted a day long manhunt and put the campus on lockdown for hours. 45-year-old shannon lamb was a college instructor who police say shot and killed his colleague ethan schmidt on campus. during the first hours of the police search for lamb frightened students and teachers hinckered down in classrooms for hours as armed officers went through buildings checked in closets and behind doors and under tables and desks. the lockdown was lifted hours later but security remained tight. now, investigators say lamb is also a suspect in the slaying
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of a 41-year-old amy prentiss who was found dead in the home she shared with lamb. he died from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. >> it's unfortunate that this had to happen. we didn't want it to happen this way. but it wasn't our intentions for it to happen this way but unfortunately he he was the one that made that decision. >> and officers say they have not uncovered a motive for either of the murders. tam, back to you. >> okay, erin, thank you. police in kansas city just released this video of a wooden shipping crate. police on the case avenue stolen car part ring found it inside an underground cave with two boys ages four and six inside. the cave was at the back of a repair shop. inside the crate were old car bench seats other random car parts blankets and dirt. workers say after eating breakfast the two would go back to that cave to take a nap. police say they found the boys covered in dirt and filth eating dry rahman noodles with
6:18 am
their lands and not wearing shoes. their 24-year-old mother is now in custody. >> now to the big board. so much for the eagles roaring out of the gates to start the season and to be undefeated. you didn't think they were going to do that, though. they watched as the falcons put up 20 points in atlanta in just the first half. roll the highlights for me here. it was 20 to three going in the third quarter. and later the eagles finally got the offense going late pulling within three and in desperation time in the fourth, they managed to actually lead the game by a point but a tipped sam bradford pass turned into an interception and that sealed the eagles' fate. the eagles lose their first opener in five years 26 to 24. bradford had this to say after the game. >> tough. i think every loss is tough. it's one game. we still got 15 ahead of us. we got a short week so we can get this one out of our minds quicker. >> the eagles face the cowboys on sunday at lincoln financial field. the home opener kicks off at
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>> we've got a new accident just in and it's a big one involving an overturned vehicle on 95. i want to take you live here. this is delaware county, i-95 northbound approaching kerlin street. you can see how traffic is really jammed and you see the flashing lights up ahead. a serious accident. we're hearing people injured on the scene. the vehicle just flipped over. it's blocking the two left lanes northbound on i-95 approaching kerlin street. so, you're now jammed from 452 to approaching kerlin street and look at that traffic just hardly moving right there with those two lanes blocked. this is route 42 in new jersey northbound traffic at creek road. just a little building volume. and maybe a hint of a low cloud or two but dave and i have been checking visibility reports and not seeing too many problems with that, dave. >> no, overall karen it does look like it's going to be bright and sunny. if you see any fog just slow it down. shouldn't last long. the big story this morning is that it's any other only getting bright but it's starting out chilly. if you're dressing the kids you might want a light jacket on them on the way to school.
6:22 am
on the way home it's shorts and t's even more so than yesterday. on the bus stop on the el station today, 65 degrees by 9 o'clock. moving from a current temperature of 59. 76 by noon. your high today is 83, low humidity, lots of sun and not as breezy as yesterday. a quick look at the airport, all green aircraft on the big board and no hint of rain in any of our most commonly traveled destinations. tam. >> all right, thank you, david. a hot ticket at the box office comes at a bit of a high price. regal entertainment is offering bond fans a chance to see the new james bond spy flick specter as many times as they want while it's in theaters but the cost, $100. though these days it feels like up spends that just to go to the movies once. moviegoers will get a collectible and personalized steel card with the specter symbol on it. >> ♪ >> and new on "action news," more than a dozen of bill cosby's accusers will have their say in a tv special. cosby, the women speak, will detail the allegations made against the comedian. model beverly johnson is one of those who were interviewed
6:23 am
for the special. more than two dozen women have accused cosby of sexually assaulting them sometimes after they claimed to have been drugged. a defamation suit and a civil sexual assault case are pending. cosby has denied some of the claims. >> dozens of women accusing bill cosby of sexual assault also came forward in a new york magazine article you may remember. for so long they said no one would listen to them and now they have this platform to speak. >> so we'll watch that on cable tv. >> yes. >> thanks erin. time right now 6:23 and we continue to follow breaking news in center city. >> exam katherine scott is lie near the scene of a three-alarm fire. >> reporter: tam, three buildings were evacuated after an early morning fire in center city. we're live with all the breaking details coming up at 6:30. >> ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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>> new on "action news," a midair flight or fight on a flight landed a woman behind bars. that's video of the unruly passenger being taken off a plane that landed in indianapolis on sunday. the american airlines flight was headed to chicago and made the unscheduled landing after police say the passenger started a fight with another woman sitting in front of her. the flight crew tried to restrain the first woman but she struck a flight attendant. she is now facing several charges. >> donald trump has renewed his charge against illegal immigration. the republican frontrunner rallied thousands of texas supporters last night he called the united states a dumping ground for the rest of the world. outside the event nearly a thousand people marched to protest trump's message.
6:27 am
at the same time hillary clinton campaigned in iowa yesterday as new numbers show trump catching up hadder to had the polls. a new abc news washington post poll show trump and clinton in a tie in a theoretical general election faceoff but we have to remind everybody the election is still over a year away. >> 6:27. breaking right now a center city highrise goes up in flames this morning. a live update from the scene is next. >> also developing, flash flooding leads to a deadly end for a tight knit utah community. a search for some survivors is under way at day break. >> ♪ if you struggle you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®.
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6:30 am
desperate search for survivors out west after a flood washes away two cars with women and children. >> the eagles will not go undefeated in the 2015-16 season and fans are sounding off this morning. >> good morning out there. 6:30 now on this tuesday september 15th. let's get you a look at your weather and traffic and head over to dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> very similar to yesterday in that you step outside, you're definitely cool. most of us are in the 50's. take a look at satellite. lots of sunshine on the way as the skies in the east in particular are getting very bright. yesterday's storm system is farther away from us, though, so it's not as windy. here are the temperatures. we're at 59 in philadelphia, just 53 in allentown. 51 in reading. 54 in wilmington. 56 in trenton. 52 in millville. and down to 68 in cape may. and winds really not a factor. they're calm as is indicated by those zeros you see across much of the map. 7 miles per hour wind in wilmington, even that's not too bad. and as we take a look at your storm tracker6 app, 59 now, still only 61 by 8 o'clock so a cool start but by noon we
6:31 am
zoom up to 76 and later this afternoon we'll be warmer than yesterday with a high of 83 degrees around 3 o'clock, lots of sunshine on the board today. when i step inside we'll see how long we can keep this pattern lasting. in fact, karen rogers, we're even going to get warmer over the next couple of days. for now what have we got there on the highways. >> we've got a new accident, it's a big one right on i-95. chopper six overhead. look at this vehicle. you can see it's completely flipped over on its roof. we've got penndot, we've got fire crews all on the scene. this is a serious accident we're hearing people injured here on the scene. i-95, this is northbound approaching kerlin street in delaware county, fire crews on the scene. looks like it might be a single vehicle accident with somebody that just flipped right over on its roof. and the delay is growing by the minute. i've 95 northbound in delaware county, you could see how jammed you are. we own have one lane getting by because of this accident scene. fire crews all on the scene. they're blocking the two left lanes on i-95 northbound and look at this shot. you see those headlights just stretching out as far as you can see in delaware county on
6:32 am
i-95 northbound. i've got a closeup view of this as we switch to our camera. this is the look at i-95 northbound with our travel times. now, 27 minute ride from delaware to the blue route on i-95 northbound with no delay it would be about seven, eight minutes. so, you can see that delay on i-95 northbound with those two left lanes being blocked with that accident, that car just completely flipped over on its roof. it is apple's this morning in delaware county. here's i-95 in northeast philadelphia. looking live at cottman, that's your southbound traffic headed towards center city. already jammed past academy to cottman and again from allegheny to girard. a 25 minute ride coming on i-95 southbound into the city as you look from woodhaven to the vine. northbound we had a disabled vehicle. that's cleared and a big problem this morning in center city with this multi alarm fire right on 13th street. lots of closures. we've got portions of 13th, juniper, walnut, locust, all closed through the area. you can stick to 11th or broad to avoid the delay on juniper. you can also stick to 12th and market and spruce streets to
6:33 am
avoid the problem with locust and walnut being blocked at this point. also septa detours nine, 12, 21, 42, those bus routes are being detoured through the area because you can't get by on 13th street right now, tam. >> okay, karen, let's stick with. that we've been talking about this breaking news. the firefighters have recently just gotten the upper handled on that three alarm blaze there in center city in that spot that karen just showed you. katherine scott has been on this story and she's got the latest for us right now. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. and we did just speak with the fire commissioner. no one has been injured in all the this but there's quite a bit of damage of course to that construction site where the fire started and there could be some damage to the surrounding buildings as well. let me give you a look at what's going on right now here on chancellor street. you can see firefighters remain on the scene here. they're blasting water at hot spots. fire equipment is all over chance lore street and as karen said, there's a lot of closures in this area. you definitely want to avoid this area if possible this
6:34 am
morning. let's go to some of the viewer video and you can see the flames stretching into the sky n that video this morning to give you an idea how intense these flames were, the fire was called in around 4:30 this morning here at 13th and chancellor in center city. when firefighters got here there were heavy flames and they were shooting through the roof. the building where the fire started is a two story restaurant which was under construction. there are apartment buildings on either side of it. both of the apartment buildings was evacuated as was the apartment building across the street. we spoke to some residents. some woke up to smoke alarms. windows burst in surrounding apartment buildings. one guy we spoke to said he looked outside his window, he saw all of the flames. he was about eye level to the flames and he said his air conditioner was melting so we are expecting that there is some damage to some of these surrounding buildings here. here's what the fire commissioner had to say. >> both exposures had to be
6:35 am
evacuated because they started catching fire because of the heavy radiant heat. the company did a great job of putting water on the fire quick. >> you could see like this huge flame right by the building right across the street from us kind of like in the alley way. and then i looked up and then there were flames going up the chancellor building. i mean, that was it. got out as fast as we could. >> reporter: and back here live on chancellor street where you can see firefighters still at work, though the fire is under control this morning. at this point there's no word on the cause of the fire, though again it appears that it started in a restaurant which was under construction. the big concern for firefighters was making sure everybody was out of the surrounding buildings here and there are no injuries. so, they were successful on that front but they are expecting there's going to be at least some damage to some of the apartment buildings that are right next to it. again, the cause of the fire is under investigation here so of course stay with "action news" for updates.
6:36 am
we're live in center city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks so much, katherine. "action news" has just learned that a stabbing victim in wilmington delaware has died. police say the victim was stabbed multiple times at tenth and king streets right near rodney square late last night. they also say they caught up with the murder suspect after a brief foot chase. charges are expected to be filed later today. >> ♪ >> and we are at the big board with the developing story out of utah. authorities say flash flooding has killed at least eight people. another five are reported missing. all of the victims are said to be mothers and small children. the flooding ravaged hildale, utah near the border with arizona. most of the people who live in the community are members of a polygamist sect run by warren jeffs. the rush of water was so intense it washed two vehicles downstream. 16 people were in those cars. right now officials just know of three survivors. now in another part of hildale, one family is home safe this morning thanks to rescuers who pulled them from their cars.
6:37 am
you can see right there before it was washed away in the floods. so thank goodness those rescuers were able to get that family out safe. matt. >> thank you erin. also new this morning two men are wanted for pulling off a $50,000 jewelry heist in south philadelphia. they robbed royal jewelers on the 2300 block of south 23rd street yesterday evening. police say one of the men was armed with a knife but no one in the store was hurt. the robbers were last spotted in a gold honda with a temporary paper license tag. >> the eagles season opener was a heartbreaker. the birds staged a second half comeback but then they let it slip away. sam bradford connected with demarco murray for a touchdown in the third but the eagles first lead of the game didn't come until the fourth quarter and the falcons answered right back. a missed field goal and then an interception at the end clinched the win forelain taj so close. 2forelain -- for atlanta. this is the first opening loss for the birds in five years.
6:38 am
the action cam was at misconduct tavern in center city last night. expectations were lie in eagles nation. fans say the team can use a little hope. but there's still hope. it's early in the season. >> you got to keep the faith. as philly fans you got to keep the faith and you got to believe in chip because he's going to take us to the promised land. >> other fans are hoping the eagles can get it together in the short week turn things around before the big game against the cowboys on sunday. >> some big names will entertain pope francis and the crowd during the festival of families. the world meeting of families announced that mark wahlberg will host the festival on saturday september 26th. the pope will be treated to a performance from the queen of soul, aretha franklin. the fray has also been added to the lineup. they join previously announced acts including singers andrea bocceli, juanes and also the philadelphia orchestra. follow our special twitter handle at 6abc pope for more on the parkway events and for help getting around during papal visit. >> let's turn to dave murphy now talk about another beautiful spring day.
6:39 am
i mean, not spring day, i'm thinking fall already. summer day. >> she's always ahead of us. >> feels like summer certainly. technically still is until the 23rd i believe. >> yeah. >> but, yeah, little warm for this time of year, though. storm tracker6 right now shows you that we're dry. heading outside we're starting out cool so it still feels a little like autumn as you step outside. what are we looking at this morning on sky6? there it is, the sun coming up off the coast of atlantic city and the camera is not moving a whole lot this morning because the winds are fairly light. as you take a look at the numbers from philadelphia international airport, 59 degrees in philadelphia right now. your dewpoint down there 49. and currently the winds are calm so a little more comfortable than yesterday when we had this rotating storm system closer to us and we were looking at stronger breezes. lots of sun out there, light winds, and a nice start to what's going to be a really good day. in the 50's right now and still in the low 60's in philadelphia by 8 o'clock. so, cool and comfortable for those of you who want to get out there and get an early morning jog n by 11 o'clock, getting warmer, 72 degrees and then we spend the afternoon in
6:40 am
the low 80's with a high of 83 right around 3 o'clock or so this afternoon. lots of wall to wall sunshine today, too. similar to what we had above yesterday. 82 is your high in allentown, 83 in reading, 82 in trenton and wilmington and millville. and it looks like we'll stop in the upper 70's down the shore. pretty pleasant on the boardwalk later on. if you're headed to the phillies tonight it's one of those nights where it's going to feel pretty good at the first pitch, 76, not much wind but in the later inning we get down into the mid 60's so bring along a jacket or a sweatshirt that you can throw on as the game goes on. and in terms of the rest of this week it really is back to very summer-like conditions. we're going stay in the 80's. in fact get up into the mid to even upper 80's for the rest of the work week with high pressure the dominant feature in control, eventually a frontal boundary from the west will come in and change things a bit for sunday. by the way, pollen outlook, i haven't shown you this in awhile and it's not that it's all that bad, we're in the low to medium range for ragweed but accuweather is saying that because of the dry august, ragweed counts may go up a
6:41 am
little bit as we head through the second half of september and in through october. so, those of you who suffer those late season allergies, keep the medications handy. 83 degrees is today's high in your exclusive accuweather 7-day and then here's that warmup i talked about. 87 on wednesday and thursday, lots of sun, 86 on friday. and saturday still very warm with a high of 87. sunday is when that next front arrives. more clouds will get kicked into the picture. some sunny breaks possible. a high of only 81 and in the afternoon in particular there is the chance of a shower or a thunderstorm here or there. hopefully it doesn't hinder the eagles or the union but that's something we'll keep watching. >> okay, thank you david. it's now 6:41. up next, more stories you didn't see last night including new fallout from a deadly frat hazing in the poconos. >> later a special touchdown that is worthy of excessive celebration. karen. >> chopper six overhead of a horrible accident scene. look at this overturned vehicle they're in the process of right now trying to upright the vehicle so they can pull it out of here. it is creating a mess on i-95. i will show you the backup
6:42 am
when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> 6:44. chopper six just arrived at a bad accident on i-95. you see that suv there on the road, that was upside down at one point. they've righted it but the person inside the driver we are told has been injured and is going to be treated at a local hospital. >> and karen rogers has more for what that means for people who use 95 to get back and forth. let's go on over to her. >> yeah a-single vehicle accident on i-95 northbound at kerlin street. we saw this vehicle when it was completely on its roof. we watched live as they uprighted it. they have it hooked up to the tow truck hopefully able to
6:45 am
pull it out. we see fire crews and police on the scene but only one lane getting by. the two left lanes blocked. one lane get, by on i-95 northbound near kerlin street. as chopper pans back you can see the delay. look at these people 678 you are jammed at this point on i-95 northbound from the delaware state line to approaching kerlin street really as far as the eye can see, you see those headlights backed up kind of hardly moving there on i-95. i want to show you a different shot of this. this is i-95 and you get a sense of just how slowly people are moving. almost at a standstill here. and look at this travel time a40 minute ride on i-95 northbound from delaware to the blue route with no delay it would take about eight minutes. so, you can see the delay that you've got this morning, it is a mess in delaware county on i-95 northbound and we'll keep our eyes on this accident scene to see if they're able to clear it because they do have at least they're trying to upright the vehicle. they've got a tow truck out there so once they clear it, we'll be in better shape on i-95 northbound in delaware county. for now, it's just a total
6:46 am
mess. and on the big picture we can see those southbound speeds on i-95, 15 miles an hour from allegheny to girard, particularly heavy. the phils play tonight at 7:05. you'll see some extra congestion there in south philadelphia. so, watch for that as well. we've also been talking about the big fire location in center city. portions of 13th, juniper, walnut, locust all blocked because of this fire right on 13th and chancellor. it's also affecting the septa bus routes nine, 12, 21 and 42. they're all being detoured through that area so you need to give yourself a lot of extra time to deal with the closures in center city. you can use 11th or broad instead of juniper and 13th street and you can also use market or spruce instead of walnut or locust. but the big story we've been following is on i-95 and there we're still seeing that backup with chopper six live overhead. northbound traffic is a mess in delaware county, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. and we have no information this morning on an alleged hazing death in the poconos back in 2013. members of a new york
6:47 am
fraternity now face some criminal charges in connection with this death. 18-year-old chun michael deng died after sustaining a brain injury during a hazing ritual in december 2013. monroe county prosecutors have charged five members of pi delta si and fraternity with criminal homicide. more than 30 other memberss are charged with hazing. investigators say deng had run through a gaunted let blindfolded while carrying a heavy weight on his back. he was knocked unconscious and didn't immediately get medical help. police are expected to release new details on the investigation later this morning. >> 6:47 on the clock. a live preview of "good morning america" is next and also ahead, a football highlight that will tug at your heart strings.
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> time to get a preview much "good morning america." >> let's see what's on today with amy robach. good morning. >> reporter: yes, we will not disappoint again today, tam and matt great to be with you on this tuesday. coming up next on "gma" we're talking about that breaking news, those heavy rains that triggered massive flash flooding out west. the death toll there is rising dramatic images coming in. several still missing in those waters. our team is on the scene with the very latest. and then the race for the white house, a huge rally for donald trump last night. his immigration policy taking center stage.
6:51 am
trump supporters then clashing with protesters and creating a lot of tension outside that arena. we'll have the latest on that. plus, a new debate in the sports world. daily fantasy leagues are so popular they give players a chance to win big money on pro sports but critics are saying you know what, it's gambling. does the popular game need to be regulated? and then pop superstar ariana grande is here. she's opening up about those controversial comments she made in a doughnut shop earlier this summer. her first time addressing that incident on live television and she's going to tell us about her new brand new fashion project all coming up next here on a tuesday on "good morning america." >> all right. thank you amy. we'll see you soon. >> are you both wearing orange there. >> yeah, you guys are matching. we've got a mess in delaware county, chopper six overhead, this accident involving an overturned vehicle but i want to show you this live because it looks like they're in the process of clearing this out so that's going to help us. we have had the two left lanes blocked for quite some time. they've been temporarily blocking all lanes.
6:52 am
there you see the flatbed tow truck pulling up to the scene, a mess on i-95 northbound approaching kerlin street. a quick look in the pottstown area, a new accident there. ramp from arm and hammer boulevard to 422 eastbound, dave. >> karen, most of russ in the 50's this morning headed into the 60's in a little while. still cool enough for a jacket on the kids on the way in. but shorts and t's after school. temperatures in the northern and western suburbs chilly right now, though, in the 50's and across the river in south jersey, a lot of 50's there as well. some mid to upper 50's, same story up and down the state of delaware and if you're headed out to do errands dark the afternoon looks warm. 83 is your forecast high today. low humidity matt and tam. >> thank you david. new this morning, a massachusetts boy who uses a wheelchair scored a touchdown for his local pop warner team. matthew david loves football and watching his older brother play. he feared he would always be stuck on the sidelines due to spinal muscle atrophy. he might have been had the teams head coach not arranged a plan with the opposing team.
6:53 am
on sunday he drove the ball into the end zone. the six-year-old boy who wasn't supposed to live past two years old beat the odds yet again.
6:54 am
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>> and katherine scott has our final update on that three-alarm fire in center city. good morning.
6:56 am
>> reporter: good morning. no one was injured in all this. the big concern for firefighters is making sure everybody got out of the surrounding apartment buildings safely. let's go to some new viewer video that came in from a resident who was forced to evacuate this morning, one of the many. you can see those intense flames. the fire was called in around 4:30 this morning here at 13th and chancellor in center city. firefighters arrived to heavy flames. they were shooting through the roof. the building where the fire started is a two-story restaurant under construction. there is some damage to surrounding buildings. some residents have been allowed back inside their homes. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. we're live in center city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> lots of closures there katherine in center city but i want to show you chopper six. we still have two left lanes blocked right now on i-95 northbound approaching kerlin street. they're getting trod tow that -- ready to tow that vehicle away. a 57 minute ride in delaware county. i-95 northbound a mess dave. >> most of us in the 50's this morning so cool once again but warming up in a hurry and this
6:57 am
afternoon warmer than yesterday. a high of 83, lots of sunshine and not as windy as yesterday. >> going to be a good one. >> yeah. >> all right, head to facebook twitter and when we're not on the air. "gma" is next. for karen rogers, dave murphy, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great tuesday. >> ♪
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly floods and fires. a wall of water washing away cars in an instant killing at least eight people. >> that's pretty powerful. >> rescuers pulling their group of women to safety. others till missing. and those fires raging out of control. exhausted crews battling the flames desperate to save thousands of hopes still in jeopardy. new this morning, pope plot. a teenager arrested by the fbi for planning a major terror attack much the pope on his sift to the u.s. next week one of hissing its. exclusive new details this morning. trump in texas. protesters clash on the treats of dallas as donald trump holds one of the biggest rallies of the campaign. >> you'll pay for it. >> the billionaire front-runner


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