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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 15, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, we're on the scene, the deadly floods. mothers and their children swept away, trying to get out of their cars. it happened in just moments. also, the rescues tonight. families and their pets pulled from rushing water. the deadly plunge. the school bus sent over an overpass. now we learn what the bus driver was trying to avoid. the air scare. the flight to chicago. the unruly passenger and the takedown. new details. the alleged plot against the pope. the arrest here in america. pierre thomas standing by. and the high speed scare for an american neighborhood. the license plate. police says he claims he has diplomatic immunity. tonight, the confrontation. >> get out. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night.
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and we begin with those deadly floods. mothers and their children surrounded by rising waters. at least 12 now dead. the frightening images tonight out of utah. the raging waters. you can see how fast-moving they are. two cars, families inside both of them, suddenly overwhelmed by the floods. authorities say washed away by a wall of water 20 feet high. one boy's body found more than six miles away from where the families were trapped. and abc's nick watt leads us off from utah. >> oh, dear, there's two vehicles. >> reporter: in those vehicles, three mothers and 13 kids, the youngest just 4 years old. cut off by the flash flood waters. >> there goes the fence. >> reporter: watch as the wall of water and debris blindsides them. washes them away. >> oh, my goodness. it went over. >> reporter: in just 30 minutes, a staggering one and a half inches of rain fell, flash flash, washing families to their
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deaths. further disaster narrowly averted as rescuer rescued women from this vehicle. this afternoon, a 10-year-old boy was recovered 6 1/2 miles downstream. >> i knew the mothers, i knew them as they were growing up as young girls. >> reporter: this little town, hildale, is a bastion of the polygamist fundamentalist church of the latter day saints, once ruled by warren jeffs. >> this is an act of god. and this is something that we can't control. >> reporter: three children were rescued last night. the death toll now stands at 12 with one still missing. >> this is off my street. >> reporter: at one point, this creek rose 3 1/2 feet in just nine minutes. two feet of water will sweep a car away. >> oh, my goodness. oh, my goodness. it's huge. >> it's getting bigger. >> reporter: two reported dead, another five missing at a national park. the same weather system that brought tragedy here brought rain to much of the southwest. a dog and owner rescued from the l.a. river.
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a man air lifted in huntington beach. back here in utah, the rain is still falling, the flood water is still flowing. but hope for that one person still listed as missing has all but faded. david? >> all right, nick watt on the scene. what a terrible scene there. let's get right to ginger see. you told this, this rain is going to fall into the night. >> reporter: it's still falling now. los angeles today had its wettest day since march 2011. some of the heavier showers moving through utah now. southern utah, the brunt of it. a lot of this are remnants of linda that was out in the pacific. this is all going to move to the east. then, our attention turns to the west. the far west. that cold front, good for the valley fire. look at that. the rain falling there tomorrow afternoon, one to two inches overall and it comes along with cooler temperatures sticking for the firefighters. >> all right, ginger, see you on "gma." in the meantime, we are on the scene of a terrible accident in texas. a deadly school bus crash in
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houston. that's the school bus there, obviously falling from a highway overpass, we're told, killing two students on board. authorities now revealing what might have led up to the crash, and abc's ryan owens is in houston. >> reporter: a school bus tossed on its side. a mangled mess of metal after plunging off this overpass and crashing onto the street below, barely missing cars during morning rush hour. >> it landed nose first and then start flipping, it flipped over to the enbankment. >> reporter: two students are killed, two others, bus the bus driver, still in the hospital tonight. the four teenagers were headed to this houston high school, where grief counselors are now assisting class mates of the 14 and 17-year-old girls killed. her principal remembering a motivated freshman. >> her goal was to graduate from high school and make something of herself. that's what she told me. >> reporter: police say the driver of a buick, herself a houston teacher, changed lanes at about 7:00 this morning, hitting the bus. the pulse driver, who the
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district says has a clean driving record, then veered into the guardrail and off the overpass. up there, you see what's left of the guardrail. and this shows you just how far that bus tumbled. tonight, prosecutors here are still trying to decide if the driver of that car who once again is a houston teacher will face charges. david? >> ryan, thank you. we're going to turn now to that deadly shooting on a college campus in mississippi. police say the gunman showing up and shooting a popular professor. and tonight, a possible motive. students with their hands in the air, evacuating after the gunman opened fire, killing that teacher. students using desks to bier cade their doors. tonight, authorities say that professor wasn't the only person he killed before taking his own life, leaving behind a better with the words, "i'm so very sorry." abc's steve osunsami again on the case tonight. >> reporter: tonight, mississippi police are releasing this disturbing call they received from shannon lamb. the 45-year-old university geography intruck or the who
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investigators say first killed the woman he was living with. >> what's going on there? >> i shot my wife last night. >> reporter: and then drove 300 miles to delta state university, where they say he shot and killed history professor ethan schmidt. police say he called in the first killing after 10:00 a.m., just minutes before he walked into a classroom building and shot his colleague to death, sending the campus into a panic. >> okay, sir, what is your name? >> um -- that's all i feel like saying right now. just go and take care of her. >> reporter: investigators found 41-year-old amy prentiss dead from a gunshot wound to her head. they say he left this handwritten apology, saying "i am so very sorry, i wish i could take it back. i loved amy and she is the only person who ever loved me." lamb killed himself as police were closing in. tonight, they're still not sharing a motive for either shooting. david? >> steve osunsami with us tonight. steve, thank you. now, to another american university, 37 students, members of as fraternity facing a range of criminal charges.
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some now facing charges of murder. after a brutal case of hazing. authorities now say the frat members searched the internet after the incident, looking for what to do after a concussion. instead of calling 911 right away. abc's linsey davis with what happened. >> reporter: tonight, 37 college students face a slew of criminal charges. two years after the death of 19-year-old chun michael deng. five of those fraternity members face charges of third degree murder. >> this is a clear case of why hazing is not permitted. >> reporter: authorities say in december of 2013, members of the fraternity at new york city's baruch college carried out what police say was a brutal hazing ritual, where pledges were forced to run across a frozen field, blindfolded, weighed down with backpacks filled with 30 pounds of sand. police say after realizing deng was unconscious, it took
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students two hours to drive him to a hospital, 45 minutes away. during that time, police say some of the students searched the internet for concussion, can't wake up, pupils don't die late. a forensic pathologist saying the delay in treatmentle of one to two hours significantly contributed to the death of mr. deng. the fraternity has been permanently banned here at the college, and those five defendants set to be arraigned thursday. david? >> linl see dynn seinsey davis, the statele of emergency i california tonights. we showed you the charred frames, homes wiped up in the valley fire. that home right there was still smoldering while we were there. tonight, new images of those tireless firefighters, that fire still burning. and abc's matt gutman going back with the mother and daughter you met right here last night. and here's what they found. >> reporter: tonight, the fight
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continues. these aerials showing the fire scarred landscape, dozens of square miles blackeneds. firefighters still putting out hot spots. >> you just get these piles of rubble and they kind of keep the heat in and it just slowly burns. >> reporter: 23,000 people displaced by the firestorm, including the conklin family. >> good to see you. >> reporter: david first met them and their dog, neo, yesterday at this red cross center. patrice, her daughters, including, of course, 8-year-old sydney. we are going to your house. the conklins piled in with us. their first time back since the fire. we pull up to their house. >> i can't -- i don't recognize it. >> reporter: there, sydney's bike. her melted playhouse and ashes. >> hey, momma -- >> my great-grandmother's suing machine stood right there. >> reporter: as we spoke, the fire kicked up nearby. helicopters thundering overhead. patrice had lost everything and yet she still had everything.
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>> this is nothing. that's my gold. that's my gold. >> reporter: solid gold is right. david, just over the past couple of minutes, that brick wall came crashing down, and it's because of hazards like that, that fire officials aren't yet willing to let evacuees return to their homes. david? >> matt, thank you. and of course we are pulling for patrice and her daughters. we're going to turn to the race for 2016, and on the eve of the next big republican debate, donald trump with a new rival closing in. dr. ben carson. someone else who will be on that stage, the only republican woman in the race. and the new ad tonight, taking aim at trump, after what he said about her face. here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump is a walking target. rivals and outside groups trying hard to take him down. >> it's disgusting what's happening to our country. >> reporter: trump, the only republican filling 20,000-seat arenas. where outside, police on horseback break up clashes between supporters.
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>> build that wall, build that wall! >> reporter: and opponents. >> no more hate! >> reporter: the candidate always bragging he's on top. >> we are killing it! >> reporter: but today, that new national poll shows dr. ben carson within striking distance. carson will be standing right next to trump at tomorrow's debate. >> i'll be center stage this time. so, it will be more difficult for them to ignore me. >> reporter: also on that stage, carly fiorina. trump trashing her in the pages of "rolling stone," saying, "look at that face. would anyone vote for that?" today, iowa's influential "des moines register," calling trump an "overtly-sexist, celebrity billionaire," who "represents a bigotry that generations of women have struggled to overcome." in a new ad, fiorina may have the last laugh. >> this is the face of the 61-year-old woman. i am proud of every year and every wrinkle. >> reporter: and david, tonight, trump will be speaking on this battleship. tomorrow, he'll be battling ten
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of his opponents on that debate stage. david? >> all right, tom llamas on the campaign trail every step of the way. tom, thank you. and we tern new to new information about what sources tell abc news was an alleged plot against the pope. the arrest right here in the u.s., one week before his historic visit. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas now. >> reporter: abc news has learned that the fbi has arrested a 15-year-old boy it claims was inspired by isis and who was contemplating attacking pope francis. according to authorities, the juvenile sought to conduct a detailed homeland attack, with multiple radicals using firearms and homemade bombs. while authorities say that the threat was not imminent, and that the plans of the teen, who may have had mental health irnl shes, were in the aspirational stages. sources believe he was radicalized by an isis social media campaign, encouraging attacks by loan wolves. with that threat looming, security officials are not taking any chances. the secret service training for
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every possible threat scenario. including an attack on a motorcade. david, as you know, this pope is quite unpredictable and loves to go into crowds to reach out and touch the people. those are huge challenges, sources say, and they are nervous. david? >> all right, bee yarp thomas live in washington tonight. pierre, thank you. we turn overseas tonight, to hungary. a state of emergency there tonight, as the refugee crisis takes a new turn now. migrant families fleeing violence back home, their journey now cut short as hungary closing its borders. police in riot gear told they can shoot rubber bull lets at anyone that tries to cross. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran is there. >> reporter: they surged through the open fields this morning, a river of refugees scrambling up a hill, chasing a rumor that this way is the way forward. this is an incredible scene. thousands of people who were here at this crossing overnight have now heard that a crossing a couple of miles away is opening
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and they're on their way. but they were misled. this crossing is closed, too. is the border open? is it open? closed? not open. but the thousands here are defiant. do you have the right to cross this border, do you think? "we have the right to a new life," he tells me. "we are fleeing killing and death." and in the middle of it all, we meet these guys. identical twins, 12 years old, from damascus. >> we walk to here -- >> reporter: walking, the whole way? >> yeah. the whole way. >> reporter: wow. >> we're so tired. and it's so scary, scary trip. >> reporter: you've been scared? >> in the sea. >> reporter: they will never forget their terrifying boat journey to greece. you were afraid you were going to die in that boat? >> or drown. >> reporter: somehow, through it all, they're still just kids. the boys and their family
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crossed into hungary today and asked for asylum. and they were put in a camp. david? >> terry, thank you. to that american airlines flight diverted because of an unruly passenger. the woman escorted after the plane after bizarre behavior. the other passengers recording it all. abc's david kerley covers aviation for us. >> oh! >> reporter: the woman who forced this american airlines flight to divert to indianapolis did not go quietly, or without a fight. >> what do you mean look forward? i have done nothing wrong. >> reporter: it all started on the miami to chicago flight with another passenger. >> she started kicking the seat of the passenger in front of her and apparently, he turned around to complain and she hit him. >> reporter: just the start. when a flight attendant tried to intervene and calm her, the flight attendant became the target. >> she grabbed her by the face, kissed her and then punched her in the face. >> reporter: police also kicked and hit during the arrest.
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hollywood has used scenes like this to make us laugh. remember the bridesmaid? >> i'm ready to party! >> reporter: but this incident was no laughing matter. the 25-year-old, daniela velez-reyes of chicago is facing several possible charges. and potentially federal violations of interfering with a flight crew. >> call my mom! >> reporter: david kerley, abc news, washington. >> david, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the high speed scare through a quiet neighborhood. you'll see the car with foreign plates here. police say the driver now claiming he has diplomatic immunity, and you're about to see the confrontation right here. >> get out. get the [ bleep ] out. >> we want your opinion coming up. also, important news tonight about aspirin, helping some people avoid heart attacks, strokes, now possibly a form of cancer. your health, coming up. and the chase is on tonight. look at this. the boat trying to outrun a pod of killer whales. this happened right off the american coastline, when we come back. ♪
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next tonight, to that high speed scare caught on camera in beverly hills. this evening, the car with foreign plates and the question. does the driver really have diplomatic immunity? here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, beverly hills police are investigating the drivers of this yellow ferrari and white porsche, as they used a quiet beverly hills neighborhood saturday night as their personal racetrack. you see the ferrari running through a stop sign, the porsche hot on his tail speeding past onlookers. the race finally ending with smoke rising from the back of the ferrari as it pulled into the driveway. one local reporter asking about the incident, threatened and pushed off the property. >> get the [ bleep ] out. >> reporter: this is the stop sign that the ferrari ran right through. the police department says they were approached by a man said the ferrari belonged to him, denied driving at a high rate of speed and claimed to have diplomatic immunity.
6:50 pm
tonight, the u.s. state department are saying they are investigating the claim. police also reviewing these videos tonight as some scared residents tell us they plan to avoid the streets altogether. you think you're not going to ride your bike around here anymore? >> i'm going to avoid the street, yeah. >> reporter: kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. when we come back here tonight, the well-known company moving hundreds of american jobs overseas. also, we have a health alert for you, involving aspirin tonight. can it now help fight cancer? look at this. killer whales chasing this american boat tonight. who wins?
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time for a new routine.eartburn flare-ups? try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection. to the index tonight. general electric moving up to 500 u.s. jobs overseas to hungary, china and france after the expense of factories in south carolina, maine, new york and houston. we have a health alert for you about aspirin tonight. medical experts now recommending a daily low dose of aspirin to prevent colon cancer for many in their 50s and 60s. and to that stunning sight off the coast of san diego. off in the distance, a pod of
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in study after study, advil is unsurpassed in pain relief. nothing is proven stronger on aches and pains than advil. not tylenol. not aleve. nothing. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. finally tonight here, have you ever liked anything on facebook and then changed your mind? abc's david wright tells us, you might soon have a new option. >> reporter: facebook has always been relentlessly positive. but today, the founder himself suggested that's about to
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change. people have asked about the dislike button for many years, said mark zuckerberg. we finally heard you and are working on this. now, they're adding the dislike button. >> great! >> reporter: and the question is, what would you want to dislike? >> everyone who is getting married and having babies and i'm single. >> reporter: until now, twitter has been the place for disliking things. all those mean tweets on jimmy kimmel. >> how do you make obama's eyes light up? shine a flashlight in his ears. >> reporter: facebook doesn't want that. they're hoping thumbs down will be a way to show solidarity, no negativity. to help express 'em fa think and sympathy is how zuckerberg put it today. what's not to like about that? david wright, abc news, new york. >> thanks for watching tonight. hope to see you back here tomorrow. tomorrow. good night. [ female announcer ] when you're serious about fighting wrinkles, turn to roc® retinol correxion®. one week, fine lines appear to fade.
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