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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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morning. we have clouds in delaware and south jersey, generally speaking it will be a sunny day building. 55 in allentown. 58 in reading. 60 in trenton. you look at the numbers this is similar to what we showed you jetter no morning. 61 by 6:00 a.m. 63 by 8:00 a.m. slight chance of patchy fog, most of you won't have to worry about that. 64 on the storm tracker 6 live app on the way to school. 63 by 8:00 a.m. noon, 83. 86 by 3:00 p.m. like yesterday we'll get a high of 87 late in the day around 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. an air quality alert has been declared across urban centers from philadelphia south across new jersey and delaware. this is a code orange ozone action alert for those of you in sensitive groups for unhealthy
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air, seniors for respiratory and lung conditions want to limit your out door exposure between 12:00 and 6. we're looking at the pattern to continue over the next several days. >> reporter: we have construction running late, you can see the result on woodhaven road eastbound heading toward i-95. so construction crews are out there, they were supposed to clear at 5:00 a.m. but blocking the right lane and the ramp from knights road to the eastbound layne. that's causing a slower go. i-95 approaching cottman looking good, the extra overnight you can say instruction is cleared, southbound traffic is moving fine from langhorne or bensalem. on the boulevard ridge avenue we see the southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway nicely. north between rhawn and strahle
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we have the right lane blocked. benjamin franklin parkway the right lane is blocked, out bound. elsewhere on the looking good so far. >> philadelphia is acting as pope francis would when it comes to his main mission help the poor. the city is reaching out to the homeless with important information how the papal visit will affect them. katherine scott has more on the parkway with that story. >> reporter: a lot of people coming to town, the world meeting of families starts at the convention center next tuesday and there's the events next weekend including the festival of families on the parkway and the progress on the parkway you can see it each and every days the set up continues. with the events coming people are wondering what's happening to the homeless it was back in
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july when cell phone video captured a homeless man in a scuffle with the mayor's guard. he was angry that the homeless were being removed from the parkway during the papal visit. >> we'll not be allowed on the parkway when the pope comes. i only sleep down here when it's going to rain. >> reporter: over the next several days, 89 city will be sending homeless and behavioral specialists to alert the homeless about the upcoming event. >> any person who wants to participate will be allowed to stay on the parkway with their belongings, everyone gets swept during the security time. >> certainly it was never the city's intent not to have the homeless fully participate. >> reporter: and with all these events going on the benjamin franklin parkway and elsewhere next week, the city does
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temporarily plan to move the apple tree family center for the homeless inside the restricted red zone to a facility on the in order brood. vouchers will be provided for the homeless so they can get meals in the red zone. >> stage is taking shape, thanks katherine. penndot has released information about the timing of road closures and restrictions during the pope's visit. starting friday september 125th at 10:00 p.m. major highways shut down, they includes the schuylkill expressway eastbound to the blue route to i-95. the schuylkill expressway westbound from i-95 to u.s. route 1. the vine street expressway between the schuylkill expressway and i-95. city avenue will be closed in both directions from u.s. 30 to belmont avenue. the pope leaves town on sunday, but the roads will not reopen until monday. this is a lot of information, so we have put all of it on our website
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city officials say they will ready for you to post as much as you want to social media during the pope's visit. nondescript boxes on the parkway are mini cell nodes. they have fixed the problem that caused limit of reception during the made in america festival. our coverage. papal visit continues at it is one way "action news" is bringing you closer to this historic event. in a few minutes we'll have more on the ways you can join the coverage. >> 5:35 philadelphia police are looking for three bandits who are busting into area pharmacies and taking powerful drugs. video shows the thieves using power tools. they have been linked to 8 robberies since march. police believe they have taken
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part in several atm thefts across the city. >> carly fiorina joined the prime time candidates for the second gop debate last night. the former executive launched an emotional plea for defunding planned parenthood. she confronted donald trump for derogatory comments he made about her appearance. >> it's interesting to me, mr. trump said he heard mr. bush very clearly and what mr. bush said, i think women all over the country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> new jersey governor chris christieed carly fiorina and trump. >> for the 55-year-old construction worker who doesn't have a job, they could care less
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about their careers, let's talk about theirs. he defended the new jersey drug laws and laid out his plan for social security. joe biden called out climate change deniers. hillary clinton appeared in a skit with jimmy falon who portrayed donald trump. she compared it to self serve ice cream. she addressed her e-mail scandals and her intentions to raise income for the middle class. >> let's take a look at accuweather. it was warm by the end. day. >> reporter: it was and it will be similar to as we look outside we have clear skies over the airport. you see the plane landing the
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buses moving around. no precipitation in sight, it's a great morning to fly in and out off philadelphia. temperature, 64 degrees, the dewpoint has slipped to 59. might be more saturated air than the last couple of days but not all that humid. the winds are calm currently at philadelphia international. philadelphia shows low cloud cover around low pressure center sweeps across delaware and south jersey, as that gets away from us, the areas will return to sunshine. maybe scattered cirrus clouds. but bright from start to finish. 63 by 8:00 a.m. 79 by 11:00 a.m. 85 by 2:00 p.m., high of 87 around 3:30. 86 in allentown. 86 is the high in wilmington. 87 in reading. 85 in lancaster. 84 in millville.
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and closer to 80 on shorepoints like cape may and atlantic city. light winds and lots of sun and pleasant out there. for the next several days we'll continue the same pattern because high pressure will be sitting in place. a cold front will come in from the west, i could see it getting more humid, maybe friday, but especially on saturday. not oppressive humidity, and nice with highs around 87 and things start to change as the front comes through on sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 87 degrees, tomorrow, 87 and saturday 87 with maybe slightly higher humidity but a gorgeous day and all three of these highs are about ten degrees above average not too shabby. sunday, the front comes through giving us a clouds and sun mix. it's likely as the front comes through dry, it's moisture starved. the eagles are looking good for their home opener in the afternoon around 4:00. the union at 7:00 p.m. in the
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evening, both contests will be fine stadium wise and fan wise. monday, not as warm, 76 degrees, depending on how much of a easterly flow we get off the ocean. we may see showers around and rumble of thunder. tuesday and wednesday, cloudy skies and spotty showers there, as well. not looking at any inundating downpours, but unsettled and cooler next week. >> it's been dry. it has. >> 5:40 now, still ahead on "action news," a comedian reveals his claims about where he was on september 11 are not true. >> three americans who took down a gunman on a train to paris are heading to the white house. >> reporter: this is what the ride looks 202 at baltimore pike no problems right here. what does it look like in fort washington, we'll take you there live coming up. >> brian taft will breakdown
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the 6abc papal coverage later on "action news."
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>> good morning, everyone, taking a live look at i-95 is from sky 6. the sun does not rise for another hour. the daylight is getting in shorter supply as the days progress. >> if you're heading out right
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now, looks like you can get where you want to go. >> reporter: i want to stay in bed. >> i want to get started. >> reporter: you're such a liar, matt. if you have to get up early and coming in from the suburbs from quakertown or montgomeryville, this is 309 no issues on 309. let's talk construction because we have crews on the scene. we've got an update, westbound near bensalem we have cleared the scene they are blocking the right lane near willow grove and restrictions from fort washington to the turnpike westbound. in new jersey, 42 southbound, crews have cleared. on the turnpike they are blocking the exit lane. and blocking the ramp at 295 to
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42. columbus road blocking the right lane that doesn't clearal 3:00 p.m. that will cause problems on 130. we have fog in between reporting sites. 20 miles in lancaster, so a couple of spots where you're getting a touch of fog. it's not a big deal, but you'll notice it when you ahead out. 6 # degrees in -- 64 degrees in philadelphia. allentown and millville looking good in these areas. temperatures above average today with lots of sunshine high of 87. >> new this morning, a baltimore police officer who was named officer of the year in 2008 is on the other side of the law. he has been charged with choking a restrained inmate. he has been charged with assault an misconduct in office.
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he he row strained a man because he was a flight risk. he grabbed the man around the throat and choked him. he is on administrative duty since the incident. >> president obama will meet with the three american men who thwarted an attack on a train heading for paris. they attacked a man with ties to radical islam. the president invited the men to the white house after the attempted attack. french president gave them the country's highest honor for their heroic efforts. many will be along the parkway watching the pope, but many will be watching from home. >> reporter: the papal visit will have a huge impact own the region. we'll have complete coverage in the way that's convenient to you. from the moment shepherd one
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tumbles down until the moment the papal plane departs. "action news" will bring you every signature -- significant moment. we'll be live on the weekend, with every speech and the parade the concert on the parkway and, of course, the papal mass. we'll provide digital updates with up to the minute traffic and weather everything you need to know on the go. we'll be streaming every effort at and our mobile app. if you have not downloaded it yet, now is the time. it's important to be live and present this is one of the biggest story this city will see in the next decade. we're committed just like "action news" is on every story to bring you the fullest amount of coverage we can. jim gardner will lead the papal coverage with dozens of reportsers fanned out across the city so you don't miss a single moment. rick williams monica malpass and
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cesily tynan will broadcast from a special balcony studio overlooking the parkway with an unrivaled bird's eye look at all the action. i'll be in front of the papal alter bringing you closer to the big event than anyone else. we'll depend on you, send us your pictures using the #6abc action so we can share what you see. for the all the latest updates up through the big historic weekend follow our twitter act @ 6abc pope we'll keep you posted. thanks for trusting us. >> tam and myself will be doing the morning shows both mornings. delaware county teacher and father of four learns his fate for a plea in a sex case involving a student. >> a comedian comes clean about his supposed escape from the twin towers on 9/11.
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>> a black lab had the honor of officially chewing through the ribbon at the special spca. there's special enclosures for cats looking for fresh air. >> reporter: i want to stay there. i hope you get adopted too. this is i-95 at the commodor barry bridge, northbound at the blue route, the overnight construction is clear, we can see traffic in the shot moving nicely, roads are clear and dry, no problems between the delaware state line and the airport. let's keep it that way. the new castle county, i-95
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southbound ramp is closed from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. that will last through october. >> we have a the kids dressed in a light jacket. we have temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it will warm up shorts and ts. 55 in pottstown. 53 in quaker torn. quakertown. if you're running errands this morning, you want to get a little preshopping run in or something like that. great morning to do that. 9:00 a.m., 68. 83 by noon. we assume up in a hurry. the high will be 87 degrees about 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. matt and tam. >> a student pilot made an emergency landing on a california street. youirvine fire and police soundd the small plane to keep people
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away. nobody was hurt. for years a median said he was a 9/11 survivor. now he admitted that was a lie. he apologized saying as a young man i made a mistake i deeply regret. a new york times article revealed he was working in manhattan but nowhere near the towers. he is a spokesman for buffalo wild wings and the chain is re-evaluating that relationship. >> a delaware county teacher is going to jail, why next. >> apple's new operating system officially rolls out, but not without complaints from users. that story is up for you at 6:00 a.m. something a former delaware
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county middle school teacher has been sentenced up to two years in jail for having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student. barber pleaded no contest back in june. he had sex with a student he met in his gym class. he was a married father of four, he was with the school district for more than a decade. stockton approved the sale of the former showboat in atlantic city. the buyer and price won't be made public until tomorrow. stockton purchased the shuttered casino back in december plans to
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convert it to a satellite campus fell threw. tuition rosemont college will drop 43%. it will drop room and board by $1,900. however, at the same time, financial aid will go down as well. the school president wants to attack students whose families thought college was out of their price range. coming up next, more parking for the pope's visit opened up in a prime spot. details on all the road closures that are fast approaching. let's clear the air.
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>> good morning out there, it is 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, september 17. breaking dwotle -- developments overnight. >> gunshots explode two blocks apart. >> a powerful video shows an earthquake in south jersey. some states here are on the alert. >> pope francis' visit to philadelphia will crete massive gridlock whether you're in a car or on foot. >> let's get accuweather david murphy has that and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: we have cloud cover down south because of a southern storm system crewing off the coast. and in the areas where you see clouds this morning we'll get sunshine overall. 67 degrees in the


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