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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  September 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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look at the papal mass happening now at the catholic university of america, we'll take you there live as we hear from various speakers as the mass gets underway for the canonization at the shrine of the immaculate conception. the first saint hood mass taking place on american soil, a man widely held in hispanic areas for spreading catholicism in the united states especially california. and it's not without controversy, many in the native american population are not fans, they blame him for destroying their traditions and ways of life and hailed by many for spreading catholicism in the united states and california. and the pope speaking at this mass as well.
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pope francis left the vatican residence and immediately got into the crowds and met with the people, he was suppose to go straight to the white house for his visit with president obama, but first he met with the faithful first, he is first known as a man of the people and lived up to that this morning. at the white house it was the official state welcome today and greeted by the president, and the first lady and president obama thanked him for his diplomatic help with the united states and cuba. >> that means welcoming the stranger with empathy and the truly open heart. from the refugee of the war tonight lands to the immigrant who leaves home in search of a better life. >> and then we heard from pope francis himself and issue aid call to action on climate change, saying quote, it's a
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problem that can no longer be left to a future generation and quoted martin luther king, saying we defaulted on a promissory note and now it's time to honor it. >> we are living at a critical moment of history, we still have time to make the change needed to bring about sustainability. >> the president and first lady and pope francis then waved to the nearly 20,000 people that ascended on the white house lawn before going behind closed doors and having a private meeting in the oval office. the pope led a parade on the national mall and the crowd electrified him and kissed baby and waived and gave thumbs up and was truly excited to see the crowd as the crowd was to see
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him. >> the pope ended with a mass at saint matthew's parish and talked about the priest sex abuse scandal . >> translator: i know how much the wounds of the last few years have weighed on your spirit. >> the pope said it was not his intention to judge or tell bishops what to do, there is talk that he will meet with families of priest sex abuse while in philadelphia but that is not yet confirmed. >> seeing the images gives us a sense of what to expect in philadelphia when the pope comes to town a few days from now. >> from the unscripted moments to the excitement and reference and reflections this is unlike anything we have seen before. we'll continue our team coverage with john rawlins live in center city with the world meeting of
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families but first david henry along the ben franklin parkway to see how the site is shaping up. there is still some work to be done. >> work to be done and time is running out. we are in the middle of an active construction zone. a massive transformation going on here, this is a jumbotron being lifted in the air and over there a structure that is built to house television cameras and right in the middle of the parkway you see the stage and the alter where the pope will participate in two events out here over the weekend and the clock is ticking and there is still a lot to do. >> we'll be here all night, i got here at 3:00 in the morning and back here at 8:00, joe is one of the hundreds of men and women working hard to get the job done. >> the last time the pope was here was the 70s? >> 79. >> it was a time in history and i can say i did it. >> the scale is massive.
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thousands of details to take care offer none of them too small and they were hanging covers on traffic lights hand painted by school children and pilgrims were coming already, some walked the parkway just to get a picture of the stage and alter, that includes boris who is jewish and he will be back this weekend. >> i have a ticket, i don't know if i can see him but i want to see him. >> people are flocking down here to say they were here. >> you came down. >> yes, i let my daughter skip school. >> it's a once in a lifetime event and i like what the pope's message has been and i wanted to come down and see the stage. >> the stage is not quite set as construction work continues, homeland security is working behind the scenes, dozens of these air sampling -- are popping up, they will be sniffing for chemicals and
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radiation as crowds pass by, concrete barriers are in place ready to close off access when the vehicle security zone goes into effect, and signs are posted directing pedestrians to the security check points and they spell out what they cannot bring with them. some call it overkill and some say it's today's reality. with all the marathons you have to be protected. it may be overkill but you have to do what makes people safe, there is go toing be a lot of people here. >> a lot of people here, upwards of a million people crowding the parkway over the weekend, as far as the eye can see, you can see the construction going on down there as well. the construction and security both ramping up as time winds down. live on the parkway, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> all right david thank you. lets head out now to john rawlins, he is covering the world meeting of families for us
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in center city. what is the latest there? >> hi alicia, more than 18,000 people registered to be here, they are from 100 different nations, this is coordinated and sponsored by the roman catholic church, a convention of believers. the world meeting in full swing, a diverse crowd at the convenience centsner culture, geography language and age. >> it's interesting to meet the people from around the world here, to celebrate families. >> this melting pot unified in the believe that families are the basic building blocks of the community, and the thinking that society doesn't work without the family unit. >> definitely, it needs a strong god fearing family. >> there are workshops on how to build strong religious families and how to avoid distractions of the the secular world. self on -- is the biggest
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threat to families. >> to think only about ourselves -- >> in an exercise to reach out to the larger world family, catholic high schoolers and other volunteers packed meals formal nourished children in west africa. the gong struck by the mayor signified another 1,000 meals packed. >> we all along wanted to include a service element to the world meeting of families and take pope francis' message and turn it into action. >> well, they have to ring the gong a number of times this week, the goal is 90,000 meals to be packed and distributed by the catholic relief services. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. many delegates you just saw will attend the festival on the parkway saturday night and the queen of soul aretha franklin,
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this is a special occasion, and she will present the pope with a set of sermons from her father the civil rights leader. franklin says she felt most appreciatetive to be included in the concert. "action news" is following pope francis on his entire journey this week from washington to new york and of course to philadelphia, you can see rick and monica reports from the nation's capital and eva pilgram and sara bloomquist will be live in new york starting tomorrow. >> and when the pope gets to philadelphia, "action news" has you covered. jim gardner will lead our team of more than two dozen anchors and reporters at locations across the region, bringing you the history making -- >> i think it's light out there today for the traffic report. >> not that picture.
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>> enjoy that lightness for now, what you see in a few spots, good afternoon brian and alicia, the first afternoon of fall we are watching falling speed as long 95 with busy traffic here in both directions through the on going work zone at girard avenue, we had a couple earlier broken down vehicles, now it's just normal volume. we are watching a crash on lincoln highway business 1, by the blue fountain diner and the olive garden. in middletown township, delco, an accident at street road, closed in media tonight for dining under the stars. in west pottsgrove, a crash at heights town by the turkey hill and on mass transit, we see septa bus detours around the parkway but don't feel the effects of the papal visit on the rails until tomorrow night that, is when select rails shut
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down, including suburban station and the 15th street station, they close starting at 10:00 tomorrow, thursday night and don't reopen until monday morning, most of our road closures take effect 10:00 friday night including the schuylkill and vine street and ben franklin bridge and 684 and admiral wilson shutting down at 10:00 at night. >> see you then matt. more to come on "action news" tonight, seeing the pope can be overwhelming for people. how health centers are helping people to deal with the emotions. >> it felt more summer like with temperatures of 80 degrees, we'll cool it off as clouds increase over the weekend. >> and later whether it's spam or an x, g mail users have a way to block users they do not want to hear from.
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we want to remind you about
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the road closures set to take place later this week, i-76 eastbound from the blue route to i-95 will shut down at 10:00 friday night and at the same time 95 to route 1 will also close, for a complete list of the road closures and maps and an up to date timable visit they are making a plan that people on methadone have access to their medicine during the papal visit, with all the traffic restrictions it's important know they have access to that medication and they are working on an emergency dosing plan since february. the travel issues connected to this, this really represents a different kind of disaster. >> now three methadone clinics
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will close during the pope's visit and others will change their hours to accommodate extra patients. and now people are ready for the pope's visit and many have extra staff and longer hours and one specializing in menal health. >> we will offer walk-in psychiatric evaluation for people who may or may not be seen in the medical tents. >> during this weekend, the hall mercer behavioral health unit of pennsylvania hospital will be ready for visitors to the city, and patty says that pope francis seems to generate a lot of emotion amongst followering. you expect to see the gamut of people feeling anxious and people feeling overwhelmed. >> in addition to the walk-in
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clinic, mercer is open and their outreach team will work on the streets making sure the homeless population is okay. people get crust phobic with people around. we have much more ahead here on "action news" at 5:00, the scandal at volkswagon claims its first corporate casualty. and facebook launches a feature that lets you go inside of videos. ññ
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the ceo of volkswagon has stepped down because they say they deliberately programmed emission levels. and they found discrepancies in 11 million vehicles worldwide. you probably spent time on google earth virtually walking down the streets and seeing the sites and now facebook launched a feature that lets you do the same thing but with tv shows and movies. facebook rolled out 360 videos for your news feeds and one of
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the first is from star wars, just click and drag and you get a 360 of everything around you like you are in the movie. >> we all get them, emails we don't want and don't read, and now g mail has an option to block any sender you don't want to see, from spam to ads, go the drop down menu and select block, from now they had to create a folder, now can you let them know i don't want to see these. >> you better not block me. >> no. you are vip. looking outside sky 6 and a beautiful shot over endance hall where pope francis is set to speak and give an address on saturday. meteorologist, adam joseph with the details coming up n.
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it is time now for a check of the accuweather forecast, on this first day of fall. >> even though it's not feeling like it, temperatures are running close to 5 degrees above normal and sunshine and summer like, looking live from sky 6 overlooking city hall and william penn all aglow with the
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sunshine this afternoon. 0-in philadelphia and 80 in allentown un80 in millville and upper 70s elsewhere, the cooler spot was the shore and cloud cover there and wind out of the northeast and the ocean which was 71, held the numbers there 73 and 75 degrees this afternoon, lets look at the satellite, void of cloud cover or precipitation, weak high pressure east of the great lakes and the western part of pennsylvania, winds running clockwise, draining the northeasterly winds, they are dry winds and holding the clouds at bay, low pressure continues to drift and sit east of jacksonville, florida, thicker cloud cover and the low will slowly track off to the north and east as we get into the latter part of the week and the weekend. and that will fight the high off to our north, as we look at the forecast tonight, it's clear and chilly and a light breeze, 48 in the lehigh valley, 52 millville
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and low 60s at the shore from cape may to atlantic city, as we look at future tracker, a couple of high clouds this afternoon, even warmer today 82 in philadelphia and 81 in millville and cooler at the shore, poconos low 70s and as the low starts to drift a little farther to the north, can you see more in the way of filtered sunshine with high clouds on friday and temperatures are held down a little bit but closer to normal for this time of year. generally in the mid to upper 70s. for the next two days, there is no chance for rain and it starts to bounce up saturday and sunday, and the low gets closer, just how far north does the shield line get, it's somewhere in southern delaware at this points. your five-day forecast, warm and 82. high clouds arrive at 77. a lot of clouds saturday.
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cooler at 75 degrees and breezy on sunday and lots of clouds and monday peeks of sun come back with temperatures of 77 degrees, we'll have the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour guys. >> thank you adam. our team coverage of pope francis' trip continues next at 5:00. a sacred shrine is calling worshippers to hia. saint maria goretti. that and much more when "action news" comes right back. more kids are suffering from asthma
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and the countdown continues, i'm brian taff. >> i'm alicia vitarelli, rick and monica are covering the papal visit to washington, d.c., which is where we are taking a live look, pope francis celebrating his first mass in the united states. you can see people lined up
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outside of the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception and people are in prayer with their heads bowed and the pope saying the mass it's underway at this very moment. that is the pope on the east po po portico. the pope has spoke several times throughout the mass. it is a mass to make sera a saint, he is the man largely credited with spreading catholicism in the united states and in particular in the state of california and hailed as a hero by many in the hispanic catholic commune. there are about 5,000 athen go the mass, they are to get through security first and stock
5:31 pm
up on papal swag, but souvenirs aside this was about the papal message. >> i am so excited, this is a once in a lifetime thing, and i cannot imagine not being here and seeing him. >> he draws people. peace draws people. and so that issy have all of these people. he is a man of peace. >> security for the pope's visit is extremely tight there in washington, d.c., monica and rick went through it this morning, the tightest they ever experienced with secret service checking each and every bag be hand wondering everyone. >> we made good friends in the lines, because we stood in line for so long, we were in line for two and a half hours, and people kept their cool and really enjoyed each other. >> now the papal canonization
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mass is capping off a jam packed day that started with the official welcoming at the white house, the parade on the national mall and a mid-day prayer service with cardinals and bishops. we are just two days, 16 hours away from the holy father touching down in the delaware valley. looking live at independence hall from the sky 6 camera, you can see the setup really coming to life, chairs are lined up and crews are working on the stage where pope francis will give his immigration speech to thousands of people on saturday. a lot of people to be done yet. ahead of the visit, the shrine of a saint that is drawing crowds in south philadelphia, worshipers lined up to see saint maria goretti, sara bloomquist is live outside of saint rita's
5:33 pm
church with that story. hi sara. >> reporter: hi there, earlier today the line stretched down the block here outside of the national shrine of saint rita, blocked the convention center and this church and the major relic of saint maria goretti was a big draw and not just for the people from the meeting of families. shuttled came and went from the convention center and the world meeting of families. the faithful came to see her, her skeletal remains are encased in a wax likeness. >> this is a once in a lifetime event and i am glad to be here. born in the late 1800s, she died at the age of 11 after an attack and on the verge of her death,
5:34 pm
she forgave her attacker. >> there are many families coming through with young girls. >> this is the first time the saint has travelled out of the united states. where she go, so to go the crowds. >> the crucifixes and the rosaries, they themselves are not powerful. >> what they do is reassure us, the symbols that god is with us. >> in stood in line and is tended saint goretti high school in philadelphia, for them it was a personal pilgrimage. >> it's an honor to be here and be a part of this. >> it's exciting to be catholic right now. or just christian, just exciting to be alive right now. >> reporter: mass is underway here now at saint rita's, the church stays open until eight,
5:35 pm
if you miss this stop on the tour, saints maria goretti travels across the street to st. john's long lines expected there tomorrow as well. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. the church of saint monica in berwyn chester county got in on the excitement, the parish is hosting a family and youth day right now. kids are invited to take part in an evening of service opportunities and spiritual trust building games and the day ends with a pizza party. well, the pope is all the buzz at the malvern retreat house, where a group of more than 100 nuns are staying in town for the world meeting of families, eva pilgram was with them this morning as they got ready for a long day of service. >> the day starts early from the 120 nuns of various orders staying at the retreat house, at w 30 the nuns eat breakfast to
5:36 pm
head to the city for the world meeting of families events. >> the greatest joy is seeing the families, the fathers and mothers and quhirn. >> we are thrilled to have young people here to be with their families. >> super excited to be here at the world meeting of families and see pope francis, we are very, very excited and especially being franciscans. >> in the dining room helping the nuns get the day started is an honor. >> it's a blessing to serve those who spend their lives serving others. >> they sell us so far the city of brotherly love has been welcoming. >> they are excited to see us and glad we are here, we keep thanking them for having us, and they keep saying we are glad you are here. >> they like many pilgrims
5:37 pm
traveling to philadelphia are looking forward to the weekend and all the festivities it will be. >> this is our first time to see pope francis, we are excited he is in the united states. eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." we take you back live inside of the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception, where pope francis is holding the canonization mass, it's the first ever to take place in the united states, and he want you to know that that mass is streaming live right now at and of course, "action news" will have a complete coverage of pope francis' visit to philadelphia this weekend, jim gardner leads our team of more than two dozen anchors and reporters at locations across the region bringing you this history and all that comes with this visit and the impact on the delaware valley and we are all working hard in the days to come for this very exciting time here
5:38 pm
in philadelphia. >> it is getting exciting and many people were focused on the negativity of the restrictions but many people will excited for what is about to happen. >> seeing the scenes in d.c., looking forward to them here. but people have to get home. matt pellman is here. >> things are abnormal on the traffic front, but one thing that is dependable and constant is delays on the schuylkill expressway, 34 minutes, that is an extra 20 mines to get out of town from the vine to the blue route, because of delays on the northbound side of the blue route and the turnpike as well. this looks like a typical friday afternoon leading me to wonder if people are getting out of town this afternoon, people that are not attending the papal events, getting out of dodge before the heavy batch of
5:39 pm
closures take effect. >> and middletown township, buck county, has the crash on business 1, and of course the ben franklin parkway ajace an portions of kelly drive are closed. brian and alicia back to you. >> thank you matt, we have much more ahead on "action news" tonight. a major drug bust at the port of philadelphia. see how traffickers tried to get 360 pounds of cocaine into the united states. plus, she was found zipped up in a duffle bag, meet an abandoned puppy that needs a good home after beating the odds. >> temperatures run 5 degrees above average for the first day of fall. we are tracking a cool down for the weekend coming up in accuweather. >> and i can't believe i am going to say this, things got worse for the eagles today, a star player leaves practice with
5:40 pm
an injury.
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police have been involved in
5:43 pm
a deadly shooting in wilmington, delaware, officers are on the scene investigating on the 1800 block of tulip street, shots rang out at 3:00 this afternoon reportedly during a domestic dispute and "action news" confirmed one man is dead. federal investigators released a major cocaine bust. they found 360 pounds of that drug on a ship coming from costa rica, they believe it was to be trucked to new york and the cocaine was laminated and hidden in boxes of squash and pumpkins. >> the only way to find it was to examine everything vegetable and locate the narcotics. >> police say that the cocaine as has a street value of at least $6 million and this bust has nothing to do with the world meeting of families or the papal visit, so far no one is arrested
5:44 pm
but the investigation is still ongoing. another lawsuit against atlantic city's former revel casino, they say they were cheated out of thousands of dollars, they lied about the bond that paid for the construction and investors say they would not have spent $35 million that they knew acr energy partners had defaulted numerous times and they are asking the judge to prohibit acr from selling the power plant to anyone but them. and the news has gone from bad to worse for the eagles. >> when it rains it pours, lets say it all together. uh-oh. that is right, demarco murray left practice with a hamstring injury, earlier in the day he looked good and was practicing hard, no word on the injury or
5:45 pm
if he will be good to go against the new york jets, and the birds know if he is out he will be missed. >> he is the leader of this team, the biggest actually, people look to him for the leadership role, i don't know much more than you guys do. >> we'll see if josh huff, caused a stir when the cowboys were calling out the eagles plays before the snap, that may explain why the eagles offense was ineffective and chip kelly was asked about the allegations instead of an answer or clarity, we are left confused. >> he did not say that to us. >> making it up? >> i asked josh do you think they had our signals and he said no. >> i asked and if he tells you that then that what it is.
5:46 pm
>> you are blowing things out of proportion. >> okay. the phillies magic numbers is 11, 11 more games until the season is over. they face the marlins in miami. the phils stopped an eight game skid, the outfielder had three hits and two were solo home runs. baseball lost a memorable, loveable character and if you didn't know he was a terrific player, yogi berra died yesterday at 90, he died of natural causes in northern new jersey with his family, he won a record 10 world series championships and was a three time mvp and the death comes 60 years to the debut of his major league and was known for his sayings like yogiisms and deja vu all over again.
5:47 pm
>> i had an until to interview him when i was up in new york. my favorite saying is, can you cut that pie in six pieces i don't think i'm hungry enough to eat eight. >> another check of your accuweather forecast, stepping outside, sky 6 hd looking live in atlantic city, i love the shore in september, and today is a beautiful day, meteorologist, adam joseph, with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues. everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month.
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the united way of ocean county is giving thanks to organizes that stepped up during hurricane sandy, they gathered at a sandy damaged home in little egg har work the goal is to recognize the united ways relief program. both work tirelessly to restore homes that were destroyed and now the spca is looking for a home for an abandoned puppy, she was found in a duffle bag, on the left she is doing much better now, once too sick to eat, she chowed down a bowl of chicken and rice wheel our cameras were looking on and police are looking into possible animal cruelty charges.
5:51 pm
it's the first day of fall and i think picture perfect out there today? >> on the warmer than normal side, but we had sunshine and we'll back the temperatures off as we go into the weekend, another day without any precipitation in the mid-atlantic and delaware valley and lehigh valley, if we go this weekend without a drop of rain, you are looking at a three week stretch in philadelphia without any measurable precipitation. 79 in center city and 80 in levittown, and warm to the north and west as well. 77 in coatesville and 75 in pottsville and just to the south and east it's warm for hammonton and delaware, and you sink towards the shore, you see upper 60s to near 70 degrees with the wind wrapping in off the water, and that ocean is 71 influencing the air temperatures at every shore town.
5:52 pm
looking at satellite, that high is supplying the sunshine and the high clouds are drifting just to the south in places like sussex county delaware and just south of washington, d.c. as we see low pressure east of jacksonville south of charleston, south carolina, it has been here for a few days and will continue to slowly meander and drift off in the latter part of the week, and it will throw clouds to the north especially saturday and sunday, it's a very close call and the battle will be the high to the north and the low to the south, right now the low is so strong for the most part it will wedge northeasterly winds our way and it will be breezy but the high drops to the south and east, it should hold any precipitation with the low just to the south of delaware and parts of maryland and virginia, you can see it's very close, to southern parts of delaware as we get into saturday
5:53 pm
and sunday, it takes only a little movement of this high to throw the rain to the north or keep is further than that. the rain should go to washington and baltimore and the beaches of delaware, 2 to 4 soaks inches of rain in parts of virginia and north carolina, and we are right on the edge and at this point on the dry side as opposed to the wet side, your papal forecast, mostly cloudy and a few peeks of sun and breezy at 75 degrees and saturday cloud cover and cool and pretty gusty winds out of the east-northeast, 10 to 20 miles per hour at 73 degrees, you will want to dress warmly especially on sunday if you head down to the parkway or anywhere in the city to try to get a glimpse of the pope. the exclusive accuweather forecast, 82 and sunshine and warm thursday and back down to 77 with high clouds coming in on friday and a few peeks of sun on saturday and breezy, cloudy and
5:54 pm
cool on sunday of 73 degrees, and we bounce back into the upper 70s in the beginning and middle of next week, above average for that time of your. and the sunshine will be pushing back in and we can be going through a three week stretch if we don't get rain in philadelphia and no precipitation. we need it but not this weekend. >> more "action news" coming up.
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5:56 pm
you see the shirt there, it says kick cancer's butt and this 5-year-old does that. he is featured on a massive billboard welcoming pope
5:57 pm
francis, his mom is thrilled to have a role in welcoming the holy father to philadelphia and that is one incredible kid right there, and a cutie pie to boot. >> right now "action news" is standing by with these stories next at 6:00, the pope delivers his first mass today in the united states. and we break down his day. >> and following the transformation in philadelphia from the ben franklin parkway and independence mall. and a list of what you can and cannot bring with you. police thought it was a hate crime but tonight the school and police are setting the record straight. for adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. "action news" at 6:00 is coming up next. more kids are suffering from asthma
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and we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air. and took more than one million dollars from the polluters. tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right. but playing outside should be.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program, with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. the people's pope is on parade, on his first full day in america, we got a sense of what pope francis' visit to philadelphia will look like this the scene in washington, d.c., as crowds reach out their hand and pope francis returned the favor, it's wednesday night and jim is along at 11:00, i'm brian taff, today is the day that saw pope francis greet his fellow bishops and the president and greet the public. it happened in washington, d.c. and right now the pope is still celebrating his first mass in
6:00 pm
the united states, the first canonization on american soil, we look inside of the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, d.c. it's a busy day for pope francis, rick williams and monica malpass are there watching it right now and filed this report. >> this is the last public event for today for pope francis, he will go back to the vatican embassy and relax for the evening, tomorrow he will address a joints session of congress the first pontiff to ever do so and meet with homeless residents in the nation's capital. >> it's an exciting visit and a preview for what he is likely to do in philadelphia. the pope left the vatican embassy for the white house and immediately broke from the motorcade to greet people on the street. he arrived at the white house for the official state w


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