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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  September 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ >> good morning, we are awaiting the arrival of pope francis, the holy father will land at philadelphia international airport in 3 1/2 hours, he'll be met by the mayor, the governor, archbishop chaput the bishop shanahan band. >> his hectic schedule includes celebrating mass at the basilica of saints peter arena paul this morning. the that event will not be open to the public. >> today is the day we've been waiting for months. the arrival of pope francis in philadelphia. this is a special edition of "action news" saturday morning. we have live team coverage of this historic event. >> that includes david murphy and karen rogers who, of course, keeping an eye to the skies and
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on the roads for the special papal weekend. let's go going at the "action news" big board. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, a big day across the region and a big weekend. we're starting out in good shape. we have cloud cover across the region, we'll be looking at sunny breaks, but more clouds than yesterday, the big story is the rain hitting a wall of dry air below washington. so far so good on the rain it cannot advance any farther north because of the dry air in place. we have temperatures that are similar to the last couple of mornings at this hour. 63 in philadelphia. just 53 in allentown, 60 in wilmington. 59 in trenton. 68 in sea isle city. if you're dressing the kids for the festivities today, a jacket is good idea breezes will be building and in the 60s, this
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afternoon, t-shirts appropriate. 71 by noon, 75 by 3:00 p.m. that will be the high around 3:00 p.m. 70 by 6:00 p.m. the breezes will be a factor about 10 to 20 miles per hour. generally speaking this is a good start to the papal weekend. >> chopper 6hd is above the schuylkill expressway that captured a rare scene on friday night. it was empty. this is the expressway where chopper couldn't find a truck caravan or bus, just a few emergency vehicles. the expressway was shut down ahead of the pontiff's arrival. it was one of the additional road closures that happened late last night. >> leading up to this, karen rogers has been keeping you on top of what to expect and what's going on. let's go over to her. >> reporter: we're talking about the schuylkill expressway being shut down and there's no blizzard. looking live at the schuylkill expressway we have police and barricades set up this is at the
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boulevard. it is shut down eastbound from the blue route to i-95. westbound it is shut down from i-95 to route 1. that means you can go from the boulevard to the schuylkill expressway westbound if you want, not eastbound. the schuylkill expressway eastbound shut down. the ben franklin bridge pedestrian traffic only, we can look live we are not seeing any vehicles, no pedestrians either. but the ben franklin bridge will be full of pilgrims coming to see the pope. right now you can't drive across the bridge. the schuylkill expressway eastbound shut down between the blue route and i-95. city avenue southbound shutting down at 10:00 a.m. between belmont and route 30. northbound between route 30 and the schuylkill. we have the ben franklin bridge shut down admiral wilson boulevard. 676 shut down. vine street expressway shut in both directions. big things going on. we'll talk more about it matt
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and tam. >> as we look at the papal clock, 3 hours, 26 minutes and a few seconds. this historic event has been anticipated for months and people have been preparing for it. it's happening this weekend. >> it's exciting to see him in cuba and new york and here at 9:30 we'll see him step off shepherd one and be at philadelphia international airport. he'll be met at atlantic aviation, he won't walk through the terminal and get a cup of coffee. he'll be greeted by a local high school band and dignitaries. >> dan -- darn dan is live he -- dann cuellar is live at the airport and waiting for the holy father's arrival with us. >> reporter: the two stairways is where the pope's plane will be taxiing this morning. we're at atlantic aviation, the
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fitle on the northern -- facilities of the northern end of philadelphia international. it is used by prosecutes -- presidents, because of the security. the delegation greeting pope francis will be led by archbishop chaput and city officials and the world meeting of families. governor tom wolf and frances wolf and mayor nutter and lisa nutter will be on hand for his arrival. one family was chosen to be here for the pope's arrival and that is richard bowls and his family. hes a retired police officer who was shot and wounded in 2008 in a shootout that killed his partner. he and his family will be presenting the pope with the
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mountain laurel flower, the state flower of pennsylvania. shortly after his arrival here, in philadelphia, he would travel to the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul to celebrate mass, because seating is limited, the event is only are for the clergy religious and lay people of the archdiocese of philadelphia. it's going to be a long day, hopefully a very beautiful day and joyous day for philadelphia and his people. live atlantic aviation, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> let's go over to nydia han live at eakens oval with a unique look at the stage there, a lot of people would love to be where you are right now, what a view. >> reporter: yeah, you can't beat this vantage point, up to 1 million people are expected to
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descend on the parkway, everyone hoping to be transformed and inspired by francis fever. take a look at the stage that will be a world stage. after weeks of work it is set. there are 27,000 feet of fiber optics cable and several hundred thousands was watts of power. what you can't see if philadelphia museum of art. mater today it will be serve as a beautiful background. >> reporter: the preparation in advance of the papal visit to philadelphia have been unlike any other for the city. the numbers involved are staggering, 3300 portable toilets. ten thousand folding chairs. ten thousand feet offensing. the pope's chair is on the side for the celebration leaving center stage for the musical
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stars. mark wahlberg will host. he has thanked his catholic faith for his success. aretha franklin will perform. philadelphia orchestra. the pope is also expected to meet with 6 families on the stage that will give witness to the importance of family in their own faith journey. there are two stages. this eakens oval stage will go at 5:30. the logan square stage performances there begin at 12:45. there are jumbo trons on the parkway. no matter you are you'll have a good view. they will turn on at 6:00 p.m. live eakens oval, channel 6 "action news." >> we have another look at the parkway from our vantage point
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looking right there at the stage where crews are setting up. they have to have a stage here for today for the festival of families and then they are back to work overnight as they prepare to transform this into an alter for the papal mass on sunday. >> and right now out in the city streets they have been looking around, things seem to be relatively quiet. that will not last long. we'll go over to katherine scott who is joining us from logan square. we imagine it will be elbow to elbow where you're standing today. >> reporter: it will, but we have a good spot right now. we have lots of elbow room, because the crowds have not come yet. but in a couple of hours that will be a different story. people have been out here throughout the night. some of are here because they want a good spot for the festival of families. people are arriving early for that. but in order to come in here, you have to go through there. that's a security checkpoint at
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19th and wood. there are limited checkpoints overnight this one was open, but not all were. now that it's 6:00 a.m., they should be opening back up. border patrol. homeland security, k-9, we've seen a number of agents at the check points. it's like going through airport security. it's not a big deal. others feel like they should not have to go through airport security to walk through the city, so the feelings have run the gambet. if you swing around to logan square there are people by the basilica. they have their morning coffee they are taking a look around, security is here, as well. i spoke to women who flew in from new mexico they walked an hour around 4:00 a.m. because they wanted a good location to see the pope. it wasn't enough to see him on tv. they wanted to be here to see
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him in person. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience. he is a living saint. i'm elated. i'm excited about this. >> we are feeling very energized and happy and eager to see the pope. i'm thorough excited to get to have -- thoroughly excited to see him. >> reporter: back here live at 19th and the parkway. some people have brought their chairs, about a us they are in the for the day ahead they want to make sure they are here toddes the pope when he arrives in philadelphia. of course, there's the mass at the basilica. a lot of people are here for the festival of families, because they want to make sure they have a good spot. right now lots of room. people just enjoying the sights. live in logan square, katherine
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scott channel 6 "action news." >> they are to meet lots of people. watch our papal coverage wherever you go with digital updates live from the newsroom. we'll have papal news weather and traffic starting at 9:00 a.m. today and tomorrow. you can watch our live papal visit digital updates at and the 6abc news app. >> during our coverage you'll notice an old friend, someone you've known for years and come to trust, that's ourcathy gando. we'll have her insight later today. she'll join our live coverage from the studio above the parkway. this is pope francis' schedule today, he'll arrive at philadelphia international at 9:30 head to the cathedral basilica to celebrate mass that is not open to the public. his speech on immigration and
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religious freedom at 6:30. and then it's off to eakens oval for the festival of families at 7:30 p.m. let's leave you with a live look sky6 live hd taking a look at the ben franklin bridge. one of the many ways pilgrims will set out in this case on foot todd what they can -- to do who they can to get to the parkway to get a glimpse of pope francis.
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>> hey, everyone, it is saturday morning, the pope is coming, and so are the people. that's a live picture of the action cam from the camden side of the ben franklin bridge, where you see all sorts of people making their way across to get to center city philadelphia. lots of events taking place today. these people want to get there early. a reminder it is closed to traffic. you can walk across, you can take your bike across, but you have to walk it across. >> there are many people on the parkway all of them want to be dressed appropriately. >> reporter: the next couple of afternoons will be mild, but a great weekend to keep a jacket handy and maybe a poncho
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tomorrow. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry this morning. taking a look outside we have more clouds overhead than we had yesterday. i could see sunny breaks today. the sky 6 camera from the dow building looking down on the stage set up for the pope. 63 in philadelphia. 53 in allentown. 59 currently in trenton. 60 in wilmington. mid to upper 60s down the shore. satellite and radar again showing you what a great job the high pressure to the north is doing blocking the rain's advance below washington. we'll be dry today and hopefully tomorrow. the lehigh valley, clouds mixing with sun the farther north you go above the storm system. breezy conditions building during the day. down the shore it will be windy along the coast, 74 degrees. we have the chance of coastal flooding not only today, but also tonight and tomorrow. the big issue would be the high
6:18 am
tide overnight tonight because the winds are stronger and we have the heavy waves and high winds coming in off the ocean piling up the water all the way through the delaware bay and into the tidal delaware. breezy, 75 degrees, winds running 10 to 20 miles per hour. stronger this evening. 62 threez degrees by 8 although. 74 by 11:00. 74 by 3:00 p.m. the high will be 3:00 p.m. 71 degrees at 5 p.m. 10:00 p.m., the mid 60s a cool breeze building. tomorrow we're looking at future tracker 6. we're worried about the rain from the southern system. we'll have brief showers and sprinkles popping through in the afternoon and evening. lose we'll have a good shot of being dry. for the papal mass and the
6:19 am
parade this is looking good tomorrow. the maybe a poncho handy just in case, 66 degrees by 10, 71 by 4. this is looking like a good day tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 75. of the no issues other than the breeze. tomorrow, 76. there's a chance of a spotty sprinkle or isolated brief shower. hopefully that misses the parkway. hang around visitors it's going to be a nice week coming up. a shower on monday, 81 on tuesday, 76 clouds to sun wednesday, next chance of rain looks to be thursday night, that looks like a decent rainfall which we could use. >> if you want to leave a message for pope francis, tweet it to the #6abc messages.
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the security checkpoint locations for the parkway. these specifically for people who have tickets. you can see there are not any entry points on the weds of -- t side of the area. you have to use a checkpoint on pennsylvania avenue or the south side 20th or 21st street.
6:23 am
>> reporter: karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: vine street expressway is closed in both directions getting ready for the day ahead except for emergency personnel. i was watching this shot, all the support vehicles coming into town getting ready for the papal visit. the vine shut down in both directions, swells schuylkill expressway we've been talking about that as well. i want to get into mass transit. this is the look at the buses, i know it's a lot of information, but we have 28 different city and suburban bus routes that are suspended at this point. however, we have buses running, a lot of them on the weekend day schedule instead of the weekend schedule that's allowing you to get to the regional rails. that's important you can take the regional rails to come in and be a part of the activities.
6:24 am
they are running frequent service, you have to have a papal pass you have to check the schedule and we have all the information and details on the website, as we. i want to show you the waze app. this is a great way to see all the different ways to see the closures of the ben franklin bridge, the parkway, the drive, it's a good way to check in and navigate all this, matt and tam. >> we're glad everybody has you to help them, swell, -- as well. we want to leave you now with a live look at the parkway. archbishop which chaput says ale families deserve a win.
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>> lots of people going for a walk outside this morning. it might be a little bit chilly for them. >> reporter: might be walking to the train in a little while to catch the express downtown. it is cool, pilots, 55, 58 in fleetwood. 54 in quakertown. mid 60s in center city. as we jump the river in south jersey, mid 50s and 60s and 58 in avalon. 60 farther south you go. if you are catching the el or the bus 66 by 9:00 a.m., 76 by noon. i should say catching the bus into areas around center city. there is the traffic block up later on. 3:00 p.m. we'll get to 75 degrees, that will be the high holding the low 70s by 6:00 p.m. if you happen to have people
6:28 am
flying in for the papal weekend. we have no major delays at philadelphia international airport. there is rain in atlanta. maybe problems there later on. karen, what about traffic this morning. >> reporter: it's kind of an eerie feeling to look at the images like the ben franklin bridge not a vehicle out there, it's only open for pedestrian traffic. the ben franklin bridge shut down, a lot of people have been asking. take the other area bridges. don't forget the schuylkill expressway shut down, as well. i-95 is open, however you see the cones set up, getting off on the vine street expressway, the vine is closed in both directions, a lot of closures we're here to help you out all day long. >> let's take you out and leave you with an image of philadelphia international, our dann cuellar is there awaiting the pope's arrival one of the many reporters and anchors, fanned out across the city bringing you full coverage of
6:29 am
the papal weekend. "action news" will be right back. >> good morning, eva pilgrim
6:30 am
will be along later, i'm tamala edwards along with matt o'donnell. the day we've waited for and wondered about finally here. >> this is the day the entire region has been waiting for and
6:31 am
anticipating for months. pope francis the leader of an estimated 1.2 billion catholic will arrive in about 3 hours. the holy father will arrive from new york city at the airport in just a matter of hours, he'll be welcomed with joy by dignitaries and marching band and regular folks thrilled he'll be here. there will be no stinting as he wraps up his first visit to the u.s. he has a full schedule slated for today and gets going as soon as he arrives. >> one of the events is the historic speech at independence hall talking about immigration and religious freedom before a crowd of thousands of it is the first time a pope has ever spoken at independence hall. >> let's find out the weather to expect today and across the weekend. david murphy has that and traffic changes and restrictions, karen rogers has it under control. >> reporter: we've been waiting
6:32 am
forever for this, it's finally here, we've been sweating the rain today, and especially tomorrow. i love this picture on satellite. a big area of high pressure scooting past us in the next 24 to 48 hours. so far so good that high is inj rejecting dry -- in dry air into the picture it will keep it down there today and hopefully tomorrow, as well. 63 in philadelphia. 53 in allentown. 59 in trenton. 60 in wilmington. 68 in sea isle city. as we look at the winds, 9 in philadelphia. a little bit windier down the shore where you're exposed to the ocean water. probably looking at a 10 to 20-mile an hour. it will be mild. 62 by 8:00 a.m. noon, 71. the high will be the nice
6:33 am
75-degree reading at 3:00 p.m. high to mid level clouds sunny ex-before a and breezy and the temperatures mild, dry, as well. >> major highways are closed including the schuylkill expressway. mobile 6 was heading eastbound police had it down to one lane and you'll get an unmistakable road block when you receipt the blue route. >> let's go over to karen rogers she is keeping our eye on the closures good morning. >> reporter: this is a historic event. we talked about the schuylkill expressway being shut down. it is shut down from the blue route to i-95. westbound from i-95 to route 1. what we're looking at is the ramp from the schuylkill expressway to spring garden. not only shut down, look at the bar -- barricades.
6:34 am
you have police posted. a tent and trailer, this is unusual if you drive afternoon afternoon -- around the city or look around the city you can see something you've never seen before, people posted out there, tents set up. ready for the duration. if you're traveling on the boulevard. southbound heading toward the schuylkill expressway. you can take the schuylkill expressway westbound to the boulevard. it's eastbound the portion that's shut down. we're seeing a little bit of traffic out there. there's so many worries with the ben franklin bridge shut down. the vine street shut down. i want to show you a shot of 42. very light volume if you're thinking of eght up -- of getting up and walking across the ben franklin bridge the volume is light. >> it's finally here, the "action news" big board shows us pope francis arrives in 2 hours
6:35 am
and 50 minutes. >> when he steps off the airplane we have dann cuellar who is anxiously awaiting he'll be on the look out for shepherd one. >> reporter: it is exciting. we're here at atlantic aviation where they have set up the mobile stairways where the pope's plane will taxi to at 9:30. authorities have mobilized the large security operation in philadelphia history before his visit. they have had hundreds of fbi agents, homeland security, secret service all over this city. philly pd has the birds in the sky and the boats in the water. they have this covered like a blanket. over 1 million expected here for a glimpse of the pope. his popularity and expected to wade into the public has added
6:36 am
to security concerns. his visit here today will include mass at the basilica of saints peter and paul, because seating is limited, the mass is for the clergy, the religious and lay faithful of the archdiocese of philadelphia. the event will be showed on all jumbotrons. later he'll be traveling to saint charles seminary where he'll be staying. he plans to address the public at independence hall. there he will focus on immigration and religious freedom. from a security standpoint secret service director joseph clancy said they've preparing for months. secret service protective teams including counter snipers and counter assaults agents have used a replica popemobile.
6:37 am
security experts have emphasized in protecting the pope is uniquely challenge because of his penchant for mingling with large spectators. you saw what happened in washington when the little girl break through the crowd and made her way to the pope. this will be a safe and successful time for the holy father and all those who have come to see him. we'll be checking in from time to time, for now, "live" with kelly and michael at atlantic aviation, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> thanks, dann. pope francis will make his way to the benjamin franklin parkway we're taking a live look from our camera up ahead over at logan square looking at the papal stage where the festival of families will takes place. pope francis will be there today, and tomorrow, the pope
6:38 am
will say mass for thousand upon thousands on the parkway. >> we're keeping an eye on what it looks like and security checkpoints, the things that you need to know. as you can see there are someplaces if you don't have tickets you can get in, there are entryways not along the west side of the area. you have to use the checkpoints that's where people are allowed to move in. let's go over to our katherine scott. she has the latest on what things look like now. >> reporter: well, tam, the pope's arrival to philadelphia is just hours away. i think people on the parkway are starting to feel that. as it is getting later we're seeing hustle and bustle, people are coming over to see what's going on on the parkway. but in order to get where we are at 19th and the parkway you have to go through security. that's the closest access point where we are, that's the security checkpoint at 19th and wood. people are coming through right now. not all the checkpoints were
6:39 am
open overnight. 15th and cherry was closed. now we're seeing wider access. tsa, homeland security, k-9 units you're seeing agents at the check points. as far as how people are feeling about things, some people are feeling are frustrated about how strict the access is, but on the other end of the spectrum they think it is worth it making sure the pope is safe and everybody is safe. i did speak with some people this morning they walked an hour to get here this morning, they've here for hours, they want to make sure they have a good spot for today's festivities, the festival of families later. they want to make sure they see the pope in person. there are volunteers here you can see one in the orange. there are volunteers just like her. the volunteers are around making sure people know where they are
6:40 am
going. as for this woman that i was speaking to, she told me there was something special about the pope and his message. >> oh, my god, he touches our heart. number one he is hispanic, we are hispanic. it's wonderful to see a hispanic pope. his attitude, his flexibility his being with the times, society, he is moving with society. he is not back in the renaissance, whatever, we appreciate that. >> reporter: and back here live at logan square as you look through the trees there's a jumbotron, there are a number of jumbotrons set up around the parkway and the city. they will show the festivities later on. the weekend agenda is popping up there and sponsor and announcements. the people will watch what's going on the parkway on the
6:41 am
jumbo trons as the festivities get underway. they figure they can sleep next week. for today it's going fob a long day, but many feel it is worth it. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> let's head to the other end of the parkway erin o'hern is live at eakens oval where they are fine tuning everything for the festival of families. >> reporter: to hear the words from the pope francis, the past few days we've hearing pope francis touch on polarizing issues as he has done throughout the two years of his papacy. one of the issues he addressed is preserving the sanctity of life throughout outline -- out all stages. he declared all priests to for give the sin of abortion. when the church begins a year of mercy, all priests will be
6:42 am
authorized to forgive the sin of abortion. although he made headlines with what some view as progressive language. many believe his approach is different, but the teachings remain the same. >> abortion has been from the first industries of our church has been say grave sin, but always with any sin, always that the lord will forgive when he sees a contrite heart. >> reporter: traditionally if a woman were to seek forgiveness and avoid ex-communication from the church a bishop had to absolve that sin. there are many who are skeptical of the church and worry about cannon law. >> there are some the jury ask out, they are questioning where's he going with this. some statements that can be
6:43 am
misinterpreted have been and send cardinal's and archbishops take zantac to calm their stomachs. >> reporter: pope francis is simply using the year of mercy to grant priests worldwide this permission. france -- francis has not changed the church's stance on abortion. >> there's a tool to inviting an action and forgiving a sin. all francis has done, the forgiveness that has been offered to sin can be offered in this case. >> reporter: he said he does not believe that france is attempting to change the teaching of the church, but how it is perceived. else putting the church at the front and center of his papalcy.
6:44 am
he is saying we should be a forgiving church. >> reporter: pope francis has received praise and criticism on the remarks he made on the sensitive topics. nearly 7 in ten view him as taking the church in a positive direction, so we're anxious to hear what's going to his this weekend in philadelphia. live from acrens oval, erin o'hern channel 6 "action news." >> it will be be fascinating to hear what he says. even on the go you can take our papal coverage with you, with diggal updates live from the newsroom, we'll have all the papal news weather and traffic starting at 9:00 a.m. this morning today and tomorrow, you can watch our live papal digital updates on ascertain 6abc on the news apps. cathy gandolfo who has been to
6:45 am
vatican city during her storied career will be joining our live coverage from our studio above the benjamin franklin parkway. >> pope francis will turn 79 this december, but take a look at this schedule. he'll get to philadelphia international airport at 9:30. he'll celebrate mass at 10:30 that will be closed to the public. his historic speech on immigration and religious freedom will come at 4:30 at independence mall and follow that up with the two papal parades at 6:45 and off to eakens oval and you'll see him participate in the festival of families at 7:30 tonight. >> he'll need a vacation after this. >> he doesn't take one. >> he can go to rome. else basically there anyway. our team coverage. papal visit continues. a live picture of the ben franklin bridge closed to traffic and people are already walking across it. david murphy has the papal
6:46 am
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look here, via sky6 live hd our view from the top of the dow buildings down at independence hall. later this afternoon pope francis will stand at the same lecturn the same one used by abe lincoln used at the getties
6:49 am
-- gettysburg address. >> reporter: lot of people making the pilgrimage across the delaware, it's cool and dry, as we look outside, the camera is bouncing a little bit there, that's an indication that the breeze is buildings across the region. 66 degrees in philadelphia. the dewpoint at 53. the air not all that humid. winds out of the northeast at 9:00 a.m. for now. the higher the sun gets up over the horizon, the more when he expect the winds to kick in. great picture on satellite and radar, we have cloud cover in place, the dry air in place, thanks to high pressure dishing the dry air down forming a wall for the rain stopping south of the washington probably staying there today. 62 degrees by 8:00 a.m. if you're walking around philadelphia by 11:00. it's breezy getting up to 70.
6:50 am
we spend the afternoon in the 70s, 2:00 p.m., 74. the high today 75 degrees by 3:00 p.m. it will be breezy, probably have to hold on to your hat a little bit if you have one. 71 degrees by 5:00 p.m., but pretty comfortable during the afternoon hours and, of course, pope francis speaking later this afternoon at independence hall. you might wants a jacket because the shadows taking over the area could feel cool. 674 in i will -- 74 in allentown, 72 in trenton. 71 degrees at noon. 4:00 p.m., 73 degrees, 6:00 p.m., 70 degrees, dry conditions but breezy today. if you're heading to the festival of families concert bring along a jacket. 70 degrees by 6 arteriovenous p. looks like things will improve
6:51 am
tomorrow. today's high, 75. the no problems other than the breeze. tomorrow, cloudy skies for the most part. sunny breaks can't be ruled out. 76 is the high, it will be breezy, but the rain beginning to be less of a factor. there's a chance of a spotty sprinkle or brief shower popping through. you might want a poncho handy. most of the models are easing back on the bulk of the rain holding it to the south of the area. that could change. but things are trending in a better direction. monday and tuesday it's going to be nice, a spotty shower around monday, but not bad. up to 81 on tuesday, wednesday, clouds to sun, 76 degrees looking great for the union trying to win their first trophy the u.s. cup on wednesday evening. >> go union. >> they will have luck and maybe some blessings. [laughter]. >> let's go over to mobile 6 at 20th and girard in
6:52 am
philadelphia. this morning when we looked around the city, things are quiet as we continue to await pope francis as he makes his arrival. we expect the roads will get busier making their way as close as they can to journey on foot to the parkway. >> when i was making my way in karen, i turned on the waze app and i got around the closures. >> reporter: i love when you listen to me, matt o'donnell. it only happens once in a while. we're looking at broad street we'll see emergency vehicles come by. i've been watching the emergency vehicles stream in everybody getting read in place. it's an eerie scene. the ben franklin bridge is shut down. the vine street expressway. how do you come and be a part of all this? here's something you need to know. there's 20 city and suburban
6:53 am
buses all of these are not working today. those are suspended, they are having a lot of buses running and they running on the weekend day schedule getting you to the regional rail stops. there are service with the regional rails, but they are making less stops and you need a papal pass for the rails. matt mentioned the waze app which is always your friend. you can see on our commuter traffic report all the closures in and around the city. as we scan over we can see the closures of the benjamin franklin parkway, the drive spring garden, the schuylkill expressway exactsly where it's closed. -- exactly where it is closed. this will be your friend to help you out. i want to be your friend, too. the. >> you are our friend. pope francis' final stop in
6:54 am
new york city talked to the elite and said think about the poor. earlier tens of thousands jammed central park to get a glimpse of the pope he was in the popemobile for 1 blocks. he visited -- 12 blocks, he spoke at ground zero and spoke at the united nations pleading for peace around the world. we've be right back.
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> good morning, everyone, taking a live look from our action cam shot of the ben franklin bridge on the camden side. this is where people will be walking across to get to all the events in center city. nobody on the bridge right now, but expect a flood of people to come across. no vehicle traffic it closed
6:57 am
last night. you can walk across you can bring your bike, but walk with the bike beside you. >> people are wonders, what to wear how are the roads. let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers. >> reporter: we're starting out in the 50s and 60s, i think he came out pretty well. he has his hands there with the kids. sometimes things work out. 8:00 a.m., 62 degrees, noon, might be able to she had the jacket 71. high of 75 down to 70 degrees by 6:00 p.m. breezy today, but getting better in the afternoon hours. we take a quick look, we have an issue overnight. coastal flood advisory delaware bay and back bays, delaware river and its tributaries, the
6:58 am
onshore flow will back up the water county waterways. >> reporter: there are so many questions about how to get around. this is the southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. you can take the boulevard to the schuylkill expressway westbound because that is open. the schuylkill expressway is closed from the blue route to i-95 eastbound. westbound is closed i-95 to route 1. eastbound is closed closed at 10:00 p.m. staying closed until monday morning. city avenue is closed southbound between belmont and route 30 and lancaster avenue and northbound between ruth 30 and the schuylkill expressway. lots of closures to deal with this morning. we're making it through. >> sends your own message to pope francis, you can tweet it using the #6abc messages, we'll be running at the bottom of the screen as pope francis arrives in philadelphia.
6:59 am
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>> happening right now on "action news," take a look, the stage is set for the


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