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tv   Action News Weekend 7PM  ABC  October 10, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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paul chryst coaching as a head coach against his good friend, mike riley today. that was a big story line when chryst and riley were hired at their now big ten schools. they coordinated against each other. chryst against riley as a head coach. the long time friends going against each other at head coaches in the big ten crucial game. second down and nine. 1:48 to go. ogunbowale. seeking space. he works to the 24. young on the stop. another time-out used by nebraska. their second. >> kelly: so far, i agree with the clock management. the opposition is in decent field goal range here. you want to go ahead and use your time-outs to give your
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offense some opportunity when you get the ball back regardless of what happens with the field goal. >> adam: a wild game so far today. 21-20. nebraska with the lead. adam amin, kelly stouffer and olivia harlan as well. one loss doesn't kill your big ten season. two losses is a really tough hurdle to overcome. >> kelly: we came into the game knowing these teams gave away games last week. that hurts big time. mike riley told us this yesterday. my team needs concrete evidence that what we're doing works. this is concrete evidence. they need to see something good happen in this situation right here. >> adam: third down and seven. they're going to give to ogunbowale. he has to work along the edge. weber finished him off.
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1:32 to play. fourth down coming up. he got to the 21 yard line. they are well within field goal range here. and nebraska will use its final time-out. he was tackled inbounds. wisconsin with a chance to take the lead. nebraska with the chance to potentially get the ball back. gaglianone with a huge kick if they go for the field goal. >> kelly: if you lose three close contacts, time management is a factor. i think it was well done by mike riley. great use of the three time-outs. regardless of what happens on the kick. you have 1:30 left. >> adam: clock management last week. clock was stopped. armstrong mishandled the play call. ended up with a pass incompletion to keep more time
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on the clock. for the lead. gaglianone, the brazilian born and bred kicker. trying to hook it back. it's no good! no good off the uprights! a heart wrenching miss for rafael gaglianone. and now with wisconsin trailing by one with all three time-outs remaining, their defense needs to stiffen. this was the miss. >> kelly: mike riley as we said his team needs something. they need concrete evidence that what we're doing works. i don't know if the goal posts are made of concrete, but that might be it right there for
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them. armstrong needs to make something happen. this one's not done yet. >> adam: 1:26 left. wisconsin needs stops. they give it to cross. a stop by hayden biegel. a time-out from paul chryst. >> kelly: you are not going to run much of the clock. wisconsin has two more time-outs left. eventually if you don't make something happen with the execution on plays, you will have to punt into a pretty stiff breeze. a lot left to happen here. >> adam: you talked about it, kel. they are 2-3 for the first time since 1959. think about the relief going through mike riley's body and mind and soul right now after the heart breaking losses his team has dealt with. now a little luck bounces the husker way. >> kelly: no doubt. that reaction was relief. that's exactly what relief looks
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like in real life. >> adam: 1:22. still two time-outs for wisconsin. they need stops and quick stops and quick time-outs. a first down could essentially put the game away. wisconsin just getting its 11th defender on the field. that was the 11th defender. a stop by d'cota dixon who just raced on the field as the 11th man. ends up with the tackle there. there's the second time-out with 1:17 to play. big third down coming up. cassidy. >> we have an update from nashville. five yard score here. his second rushing t.d. thrown for 38-31. coming up on abc, jimbo fisher taking on miami. 8:00 eastern on abc and watch espn. adam and kelly.
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>> adam: still a tight one. nick chubb injured earlier today. left knee injury in the first quarter. third down and seven. wisconsin needs a stop. a first down could end the game for the huskers. janovich, who scored that go-ahead touchdown, gets stopped. wisconsin gets the ball back with time on the clock as paul chryst uses his final time-out. so 1:14 to play. we said it, kelly. the wind has been a factor. we knew special teams could be an issue. gaglianone missing one in the first half and moments ago. the miss in that same direction going with the wind. >> kelly: that's the irony. going with the wind. you expect it going in the other direction. he had a 45 yarder that could have been 55 going into the wind. >> adam: the distance was fine. it is the target and release that affects gaglianone's kick.
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>> kelly: wisconsin will get the ball back in decent shape. barring some disaster. 1:14 left. they just burned all their time-outs. it will be the ultimate hurry up situation. >> adam: again, going into the wind. stiff wind. erickson back to return. sam foltz, the big ten special teams player of the week last week, trying to avoid that breeze. wisconsin setting up for the return. foltz with a good kick to the sideline. he is stopped after a very short return. the forward progress to the 32 yard line. 1:03 to play. no time-outs. wisconsin in the hands of stave. the fourth winningest active quarterback in college football. with a chance to give them a lead. whether a touchdown or field
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goal range, it is up to stave. >> kelly: stave had the tight end, a big target. 2 for his last 9. he hasn't exactly been hot. erickson from that slot position, but this is a nebraska secondary that has something to prove. >> adam: 63 seconds left. stave. from the 30 yard line. four-man rush. out route and good hands catch lunging forward. the clock continues to move. troy fumagalli makes the grab. >> kelly: tremendous throw and catch to the sideline. a good tackle to keep fumagalli inbounds. >> adam: another four-man rush. inside. it's a first down. catch made by jazz peavy out near midfield. clock will stop to reset the chains at 38 seconds to play.
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>> kelly: erickson right here. >> adam: top receiver in the pattern. four-man rush. stave over the middle. caught by fumagalli. inside the 30 yard line. down to the 28. 25 seconds to play. fumagalli with one of the best days of his career. takes them into field goal range for gaglianone. now you have to manage the clock as well. 20 seconds left. stave. over the middle again. it's broken up. incomplete. looking for wheelwright. gerry in on the coverage. it stops at 15 seconds. second down and ten. maybe only one more play. two more plays quickly before you set up a field goal and you have to make sure the clock is stopped. >> kelly: that is what you set up for. a play over the middle is
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dangerous. gaglianone may have to kick it from right here. >> adam: stave rolling. throws toward the sideline. incomplete. 9 seconds left. you have time for one more? >> kelly: you have time for one more to the sideline. just like that. you may just flip the formation and run the same thing. >> adam: and dan voltz, the center. he's down on the field. >> referee: this is not a run off situation due to the incomplete pass. >> adam: if a run play and voltz goes down, it is a ten-second runoff. because it was incomplete, which stopped the clock, it is an official time-out to make sure voltz is okay. you see gaglianone potentially getting ready for what could be
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about a 45 or 46 yard game winning field goal for the badgers. >> kelly: voltz, remember, is the center down right now. regardless of what play you want to run, it isn't going to be with the starting center. whoever comes in has to make a shotgun snap. >> adam: you bring in the regular field goal snapper and connor udelhoven. again, for you just joining us, this has been the season for nebraska. both teams with big ten losses last week. some heart breakers for the huskers. byu, on the final play with the hail mary. and then against illinois, they come down and score with 10
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seconds to play. now trying to avoid another heart breaker and wisconsin with a chance to win it on a 46 yard line go ahead field goal try by nebraska from rafael gaglianone. he just missed a moment ago. 46 yarder. into the wind. he got it through the uprights! rafael gaglianone puts wisconsin in front with four seconds to go! heart break again for the huskers. and an incredible drive by joel stave and the badgers to take the lead in the final moments. >> kelly: gaglianone just drives this one through. just sneaks in the right upright. it was the right hash he missed the time before.
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it was on the right hash again. i don't know how many times your heart can be broken. nebraska is experiencing it again. it is the opposite on the wisconsin sideline. >> adam: what a moment for gaglianone and how many times have husker fans seen this? >> kelly: that relief we talked about adam, a moment ago. that's agony right there. that's what heart break looks like. >> adam: jordan stevenson, the former badger signee, is back. they will go with the swift kick here. it's on the ground. time may run out. the clock is going to run out on this game. and the badgers with an incredible come from behind victory. a much-needed big ten win. it's heart break for the huskers here in lincoln again.
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23-21, the final score. paul chryst against his good friend mike riley, with the win. what an incredible end to this game. back and forth. the two good friends, mike riley and paul chryst. coaching crossover. so much emotion in the game. a crucial early season big ten game. wisconsin has the win. nebraska falls to 0-2. olivia harlan. >> olivia: coach, it all fell on rafael gaglianone. what did you say to him after he missed the field goal right before? >> nothing. you know, i said something to him after the first one.
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that's this game. you got to keep playing. two teams kept playing. we were able to make the last play. really. it's neat for a kid to be in that situation and to come through for his teammates. obviously a lot of guys made that happen. that was a big stop by the defense. give credit to the offense for giving us the chance and get another chance. that's why this is a great game. you have to keep playing it. today, you know, we came out on the winning side. >> olivia: one he will always remember. you got the win without most of your starting offense. how did they get it done? >> i don't know. we had our cornerback, alex erickson was big. we have guys making opportunities to play. it is their moment to step up. we were far from clean, but a lot of guys put it out here and you appreciate that. it was a good win for us. >> olivia: joel stave finished what he started two years ago.
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what did he do better today? >> i wasn't here before that. i thought he gave us a chance and played with tremendous poise and competitiveness at the end. that's all this is. you talk about giving yourself to have a chance at the end. enough guys did that. that's what you are proud of. >> olivia: coach, you did not speak to mike riley all week. what did you say to him shaking hands? >> i said i'll give you a call. >> olivia: a call you'll look forward to. appreciate it. >> adam: incredible back and forth ball game. incredible emotional game as well. back and forth between mike riley and paul chryst and big win for the badgers. >> kelly: only one best friend can win. nebraska still looking for the concrete evidence. i think there are good things happening. meanwhile, wisconsin, the way they played defense and stave is learning how to play the game. their run game will get going. they will be in the middle of
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this big ten west. >> adam: rafael gaglianone and the badgers win the freedom trophy. the second time they battle for this one. and a comeback victory. 23-21 is the final score. for kelly stouffer, olivia harlan and our crew here, i'm adam amin saying so long. later on, miami and florida state. an incredible game. a big ten win for the badgers. huskers are 2-4 for the first time since 1959.
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the the the big story on "action news" tonight is a huge march in center city for transgender rights.
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it comes days after a transgender woman was killed, in the city a's logan section. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live in center city with the full story, jeff. >> reporter: walter, several city shooting is here with the police escort. they want the public to know who they are, and in hopes of the changing laws, and mind. several hundred supporters of the transgendered community marched through center city a sat the kay calling for acceptance and a end to discrimination. >> of all of the march, this is a visibility for the the community and the injustice, and the criminalization. we just want equality. >> i figured out i was trans when i was about 16. i came out when i was 17 and started looking for ways around it at 17. >> reporter: now 18, damon williams of cherry hill says his coming out experience was relatively easy because family and friend accept him, but he points out not everyone has it so easy. march organizers say many
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trans identifying people lack education, are homeless and they struggle with drugs and alcohol. >> they are particular reasons why they are doing this. a lot of individual are thrown out of the house because their family does not agree with their gender identity. >> reporter: at the rally some held signs with pictures of the keisha jenkins the transgendered woman beaten and shot in the cities logan section on tuesday. police haven't said that she was targeted because of her againer identity but some hearsay that safety is a huge concern. >> we can change policies and procedures but we're working harder to try to change what i call the generational thinking. >> i'm hoping that we can have more people opened about being trans without being a afraid. >> reporter: and advocates are commending city council for a measure it took earlier this week, council passed an ordinance that will require all single stall bathrooms in the the city to be marked gender newt you the travel not men or women. we are live, jeff chirico for
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channel six a "action news". >> thanks, jeff. thousands of people turned out on the national mall in washington today for 20th anniversary of the million man march. most of the focus was a call for changes in police policies in light of the killings of the several unarmed black men. members of the michael brown's and trayvon martin's families were among those who spoke. nation of islam leader louis farrahkan who spearheaded the original march was a keynote speaker. he called on the anniversary gathering the justice or else march and called on participants tone gauge young people in the cause. >> what good are we if we don't prepare young people to carry the torch for these that he has. >> about 800,000 people turned out, the original march back in 995. it was a tense situation in south philadelphia this morning, when a suspicious device was discovered, attached underneath a car. that device was discovered by the children of the car's owner just before noon time. it happened on tenth street near oregon.
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the bomb squad responded and determined that the device was in the dangerous. police are working on the assumption it was some kind of a neighborhood prank. new castle county public safety building had to be evacuated at 10:30 this morning because of dangerous fumes. it turned out to be abnormal levels of the carbon monoxide. maintenance crews are trying to track down the source and fix the problem, officials say, 911 and non-emergency calls are still being answered, despite that building being evacuated. much more to come on "action news", stick around.
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jeff skversky has sports, temple is for real. >> they look like it, maybe a top 25 team, t for temple u, how about t for touchdown and a a lot of them today. the the owls scored nearly 50 points on tulane, off to their best start in 41 years. temple fans finally a football team to cheer for. these kid weren't alive last time this school was this good. owls come back from a three-point whole in the
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second, thomas with two of the seven touchdowns. temple end on a 42 nothing run ring 49- 106789 they are five-zero for first time since 1974. home coming in happy valley. penn state fans yeah, good mood after watching their team play against indiana. they rack up more than 300-yard have of offense before the half time. christian hackenberg accounts for four scores, and two in the air, and two on the ground, and penn state wins, 29-seven. villanova, delaware, penn, they lose. flyers down three to nothing in the first period of play. >> okay. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist medical wrist a magee. >> hi there walter. storm tracker six live double scan radar showing you dry and quiet in the delaware and lehigh valleys. all about the sunshine and dip in the temperatures. wednesday, thursday and friday well above average. in fact yesterday a a high of 80 but today only climbing up to just 66 degrees. it is just 59 in allentown. forty-six on the poconos. fifty-five in sea isle city.
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sixty in the city. the at satellite six with action radar showing it dry and quiet across mid-atlantic region. the showers and storms inundating portions of the carolinas. folks finding an additional 2 inches of rain. back here at home it is all about the sunshine. here's the exclusive seven day forecast sunny a and nice tomorrow, eagles at home at the the link, a high of 7o warmer on monday, seven 56789 cloud on tuesday and a few showers around 71. sixty-nine in the week. temperatures for the rest of the thursday, friday, saturday, walter in the 60's. >> looks nice. >> thanks, memories a. cooper bone and joint special on the move, is next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we're back here again on six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪
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>> as you move through life, there are challenges to overcome. injuries that test your tenacity. >> my knee's not gonna stop me as long as i work hard. >> and those that test your stamina. >> alright you ready hun? >> there is adversity that challenges your maturity. >> it definitely hit me hard. >> and growing pains for people of all ages. >> did i thank you for my knee yet today. i think about it all the time >> but perseverance will keep you going. motivation will keep you inspired. and the right decisions will keep you 'on the move'. hello everyone - i'm ducis rodgers. welcome to 'on the move' presnted by the cooper bone and joint institute. i am here at the voorhees location one of the many places people are using to get back on their feet. tonight we'll introduce patients who have overcome injury and gone on to do amazing things. whether it's a young lady whose knee injury did not stop her from setting school records or a life long rower whose desire to stay on the


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