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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  October 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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how are those close to the tragedy reacting. >> reporter: most are calling it just after five hours of deliberations from the jury. even the prosecutor which wanted murder convictions says it's a just verdict. they wanted murder convictions and life in jail. the defense and civil lawyers say justice hasn't been done. cut rate contractor griffin campbell ac equipmented on six murder charges today in the june 2013 building collapse at 22nd and market but he was convicted of all involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges. his lawyers argued it was a scapegoat for an architect and wealthy land owner who pushed him to use heavy mechanical gear to knock down an unsupported wall that crashed into the salvation army store. >> i think they made a decision about what his mind-set was, when he was acting this recklessly and thought that it was appropriate for involuntary manslaughter.
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>> if griffin campbell was sentenced to third degree it would be an automatic life sentence. at least with the involuntary we can work on a sentencing structure, again, you know, it's going to be a tough sentencing. >> reporter: griffin campbell's mother spoke after the verdict. >> we are so sorry about all the families, the victims and the ones that managed to get out alive. my heart hurts every day that this happened for them. >> reporter: the civil lawyers are gearing up for a multi-million dollar civil trial set for next september. >> that jury only heard about griffin campbell. they did not hear about the fault of stb, plato, other people who were involved in this and it will be a very, very different civil trial. >> number of parties, you know, whose guilt was not adjudicated here namely the owner richard basciano, the architect plato maranakos and
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the salvation army. >> reporter: griffi >> reporter: live in center city, at the criminal justice center, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> thank you vernon. >> we are less than two and a half hours away from kickoff tonight. the eagles and the new york giants on monday night football and obviously we have a lot to talk about. we've got ducis rodgers and jaime apody on the field inside the linc. clad pradelli is with tailgaters in the parking lot but first things first. let's get the latest on the game time forecast from accuweather and meteorologist cecily tynan. >> reporter: and jim, clear skies tonight. it's dry but it's certainly very cold. take a look at temps right now. in philadelphia 53 degrees down from our high of 55 which is 11 degrees below the average high for this time of the year. millville has already dropped
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town 49, allentown 50 and wilmington currently 51 degrees. so, if you're heading to the linc for monday night football, wear the green but wear lots of it. dress in layers, clear and cold so you definitely do want to bundle up. kickoff temperature already down to 46 degrees. fortunately it won't drop much more than that by the fourth quarter, 45 degrees. and winds will be on the light side. so, wind chill really not a factor. you can see, though, out to the west there is much warmer air on the way. cincinnati is 63, chickee chicao 73 degrees. i'll have more details on a midweek wormup in the full accuweather forecast. jim. >> thank you cecily. let's go live to the linc and ducis rodgers and jaime apody, guys, the story lines here couldn't be more compelling. >> jim, the big story line tonight is that first place is on the line if the eagles are to beat the giants tonight eagles go to three and three and they'll tie the giants for first place in the nfc east. also you have this giants run defense which is second in the
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nfl against an eagles rushing attack that started to look much better last week against the saints. >> yeah, especially with the tandem the problem is ryan matthews is questionable for the eagles. demarco murray will have to carry a heavy load. speaking about injuries let's talk about odell beckham jr. take look at this. just a short time ago there is beckham jr. on the field walking around. now, we just watched him minutes ago here actually testing that hamstring doing some cuts and i had former eagle mike quick standing next to me and he said he's final so a lot of people are saying the reports on the web sites beckham is going the play. we'll see, it's not official yet. he's listed as questionable. as for the eagles you can't get more excited than monday night football, the world watching, first place on the line. this team is pumped. >> monday night, the whole world going to be watching so what player wouldn't get more juiced up for a monday night game. >> going to be one real fun game. looking forward to the divisional opponent, rivalry
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game and it's prime time. what better status to be playing in on monday night. >> there's no tricking each other and so really it's about lining up, punching each other in the face and seeing who can hit harder. >> all right, we shall see if beckham plays. are you ready to go and if ryan matthews plays for the eagles. live in the linc alongside jaime apody, i'm ducis rodgers. back to you. >> "action news" chad pradelli, chad, monday night football always a special night in philadelphia. what are the fans saying about this huge game? >> reporter: jim, fans are hyped. they are saying this is a must win game. the birds haven't played as well as fans would have liked this early in the season but the common refrain i'm hearing here tonight, in chip we trust. michael and larry have been firing up the grills and tailgating for over a decade. they recipes for the sweet and sour chicken and the barbecue ribs have been perfected but a victory over the hated giants
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on monday night would be even sweeter. >> i'm usually the nervous guy all the time but for some reason i think it's going to be a typical eagles-giants, close, eagles win 28-24, something like that. >> first place on the line. it's what it's all about. most of us all down here still believe in chip. we're just going ride it and that's that. >> reporter: word on the street is you're married to a giants fan. >> i am. >> reporter: how does that go. >> it's a rough week but we're going come out victorious today and that's that. >> reporter: eagles country rocking early this afternoon. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> reporter: the birds have disappointed a bit early in the season. at times they've shown life but fans know despite only being week six, this game is a must win. >> had to take off the glasses. absolutely must win this game. >> as long as the offense stays doing what they're doing and protecting sam, we should be okay. as long as he don't get hurt. >> let's go eagles.
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>> reporter: judging by the vibe outside the linc this stadium will be shaking. now chip and the boys in black tonight need to bring home a win. >> it's great. i mean, out here at 3 o'clock for an 8:30 kickoff its already lively. >> reporter: and fans are hoping for a repeat performance like last year when the eagles shut out the giants here at the linc 27 to nothing. i'm live in south philadelphia, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, chad. we are teaming up with phl17 to bring you all the magic of monday night football. just watch our pregame show, countdown to kickoff at 8 o'clock followed by the game at 8:30 on phl17. the president of the philadelphia federation of teachers is demanding that the school district hire more teachers. today tft president jerry jordan held a news conference when he said that the district is more than 200 teacher vacancies. he made the remarks outside
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northeast high school where he said there are eight teacher openings. >> thousands of our school children are being shortchanged for no good reason. this crises was created either through intention or incompetence by the district. >> jordan is also calling on the district to end outsourcing substitute teachers and return to the previous system of hiring subs. a man suspected of serial rape pleaded guilty today to attacking four under aged girls. 22-year-old antoine brown pleaded guilty to rape, sexual assault and kidnapping charges. police say back in 2013 brown attacked a 12-year-old girl, raped two 17-year-olds at gun points and sexually assaulted a 15-year-old. brown was seen on surveillance video riding a bicycle around just before the attack. brown is scheduled to be sentenced in february. investigators were back in
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upper dublin prying threw toying pinpoint the cause afire that destroyed a clubhouse. fire ripped through the lulu country club early yesterday morning. the clubhouse had recently undergone renovations. now they're making plans to rebuild while they keep the golf course opened. the club's general manager said other clubs from reached out to help relocate 20 events that were scheduled between now and the holy days. coming up on "action news" tonight a bucks county homecoming king has quite the memorable reaction when he learns that he took the crown. and it turns out that his queen is special, too. their story is coming up and. a powerball ticket sold in philadelphia is now worth a million dollars. we'll tell you where that ticket was purchased. cecily. >> we've had a late november chill the past three days about a month ahead of schedule but i'm tracking much warmer air on the way. details in the accuweather forecast. >> we'll go back to ducis and jamie at lincoln financial field when "action news"
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continues tonight.
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>> philadelphia has plans to expand the city's green 2015 initiative. mayor michael nutter made the announcement at william cramp elementary school in north philadelphia today. it is the latest project that's part of the green 2015 program. the schoolyard is in the process of getting new landscaping, playground equipment and even a running track. there were a lot of homecoming football games this past weekend. and for students and alumni they're always just a little bit special. it is safe to say that no homecoming king and queen tandem had quite the emotional impact as did the one at
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central bucks south. "action news" reporter walter perez has the story. >> reporter: you don't spend too much time with lilly baumann and nick mcgee before you realize they're kind of a big deal at central bucks south high school. >> where is littlely. >> she's right here. [laughter] >> reporter: in fact no one was terribly surprised when they were selected homecoming king and queen this past friday no one that is except for nick. [cheers and applause] >> reporter:. >> it was pure joy and it was pure nick. it was just exactly how he always is. >> reporter: as you can see the 18-year-old senior quickly ran to his classmates after the announcement and led them in his favorite cheer, i believe that we will win. >> i believe that we will win, i believe that we will win. >> it was so exciting. it was just amazing just to see his joy and the kids respond and, yeah, it was surreal. >> reporter: school officials say their goal has always been to encourage the
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student body at cb south to embrace lilly and nick not as classmates with down syndrome but rather simply as classmates. >> to see some culmination of hard work and effort on their parts and involvement from our student body and appreciation that everyone has for one another is really special. >> i cannot say enough good things about the kids from cb south. they have always been welcoming and wonderful and just. it's the great of the community. >> reporter: and so today the reigning central bucks south homecoming king and queen took the time to say thank you to everyone who made them feel like everyone else over the past few years and then making them feel truly special this past friday night. >> i am very excited to be homecoming queen. it feels so awesome. >> reporter: by the way, lilly and nick won by a landslide. both families say there is some uncertainty in both of their futures but say the report they receive from cb south has given them the confidence they need to face
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whatever comes their way. reporting from warrington, walter perez channel6 "action news." giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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>> we're gaining on it. eagles-giants at the linc tonight. >> hard to believe win this game, boom you're in first place. hard to believe at three and three. that would be the case. the way the eagles has started games has been a giant problem. yet to score a touchdown in the first quarter this year. hopefully the eagles make a better first impression tonight against the giants with first place on the line. let's go live to ducis rodgers and jaime apody at the linc. guys, the house will be rocking tonight. >> reporter: that's right, jeff, we expect this place to be packed and to be loud for the second straight week the eagles have facing what we're calling a must win game and the big questions for the eagles, which sam bradford will show up tonight. >> reporter: yeah, this guy needs a complete game. he's been inconsistent. that's been the tale of sam bradford's tenure despite putting up his best numbers as a eagle last week he also had 21st half interceptions in the send zone. in the second half this season
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bradford has thrown twice as many touchdowns and his quarterback rating is for the rt higher in the seconds half. >> that's kind of how the quarterback position was explained to me when i first got in the offense that in this offense it's almost like you have a point guard mentality and your main job is to distribute to the play makers and that's what i'm trying to do right now. it's week six. i'm still getting comfortable wercomfortablewith what we're d. kind of trying to build on that each week. >> reporter: the eagles will wear their black uniforms tonight. they're hoping for a repeat of history. last october they went all black for the first time in franchise history and they blasted the giants 27-zip. uniforms alone won't get the job done. the birds know they are facing a good team. >> is this one of these games that you look at, man, this offense they can do a lot of things, this is going to be tougher for us.
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>> yeah, i mean its been like that for pretty much the majority of the season and this won't be the last offense that has weapons an great quarterback that we'll see this year so when you want to be -- you want to play at a high level on defense you got to play some good offenses and i think this is a great chance for us to go compete. it will be a good test for us and they have players but, you know, in this division none that of matters. it's all about wins and losses and we looking forward to the competition. >> tonight we'll be teaming up with phl17 to bring you all the action. first it's our pregame special countdown to kickoff at 8 o'clock and then eagles and giants at 8:30. only on phl17. some guys out here in shorts like kiko alonzo and dennis kelly and i'm freezing. >> reporter: some reporters wear long johns. i'm ducis rodgers, jeff over to you. >> thanks guys. eagles six and one all time against the giants on monday
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night football. he was a giant killer so it's only fitting former eagles star running back brian westbrook will be inducted into the team's hall of fame tonight at half time of the eagles-giants game. b west will more rushing yards and more total touchdowns against the giants than any other team he faced. his most famous one of course in 2003 the punt return which he ran back 12 years ago to the day. the two time pro bowler will be inducted today. for the first time in temple history the owls will be on national television here on 6abc halloween night against notre dame from the linc. what a game that will be. kickoff set for 8 o'clock. dom brown went from being a hit to a bust in just two years. the phillies have removed brown from the 40 man roster which will likely end his time from the organization. brown was once ranked the top prospect in all of baseball and he became an all-star in 2013 but since he struggled hitting just .232 with 16 homers over the last two years
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combined. one of the worst numbers by an outfield intermajor league baseball. if brown elects to do so he can become a free agent. >> thank you jeff. someone who bought a powerball ticket in the east oak lane section of philadelphia is a lot richer today. the sunoco on the 3200 block of west cheltenham avenue sold the winning ticket for saturday's drawing. it matched all the numbers except the powerball. the ticket is worth a million dollars. and the person who bought that ticket has yet to come forward since no one hit the jackpot, it is now worth $90 million.
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>> chilly at the linc tonight. then warmer weather moves. >> i know you'll like this forecast. storm tracker6 live double scan showing not only it's going to be a cool night at at the linc it's also dry. no rain, really no clouds. let's go live o on the action cam. seeing clear skies and temperatures are going to be dropping into the 40's for the game so if you're heading there, you definitely do want to bundle up. the accuweather highlights will show you that this morning, yes, we had one record low. really at the end of a chilly stretch of weather. low in philadelphia down to 35 degrees this morning. 47 is the normal low for this time of the year so this is unusually cold. allentown a killing freeze, 25 degrees. trenton setting a new record low of 27 beating the old record that was 30. millville not a record but 27 degrees the low in wilmington all the way down to 30 degrees. and the past three days has not felt like october. it's felt like late november. saturday's high 57. yesterday only 53 degrees.
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some showers with some snowflakes mixed in yesterday afternoon and today's high 55 degrees. normal high for this time of the year is 66. currently in philadelphia, 53 degrees. allentown 50. millville's already dropped down to 49 degrees. trenton 51 and wilmington 51 degrees and satellite6 along with action radar showing that we have clear conditions out there. so temperatures will be chilly tonight, not quite as chilly as the past few nights but what's going on we have high pressure down to the south. this is doing a few things. first of all, it's keeping that cold front up over canada and new england well up to the north so that will not be moving in with any showers, any clouds or any cool air and also what this will do is providing winds out of the southwest. tip picking that's a warm flow of air. the problem today is that we have an inversion so the warm air has been trapped higher in the atmosphere but it will begin to mix down tomorrow and even tonight not as cool as last night. 44 degrees in philadelphia. last night in the 30's and 20's. now we're going to be in the 40's and 30's.
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allentown 35. millville 37. wilmington 40. and cape may 45 degrees. so, this shows what's been going on. the past three days jet stream well down to the south pulling down that cool air from canada with highs only in the 50's. but this is what happens in the middle of the week. the jet treatment wel stream wee north. tomorrow in the up are 60's. wednesday and thursday temperatures in the mid 70's so we're going from unseasonably cold weather to unusually warm weather. so future tracker showing tomorrow 68 degrees at 2 o'clock in philadelphia. heading into wednesday even warmer, about 74 degrees in the afternoon. thursday likely 75 ahead of a cold front that will bring us temperatures in the low 60's as we head for the weekend. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, much warmer tomorrow, 68 degrees. a good amount of sunshine, mostly sunny skies. wednesday wall to wall sunshine, 74. on thursday, we bump it up to 75 degrees ahead of a cold
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front that likely comes through dry and then behind that, it gets cooler on friday. loads of sunshine, the high only 61 degrees. so the weekend will be a little bit on the cool side on saturday, 61 degrees but then we bump it up to 67 degrees on sunday so definitely a lot warmer than this past weekend. monday increasing clouds with a possibility of a shower with a high of 62. so, a chilly night tonight but then temperatures on the rebound. >> thank you, cecily. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel six. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel six. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rodgers, jaime apody and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00. vince mazzeo-
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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tonight, the case of air rage forcing a jet to land. the mid-air flight breaking out. a man accused of choking a woman over a seat. the fbi on the case. the war of words escalating tonight. donald trump set to speak about what he said about george w. bush and 9/11. jeb bush outraged. and joe biden watch. is there now a time line? and the head of the cia e-mail hacked. a high school student that broke in. the investigation tonight, did this driver act on purpose? suddenly swerving into the other lane? oprah's million dollar move sending stocks oaring soaring. will her stocks follow her?


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