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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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representing himself on this trial assisted by a court appointed federal lawyer and says he is being railroaded here by rogue fbi agents, trying to bring his father down. >> ed rendell was the first witness called by chaka fattah jr., charged with an elaborate fraud scheme, the former governor was on the stand for seven minutes saying he was a paid consultant for his campaign for governor. >> we paid him $5,000 for his work as a photographer and for the length of the campaign and he worked hard and did good photography and was cooperative with the public and easy to work with. >> i ran a legitimate business that is contrary to the government's argument in their opening statement. >> he will call john street to the stand tomorrow for the same
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purpose and chat ais calling for the charges against him to be dismissed of the lead investigators admitted to tipping off raids at his office. >> he broke grand jury secrecy laws, but that is not the only issue here. >> that fbi agent denies leaking any secret grand jury material and the case could be in the hands of the jury sometime next week. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> former penn state assistant football coach, jerry sandusky was in court to pursue an appeal of his sex abuse convince, he arrived this morning wearing a red prison uniform, this is the first time the convicted child molester was seen publically since his conviction in 2012,
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sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 70 years in state prison on 45 counts of child sexual abuse but the judge wants something from attorney general, kathleen kane and john rawlins has more on this coming up on "action news" at 6:00. it could take days or weeks to remove the defense department blimp that broke loose in maryland and landed in pennsylvania yesterday. they are working today to deflate the blimp even using shotguns to break holes in it. it took down power lines as it dragged through the country side where it came down, and the investigation is continuing on how it escaped the proving ground. >> the rebuilding continues at the jersey shore, some three years after superstorm sandy
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hit, some homes and businesses and boardwalks were destroyed on this day in 2012, as people remember the storm, many are still frustrated by the fact that even today, their homes look as if the storm just hit. nora muchanic is live in beach haven west, in ocean county tonight. >> reporter: hi there rick, it was three years ago today that the bay behind me was crashing into the homes in this waterfront community, leaving boats and docks and all kinds of debris in the streets, today things improve greatly but many have a long way to go. >> it took us a year and a half to get back on their feet. >> we have not raised our house like we are suppose to because we don't have the funding. >> army reserve goes down the street to see the recovery, this is where water surged through the homes at manahawin bay,
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others are now up on pilings or under repair or built bran new. >> it's getting better, everybody is raising their houses or knocking them down and putting up a new one. >> john raised his house to fema specifications and moved back in and then he was told to go higher so he moved out again and raised it again. >> they put up a wall and they didn't put rebar on the wall and we are still fighting to get things done. >> we are okay because it was just our downstairs. >> but your friends. >> yes they are dislocated. >> nick is a small business owner on long beach owner, still out of his home s. he jumped through all the hoops to rebuild
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in beach haven, but can't move in because two contractors collected $75,000 and didn't finish the work. we used your guys and those guys stole from us. >> he was one of the sandy victims camping out overnight at the state house, they are pushing for a bill to crack down on crooked contractors. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> all right nora thank you. a sinkhole forced residented in berks county out of their homes overnight, a water main broke on berky drive and that caused the sink hole, 16 homes were evacuated because the hole affected their gas lines, some are without water and some are under a boil advisory, the saturday match-up between the temple owls and the fighting irish is much more than a college football game. people all across the nation are counting down to kickoff and it
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has gotten so much hype, espn college game day decided to broadcast from philadelphia on saturday. jeff skversky is live with more. >> reporter: hey monica and rick, there is so much history in this city but we have never seen anything like this, two nationally ranked college football teams will play for the first time ever saturday at lincoln financial field, temple and notre dame. college game day is setting up as we speak live behind me. our partners at espn rolling into town, the setup, espn college game day set, they broadcast a three hour show live from independence mall, and they go until noon and feature temple football for the first time in school history, why not the owls
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are 7-0, for the first time in temple history and off to tie great start and a prime time match-up with notre dame, coach matt rule says he loves all the national exposure. >> if football can help shine a light for a couple of hours on all the things happening at temple, and if kid fz texas and oklahoma and not just football players, they can say temple that is a cool place and cool atmosphere, or people across the country can see a three our commercial for our university. that is outstanding, it's great for philadelphia. >> reporter: and it's great for temple as well. the university will bus over 40 buses full of temple students right here to independence mall on saturday, to get behind the game day set and they will be going nuts it's a long day for the temple owls as they get ready to play notre dame saturday night.
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jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> sounds like fun. thank you jeff. 6 abc the only place to watch the owls take on the fighting irish, you can tune in on saturday, halloween night and coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. and if you are going to be in that crowd, we want you to join the action, send us your photos and the scene as we all cheer, use #6abcaction or email us at well, coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00, an undercover investigation examines claims that people are discriminated against for something as simple as hailing a taxi. >> it could be a difficult task but for those with a disability it's down right impossible. >> how can you treat a citizen of this city this way and get away with it. >> tonight at 11:00, see for yourself taxi drivers passing by the blind and people in
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wheelchairs not once but a dozen times, we confront the cabbies that try to pick up other fares. >> can you tell me why you pick up the woman there she was in front of me looking for a cab. >> we take our video to the philadelphia parking authority. >> i find this just disgusting, find out what the cab drivers had to say and what is being done. don't miss my investigation only on "action news" at sec. time now to get a check of the traffic report thursday night. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> almost friday rick and monica, but a few issues on this thursday ride home, including a broken down truck near bridge street, it's orange, i can't see it there, extra problematic, we are normally jammed up along this area northbound, this afternoon we are extra jammed heading into the great northeast, it's hard to get to
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95 any way and the eastbound vine is locked up from the schuylkill to broad street and now the crash is on the shoulder and you can see the delays persist. a pair of accidents in upper merion along valley forge road at 422, and one at devon park drive, and upper mother land watch for a wreck at byberry and davis road and all day in evesham we are dealing with a water main break at 70 eastbound, causing slowing there because the right lane is blocked. down the shore watch for a crash partially blocking the ramp from the parkway to northbound pleasantville. you can squeeze by but the ramp is partially blocked. >> matt, thank you. more to come on "action news" at 5:00, fire on a jet sets passengers sliding down evacuation slides, and for some the escape was a painful one.
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>> it's warm with temperatures in the 70s and i'm tracking much cooler air in time for halloween, i'll have the details in the accuweather forecast. >> also, cecily returns and in health check ali gorman with important tips to keep your trick or treaters safe. with cancer, early detection can mean life or death. so, when chris brown and will pauls would recklessly deny access to basic health services like mammograms and annual exams, it makes a real difference in women's lives. chris brown voted against funding for cancer screenings. and will pauls opposed funding for clinics that provide access to mammograms - life-saving procedures women rely on. chris brown and will pauls:
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a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford.
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the house is broken we are not solving problems but adding to them. >> in his first speech after being elected. paul ryan urged his colleagues to work together, he was sworn in and nancy pelosi did the handing over the gavel and he praised john boehner he described him as a true class act. a major merger are in the works, pfizer is willing to pay over $100 billion for the company, and it would be the large of the takeover and the largest drug maker in the world and give them the nation's
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biggest selling drugs however the company may move its company and headquarters overseas. there may be a new vaccination why flu vaccines are less effective in older people. ali gorman explains it all from the big board tonight. >> reporter: for frl years we say that people 65 and older should fwelt a higher dose vaccine because the regular flu shot does not provide enough potential and now staten users had a significantly lower immune response to those taking the vaccine than those not taking the drugs, highest in those taking synthetic and not natural sources. some take immune boosters but they are not approved in the u.s., if you are 65 and older, and take a staten ask for the higher dose vaccine. and a new germ fighter, on
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the market,' paint sherman williams says kills 99.9% bacteria. it could be used for walls in medical facilities, locker rooms and cruise ships but it's pricey it's almost $85 a gallon and almost twice the price of convenientional paint. and kids are counting down the days until they can get some free candy. >> first make sure the kids are visible and they can use rephlebbers on their costumes and carry a flashlight and make sure they are rain resistant and one of the biggest cautions is tripping, elizabeth of philadelphia college of osteo
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pathic medicine says that parents of older kids can do advance work. >> walk the route the day before and remind them of what to do if strapger as approach them and talk with them about different guidelines, about timing and also stress with them the importance of staying with the friends. and they can also problem solve, what happens if your feeling a little nervous or unsafe. >> she recommends a time limit for older kids and just have fun. rick and monica? >> thank you ali. philadelphia's popular ride, the ducks has something to quack about, the new lady liberty amphibious vehicle, they were part of the day's news conference and christening ceremony for lady liberty, before she hits the streets and water, lady liberty will be a
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participant in the veterans day parade next month. ññ
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people got a treat at the
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camden aquarium, they held their job fair, trade groups and contractors were all there, the job seekers brought their resumes and did interviewing here on riverside drive. and the new atlantic city contact center is open and ready for business, net cast bpo services owns this call center that will be hiring new jobs by 2016, and that number could grow to 1,000 jobs by 2018. special honors today for a philadelphia man that has dedicated his life to helping others. cummings was recognized for his years of service, he was remembered with a special proclamation, coming to spend more than 35 years to improve the lives of philadelphians, at one point, he was the executive director of the housing
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time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board, meteorologist, cecily tynan, has a look at the airport behind you? >> yes it is. >> i want to go somewhere.
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>> maybe jamaica or something. if you want to fly out someplace though, philadelphia international airport looking a lot better today than yesterday, some clouds upstairs and some breaks in the clouds as well. dry conditions of course yesterday we were getting some rounds of heavy rain and as expected 1 to 2 inches of rain in general and more in the poconos and 4 inches in the poconos, philadelphia 1.17 and wilmington 1.36 and the shore missing out on the heaviest rain in atlantic city. .6 inches of rain. temperatures now are beginning to drop down, and we reached a high today, 73 degrees, allentown 62 now and millville 69 and trenton 66, the average high for this time of year is low 60s, winds 17 miles per hour in philadelphia and 10 in millville and we'll get winds
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out of the northwest overnight and that will bring down much cooler air, satellite 6 along with action radar showing the rain moved out overnight and a secondary cold front is pushing through and that is bringing clouds and once it clears, we get the winds out of the northwest and tomorrow is noticeably cooler and you may want to close the windows you opened up today and clearing skies tonight and much cooler, 74 in philadelphia and allentown 38 and millville 38 and trenton 43, and wilmington 42 degrees, tomorrow at 11:00 lots of sunshine, temperatures struggle to climb up into the low 50s and by the afternoon we are close to 60 degrees, some areas could stay in the 50s, and you'll definitely want a jacket tomorrow. you'll want to keep the jacket on on saturday. a good amount of sunshine and 60 degrees, 76ers home opener tomorrow and tomorrow is halloween and the rock 'n roll
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half marathon and start the day with sun and increasing clouds. you definitely want the kids to put on layers under their costumes or a jacket for trick or treating or bundle up for the temple notre dame game and fall back one hour as daylight savings times ends. bridge run in the morning, looking good, 67 degrees, rain south of philadelphia, 66 and tuesday look at this, shorts weather rick, 71 degrees and loads of sunshine on the way, break out the shorts. >> hello november. we like that. much more to come in the next half hour off "action news" at 5:00. new video just released by texas authorities shows the moments when dozens of bikers opened fire on each other at a popular bar and a major shift in policy for one of the biggest countries in the world, what it means for
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families wanting a family. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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"action news" continues with adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. terror on the tarmac of a florida airport when a plane full of passengers suddenly catched on fire, we'll have more on what happened. a delaware woman is on edge after a young woman is sexually assaulted in broad daylight. and three years to the day since superstorm sandy, still people are not home what one senator told colleagues today. ft. lauderdale airport is reopen after a plane caught fire trying to take off. the boeing 757 sparked sending smoke in the air and dozens of passengers on board had to use emergency slides to get to safety and some had to go to the hospital. we have more now. >> engines on fire!
5:31 pm
>> call the fire truck! >> reporter: those dramatic moments, a pilot on the runway raid owing for help as flames shoot from the engine of a 757 with passengers on board, catching fire during takeoff from ft. lauderdale to venezuela. huge plumes of black smoke billowing from the plane and seen for miles, more than 100 people were on board, video reveals that the plane was leaking fuel moments before the engine caught fire. >> the left engine looks like it is leaking, fuel or liquid out of the left engine. >> you copy? >> yes, sir we copy. >> fire crews rushing to the scene and extinguishing the flames and passengers forcing to evacuate using the emergency slide, upwards of 20 injures and at least 20 people taken to
5:32 pm
broward medical center. >> we are handlele them as they come. >> and now an ntsb team is on the way to ft. lauderdale to investigate. a shooting that happened in may off camera between two motorcycle clubs, you can see some running for cover and others draw their weapons and a biker is seen firing a shot towards the parking lot and nine people were killed in the shooting and nobody was charged 177 people are under arrest. 170 people are under arrest and they are mostly charged with organized criminal activity. a man accused of sexually abusing a younger classmate, he was facing up to 11 years in prison, earlier this year they
5:33 pm
found him guilty of luring a 15-year-old girl to a sexual encounter at the prestigious st. paul school, he was 18 at the time. and his attorneys argue that the encounter was consensual. >> and world news with david muir will have more on the tarmac fire and the biker brawl. in other news tonight, a 19-year-old woman was attacked in wilmington. it happened at 12:30 in the afternoon at washington street yesterday s. the victim told police that a man grabbed her and forced her into an alley and attacked her and ran off. if you have information about this sexual assault, detectives want to hear from you. a head-on collision sent three people to the hospital, this is the scene along 129 near cass
5:34 pm
street, one car lost control and crossed over into the on coming traffic and into two other vehicles, it's not clear if slick road conditions played a part in the collision. >> a 42-year-old man is recovering after being hit by a bus in the west oak lane section. this is east pleasant avenue, and michigan avenue, the bus was making a turn when the man was struck and he was stuck underneath for a short time, he was taken to einstein medical center in stable condition. wilmington police say they have arrested the gunman wanted for shooting a little girl earlier this month, this is 31 corey henry, investigators say he is responsible for spraying bullets on the 800 block of bennett street, one bullet struck the 6-year-old in the knee, over the course of the next few weeks, police were able to link henry to the crime and the newcastle man was picked up
5:35 pm
last night and he is facing a number of felony charges. today marks three years since superstorm sandy devastated parts of the new jersey coast and folks that have not been abe to return home continued their protest out of the state house today. they have camped out since tuesday to bring attention to the problems homeowners are still facing and they say government red tape left them out in the cold. senator mennen -- and our coverage of sandy's ongoing impact continues at, we have stories of people that are still waiting for life to return to normal and photos of the damage left behind by the storm and photos after we got our first look at sandy's
5:36 pm
aftermath. it's day 21 of no budget. democrat margo davidson and philadelphian, gathered a group of faith leaders in upper darby, davidson wants a budget that fully funds human services and education. >> providers can not go six months without payment and children are suffering, and we cannot continue, we cannot continue down this path. >> lawmakers are on a break until november ninth, davidson say that she and others are willing to stay in harrisburg until the budget is done. city officials host a senior fair today in north philadelphia, hundreds of seniors interped out at the septemberer to learn more about social services, dozens of providers and agencies were there to hand out information and answer questions. representatives from jefferson,
5:37 pm
temple and penn were there as well. heavy rains overnight and this morning caused flooding in areas, one driver in delaware learned the hard way, this red care got stuck in several feet of water in delaware, you see warning signs however drivers often disregard the signs and try to make it through, it didn't work for this driver who was able to walk to dry land. >> fortunately. time for an update on the highways on a thursday night now. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> he or she is from new york because if she was from here she would know better. everything is dry, that is good news, but still jammed nonetheless in both directions and heavy eastbound with the crash on broad street now on the shoulder, 95 no relief, a
5:38 pm
parking lot at bridge street with the broken down truck and if are you headed to the flyers game, you'll find delays there as well. speaking of sports don't forget because of the football preparations, the espn coverage in old city, market street is closed until sunday afternoon between 5th and 6th. expect congestion in old city. the water main break in evesham along 70 past croftwell road by the advanced auto parts and it's buggy bath car wash, a crash at 49 broadway near dunn lane and if you ride the septa trolley routes 10 and 15 you'll be on the buses tonight. a major policy shift for one of the largest countries in the world and it changes millions of families. >> the excitement is building as espn sets up shop for saturday's
5:39 pm
monster mash-up for temple and notre dame. we are live with that. >> and extremely mild day along the east coast, boston 75 and philadelphia 72 and much colder air will temporarily push in. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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china is doing away with decades old one child policy, the policy was instituted in the 70s, now chinese couples will be allowed to have two children. chinese officials say it's a proactive responsible for an aging population, the city of beijing could be home to 400 million people by 2020. williams lost his mother to breast cancer, so to honor her and other sufferers, he customized his eye black to say fine the cure. can you see it? he has been doing it for years but the league just issued him a
5:43 pm
uniform violation fine and he requested the right to wear pink accessories on his uniform and was denied that by the league, the league says it's not about the eye black as long as it is provided by the league and williams' wasn't. the temple owls get ready for the showdown against the fighting irish, jaime apody is here you'll be there at the game. in a costume or mask. >> it's scary too. it's time to really start to get excited. preparations are underway to turn the mall into the college football center of the nation on saturday, that is where we find jeff skversky, 50 hours from kickoff, temple-notre dame, we are getting ready and so is espn. >> too bad ben franklin
5:44 pm
condition be here to see the electricity, independence mall will be rocking saturday morning as temple sends over 40 buses full of studentses and they will be going nights screaming behind me. espn game day college football broadcast, take a look college game day rolling into town today, setting up shop with the backdrop independence hall and the liberty bell, they broadcast 9:00 a.m. until noon and temple and notre dame play later at 8:00 here on 6 abc. don't expect analysts lee corso to be putting on the temple owl uniform, not many are picking temple to upset the notre dame irish. but temple has been hearing this all season long. >> we are excited for us, we have good player as well. a chance to go out and play against the best, our message
5:45 pm
doesn't change and our plan doesn't change, we are excited to have such a good team here. >> we love being the underdog and having the chip on our shoulder, it makes us play harder and do what we have been doing all year, don't change anything and don't try to believe in the hype or play to the hype, play the same way we are playing all year. >> reporter: temple trying to stay even keeled, 21st rank and undefeated temple taking on ninth ranked notre dame. the owls on abc for a national prime time game for the first time ever. what a day it will be for temple students, they will be here saturday morning for espn's college game day and going through it's night at the linc to cheer on their temple owls. >> got to bring your signs jeff. for game day. the flyers are getting set to host the devils tonight and
5:46 pm
vinny cavalier will make his debut and brett brown busy drawing up plans for the sixers homeowner against the jazz. last night they didn't win in boston but got an impressive debut from jahlil okafor, he got his first five shots and made all six of his free throws and coach brown says that makes him sleep better. it's comfortable when i can see what can be, you really can see what can be, on a few fronts, first he is good, and he and nerlins can co-exist. especially when those that books come back that can shoot. he is a saint joe's lifer and they announced an extension for joe martelli, he has been there 20 years.
5:47 pm
the world series traveling to new york for game three tomorrow night and the royals took a commanding 2-0 lead. and how about johnny quato, he a pitched a complete game two hits. the royals lead it 2-0. >> the royals were in the world series last year. a silly spooky halloween classic is kicking off prime time on 6 abc, everybody's favorite group of friends are back, the great pumpkin charlie brown and then "scandal" at 9:00. >> we can't say her name. i can't listen, we can't even discuss her. >> we didn't call her here to talk about the investigation, we called you here to discuss a
5:48 pm
wedding. >> looks like fitz and olivia are getting hitches or are they? what is cyrus cooking up. >> what you have done to mr. millstone and tampering investigation, i make one phone call and they make you out as a overzellous prosecutors. an all now "how to get away with murder" at 10:00 and she takes on a new klein client. something mere for everyone here, the halloween classic, the great pumpkin charlie brown and then an all new scandal, and how to get away with murder at 10:00-and then "action news" at 11:00.
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nice day today as promised lets see what tomorrow has in store, sunshine and a lot cooler than today. if you don't like the little chill in the air you won't like tomorrow but sunny, i don't want
5:52 pm
complains rick. >> okay no complaintses from me. >> we had a decent amount of cloud cover this afternoon as a secondary cold front passed through came through dry and no showers but is bringing a wind shift and that will really drop the temperature but it could be a whole lot worse, this is what you could have complained about, four years ago today in 2011, we had the massive snow storm especially north and west of philadelphia, in jenson, pennsylvania, and buck county where they picked up a foot of snow in buck county on this date four years ago, and kimberly sent me in this picture of her and her family, and you can see the trees back then had their leaves on them much like this year, and quite the surprise in philadelphia, we picked up an inch on average depending on what parts of city you lived four years ago today. today a complete flip opposite,
5:53 pm
73 for your high and normal 62 and the low 63 this morning and the normal being 44 degrees and the record was 30 set in 1965, the numbers are dropping to the west, 62 in lancaster and 50s in the poconos and warmer to the east, mid to upper 60s to around 70 in atlantic city. and that number will tumble overnight tonight. second front again passing through and you can see the healthy amount of cloud cover out there now and the clouds fall apart once the sunsets and the sky is turning clear and much cooler and 38 in the suburbs to 48 degrees for center city and then fresh high pressure comes in from the west here on friday, and it's back to reality, close to the average at 60 degrees tomorrow, at least there is wall-to-wall sunshine, and still a bit on the breezy side, with the winds out of the northwest, and the coolest day of the next seven is on saturday
5:54 pm
at halloween, 58 for the high temperature and clouds entering in the afternoon and evening and no precipitation for any of the trick or treaters with temperatures in the low 50s, also on saturday, a big game at the linc with temple, and 53 for the kickoff and fourth quarter your temperature at 50 exactly. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 60 and cooler tomorrow and then we bring it down a couple more degrees on halloween with clouds increasing in the afternoon and reminder to turn the clocks back and change the batteries in your smoke detectors and clouds and sun on sunday a storm to the south and beyond that tuesday, wednesday into thursday, here we go, with the 70s making a come back for three straight days in a row. 14 degrees above normal. next week. >> we like that. nothing to complain about here.
5:55 pm
that is true. quick break, more news when we come back. stay with us. with cancer, early detection can mean life or death. so, when chris brown and will pauls would recklessly deny access to basic health services like mammograms and annual exams, it makes a real difference in women's lives. chris brown voted against funding for cancer screenings. and will pauls opposed funding for clinics that provide access to mammograms - life-saving procedures women rely on. chris brown and will pauls: a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford.
5:56 pm
for district attorney in montgomery county... kevin steele, first assistant d.a. with a 98% conviction rate and tough sentences for sexual predators. or bruce castor, a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said, "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." many more victims came forward, and castor admitted he could have used their testimony against cosby but castor didn't even try. bruce castor was not looking out
5:57 pm
for the victims. temple university's biggest football game in years is just hours away season some places tasting victory literally. one pizzeria is making custom pies for fans. the italian pizzeria in collegeville made a special pie with a crafted logo made out of cheese, and one for notre dame fans we don't think it will be as popular but -- >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories next at 6:00. jerry sandusky goes back to court for an appeal hearing, the new twist that could lead to having his conviction overturned. and homeowners still struggling to get back in their homes after
5:58 pm
superstorm sandy hit the jersey shore. now for meteorologist, cecily tynan, monica malpass and the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams, have a good night. ññ party on, people. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is 1! celebrate when you buy one get one at half price off the entire store. blinds. shades. sunscreens. the entire store! 'cause the older we get, the more you save. that's just how we roll. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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oddly jed attorney general, kathleen kane put out this press release about judges in certain cases including sandusky and judge cleland ordered kane to present her facts to him and sandusky's lawyer. the lawyer t


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