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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the officer took off -- excuse me the suspect took off in a car. now, an unmarked vehicle saw the suspect parking a little while later. they approached that suspect but then he took off. police in two vehicles took chase as well as some officers on foot. and when they caught up with that officer, a struggle -- with that suspect, a struggle ensued. onto the street and that's when a police cruiser struck an officer in the leg. here is the police police department telling us a little bit more about what set off this chase. >> a male get out of his car. he goes up top a vehicle parked along the curb line, strikes the vehicle with a baseball bat breaking the passenger window and the windshield. officers go to stop the male. he jumps back into his car for a short distance around the area, he flees. >> reporter: and we're told he was then caught. the suspect is in custody. he is charged with reckless
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endangerment of an officer and vandalism. as for that officer he complained of some ankle and leg pain. he is here at the hospital being treated. we're told again he is in stable condition. we are live at penn presbyterian, jeff chirico, channel6 "action news." brian, shah are re. >> jeff thanks. we'll update throughout the newscast its a jam packed weekend in the delaware and lehigh valleys. whether you're heading to the temple game or trick-or-treating in your neighborhood odds are you'll be outside. >> let's get right to the accuweather forecast and go outside to meteorologist adam joe's. it's going to feel like fall out there this weekend. >> yeah, and feels like fall out here right now, kind of a back to reality feeling for the and of the week especially after the last couple days. take a look at the numbers. 72 wednesday, 72 yesterday and today so far the present temperature is 60 degrees in philadelphia with most of the suburbs only in the 50's this afternoon. dipping below that normal of 62 by a can you be couple of degrees and in fact take a look at that 24-hour change.
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7 degrees cooler than this time yesterday in the lehigh valley, 10 degrees cooler in philadelphia, 12 for millville wildwood and the same for the atlantic city airport. high pressure is to the west and that's been driving in a northerly wind today and that's what is responsible for the drop in temperature and we saw a little ribbon of clouds pass through late morninglily afternoon but now that sunshine in control and will remain in control as we get up first thing tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock, mostly sunny but there you can see the winds still draining out of the northerly direction so it stays on the cool side. then as we get into the afternoon hours, some high clouds will begin to push in and the clouds will take over as we get into the evening hours but not looking at any precipitation late saturday or sunday. so on halloween evening a lot going on. temple game and of course trick-or-treating. just expect a lot of clouds but it will be dry but temperatures for both of those particular events in the low 50's. when i come back we'll talk about the second half of the weekend and a return of the
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70's. we'll let you know when that arrives coming up in accuweather in just a little bit. brian. >> adam see you shortly. thank you. it is going to feel like football weather out there when temple takes the field for the biggest owls matchup pretty much anyone were remember. we're a little more than 24 hours away from kickoff but fans have already been buzzing around campus. they're also swarming the espn college game day set at independence mall and that's where we find "action news"'s eva pilgrim continuing our live coverage. hi, eva. >> reporter: hey, brian, yeah, espn broadcasting from independence mall this morning. i just want to show you that's why market street is shut down here between sixth, fifth and sixth streets. 16 hours 20 plus seconds to go until game day. the excitement is building as the home team the undefeated temple owls take on the fighting irish of notre dame. >> t for temple u, university
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fight, fight, foo it. >> reporter: it's what everyone is talking about today on temple's campus. >> we're going to hit them hard. >> we're going to come in hot, going to hit them low, hit them high, get right in their faces win that ball game. >> people are psyched. it will be a great time. >> alumni coming. they're supportive and excited. >> reporter: the rush for temple gear crashed the school's web site. the bookstore is a place to go. >> looking for pants to keep me warm. >> alumni graduate 1988. came back 'cause i'm excited about the game. >> reporter: these students are trying to make the most of temple's game day appearance. figuring out a top sign has been a top priority for many. the goal to get their sign on tv. >> pretty much try and stand out done something a little different be on the. v. >> reporter: the graphic design center in the student center offered a major sale to make sure the signs look good. >> it's just been super busy, super long hours, super stick
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can he with all the glue. ever yes one is excited to talk about their signs and we get a lot of do you get the jokes. >> reporter: it's not just temple fans who are excited for this game and temple success. >> who would have thought it would be the season that temple would help outer loop schedule for the end of the year but let's go irish. >> reporter: got to play the game though to see who wins wins. the buses will start rolling out of temple's campus at 4:45 in the morning to make sure the students are here in place to show their pride for game day. of course they also have to see what lee cours lee decides s prediction. >> we know you'll have live coverage tomorrow morning. if you're going to be on the crowd during college game day we want you to join the action. send us your pictures and videos from independence mall. all of us cheer on the temple owls. use the #6abcaction on social
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media. you can watch the owls take on the irish right here on 6abc. kickoff at lincoln financial field set for 8 o'clock saturday night. >> u.s. troops are heading to syria to join the fight against isis on the ground. the white house made that official announcement today. fewer than 50 special forces will deploy to northern syria to help work with local troops and coordinate the international effort against the islamic state. they are the first official american boots on the ground in syria. the white house says their role will not be a combat mission and will be more focused on training and advising. sharrie. >> alicia thank i was. from our delaware news room police in new castle trying to track down a stolen bicycle but this wasn't just a petty crime. it turns out the stolen wheels are incredibly important to one local family. "action news" reporter trish hartman, she's live in new castle with their story. trish. >> reporter: well, sharrie,
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police are hoping someone will have information about this stolen bike. they say it was swiped from a home on this block and the victim says no one wants the bike back more than his two kids one of whom has down's syndrome. doug loves going for bike rides with his kids. five-year-old ember and one-year-old declan. >> that one will go go faster. >> reporter: declan has down's syndrome and doug says he loves being outside but the bike rides are on hold for now after police say their bike and baby seat were stolen from their home on keim drive thursday morning. >> the neighbor in the gray house is the one that said she saw the man coming out of her yard with the bike with the baby seat on it. >> yeah, i can get another one but that one was nicely fitted, it pulled the trailer nice and and it's sat that it has to happen. >> reporter: its a moon goose 21 speed mountain blake. it's blue with a neon green cable wrapped around the cross bat.
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it has a gray child seat on the back where declan usually rides. the person who stole it unhooked the trailer from the back before taking off hopping two fences to get away. >> we'll do every investigative means we can to try to locate anybody's property that's stolen but in this case it kind of hit home with us. >> reporter: doug says the theft is unnerving. >> what else are they going to steal? like they got one thing like how -- how secure is the house now? >> reporter: police are looking for anyone who may have surveillance video that may help them with the crime. if you have any information contact new castle county police. we're live in new castle, trish hartman, channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> chris let's hope police get a lead. thank you. after a closure that lasted nearly three decades the manayunk bridge has reopened as a walking and biking trail. the bridge connects lower merion's cynwyd harris trail with main street in manayunk. it's opened to bike and pedestrian traffic only. a crowd gathered to watch mayor michael nutter and other
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officials at a ribbon cutting ceremony today. the majority of the $5.7 million project was paid for with state transportation funds. >> it's been a long time coming. lots of people happy to see that finally happen. >> yeah. >> time for a first check of your "action news" traffic report tonight. >> let's check in with matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. hi, matt. >> speaking of bridges guys i have one that is closed because it's opened. do you follow that, closed to traffic because it's opened for the marine traffic. a ship coming northbound, it's the tacony palmyra bridge in the up position this afternoon. we should be able to see the ship in just a minute kind of rounding the corner coming toward the bridge headed northbound so that means in about 45 minutes to an hour we also expect an opening at the burlington bristol bridge. but at this point head for the betsy ross bridge instead of the tacony palmyra if that's your normal route. this is the schuylkill expressway. we had a crash here at the end of the spring garden on-ramp to the westbound lanes. crash is now gone but travel times are still slow in both directions. that eastbound travel time of an even half hour from the blue route into the vine is
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pretty much exactly double what it ideally should be. on the big picture a crash on 95 as well southbound by cottman off to the side. still slow speeds in the teens in both directions. market street remains blocked by independent mall between fifth and sixth as we get ready for espn college game day tomorrow. that means septa bus routes 17, 33, 44 and 48 remain detoured. those closures and detours lasting until sunday afternoon. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this last week day of october. oh and it's friday, happy friday everybody. in wilmington watching a pothole along dupont parkway, highway northbound side in the middle lane. steer clear of that and we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, on this last week day of october in the next half hour. >> happy friday to you, too. like the sound of that. still ahead it's an international court case against an academy award winner and today a judge made a decision that could bring to it an end. >> the philadelphia film festival comes to an end but
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not before a halloween special that's reunited the cast of horror movie classic. today we caught up with one of the cast members. >> drone six is flying above fairmount park giving as you look at the fall foliage and all the colors of the season there. we'll have more on the peak leaf season coming up in accuweather. >> ♪
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newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity. both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair. prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court
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>> we've got breaking news at this hour. chopper 6hd now flying over chester where chester police are on the scene of a double shooting that happened just before 4 o'clock. we are being told that shots rang out in the area of fifth and franklin streets near the william penn housing development. a police source tells "action news" that the alleged gunman came to this area in a vehicle and shot two men. again, this happening in chester. you can see chopper 6hd over the scene with the police presence. that is happening there. one person has been trance importanted to crozer-chester hospital.
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the second victim we're being told is still on the scene. no reports yet of any suspects or anyone in custody. we will of course keep an eye on this if we get any updates we'll bring them to you throughout our evening newscast. >> academy award winning director polanski will not come back to face charges. he pleaded guilty in 1977 to having sex with a minor. he served 90 days in jail and was set to be sentenced to more time but fled the country the day he was supposed to be in court. the united states has not said whether it plans to appeal today's decision. >> on sunday the philadelphia film festival wraps up but not before a big halloween bash tomorrow. starting in the morning it's a very scary sleepover. wes craven's halloween nightmare at the prince theater an very special and very local guest is here for it. >> never, ever, ever under any
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circumstances say i'll be right back because you won't be back. >> upper darby's own jamie kennedy is in town from the cult classic scream. >> it's nuts it's almost 20 years old and it's like we just made it yesterday and i was very fortunate and it's great halloween, every halloween it comes up, everyone is like scream, scream, scream. >> saturday around 4:00 he'll be here for the screening and for a q and a and when he's home this actor and comedian jumps right back into his routine. >> i just had a cheesesteak, so it's good. i'm going to go have a hoagie, drink a coke and go home. >> also in town haverford college alum ben with his aptly titled film. >> atlantic city. >> the it follows an atlantic city chef through the devastation of hurricane sandy and the rebuilding effort in
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its aftermath together as a community. >> this kid, the chef he can't do it on his only he has to have the whole community come together to help save the restaurant. >> he spent his summers at the shore and shot the film here where it happened and where the recovery continues three years later. >> there are actually some philly locations and anybody that has been down the shore, it's shot in atlantic city, longport margate the whole shebang. >> red carpet screening of where to invade next with director michael moore. details on all the films. it wraps on sunday on and we're abroad sponsors of the festivally. >> pretty good screen face. a warning about a dangerous phenomenon playing out in kitsch cleanse across the country. here's nydia han way preview. >> i couldn't believe what i saw. >> the whole front of the oven exploded out. >> reporter: consumers in the tri-state area and across the country are reporting
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their ovens are exploding. >> it's a safety issue. >> reporter: we investigate tonight on hack a channel6 "actn news" at 11:00. >> time for your accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph is back and of course a lot hang this weekend. >> it's a big weekend and the good thing is we don't have any major weather to speak of. a few clouds here and there. a little on the cool side but that's about it. as we take a look at drone six flying high above over fairmount park taking a look at some of the fall foliage that is peaking across the area. we still see a little mixing there of some green and a great shot of the center city skyline as well. locally here we are at peek to the north and west, the poconos lehigh valley it is half peek at this point and moderate southern new jersey and delaware. give it another week there and you will be seeing it peek in areas like atlantic county, salem county as well as cumberland and cape may county and in closer to dover but again allentown the poconos, you may want to head south if
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you want to see some more in the way of those colors. in fact, this weekend you may want to check it out in french creek state park, nockamixon state park, valley forge national historical park and mercer county park in and around trenton before we kind of lose that color as we go into the upcoming week. temperature-wise it is much cooler than it was yesterday. 50's to the north and west, 57 wilmington, just 58 in millville, 60 for trenton and philadelphia with those northwesterly winds. these numbers a little bit below normal for this time of year. and in fact if you look farther to the north and west, yeah, we're cool at 60 degrees but could you imagine if it was in the upper 40's, which it is right now in pittsburgh, buffalo and binghamton, quite a chill in the air there in addition to a lot of cloud cover because when you have that very cold air this time of year it can be very unstable. so you get that sunshine going to work and it kind of erupts that cloud cover. we saw a little bit of that late this morning but overall the temperatures were warm
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enough here that the sunshine took control this afternoon. all right, we have our game of the week for high school huddle, the panthers at the speed boys, mostly clear, northwest wind five to 10 miles per hour. it's a big game because whoever wins tonight at this particular game they're going the take their top seat for their particular conference, so 54 degrees at 6:30 and by 9:30 your temperature dipping to around 49. future tracker tomorrow morning, lots of sunshine but on the chilly side. low to mid 40's and then as we get into the afternoon you're going to notice clouds increasing from the south and west and temperatures will be a little cooler than today with numbers like 54 for allentown, 57 for philadelphia and even only mid to upper 50's south of the city. that trick-or-treat forecast, it's going to be rather cloudy with a very light wind so the very little ones you may want to put a couple layers on under the costume. 54 december at 6 o'clock. by 9 o'clock that temperature sliding only 3 degrees to around 51. your four day at 4:00 forecast
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a fall chill in the air tomorrow 58 with clouds increasing in the afternoon. a reminder to turn the clocks back an hour son. sun and clouds. more in the way of sun deeper into the day at 67 degrees but that sun setting on sunday evening before 5 o'clock and then on monday, we're going to watch a system to the south may brush areas like dover and atlantic city with some rain at 66 degrees and tuesday sunny and warmer as you go back to 71 for the first week of november and if you want a string of 70's, i can give it to you guys in that seven day in the next half hour. >> all right. november, 70's. we like it. >> thanks, adam. still ahead, it's a special halloween edition of freebie friday. >> plus, chaka fattah jr. calls another high profile witness at his trial. we have details on former mayor john street's testimony coming up at 4:30. >> and how old is too old to trick-or-treat? we'll tell was some seniors think when they think it's time to hack
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up those candy bags coming up in big talkers. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> from our delaware news room state police say they busted a marijuana grow house in magnolia kent county. they gave us a picture from inside the home on covenant lane showing one of two rooms where they say the owner grew pot. that owner, 54-year-old bruce hufnal is free on bail after his arrest yesterday. police say they also took 12 plants and a pound and a half of packaged marijuana. >> three tow trucks burn this morning in the overbrook section of philadelphia. now investigators are trying to figure out if someone purposely set them on fire. the action cam was there around 3:30 this morning on lancaster avenue near 61st street. firefighters say two of the trucks were completely on fire when they arrived. a third truck was also damaged by the flames. the trucks were parked on a lot at the back to new auto body shop. the fire marshal is investigating.
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>> camden firefighters help answer some burning questions about safety today. the action cam was at the salvation army center on harrison avenue this morning ah as firefighters wrapped up their annual fire prevention awareness campaign. this year's observance featured four days of events that included tours of fire department equipment like this plus tips and information about preventing and extinguishing fires. >> how about being a mermaid this halloween? a group of divers has it covered. the wiki watchy per mades from florida are swimming with the fish at adventure ache aquarium in camden. the professional swimmers greeted the family with a smile all while costumed as mermaids. they'll be performing on select days through november 8th. >> super heroes and princesses filled the hallways of holy child academy in drexel hill. students had a chance to show off their halloween costumes during a parade through the building. the teachers, though, they got into the spirit and had a bit of their own fun giving a show
4:27 pm
in the gymnasium. >> looking good. >> and having fun. >> yeah. >> still ahead, another former philadelphia mayor takes the the stand to defend the son of congressman chaka fattah. what john street told us about his testimony. >> plus, new details lead to new questions about the people in three-year-old brendan creato's life. why police are investigating two social media accounts linked to the toddler found dead earlier this month. >> ♪
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>> and brian taff. >> hello again. 4:30 now on "action news" continues with a delicious edition of freebie friday where you can get free frozen custard, doughnuts, taco bell and, yes, more. >> there is more where that came from. plus, is 16 too old to go trick-or-treating? how about 14? well, according to a new survey, many americans actually think kids should hang up the candy bucket at 12. we'll tell you who those researchers polled and why it matters ahead. >> and they said they stunted her growth to expand her world but many argue this family is playing god with their disabled daughter. what made them decide to prevent her from hitting puberty by removing her womb. >> first at 4:30 it has been nearly three weeks since three-year-old brendan creato was found dead near his father's camden county home. yet 17 days later, we still
4:30 pm
don't know if his death was a tragic accident or something more sinister. we are, however, learning new details about some of the people in his life. including what could be a bizarre coincidence involving the boy's aunt. "action news" reporter david henry is live in haddon township to explain this all. david. >> reporter: yeah, sharrie, you could call it an eerie fictional foreshadowing of the stark reality that actually happened here. it has been two and a half weeks since brendan creato disappeared from his father's apartment here and the mystery is even more perplexing with some disturbing posting on social media. >> upsetting. it's disturbing i've been thinking about it all the time. >> reporter: parents and their children gathered for the halloween parade at edison elementary today. the unexplained death of three-year-old brendan creato has put a real scare in many. >> lot of people are worried that there's somebody lurking out there, yeah. >> reporter: is it changing
4:31 pm
how you're going to approach halloween at all? >> no, 'cause i'm always right by my daughter. >> reporter: brendan's father dj creato told police the boy disappeared while he was sleeping. three hours later, his body was found in a wooded area a half a mile away. the coroner is waiting for lab results before determining how the boy died. in the meantime investigators say they're aware of a social media posting by creato's girlfriend. she allegedly writes that she may be facing charges in connection with a murder investigation and that creato is in more trouble than she is. creato's lawyer richard says she's just being a dramatic young lady and he doesn't put much stock in what 17-year-olds post on social media. investigators are also aware of a video creato's sister posted on youtube last 82er that features brendan in a fake movie trailer about a child that goes missing is that later found dead. he describes it as an eerie coincidence and nothing more. it's all very unsettling for
4:32 pm
parents and grandparents in the area. >> i mean, everyone is upset because it's still a mystery but hopefully it is not a stranger lurking around and so very sad. >> reporter: creato's lawyer says he's as anxious as anyone else to find out what happened to his son. the prosecutor in the meantime has said no one has been ruled out as a suspect if foul play was involved. live in haddon township, david henry, channel6 "action news. brian. >> all right, david, thanks very much. for the second day in a row now a former philadelphia mayor took the stand in the trial of chaka fattah jr. john street emerged after briefly testifying about his business relationship with the son of long time philadelphia congressman. fattah jr. is charged with bank and tax fraud is that representing himself against the charges. today street spoke in broad terms about fattah's role as a photographer in his mayoral
4:33 pm
campaign. >> nobody ever complained. i mean, i was really busy. i wasn't supervising or micro managing him. i just, you know, i was doing what i did and he took a lot of pictures. >> now, yesterday former mayor and pennsylvania governor ed rendell also testified. fattah jr. claims he's being targeted by rogue fbi agents determined to end his father's career. meanwhile congressman fattah is also facing separate corruption charges. atlantic city's former revel casino is in more financial trouble today. bank of new york mellon says owner glen straub owes them $1 million in unpaid electric bills. straub has been trying to reopen the property as polo north country club since buying it in april but he has not been able to strike a deal with the building's sole employer of power and water which cut off all electricity that's not needed for fire safety. straub's lawyer says they will pay once the company shows just how much polo north actually used.
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>> a local businessman is giving back to a place that lead him down the path of success. lance back plan is the founder of the digital marketing agency. today returned to the glen mills school in delaware county where he was once a student. he gifted the juvenile facility with 20 new computers and established a student scholarship. bachman credits the school with teaching him positive habits that turned his life around. attorneys in new jersey gave out free legal advice today. members of the burlington county bar association set up in two different locations and opened their doors. the free legal information and in some cases free services were all part of an event called a day of service. >> students and teachers played dressup in elkins park today. the costumes were both fun and creative here at mckinley elementary's annual halloween parade. we loved all of them.
4:35 pm
one stood out a little bit more than the rest. recognize that. a mini me version of meteorologist adam joseph carrying his 6abc microphone and the accuweather forecast. you got to love that little guy. great. >> great idea. he's so cute. >> i'm flattered the he wants to be a meteorologist but you know what i love the most about you that. >> what's that. >> he never took his eyes off the camera. you notice as he's walking away. >> exactly like adam. >> he's been watching you then adam. [laughter] >> all the kids look great today. >> and they were outside. >> if you have clothes and a costume on top of it perfect weather for it. as we take a look at the numbers in philadelphia right now on the ben franklin bridge, a beautiful shot there from sky6, 60 degrees the temperature. the dewpoint at 35. winds out of the west-northwest at 14 miles an hour. and the temperatures across the country are taking a little bit of a dip from yesterday in the 50's across much of the ohio valley, parts of the tennessee valley, the great lakes, the northeast as well as the nation's heartland
4:36 pm
but this is only a temporary little blip of a fall chill before indian summer returns here next week. but for trick-or-treating tomorrow night, mostly cloudy a-light southerly wind your temperature 54 degrees at 6 o'clock and at 9 o'clock, your temperature coming in at 51 degrees. and it's good to know that if i sick day and cecily happens to be on vacation i've got a replacement. >> you've got a backup. >> get that kid on the phone. >> he's ready and waiting. >> ready to go. >> we'll get to the seven day in a little bit. >> adam thanks. >> blood clots in legs can quickly become life-threatening situations but a local doctor's discovery could dramatically change the course of treatment and save lives in the process. "action news" anchor rick williams live in the news room with the life saving details on this. hi, rick. >> that's right, brian, thank you. doctors say smoking pregnancy birth control pulls all raise the risk of a blood clot but for some people a little known condition could also be a factor and that's exactly what happened to this young mother. she's from out of town but ended up getting treatment in
4:37 pm
philadelphia which this. ed her entire outlook on life. coming up on "action news" at 5 o'clock ali gorman explains how a doctor's discovery could help others in similar situations. also coming up tonight chilly temperatures are being linked to car threats in the area. we'll have is story that will make you think twice before warming up your engine. that and much more when we see you at 5 o'clock. sharrie see you later. >> thank you. several local colleges and high schools faced off in a halloween themed contest today. rowan university hosted the 12th annual pumpkin chunkin'. students used homemade catapults to launch five pumpkins at alien targets approximately 100 feet away. the top three alien hunting teams moved on to the championship round for a chance at cash prizes. temple university glassboro high and other schools had a steak in today's contest. youngsters in delaware county not only showed off their costumes this morning,
4:38 pm
take a look, they also showed off their new school. students in the preschool and childcare program at the elwyn development center paraded around in their halloween costumes but they also celebrated the major renovations recently made to the school. the elwyn development center serves children with special needs. >> awesome. love to see how much fun they're having. can watch that all day long. still ahead today we've got an edition of freebie friday that's all treat, no trick. what you need to know to get everything from doughnuts to frozen custard to taco bell free of charge. >> plus, it's an age old halloween question about age. when should a kid stop trick-or-treating? you won't believe how 80 percent of senior citizens answered that question. >> take a look at this picture live from drone six over fairmount park today. foliage in action. the skyline doesn't get prettier than that. more of this when "action news" at 4:00 continues right
4:39 pm
after this.
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>> ♪ >> a building collapse in midtown manhattan killed one construction worker and trapped another for hours today. crews were in the process of demolishing the eight story structure when it partially caved in. it took firefighters more than three hours to rescue that trapped worker. officials say he is in serious condition right now but is expected to recover. investigators are still trying to figure out just what caused that collapse. >> ♪ >> in health check, at 4:00 this weekend we set the clocks back and if that has you feeling a bit down, you're not alone. experts say when we lose daylight in the afternoon, it can trigger seasonal affective disorder also known as saad. >> it's common for folks predisposed start feeling sluggishness sleepiness where they're craving sleep, start
4:42 pm
to crave carbohydrates, maybe gain a little weight, start to feel a little bit more irritable. >> psychologist scott bay says the daylight change causes the brains in some people to produce more melatonin leading to the blue mood. to counter that, get into an exercise program now. moving around helps produce uplifting brain chemicals. a therapy light can also help. about 70 percent of the people who use a light of 10,000 looks for half an hour a day see an improvement in their mood. >> big talkers. big controversy over a new zealand's decision to purposely stunt the growth of their 10-year-old daughter. this is charlie here and she has both mental and physical disabilities. she has since birth. her pants say she is so disabled they call her unabled. she can't speak, she can't walk, she can't see anything beyond light and dark. so they made a very radical
4:43 pm
decision for her future. a few years ago they started hormone therapy to stop her from growing past her current height and weight. charlie's mother says she has no regrets and that this decision was about the quality of life for her daughter. >> i feel like we've proven certainly to the medical field and to other families with very severe children that there is hope with this treatment. >> their decision which also involves giving the young girl a hysterectomy did not come without a fight and it didn't come without controversy again with many including doctors questioning the ethics behind that decision. all right. you're going to hear these words a lot tomorrow. trick-or-treat. the three little words you hear from the little ones who come knocking on halloween decked out in costumes. the big question, how old is too old to head around the neighborhood in treats. when should the kids be retiring those candy buckets?
4:44 pm
certainly depends who you ask because the aarp asked about 500 retired americans. all 50 and older and they all agreed, kids should quit trick-or-treat when did you go they turn 12. you know, actually nearly 80 percent of them said really it should be 10 years old. some thought it's okay for kids to go around in costume until they're 16. in the end they settled on 12 being the appropriate age. you should know in some towns across america there are enforced rules that ban trick-or-treating after the age of 12 but some say you know what, you are never too old to get in the spirit. i say just as long as you have a costume you can get candy, that mew rule. finally were love it when viral videos of this magnitude and power spread like wildfire social media. video of two teens feeding the homeless in los angeles is warming hearts with each and every click. >> ♪
4:45 pm
18-year-old lance stuart from franklinville, new jersey and his friend and aiden kolansky went into a mcdonald's and ordered 100 sandwich. the two teens then gave away each and every one of those sandwiches all 100 to homeless people around the city. some they gave to smiling thankful people. others they just left beside those who were get something rest for a little while. and when they ran out, they bought more at a nearby drugstore. this video has more than 12 million views and it's just so beautiful to watch because some of the people were sleeping so i guess when they woke up they had a little surprise next to them. the teens said they hope this inspires others to spread kindness. you can watch the whole thing on >> alicia thanks very much. friday evening in time -- and time for another check other drive home tonight. >> matt pelman keeping an eye on the roads and a lot of cars behind you there.
4:46 pm
>> yeah, no shortage of them, that's for sure. as we look live sharrie and brian at i-95 close to allegheny avenue, it is friday afternoon after all which we're thankful about but that always means a lot of traffic on the roadways and a lot of sun glare out there this afternoon as well. so, that's slowing people down even more. northbound backing up from this point at allegheny up to cottman, southbound backing down headed towards center city. we had a broken down vehicle by girard but that's cleared out. also have a crash that we're watching in lower merion along old lancaster road at elliott avenue there by the kobe spa. in olde city market street is still blocked by independence mall as we get ready for the big game day tomorrow so arch, race, chestnut walnut all alternates. congestion along airy street at church. we had a downed pole in camden county on the ramp from 42 northbound to 51. they got that cleared out so now in south jersey it's just the normal afternoon delays like on 55 northbound and 295 southbound where speeds are in the teens.
4:47 pm
time for a bridge check. here's our good buddy ben, the ben franklin bridge. some slowing on the downside into eighth and vine as you come into center city. and the burlington bristol bridge triple b getting set for an opening for a northbound ship coming up in just about 10 minutes so you want to start heading for that turnpike connector bridge instead and brian and sharrie look at the beautiful leaves as we look live from northeast philadelphia into burlington county. we'll check it again at 5 o'clock. >> great fall day. >> we saw that from drone six as well. beautiful out there today. thank you my friend. meteorologist adam joseph back with that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next. >> ♪ for the general assembly, will pauls and chris brown claim
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they're for us, but we know how to spot a sleight of hand. they're bankrolled by groups funded by north jersey casino backers. and you know what that means - north jersey casino bigwigs can count on them. but can we? it's a dirty trick. north jersey casinos would take our casinos, and our jobs, and ruin our economy. will pauls and chris brown. when the chips are down, we can't trust them to stand up against north jersey casinos. >> ♪ >> all right meteorologist adam joseph with that all important halloween and temple game forecast and it looks like mother nature going to cooperate. >> a little on the cool side to start the weekend but it's
4:50 pm
dry for both of those particular events. looking good here no complaints as we go into the upcoming weekend. as we take a live look at drone six flying above in fairmount park, you could see just a couple of pops of light in the sky there, deep blue sky and the fall foliage peaking over the delaware valley this week. on the left-hand side screen you can see the schuylkill river a beautiful view from drone six. double scan live radar not finding any precipitation area wide. we did have a blanket of clouds that passed through late in the morning early in the afternoon but that has fallen apart and now the sunshine in control. but it's a lot cooler than yesterday. 57 allentown, 60 trenton, the same for philadelphia. the rest of the region in the 50's and even in the 40's in the poconos. definitely feels cool but this is a little closer to normal for this time of year, not what he experienced yesterday. as we look at satellite and radar.
4:51 pm
the coldest of the air is sitting and it kind of interacts with that sunshine this time of year and it bubbles up that cloud cover. but for tonight lots of stars upstairs, really no clouds whatsoever. a quick drop in temperature. 30 degrees in the suburbs to 40 degrees for center city. then high pressure will be close by tomorrow. that means a calm are wind than the breeze we saw today. sunshine to start. then the high breaks down so high clouds will filter in during the afternoon, 58 degrees then any precipitation stays over the great lakes and the northern ohio valley. again, 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night at the linc we've got temple-notre dame and lots of clouds. a southerly wind three to 6 miles an hour. your kickoff 42 '52 degrees and by the fourth quarter the temperature coming in at 49. also before you go to bed on saturday night, remind yourself to flip those clocks back on hourly we gain an hour of sleep. well, if you don't have little kids like brian and i because the kids will get up at 5:00 instead of 6:0 6:00.
4:52 pm
daylight saving time ends. sun setting on sunday at 4:59 p.m. on sunday itself -- little depressing. 67, a little warmer on sunday. there could be a spotty shower north and west way fron west. there could be rain to parts of philadelphia, especially south of philadelphia on monday. a fall chill for your halloween, temp in the low 50's for trick-or-treating and then sun and clouds on sunday, 67. we'll watch that southern system on monday of 66 degrees and then take a look at this. tuesday sunny, warmer, 71. the splendid 70's continue wednesday, thursday, 73 degrees. and a true indian summer stretch on friday with highs in the 70's for most of next week. so, really nothing to complain about on that seven-day forecast. >> not even a little bit. >> uh-uh. >> i mean the sun setting early. >> losing daylight, yeah.
4:53 pm
>> but if you don't have kids you goat gain an hour sleep. >> there you go. >> lucky. >> i'm going to call you at 5:00 a.m. >> hey, what's up. >> freebie friday is coming up next. >> want to babysit? >> babysit?
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
>> it's freebie friday. yum, yum, yum, all treats for you no, tricks for this very delicious hallow weekend coming up tomorrow and sunday. head to shake shack in costume and you'll get a free scoop of creamy frozen custard. now, while you are wearing your halloween costume, head to krispy kreme tomorrow and get a free doughnut. those little monster ones are also included and those are pretty cute. for the kids ihop giving away free scary face pancakes ages 12 and under get one. that's happening today hurry up and get there until
4:56 pm
10 o'clock tonight. pancakes yummy faces made up with all kinds of candy. that's pretty cool. next thursday november 5th get a free am crunch wrap at taco bell. they're offering it in honor of the first player to steal a base in the world series. that was lorenzo cane in game one. it's happening from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. next thursday. and finally, comic book stores celebrating halloween with free comic set. details on all of them on happy halloween you guys. >> happy halloween. alicia thank you. finally at 4:00 you've probably heard the phrase monkey see monkey do before but have you heard baby see baby do. take a look. >> (howling). [laughter] >> dad larry wood says his labs constantly get into howling contests noisily duking it out for canine
4:57 pm
supreme macy but recently he noticed his five month old logan joining in, too. though the dogs may have won the latest howling battle there's a trio howling war that that's far from however. >> that will do it. for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what's ahead at 5 o'clock. hi, guys. >> hi. >> hi. >> allentown police are hoping this video can lead them to more suspects involved in an after school brawl that injured officers in allentown. five students are already facing charges and we are live with that update straight ahead. >> those stories plus your accuweather forecast for the weekend coming up next on "action news" at 5:00. >> ♪ ññ
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4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> cell phone video shows fists flying through the air in a huge after school brawl here in allentown. five students are now facing felony charges and one of them
5:00 pm
caught on camera dragging an officer by the hair on the ground. >> it is friday night and the big story on "action news" is the chaos that broke out involving more than a hundred high school students. four officers were hurt as they tried to break up yesterday's fight and today police are looking for more teenagers who were involved. >> "action news" reporter vernon odom live outside william allen high school with us for thforthe latest. >> reporter: four local police officers have been treater and released from the hospital following yesterday's violence here in the neighborhood surrounding william allen high school where tonight a lot of the students are condemning the rioters. the security level was way up outside allen high dismissal time today. as school and police officials made sure they could preventer a repeat of yesterday's violence. a riot scene where 100 students were caught up in the fighting. four officers were injured including the female officer you see here knocked to


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