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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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thanksgiving day parade steps off on the ben franklin parkway, the 96th edition thousands turned out for a morning filled with music and marching and a guy wearing a red suit. sara bloomquist is off and rick will be along in moments. another 6 abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade in the books, is it started with the harold trumpets and winter goord. ♪ ♪ there is mayor nutter driving in the horse drawn carriage along with his wife and nephews, the nutters have participated in the parades for the last eight years and the balloons were big and colorful and the floats were plentiful, check out this bountiful harvest float, it featured a 10 foot tall turkey. she performed "when you wish
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upon a star" katherine scott was the crowd and we begin with your parade hosts rick williams and cecily tynan, happy thanksgiving to you both and another a-plus performance. >> happy thanksgiving to you, i'll tell you what a fantastic day, the weather could not have been better. i forecasted it would be a picture perfect day. >> he is always doing that, we have been here and it's freezing or raining but the sun is out and it's beautiful. and after 96 years we put on a fantastic parade. >> we had a blast and we want to show you some sights and sounds from the parade. like dr. seuss, mr. potato head and the balloons were exquisite today. because of the skies were so blue. >> the handlers had an easy job taking it down the route. mr. potato head won last year.
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our viewers chose. we had a photo bomb with him. and anna and elsa there, one of many different floats we saw this morning too as they cascaded up and down the ben franklin parkway. >> we had 17 floats and fantastic performances, 34 performances, a lot of people joining the effort and lauren hart singing god bless america, a tribute to carly lloyd. >> she joined us in the booth along with mary murphy, it was a star studded event and we were happy to be a part of it. >> and at the very end the moment that all the kids wait for, this moment when santa and mrs. claus arrived and when up the art museum steps and officially welcoming in the holiday season, i had a lot of fun and rick was dancing in his seat. >> i was dancing and security told me to stop but now we go
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home and we eat. >> and take a nap. >> watch a little football and matt thank you for holding down the fort at the station and happy thanksgiving to you and everyone else for tuning in for this wonderful thanksgiving morning. >> we return to katherine scott, she had a wonderful day along the parade route. >> reporter: what a gorgeous day and the weather it's hard to believe it's thanksgiving we are celebrating, it's so mild out here today and where we are standing is at the end of the parade route, some of the floats are coming by here after they are done and the crowds are starting to break apart and people are heading home to have their turkey after getting a show to kick off the holidays this morning. >> the music, the floats, the balloons, so much to see along a packed ben franklin parkway, for many people here this parade is
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the way to kick off thanksgiving. >> we love it, we love it, first time it has been 20 years, i came as a kid and now i'm bringing my family for the first time and i'm excited to be here. even a scowl from the grinch did not overshadow this day, we spotted trish, sharrie and wendy sending greetings from their float. marching bands came in from all over the country, there is something about being in philadelphia on thanksgiving day. >> have been to germany and paris, all around the world with the military, but philly is my home and i feel the love from philly, if you have never been to the parade you have to come it's an awesome day. >> before the sun came up the balloons with going up at inflation station, it takes about a half hour to inflate each one, strawberry shortcake
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and santa, their handles were happy to be part of the fun. >> it's great to kick off the holiday spirit, everybody is xigted to be in the parade and it's a glowing energy and i am excited to be a part of it again. >> and back here live along eakins oval, the crowds are breaking apart and people are starting to head home, we are talking to people all morning and we are asking people what their favorite part of the parade was. the grinch and santa seem to be favorites, but for many it's taking in the sights and sounds and that doing that with their families. >> thank you. the weather for the parade as you heard was picture perfect and getting even better this afternoon. sky 6 hd taking a live look at the ice rink at penned landing, it's going to be a pool at this rate, meteorologist, david murphy, is outside with an accuweather preview. >> you are right it couldn't
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have worked out better for the parade and starting with satellite this noon, there are high, thin clouds working this way through and we are no worse than partly sunny the rest of the way, and 60 in philadelphia, and still hovering at 52 in allentown and that is not bad, 54 in reading and morning lows around the freezing mark and outlying suburbs in philadelphia dipped down into the upper 30s and generally speaking we are on the rebound. if you are headed out sun and clouds and mild 62 by 1:00 and 63 by 3:00 that is likely going to be our high. travel conditions are not bad no problems getting down from boston and same thing from the south, richmond and baltimore, and the roads between pittsburgh and here are on the dry side. we have no airport delays either, so someone still flying in no problems along the east coast there, there are delays up
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over an hour that developed in denver and there is weather out there. when i step inside we'll look at an even milder forecast for black friday tomorrow matt and changes for the weekend, and a beautiful afternoon to head out and head someplace where someone is cooking good food. >> thanks david. take with you this thanksgiving, it's back to storm tracker 6 radar plus check out the traffic conditions with cameras on area roadways. people started lining up at a popular bakery at 6:00 a.m., to get their thanksgiving turkeys cooked. >> every year they go into the side door right into the kitchen where is the birds are baked in the famous brick oven. the oven was built 60 years ago he came here to continue his talents of baking braid and family and tradition and everybody comes back at 1:00 to
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pick up their perfectly cooked turkey to celebrate with their loved ones. the salvation army treated families to a meal to go. the temple core community center on brown street, several groups pitched in with donations to make the holiday meals possible. now the eagles, they have another opportunity to beat a team down on its luck, but the problem is the eagles are quite down on their luck. jeff skversky is live in detroit at ford field and the eagles have history on their side today. >> reporter: matt, they absolutely do, eagles tackle lane johnson says this team is hungry after getting embarrassed on sunday and they have feasted on their opponents on thanksgiving, 6-0 are the eagles on this day. and they hope to rack up a win against the lions and it will be
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up to mark sanchez, he is the starting quarterback, he tried to give it a go this morning but is still having discomfortable in his left shoulder. so mark sanchez will make his second straight start, trying to make up for the awful game against the bucks on sunday with three interceptions, today against a tough lions team he will try to win his second straight start on thanksgiving, remember what he did against the cowboys last year on the road, hopefully he can duplicate that today. >> we do good stuff scheme wise to get a backup on the big guy and a mismatch there, we need to have our antenna up and understand what looks show that, but then in the back end, they played pretty well and their linebackers and safety and their corners cover well. it's a heck of a defense we'll have a hands full.
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>> reporter: the eagles will have their hands full, the knock against mark sanchez is the turnovers, hopefully he'll have proper profession, he will have jason kelsey and jason peters are still active despite nagging injuries for the eagles, eagles-lions today, at 12:30. for those looking to get a jump start on the holiday shop, we'll tell you which retailers are opening early and when and tragedy this thanksgiving, firefighters say a man had no early warning when a home went up in flames in the philadelphia tioga-nicetown section. and david murphy has the full accuweather forecast. i got it. seven digits-- it's a phone number.
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♪ i can see clearly now the rain is gone ♪ look! an early morning fire claimed a life of a man in tioga-nicetown section but if the home was up to code he may still be alive on this thanksgiving, the fire broke out just after midnight and the crews found the 37-year-old victim on the first floor and he died at the scene and the fire commissioner says there were no working smoke alarms in the house. president obama says
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homeland security officials are working overtime this thanksgiving to keep people safe, he says there is no credible intelligence pointing to an attack on the u.s. but homeland security is taking ever step to keep people safe after the terror attack in paris. thousands of police and counter terrorism officials were on hand this morning guarding the parade route in new york city. thanksgiving is a time for gathering for friends and family but the holidays can be a lonely time, in this week's art of aging, tamala edwards talks about a feast that helps both young and old. >> every first year student at penn's wharton college of business must take on a project. >> we partner with a nonprofit, to plan a project. and this semester students planned up to team up with little brothers friends.
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>> the mission of little brothers is to alleviate isolation and loneliness, they spent the time planning a thanksgiving feast at a low income housing in philadelphia. >> i think it's wonderful. just wonderful. >> for seniors it's welcome company for when loneliness can be strong. >> if i don't have something like this, then i'm in my apartment alone. >> people at that time, the who holidays are crucial, they must see somebody or be with somebody to keep a sound mind. >> and the students build a budget and menu, and it's a pr buzz and to make a difference in someone's day. >> i love it and i come from a very big family and it's a hard time being in college and being away from my family, it's like a slice of home. >> they refer to the little
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brothe brothers clients as old friended. >> people are lonelier when they think they should be around family that they no longer have. >> i have strong family ties and the interaction of people of an older age with experience, it's great to interact with them and an experience you can't read about in books. >> health investigators believe they have found the source of an e. coli outbreak at costco. and the holiday extended forecast, looking good as we take a live look at the ben franklin bridge.
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a number of retailers didn't wait for black friday or thanksgiving dinner to roll out bargains, kmart rolled out at 6:00 a.m. and big lots an hour later. best buy and toys "r" us -- everything shoppers need to know including which stories are open today and when door buster deals begin, we have special offers
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available to our viewers in our "action news" black friday play book. volkswagon is dealing with more fallout as the emissions scandal grows, south korea has fined the automaker $12 million for recalls of 125,000 diesel vehicles thank comes after the government found that their emission tests were rigged as well. this after vw admitted to rigging tests in the u.s. officials at costco believe they have identify the outbreak of e. coli, they think that costco's chicken salad, caused nine people in seven states to fall ill. they were told that the strain of e. coli seems to be connects to an onion and celery mix, and the company uses only one supplier for those vegetables and one additional test is
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needed to confirm the source. we'll go back live to detroit where the eagles will have won or lost or even tied the big thanksgiving day game against the lions. and some movies are creating oscar buzz including one that was filmed in philadelphia.
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(beckett) what's with the stripped cab? (esposito) security guard wondered the same thing. that's when he came across the body. so what do you think? turkey alfresco. >> you could do it actually. i like to eat outside. if you want to take a stroll and grab the family and go for a
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walk or something you are fine doing that. we have sky 6 hd down at penn's landing, nice bright conditions at penn's landing, it didn't hinder anybody. now just high and thin and pretty bright out there, temperatures jumped up to 60 degrees at this noon hour, winds are calm adding to the comfortable feel and as we look at numbers across the region, temperatures in wilmington and trenton, low 50s, what with light winds and sun, all of this is pretty easy to take today, satellite shows there is cloud cover making its way in and how it may fall apart or remain should thin that the sun can get in and it's really falling apart and that stuff to the west is not an issue for us until tonight or overnight. the clouds we are talking about that the clouds are thin enough
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that sunshine gets through. down at the shore thin clouds and high of 62 and winds are on the light side today and philadelphia a high of 63, would not be surprised if we managed 64. that would be fun. winds 5 to 8 miles per hour. and at dawn 45 degrees and not as cool as it has been, and that is good, because a lot of you want to head to the malls tomorrow morning. and 48 by 6:00 a.m., not too shabby, and 58 by 12:00 and 3:00 getting a fair amount of sunshine back in play and we'll be in the low 60s by noon, not too bad, a high tomorrow afternoon of 66 degrees, under high pressure, the afternoon should be mild and fairly sunny, still not expecting it to be super breezy and then on saturday a frontal boundary
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nudges in and there may be drizzle and showers around and as the front gets to the south of the region, even in the afternoon, it's fairly cloudy and still shower and drizzle activity, south of philadelphia, and if the front hangs up, we may be stuck with it for the rest of the day. we have temple and the uconn huskies in town and it's kickoff temperature 53 and 38 for the fourth quarter, go temple they are trying to clinch a spot in the acc championship game. 60 on saturday with the damp start and maybe a damp finish, the second half of the weekend looks cloudy and damp and a few showers around and cooler high of 52 as the front pulls to the south, clearing out on monday and 52 degrees there and back into the clouds on tuesday and wednesday and more sprinkles and showers moving in and these high temperatures moving in for the seven day, are at worst
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seasonable and at best above average. >> all quite acceptable. more to come in the next half hour off "action news" at noon, we are live with shoppers looking for gifts on thanksgiving, the bargain bonanza is coming up and the moments just before the deadly shooting by a police officer in chicago. those stories and more next.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams,
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sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again, i'm matt o'donnell here are the stories we are following on news." ♪ ♪ santa claus is rising in philadelphia, you saw it right here. the 6 abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade just wrapped up and the parade of shoppers are underway, some people are altering meal plans to browse for bargains in stores opening this thanksgiving, david murphy has us covered in the weather department, lets begin with annie mccormick. what is going on there? >> we are at the kmart in port richmond, behind me there are a number of people in line and this is a lull now, people here started early this morning, kmart is one of the retailers that gives everybody a super early kick start to this busy time of year. >> we are open all the way to


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