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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  November 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> sunday night and it's one of the >> sunday night and it's one of buzzest travel days of the yea year. and a fire truck smashes into four parked cars all new tonight we have surveillance video showing how the whole thing unfolded. the big story on "action news" is a search for two imperson nateers in philadelphia. a man and woman pretending to officers approached people on three separate occasion this morning. liver in south philadelphia at fourth and jackson streets where two of the incidents unfolded is jeff chirico, jeff.
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>> walter, two of the victims were robbed of their money. imperson nateers were not wearing uniforms or driveing a car with lights and one flashed a badge. >> do you feel any less safe now. >> yes, i do. i'm appalled. really angry. >> willa of east passyunk says she's on alert after learning a series of robberies by police imperson nateers in her neighborhood and other. >> i would be surprised this say friendly block you know we know all our neighbors it's it'sy that someone would come into this neighborhood dean that. >> it happened on the 1600 block of east passyunk of a man and woman in silver car approached a 21-year-old man walking and the imperson nateer fwot out esh flashed a badge and identified him as police and told the man he matched the description of a drug dealer. imperson nateer frisk the vick testimony and went through backpack and wallet looking for identification and returned the wallet and drove away and
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that's when the victim realized his money all 14 was stolen. two similar incidents two hour earlier happened a mail way fourth and jackson. a man was robbed of unknown amount of cash and in the other case a woman fled when an imperson nateer threatened to arrest her. >> when someone tells you they're a police officer you don't assume they're not. >> police recovered the car and have not found alleged imperson nateers and that has residents on edge. >> it makes me feel violated that someone is coming into my home and taking something from me my safety. >> it's unclear if the police have names on those suspects. we've just got an email from the police department that they are now working oberyszyn takening video from surveillance cameras. we're live in south philadelphia, jeff chirico, "channel 6 action news," walte walter. >> thank you, jeff. first responders battled a house fire in marple, delaware county late this afternoon. you can see lots of smoke billowing from the roof of the home 2 0 0 block of first
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avenue. they reported heavy flames in the basement. nobody was injured and too took crews quite sometime to get this place under control. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast and it was a cloudy, seasonable day today and changes are on the way. and let's move over to meteorologist melissa magee live at the big board. hey, melissa. >> hi there, walter, 24 hour temperature change tells the story of northerly wind brin bringing down cooler air across the region and 11 cooler in the city than it was this same time yesterday. 14 cooler in wilmington and 20 colder in dover than it was 24 hours ago. and all because of the northerly wind moving into the region. the high today in philadelphia, 51. at this hour we're sighting at 47, chilly 42 in poconos and 39 allentown and alost the coast in sea isle city and upper 30s if you step out on the town this evening we you have covered. 7 p.m., cloudy, 4, low 40s, 8 a.m. partly cloudy 9 p.m. troming
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down to 41 and 10:00 tonight dry with temperature of 40. it's a lot of people headed back home after enjoying the thanksgiving holiday. travel conditions across the region. if you travel by road along i 5 north to boston conditions look try. same thing along i-95 south to rich mopped ahong the p amount turnpike over to pittsburgh. future tracker 6 showing you we have changes on the way as we head to the start of the workweek on monday. by 8 p.m. tomorrow we are tracking rain for areas south of philadelphia and we'll take a closer look at that and let you know what this this is all about and how long this rain is stek around in the full and exclusive forecast, waltersh. >> thank you, melissa as the long holiday weekend comes to a close millions are hopping into cars, trains and planes to go home. lucky the weather around here is cooperating and always delays to con twend at the ends of turkey day weekend. trish hartman is catching up with travelers at philadelphia international airport joining us there live. hey, trish. >> hi, walter, no surprise
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philadelphia international is bustling this evening. there's a lot of cabs behind me and folks are here just outside of baggage claim getting ready to be picked up and make their way home. we spoke to lots of people just back from the holiday travels and many say they had no problems. others are still trying to make their way home. >> as plane after plane touched down passengers screamed into baggage climate philadelphia international airport and many with successful travel stories after spending the holiday with family. >> it was really easy. we got through security in five minutes. for us it's been great. >> she slept the entire time. she woke up the last 30 minutes and hamming it up on the plane. the wilsons trying to get home to connecticut did not fare as well. >> our flight was delayed over two hours and coming out of norfolk which meant we missed connection here and the next two flights are already over booked. we're stuck here for the night. >> they say they'll either
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spend the night here or rent and drive home to connecticut. >> thanksgiving was wonderful we had all the family together so trying to tell myself it was worth it. >> here's some of the 47 million americans expected to travel 50 mills miles or more this coming thanksgiving weekend according to aaa the most popular way to travel by car. gas prices the lowest they've been since 2008 and more drivers sxexed to hit the roads for the holidays. many are breeming a sigh of relief thankful to be back in philadelphia. >> i never looked raffling it was the best it could be. it was fine. >> now, some places are on time this evening. about the a number of flights coming into and leaving from philly are delayed. so check that flight status before you leave. the airport suggests leaving extra time if you're flying out tonight make sure you have plenty of time to get checked
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in and through security live at philadelphia interest passion national airport, trish hartma hartman. "channel 6 action news." >> a crash on the northeast extension slowed down traffic in montgomery county 3:45 northbound lanes and investigators say one car flipped over. and us from the scene and the driver was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. delaware state police are investigating a deadly crash that occurred this morning in bear, newcastle county. one person was killed and five others including 9-month-old baby are being treated at christianne medical centerch the two car crash happened 1 10:15, near red lion road the cars collide and both rolled down and embankment. troopers with the reconstruction unit are working to piece together what happene happened. >> a man from western pennsylvania is facing homicide charges after allegedly shooting and killing a police officer investigators captured 31-year-old ray shetler junior
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early this morning after a 6 hour manhunt. he shot sinclaire township officer lloyd reed last night. reed and other officers were responding to a domestic situation in westmoreland county. shots were exchanged not long after officers arrived at the no new florence surprise. shetler was treated to a gunshot wounds to the shoulder and is in police custody reed was an officer for more than 0 years. >> much more to come on "action news". a fire truck in philadelphia goes out of control crushing a line of cars. tonight, we have surveillance video of the crash straight ahead. >> all aboard the santa express how you can take a trip through delaware county with the big guy himself. melissa. >> walter we have dry conditions tonight across the delaware and lehigh valley and we're tracking pattern change for the rest of the week and mild conditions stick around and the wet weather returns. we have the details coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> it may be hard to believe but the eagles had a shot at winning nfc east. jeff skversky explains in
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sports when "action news" comes jeff skversky explains in sports when "action news" comes right back.
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plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. >> five firefighter were injured when a fire truck slammed in several parked cars this morning in west philadelphia and now we're getting a first look at surveillance showing a crash as a investigation continues. "action news" reporter john john rawlins has details. >> as the top of the screen the big red truck appears to slide to right lamb shamming into cars in the slowed down surveillance video originally traveling westbound in the 5400 block of baltimore avenue ladder 13 cab ends up facing east and carrying a crew of five. >> one of the firemen got hurt. he flew out of the fire engine. >> one firefighter was transported trauma ta transport a term we use but i just received report from presbyterian hospital indicating that he and other four transported are in stable condition. >> the big truck took down a utility pole and four
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unoccupied cars along the road. jonathan smith heard the crash and ran down stourz to be con being r fronted with what was his 2007 dodge charger. >> i come downstairs and, um, my car is trying to come upstairs. >> what's not known is what caused this. place and fire departments are conducting investigations. torres thinks the fair truck was cut off by a vehicle that drove on. >> deposit stop. >> there say theory that the truck somehow lost control slide ago long trolley tracks. the deputy fire chief was ruling nothing in and nothing out. >> i don't want to speculate about that now. that's why the safety over is here and he'll conduct an investigation. >> the heavy truck was hauled away four hours after the incident still to be determined what exactly went wrong. in west philadelphia, john john rawlins, "channel 6 action news." >> roman catholic high school in center city wrapped up its 125 anniversary celebration
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this morningch the day began with school annual alumni mass at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul and alumni and friend and supporters filled the pews. a service followed at the nearby hotel. it was the first catholic die os san high school in the country. >> santa claus took time from his busy schedule to make a sxerm appearance in west chester. this marked the beginning of santa express on the west chester railroad. the trains run from market street station in west chester and glen mills and back. the trip is complete with chance meet santa claus enjoy treats and live music in our own adam joseph, cecily tynan, and jamie apody took a ride with some of the smallest members of agency news team. isn't asxhes runs through december 0. >> much more to come on "action news" rumors are swriling about temple football coach matt you'll have he taking a job
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somewhere else. jeff skversky has the latest somewhere else. jeff skversky has the latest coming up in sports just press clean
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>> time for a check on sports jeff skversky is here and i've been saying it for weeks northbound wants the nfc east. >> they should just disqualify the whole thing. 4-7 and after way eagles played nobody in their right mind is speaking playoffs. but, believe it or not. if desean jackson and redskins beat the giants the eagles will be a game out of first place. here we go. redskins come out ready to play against the giants and desean jackson helping out the eagles. kurt cousins deep for jackson because 63 yard score and eagles and washington takes a 20-0 lead for new york trying to make a come back. final five minutes.
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eli manning for odell beckham junior. what a catch. wow, giants down 6. too little, too late. eli manning three interceptions catch up to them. redskins win. 20-14 they takeover first place. check out nfc east eagles are making one game out of first with five to go and next up for the birds undefeated new england patriots on the road. lesean mccoy visiting old present in kansas city andy reid and jeremy maclin and bills and chiefs maclin 160 yards receiving and touchdown before the half. mccoy a big day too 101 scrimmage yards and receiving touchdown it's not enough. chiefs win 5th straight, 0-22 bills here in two weeks. >> with temple football having their best season in school history could coach matt rhule be history. rules reportedly interviewing for the missouri job today and temple has no comment.
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here's what rule said about it last night. >> you guys know me i'm not going to talk about anything. this program is about these kids and i mean anybody that throws my name in things it's a credit to the players and administration. i won't talk about jobs. >> let's talk about football. rule and temple celebrating division title last night after beating uconn they'll play in houston tore conversation championship saturday if temple wins they'll be eligible for fiesta or peach bowl. >> this team is just something special and i said it two years ago i said i would take that team over. any other team in the country. and we all just stuck together and keep fighting and now, we've got -- we put ourselves in a great position you know what i mean. we have the conference championship and like i said, what's next? >> here's what's next. you can see temple play for conversation championship here on 6 oobs. saturday at noon the owls moving up in rankings today 0th
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in associated press and 21 in coach's poll. penn state finished regular season with 108 ranged offense. james franklin fires offensive coordinator john donovan after two years with program. rutgers football cleans house. they fire coach pile and her man today rutgers 4-8 and countless issues off the field with players. and jaleel okafor and sixers underway tonight in memphis without nerlens noel again and looking to avoid falling 0-18 which ties worst start in the season in nba history and making matters wore okafor off the court behavior. release is a statement on twit are i hold myself to higher standard than anyone else ever could i'm not proud of some of my decisions offer the last few months. i own chances personally and puck luckily and at this point i'm cooperating and respenting the process i have to go through. within the last few days okafor was allegedly in a fight outside a bar and was also
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reported he had a gun pointed at him in another confrontation and he was also rot edly pulled over for going 10 miles an hour recently on the ben franklin bridge. college hoops, temple home-opener against delaware before the half. freshman la von shawn austin june for for three. temple up double digits as we speak in the second half. penn was off to their best start in 14 years. but they have some trouble today against lafayette. down 15 at the half mevr recover and lafayette mike linusky two of 15 penn losses 92-86 dropped 2 of 3 and hopefully college hoops gets going for teams here. like penn, like temple. >> thank you, jeff. >> 10,000 in prize money was up for grabs during a table tennis tournament in manayunk the action cam at legacy youth tennis center they competed in three different divisions all part of 015 butterfly team
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three different divisions all part of 015 butterfly team championships
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>> team turz back to what they should thb time of year. couple changes into this new week ahead. we'll show what you is going on with stormtracker 6 double scan radar it's dry and no issues with precipitation and things may moisten up across the region monday night and especially tuesday and wednesday. we'll talk about the details with that nay moment. high in philadelphia, 51 degrees. we where are where we should thb time of year and overall month of november, temperatures
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have been arming 5.9 degrees above normal so this could more than likely be the second war warmest november on record for philadelphia. the warmest was back in 19 31. as far as the precipitation it's been dry across the regio region. inch and three-quarters worth of rain we've seen so far and inch below where we should be this month. 47 currently in city and 32 poconos and 38 lancaster at this hour we have northerly wind and cooler temperatures and it's 4 sea isle city and 20 degrees colder in dover than it was this same time 24 hours ago. currently coming in at 44. and satellite 6 with action radar showing you partly koudy across the region and a lot of travel concerns if you head back home after enjoying the nice holiday weekend all to our west we have showers moving across the ohio valley with frontal boundary and mixed precipitation affecting folks across the midwest. a piece of this energy will work its way east war as early as tomorrow night. so as far as travel concerns we
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get the green light for philadelphia over in to boston. chicago, believe it or not even though dealing with moisture the only place we have a weather related travel day is newark international. 1 minute delay because of weather and wind. fair amount of cloud cover overhead at this hour. the call from accuweather for couldn't tonightment partly cloudy, chilly, down to 25 in some of our cold elingt suburbs tonight and 5 in philadelphia. here's a setup for us back to work on monday. it's cool. seasonable day. high coming in at 51. high pressure in control. we tap into northeasterly wind. sunshine giving way to increasing clouds tomorrow and some rain is likely by monday evening as this frontal boundary lifts to the north as we go throughout the nighttime hours and tuesday, on and off rain is likely and with that moisture moving into the region it's actually going to be mild day with high of 57 then we'll track the energy out to the west that works east ward tuesday night to wednesday and midweek we have a soaking on the way. future tracker 6 showing you of:00 in the morning mostly
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season any skies. fillederd sunshine overhead and we stay dry. by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon sun giving way to increasing clouds and by 8 p.m. front you're south of philadelphia we have moisture overhead. it will persist as we go throughout the day on tuesday on and off. here's the 7 day forecast. sun and clouds tomorrow. high temperature 51. monday we have on and off rain to deal with high of 57. and on tuesday, periods of rain. it's going to continue as we go throughout the day on wednesday and we'll start to dry out. as we go throughout the rest of the end of this workweek walte walter. >> thank you, melissa. >> you can find the 7 day forecast and live look at stormtracker 6 double scan radar any time of the day on our web site. just go to >> and a man from delaware county marked quite the milestone today. the action cam bone the scene ballroom boothwyn upper chichester for paul scalone 100
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birthday party. the key is liveing a good life with a good wife. the couple celebrated 75 wedding anniversary just last year. happy birthday. >> "abc worls news" sunday next on channel 6 and "action news" returns at 11. don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight and back here again on 6abc at 11. >> and melissa magee and jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez, back here at entire "action news" team i'm walter perez, back here at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight". a deadly attack on a planned parenthood clinic. tonight, the motive to kill. a suspect in custody. how police watched the rampage in real time and survivors inside the clinic. new threat. a long weekend of icy storms. dangerous roads and flash flooding claiming lives. now, a double punch. heavy snow on the way. no warning. the apartment building emptied. the hidden poison that can seep into your home. cyber sunday? move over, black friday. even cyber sunday. holiday shopping online is soaring. how the best deals are rolling out route now. and secrets of the tomb. the search for the long lost queen leads to king tut's burial place.


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