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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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christie there is a lot to figure out here. >> reporter: that is right jim as police process the scene we have a major backup on the boulevard extension lanes, it's cluttered and congested for the last few hours and the reason why is this accident over to my left, collision crews are on scene processing this crash that started out as a doe messed sick squabble. chopper 6 hd was thereafter police say a man drove off in a car with his girlfriend's mother inside and was driving southbound in the northbound lanes and collided head-on with another vehicle, he jumped off the boulevard twin bridge and was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and our cameras were rolling when three women were put in separate ambulances and one was in the car with the suspect but police
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are trying to sort everything out. the southeast extension is blocked and traffic is diverted at ridge avenue and no long to figure out how long it takes to clear the scene. >> thank you christie, "action news" was at the district justice's office in newtown square where alleged sexual predator charles robinson appeared for a preliminary require hearing but he waived the hearing after the judge dropped a charge of deviant sexual intercourse. police released the video of a car that robbed and shot a 75-year-old woman, this was the may fair section of philadelphia and the woman was walking home from the grocery store on the morning of new years eve, she
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was on the 7100 block when a man drove up in a light colored nissan maxima, she struggled and he shot her in the face and he took her bag and cell phone, the bullet went through the woman's cheek and she was home from the hospital a few days later her daughter had this to say about her attacker. >> cowardly, in broad daylight, this is something that hopefully this guy is off the street and it doesn't have to happen to anybody else. >> police have received several tips since we aired surveillance video of the suspect's car, they are urging anybody with information to please come forward. a bank robber struck a wefs fargo branch in montgomery county, the holdup happened at noon in cheltenham and it's
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unclear how much money the suspect got away with if any. and police are is an investigating a despecificable crime in lyndonwald, new jersey. sara bloomquist is live at the church tonight. what is the situation there? >> well, jim at 7:00 tonight parishioners here at saint lawrence church and our lady of guadeloupe are celebrating mass and praying for answers, who would walk into this beautiful church and destroy some of the beautiful stained glass windows and meantime lyndonwald police are working on figuring out who did it. >> lyndonwald police and parishioners are stunned and saddened that someone vandalized their place of worship. >> it's devastating and it makes me sad. why would anyone want to do this? >> the church stays open all day
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to allow for prayer and meditation, yesterday a small window between 11:30 and noon the sanctuary was empty and the vandal came in and threw candles through stained glass window and the cruise itch on the alter was thrown to the floor. >> it's a sick and twisted mind whether it's simply that or it's another source of hate generated, i don't know, but it surely is a sick mind to do it. >> the windows are designed for the church and one of a kind and from europe, the big concern is that we may not be abe to replicate them or replace them to the original beauty. >> lyndonwald police officers discovered evidence that could lead to a suspect. >> we were fortunate that we managed to find pieces of glass that they got finger printses from.
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>> parishioners here are determine to find a way to repair these windows and pray for the person that broke them. >> i hope that person comes forward, or persons, and ask god and our lord jesus christ for mercy. >> lyndonwald police want to hear from anyone that saw anyone or anything suspicious yesterday right about noon time. meantime the church plans to set up a go fund me site to try and collect donations to help them pay a high cost to repair or replace these stained glass windows, live in lyndonwald, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police have identified a man shot dead in the middle of a philadelphia street, police say 48-year-old damon swain was killed on the 2600 block of north stanley street in strawberry mansion last night. police have yet to identify
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suspects and have not established a motive. police say this young girl was an accomplice in swiping a package from a doorstep in south philadelphia, she attempted to take the box on her own, it was too heavy and she returned with a man that was able to carry it away. investigators just released the surveillance video captured along the 1300 block of south hancock street, if you recognize either suspect you are urged to can't philadelphia police. a new jersey eatery once plagued by a hepatitis outbreak has shut its doors for good. rose's restaurant in hamilton township posted signs announcing the closing. an employee was affected with hepatitis a and four customers were later diagnosed with the disease and the township responded with a mass he vaccination clinic and rose's owner says that rising costs forced him out of business, the
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school district of philadelphia released their annual progress report and 18 schools are getting top grades, first on the list is ann frank elementary school in northeast philadelphia, the school was cited for its academic achievement and progress and casting a shadow on the news the fact that lawmakers in harrisburg still haven't freed up all the money that philadelphia schools desperately need. >> this report highlights the success but also sets the bar for the need. and hopefully this is a tool we could use in harrisburg to explain to them why we need the resources that we need. when you provide the resources children do flourish, last month governor tom wolf releases emergency funds to schools and it's not clear how long that money will last. good news from camden the city as graduate rate continues to climb, the superintendant made the announcement today from the library of the brim medical
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arts high school. the graduation rate is rising since 2012, and district officials say that camden high schools are making progress faster than high schools in other cities in the garden state. coming up more movement in the eagles camp as the birds work to landing a new head coach, we'll tell you who interviewed for the job today and who is up next. >> vice president, joe biden, addresses president obama's executive actions on gun control. with a one-on-one interview with me yesterday. >> a storm out west, bringing us a soaking rain, and more information on the timing and the cold air to follow, coming up in the accuweather forecast.
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the obama administration launched a campaign to supthe president on excessive it order on gun control but will it have an affect? or stop gun violence on our streets. the president will take parts in a town hall to discuss the program and the nra declined an invitation to take part. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> the president had tears rolling down his face when he spoke of the 20 school children of sandy hook, this is an emotional issue for obama, and
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failure to get it through congress is an enormous frustration for the administration and i spoke to vice president biden in washington yesterday. >> the most frustrating work related issue for you in the last seven years. >> one of them, one of them. >> this is great -- >> the main thrust of president obama's controversial executive actions is background checks, expanding the definition of licensed gun dealers and so many more gun buyers are sub to background checks but vice president biden had admit to me that the president's plan will leave street gun violence virtually untouched. >> it's safe to say that most people that use guns to kill other people like in philadelphia, camden and wilmington don't buy them from licensed gun dealers. >> that is true jim. >> background checks are
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irrelevant. >> that is true. >> street alleys and the serial numbers erased. >> that is right. >> so how does yesterday's plan apply to that part of the problem? >> it doesn't very much but it does apply to the part of the problem where you have close to 60,000 people last year who blew their own brains out by purchasing a gun, they don't go to the corner they buy a gun and it does apply to the 30,000 to 40,000 people who are in a domestic violence dispute or people who are the victims of a mass shooting, that is the smallest percentage of all of this, it doesn't solve the whole problem we are just saying that everyone acknowledges including the nra if you purchase a gun, you should agree to control it
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and have a background check. i have gone into the high schools in delaware and philly and you can ask in some high schools, can you guy buy a gun? yes, i can tell you where. the van will come around. it's not going to stop that. >> biden readily acknowledges that the president's executive actions are modest in scope but the fact that they must be funded by congress, a congress that is opposed to gun control so the limited measures may be out of reach. we'll have more from joe biden one-on-one on "action news" at 11:00. want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone,
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they are looking high and low for their head coach, eagles are looking everywhere even within their own division, ben
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ma macadoo. earlier in the week 38-year-old interviewed for the giants head coaching job. doulg peterson will reportedly interview with the birds perhaps as early as next sunday, peterson is andy reid's quarterback coach in kansas city and espn nfl analyst gives us the pros on peterson. >> clearly doug peterson is one of those guys, he played in the nfl, he played for don shula the winningest coach in the nfl, he has been with andy reid and know thes the philadelphia market place and lived in south jersey. >> it's a day later and mike piazza still on top of the world, his hall-of-fame election caps a good year, he will be inducted with ken griffey jr.,
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he will go in as a met. one of the best baseball catchers in history and says he got a lot of hope along the way. >> i was blessed with so many great coaches to help me along the way and i remember a great piece of advice i tell young guys all the time, listen to everybody, if they tell you ten things and you can retain one thing that can help you keep that. >> there are thousands of kids playing sports in our area, and every once of in a while you come across a great athlete. >> brandon mcway scored 124 touch downs. >> the football-baseball star, a triple. >> the seventh ranked dual threat quarterback in the nation is the 16th best high school prospect in the nation, it's projected he goes into the first
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three rounds of this year's mlb draft. >> the million or $2 million range. >> are any of your friends like brandon come on man. >> it's more than just the money it's about my dream and passion and football is more of my passion, so he decided to sign with south carolina to play both and he will start on monday. >> a 17-year-old college freshman hoping to get a fresh start as a quarterback and center fielder. >> that is what is great about brandon, his maturity level, the decision for a 17-year-old kid to make at this level, it was a difficult one. >> i can see myself playing any sport. >> do you see yourself giving up both or the next bo jackson. >> that is great, i would love to play both and i will work as hard as i can, and if anyone can do it, i think i can. >> jaime apody, channel 6
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"action news." >> the kid has high goals perhaps he will achieve them. flyers taking on minnesota and sixers taking on the hawks. and blood donors that give to the red cross will get something in return, dunkin' donuts will give a pound of free coffee to all donors at the red cross blood drives in the philadelphia area. the campaign runs through the month of january. they presented the first voucher to executives in spring garden today.
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the edge of the chill came off today. >> temperatures 44 degrees, it felt balmy, wait until sunday. 60. but with some rain. >> this sunday? >> yes but with rain and a
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thunderstorm possibly. we had a lot of clouds today, the action cam at washington square today showing the clouds are here but look at the flag, also the winds fairly calm and no windchill to speak of today and the accuweather highlights, looking back and looking forward. 20 years ago today, do you know where you were? you were probably watching the snowfall and i was outside of the studio with a blue head band on, the blizzard of 96, we received 30.6 inches of snow, two days of it, i posted fun video on my facebook page and ahead to sunday a lot of precipitation but not snow, this will be a liquid event and future tracker showing we are looking at an inch of rain on sunday and with that we have warm air and gusty winds. right now mild and 45 degrees, that is our high for the date and allentown 39 and millville
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44 and trenton 43 and the poconos currently 28 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing that we are really in between storm systems, the low pressure, the coastal low in the atlantic is moving away from us and that is what brought us clouds today and then a developing system out to the west and tonight mostly cloudy and not that cold for january starns, 32 in philadelphia, 23 in allentown and 24 in reading and trenton 27 degrees. tomorrow the high pressure tries to nudge in a little bit and i think we'll see some breaks of sunshine and especially the first half of the day and then the clouds take over and temperatures maybe 1 degree warmer than today. a high of 46 degrees, the warm front moves in and that brings temperatures in the 50s, 52 and a little bit of moisture so patchy fog and drizzle early in the day and then mostly cloudy and the low pressure will cut in the great lakes and it's called
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the great lakes cutter because of the track, you have to be on the west side and we'll be in the warm sector of the storm system we are looking at heavy rain about a hatch inch to inch of rain and perhaps a thunderstorm, and temperatures up near the record, the record high is 63 set back in 1950, i'm calling for a high of 60 but if we see peeks of sunshine behind the rain we could hit the record, the exclusive accuweather forecast tomorrow not a bad day and mostly cloudy with a high of 46 degrees, saturday the better of the two days this weekend, mostly cloudy and patchy fog or drizzle in the morning, a high of 52 degrees and on sunday we have the heavy rain and the winds high of 60 degrees, late in the afternoon and peeks of sunshine and temperatures really crash on monday, the high only 37 degrees and it will feel close toward 30 with intense winds and tuesday we rebound up to 41 degrees and wednesday and thursday, the
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temperatures back down into the low to mid-30s, and the possibility of a flurry or maybe even a snow shower on wednesday. so if you like temperatures in the 60s don't get used to it, we have it on sunday and it comes with heavy rain. >> thank you cecily. this will seem like a real contradiction to most philadelphians, but pat steaks spend the day serving up cheese staekz for a good cause, they are rin trucing a guest chef series. the first was sally isenberg, and she showed off her creation and the public was invited to pay what they wanted to sample the steaks. abc world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rogers, and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on
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channel 6. for ducis rogers and cecily tynan, i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. donald trump's new attack. the scathing video about hillary and bill clinton. the massive lines at this hour for block, hoping to see trump. and bill clinton tonight, pressed several times on donald trump. what the former president said this time. the attack foiled. the man armed with a meat cleaver, pledging allegiance to isis. we're on the screen. breaking news here at home. the stock market plunges. the worst start to a new year ever. what it means for your money tonight. the rescue. miners trapped 900 feet underground. the deepest salt mine in america. the race to get them out. and, no longer powerball fever, a full-blown outbreak. the new jackpot tonight, $700 million and counting. why the sudden huge paydays? we


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