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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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might help detectives figure out what happened at the intersection around 3 a.m. >> got some marks on his head. i pulled him into the sidewalk so he won't get hit by a car and i waited for the police. >> reporter: george said he was running outer for cigarettes when he saw the 45-year-old man in the street badly injured. he says he called 911 and stayed with the victim who was unconscious. >> i say you okay? can you hear me? he ain't say nothing. >> reporter: police say car parts were found in the street and those are being processed to see if they're related to the crash. folks at this grocery store just a few blocks away from the crash scene say they saw the victim thursday night fixing this cool are a few hours before he was hit. >> he in here last night. he do some job for this place and we talking about another job he going to dodge he's a man everybody know around here he's a hard working guy. >> reporter: police are reviewing surveillance footage from several nearby businesses. people in this neighborhoods hope someone will come forward with information. >> and somebody see something
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about the accident please call the police and he got family, he got kids and he's a good man. >> reporter: police say there man is at temple university hospital with critical injuries, head injuries and broken bones. so far police don't have any witnesses. if you have any information, detectives would like to hear from you. live in hunting park, trish hartman channel6 "action news." >> trish thank you. well, this is what is left of four homes that caught fire in burlington, new jersey early this morning. chopper6 hd was over the 300 block of saint mary's street this afternoon to view the damage. intense flames broke out around 5:30 this morning. the fire started in one home and then spread to three others. three people were injured. their injuries are said to be minor. the cause of the fire is still unknown. >> ♪ >> we are following developing news out of hawaii where rescue crews are looking for any signs of survivors after two marine helicopters collided. it happened late last night.
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hawaiian time off the coast of oahu. the helicopters each carrying six crew members were in the middle of a nighttime training mission. crews had been braving choppy waters and rain to search a debris field more than 2 miles off shore. the cause of the crash is unclear. the incident comes less than a year after another deadly crash in hawaii. last may two marines were killed when a hybrid aircraft crashed during a training exercise. >> attorney and turning to the forecast we are dry right now but we've got rain heading our way later and also overnight. let's head outside through sky6 hd to our temple university cam with a look of the city here. we have lots of clouds hanging overhead right now and it's been a warm day but not bad overall. meteorologist cecily tynan at the "action news" big board with details from accuweather. cecily. >> hi, sharrie and rain is on the way. double scan live showing that this is very unusual this time of year. this is a sizable storm. the center of the storm is
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over western south carolina and you can see all the moisture associated with it. what you can't see, though, is snow a el niño year. loads of moisture what this low pressure will do, move off the coast of the hatteras and then head towards cape cod and as it does, it will bring us a soaking rain overnight. but temperatures show you that there is no threat of snow here. 51 degrees in philadelphia with winds off the ocean, the ocean temperature in the 40's, so this will remain a warm storm. could have a little bit of a change over to snow in the poconos overnight but here that rain will be arriving from the southwest to the northeast between 6 o'clock and 10 o'clock tonight so it's a friday night if you're heading out it's dry now, take an umbrella. it won't stay that way. the heaviest will be overnight after midnight but this is a fast moving storm. it is out of here between 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock in the morning. i had some viewers tweeting to me saying when can i go
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running tomorrow morning. rick you can go running by day break. it's out of here by then. but then the sunshine will return on saturday and temperatures will be mild tomorrow. however, this will open the doors for some very cold air. expected rainfall, it's all about location. areas north and west not that much, about a quarter to a half inch. south and east, the coastal storm, close to the coast up to an inch of rain i'll talk about that cold air with a possibility of a little bit of snow coming up in the full accuweather forecast. sharrie. >> cecily thank you. we invite you to stay with throughout the martin luther king holiday weekend. you can rely on storm tracker6 live for the very latest whatever comes our way. >> well, a tennessee couple won a huge part of the record powerball jackpot from wednesday night. you remember it was $1.6 billion. lottery officials confirmed just a short time ago that john and lisa robinson were in fact one of the three winners. the couple who are in their 50's live in the small town of munford. they have a son an daughter.
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the other winning tickets were sold chino hills california. >> today espn's ron jaworski cold "action news" he had a hand in selecting pederson. he showed off the binder of candidates used by the team to make their final decision. jaworski said the eagles could not have been more thorough. >> they did a tremendous job. every potential head coaching possibility was vetted. this book, there are hundreds of coaches in this book. >> the eagles have not made an official announcement in part because pederson is still of course playing and on the road with the chiefs as they prepare for tomorrow's playoff game against the patriots. jaime apody will have much more from jaworski in sports. >> joe biden has been given a new mission to cure cancer and
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he kicked off the new initiative today in philadelphia. >> it aimed at getting doctors and researchers what they need to get closer to a cure and as you know this will be an emotional journey for the vice president. he lost his 46-year-old son beau to brain cancer in may. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman joins us live outside of the abramson center at the university of pennsylvania with more. ali. >> reporter: and guys the vice president joe biden is still meeting with doctors inside penn right now. the doctors i spoke with earlier say they are thrilled that the vice president decided to start his mission here in philadelphia. and while it is personal for the vice president, he also recognizes it is personal for millions of americans. now, he started his visit this morning with a tour of penn's abramson cancer center. then it was a round table discussion, a so-called meeting of the minds that is still going on now with penn's top doctors and researchers who are working to find new treatments for cancer.
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now, mr. biden says that we need much more funding, we need more sharing of information. but he believes that a cure can be found. >> truth of the matter is i believe from my exposure over two years of my son fighting glioblastoma of the brain stage four that i know i became acquainted enough with the brilliant minds around this table and others to realize that we're on the cusp -- you're on the cusp of some phenomenal break throughs. >> reporter: and those breakthroughs, that's the overall goal to save more lives and earlier today we got a great example of that workinworking: 20-year-old nics rang the bell in celebration of his last radiation treatment. >> it was amazing.
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it was just the best feeling out there, my biggest support team, everybody was there, my family, friends. dr. robert lustig of penn medicine explains it's been a battle for nicholas. he was diagnosed with an extremely rare type of brain cancer. >> it actually grew on the lining of his brain surrounding his brain. >> reporter: nicholas said he started getting headaches last year. then one morning in april woke up in a horrible pain. >> i can't say anything. all i can say is my no, no. that's it. >> reporter: his mom called 911. weeks later they got the crushing diagnosis. >> his dad sat in the corner and we just both cried. held his hand and it was just impossible to comprehend. >> reporter: doctors say it took a lot of collaboration to come up with a unique treatment plan. mols omonths of chemotherapy. today nicholas celebrates reaching a milestone.
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>> it was rough. on not only my family and my friends but on the other side it's unbelievable. >> reporter: and nicholas will have another mri in six weeks to figure out if he needs more treatment. for now, he is going on a cruise to celebrate and in the fall he plans on going back to school to study nursing. we'll have much more on the vice president's visit coming up at 6 o'clock. for now we're live in university city, ali gorman channel6 "action news. >> ali thank you. a new facility in south philadelphia will help a community many feel is under served the courage home is partnering with divine light to form a wellness center and shelter for lgbtq youth and adults. founder mandy lane was inspired to help after her 12-year-old son came out as a gay member to their family. the organization aims to not only give young people a place
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to stay but to also provide support and help and also help them find a job to get back on their feet. >> time now for the "action news" traffic report friday night. >> okay, let's go live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. >> hey, guys, happy friday. for those trying to come back from their job this afternoon some backups on the way home including here on the vine street expressway westbound and peaking out right there from just under the overpass is an accident here in the westbound lanes of the vine approaching broad street. you might be able to seat headlights right there taking out the right lane. looks like police are on the scene. i can see those flashing lights right there so westbound is extra heavy as you come away from 95 this afternoon. still have that crash on the northbound side of the roosevelt boulevard at roar street. the vice president's visit continues in university see so watch out for restrictions and extra question there. in bristol township there's a wreck along 413 at i-95. had a broken down vehicle here in the westbound lanes of the
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30 bypass in downingtown. looks like that's cleared out of the way and the delay is thinning. and a couple of accidents in delaware. there's one in claymont along harvey road at green street. also in new castle along 141 that of course basin road southbound at commons boulevard. we'll check it again rick and sharrie coming up in the next half hour. >> okay, thanks matt. >> and there's so much more to come on "action news" at 5:00 another reason to eat your veggies. we have research that proves leafy greens are helping fight back against the common and serious vision problem. details coming up in health check. >> also wal-mart announces it's closing hundreds of stores. find out why and how many workers will be affected. we've got a live report ahead on yet another bad day on wall street. that and much more. cecily has your weekend forecast. it's all next when "action news" at 5:00 continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> it has been another day of tumbling stocks as wall street had its worst new year ever. >> energy and financial stocks led the decline today and the price of oil however remains very low. let's look at today's closing numbers. the dow jones ended down almost 400 points to close at 15,988. the nasdaq down 126 points.
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the s & p 500 down 41. >> now let's go live to abc news reporter marc marci gonzal. >> you herey this pretty much any time stocks take a big plunge. don't panic. and again, that is what experts are saying despite the rough start to the year. (applause). a dismal day on wall street. stocks starting to nose dive just after the opening bell and never bouncing back. experts saying today's selloff is a continuation of the jitters that started last week. >> this is a weird start to 2016. >> reporter: with major issues in china's stock market. >> are we like to see something that you would call a crash in china or is this just a slowing economy over there? those are questions we can't answer and the inability to answer those and the lack of transparency is turning worry into panic for some
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traders. >> reporter: adding to the volatility declining oil prices with crude dropping below $30 a barrel. >> when oil trades lower, yes, there's that benefit that gas prices are going down but most likely you do have an oil stock in your diverse portfolio and those prices will be affected by those falling prices. >> reporter: while experts worry the year's shaky start may point to a slowing u.s. economy others are more optimistic. >> we've seen very strong job growth for example, the housing market is recovering. and there's good reason to think that once the u.s. if this markets realign themselves with the u.s. economy we could be -- see a snap back in u.s. stock markets. >> reporter: but even with so much uncertainty in the markets, most experts say do not touch your 401k. saying long term diversified investors are better off being patient and waiting for stocks to rebound. live in new york, marci gonzalez channel6 "action news." sharrie back to you. >> just along for the ride right now.
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thank you. wal-mart announced today that it is closing 269 stores and more than half of them are in the u.s. the closures will affect 16,000 workers, 10,000 of them here in the u.s. the closing stores account for a small fraction of wal-mart's 11,000 locations. the announcement comes three months after its ceo doug mcmillan told investors the world's largest retailer would review its store fleet amid increasing competition including rival today at the vatican pope francis met with eric schmidt in a rare tech industry meeting. he's the executive chairman of alphabet. the act reason for the meeting was not revealed. pope francis has admitted to not having a computer but the 79-year-old is clearly not naive when it comes to the power of technology. in fact, he once said the internet is a "gift from god."
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>> ♪ >> in health check today at 5:00 vitamins and minerals a new study suggests vegetables may even protect from a severe vision problem. glaucoma is an issue that affects more than 2 million americans over the age of 40.
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harvard researchers tracked rates of this disease and found that those who ate more leafy green vegetables had a significantly lower risk of the most common type of glaucoma. it's thought that the nutrients found in these foods help blood travel to the eye and fight off the disease. >> students at strasburg friends school spent the day helping out those who are less fortunate. in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. for their day of service the kids made hundreds of brown bag lurches ogive t lunches to e homeless. the mission was to donate 400 meals to the life center of delaware county. this has been a yearly tradition for the newtown square school for at least 20 years.
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>> ♪ >> popular tune. some south jersey high school singers hit quite the high note this morning at a local assisted living home. this was one of three different a cappella groups from cherry hill high school who performed today. part of a friday treat for resident of the spring hill assisted living facility in they sound pretty good. time for accuweather and meteorologist cecily tynan sounding pretty good as far as the weekend. >> you heard my singing. >> not your singing. i just meant the forecast not
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the singing. >> the weekend is looking pretty good. my singing not sounding too good add all. storm tracker6 live double scan showing we're still dry here but light rain is approaching baltimore and the rain will be overspreading our region from the southeast to the northwest as we head through the evening hours. but it's approaching this. temperatures in the 40's and 50's so no hope of snow from the system. 51 degrees currently in philadelphia. allentown 41. wilmington 45. trenton 49. and cape may 47 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing the center of the storm right now is moving into norther north carolina. we're looking at a rain event and that low pressure will continue to push offer the coast and that will bring us a quick but intense hit of rain. mainly overnight. so future tracker showing around 9 o'clock this is when i think we'll start to see a few showers breaking out in philadelphia. the steadiest rain far south jersey and southern delaware and then by 11 o'clock it's
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overspreading our entire region. philadelphia, though, still 42 degrees. allentown 34. some heavy rain along the coast. then as we head through the overnight hours this is when the heavy rain continues south and east of philadelphia and this is also when we could see a little bit of a change overto some wet snow across the poconos and the highest elevations even allentown it's still rain and then by 7 o'clock it's moving out and then by the afternoon the clouds break for some sunshine and temperatures still pretty mild tomorrow. at 3 o'clock near 50 degrees. so, all in all, saturday's looking pretty nice. that rain moves out before day break and we're looking at temperatures running about 10 degrees above normal. 50 degrees in philadelphia. 46 in allentown. millville 52. wilmington 50 and trenton 48 degrees. but it does not stay that warm. big changes for the second half of the weekend. and especially for martin luther king jr. day. so the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow clouds in the morning giving way to sunshine by the afternoon.
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still mild with a high of 50. sunday 10 degrees colder, partly sunny, 40 degrees an arctic front will bring us a possibility of some snow showers on sunday night. kind of like tuesday's event. probably not quite as intense but then look at what happens on martin luther king day. 28 degrees, wind chills in the teens. it's still windy and cold on tuesday, 29 degrees and wednesday believe it or not without winds, 36 degrees will actually feel pretty nice after two days in the 20's and adam we'll let you know if our warmup continues through next week coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. all in all a pretty nice weekend. >> cecily we'll take it. thank you. much more still to come in our next half hour of "action news" at 5:00 two cars go up in flames in the middle of a night along a philadelphia street. authorities say it was no accident. we have details. >> "action news" has confirmed that doug pederson will be the next head coach of the eagles. jaime apody has more from ron jaworski on why pederson is the right choice. we'll have those stories and
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass.
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>> ♪ >> hello again. monica is off. sharrie williams joining us tonight. here's what's happening on "action news" this evening. a philadelphia woman who admitted to killing two people while driving drunk is sentenced to prison. what she told her family before leaving the courtroom. also a group of coworkers played powerball and won a piece of that powerball jackpot. you'll here '43 them coming up. an very proud moment for philadelphia schools that's sending all of its graduate seniors to college. we've got their story in a moment. >> now the details. although no one in our area won the $1.6 billion powerball it doesn't mean that they there still weren't some lottery winners who did walk away with something. in fact a group of coworkers in delaware ended up with a million dollar winning ticket purchased in can't net square. "action news" reporter chad pradelli spoke to them today in wilmington. >> reporter: like so many people across the country employees here at union park honda pooled their money together for wednesday's lottery.
5:31 pm
they didn't win the grand prize butter the but they did wa pretty penny. >> i was like no way. he said yeah. >> reporter: she didn't know she wop a million dollars until a morning after the lottery drawing. lee davis watched the drawing line and quickly began checking his numbers. >> about halfway through them and one of my guys called me and said did you get to it? i said i don't know what you talk about. he says we got five numbers. i said no you didn't. >> reporter: 18 employees at union park honda will split the million bucks. that's about 55 grand, 41 after taxes. >> if you're lucky you're lucky, you know. i just went to bed and i didn't really find out until in the morning. >> reporter: he choked up a bit talking about the sorely needed money. >> it's wonderful. had a lot of years rough. >> reporter: the money isn't
5:32 pm
enough to retire for these service and parts employees but it's still a nice chunk of change. >> still kind of surreal. can't grasp what i'm going to do with it yet. >> nice down payment on a house. >> reporter: the group bought 90 tickets in all. they were bought in three different states but the winning one came from kennett square. they've already turned in their ticket. this is a copy. now they just wait for their checks. >> sign that check with my pen that says i love my honda. >> reporter: lottery tells these wilmington winners they'll get checks in the mail sometime in the next four to six weeks. in wilmington, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." >> check's in the mail. late this afternoon a couple in tennessee came forward to claim their piece of the powerball jackpot. john and lisa robinson say they're going the take the lump sum cash payout. the couple bought their winning ticket at a neighborhood store near their home in the small town
5:33 pm
munford. >> i'm a little overwhelmed and excited. we knew in our heart it was the right number but to hear them actually come out and say yes, this was the winner 'cause there's been in, you know -- it's little overwhelming. >> well, in southern california a nurse and mother of seven is not so excited. her son reportedly played a cruel prank convincing her and her coworkers that she had won. well they all started celebrating only to later learn it's a joke. so the waiting game continues to see who has the winning tickets sold in california and florida. >> some joke. an american airlines flight attendant is in a miami hospital tonight after her plane hit severe turbulence. the flight from new york to miami was carrying 165 people when it hit severe turbulence at 34,000 feet near vero beach florida. the airline says the plane's seat belt sign was on at the time. the plane landed safely in miami. five passengers were evacuated
5:34 pm
by paramedics and then released. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the turbulent rye ride for those passengers as well as the lucky powerball winners. you can watch it all at 6:30 tonight following "action news" at 6:00. >> in other news tonight investigators are looking into two suspicious car fires that were set overnight in north philadelphia. sources tell "action news" that two vans were deliberately set on fire and that some type of flammable device was that found inside one of them. the vans were both parked on north sixth street near west clearfield street. thankfully no one was injured. from our delaware news room now, police in new castle county are warning drivers to keep their cars locked and keep any valuables out of sight. a particular concern is guns. six firearms were reported stolen from vehicles in new castle county in just the past month. officials say a car is noplace to keep a gun.
5:35 pm
>> you don't suggest storing a firearm in a vehicle. we suggest storing it in your residence and within your residence in a locked safe. >> police also warn drivers not to leave their vehicles running and unattended. it's a problem that spikes during the winter when people like to warm up their cars. since november nearly one third of all stolen vehicles were taken while they were left alone with the ignition running. >> all right sharrie i'm here at the big board with the final chapter avenue tragic story "action news" brought you to back in 2014. it was on this stretch of the atlantic city expressway when a drunk driver from philadelphia flipped her truck killed a man and a four-year-old child. today that driver learned how long she will spend behind bars. she appeared before a judge for sentencing. she admitted late last year to driving drunk on the a.c. expressway on the morning of june 20th, 2014.
5:36 pm
her white pickup truck veered into the center median and flipped over. she, 35-year-old passenger james dennis a four-year-old boy and three people riding in the truck bed were thrown out. dennis and the child did not survive. today a judge sentenced her to two eight year sentences for vehicular homicide the mother of one of the victims spoke during the hearing. >> on behalf of my son and i'm glad that justice is finally being served. >> the judge called the entire incident a tragedy for both families. as corn gay was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs she told her family and the audience "take care of my babies." also today, 28-year-old gilberto villanueva of camden was sentenced to 60 years in prison for killing his ex-girlfriend's mother. they were stabbed repeatedly by villanueva inside their merchantville home back in november of 2013. the uny young woman recovered from her wounds and testified
5:37 pm
against villanueva during the trial. she told the court she ended her relationship with him two weeks before the attack and told him to stay away from her. villanueva became a suspect after he sought treatment at our lady of lourdes hospital for a hand injury that was consistent with knife wounds. during the investigation it was determined that susan confronted villanueva after he had broken into the home she shared with her daughter and that's when she was attacked. suzanne a nurse in the temple health system is survived by her three children and her grandchildren. sharrie. >> all right rick, thanks. a south jersey man charged with animal cruelty for hitting his ex-girlfriend's dog with a baseball bat could actually avoid trial. according to the pennsylvania spca, ruby a pit bal pitbull mis severely hurt. 41-year-old andrew wallace was later arrested. as part of the agreement, he'll have to pay $2,500 for ruby's medical care attend rehab and anger management and
5:38 pm
perform community service if he skips any of his treatments, he'll then have to led to court. new jersey state troopers want to make sure the public stays vigilant. they handled out pamphlets outside hamilton mall in mays landing today encouraging shoppers to say something if they see something suspicious. troopers also practiced their response to a potential terror attack. this was only a drill to help them prepare for every possibility. >> governor wolf was in the delaware valley today for the latest stop on his statewide jobs tour. the action cam went along as he stored waist gas fabricating company in fairless hills. the company does heavy duty steel work like sawing welding and laser cutting. governor wolf stopped to talk to workers telling them getting away from harrisburg is one of the things he lovers most about the job. >> in the middle of rush hour it is time to get a check of how things are moving outer on the roads. >> trio get a head start on that weekend. matt pelman how are we looking. >> holiday weekends at that.
5:39 pm
so a lot of people are out and about on the roadways on this friday afternoon rick and sharrie and we're seeing lots of accidents as well. one here on the vine street expressway westbound approaching broad street right under the overpass. you can see the flashing lights and you can see the right lane is blocked so coming away from 95 on the westbound vine it is exhave a heavy. schuylkill expressway eastbound also extra heavy from 202 near king of prussia in toward gulph mills where we had a broken down vehicle but it's gone. it remains generally heavy into belmont then again from the boulevard into south street and expect closures on the schuylkill expressway when vice president biden leaves down. because of of his visit septa bus routes 30, 40, 42 and lucy running with detours. if you ride the media elwyn or chestnut hill east regional rail lines this weekend and next you're operatorring on a special weekend schedule because of construction. have a great weekend, rick and sharrie. back to you.
5:40 pm
>> all right, you, too. thank you matt. much more still to come on "action news" friday night. "action news" has confirmed that doug pederson will be the next head coach of the eagles. jaime apody has the details including the thoughts of one man who was on the selection committee. >> and dozens of philadelphia high school seniors who made a major commitment four years ago is now seeing the fruits of their labor. annie mccormack has that story. adam. >> sharrie we're about to get soaked with heavy rain pulling up the i-95 corridor. i'll let you know how long it's going the last and even more arctic air. we'll have the timing in accuweather. >> all right adam thank you. we'll have those stories and much more when "action news" at 5:00 comes right back. >> okay. >> ♪
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winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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>> we have some breaking news to pass along from the bridesburg section. chopper six is over the scene of a partial home collapse here. no injuries reported but this is the 2100 block of orthodox street. it happened about 20 minutes after the hour. a portion of the front of the three story home suddenly gave way. all of the occupants inside made it out okay fortunately but no word yet as to why it started to collapse. but of course officials are on the scene investigating.
5:44 pm
of course we'll have more information on this partial home collapse in bridesburg as it becomes available to us. >> getting accepted to college is a major achievement but for students at one school in philadelphia's logan second it was the fulfillment of a promise and a dream that started four years ago. "action news" reporter annie mccormack has its story. >> reporter: high school seniors want everyone to know the big news. >> we're going to college. >> reporter: the high school's first graduating class just learned all 86 seniors got accepted into four year colleges. >> it was a promise we maids to families that we didn't have any teachers we didn't have any books we didn't have a school but we had a dream an promise. >> reporter: there are two requirements to be admitted here hm you must come from a low income household and you must want to go to college. around 100 area businesses play a huge part by employing the students. >> it's an independent school and students work about 50 days a year five days a month
5:45 pm
and their salaries go directly to us for part of their tuition. parents pay what they can afford and then our generous donors pay the rest. >> reporter: there are a network of crystal rate schools across the country. own one here. it is a catholic school but for students of all faiths and not part of the archdiocese. during awards ceremony today senior raven parker watson made the college admissions announcement. >> this is what we all have been working towards. >> i got accepted to a lot of schools. one school i'm waiting for is georgetown. that's my top school so if i get accept thread i have to go. jonathan ortiz nabbed a prestigious scholarship awarded to only two students. >> i feel like this school is the right place to be. i'm so grateful. >> reporter: the educators not only make sure that the kids get into a college they stick with them and will make sure that they graduate from college and that they figure out a way to pay for it. >> now we're focusing on the
5:46 pm
fasfa. this past week in class we learned about how to budget yourself once you're in college. >> reporter: in logan annie mccormick channel6 "action news. >> great story. >> time for sports. jaime apody is here with more on the eagles next head coach of course the franchise hasn't officially confirmed anything. >> no. >> but we're pretty certain it's pederson right. >> it's speed on. >> okay. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> while the eagles -- yeah you heard it -- >> all right. >> i heard it here first. >> and everywhere also. although the eagles can't officially tell you doug pedestrian son will be the next head coach until the chiefs are eliminated from the playoffs ron jaworski can because he told us he was part of the search committee had that hired him. pederson the chief's offensive coordinator under andy reid, big red gave him his first nfl job in 2009 and he's been with him scenes. pederson is said to be a guy that players will rally behind being a former player himself which brings us to another
5:47 pm
former player. it seems jaws is more than an analyst these days. see that giant binder. that is the actual compilation of research that the eagles used to decide who their next coach was together to be 3-inches thick hundreds of pages and the reason jaws has it is he was on the team that helped decide that pederson is the right guy. of course there's a lot of talk he was not their first choice and just someone they settled for. >> yes, there were incredible candidates and that's what made the decision so hard and that's great that it was -- it was not an easy decision. we all talked long, hard and lengthy about hiring the right head coach and it's -- to me it's great that it was hard, that, you know, it wasn't, oh, he's the guy where -- it was instantaneous. no, there were good candidates so that made it a more fun. at the end of the day the philadelphia eagles have acquired a owe an outstanding
5:48 pm
new head coach. that was the bottom line not to get distracted not to get off focus but find the best possible coach for the philadelphia eagles. and the eagles did that. >> jaws very positive but what if he was their third choice after all guys they were supposedly high on took other jobs. here's espn's sal paolantonio's take on that. >> pederson was one of their last options but i think he's a good option. he'll sign a five year deal total four years with an option for the team for the fifth year. he's not going to be as expensive as chip kelly. he's not going to be expect any kind of control. this is a situation where jeffrey lurie wanted to get control of the team back to the front office. he can do that. pederson will coach the team. howie rows man will run the front office with tom donahue. he'll bring in other personnel guy but pederson will get along with people in a way that chip kelly did not. >> now, pederson was not their first choice. that's okay says for former eags
5:49 pm
coach dick vermeil. he tells me he was a third choice here with the eagles. the fourth choice to coach the rams then ended with a super bowl. >> it comes across as humble, comes across as bright and passionate about the game and i think he's pretty compassionate about the people he works with. you know, but, you know, someone has -- you always have to start somewhere. i started somewhere. bill wall started some somewhere. don shula started somewhere. i think this guy comes pretty well prepared. >> he also really hopes that the community and the media and the fans rally behind him. >> yeah. >> even if he wasn't the first choice. >> does he live in a log cabin. >> he does. >> nice. >> more news when we come right back. stay with us. here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over.
5:50 pm
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>> it's the weekend. we're thunking about how the weather will be. we've got rain. >> we have rain overnight tonight but it's out of here really early tomorrow morning. most of the weekend is dry and then eventually turning very cold. as we look at double scan live radar the rain is marching in from the south and west about to begin around dover, southern kent county sussex county. will spread up i-95 as we go through the next couple hours. it is all rain for everybody. it is very mild out there. even right now, 51 degrees in january in philadelphia in the middle of january.
5:53 pm
as we take a look at millville 49. 46 sea isle city. 44 reading and even to the north the lehigh valley in the low 40's at the present time. it is a pretty sizable storm and this will deepen as it works to our north and east and then really hit northern new england with finally some snowfall for them but for us again it's a good shrug of rain, heavy at times. you can see some of the brighter echoes there on the radar of the yellows and the oranges. so as we time it for you between 8, 9 o'clock the first few drops start to fall in philadelphia at 44 degrees. 48 in wildwood with some steadier heavier rain by then but still dry in the lehigh valley. once we get to 11 o'clock or so, that's when it works as far north as the lehigh valley and on the brink of the poconos where the majority of us even at 11:30 staying in the 40's and at 3 a.m. in the morning, that is when really the heart of the system passes through with the steadiest the heaviest rainfall especially at the shore. still in the 40's. the poconos just above the freezing point and it could
5:54 pm
end as a little wet snow up in the poconos tomorrow morning. this is 7:30 a.m. as the temperatures fall even in philadelphia to the 38 degrees but the main bulk of the rain is already gone and then into the afternoon tomorrow 3:00 p.m. the sunshine is back with temperatures still around 50 degrees or so especially south of philadelphia and mid 40's to the north and west. rainfall amounts we're looking at a half inch to three-quarters of a and inch. wilmington philadelphia trenton over an inch at the shore a little less to the north and west but still between a quarter and a half inch for the lehigh valley up into the mountains. we have another arctic attack that will be pulling in from southern and central canada. that rides through on sunday and especially pulls in on monday with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below average. the real meat of this cold air stays in the northern plains where they will be 20 to 25 degrees below average come monday. the exclusive accuweather
5:55 pm
7-day forecast, morning clouds tomorrow, afternoon sun, still warm at 50 degrees but it will turn windy tomorrow afternoon and then there could be an evening or overnight snow shower on sunday as that arctic air arrives. sunday is drive some flashes of sun 40 degrees and then wind chills only in the teens for both monday and even into tuesday as it stays very cold in the 20's both days for air temperatures but it is bright and sunny and then the winds will ease, turns milder on wednesday, 36 and then back to near normal at the an end of ne. temperature around 38, 40 degrees. round three of that arctic air lasting a little longer than the first two. >> thank you adam. quick break. more news when we return. stay with us.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are stand by with these stories and more next at 6:: vice president joe biden visits the university of pennsylvania to kick off his moon shot initiative to cure cancer. >> an early morning blaze in
5:58 pm
south jersey daps four homes and displaces nearly two dozen residence. we've got the late he have. that and much more coming up next at 6:00 for monica malpass adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody sharrie williams the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a good night.
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night trenton police bust a drug ring tied to the bloods street gang and ron jaworski reveals that he was part of the team searching for the eagles next head coach. but the big story on "action
6:00 pm
news" tonight is vice president joe biden in philadelphia tonight to kick offer his moon shot mission to find a cure for cancer. and three days after being charged with the mission by president obama, biden toured the abramson cancer center at the university of pennsylvania. biden who lost his son, beau, to cancer last may says he'll devote his last year in office and beyond to take on this cause. "action news" reporter and registered nurse ali gorman is live at the university of pennsylvania medical center. ali, tell us about what happened there late today. >> reporter: and jim there is a lot of excitement here on penn campus. researchers and healthcare providers are thrilled that the vice president decided to start his mission here in philadelphia. and it wasn't just talk. the vice president is starting to lay out a plan. vice president joe biden told top doctors and researchers his mission to find a cure for cancer will be


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