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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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the authorities raid a main line massage parlor and that is next. we are live, at the penndot yard honor gone avenue, in south philadelphia tonight, and as you can see they are gearing up for the task at hand. they will begin in ernest in just a few hours. it is thursday night, and the
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big story on "action news" tonight is snow overnight, in the delaware and lehigh valleys. the chances are excellent that it could make for a difficult commute in the morning. meteorologist cecily tynan is live at the big board with storm tracker six live double scan radar. >> jim, looking at storm tracker six live and thinking hey is what the big deal. the almost looks like last night. we had rain. that is the same system as last night. the system is backing up to the west. but on a broader view you see what is happening a wave of low pressure is developing along this front. it is off of the coast of the carolinas. that is where we have moisture. the moisture is in place. we need the cold air. what a storm like this can do is called dynamic cooling. it can pull down colder a air from higher in the at the months fear and that will be changing over the rain to snow in the overnight hours. but because of that the national weather has posted a winter weather advisory for most of our viewing area from chester, montgomery, bucks county, all areas south and east. 1:00 o'clock in the morning
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until 10:00 o'clock in the morning with the accumulating snow. really it is all about the timing. future tracker is showing we have a pretty broad area have of snow all the way from boston, newark, philadelphia a, east of washington, right in time for the morning commute. so for the morning commute you do have to allow planning of extra time, blowing snow will reduce visibility and the side streets will be getting slushy. i will talk about the a accumulation what to expect where you live. it depend on the location with the full accu weather forecast, jim. >> thanks, cecily. penndot's brining operation began an hour ago and will work throughout the night to treat the road with that salt solution. authorities upped the number of trucks being deployed to 185, out of increasing concerns for areas north and west of philadelphia a. "action news" will get an early start tomorrow morning, at 4:00 a.m., to help you with this snowy commute. we ask you to join matt o'donnell, tamala edward, david murphy and karen rodgers for the latest accu weather
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forecast and traffic conditions. other news at this hour radnor police moved in tonight, and shut down animal sage parlor called body of zen. police apparently think the massages got out offhanded. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at radnor township police. chad, what is the story here. >> reporter: yeah, jim, investigators say that the the woman were selling sex, at body of zen and now investigators want to see if this prostitution case is linked to human trafficking. radnor police hauled two women in court this evening to face prostitution charges, after radnor and state police conduct an under cover sting operation in devon square. investigators say several detectives, were offered sexual services for money, in the body of zen massage parlor off sugar town road. risque advertisements by body of zen led police to check it out. >> we decided to check out these institutions, not just massage parlors but other ones that may or may not have
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different activity because we want to keep our township save. >> reporter: radnor police say the investigation is ongoing and detectives are trying to learn if the prostitution case may lead to human trafficking. >> some of these women providing services are against their, being there against their will, then we hope we are able to help them as well because they are victims themselves. >> reporter: under cover sting operation and allegationness this up scale shopping center has neighboring business owners stunned. most said there was foot traffic at body of zen but nothing indicating criminal activities. >> it is odd, i'm not going to lie. it is definitely not something you see on the main line, not in radnor. it is insane actually. i'm shocked. >> reporter: police have not yet released the names of the two women charged in this prostitution sting operation. i'm live from radnor township, chad pradelli for channel six "action news", jim? >> thanks, chad. philadelphia police opened fire tonight on a vehicle that
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tried to run down an officer. it happened at 7:00 o'clock tonight along d street in feltonville. police stopped the vehicle but as officers a approached the driver accelerated, nearly striking one officer, and that officer and two others opened fire. the vehicle stopped, but nobody was hurt. three suspects in the vehicle, have been taken into custody. philadelphia homicide detectives are investigating two murders tonight. the first a deadly stabbing in ogontz at 8:00 o'clock. the authorities say a man in his late 40's was stabbed multiple times, that is inside of a home on the 5600 block of north 15th street. and then an hour and a half ago deadly gunfire rang out in the 4500 block of north oriana street in feltonville. police say a 20 year-old man was shot once in the the head, in neither case, has a suspect been identified. state highway 49 in fairfield township, burlington county was the scene of a deadly crash this morning. a rav4 traveling westbound
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traveling westbound crossed over in the eastbound lanes and hit the school bus. the bus ran off the roadway and overturn. the driver of the suv identified as four three-year old larry waller, of bridgeton, was killed. four teenage students suffered minor injuries from the bus. eight two-year old bus aid was more seriously hurt, and she was taken to cooper medical center. they are calling this fight week, at abington high school. and this is no prank, this is no game. "action news" reporter, dann cuellar is live at abington school district headquarters, dann, you've got the full story here. >> reporter: that is right, jim. the school district is blaming social media for the spread of these altercations under the hashtag abington fight week. videos of the some of the fights have been posted on the internet as you are about to see. this video obtain by "action news" shows two girls fighting, as school officials and school resource officer tried to break them up.
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>> it is all over social media. that is where i have seen most of it. >> reporter: what do you think. >> i think it is just ridiculous. everyone is fighting for no reason. >> it happened here at senior high is there bunch of fights happening earlier in the week and it just caught on. >> reporter: school district superintendent doctor amy sickle did in the return our phone calls but in a letter posted on the district web site she said there had been five junior fights at abington senior high and in one case a young man was out of control and punched a school resource officer. she said they have been trying to stop rumors of the fights on social media and throughout the school. >> i just heard a lot of words that guys just want to fight, and one of the guys, girls who want to fight. i don't know. >> reporter: no rhyme or reason behind it. >> i don't know. >> reporter: superintendent's letter states that there is an increased police presence a at the high school or the main campus. parents find the concept of the abington fight week here a at the high school very disturbing. >> i mean, it happens every
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where. it is just a bad thing it is happening here now. >> reporter: the school district says it is investigating the fights and there could be, serious consequences for those involved, including and up to expulsion. we're live here at the school district headquarters i'm's dann cuellar for channel six "action news". >> thanks, dann. four teenagers are now in custody for an attack the schuylkill river trail last night. one of the handfull of incidents this week. police say that the suspect a approached runners, and robbed won at gunpoint. weapons turnout to be a bee-bee gun. detectives are investigating whether these juveniles are linked to similar hold ups on sunday. new jersey democrats are proposing raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. it currently stand at $8.38 an hour, or just over $17,400 a year for a full-time job. in 2013, new jersians voted to tie the minimum wage to
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inflation. since that remains so very low, wages have not listen very much. governor chris christie's office called the democrat's bill a job killing measure that could destroy the state's economy. the whitman park tigers youth football organization in camden launched a campaign tonight to collect donations of bottled water for residents of flint, michigan. the team plans to drive to flint and personally deliver the water. people of flint have been living with toxic water since 2014. still to come on "action news" tonight, we have two deaths to tell you about. one from the world of music, the other one of the most famous x games at least let's ever. also the ceo who raised the price of the life saving drug 4,000 percent, laughs off a grilling from lawmakers today. his lawyer explains why. and breaking news from new york where two officers come under fire. the cecily. well, rain is falling now,
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it will be all snow by the morning commute. i will have details on how much to expect where you live. we will talk about more snow on the way next week in the accu weather seven day forecast. a four month long "action news" investigation is getting action tonight, investigative reporter wendy saltsman is joining with us a hidden camera report. >> atlantic city finances are a mess but we went undercover to document how one city leaders is gambling with city resources. what he is doing to break the rules. his response when we come looking for answers. and ducis rodgers with demarco murray, talking about his future with the philadelphia eagles. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. two new york city police
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officers were shot tonight in the bronx. both of them are expect to be okay. the officers were on patrol at 8:00 o'clock when they came face-to-face with two people, in the stairwell of a housing project, one pulled out a gun and fire. a male officer was shot in the head, a female officer in the the torso. the suspect was found dead a short time later.
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investigators say, that he took his own life. a defiant martin shkreli, smirked his way through a hearing on capitol hill today. lawmakers were trying to find out why his former pharmaceutical company hike the cost of a life saving drug by 4,000 percent. shkreli refused to answer any questions, repeatedly invoking the fifth, and after the hearing, shkreli's lawyer tried to deeven if his client's demeanor. >> some of what you saw was nervous energy by an individual who very much would like to explain what happened. >> nervous energy or not moments later shkreli made his feelings clear about the hearings, tweeting this, hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government. maurice white, a founding member of the band earth, wind and fire has died. he was seven 46789 white suffered from parkinson's disease. he stopped touring with the band in the 1990's. white said he hoped his music
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inspired people instead of just entertaining them. bm x bike legend dave mirra died at the age of 41. police in greenville, north carolina found him today with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he was a record setting x games athlete, had his own video game series and became a rally car driver. atlantic city council members have been stripped of their take home car privileges. a a amid a "action news" hidden camera investigation that is exposing the misuse of these taxpayer resources. cities finances are in turmoil, you know that. now the state has planned a take over of atlantic city finances. well, four months ago "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltsman began an under cover investigation to see if those in charge of the crisis stricken city were using their positions to take advantage of personal perks, so what did you find. >> tonight our investigation is getting action, a year ago council members agreed to turn in their take home cars and
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use them only for official business. working on the tip we set up hidden cameras and a found one's electric leader abusing that privilege at the taxpayer's expense. >> where as city is currently experiencing a financial crisis. >> reporter: at the this meeting a a year ago. >> yes. >> the atlantic city council voted on this resolution to ease the financial burden upon residents, saying that they would do their part in reducing costs and relinquish use of city vehicles. park them on the city lot. they would sign them out for official business only. >> resolution passes. >> george continuebit led that charge before when back in 2012 he voluntarily agreed to turn in his city car. imagine our surprise when we saw him, a municipal car parked in front of the house during multiple days. in 2012 you said you were going to return your car. why didn't you. >> we tried to speak to him when our hidden cameras caught him behind the wheel of the
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taxpayer funded vehicle. after making the turn in promise, twice. found it doing little work, that appeared to be official work. isn't that car supposed to be used for city business. >> i was just at city business. >> we followed him seven days and did see continuebit go to city hall for less than an hour january 15th. other days we found him unloading materials from his municipal car to the home he is building driving his son to home depot to shop for more home building supplies, to mcdonald's and around town. >> mr. continuebit we were like to speak with you police report report even on january 13th while mayor was planned by seven of the nine council members who chose to join him at this state of the city speech, about ac's pending bankruptcy, noticeably absent was tibit. >> why weren't you at that meeting. >> i was a at work. >> were you at work here. >> i have inspection days to meet. >> possibly big's boost was allowing his son to drive, his city owned car. >> why was your son driving the car? is that allowed? two days after "action news"
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alerted the mayor about our investigation, don guardian and city council president marty small called a quickly scheduled press conference. the top inning, take home cars. >> today we wanted to tell everyone that the cars are back in. >> council president small announced he took all keys from council members as well as spare keys from city lots. >> they have to go to the clerk's office get permission by me fit is authorized city business. i will approve it. >> if the city clerk was never able to find "action news" any record that the cars were previously being signed out. >> there are laws all over city that are not enforced. >> i implore the new president of the city council for investigating this. >> question is will he fully prom toys use his car for council business? this third time be a charm. >> i will be a at city yard in two hours. >> the on the eve of us making this investigation public i received this invoice showing taxpayers picked up a a $350 tab for in a city car he drove last year to repair a paint
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spill on the seat. the last night council president small introduced a resolution to ban all council take home cars, it was unanimously approved, but one councilman was not there, and george tibit did not show up for last night's meeting. >> he seemed to get a little frustrated when you showed up. >> yes, he he was concerned i might have been there last night. >> thank you so much. word has come that the ss united states may hit the high seas yet again. it has spent two decades docked in philadelphia but crystal cruise luxury travel company wants to overhaul the ship, at the a cost of 700 million-dollar. the first it will conduct a feasibility study which will take at least nine months time. the gloves have come off, and they came off tonight in durham, new hampshire where hillary clinton and bernie sanders met for a debate at the university of new hampshire. the tone was set early when clinton accused sanders of subjecting her to what she
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called an art full smear, while sanders accused clinton of being a captive of the political establishment. on the republican side donald trump has a huge lead in the polls in new hampshire and after second place in iowa he needs a win. he explained, and expanded his schedule today from two to five events, still accusing ted cruz of dirty tricks in iowa. cruz responded by saying that when you winnie was, everyone wants to tear you down. marco rubio has moved into second in new hampshire, and cnn's latest poll issued today have of likely, new voters. new hampshire voters. and "action news" will be in new hampshire, covering the primary fight, and watch for monica malpass a's live reports from manchester beginning this sunday night on "action news". philadelphia's mayor jim kenney has endorsed state representative dwight evans town seat congressman chaka fattah in the democratic primary. evans was not the in
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attendance at a forum tonight in southwest philadelphia, but fattah was, a along with several of the other potential opponents including democratic ward leader daniel muroff and state representative brian simms. fattah has served is 11 terms but set to be on trial on corruption charges later this year. we have some snow coming into the area. let's go to cecily tynan. >> good news this will pale in comparison to the blizzard of 2016. the problem is it is occurring on a friday morning not a week even. it will put a monkey wrench in peoples morning commute. storm tracker six is showing what is falling is not snow but rain with a little bit of moisture milk in some areas. this line is advancing farther to the west. it has moved through philadelphia we have a dry slot. and then you see norristown, media, chadds ford, malvern, we will see this, pushing to the west as we head through next couple of hours and then we will get a colder air, mixing down to the surface. right now, it is way too warm
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for snow. 45 degrees in philadelphia we hit 56 degrees this morning. and that is, well above normal more than 10 degrees above normal. allentown 40 right now. the the poconos 34. hit 51. a record high today. wildwood 39. trenton 43. wilmington 43 degrees. satellite six with action radar showing the frontal boundary the same one that moved through last night. now a wave of low pressure developed along. that that will pull moisture inland and reduce that cold air. that will change rain over to snow. future tracker showing by 4:00 t the snow really across the board. the far northwestern suburbs you are missing out on most of the action. northern lehigh valley and poconos you likely will not see a snow flake but heavy snow across south jersey and delaware, that continues at 6:00 o'clock in the morning. and then we will begin to see, this line, working to the east around 8:00 o'clock. is not he shuts off, west of philadelphia, a and then by about 11:00 o'clock it will move out to sea. the problem is that the greatest impact, right in the
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heart of the morning commute, between 6:00 and 8:00 o'clock and then they will lessen at the storm system moving away. how much snow are we talking about? well, not much, really north and west of the pennsylvania turnpike. the this is where we will see a coating to perhaps an inch, mainly on grass surfaces, when the snow isn't falling heavily it will be melting on road. most of our viewing area, including the i-95 corridor, trenton, philadelphia, wilmington into south jersey, cumberland, and salem county and cape may we're looking at one to 3 inches. however, the bull's eye, northern atlantic county, eastern burlington county and parts of the ocean county, manahawkin, chatsworth, hammington, this is where we could see more than 3 inches of that slushy, wet snow, four to 5 inches, perhaps. new england, southern new england could get six to 12 inches of snow from this system. we are not getting a direct hit we are getting a brush. the problem that is brush is occurring during the morning commute. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast we have a morning snow, off shore, by
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10:00 o'clock in the morning. by the a afternoon. sunshine back. high of 44. it will be windy, so the wind chills in the the afternoon will be generally in the mid 30's. the weekend is looking nice. sun, cloud on saturday. 47 degrees. sunday we will bump it up to 53 degrees. we will get a pattern change next week. on monday, colder air moves in with a high of 42 degrees. it still looks like snow is likely on tuesday with a high of 40. a accumulating snow, and then we will begin to pull out of that on wednesday, clouds, with some sun, 40 and thursday and winter chill with a high of only 36 degrees, and meteorologist david murphy will be busy tomorrow starting at 4:00 o'clock tracking this snow. i think for morning commute you need to slow down and allow plenty of extra time. >> half an hour earlier at 4:00 o'clock. >> yes. >> thanks, cecily. philadelphia's own bacon brothers rock the union transfer in spring garden tonight, for a very important cause.
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this season it has been scoring or lack thereof. tonight against nashville call it an offensive explosion. pick it up in the second period wayne simmonds on the the break away. he will make the the initial save but simmonds sticks with it. it is three-one flyers. later in the second claude giroux unleashes a wicked one timer, nice feed from jake voracek. giroux would later score again. four-one flyers lead. to the third, simmonds, will tip one in front. that is one goals for him tonight. four in the last two games. the flyers win six-three. they are now, three points out of the playoff spot. demarco murray says 2015 season was most frustrated he has ever felt and vows to make things work with the bird and refuses to blame his lack of production on chip kelly. >> for me i'm a guy that looks in the mirror first. i will take the blame. no matter what it is. for me, individually, i think, you know, i will work harder and be better then i was and
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then moving forward i think that is something i will take to heart. >> still ahead here in sports, a golf shot unlike one you have ever seen before, yes, plus fran dunphy and john cheyney have something else in common. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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teams tied for second place in the conference standings, one of the others tulsa, two teams meet tonight at liacouras center. owls trailed most of the second half but sets up for an exciting finish. devon coleman's three with ten seconds to play, forced overtime. in overtime, obie, as well, temple wins 83-79. fran dunphy ties john cheyney as most winningest coach in big five history. delaware crashed nut 83-56. drexel, home with james madison. long season continues.
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ron curry leads all with 16 points. dragons lose 78-58 to call to three-19 on the season. finally tonight, man verse machine. in this case, the machine gets my vote. they brought a robot out to the phoenix open for pro am. give it the a club. t it up a at par 16 hole, reabout on the's name is eldridge, tiger woods first name. like tiger in 1997, on the same hole, now you know what happens now. >> he has to buy drinks for everybody. >> yes. >> jimmy kimmel live next on channel six, followed by night line, jimmy's guest jason, lionel richie and music from elton john. now for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers -- oh, tune in early tomorrow morning at 4:00 . for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jason sudeikis, lionel richie, "this week in unnecessary censorship," and music from sir elton john, with cleto and the cletones. and now, you'd better believe it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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