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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 18, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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it is wednesday night and e b story on "acti news" tonight is caitlyn jner in
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philadelph tonight on the camp of the university of pennnnsylvania. liven unirsity city, "action ns" repter dann cuellar. get at penn? rction did jenne >> ctlyn jenrade a big slash here a sellut crowd, many captivated by the curioty of it all a how s is usi r high-profile life to help other transagaingendetransgende. >> and she has her fans, and they waited in line that snaked around the builng. >> i thk iis cursity and i have se her speak out about her story. >> the tnsgenders are pretty much n in the stlight in general, ihink one with that much fame coming out and being transgenders a very big ing. >>the eventou whi was close
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to news cames, moderated by buzz, who penned the ""vanity fair"" story call me caitn. >> and she mention she is a spokespern for herwn story rather than the whole community. i guess s sti figurg it out. >> i learned moren detail abt all ofer transition period and i thought it was fascinating. >> i think it is perful when you hear ofomebody whoas gone thugho much their lives and decided at such a late age to make sh a drastic chae. it is really quite inspiring. >> by bring caiyn jeeto penn they are hoping it there spark dialogue with tnsgenders and t lbgt community. >> thank you. bill sby fil suit against the m who he is accused of drugging and sexually one day before he aeared in
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court in norristown suing andrea constand, her mother, her lawyer and the national enquirer. the specifics are uer sealut we know all defendantsere bound by confidentiality clauses after cosby and cstand settled a civil suit in 2005. the allentown police officer shot while serving a warrant last night is it out of the hital and doi well. was reled to the homice l case investigation of theoman w was fnd stuck in a recycling bin just blocks away. officials say they now know who shes but e not naming her until her family c be told ahapn. the sht-out with the officer, he is in critical condition and the connection to the homici, if any, not revealed. dtors a treating a 3-yr-old boy strk by a hit-and-run driveronight in the tacony section of
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phidelphia. and chopper 6 over the sce in the 6300 bck of ditan street as the young victim was transpord and as he arrived by ambulcathe hospital for he is stable and expected to be ok. pole have just released this description of the suspected striking vehicle, a dk green 1998 dge conversion van with a light green stripe on t side. it was last seen heang west. > templeniversityospital engaged in some life-and-dth the students, potential fir sponders lingn high-cri nghborhoods. "action news" reporter cistie alleo live. what happened there tonight? >> a lot of time residents are on the scene befo the first responders and the program teaches em to do basic first aid until help can arrive. >> hey! >> a mock scenario that often
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plays out on the streets of north philadelphia. arle knowsh first-hand. >> was running mylf, ducking bullets myself. and then i looked onhe side andhere is a young man, i dn't know what to do. a yng man laying there and he isleeding. had i known this, i mht have been able to safe h life. >> the training she iseferng to is ightg chance." a new program by tple univerty hospital that teaches resents in high-cme areas how to provide basic first a to gunshot victims. >> wn th are standing by ter somebody has been shot they can do something rather and be upset.d of stand ther >> residents aga training on how to stop bleeding from a bullet to moving someone quily and safely until help arvals. 236 homicide last yearrom gun shs and in year there have been 4 shooting victim >>nd the exerses, a they >> yes, ye >> they a puttingheir
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training to useayinghey recently aided an unresponsive man outsidef the rec center. >> if you hn't had that -- >> we won't know how to g him up. >> so f the program has ained 80 residents a organize are hoping to have more by the summer. live fmele university hospital from channel 6 news." a couple in reading, pennsylvania has beenccus of gambling with the chdren's we beg, leavi them lock in a cold car so mom and dad cld gamble. the car wasard at ean casino in bethlehem overnight monday when temratus dipped to 11 degrs. enrique garcia and h wife, francis,re facing misdemeanor charges andheyre fr on bail tonight. basketball team is ranked numr one in the natn fo as it shgged off an ectric and
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hostilatmosphere at tple "action news" reporter chad pradelli was there. >>t was electric inside of the nter tonight, but the power went out quickly for the tple owls as villava got up and end with a 16-point victory. the cent s jumping. temple was looking for a fouh straight vicry vers a top 25-team. and ts was the number 1 vanovand they played well with the beatdown of the owls. >> we ought we had it in the beginning. we were rting they will . it turnedut to be pretty rough. a tough loss. >> i am sad, b we put up a good fig i guess. >> ihought it wasoing to be a little bit closer. temple h some size, se good lent but nova out hustl >> the geasroadca on pn and it s first-come
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first-serve for students looking to ag a ticket to the soldut game. >> what has been li getting in >> 3:45, eveone h school spirit! >> nova a lock for thecaa tournament and likely a number 1-seed. temple on the bubble. villano has had some disappoiing exitsn the tournament and they need more games like tonight to make deep run. >>hey made great defens ty can shoot the ball. i meanhey are just aggssive and have tecity. >> temple did not get the signate win, other aa teams did well. penn state beat mr 4, iowa, and st. joe's beat 15th ranked dayton. in north philadelphia chad pradelli for cnnel 6 "action ircus fans said farewell to t eleants tonig in south philadelphia. this is the last time you'll see the pachydes performt the
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wells fargo center. they are sending them to early retireme in y. a still to come tonight, winnsf the $1.5 million powerball come forward. btle lines beten the ipne and g-men. why apple is fight an oer to lp ithe s bernarno and a landmark studyheth testosterone supementso good. windsn the increase nding wind chills by tomrow morning in the teen chattingbout a bigarm up in timeor t weeke in the sven-daforecast. >> "action news" troublesoter nydia n with a special report. less th 24 hour how lg it takes for them to see results f our viewers. and ducis rodgers with more from villova, temple and other college bastball tonight when
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"action news" continues.
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we have the story of a battle pitting privacy vers national ci. ale vsus the f.i. at issue is the iphone of the san beardino trorist farooq. it is locked with a past code. and mths lat the f.i. still can't t past the security. and the federaludge orded appltoelp break into it. it is n just technolo, apple is challenging the court ruling ying the comny would esseially have to bld a master key to unlock iphones and that would undmi security for hundreds of millions of user who have done nothing wrong. they say that isoo dangerous to create and can get into the
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wong hands including cyber criminals andoreign age -- agencies. and presidentbama going to cuba as the.s. a cuba continuto work toward noalizg relations. no official announcement has come yet that will lely hapn the lastnd only sitting presidento visit ca is lvin coolien 1928. the powerful image today of pope francis praying at the rder between mexico and the united ates. scifically el pa, texas. anti-immigration sentint running high, the pope called on governments top their hearts to what he called t human tragedyhich is forced migration. last night the pope became visibly upset wn people tugged on his sleeves and woun't let go. almost losing his balae the pope scoed t cwd
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admonishing them in spanish "don't be seish." and a couple recoverg in the jacot one of thr winners. they told no one they were holding t winning ticket. they en kept going to wk as an enneer, but itasn't been easy. >> i lost over 10 pounds. it is a lotf pacg at night. >> his 55 and she is 70. they have been married since 1980nd live floridaut didn't want to talk about the the couple won using the same numbers they have been pying for years. they decided to take it lp sum worth $328 million befe tas. the "acon news" trouble shooter at it again. they came to the rescue for one of our viewers, this time appliance rair. >> it as to jt aut allf us, your dishwasher,tove or
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refrigerator dies and y call someone to fix it. what happens if you pay t money and e fix never happens? our viewers called the "action news" trouble shooters. >> t diwasher which is over he was working intermittently, stopping and startingnd not gettingishes clea not even heating up properly. >> she did whatostf us would do, cled an appance repair >> it is bad news, the motor. >> the technician from mr. appliance also noticed this andaid - >> you need a whole now t panel. >> $562o fix that paying a $400 deposit, but they say the repairs never materialed. >> the part is not in. i called again. it ishe holidays. now it is part not in. one things in, t other o is not. and then we h a snowstorm and thenow delayed everybody. >> aft the yeay six months she demanded a refund.
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a few weeks later we went to mr. appliaeo inqui about at the company pmised r. >> she will get that, yes. we will g a cerfi cck for her and tn we'll just deliver it to her house ifhe >> yeah.r? >> the custor serce rrentative. >> we really did try to take care ofhis customer. >> you were tryingo fix her appance? >> we absolutely were. >> complaints about appliance repair is not uncomm. trere aumbeof franchis and this has an f-rating at the better busins bureau, something that they d not realizuntil we told her. >> an f? >>n f. >> tammy, the oer of the mr mr. applnce said she w aware of the bbb procs. theyanted money for meo increase my score. wall says she didn't have the money to pay and also tells me "we lthree technicians, we
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e working to correct some of the kinks." and speaking of them, good news ss tn 24 hour >> i have a check, one i never thought iould get. >> money order for the full $400. >> i so glad. i knew it wouldn'tappen wh withoutour help >> what are you doing for thes $400? >> going to put it in the bank and then for a new dishsher. >> and oths conct you with take care of them? backnd >> absolutely, tnk yo >> the owner of the company also tells me the franchise does hav thousands of custome in the database that are satisfied wh its rvice and we posted an extra on 6abc.m with adve on wheno rair or replace an appliae and h you might be able toxtendanufacturer warranti for free. andosted the seven appance repair companies in our area
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that got the checkbk magine's top rating for quality and price at "healthcheck" at 11:0 ldmark gornmentunded study onestostene suppments. a they iroved mood and wk rength in men 65 years and orlando, moderate bst for se lives but nothing f the overl ener. the study did not make any determination wther long-u ri incases the riskf heart attk and prostate cancer. a host of charges for posing as a doctor. he exaned patients a even set up his own office. was arrested after an unrcover officerosed as a patient and receed a physical he has been charged with
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practicing medicine without a lense. the teenager was citedy the state for i the same thing a few months ag and he'll get ahance to plain himself in an intview tomorrow morng on abc's "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. righaft "ai news." l's get to the seven-day accuweather forecast and adam >> a bit after chilldown here tomorw but temperatures on the way up for the weekend. doublscan live rar out there rht now, very little going on. weave some cld cover out there,ome stars, but there is a cold front approaching from the north and west. youee a little bit of gray around lancaster and reading. the could be a floating fluy around but orall a dry fro is passing through. presently 29n allentn. 31 in reading. mlvil 31 degrees and 32 the atlantic city city airport.
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and mount pocono 26. and satellite and radar, you can see h quickly the clouds have fallen apart. the fro north and west. a lotf the precipitation falling apart and the best chance t snow shower is e poconos. for the rest of us it is a wind sht that comes in behind this front. the bustop forecast tomorrow morning, ler up the kids. 27 to 28. iton snd bad 6:00o 8:00 a.m. withhe bree outf the in the 20's first thing despite e full sunsne. the sshine in controlnto t afternoon tomorrow, but t breeze will continue. soithemperatus only ithe upper 30's, goi to throw that number away and kick it down some 10 drees tomorrow afternoon as wind chills oy stay in the upper 20's across the entire viewing area. and east on friday.e sth friday is muchike today, lots clouds out there as the warm front approaches. a chill at 41 deee but then really pu in e southerly
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and the warmth blding in the ep sou and the souern plains, movg our way. t weekend temps 10-15 drees above afternoon. the forecast 38 and chilly tomorrow, lots of clouds on friday. and saturday, warm and windy but futuretracker showing winds can gust 30-35 miles per houruring the day on sarday. d it stays very mild on sunday. 56 degrees, s give way to clouds. coulde an ening shower sund as the weak piece of ener rol thugh. stl mi, and tn sun and clouds and 54, and pretty sizable system comes in from the south tueay into wednesday. it is moisture-lded, that we do know. the tract uncertain but going into the sto theemperatus e very mild. it the seven days away. >>re the temperatures the
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beginning of a trend? >> oveall arend t second half we suld be abo normal the most part. >> then it is springme, love it. south jersey teenager taking home top honor as top dog for her age group at the kennel show. 18-year-old sophirogers won is year jior showmship competition, judgeon her handling skills, how she moves, how she ctrs her dog and how she preses them. working with h foxhou bob reiving a $6,000 scholarship and quafying for t wld dog show th sumr in
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huge build up to the villanova-temple ga. >> villanova number oneor a rean. jalen brunson likely briefed on the nova-temple rivry and tonight he lives it the first
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time and crushes it. and getng to brunson in a first the pass to krijenkins. up 33-19 in the first half. josh brown a the owls have in the first half, scori 10 of 13 points in the first ha, but temple down a dozenen at the break. brunson unreal. seasonigh 25 points on 9-11 soting. rember, his dad w a star at temple. no wins easily because of him, 83-67. >> they are a ve good team. and to win on theoad in this envirment, great college baskball environment. rlly good for ouream. they have terrific guard play, are smar tough a it is a really good basketball team. and we were proud and proud to play agast them. st. joe's hosting dayton. second half, bembry a another double-ue for himnd 16
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points, 13 rebnds andaw up by . later, demery has a dozen off e bench. st. joe's lead is 12. and more here. andhey improveo 22-4 on the aso la salle home to st. bonaventure. and t lding scorer scoring 18 and lsalle ends the 10ame ling sd 714 over the bnies. and penstate and the nittany lions knock off iowa a t second victory over a top 25 ♪
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tomorrow morning, pllies pitchers and catchersn the field for theirst official spring tining workout. jf skversky is with the phills in florida. >> phillies pitchers and ccher reportedhis morning to clearwater, florida. and just as important as bringing your glo, picking up one of these, a roster figure o who's who. 48 new phillies players are in camp this year. phiies spring training doesn't quite look the same. ty have thrown everye a cngeup, only 18 players from last year's camp are bk f 2016. even the new general manager doesn't know what all of h players look le after they said goobye too many. >> walking through the clubhouse yesterday and this morng, you ow am stoing to introdu mysf to everybody, nice to
2:08 am
meet you, i have been tking about you all wint. >>ow my guys do youctually rognize? pretty mu.s from la year >> the phillies are in full rebuild mode raising the $1 mion queson,ow long before they are plaff team he would not put a timetablen it. >> it is the god's honest truth, the develme of the players, that's what is ulmelgoing to dictate how my games we win this year, next year, etc. >> who will me t gre fir impreion it comes in t morning ty take e field for the first time. >> and reports all week long. >>a phillie fashi week in philadelphia, event held 2300 arena began with a streetre show presented by t sixers, and the sixe erers dancers on h. and it showcases philadelphia designersnd runs through
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saturday. youth the sixer "jimmy kimmel li"ext on channel 6 followed by night line, his guests megan fox,en and "tionews" conties at 4:30 a.m. for cecily tynan, adam joseph, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪
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