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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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good afternoon, in the news, a woman dies and her husband is hospitalized after he tries to save her from a burning home. we're live with the
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investigation into the fire. police are looking into another case of vandalism at a south yesterday church. the big story on "action news" is the death of a former miss new jersey, after being injured in a car crash. this is video of cara mccollum taken in 2014. her vehicle spun off route 55 and hit a tree. she chose to donate her organs before she passed away at the hospital this evening. the police are investigating the cause of the accident. nora muchanic is following this story her live reports begin on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. the uber driver accused in a deadly weekend shooting spree is set to face a judge in michigan. 45-year-old jason dalton killed 6 and wounded two others before being arrested saturday. investigators are looking into reports he was driving customers in between the attacks.
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elizabeth hur has this story in washington. >> reporter: police say this case is baffling because it appears the suspect didn't know his victims and the victims didn't know each other. 6 people are dead, two others injured, one suspect in custody, but so far no motive. shots fired. >> reporter: according to police the mayhem in michigan started before 6:00 p.m. saturday evening in the residential complex, a woman was shot several times, she survived. four hours later in this car dealership parking lot a father and son were shot and killed. minutes outside this cracker barrel restaurant five people were shot four people died, the victims selected at random. this is your worse
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nightmare. >> reporter: hours later the uber driver, jason dalton was taken into custody without incident. police are looking into reports that dalton was working in between shootings. this man said he was a customer during the rampage. i half hartedly joked -- heartedly joked at him and said, you're not the shooter, are you? he said no. i'm just really tired. >> reporter: he said he rode with dalton an hour before the shooting. he was driving through the median and speeding through the lawns, when he came to a stop i ran away. there was nothing in his background to indicate he was a problem. >> reporter: police have new hope for the youngest victim, the 14-year-old girl was initially believed to be brain dead, but she was told to give doctors who thumbs up when asked if she could hear them.
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elizabeth hur new york. bill cosby's wief is give -- wife is giving a deposition at a hotel in springfield massachusetts answering confess about a defamation lawsuit filed against her husband by seven women who accused him of sexual assault. the victims' attorney believe she could have useful information. investigators are looking for the cause of a deadly house fire, a woman died and her husband was seriously injured as he tried to save her yesterday. annie mccormick is live at the scene in boothwyn with the very late latest. >> reporter: rick, we spoke to the fire marshal this morning they said the fire is under investigation and they are waiting for an autopsy to be performed. professional videographer captured this video of the
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intense fire that claimed the life of her friend and neighbor brenda mccabe who was trapped on the second floor of the home in boothwyn. she said her husband tried to save her but was injured and rushed to the hospital. last night her children came to the scene. today they returned they did not want to speak on camera, but shared this photo of "action news" with her son at his prom. she is survived by three sons and five grandchildren. a daughter died last year. witnesses said she spent the afternoon playing with grandchildren before going inside. her family had just left the house, they are waiting to know
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how the fire started. she was in the backyard with her grandson, and the next thing i know the home was engulfed in flames. joe remains at crozer-chester medical center and expected to be released from the hospital as early as today he suffered a burn to his hand and smoke inhalation. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thank you. a service is underway for one of the mostluential names in journalism, acel moore work as a columnist and editor at the philadelphia inquirer. he broke barriers, and one of the first african-american
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reporters. moore was the founder of the national association of black journalists and influence generations of journalists. he was 75 years old. we're one day away from another battle for the race for the white house. donald trump is looking for another victory after his win in south carolina. he scored all 50. state delegates. gop field is down to 5 contenders with jeb bush now out. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will hit the stage for a town hall tomorrow night ahead of the primary in that state. clinton is folk -- focused on the super tuesday states such as texas where she rallied over the weekend. it's another preview of springtime wheg outside live --
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where we go outside live center city. it may not be as mild as the weekend, but a nice way to start the workweek, toasm it's back to -- tomorrow it's back to reality. david murphy is at the big board with all the details. david how was your weekend? >> reporter: it was a great weekend. the temperatures treated us nicely up to 60 saturn and sunday. -- saturday and sunday. today a cooler day, but we have lower wind and sun. temperatures have improved greatly since this morning we were down to 389 in philadelphia. 48 now. allentown was close to freezing and you're up to 46. 49 in millville. and getting up to 50 in spots closer to the shore. winds are light, we're in the single digits across the region outside of beach haven and sea isle city. calm winds in allentown. if you want to get outside and get something done today, a
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great day to do it, not only for the current conditions and forecast conditions, 52 is the high, well above average. 35 the low, well above average again. tomorrow we'll get wet around here. live view on storm tracker 6 live double scan we have an area of low pressure and trailing warm front. this warm front will push up in our neck of the woods during the morning tomorrow, we'll see rain riding from the south to the north. we'll get wet snow in lehigh valley, northern bucks and montco before it changes over. we'll get a low at night before the cold front shoots up, the low shooting past us to the west, the front itself is getting near us on wednesday. wednesday looks like heavy to steady rain and thunderstorms. we'll follow this on future tracker 6, today is a good day to get out there to get stuff done before we deal with that.
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vandals cause damage to a south jersey church for the second time in two weeks. someone stole the black lives matter banners sometime over the weekend. the congregation shared a facebook photo showing the broken beam with the signs were displayed. they filed a police department report and plan to replace the banners. looking live at the courtyard near city hall in atlantic city as mayor and council address the legislation. the takeover would allow the state to negotiate and restructure the city's debt and sell off city assets and lands. mayor guardian said he can live with the plan if it saves the city from bankruptcy. very tired penn state students are catching up on sleep after spending 48 straight hours on their feet. thon wrapped up yesterday
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afternoon in state college. they recognized $8.7 million. for cancer research and care. that's incredible. much more to come on "action news" at noon, the investigation into a bus explosion on a busy highway. the passengers got out minutes before the explosion. it was a dream come true for a 106-year-old woman who got to finally meet the first family.
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a commercial bus caught fire ascertain exploded minutes after passengers evacuated on a highway near chicago. nobody was hurt. in the cab many left their belongings on board and only watched as their baggage was destroyed. passengers say they smelled burnt rubber before the fire started. cause is under investigation. the death toll is rising in fiji from a cyclone. 18 people were killed. the number could go up as rescuers survey the damage on the outer islands.
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rescuers are having trouble community indicating because the power is out. apple ceo wrote an open letter to the employees to explain why he is fighting the fbi over access to the iphone. the tech giant is refusing to unlock syed farook's phone. he said to unlock it would threaten civil liberties and make everyone vulnerable to hackers. it came hours writing an online post saying apple owes it to the san bernadino victims to cooperate. a judge could decide if a lawsuit filed by the sandy hook families of the victims may move forward. attorneys for the gun company argues federal law protects them from liability when their guns
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are used in crimes. the u.s. supreme court is back to work but with a heavy heart today. at the start of the this morning's session, john roberts talked about scalia, he said he had an irrepressible spirit. president obama is considering a nominee to fill scalia's seat. a 106-year-old woman finally got her wish to meet the president and first lady. she was so excited she broke out into a little dance when she was introduced to the first couple. the video went viral when the white house shared it on twitter last night. 19 million views by this morning. she said this is part of her black history celebration, she was glad to meet mr. obama thanks to a social media campaign. taylor swift comes back to
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than previously predicted. cdc said they calculated the health risks in the original report and believe it is much higher. federal searchers say the vaccine for hpv is working very well. it causes cervical cancer. it has reduced the virus in teenage girls by two-thirds and cut cases of woman in their early 20s. more evidence eating high cholesterol food does not increase the risk of heart disease. 1,000 men were fold -- followed for 25 years, they ate an egg everyday. no increase was found in those
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who had depress stroll instake -- cholesterol instaict. >> reporter: we have a story out there that parents will want to take notice of. a mom said a picture of her and her son was stolen and used for online oaks. talk about convenience -- online hoax. a local company started by college students is taking off bringing anything you can think of straight to your doorstep. all you need is your smart phone. take it on the go if you have not download the free 6abc newscast, you can watch us live streaming on your smart phone or tablet. thank you alicia. accuweather is coming up when we come right back. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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back with a closer look at your monday afternoon. not a bad way to start the workweek. >> reporter: not a bad day, better than the way we'll experience the end of the workweek. not right now. >> reporter: but we will, there's no precipitation out there, so that's good. check out the sunshine in north philadelphia pouring down on the temple university campus, temple men's basketball game won a game in houston, 17-9. trying to make it tough north ncaa committee, see if they can get in the final 64. winds are light at 6 miles per hour feeling comfortable, probably cool enough for a jacket, but a good day to get out and about as you just saw on sky6 live hd. 46 in allentown. 45 in reading, 49 in millville. not much different between allentown and cape may and
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center city. with winds light everywhere, again, decent conditions. and then you see the sunshine. there's additional cloud cover that is trying to well up to the south and west. we might see that streaking in as the day goes on. generally speaking we're going with the idea of a mostly sunny afternoon. 49 degrees is the forecasted high today, maybe a degree or two higher than that in some areas in the lehigh valley. 48 degrees at the shore, mostly sunny, a bit on the chilly side, but not bad. in philadelphia we'll go for a high of 52 under mainly sunny skies, mild, a couple of high clouds streaking in as the day goes on. temperatures in general only averaging between five and ten miles per hour. evening commute, holding on to 50 by 5:00 p.m. 47 by 6:00 p.m. light winds cin -- continuing with patchy clouds, the sun goes down we'll lose the warmth.
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overnight tonight mainly clear skies and we'll develop a little bit more cloud cover toward the morning with winds out of the northeast at 7 to 14 miles per hour, and 35 degrees. tomorrow there may be early sunshine, but the clouds will fill in quickly. the big story is a warm front from the south that's triggering some rain. you can see by noon this moves past dover into philadelphia. there's a chance of a brief mixing of wet snow and sleet from allentown north. some model runs have had this briefly in northern bucks and northern montco. by 3:00 p.m. on the latest run it is pushing past us. maybe sleeting in the poconos as late as 6:00 p.m. the rest of the evening looks like we get into a lull. the main rain dies down. the cold front portion of this system sweeps through wednesday, wednesday afternoon and
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wednesday night look out for periods of rain and thunderstorms. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 52 nice and sunny today. tomorrow rain arrives in the morning, stays with you tell through the day and evening. 44 is the high there. wednesday we may get a dry morning in, but by afternoon the periods of downpours continue and you may get a rumble of thunder. high of 56. on thursday, the rain will knock off quickly noon in some cases. 57 is the high with temperatures dipping in the afternoon. cooler air is back, 42 on friday, 42 on saturday, sunday more clouds, we'll bump that number up to 46. there might be rain moving in sunday, we were originally thing a light snow shower, it's rain now. we like that. a new exhibition and art museum in chestnut is taking visitors on the journey through the career of a well-known artist. japanese celebrate the
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traditional new year, the story from crescentville. those stories and more much coming back.
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hello, again, here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," at 1:30, camille cosby is being questioned under oath about the many sexual assault allegations against her husband. we've got latest from
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massachusetts coming up. ceo of apple tells employees why he won't help the fbi hack into the phone of the terrorist shooter in san bernadino. the federal government is telling the makers of hover boards to -- camille could say he oh -- cosby is being deposed as we speak,. camille cosby arrived at the springfield massachusetts mary i don't let before noon -- marriott before noon. expected to face tough questions under oath, about her husband and extra marital affairs and what she knew about them. the deposition was to start at 9:30, things are gti


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