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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  March 6, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am EST

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second goal. >> this is "action news", sports sunday sponsored by audi. welcome to "action news" sports sunday, i'm jeff skversky alongside mike miss until friday 97.5 the fanatic. well, free agency starts wednesday and eagles mike, don't have to worry about a starting quarterback. sam bradford on board for two more years. here's the bottom line was this the right move, was it only move for philadelphia eagles. >> it was only move they could make. is that the right move? we will find out. they had had in other options. sam bradford saying that he really wanted to be here in philadelphia a, he said it about a hundred times lead to you believe that they either weren't any other offers out there for mr. sam and he took best offer that he could find right away. his agent said you better take this deal, it is a good deal. to the eagles it comes down to
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a one year deal. they got a buy out in year two for 4 million. they are paying him 18 million for one year. they could wind up paying him 22 million-dollar for one deal but worth wrist fact they can draft somebody in the third round this year. >> we will see. look doug pederson, eagles said he believes with bradford he believes eagles can make a deep playoff run. do you buy this. >> no. >> he cannot make a deep playoff run. best eagles can do is win their division. is there a fine line all of these teams in the division are eight-eight caliber teams. if the eagles can somehow slip one more game then somebody else, they can win with the nine-seven record but i don't see them going further than that. >> bradford has never been in the playoffs. he is dying to make post season. >> what do you think it would mean to you and this city to make the playoffs for the first time for yourself and for these fans to get back in the post season. >> i mean for me it would mean everything. that is why we play and put so
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much time in. i think everyone grows up dreaming of winning a super bowl. i know i was the same way. obviously i got a taste of it last year. our fans are passionate. we were talking about before this they might be most passionate in the nfl. they create a great atmosphere. >> he would be a hero if he can get eagles to the playoff at this point. >> he would be ultimate hero this team would be the ultimate hero team. the wait for so long for eagles to do something. they are on the the way to do something. it is just matter best case scenario this guy plays well this year and then they build defense around him for like the second, third year where they can be a contender. >> roseman says they are more than one player away, they have other need, safety, offensive line and don't rule out drafting a quarterback as you said. here's what they said about a possibility of another quarterback coming to town. >> i think you have to continue to create depth and competition at your positions. that is not out of the
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question, obviously. at the same time, you know, we have to make sure it is right fit for us. >> you wouldn't rule out drafting a guy at 13 as a quarterback there. >> i don't know about 13 but if it is the right guy at 13, we have to do what is best for philadelphia eagles. >> if there is ever an opportunity to improve ourself whether it is free agency, by trade, in the draft, we will try to do that. certainly at that position all options are on the table. >> so would you take a a quarterback at 13. >> no, not at 13. what i would do if i were eagles would i trade down, actually. i would trade down ten places where they can get an offensive lineman and get that second round pick back to get a wide receiver. kid i have my eye on is fuller from roman catholic and notre dame. ran a 4.31. that is type of guy that can take top off of the defense. >> lots of drops for receivers. they need a receiver and lineman. switching gears to the flyers, five weeks left in the season, they are four points out of the final wild card
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spot. do you have flyers fever? >> i got my little cheat sheet here. >> i can't see that. >> next seven games, lightening, lightening, panthers, red rings, black hawks, penguins. that is a pretty tough schedule. that is a problem. you would love to see them go on to a ten-point spree to get that spot but, you know, it will be a situation where they cannot win a lot of games in a row to put that pressure on and really, assume that spot. >> tampa bay tomorrow night the hottest team in hockey, in the eastern conference. march madness for flyers and of course college hoops. we are week from selection sunday. we could have three teams in the big dance. lets start with villanova on the the way to the number one seed. is this a team a national championship kind of team. >> i didn't think so at first but now i believe they can get to the final four, a and make some noise. they played really great defense together. they have a rotation of eight players this year. they have gotten surprising contributions out of the front court, darryl reynolds and
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michael bridges has played well. they didn't that have last year when they had a better record. they are a better team this year. they have senior leadership. i think they can be dangerous. >> how about temple. twenty-ten. heading to the american conference tournament on friday as the number one seed they have won 14 of 18 including today at the tulane. have they done enough. >> i really do think they have. if they get upset in the first round of their conference tournament then maybe in the because they have had a couple bad losses down the stretch but they have done enough, to solidify, the spot, in the big dance. saint jesses another team that is leaking oil toward the end. we will see about that. >> holy molly saint guess dropped back to back games for first time all season. they are fourth seed in the a-10. not the a strong conference. are they in or out. >> i think they are in because they get a couple byeness their conference tournament the is set up, they get a couple byes and then one win there will get them in. >> let's hope so.
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>> fun march madness. still to come, sixers in miami without their two big guys. plus we head to clearwater but that is not only place you need to see warm weather. melissa has some. >> thanks, guys. here's the seven day forecast, warm up begins on monday up to 60 degrees in philadelphia, spring fever by tuesday, in at 70. record are within reach by wednesday at 74 if we hit that we can break old record of 73 in 2,000. still warm on thursday at 74. showers possible by day's even. "action news" sports sunday continues after the break. lemme get a mcpick 2. check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! ♪ lemme get a mcpick 2 now, choose any 2 delicious mcdonald's classics
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♪ carry more weight, ♪ and yet go farther on a tank of gas ♪ than the ram promaster city. ♪ hurry in to your ram dealer for details on all current incentives. ♪ "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi, challenge all givens. well, we're back with mike missanelli, opening day less than a month away, games don't count but miguel franco two home runs, six runs batted n
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ryan howard, not so much, no hits so far. mike. >> he has been sick. >> you cannot hit with the flu. >> you can't have the flu in florida, it is against the rules. >> what is one thing you are looking for going north. >> they have two players, they have miguel franco and they have herrera. i'm looking for those guys to take a step up, this year. other than that, you know, starting rotation charlie north on pitched well today. can they get enough out of the starting rotation to be competitive. they are a 68 win team? aaron necessity lah didn't look so good other day. phillies taking on the yankees. fanatic is looking for quality baseball. there you go. how about this. >> yeah. >> the bats come alive, andrew nap, catching prospect in the second round pick from 203, three run home run, phillies win six-five. fanatic seeing quality baseball. sixers in florida in miami, he comes up short,
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ouch. even of the first halfish smith not shortchanging this. sixers up two. final minutes of the fourth, robert covington denied. hasan whiteside with seven blocks. other way here comes dwayne wade, good night. sixers lose 103-98 their 12th straight looks they are eight-55. lets go over to soccer union opening up on the road in dallas, just 22 minutes in the the season, and andre blake, beat, fab yan castille and they are having a good old time down there. union, they are lose, two to nothing. only two shots on goal. union has longest playoff drought in major league soccer, 2011, it has been five years, they are having some trouble. >> they are trying to improve their defense, jeff, only two shots on goal. they are emphasizing their defense. >> yes good my union sources tell me. >> is what your cut off at night. >> my cut off at night. >> for phone calls. >> nine, eight, 11?
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ten. >> well, some guys are getting texts way later than that in the the we hours of the morning. the st. joes basketball players by their coach. jamie apody a has more. >> you can usually hear phil martelli from a mile away but it is a new day and he had to learn a new way to get his message across. >> i told myself the text about maybe five years ago, because i realized that they weren't answering my phone call. i developed a formula where i talk to them by texas much a as i talk to them in person. >> we cannot show you phil martelli teching his players because they happen when we are asleep in his pajamas when a random throughout pops up in his head in the middle of the night. >> it would be like 4:30 in the morning you're looking like what does he want. >> i can picture him with his glasses on just sitting there thinking of something to say. >> i don't know if it wakes them up.
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i don't really care. i just want to get my message across. >> sometimes it is something that happens when you get a text at 4:30 in the morning. the it is always coach martelli. >> text players say are always positive, must have a strong day academically, must have a strong heart and mind for practice to take, must be a better student, person, player today. >> how would you describe coach's texting style. >> it is different. sometimes all caps, sometimes a lot of periods. you can say working with the new phone and stuff like that. >> does he use emojis. >> i don't know how to do that. >> smiling face. >> no, you wouldn't like that. >> with the hawks jamie a apody for channel six "action news". >> i love it. >> i love that. >> whatever you do don't text me at 4:00 a.m. >> i will do it tonight. for mike i'm jeff, that is it for "action news" sports sunday. good night. "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are
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