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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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good afternoon in the news two philadelphia police officers
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are injured in a hit and run crash. and a woman is hospitalized after she is attacked by a dog in south philadelphia. >> but the big story is the investigation on what caused a german town row home to collapse not once but twice. "action news" was there when it happened the second time -- >> that was the scene as the row home continued to crumble along the merion street. "action news" reporter, katherine scott joins us with more on the investigation. >> reporter: rick and sara there were actually two people inside of the home when it collapsed. they were able to get out safely, but you can see it was completely destroyed and crews are on the scene right now. there are two adults and five children in that family and the philadelphia housing authority is helping them find a place to
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stay. but they can't get back inside because of how unstable this site is. >> firefighters had no sooner added more caution tape when the rest came crashing down -- this cascade came hours after the initial collapse at 1:00 a.m. >> all of a sudden i heard what sounded like thunder. boom boom boom boom. and she said it's cloudy out there. >> we heard boom boom. and the next thing you know it all came down. >> aaron and lisa say they live in the back of the home, when the walls started crumbling they started running. >> i was holding it up and he was saying come on lets get out. >> he has lived here for three years, it's his family's home. and just recently a friend said
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it looked like it needed repairs. >> he said your house is really buckling and you are not going to have too long and it happened tonight. >> and she is happy everyone survived. >> my whole back windshield is gone but i was not in there. and no one else was hurt. >> back here live, you can see there is total disarray here and the upstairs shelf is in order. what caused this collapse is under investigation, a search of the property turned up violations from a few years ago but nothing recent, we are waiting to see what happened to that property next door. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now, to developing news, a lock down at three philadelphia schools in the city's park side section is over as a man that fled from police was taken into custody. police and k-9 units searched
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the area after he ran from authorities. three schools were put on lockdown as police searched the area. he was taken into custody on poplar street an hour ago. and temperatures are soaring, it may be mid-march but a beautiful day to dip our toes in the water at the jersey shore, we caught this little one doing just that at somers point that morning. but how long will this taste of summer stick around. lets go to david murphy to get all the details. >> it looks like another warm record setting afternoon before we get changes tomorrow. we start with satellite and there are more clouds around, but over here on the terrace it's just high clouds. there are showers missing us to the north and late tonight we'll see some of those pop down through the northern suburbs. but ahead of all of that it's beautiful. 77 in philadelphia currently, 75
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in allentown and 74 in reading and trenton and wilmington, you get down to the coast and places down along the water with the wind coming in across the cool ocean water you are only 63 degrees. it makes all the difference being next to the water today, only 65 there. and wind speeds are between and 13 miles per hour and we expect fairly gentle breezes over the next couple of hours. maybe pop up to 20 miles per hour later on. and the high of 80 degrees, but we could go a degree or two above that. the low 90s is well above average. there are records we are watching today. allentown and atlantic city are areas that could set records this afternoon. we get a cool down to some degree for tomorrow. we'll have those details and the
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weekend call from accuweather coming up. keep open and all of your devices, we invite you to interact with our weather team. and a shooting inside of a north philadelphia restaurant. ronald graham is arrested but not charged. police say this surveillance video shows graham before the shooting, they say he got into an argument with the employee. two philadelphia police officers are recovering this noon after becoming victims of a hit and run. they were sitting in their unmarked patrol car in the juniata park section when they were suddenly hit from behind. the other car fled the scene and both officers were taken to area
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torresdale hospital. police are searching for a dark colored smaller car with front end damage. the gunman that allegedly told investigators he acted in the name of islam when shooting at a police officer will go to trial. edward archer is charged watt tempted murder of jessie hartnett. he gave testimony today about the night in january when he was shot at by close range. now the proposed state takeover in atlantic city is the topic of discussion in trenton. the state budget committee is considering two bills and they say the legislation is needed to save the city from financial ruin in the wake of casino contraction, it will strip atlantic city from -- power and the other would allow casinos to make payments in lieu of of
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taxes. atlantic city mayor, don guardian is giving testimony saying it will trip casinos of their constitutional rights. two burlington county police departments will be holding services to remember sean cullen, he was struck and killed on i-295 monday night and a public hearing from 2:00 until 7:00, a second viewing is scheduled for monday morning followed by a funeral mass at noon. in california thousands of people are paying their last respects to former first lady, nancy reagan, she is lying in repose at the presidential library in california. >> reporter: rick, more than 3,000 people turned out to visit mrs. reagan's casket yesterday and more aexpected today and we
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are learning more detales about her funeral to be held here tomorrow rain or shine. nancy reagan's casket making a solemn and ceremonial arrival yesterday. >> in your hands o lord we commend our sister, nancy. >> bus loads of people following after to pay their respects. they remember the former first lady now that the people got a chance to visit. >> nice and serene. >> she is totally behind her husband and that is a beautiful thing to see. >> mind her husband ronald reagan for more than 50 years of marriage and soon she will be laid to rest beside him. after wednesday's funeral procession to bring mrs. reagan to the library, preparations are underway for the private funeral
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including michelle obama and hillary clinton friday morning. >> she wants a short but sweet and something that everyone would remember her well by. >> but first public has another day to pay respects as she lies in repose. >> giving remarks and readings at that private service tomorrow, mrs. reagan's son and daughter and journalist diane sawyer and tom brokaw and a letter will also be read. >> lauren thank you. now to the race for the white house. tonight the republican candidates for president face off in miami just days before two crucial winner take all primaries. it could be the last stand for marco rubio and john kasich, their home states of florida and ohio are up for grabs.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off last night in florida for the hispanic vote. sanders struck back saying that clinton opposed a plan to let illegal immigrants get drivers licenses. five states hold democratic primaries on tuesday. there is more to come on "action news" at noon, flooding woes, rain continues to flood parts of the south where heavy rainfall has cut off people from their homes and forced evacuations. >> and finding love online. one of the largest dating sites revealed the key to finding lasting love. and david murphy returns with our summer like temperatures. >> love that.
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rain continues to pound the southern states causing widespread flooding. military vehicles are being used in northwest louisiana to evacuate residents. three people have drowned in texas, oklahoma and louisiana. and several campuses are closed to students because of dangerous conditions, those areas are
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expecting more storms tonight into tomorrow. authorities continue searching for two men that pulled off an ambush style attack in pittsburgh last night. we learned that the detective did not believe this was a random attack. five were killed and three others were wounded when the suspect opened fire. the motive is unknown but the partygoers say it came from two different directions. a pile of shell casings were recovered in an alley. parents are upset learning that their children are breathing in high levels of led. the discovery was made when work was being done on the ventilation system. parents were outraged by the danger. >> our children are breathing in
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to tell you about, about a popular snack. pistachios. they are linked to a multistate salmonella outbreak. pistachio are sold under wonderful, paramount farms and trader joe's and are sold nationwide. >> as the saying goes, everyone is a comedian. >> i hear that a lot. >> in this week's art of aging report tamala edwards takes us to animpro improv group. >> linda is doing standup and improv for year zbrz i want to be manic and this is the only place i can be manic in. >> paul took it up two years
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ago. >> like to think quick on your feet and reacting and not knowing what comes next. >> it's called open circle improv but at its core it's problem solving and it help seniors stay mentally sharp. >> it gets you mentally going and physically going and you come up with creative answers to questions. it's just exciting and energizing your whole persona. it gives seniors a chance to socialize. >> we hang out in bars, we give the seniors a few options. >> it gives the opportunity to turn back the clock and become a kid again. >> you want to play. you decide you want to be a chicken or an airplane or just roll around on the floor and throw a fit. nobody will complain, they just go with it -- >> i just love to perform. i love doing that.
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>> tamala edwards, channel 6 "action news." all right, the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. lets check in with alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. >> you guys are both pretty funny for the record. coming up in what's the deal? we have advice with this beautiful weather out. we are talking about strollers, from pricey to expensive, consumer reports puts more than a dozen to the test. and check out this workout. the brain child of a local trainer, it's going viral at gyms across the country. see if are you up for the cha cha plank challenge -- today in big talkers at 4:00. don't forget you can take us with you on the go and you can watch our news app streaming live on your smart phone or tablet. ricky just joined snap chat today. i have to get you trying the cha
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cha plank -- >> that would be a popular one. >> i will if you will how about that? hello? what? .
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david back with the accuweather forecast. and headed back to records today? >> looks like it. we are within a degree of some records out there. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing us we are essentially dry in the poconos and starting to see sprinkles and showers and not making it to allentown just yet and pretty pictures from somers point, new jersey, it feels like beach weather out there. i would not be surprised to see people kicking around at the beach and right at the shore at the ocean front not as warm and
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only low 70s there. 78 in philadelphia already though, winds from the southwest at 13 miles per hour so a little bit breezy and it feels good when you talk about temperatures this warm s 75 in allentown and 74 comfortable degrees in reading and near the ocean watercooler, 65 in cape may, probably going up to 70 this afternoon in cape may. we got some shower activity trying to sweep down to philadelphia and once this gets past we are into a lull as far as this is concerned again. so overall we'll go for clouds and sun up in the lehigh valley, warm and 77 degrees, pleasant out there. that would be a record in allentown if we hit the 77. and 73 degrees by the cool ocean with the wind coming in slightly off the ocean. a pleasant afternoon but not quite as warm as in
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philadelphia. we'll go for a high of 80 to 81 degrees today. i would not be surprised if center city gets up higher than that. more record warmth in philadelphia today is 76 degrees, we'll go way past that. 79 by 4:00 and coming down from the 81 and 77 by 5:00 and still holding on to the low 70s by 6:00 before we dip into comfortable weather tonight, 68 by 7:00 and in the overnight hours we see shower activity built in. future tracker 6 keeps it outside of the area for the most part until after 11:00. in the overnight hours it falls apart and sweeps down and is raining here and there and it's possible if you get out in the rush hour tomorrow morning the roads will be a little wet but by 9:00 the rain is off the coast and the breeze is picking up and temperatures will change behind the frontal boundary that is triggering the rain and 70
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degrees at 6:00 and overnight into the 50s and not too bad and only bouncing up into the 50s tomorrow afternoon. your exclusive accuweather forecast another record breaker today. 80 to 81 degrees is your high and record warmth on the way and breezy and cooler tomorrow after the overnight hour activity. 66 is the high than is 16 degrees above average and it is cooler. 64 on saturday and sunday with afternoon sunday showers, don't forget to set the clock forward one hour when you go to bed saturday night. it's the time of year we lose an hour and we have all the great weather. and rain early in the day on monday and look at numbers next week, we get back up close to 70 by wednesday and probably 70 on the nose by thursday. another slug of warm air coming in next week.
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[ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. "action news" at 12:30 continues. with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again, here are the stories we are following at 12:30 now. soaking up the sun outside. people across the region are enjoying this warm thursday. accuweather says they are breaking records once again and the philadelphia police officer that was ambushed in his cruiser and survived takes a stand against the accused gunman. we are live with the latest.
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and a man is under arrest for exposing himself to women that were arrested. and another day of record warmth across the delaware and lehigh valley valleys. it feels almost like summer outside. almost? it does feel like summer. sky 6 hd there are clouds over philadelphia international airport, you don't need to get on a plane to escape, you can stay home and enjoy this picture perfect day. lets check in with david murphy outdoors on the terrace on a day like today. >> reporter: i had the last several days off, when i picked them months ago i could not have expected it would be this nice. as we look at satellite, you see a couple of showers up north and some of this looks like the tail end of this pops up near allentown and up above the surface and not hitting the ground, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows the surface


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