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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning everyone, it is 4:30 a.m., friday, march 11. here's what we're following, breaking news, a woman is beaten and abducted from a septa bus in the crescentville section. a 3 1/2-month-old baby died of poisoning and starvation. remembering nancy reagan, many remember and pay tribute to the former facer lady -- former first lady, we have a preview.
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david has weather. >> reporter: we have showers coming in, most of the roads will be dry this morning. there's a fair amount of cloud cover to start out. once the shower activity breaks apart we'll return sun into play early this morning and overall we're looking at a mix of sun and clouds today. 66 degrees still on the mild side. 57 in allentown. 58 in trenton. 61 in reading. 66 in philadelphia. down the shore, cooler, 55. wind not that strong up to 12 miles per hour in philadelphia. i did see trash blowing around on the roads on the way in. it has been blustery overnight. it will get more so as the day goes on. mainly cloudy and breezy with the temperatures on the bus stop. we could drop to 59 by 8:00. as we turn the temperatures
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around they will not go as high as the last couple of days. 66 degrees is the high this afternoon, again no worlds than a mix of sun and clouds, might even see bright sunshine coming back. 66, 15 degrees above average, not the 82 we got yesterday. >> reporter: it was nice while we had at least, right? the big issue today is with mass transit. yesterday at 5:30, paoli thorndale line was suspended because of downed power lines, hundreds of people were stranded with this. last report we just talked to them, they are still out there trying to work on it. the first trains go out at 5:00 a.m., they will ain't see if they can run on time. let's go outside live and check on the vine street expressway. the vine was shut down yesterday for the overnight construction, but right now we're seeing the vine movie in both directions. westbound and eastbound open and
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looking good at this point. on the schuylkill expressway at spring garden we can see a quiet scene we can see showers moving through not impacting roads too much. traffic is moving okay. as well as i-95 here approaching cottman. breaking news, here, a woman was abducted from a septa bus when the bus was traveling through crescentville section this morning. a man dragged her off the bus and beat her and forced her into the car. katherine scott is live at the scene of the kidnapping with the very latest. >> reporter: police say the woman was clearly assaulted and forced into the back seat of a vehicle. police are calling this a possible abduction, they believe the man and woman knew each other. they are don't know who either are, they are trying to figure out moore clues and searching surveillance foot annual. the police were on -- footage, the police were on the boulevard
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dusting for from time to finger. the driver of the soapt at -- sa bus was on the 4600 block when he noticed a grand am or grand prix. driving up to them closely. a man punched wood, cracking the -- punched window, cracking the wood. he tried to get on the bus, but the driver pulled out. the man pulled in front of the bus and got out. at the same time the woman was getting off bus, he grabbed her and punched her in the head and face and forced her into the back seat. the car is 2005, four door silver pontiac grand am or grand
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prix with temporary delaware tags. we get no record on this vehicle. >> reporter: police say they are checking our channels. they are looking at surveillance foot annual, that septa -- foot annual, that septa bus had multiple cameras. police believe he is on camera, they have taken the bus to frankford transportation center where detectives will pull surveillance foot annual and get a -- footage and get a better description of the man whole face very serious charges. new this morning, authorities in berks county are investigating the death of a baby as a homicide, he died in december inside a home in reading. the coroner ruled the cause of death to be poisoning and starvation. anthony was 3 1/2 months old.
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police call this an on going investigation. four students from a center city charter school were arrested in connection with the attack on the student from roman catholic high school. police say one of the four admitted to being involved in an attack on the student. the beating left student jimmy falon with a badly injured eye and concussion. they rolled me over and kept kicking me. this is the fourth attack on roman kids this year. you want them to be safe and stuffer, like my husband said i don't know what the answer is. >> reporter: police say such attacks are a growing problem. developing right now, forest fire continues to burn in south jersey this morning. it broke out yesterday near
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baptist and old tuckerton roads in burlington county. the fire has consumed 350 acres. no homes are under a wildfire threat at least right now. amtrak is working to stick power problems that left hundreds of amtrak and septa passengers stranded last night. passengers lined the sidewalks outside of 30th street station as service on the paoli thorndale line was suspended. officials say downed power lines along the tracks in ardmore are to blame. septa expects the service to start at 5:00 a.m. karen rogers will let you know if that happens. former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest today. brandy hicks is live at the presidential library in california with more on the services. >> reporter: it's been an emotion week leading up to the service, world leaders will be
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joining some of hollywood's biggest stars here to remember one of the most memorable first ladies. first the public paid respect rs now the family and friends will say their final goodbye. what can the public expect to see? she wanted it short and sweet. >> reporter: more than 1,000 guests are attending the private funeral service, including michelle obama and hillary clinton and georgend laura bush. i have a lot of respect to the reagans and nancy. >> reporter: for two days thousands lined up in the hot sun to see mrs. reagan lie in repos. i've seen her do wonderful
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things for the community. >> reporter: from hollywood to the white house she was always by her husband's side. leading to her most important request of all. when her casket is lord into the ground -- lowered into the ground she'll be as close to them as they could hold hands. governor jerry brown and former governor arnold schwarzenegger will be here. reporting live in california brandy hicks, channel 6 "action news." going on to politics, donald trump said he has picked up the endorsement of ben carson he is expect told appear with trump today. the gop candidates squared off in the battleground of florida. one issue that divided was the comment trump made that islam
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hailts the -- hates the west. >> reporter: immigration is something that brings youth and vie remembrance and energy to the country. we clearly have to control the borders, we lock our doors at night in the home, the country has to be able to lock its doors, as well. this was the last debate before the tuesday primary. there's contests in florida, ohio, missouri and illinois. the search for two gunman who carried out a bloody ambush in suburban pittsburgh continues. it appears one of the victims was targeted. the national guard is called into action as heavy rains continue to battle parts of louisiana. david. >> reporter: it's breezy and cooler today, light jackets on the kids.
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above average temperature-wise, what about the weekend? a couple of showers possible. i'll show you that on future tracker just ahead. > heavy raig
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blamed for three deaths and a number of evacuations in northern louisiana. the a helicopter rescued four people from the floodwaters yesterday. the rains have cut off homes for the past few days, unfortunately for them, more rain and flooding are predicted. it's raining heavily down there. >> reporter: that's the system that's down south and missing us. our rain very light, storm tracker 6 live hd double scan showing showers pushing off the coast. allentown a drizzle drop or two on your windshield in most cases.
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we expect this to move on out and fall apart as it pushes toward the east with dry air coming in behind it. as we look outside, other than nuisance sprinkles and showers around. we have breezes across the region. you can see the sky 6 camera be bouncing a little bit. 66 degrees in philadelphia. as we take a look at temperatures across the region right now, 58 degrees in trenton. 61 in wilmington, 57 in allentown. these are fairly mild numbers for this time of year. in fact all these morning numbers heading toward the lows right now are above the average high for this date in philadelphia. the average high is 51 degrees. mild air in place although not as warmth as the last couple days. in terms of sprinkles they lyle they are falling a-- they look like they are falling apart. we'll not only have the rain out
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of here, but we'll return sunshine to play. there's a chance that a good portion of the day experiences bright sunshine. 10:00 a.m., 60 degrees. noon, 62, the high today is 66 degrees by 6:00. well above average but nothing like the last couple of days. allentown will get into the low 60s, 64 in trenton. 66 in wilmington. 67 in millville and 64 in cape may by the water. as we look out on the town in case you have plans to head out dinner and movie. 55 degrees by 7:00. 52 by 8:00. a -- 50 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 10:00 p.m. into the 40s, cooling down a little bit but not too bad for this time of the year. remember saturday night turn your clocks ahead one hour before bedtime. it's a great time to check your smoke detecters and carbon monoxide detecters.
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it's not a bad idea to swap them out. the highs will be in the 60s saturday and sunday, we have a chance of a shower on sunday, the better chance of steadier rain is later at night. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, going for a high of 66 degrees this afternoon breezy and cooler. we'll return a fair amount of sunshine as the day goes on. partly sunny on saturday, 64. a nice march afternoon and more clouds build in on sunday occasional showers, the steadier rain holding off until late monday night. monday, periods of rain on and off, 59. breezy and milder tuesday, 6 degrees, spotty shower on tuesday, wednesday, 69 and settling back to 66 on thursday, remember, when we are not on the air you can get the latest weather information by dialogue up -- by dialing up as we go through the weekend you
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might want your storm tracker 6 live app on your smart phone to track the sprinkles and showers around sunday in case you have plans to be out. new this morning, firefighters in los angeles are putting out hot spots from a massive fire at a commercial building. 100 firefighters began battling the blaze last night. nobody was hurt. it was an impressive fire, they are trying to keep the hot spots contained, they are working on what started it. we are learning new information about a deadly ambush in suburban pittsburgh that left five people including a pregnant woman dead. two gunman targeted one or two of the victims in wednesday night's attack. they are not ruling out drugs as a motive. four women were killed one 8 months pregnant, all of the victims were related. jessica shelton lost three of her children. she was at the party and decided to leave early.
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i end up leaving because i said let the youngers one enjoy there selves because i'm one of the older ones, never to know that such tragedy would break out to innocent people. police call the murders, calculated and brutal. they are searching for the two gunman. after on going talks for a negotiation to avoid a transit strike negotiations continues today. unclaimed millions of dollars and times is ticking away to cash it in him few few
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,. >> reporter: welcome back everyone, many are worried about mass transit, hundreds were stranded, they had down power lines at the ardmore station, affecting the paoli line, they are still working on it. the first train is expected to be out in nine minutes. they said they are still working on it. in the meantime take the norristown high speed line. this caused delays with the amtrak line philadelphia to harrisburg. outside live on the boulevard approaching the schuylkill expressway, we've seen light showers moving through. nothing huge, but damp on the
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roads. we're looking okay right now because a lot of people are asleep. it's friday, checking out the platt bridge, traffic is moving fine, roads are clear. light volume. tacony-palmyra is opening at 5:05. you want to watch for that. possible new jersey transit strike is creeping closer despite several days of negotiations, still no deal. both sides hope to avert a walk off at 12:01 sunday. the tone of the meeting has been positive, but they have not reached an agreement on wages and healthcare costs. unions have been working without a contract for five years. the federal government is holding on to a billion dollars and some of that could belong to you. if you never filed a 2012 tax return and owed money. time is running out. 1 million people have checks coming to them. the medium refund $718.
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apple will hold an event at its california headquarters on march 21, it is widely expected the company will unveil a smaller version of the iphone. if your money is locked into the major stock indices it likely went nowhere yesterday. are flat. stray glass has forced krona to recall 12 and 18 packs of beer. the glass was found during a routine quality control inspection. low income families will catch a break when it comes to paying for diapers. a stray dog catches a ride in the undercarriage of a police car out west. a texas teenager lost
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control of his long board here and went sailing off a cliff and amazingly survived. this happened while 18-year-old and his friends were skating down the hills of an el paso neighborhood two weeks ago. >> reporter: how was do you think you were going? 47 miles per hour. my downhill wheels ripped
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up, it bucked me off and i want flying off the side of the cliff. he got banged up pretty bad, but did not break any bones. he said the crash taught him a valuable lesson. a tiny dog in phoenix ended up in a tight spot. chihuahua mix got under the car she wouldn't come out not even when attempted with a hot dog. public service is part of helping our four legged friends. the dog is in good health and be put up for adoption in the next few dates. police are looking for a woman who was violently abducted from a septa bus early this morning and her kidnapper. we'll have a live report from the scene next. a home invasion suspect is
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with wholesome rice, real chicken, and accents of vegetables and apples. (vofights mess right.ghtweight 4-in-1 attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. 5:00 a.m., friday, march 11. we're following several breaking stories. a woman was violently abducted off a septa bus this morning. we're live as police try to find her and her kidnapper. a tire rolling down a hill in the lehigh valley smashes up a ambulance. a d


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