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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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tomorrow. but there's that wind coming in right off the water with a low to the south keeping temperatures at 47 right now in philadelphia, 40 new york city but look at pittsburgh below that front it is already 70 degrees. so, as we take a look at what to expect here overnight tonight, temperatures will hold steady. some areas of drizzle around with that very cool northeasterly wind and very little in the way of an additional rainfall total. it will add just a little bit more in the form of rain. we'll chat about a little bit of sunshine as well kind of a dreary week ahead. we'll chat about it coming up in that full accuweather forecast, guys. >> okay, adam, thank you. >> ♪ >> and breaking right now police just gave us surveillance video showing the moment a man stole a van today in west philadelphia and took off with a four month old baby in the back seat. this child is safe and sound but police are still looking for the man and -- the van and the man who took it. >> that stolen vehicle then of
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course turned into a kidnapping case that happened in west philadelphia and we now know that the father of that child got in touch with the thief in order to get his baby back. >> sarah bloomquist live at southwest detectives now and sarah, we just got brand new details about this investigation. >> reporter: brian and sharrie, that's right this appears to have been a crime of opportunity. the child is fine. this afternoon police looking for that stolen minivan and the young man who take it with the four month old on the back seat. we just obtained this brand new surveillance video showing the suspect and the crime in progress. this is video of the four month old baby and his parents as they left southwest detectives this afternoon. the child is fine but this could have turned out much differently. just after 7:30 this morning the child's father parked his white town and country minivan near 49th and wall out in run into the corner store. surveillance video shows the van parked outside. the infant's father went in and out of the store passing
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by a young male who looks to be in his early teens wearing a camouflage vest and carrying a red umbrella. you can see him holding that red umbrella and standing outside the store. the video shows that young man getting into the minivan with the child in the back seat and then driving away while dad was still in the store. police tells the child's father had left his cell phone in the minivan. he borrowed someone else's phone and textd his own phone. a short time later someone presumably the suspect texted that the baby was at an address near penn and green streets in germantown. police found the child on the sidewalk in the rain on penn street. the baby was taken to saint patrick's day christopher's hospital to get checked out. this is the infant's father leaving with child 6789 shortly after the baby's family arrived at sweat detectives to give their statement. they're searching for the minivan with pennsylvania tags jms6013. now police believe this suspect may be in his early teens and may have been
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dressed to go to school. they think he could be from that area where the corner store is right near 49th and walnut. they think minivan at this point is likely somewhere in the germantown area. if you have any information, contact philadelphia police. live at southwest detectives sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." >> sara thanks very much. military veteran is charged in a deadly stabbing in rittenhouse square. police say 40-year-old steven simminger killed 24-year-old collin mcgovern early yesterday morning. they say mcgovern and his friends made a comment of some kind about simminger's new jersey devils hat as they walked past each other on the street. the deadly fight was captured on surveillance camera. >> suspect and the two males are in each other's faces. you can see an exchange in angry words. with that fists start swinging, they go to the ground and at that point the suspect pulls o it a knife and stabs him several times. >> now, mcgovern from churchville bucks county later
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died at the hospital. vernon odom will have much more on how simminger was arrested coming up tonight at 5 o'clock. >> family friends and fellow officers gathered today to say goodbye to a new jersey state trooper killed in the line duty. sean cullen was laid to rest today. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live in cinnaminson with more on today's funeral service. nora. >> reporter: sharrie, the rainy weather kind of set the mood for this very sad day. about a thousand police officers from all over the country and especially from this region came here to cinnaminson today to say goodbye to trooper cullen a man described as someone who loved to laugh loved his family and loved his job. >> ♪ >> reporter: bag pipes wailed inside saint collateral borromeo church in cinnaminson at the funeral mass for new jersey state trooper sean cullen killed last week when he was hit by a car responding to an accident scene on interstate 295 in west
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deptford. >> sean, i'll never forget him. i may be gone but clearly not forgotten and he was one of those guys that always got the job done and always made me laugh. >> reporter: at the funeral cullen 's heartbroken mother matt and sister jennifer made a promise to his infant son. >> reporter: she wasn't's brother gary is also a state trooper and it was sean's dream to be one too. in addition to his parents cullen leaves behind his fiancé erin who is expecting another child. >> i think they're blessed to have such a close wonderful family that despite the circumstances i think they'll hold onto each other. >> reporter: police from all over the region and states including california, colorado and kentucky traveled to honor the trooper who wore badge number 7594. they stood in the rain and saluted as his hearse left the church. >> law enforcement is a brotherhood. it's tragic and no matter how
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far it is we try to be there. >> everybody supports one another. especially now when it seems that police aren't favored as much it's very important to show that we care about each other. >> reporter: now, lots of people are coming to the aid of the cullen family. there's been a number of fundraising efforts including a go fund me account that has already raised more than $134,000 in just four days. live in cinnaminson, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> a large outpouring of support. nora, thank you. three brothers are now in custody in connection with an ambush that killed a maryland police officer who grew up in delaware county. investigators say the brothers went to a police station in prince george's county yesterday and one of them opened fire on the first officer he saw. officer jacai colson was killed. he was born in boothwyn and went to chichester high school.
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>> chichester pride. he was the quarterback. he was liked by everyone and he was a camp counselor. he was my youngest son's camp counselor. >> police believe colson's killer wanted to die in a shootout with police. he was wounded and hospitalized but he is expected to survive. his two brothers remain in custody. >> we learn more today about the philadelphia airport can custodian charged with stealing a federal air marshal's gun. the air marshal left his handgun inside a airport restroom on saturday. investigators determined that 31-year-old victor sheard took that weapon and locked it inside his janitor's closet. the gun was recovered and no one was hurt but the incident caused more than a dozen flights to be delayed. meanwhile a crash on the tarmac at philadelphia international airport sent someone to the hospital today. our sky6 cameras spotted the scene near terminal f. police say a service truck hit an empty commuter jet and "action news" viewer sent this picture of the response on the
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ground. the driver of the truck went to the hospital as a trauma alert but police have not yet said just what caused this crash. now remember, any time you see breaking news happen, join the action. send your pictures or video to join the action at or post them on social media using #6abcaction. >> it is that time of the year when college basketball fans they dream, they dream about it for months. the ncaa tournament tips off this week and three of our local teams are headed to the big dance. sports director ducis rodgers live now in the "action news" sports center with reaction from the coaches. hi, ducis. >> reporter: sharrie, by a stroke of luck, the three teams villanova saint joe's and temple will all open ncaa play on friday. jay wright fran dunphy and phil martelli will gather at the palestra this morning for the coaches versus cancer tipoff breakfast. nova a two seed will open against unc ashville. the owls will face iowa. those games are friday afternoon.
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and the hawks are headed out west, their first game is friday night against cincinnati. the three coaches have been around a long time. they know what an accomplishment it is to make the ncaa tournament. >> it's f it is really -- it is fun. it is really exciting. i don't want the players or anyone to take this for granted. >> i'm delighted for them. i'm delighted for their families and this is about smiles and memories. >> you know, there will be tremendous excitement but it's a basketball game and once we get through the opening minute jitters that we'll probably have, you know, settle down and let's play some basketball. >> with temple and nova being in the same region, if both win their games on friday they would meet in the second round aren't sunday. how abouaren't -- on sunday. brian and sharrie back to you. >> that woulds have city going crazy. >> time for the "action news"
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traffic report. >> autumn marisa in for matt pelman. >> we have afternoon madness on the roads right now. we have some wet roads. it has been drizzling all afternoon long and that means a very slow afternoon commute. don't let those travel times fool you. very slow out there on all our roadways. taking a look at the big picture we'll show you what we mean. low teens on the schuylkill expressway down towards the city, vine street expressway at a crawl. same with 95. again, slow on the blue route. you can see 10 miles per hour over there, so again, it's a monday and it's raining so this is what we can expect out there. you can see slow through those southbound lanes at cottman on 95 and those northbound lanes taking a little bit longer to go from the vine street expressway to woodhaven right now. about 30 minutes to do that commute. and our area bridges of course you can expect a slowdown here. here's the ben franklin bridge looking pretty clear in both directions but again, the cars are going much slower as well as on the tacony palmyra and the betsy ross and of course the walt whitman. let's talk about a few of the
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incidents in lansdowne. main street and oakland avenue we have an accident to report and springfield township mermaid lane another one out there and 295 northbound approaching route one which is exit 67 we have an accident there as well. we'll keep an eye on things and we'll bring you an update in the next half hour. back to you brian and sharrie. >> autumn thank you. details on a car recall and the vehicle that could have a problem with its brakes. >> plus an amtrak train derails and sends more than two dozen people to the hospital. what the engineer reportedly saw right before this all happened. >> and it's a different kind of philly cheesesteak than anything you've seen before. we'll show you what happens when one of city's top chefs teams up with one of the most iconic sandwich shops in town. >> ♪
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when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow.
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my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't. switch to better. switch to fios >> ♪ >> the ntsb is on the scene of an amtrak train derailment that injured 32 people today in kansas. investigators say the engineer noticed a significant bend in a rail and applied the
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emergency brakes. well, the train left los angeles and was heading to chicago. it had 131 passengers and 14 crew members on board. it went off the rails west of wichita. eight cars derailed, four of them ended up on their side. one man said passengers helped each other as they got out of the wreckage. >> one gentleman stopped me he kind of in the darkness of the field and said, you know, friend, friend, are you all right? what's going on? he said is there any blood and i shined my cell phone light in his face and it was very bloody. >> medics flew two people to the hospital in critical condition. the rest of the injuries are not considered serious. >> presidential candidates crisscrossing the country he today ahead of tomorrow's crucial round of primaries. voters in five states will head to polls tomorrow including the home states of two of the candidates. john kasich is hoping to carry ohio. reports show he's neck and neck with donald trump right
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now and marco rubio is looking for a big boost in florida. polls show he is trailing trump there. trump appeared at a rally with chris christie today and once again denied any responsibility for inciting violence at his campaign rallies. but moments ago the sheriff's department the in cumberland county north carolina said it is weighing charges against trump. that's where a protestor was punched last week. investigators say the charges could include inciting a riot. former alaska governor and vice president candidate sara palin was supposed to be at a trump rally today but her husband todd was seriously injured in a snow mobile accident. the family has not revealed the details of the crash yet but todd palin is hospitalized in intensive care. sarah palin did appear at a trump rally in florida on her way to the airport. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is urging state lawmakers to pass a bill legalizing medical marijuana. the governor released a video statement today asking the house to pass the legislation.
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the bill would let the state board license growers dispensers and processors. patients would need a written certification from a doctor or nurse confirming they have a condition that qualifies them for the drug. the house began debating 220 amendments to that bill today. they could take a final vote on the legislation later this week. >> nissan is recalling more than 47,000 vehicles in north america because of a major concern with the brakes. the problem is with the electric leaf cars. the national highway transportation safety administration says cold weather can cause a relay in the car's brake booster to fail. the brakes still work but they are harder to use. the recall includes leafs from model years 2013 through 2015. nissan says it is reaching out to the owners who need repairs. dealers will reprogram the software for free. now here's a look at today's closing numbers and not a lot of movement at the closing bell today. the dow up nearly 16 points,
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the nasdaq up barely two and the s & p 500 off the mark by about two and a half points. >> all right, time once again for a check of the accuweather forecast as we get things off to a dreary start on this monday. >> let's check in with meteorologist adam joseph. >> we'll try to brighten things as we go into the week but overall this week will be far worse than last week weather-wise not as warm and a lot more in the way of clouds and on and off showers. as we look at sky6 live over center city camera bouncing a bit you see the low lying clouds there a bit of drizzle hanging on and that visibility has dropped to 3 miles in philadelphia, two and a half in wilmington, 2 miles in millville, around two and a half at the shore and a little better to the north and west lancaster and reading you can see the visibilities pump up to around 10 miles. but as we look at double scan live radar on storm tracker not finding much in the way of green so again we're not seeing those steadier showers or downpours like we had earlier this morning. they have moved off into southern new england and off the coast but for right now we're just seeing, again, that
4:19 pm
patchy drizzle around. as we look at the numbers pretty impressive rainfall totals throughout the last 24 hours or so. about an inch or a little better in philadelphia. around .3 in allentown, closing in on an inch for trenton as well as wilmington atlantic city hitting the jack point of 1.3-inches of rain. as we look at some of the numbers when you are talking about temperatures, it is really raw with that northeasterly wind. the clouds and the drizzle, 45 in allentown, 47 philadelphia. 50 or so dover, millville and cape may and lancaster right now sitting at 47 degrees. as we look at the month of march, today's high temperature was the first time it was below normal in a week. we had that tremendous week last week with above normal temperatures and so far this month is running 8.6 degrees above normal, so coming off of a very warm february as well as january and also in december. as we look at satellite and radar, a bit of a break
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working in but we see another low pressure in the southern part of the ohio valley. this will slide to our south and a lot of that will fall apart so we're not looking at heavy rain being introduced back into the picture here but the light drizzle sticking around for tonight, 43 allentown, 46 philadelphia, 47 dover as well as cape may. future tracker early tomorrow morning again the morning rush a couple of areas of drizzle, a lot of clouds temperatures in the 40's. that system lie slides to the south the best area to see showers is philadelphia to the south around the lunchtime hour and by evening rush the skies will brighten up, temperatures near 60 so warmer with even a few peeks of sun before sunset. your four day at 4:00 forecast will show again tomorrow it is warmer at 62 with a spotty shower around during the day and a few breaks of sun late in the day. and then wednesday morning fog giving way to an afternoon shower, very warm but not feeling all that warm with the clouds of 70. breezy and a shower likely for saint patrick's day as well as friday. they're not washouts but a lot
4:21 pm
of clouds and showers temperatures only in the 50's so not the brightest of the next four days but we'll chat about a better beginning of the weekend coming up in that seven-day in the next half hour. >> like that. thanks adam. >> thank you adam. up next a woman in jail for an attack on a gay couple asks a judge to let her out. today she got her answer. >> a philadelphia staple goes to new heights. a celebrity chef does the cooking at a cheesesteak landmark and wait until you hear what was on his sandwich. >> and remember "action news" is about interaction with you. follow us on social media for the latest headlines, accuweather and breaking news also to communicate with us. on facebook we're 6abc "action news" on twitter we're at 6abc. join us and be part of "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> the woman convicted in an attack on a gay couple in center city will serve her full jail sentence. katherine knott is serving five to 10 months in jail for
4:25 pm
herniate that 2014 beating. her lawyers argued that was excessive and wanted probation instead but today a judge ruled the sentence will stand the judge said that knot's crime affects all of us and that she did not take responsibility for her actions. >> from our delaware news room police arrested a woman they say tried to rob a 71-year-old man while used an atm in dover. investigators say 37-year-old clarisse mccray covered her face and approached the victim at the wells fargo on north dupont highway last wednesday. he had just finished withdrawing money when she grabbed his arm and tried to take it from her. he was able to fight her off and she ran away empty handed. he gave a description of her to police and they caught up with her a short time later. she is now out though on bail. >> the home of the philadelphia union officially has a new name today. the action cam was in chester this morning as officials unveiled the new signage for talon energy stadium. the company took over naming rights for that stadium from
4:26 pm
ppl. the sign change is one of the last pieces of business before the union's home season gets under way. the team plays its home opener this sunday against the new england revolution. almost two dozen high school students were honored for their sportsmanship today in bucks county. the area are a 3b orthopedic institute hosted its first annual high school sports man ship award. it was a breakfast today in langhorne. the group honored 21 local students with a thousand dollars scholarships to their respective colleges. the winners were from the city bucks county and camden county. >> one of philadelphia's top chefs took a staple -- took a staple of our city to the next level today. all for a good cause. jose garces was cooking up cheesesteaks at pat's in south philadelphia this afternoon. but his version is a little different than the king of stakes' usual fairmount it had provolone fondue, carmelized onions and black truffles. the event was part of the
4:27 pm
pat's guest chef series. the money raised goes to the garces foundation which helps members of philadelphia's immigrant community. >> gourmet cheesesteak. >> up next here two high schools in delaware are struggling with tragedy today. an accident over the weekend killed one student and critically injured another. see how the two schools are coming together to heal. >> and find out why some disturbing facebook photos are now under investigation by the department of natural resources. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. 4:30 now and "action news" continues the details about a septa bus crashing into a juan. >> and police are looking for this man wanted for a home invasion. find out where it all happened. >> plus, the dangers if you don't properly clean your humidifier. you're going the see the surprising results today. >> but first here at 4:30, two high schools in delaware are coming together to comfort each other after a deadly crash this weekend. one 17-year-old was killed another critically injured. the crash happened along route 301 and strawberry lane in middletown. "action news" reporter john rawlins live in wilmington and john you've got the dee on really a truly tragic day there. >> reporter: well, brian i'll tell you the two catholic
4:30 pm
schools in the sad event are closely linked. they literally are only blocks a part. the young man who was killed was getting ready to go to college he told his parents once he got through college he hoped he would be able to join the peace corps. at the chapel students stopped and mourned the loss of schoolmate tyler brown nearby examples of brown's artwork some of it unfinished. the well liked 17-year-old student athlete had been accepted to syracuse university to study architectural design. >> i think what's interesting and about and special in many ways about tyler was he was a wrestler, he was a rugby player but he was also on model un and had this artistic talent. >> reporter: inside the school were posters and markers for students to leave messages to the three students and their families that were involved in friday night's crash. brown was killed about 11:30 along this stretch of u.s. 301 in middletown according to police he was riding in the front passenger seat of a pickup truck that pulled directorially into the path of
4:31 pm
a northbound tractor-trailer. the pickup's driver brown's classmate john can kirsch had minor injuries. in the back seat of the vehicle a senior known as a tough competitor in track and field events remains in critical condition with head injuries. >> she is fighting like she does on the track field. she is fighting. and fighting for her life and is make something progress so her sisters all over the world padua sisters are praying for her. >> reporter: a lot of prayers being said, a lot of tears being shed at this point as classmates of the two schools come to grips with what happened so suddenly on friday night. the state police were asked today if anyone could be charged in this deadly incident and we were told that there is an ongoing active investigation at this time. live in wilmington, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> all right, john, thank you. chester police captain allen davis remains in the
4:32 pm
hospital after being shot during a confrontation with three suspected car thieves. he's listed in stable condition. this video obtained exclusively by "action news" shows saturday's deadly shootout. according to police someone inside a car shot at officers and captain davis was hit twice. one person inside that vehicle was killed when officers fired back. another suspect was injured and a thud was arrested. police investigating a terrifying home invasion in tredyffrin township. the suspect broke into a home and stole valuables including an atm card. police released this picture of the suspects wearing a mask as you can see here. early saturday morning the man broke into a home in the 100 block of crest line road. he was able to tie the victim up with duct tape before stealing several items. he then took the victim's car to use the atm at a nearby bank. police are still looking for that suspect. >> meteorologist adam joseph joining us now. we've got a little bit of a
4:33 pm
long stretch of dreariness to get through but there's light at the end of the tunnel. >> there is especially on saturday. we see a little splash of sun here and there during the week as well. but as we take a live look right now, very dreary in center city and basically the entire area. 47 degrees right now, that wind out of the east-northeast at 14 miles an hour. your pressure 29.95-inches and those winds which have been sustained over the last hour and through much of the day of around 15 to 20 miles an hour with high are gusts have -- higs have driven the chill through you especially with that damp showery weather that we've had through much of the day but most of the bulk of the steadier rain is now into southern new england and north of new york city. we're catch canning a bit of a . activity blossoming near a warm front north and west of pittsburgh. that system sliding to our south and tomorrow what it means for us and any of those
4:34 pm
days that would fare best if you like that sunshine and warmer temperatures coming up in just a little bit, supplies we do. >> we would like it back. adam thanks. >> from our delaware news room today police say they made a major drug bust after getting a tip. today police in elsmere showed off the drugs and weapons they confiscated. police say they found marijuana steroids and guns worth $100,000. police arrested 51-year-old robert johnson after searching a home in the unit block of hazel avenue. some disturbing facebook photos are now under investigation by the delaware department of natural resources. the images show at least 11 dead geese in a field on mulberry knoll road in llewes. the person who posted the picture said a black chevy blazer ran over the birds yesterday and then drove off. officials though are still boardwalking to confirm that information. >> families affected by gun violence gathered today to call for stricter gun laws. they join u.s. senator bob casey at temple university for
4:35 pm
an expert panel discussion. the democrat is pushing for expanded background checks, a ban on military-style assault weapons and limits on magazine capacity. >> we've had too many memorial services and i'm a great believer in the power of prayer and the respectful moments of silence that we often set aside time for when we have a tragedy, but what we need now more than anything is action. >> senator casey says he changed his views on gun laws after the sandy hook elementary school massacre in newtown, connecticut in 2012. >> an investigation is now under way after a fire damaged two homes in north philadelphia. this is the scene along the 300 block of west somerset street early this morning. fire officials say the fire started in the back of the house and then spread to the home next door. now luckily no one was hurt and there's still no word on how this fire started. seven passengers are recovering today after a septa
4:36 pm
bus crashed into a pnc bank. it happened just before noon along old york road in the ogontz section of the city. none of the injuries is serious. investigators are still trying to determine just what caused that bus to lose control. >> now to a warning about daylight saving time. health officials say for some people it can increase the risk of a very dangerous condition. "action news" anchor rick williams live now in the news room with more. hi, rick. >> hi, sharrie. thank you, that's right we're talking about the danger of a stroke. coming up in health check at 5 o'clock health reporter ali gorman explains the signs you should be on the lookout for and why there's no cause for immediate alarm. also coming up tonight at 5:00 new numbers show a multi-million dollar increase in winnings for atlantic city casinos from gamblers. this as state lawmakers decide on the fate of new jersey's gambling industry. just some of the stories we're working on for you when we see you on "action news" tonight at 5 o'clock. until then back to the studio
4:37 pm
guys. see you later. >> see you in a bit. high school students interested in science got a chance to see if it was something they would do as a career. today rowan college etch at gloucester county hosted a stem fare for girls. there were nearly a dozen different workshops for students interested in science technology engineering and math programs. mentors were also on hand to talk about their experience working in those fields. >> still ahead tonight, are you good at math? well, you might want to try your skills at a challenge created by a princeton professor. it could get you free pizza. >> and suspect accused of hitting two sleds in the iditarod dog race is talking today. his message to mushers. >> plus, the numbers are in. find out how many people stopped by this year's philadelphia flower show. >> and meteorologist adam joseph back with a full accuweather forecast when "action news" at 4:00 continues on a monday afternoon. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> authorities continued their search of the hudson river for the third man on a tugboat that sank saturday. police divers have stopped searching the 80-foot long tugboat that is under 40 feet of water. two bodies were recovered from the river over the weekend including paul amon of bayville new jersey. an investigation is still under way into why the boat crashed into a barge at the tappan zee bridge construction site. mandatory evacuations are under way in parts of texas after flood waters rose to record levels and the river at the border of texas and louisiana has now reached a record 30 feet. and more rain today prompted flash flood warnings in louisiana, missouri and tennessee. well, since the rain starter last week, more than 5,000 homes have been damaged. president barack obama has signed an order declaring the flooding in louisiana a major disaster. well, two iditarod
4:41 pm
competitors continue to recover after their sleds were hit by a plan on a snow mobile. at least one dog was killed and three others were injured and today the man suspected of hitting them is apologizing. >> i don't know how i can possibly make it right for jeff and ali but i hope they can forgive me. i didn't mean it. >> the suspect arnold demoski admits he was drunk and doesn't remember a thing. he said he called police the next day after he realized his snow mobile was damaged. demoski is facing multiple charges including third degree assault. >> ♪ >> all right, big talkers now. we begin with a nerd alert today. you might have heard this is national pi dane it happens every march 14th, 3/14 because that's the same way pi begins, 3.14. to celebrate pizza hut has tapped the mind of a princeton professor. the pizza chain celebrated the day by asking people to solve math problems.
4:42 pm
professor john conway came up with three questions and let me tell you they are not easy. here's an example of one of them. i'm thinking of a 10 digit interrer? whose digits are all distinct. lapse the number formed by the first n of them is divisible by n for each n from one to 10. what's my number? easy as pi right. if you get it correct pizza hut will give you 3.14 years of free pizza, $1,600 in gift cards. i had a hard time even reading the question. [laughter] now to ohio, a homecoming that's got tails wagging everywhere. this is the greeting 21-year-old army private hannah foraker was given by her 13-year-old dog who was more than happy to have her home. >> hello. hey. >> that's buddy that the golden retriever who sounds as though he's crying with joy at
4:43 pm
the private's return. hannah has never been away from home phil she left for basic training three months ago. buddy has got arthritis and is mostly deaf was filled with puppy love to see her back home. the two by the way kept in touch via excitement lan skype. nothing is as good as the real thing. >> good deal. all right brian. time to get another check of the roads on this wet monday. let's go live to autumn marisa in for matt pelman. hi, autumn. >> hi, sharrie. it is wet on the roads and you can see cars going nice and slow out there. fortunately we aren't seeing travel times too low and speeds actually are pretty dean. you can see those northbound lanes. here are headlights as these cars make their way up to the vine street expressway on night. let's see what it's looking like across the region. you can see we're in the 20's on those speeds on the schuylkill expressway. we were a little slow going as you make your way from the pennsylvania turnpike to the blue route and those eastbound
4:44 pm
lanes of the schuylkill that's cleared out of there just a bit. vine street expressway we'll show was that looks like. those eastbound lanes are nice and slow. jumping offer the schuylkill as you make your way up to 95 because of the slow traffic on 95. so, just a slow commute out there overall because of the wet roads. few things to talk about in the neighborhoods. lincoln drive northbound at rittenhouse street, we have an accident to report. abington township easton road and old welsh road another one to report to you out there. providence township pine town road and eagle view road we have an accident as well and taking a look at the area bridges because those are affected by the wet roads, too, you can see speeds pretty normal on the ben franklin bridge right now unfortunately we're not seeing too much volume out there. other area bridges are slower. again, the volume pretty light on those bridges right now. the 42 freeway, this is right at creek road, we had some debris. you can see it's off to the side of the road. now that was in the center of the road just awhile ago but that's been pushed off the road and again not giving us much of a problem right now. we'll keep an eye on things and bring you an update in the 5 o'clock hour.
4:45 pm
back to you brian. >> autumn thanks. the 2016 philadelphia flower show attracted its big of the crowd in years. organizers say 255,000 people showed up to check out these beautiful blooms throughout that week long event. that's the high of the attendance since 2012. the flower show is the pennsylvania horticultural society's biggest fundraiser with revenue supporting programs all year long. >> a big draw year after year. >> huge. >> could your humidifier be making you sick? 10 brands are put to the test right here in philadelphia and we have the results in tonight's what's the deal. >> and we'll step outside, sky6 giving you a live look at the dreary center city skyline. adam joseph back with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next. >> ♪ your daughter wants to stay organic.
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>> ♪ >> all right, now to meteorologist adam joseph. you know, it's one of those weeks where we're already looking forward to the end of it. >> and the only reason is -- well, weather-wise. >> weather-wise it's the only reason we want to get past the week. not because of work. >> seize the day. >> every day. as we. >> good answer. >> at the action cam, which was out in university city on this very dreary monday, very cool as well but the only bright spot, if you noticed in many of the neighborhoods the, even the suburbs, those early blooming cherry trees have really taken over and kind of bringing up the mood a little bit at least in this picture. as we look at double scan live radar most of those heavier showers have passed by well to the north and east but again we're locking in those low clouds as well as that patchy drizzle and as of right now the temperatures just 46. we did hit 50 degrees early this afternoon. dewpoint at 42. that northeasterly wind sustained at 17 making it feel only 39 degrees with the wind chill and your pressure is falling due to low pressure
4:49 pm
nearby which is just to the south. temperature 44 in trenton, 40 mount pocono, 47 wilmington, 50 right now in dover and these cool temperatures not going to last all that long as we're going to jump it back up here the next couple of days. they're dealing with snow in central and northern parts of new england with this system passing by. we're catching a bit of a break and you can see even some holes in the clouds that we could see some brightening by the end of the day tomorrow but there is another system in the tennessee ohio valley. this also slides to the south which will keep those temperatures right around the 50's to near 60 degrees before that system lifts to the north on wednesday with a warm front and we really puncture that temperature back to near 70 in the middle of the week. but for tonight it's cloud clou, it's damp, 43 to 46 degrees. temperatures aren't going to drop much further than where they are right now. tuesday here's the setup. new low pressure slides to the south. the temperature actually gets
4:50 pm
up to 62 tomorrow so it will feel much warmer with some of those isolated showers around especially around the lunchtime hour. a lot of clouds and maybe before the sun sets, five, 6, 7 o'clock you could see some brightening to the sky or a little peek of sun or two. then a warm front will be drifting through here on wednesday early morning fog, a couple of showers around as well. 70 degrees. so, a brief warmup before this cold front slides through on thursday to drop the temperature at the end of the week. in fact, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, it is warmer tomorrow at 62 with that spotty shower late morning early afternoon, maybe a few glimpses of that sun before that sun sets after 7 o'clock. and then morning fog on wednesday, an afternoon shower likely, could be some brightening here or there of 70 degrees. behind that front we're back down to the 50's for thursday and friday, so on saint patrick's day a lot of clouds, it's breezy with a shower or two around. same thing for friday.
4:51 pm
not one of these days is a washout but at times you could get wet briefly and then on saturday that's the pick right now of the seven days. mostly sunny with your temperature of 52 degrees and then a system comes in from the south. right now looks like rain for most but it could by sunday night change to some wet snow north and west for the first day of spring and then as we get into monday a gusty breeze, 52 degrees. >> sunday's first day of spring? >> sunday, yeah. >> okay, thank you adam. >> all right. >> what's the deal is coming up. >> ♪ ♪
4:52 pm
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>> ♪ >> what's the deal today the epa is being asked to investigate if some makers of humidifiers are misleading customers. they claim they can prevent bacteria both. >> but what happens if they are not cleaned properly? abc's geo benitez came to philadelphia to find out.
4:54 pm
>> reporter: we dropped the 10 humidifiers from six different manufacturers at the lab atom ms. jefferson at thoman university. out of the 10 humidifiers all had bacteria in the tank. two had heavy bacteria growing inside and also in the vapor that our experts say could make our family sick. >> i was surprised by the heavy growth and a few of the device that you tested. >> reporter: and in three of the humidifiers, mold. >> how are you? >> are you ready to see what was growing in there? >> oh, gross. >> they found some bacteria but more importantly they found mold in the vapor which means the mold was going out. >> that's not good especially since we have asthma in our house and allergies. >> reporter: mold in this family's humidifier as well. this is what was growing
4:55 pm
inside. >> ooh. >> mold can cause nasal congestion, sore throat. if the individual has asthma it can cause chest tightness railroad wheezing. >> reporter: and now for the humidifier with the most bacteria. >> and here are the results right here. >> reporter: our experts labeling it extremely dirty and they say what's inside could cause pneumonia. >> it kind of looks like it might be a swamp. >> reporter: this is what was growing inside your humidifier. >> oh, wow. >> and because you're a nurse then you know what that means. >> yeah. it means that my kids are not safe, which is very concerning. >> reporter: bottom line, experts say you need to clean a humidifier every day emptying it and rinsing the base and lettering it air dry before refilling and every week you should clean it thoroughly according to the manufacturer's instructions. >> ♪ >> eye opening stuff. that was geo benitez reporting. he also says that each of the
4:56 pm
manufacturers of humidifiers that those tests all emphasized the importance of following the cleaning instructions. >> and finally at 4:00 people at a fish market got quite the surprise this weekend. a sea lion pup was hanging out in the parking lot in san diego. and the animal apparently wasn't in a hurry to leave. he reportedly jumped into one of the cars, played with the radio and even got behind the wheel. seaworld rescue was called in to the scene. they picked up the pup and safely took him away. >> wonder what radio station law listening to. >> hip hop no doubt. >> you got it. that will do it for "action news at 4:00 for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on p. hl17. >> now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what's ahead at 5 o'clock. hi, guys. >> hi there thank you. coming up next on "action news" at 5:00 we are leaning new information tonight about that deadly early morning confrontation in rittenhouse square over the weekend.
4:57 pm
also the police officer shot and killed outside of a police station near washington, d.c., he has ties to our area. how friends and family here are remembering him tonight. >> and we are just hours away from yet another super tuesday. how candidates are trying to gather last minute support ahead of another round of crucial primary contests. those stories and more coming up next at 5:00. >> ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> we are getting our first look at the 24-year-old man who was stabbed and killed in rittenhouse square. tonight a suspect is in custody police say the incident started with a comment about a hat. monday night, the big story on "action news" is new information we're getting from police about that murder investigation. >> that's right, the stabbing happened around 3 o'clock yesterday morning in front of a luxury high-rise building on the south end of rittenhouse square. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live at police headquarters tonight with all the details. vernon. >> reporter: good evening, rick and monica. contrary to earlier reports, the suspect is not homeless. hhe is a gulf war veteran from
5:00 pm
delaware county. he was arrested at the va hospital four hours after deadly incident. this is gulf veteran steven simminger of blackwood, new jersey. here he is in the city prison tonight charged with murder. the killing occurred in rittenhouse square around 3 a.m. sunday. this man, 24-year-old collin mcgovern of churchville bucks county was stabbed to death during a dispute with so manier? police say mcgovern and three friends two females got out of a taxi at 18th and rittenhouse looking for a hotel room for the night. as simminger passed by mcgovern police say made a comment about the hat simminger was wearing with a new jersey devils logo. >> the suspect and the two males are in each other's faces. you can see exchanging angry words. with that the fists start swinging they go to the ground. at that point the suspect pull out a knife and stabs him several time. >> reporter: there are lots of surveillance cameras in rittenhouse square. the confrontation police say ended up with mcgovern on top of simminger.


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