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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  March 23, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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through and overall we're going for partly sunny skies today. but check out these numbers. in most neighborhoods this represents a vast improvement over this time yesterday. 50 degrees right now in philadelphia. we were down closer to the freezing mark at least down into the low to mid 30's the last couple of mornings so a lot better there. 46 degrees in wilmington, 45 in trenton. in allentown, we have managed to dip down to 35 degrees so in the lehigh valley and some of those northern areas you might be more inclined to get maybe a heavier coat early on. 43 degrees in reading. 39 degrees in lancaster. 49 in millville and 50 at the airport in atlantic city. it's a little bit breezy out there with breezes running in the 10 to 20 miles per hour range as we go through the day. right now we've got them up into the low double digits in isn't cases. partly cloudy on the bus stop this morning. not as cold as it's been the last couple of mornings. we'll see about 48 at 6 o'clock and i can see us improving to about 49 degrees by 8 o'clock this morning. and as we roll through the day, it is going to be mild. 65 degrees by 1:00 and a high of 70 slotting in probably right in there at about
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4 o'clock. that's where you'll see your 70 and then still holding close to that by 6 o'clock. partly sunny skies, a little breezy but very nice conditions out there. keep in mind the pollen is still an issue. it's in the medium high range today. and probably going all out high on thursday and friday. we do have some rain on the way thursday night into friday morning. tam, when i come back with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast we'll take a closer look at that. >> okay, thank you david. a break through in brussels. officials confirmed overnight two of the bombers who killed themselves in the attack were brothers. they're identified as khalid and brahim bakraoui and raids continued -- they're going on for the unnamed suspect seen with them in airport surveillance. all that as makeshift memorials to dead continue to go. abc's molly hunter is live in brussels. she's got the latest. good morning, molly. >> reporter: good morning, tam. the threat level here in brussels remains at the highest level. more terror raids overnight as european officials brace for
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what's next. as the sunrises over the city of brussels, 24 hours ago, chaos here erupting right in the heart of the morning rush. the first target, the departure hall at the brussels international airport outside the security checkpoint. two bombs exploding around 8:00 a.m. tuesday morning. the terminal filled with smoke, people frantically running for safety. >> after the second explosion, there were many people panicked. there were many people cried. >> reporter: the explosions so powerful glass shattering ceilings collapsing hundreds of injuries including nine americans including these three mormon missionaries all seriously hurt. 9:11 a.m. an hour after the airport explosion 7 miles away another suicide bomb blast. this time year the offices of the european union. the aftermath a twisted mass of metal.
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>> when i was outside i just saw two -- two people with -- had like -- covered -- really covered with blood. >> reporter: this morning the manhunt for the man you see on your right. investigators identifying him as the suspect in the airport attacks. the other two men believed to be suicide bombers. >> unfortunately there are probably more cells in belgium, maybe cells that were kept separate intentionally from this unit, cells that the first cell did not even know about may still be out there. >> reporter: this morning bomb experts are examining those attack sites as the state department warns americans against visiting europe saying terrorists are planning near term attacks right now. live in brussels, molly hunter, channel6 "action news." >> thanks so much, molly. for american missionary mason wells, this wasn't his
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first brush with a terrorist attack. the 19-year-old was in boston with his family just a block from the finish line during the 2013 marathon bombings. he was also in france during the recent attacks on paris. his parents say he's hospitalized with a ruptured achilles tendon, shrapnel injuries and burns to his face and hands. >> it's 5:34. the terror attacks in brussels are prompting questions about how ready are we here in the u.s. particularly when it can comes to our mass transit system. there was a visible increase in police presence during the evening rush hour late last night at septa's suburban station. officers patrolled on bikes and with k-9 units especially trained to sniff out bombs but police admit they can't and be everywhere. >> we are asking the public to be more aware. it's time for folks to see something and say something. >> security has also been stepped up at philadelphia international airport. though the department of homeland security is stressing there is no specific credible
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intelligence about a copycat threat here. our coverage of the terror attacks in brussels goes on on our web site we've posted images and videos from the scene along with reaction from around the world. >> president obama landed in argentina overnight. he'll meet with the can country's president and hold a town hall later today. the president wrapped up his historic trip to cuba yesterday by calling for the economic embargo to be lifted and then he took in a baseball game. now some criticized mr. obama's decision to stay after the brussels terror attack. the president said he did not cancel his plans because the whole premise of terrorism is to disrupt people's lives. >> turning to accuweather we started off chilly at the start of the week but boy have we gotten our reward. >> yeah and even now you can feel the difference in most neighborhoods. storm tracker6 live double scan will cover this and we are definitely on the mild side or the dry side this morning. and as we take a look outside we're also on the mild side. you see the camera bouncing a little bit down the shore so
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it's a little on the breezy side but also definitely milder than it was last couple of days. in philadelphia 50 degrees right now. we were down closer to the freezing mark the last couple of mornings at this hour. winds out of the south-southwest at 8 miles per hour and across the region still a little cool in some spots. 45 in trenton, 43 in reading, still in the up are 30's in lancaster and allentown actually has dipped into the mid 30's but from philadelphia south in the 40's and even a couple of other spots already at 50 degrees. satellite shows you how some more clouds have swept in during the overnight hours and we do have partly sunny skies in store for you today. not the total bright blue sky all day long that we enjoyed for much of the last couple of days but it's still going to be a pretty good looking day overall. it's definitely going to feel g49 by 8 o'clock, 55 by 10:00 and then we spend the majority of the afternoon in the 60's. by 3 o'clock 69 degrees but we're going for a high of 70 around 3:30 or 4 o'clock this afternoon. little breezy but man is it going to feel nice as tam mentioned and high
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temperatures across the region all looking pretty good. a lot of 70's up and down the i-95 corridor and down through the heart of delaware and south jersey. down by the shore mid 60's a little cooler but still not bad and upper 60's in allentown and in reading. and for the next couple of days, we're going to enjoy this same sort of warmth. that's because a ridge of high pressure is building. look at the jet stream all the way north of toronto, that's going to allow a lot of room for warm air to surge up the coast from the south and for the next two days we're looking anywhere from 1520 degrees above average. today we're going to be pretty far off a record high. the record 80 but tomorrow we're actually going to bump our temperature up to about 75 and that happens to be only a degree off the record high. so, near record warmth tomorrow and even today feeling really good. your exclusive accuweather 7-day turning warmer during the afternoon, partly sunny and a high of 70. tomorrow near record warmth, sun mixing with clouds, 75 is the high. now with a front approaching we do have the chance of a and evening shower on thursday and that probably spills into friday morning. but on good friday in the afternoon we expect the return
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of at least some sun and we're still going to get mild up to about 69 degrees. cooler air comes in after that for the weekend but that 60 under the sun on saturday, that's not bad for this time of year and sunday easter looks partly sunny and really improving, a high of 65 degrees. earlier we had some concerns about a late day or night time shower. that's now out of the picture. does look like monday after the weekend's done we will have to experience a little bit of payback, a high of 63, showers, maybe a thunderstorm around and i could see it maintaining damp conditions on tuesday but hey, that's all after the weekend and it's a pretty big weekend ahead so nice stuff coming. >> thank you david. >> yeah. >> it's 5:38. still ahead on "action news" a disturbing story. a philadelphia day care workers finds a toddler chewing on a packet of drugs. we're live with details. >> a north jersey top cop is under investigation over his views on racial profiling. karen. >> we're clear and dry right here on the roosevelt boulevard with no problems. we'll take a live look at 422 coming up. >> and also -- also, sorry
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about that, tam t-the midair collision that sent two skydivers to the hospital. that's a little later on "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. 5:41 on this wednesday, march 23rd. you're seeing a live look at the philadelphia international airport.
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travelers understandably likely on edge today after the attacks in brussels. probably we'll see stepped up security at the airport today as they head out. >> absolutely. let's go on over to karen rogers to get a bigger picture when it comes to your commute. good morning and happy birthday karen. >> thank you very much. checking the suburbs as you're heading out the door we're going to start on 422. this is at 23. the westbound construction has cleared so we're looking better here. eastbound no delay yet so no problems currently on 422. let's take you to the maps right now. we have this downed pole from an earlier accident. long ford road is still blocked at port providence road. still some police on the scene with this one. stick to hollow road as your alternate right here in montgomery county. also a fire location here in montgomery county on livingston court right near montgomery glen drive. we have this accident and downed pole, route nine southbound blocked in ocean county and this is just past central parkway. let's go to commuter traffic report right now. we have dan v telling us about a minor accident on bustleton
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avenue in philadelphia. reports of an accident there coming in. let's take a look at these temperatures. this is the good part of the story. 50 degrees right now in philadelphia. temperatures much warmer than they were yesterday at this point in some spots 15 to 24 degrees warmer and the afternoon is going to be nice, too. hey, we're headed up to 70. partly sunny and beautiful. tam and erin. >> love that news. thank you karen. well, here's the latest. there's been a break through in the case on the attack in brussels. officials confirming overnight two of the bombers who killed themselves in the suicide attack were brothers. they're identified as khalid and brahim bakraoui and raids are going on right now as police lunt for an unnamed suspect, it's the third person seen there in a light colored jacket and a blue shirt with what looks like a black hat seen in that surveillance photo. we're going have much more in the next half hour on "action news" and of course our coverage of the terror attacks in brussels goes on on our web site we've posted images and videos from the scene along with reaction from around the world. >> and new this morning, a new
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jersey police chief is taking a temporary leave while prosecutors investigate whether he told his office that racial profiling does have a place in policing. wyckoff police chief benjamin fox told the township committee last night it was in the best interests of the department if he stepped away. his leave came hours after the aclu released an e-mail allegedly written by fox back in december of 2014. the group says it got that e-mail anonymously. the e-mail says that profiling has its place in law enforcement when used correctly. it says black gang members from teaneck commit burglaries in wyckoff. that's why we check out suspicious black people in white neighborhoods. fox maintains neither he nor his department engage in racial profiling. a child is getting medical attention after ingesting drugs at a west philadelphia day care and this story could have been even more tragic if it were not for some alert workers. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live outside of southwest detectives. she's got the latest on this story.
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good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam. investigators here at southwest detectives are working to figure out the source of those drugs. they're also a working with doctors at clop to try to figure out exactly how much that child ingested. around 9:00 a.m. yesterday the little girl was in day wear when employees at works early learning center at 52nd and haverford avenue noticed the young girl chewing on an empty plastic packet before breakfast was served. police say the packet had white residue and looked like packets used to holds illegal drugs. the child was rushed to chop by the day care employees and after a battery of tests doctors confirm crack cocaine was found in her system. police are investigating how the child got her hands on the drug. >> doing an investigation on the day-care center and the police department will do an investigation on the home where the can kid lives and the department of human services will also be contacted here in the city will also join the investigation. three agencies will be investigating this. most important part is trying to determine where that this
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crack coke cake cane from. this is dangerous stuff. this day-care center houses 15 kids from the ages of one up to the ages of nine so we want to get to the bottom of what happened here. >> reporter: and police say it's especially dangerous because the drug is so poet tender especially for a child that small. they are commending the quick thinking of those day care employees to rushing her to chop. investigators were later called to the hospital. they say that she was told to stay overnight. it's not clear when the little girl will be released. reporting live in west philadelphia, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." >> thanks so much annie. a philadelphia community is demanding change after some traffic signals were replaced by overhead pedestrian beacons. the city says they're designed to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion in that area of overbrook park. but neighbors say drivers aren't slowing down or stopping at the crosswalk. >> created chaos, it's created confusion and it's also created accidents. yesterday we had three accidents on this stretch. just after they removed the
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traffic signal. >> we need to have a traffic engineer out here from penndot to take an assessment and maybe even look at the unintended consequences of cutting costs. >> penndot responded by saying the vehicle volume does not warrant new traffic signals. >> it's 5:47 and the creaky attack that could land a 12-year-old in some big trouble. >> a bizarre incident. traffic could be disrupted today in seattle. all because a man won't come down from out of a tree. david. >> a lot of kids are off from school but if they are out doing something early this morning a light jacket probably works. shorts and t's for playing later in the day, though. that will not be a problem. we'll have your day planner forecast show you right where those numbers are going coming up next.
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>> a man climbed an 80-foot tree in downtown seattle and he refuses to come down. negotiators have been trying to coax the man out of the tree since yesterday morning. police say he appears to be suffering from a crisis and has been yelling intermittently. he also ripped several branches from the tree and tossed them to the ground. roads in the area remain closed as a precaution. >> clearly something not right with him. >> yeah. >> he has a long way to fall. i hope they get him down. >> hopefully safely. let's take a look at your roads this morning and head outside. i want to show you what's happening here. we have a shot of north philadelphia. this is north broad street at spring garden street. no problems right here. traffic looking good. hey, we're dry this morning so you've got no weather related issues. looking in delaware no major issues on i-95, 495, 202 or 13. those are your travel times on i-95, an easy 12 minute ride, davey. >> milder this morning karen with a temperature right now of 50 in philadelphia, some suburbs in the mid 40's. allentown still 35 but as we look at winds, not too bad out
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there. a light wind right now of 8 miles per hour in philadelphia. and when you combine that with the mild start we've got, boy, it feels so much nicer and it's going to stay that way this afternoon. if you're running errands well you might almost want to get them done around midday because it is going to get warmer later on. 59 degrees by 11 o'clock. 63 by noon. your high today is going to be that seventy one degree reading at 4 o'clock, partly sunny skies overall a little breezy but very nice. tam. >> you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look at storstorm tracker6 double scan radar no, green on it any time soon any time of the day on our web site. go over to two skydivers are recovering after colliding during a jump in florida. fire rescue crews say both skydivers were able to deploy their chutes after crashing into each other during yesterday's jump. one skydiver made it to the drop zone at sky dive city. he was air lifted to a hospital in tampa in serious but stable condition. now that second skydiver
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landed on a country road about 4 miles away from the drop zone. he was flown to the hospital in critical condition. >> 5:52 now. a 12-year-old florida girl is facing charges after she pinched a classmate in the rear end. >> i feel it's just stupid. like just a stupid charge that like shouldn't have happened. >> lord, lord, lord, what's this world can come to, man? kids can't even be a kid. >> well, after the incident, the boy reported it to the school resource officer and said he didn't want to press charges. brianna evans was suspended. well, a week later the boy's mother decided to prosecute. brianna was read her miranda rights, put in the back of a patrol car and booked into juvenile detention. if she completes the diversion program and community service the charge will be dismissed. >> if you're a parent and your kid comes home bruised you wouldn't be happy but this is a bit much. >> who knows if he was
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bruiseed. >> true. the two men behind bars for trying to sell drugs in a south jersey school. we'll tell you the creative and bizarre way they tried to do it. >> companies offering free service to those affected by the terror attacks in brussels. that story is up next at 6:00. if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®.
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night. a bullet struck the victim behind the wheel. the driver is being treated at cooper hospital. no arrests have been made. building inspectors are assessing whether a property in fishtown can be salvaged. the rear of the house collapsed yesterday. it happened on the 1100 block of earl street. l and i will also determine if the neighboring structures are in danger. police are looking for four people who robbed a 15-year-old after he left a 7-eleven in germantown. police say the suspects followed the teen out of the store on east chelten of a monday night 678 this is surveillance video. a short distance away they punched the victim, put him in a headlock and then stole his iphone. detectives have identified the robber as three males between the ages of 12 and 18. and a girl possibly as young as 10 years old. >> hm. two people are in trouble for a drug laced doughnut delivery to a new jersey high school. police say 21-year-old brian perry went to bordentown regional high school and told them he had brought in lunch for 18-year-old ilker ceylan.
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they found a small plastic bag containing xanax in the hole of the doughnut. both men are facing drug charges. >> new information about the attack on brussels. we'll learned overnight two of the bombers were brothers. >> local transit hubs increasing security after the attacks. where should you start when you're
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday march 23rd. i'm tamala edwards here with erin o'hearn. matt o'donnell has the day off. we're following brand new
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developments out of brussels. >> officials have identified two brothers they believe may be connected to the deadly bombings. we're live with the very latest. >> donald trump and hillary clinton extend their delegate leads clinch something big wins out west. >> the boy who a neighbor said looks like a "ball of fire" after a gas can mishap. >> but first up let's get your first look at your weather and traffic. we'll go over to dave murphy and to karen rogers. good morning. >> we're starting out a lot more mild than we were the last couple of mornings. let's get a look on sat life. you can see how cloud cover has filled in a little bit so we're going start out a little on the cloudy tide side this morning but overall we expect some sunny breaks and it will probably wound up being more of a sun and clouds mix most of the day. 52 degrees on the thermometer. the temperature has gone up a little bit in the last half hour or so. allentown still in the 30's. that 37 represents a climb. you're starting to get a little bit better. as we go through the afternoon it gets a lot better. by 1 o'clock, 65 degrees. by 3 o'clock, 69. and we're actually going to get a high of 70 today but probab


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