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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, it is thursday, march 24, matt o'donnell is off, erin o'hern is joining us. here's what we're following. police in south jersey are investigating a violent video circulating on social media. 48 hours after the terror attack in brussels, the manhunt is still going on. we'll have a report on the latest from belgium. villanova wildcats face miami in the sweet 16. let's go over to karen
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rogers, and matt pellman is in for karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: beautiful forecast we have clouds to the west, overall we're looking at a mix of clouds and sun. it's going to be decent out there. 51 degrees in philadelphia. 43 in allentown. cooler up north and west. reading, 45. these numbers are better than yesterday morning. 48 in trenton, 53 in millville. 48 in cape may. through the day by the way we'll get a frontal boundary coming down that will keep these areas north an east of philadelphia a little cooler, but in the city we're looking at a nice, warm afternoon. heading out this morning, somewhere between 46 and 47 between 6 and 8:00 a.m. there will be clouds around early the way things are looking now. probably some sun breaking through. as we go into the afternoon looks like another warm one, 61 by 1:00. jumping to 70 by 3:00 p.m. high of 72 marching in at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. matt pellman what are roads
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looking like early on. >> reporter: so far so dry, we appreciate that. not too bad as we kick things off on thursday, live on i-95, northbound lanes past allegheny avenue. can you see the cones, one two, three. a little construction zone take out the left lane. otherwise traffic is moving just fine. this is a look at the tacony-palmyra where traffic is stopped we're awaiting an opening for a southbound ship. the tac will be goapg e -- going up shortly, head to the betsy ross bridge. the boulevard we had a disabled vehicle in the northbound, looks like they got moving and everything is moving on the northbound extension the twin bridges no major problems on route 1. another morning of construction westbound lanes apt route 23 by the casino, you can see the left lane out of commission, eastbound looks like they picked up the work as we kick things
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off on thursday morning. tam. new this morning, bullets were fired into a jeep in camden, new jersey. they found the mark injuring someone inside the vehicle. the action cam was at fairview and morgan street. the victim is in cooper university hospital. police don't know who shot him or why. police in south jersey are investigating a graphic video that's been posted on social media, it's shows a man assaulting a juvenile. annie mccormick is live outside west deptford township police with the latest on the video. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala, police say they have identified everyone in the video, but so far no arrests have been made. since the video have hit social media, we -- there's public outcry. this video taken at a home was
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posted to nights ago a man unleashes a beating and string of insults at a teenager. since it was posted on facebook it has been viewed 1.7 million times 35,000 shares and 26,000 comments. the phones at west deptford police have not stopped ringing police say they have made contact with everyone in the video, the jiewrve you juvenile is okay, the two are not related and both are staying apart during the course of the investigation. dann cuellar went to the home in the man of the video, no one answered. the police chief said even to trained officers this shocked them. it took me back, to watch what appears to be a juvenile getting assaulted for no reason at all. >> reporter: the community is outrage since seeing this on social media. we're telling you how many comments were made, a number of
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people when dann cuellar was out there to confront the man, there were threats made on social media, but police are telling the public, let them handle this. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thanks, annie. people outside enjoying a nice afternoon nearly became the victims of reckless gunfire. a masked man opened fire on two men on a porch. one of the men fired back, children were down the street riding bikes. bullets ripped through the basketball hoops. our children were out here all day every day. to come home to this one, it's not fair. detectives say one of the gunman was critically injured and flagged down an officer for
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help. police are looking for your help on who the gunman is. police frantically looking for the surviving bomber in belgium. evidence is growing between the terrorists and the attacks in paris last fall and the bombings in brussels. molly hunter is live in brussels and joins us with the details. good morning, molly. >> reporter: good morning, tam, as the manhunt continues fore one tryst, another terrorist, salah abdeslam will face a criewm -- courtroom today. students gathered to to a second year law student who died in the attack at the metro station. i'm not afraid, terrorists want us to be afraid.
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they will win if we are afraid to go out from home. >> reporter: as the country mourns list owe -- police are on the manhunt for this terrorist. it is companions both died at the airport. younger brother also dead after carrying out the subway bombing. are prosecutors claim both had extensive criminal records in the the attack, many are missing. i want torn he is okay. -- to know he is okay. gayton powell was found and
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said to have no memory of what took place. it's over, it's like --. european security and justice ministers will hold an emergency meeting in brussels later today and tomorrow secretary of state kerry will arrive to pay his respects. in brussels, molly hunter channel 6 "action news." our coverage of terror attacks in brussels continues at, we posted pictures and videos from the scene along with reaction from around the world. of course, you can keep track of the latest information on the 6abc website. happening today, the villanova wildcats face the miami hurricanes in the sweet 16. both teams took to practice in louisville yesterday afternoon. the game tips off at 7:10.
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jeff skeverski is there to cover the wildcats. you need to look for his live reports later today on 6abc. as i drove in today, i thought i hope we're talking about a win. coming up on "action news," a virginia shop teacher is accused of letting his kids smoke pot in class. getting ready for a strong spring blizzard, isn't that an oaks -- objectiony moor ron >> reporter: we have showers out to the west, i'll get you through that and the easter weekend forecast that's all coming up.
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officials at denver
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international airport say the airport will be operational following a powerful spring blizzard. the storm shut down miles of highway in wyoming and nebraska. that's a big deal because out there they are used to that. >> reporter: ski resorts were making that point yesterday. as we look outside, nice morning, camera wiggling a little bit down the shore. breezes not that strong just yet, but they will be getting breezy later on. temperatures, 51 degrees in philadelphia. the dewpoint, 38. winds calm in the city and 46 in the ocean water off atlantic city. as we look at temperatures across the region, 43 in allentown. 45 in reading. 43 is better than yesterday when you dipped in the 30s, i
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supposed to that could still happen, but you're running mild this morning. 51 in philadelphia, 53 in millville. 49 in cape may. we have clouds building, but they will allow sunshine in as we go through the day. 51 degrees by 10:00 a.m. noon, 5 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 70. looks like we'll get a high of 72 late in the afternoon around 4:00 or 4:30 p.m. a nice day ahead just like yesterday. we have a approach of a front, a little back door front out of new england. wilmington, 72. notice how areas like allentown and trenton are not going to be as mild with the front coming in during the afternoon. trenton, 66. 65 in allentown. 65 in toms river. down along the cool ocean water
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we're going for temperatures in the 60s. future tracker 6 picks up the story in the overnight hours when we are cloudy overnight. early tomorrow morning, through the rush hour until 1:00. future tracker 6 shows sprinkles and showers. now, most of the models have been suggesting that this stuff gets out of here quickly and in the afternoon we see drying. future tracker, pretty much the same story there's a chance of a lingering shower in the afternoon. generally most of it will rain in the morning, only about a quarter inch. tomorrow it's warm with the progression of the front, we have a chance of getting up to 70 with the high and the front comes through and we'll get cooler as we head into the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 72 degrees, we have showers late in the overnight hours and tomorrow morning in particular, a chance of showers,
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hopefully drying in the afternoon on good friday, another warm high of 70. behind that front, 62 degrees is the high, with a lot of the sunshine on saturday, partly sunny and nice on sunday, high of 65 degrees no chance of rain, and easter does look like it's going to be good. monday, showers and a thunderstorm possible, 63. not a total washout, but wet at times. tuesday, we dry out, 56. and back to 6 on wednesday, when we are not on then the air you can get weather information at, we'll have it all for you. does look like it will shape up for a nice weekend. friday a little wet, particularly early. happening today, atlantic city mayor don guardian will hold the press conference for closing city hall and ending nonessential services on
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april 8. it will not open for business until may 2. police officers and firefighters and sanitation workers will work without pay. state lawmakers are debating a financial takeover plan of ac. some casino workers organized a protest outside of city hall fighting for pension and benefits restored. union members health benefits were cut when the taj went bankrupt. the businessman has been protesting plans to expand casinos to north jersey, a move he fears will destroy what's left of ac. the first look the business, american airlines has announced it's going to start doing something nice for its employees it's going to start profit sharing in 2017. it will set aside 5% of its
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pretax earnings. it please 6600 people in the delaware valley. they will look forward to something extra. erin o'hern tweeted, latte points, they can be rewarded for the rewards -- points. uber is looking for people who hack its app and the ride sharing company offers hackers ten thousand dollars for each critical problem they find. they will doll out five thousand dollars if you flag a significant he shall issue are
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and $3,000 and a medium issue. this is common for tech companies. i hope you can trust them. still coming on "action news," a miss be ship mystery has been -- missing ship mystery has been solved after 65 years. and new photos show the color coral in the great barrier reef area and it's sad when "action news" continues.
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we made it to thursday, which means we're almost there. that's good news. in newark, delaware, it's a new tracker involving two tractor trailers that's blocking southbound lanes of 896, college avenue at pulaski highway. the accident just happened, there's debris all over the roadway. a spot you want to avoid this morning. use glasgow avenue or stay on 72, sunset lake road is another alternate. details just coming in from newark, delaware. 295 by 95 watch out for construction taking out two lanes for another ten minutes. across the river deep water and
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48 there's work blocking the lane there, again for the next ten minutes. tacony-palmyra is up for a passing ship. traffic is stopped on both sides. betsy ross bridge is much better bet. no construction on the vine street expressway, traffic moving well in each direction. we have work going until 5 on the 30 bypass in chester county. eastbound direction by coatsville, 82 one lane out of commission, but they should be clearing out shortly. southeastern p-a will be getting federal funding from the nasty january snowstorm. now that president obama declared a disaster declaration. berks, county, bucks, chester, lehigh, montgomery, northampton and philadelphia are eligible for disaster relief. a mystery nearly a century old has been solved. the u.s. navy has announced the discovery of a tugboat that disappeared back in 1921.
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56 men were aboard the u.s. conostoga while it headed to american somalia via pearl harbor, it never arrived. the only clue that turned up was a battered life boat off the mexican coast. yesterday the navy announced the boat was found off the coast of san francisco. scientist is watching one of australia's most important tourists sites. they have found bleaching in the coral reef. it shows it's fighting to survive. it's being blamed on warmer than average ocean temperatures. they say it's been happening for several weeksing -- weeks now. if you've ever seen the great barrier reef it's sad toss. two men are facing charges after a drug bust in the
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pennsylvania state mail room where they worked. the story at 5:00 a.m. pope francis plans to honor someone special during an easter week ritual who he is picking has special significance, details when we come right back. your heart loves omega-3s.
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teacher is fired and facing charges for letting students smoke marijuana in school. classmates tipped off administrators to his
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unconventional and illegal policy. the shop teacher worked at the high school for children with academic and behavioral challenges. pope francis will spend the day washing the feet of young refugees, he performed it on women and non-catholics, it recent acts love and humility of christ washing his disciples feet before his crux -- cruise stick. tomorrow he -- crucifixion. we'll tell you who is on the heels of donald trump. a woman got disturbing news, it's a story you have to see to believe. good morning it is
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5:00 a.m., thursday, march 24 i'm tamala edwards along with erin o'hern, matt o'donnell is off. we're working on new and several developing stories. new information into the deadly terror attacks in bluffs we're learning about the suicide bomber and the suspect still on the run. ted cruz's wife is at the center of the latest donald trump feud. just when you think you found the bottom. i don't


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