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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, 6:00 a.m., thursday, march 24, i'm tamala edwards here with erin o'hern, matt o'donnell is off this morning, we're working on several new and developing stories. including a surge of violent crime in philadelphia overnight. we're live with the details. new information on the investigation into the deadly terror attacks in brussels we're learning about the suicide
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bombers and the suspects on the run. ted cruz's wife is at the center of the latest donald trump feud. first up we'll get you accuweather david is outside enjoying it and matt pellman is in for david murphy. >> reporter: when the feud gets to the second and third cousins, that's when you have to worry. 40 in allentown and 49 in cape may. you can see the wind coming up from the south and southern portion of the region and whipping around to the northwest -- or northeast when we get to the northeastern suburbs. 9:00 a.m., 43 degrees, 11al 53. it will take a while but we'll get into the 06rs -- 60s and 70s. i expect a high of 72 around 4:00 p.m. we are looking at extremely high pollen counts. those of you suffering from allergies will feel it.
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we'll get rain overnight and into tomorrow morning that will tamp down the pollen particles, and we're back in the meade yum range for -- medium range for the weekend. wile have more coming up -- i'll have more coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, action cam just got back from the scene in glasgow our scene of a crash involving two tractor-trailer, we can roll that footage. 896 southbound remains blocked because of the accident. the first truck slowed down while traveling southbound on 896 carrying food products the second truck carrying paper products came along and didn't slow down in time and rear ended the first truck. there's a fuel spill and debris all over the roadway. 896 is closed at pulaski highway is closed. route 40 eastbound is blocked,
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as well. coming back out here, use 72 coming away from maryland, stay on add baltimore pike. burlington bristol bridge is set to go up with a passing ship. use the connector bridge. i-95 a crash at allegheny avenue, pushed off to the side. southbound a little building volume. elkins park junior high a crash at new second street and church road. there's a broken down vehicle near ambler that's off to the side. several people were hurt in a spate of violence that began yesterday evening and alpsed into the wee hours of the morning. katherine scott has the violent details she is live at police headquarters where police are
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sifting through thest. >> reporter: goodgood sifting th the evidence. good morning, tam, there's been three shooting and one stabbing and police continue to investigate. homicide detectives were on the scene in kensington overnight. a man was shot multiple times in the chest and torso and died at the hospital. it happened at 1:45 a.m. on north front street near indiana. the suspect was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and fled on foot. at least 13 shots were fired. over in juniata park police had a different case on their hands. they were investigating after a woman was stabbed multiple times on whitiker avenue around 1:30 a.m. she was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police know who they are looking for. and just before 1:00 a.m. in germantown, a man was shot four times at chew and locust. officers rushed him to the
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hospital in critical condition with gunshot wound to the chest, stomach and back. police are looking for a blue hyundai that fled south on chew without the headlights on. police believed five shots were fired. the shell case casings were ten to 15 feet from where the victim was laying. >> reporter: in all the cases, police are looking for surveillance footage. in some stancens -- instance they found it and hope it can help in the investigation. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." philadelphia police are investigating a double murder in frankford. two 30-year-old man were found shot at a home on the 1600 block of pratt street. both unidentified men were rushed to temple university hospital where they died. authorities found a number of guns were at the scene. it's not clear if the guns were
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related to the killings. no one has been arrested. the man hunt intensifies in brussels. there's growing evidence that the same islamic state cell carried out both attacks in paris and the one in brussels. four people were involved in the bombings of the brussels airport and subway that killed 31 people. they have identified three suicide bombers and included a suspected bombmaker for the paris attacks in november. the 4th suspect called the man in white is believe to be at large. our coverage of the terror attacks in belgium continue at youwe have photos and videos and reaction from world leaders. 6:06. a 6abc franklin and marshall college poll shows a
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presidential candidate surging in pennsylvania. donald trump leads at 33% in the up coming primary. john kasich is second 30% you mean from 3% in january. ted cruz 20%. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders 53% to 28%. another war of words between the two leading republican candidates. >> reporter: an antitrump super pac posted this picture of mavment milania trump. bernie sanders took his campaign to los angeles he spoke at an evening rally. he trails clinton admitted the election is an uphill battle. hillary clinton targeted trump saying he would make america less safe and the world
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more dangerous. parents would do anything for their children and that includes one thing that includes a big life milestone. i hope you're saving now, the number of parents borrowing to pay for their children's college education has skyrocketed. 20% of people taking out federal college loans are parents. the average balance has jumped from 15,000 to 40,000. all according to the website nerd wallet. the loans the government offers parents. stocks sank yesterday as there was a bigger than expected jump in oil inventory. futures down 160 points. reports on weekly jobless claims are due out today. amazon says they pay women more including warehouse workers,
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tech companies have been under pressure to disclose pay levels for women. women earn 79 9 cents on the dollar compared to men. tam and erin we work hard,. we work harder. >> reporter: i don't work hard at all. storm tracker 6 live double scan, what have we got? nothing in terms of precipitation. looking outside there's sky6 live hd over the ben franklin bridge. there's cloud cover around, but i think controversial it's a clouds and sun -- but overall it's a clouds and sun mix. 49 degrees is the current temperature, we're in the upper 40s in philadelphia. mid 40s in trenton and wilmington. 40 on the nose in allentown. 43 in millville, and 49 in cape may. here come the clouds overnight. they are high and thin.
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we'll get sunshine breaking through the clouds through the day, overall a clouds and sun mix. future tracker 6 shows you the numbers i want to pay attention in the northern and eastern area. at 5:00 p.m. we are at 70 or better in philadelphia. but up here in 62 in trenton. 65 in allentown you can see how the plap is putting on -- map is putting on a green shade here and along the coast because we'll wind up with a back door front from new england it's a front that comes from an unusual direction in the northeast. it will stop here and be warm here, but in trenton and allentown it will be cooler. in the lehigh valley, 65. sun and clouds, cooler than yesterday. along the shore it will be cooler because of the flow coming in off the ocean. it's sort of different almost -- element to the weather that's keeping you cool there. in philadelphia, 72 degrees, the front coming down from the
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northeast isn't going to get into philadelphia, so we should be warm. a mix of sun and clouds, winds out of the southeast at 10 to 20 miles per hour. overnight tonight, very mild, only going down to 58 degrees. that sets us up for a mild start on friday morning. there's a chance of overnight rain filtering its way in. future tracker 6 picks up the story as we head toward the rush hour. we have showers in and out of the pictures from the predawn hours up until noon. it's looks like most of this gets out of here quickly in the afternoon and we might see sunshine coming back tomorrow afternoon. it will be mild tomorrow, high of 70 ahead of the front and cooler behind it for the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, warm, 72 in philadelphia. cooler to the north an east and down by the shore. tomorrow in the afternoon we expect the sun to come back and getting up to 70 sunshine on saturday, high of 62.
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easter sunday looking good, partly sunny, 635 degrees, if you've got easter egg hunts with the kiddie. heading to church services no problem. sunrise services, 43 degrees. showers on monday, 56 on tuesday. up next, a tornado survive, thought the worse was over until her house was torn down by mistake. nova nation is read for the storm against miami. >> reporter: we're moving fine on 309 through montgomery and flourtown. problems in glasgow. we'll check i-95 after the break. a dating app is playing political match maker up in tech
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look here, the view of the commodor barry bridge dawn is starting to break. it's opening up on to a lovely day. david murphy saying the temperatures will be up in the
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70s, 6:15 and 61 degrees. do we have a beautiful commute to match the day? we have an issue in glasgow, delaware with a big accident involving two trucks, erin and tam. the first truck was carrying food products slowed down traveling southbound on 896 approaching pulaski highway. second truck carrying paper products did not slow down and rear ended the first truck. now we have a fuel spill and debris all over the southbound lanes of 896 and route 40. 896 is closed southbound and route 40 eastbound. stay on 72. if you come eastbound on 40, pulaski highway you can't do that, stay on add baltimore pike or i-95 northbound coming out of
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maryland. we get road of construction at 422 westbound by valley forge. now there's a broken down vehicle in the eastbound lanes close to royersford. coming in from pottstown no big delays just yet. we're watching the crash along new second street at church road. an accident on i-95 northbound at allegheny. that's cleared out. southbound we're seeing the typical volume southbound near girard. opening at triple b, burlington bristol bridge is open. a texas woman at her home demolished by mistake. she owned one half of a complex in a dallas suburb after a tornado it was still
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structurally sound it was torn down. i didn't believe he was telling me, instead he is telling me how the insurance is going to handle it and it's going to be a nasty fight. diaz she said she hopes the company will help her, otherwise yes shell talk to an attorney. the wildcats are in kentucky ready for their sweet 16 matchup with the miami hurricanes tonight. all week the cats have been reminding us the sweet 16 is not the ultimate goal. our goal is to win, we want to win the whole tournament. >> reporter: is this a final four team? we just do one game at a time. if we can play our game, i think we can get there. tonight's game tips off at
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7:10. jeff skeverski is in louisville to cover the wildcats. look for the report on 6abc. i want to tell you we're in the elite 8. think positive. 6:19. sweet moves, the president impresses during an impromptu tango. >> reporter: i'm rooting for the for the cats. >> reporter: we have a high of 72. we'll have the day planner next and head to the airport and see if there are any clays in -- des in the travel cities. >> reporter: twitter wants cruiser to get creative with photos. they are getting ready to launch a new app that will allow user to alter i am a.j.s -- images before posting them. facebook will pull its
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blackberry app it will end support for the blackberry ten operating system. tinder let's you seek the perfect match with the presidential candidate it's called swipe the vote and asks users a series of policy questions, it tells you which presidential hopeful is the closest match. >> reporter: those are tech bytes.
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for courage, the tango is not an easy dance to take it on impromptu is something else. >> reporter: when did he have time to learn that? >> reporter: we'll do doing the two step around the bridge inspection in grays ferry. schuylkill expressway traffic is moving well, building westbound volume. we have a crash on the ramp garden state parkway. delays on the lansdale doylestown line because of a disabled vehicle. >> reporter: we're in the 40s by 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.,as well. the afternoon looks mild, we'll
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see a high of 72 around 4:00 p.m. clouds and sun, a little bit breezy, if you're north an east of philadelphia in places like trenton and allentown you'll be in the low to mid 60s cool air coming down out of the northeast for you. at the airport, all green aircraft. cloud cover out in chicago, dallas, appear e and orlando. no rain. many thing colon cancer -- many think colon cancer is gone contracted by older people. but younger people are getting it more. colon cancer is the second cause of death in the united states. doctors stress paying attention to your body and symptoms and
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crews are battling a massive wildfire burning across 110 square miles in rural oklahoma and kansas. these two homes have been destroyed. officials saying wind speeds and dry conditions are complicating fire fighting efforts. no injuries were reported in either state. uber is looking for people to hack its app. the bug bounty program offers
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$10,000 for critical problems that the hackers find. medium issues yield $3,000. this is typical for tech companies most offer hacker help and finding a bug. enjoy the warmth while it lasts. david murphy has the call from accuweather next. and also countdown to a shut down, atlantic city leaders talk about what will happen if indeed government funding runs dry. >> now on "action news" a
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disturbing viral video has infuriated a south jersey community and caught the attention of police. we are learning more about
6:31 am
the bomber insist belgium. accuweather is tracking near-record highs. good morning, 6:30, thursday, march 24. matt o'donnell and karen rogers are off today. erin o'hern is joining us, matt pellman has traffic. let's go outside to david murphy who has news. >> reporter: we're off to a cool start, and there are clouds that swept in the area. we have blue skies over the terrace, i think we'll get sunshine early and clouds and sun as we go through the day. look at the winds they are waffling from all definite direction -- different directions. as we go through the day, it will be slow climb, noon, in the 50s, 3:00 p.m. i expect to be at
6:32 am
70 degrees and high of 72 this afternoon around 4:00 p.m. allergy sufferers you have a high pollen count. keep the medications going today. overnight tonight there's rain in the forecast that will knock the pollen counts back tomorrow. matt pellman i'll be back with with the details on the rain tomorrow and the weekend call from accuweather. how about the roads? >> reporter: we have a vehicle broke down, nobody likes their vehicle breaking down, it's out of the way in the eastbound lanes between montgomery and girard. everything is open. still a ten minute delay on the eastbound traffic time. if you're heading the other way westbound from the southbound boulevard you're starting to tap the brakes. although the delay is not too bad just yet. we have a second accident elkins
6:33 am
park junior high new second street at church you church road. word of a new crash new castle county in the northbound lanes of i-95 approaching 141 we'll be following that and all morning we've been following the crash in newark, the action cam was on the scene it involves two tractor trailers, one carrying food products and the other paper products, the first one slowed down and the second didn't. it rear ended the first one. there's fuel and debris all over the roads. coming back out here, 896 southbound is blocked, 40 eastbound is closed. route 72 old baltimore i-95 alternates. we'll continue to follow this, as this thursday morning progresses. a viral video is provoke be outrage, it shows a marital arts
6:34 am
fighter wailing on a teenager. annie mccormick has more. >> reporter: police say they have identified in the video and currently investigating, but at this point no charges have been filed. there's been public crowd cry since it hit social media. we want to warn you, it's graphic. this video was posted two nights ago in the video a man claiming to a mixed marital arts fighter unleashes a string of insults and beating on a teenager. it's been viewed 1.7 million times and 34,000 shares and 16,000 comments the phones at west deptford police have not stopped ringing. police made contact with the everyone in the vehicle. the juvenile is okay and they are not related and staying apart during the course of the investigation. dann cuellar went to the home of the man in the video no one
6:35 am
answered. police chief said even to trained officers this video shocked them. it took me back, i was very, very shocked to watch what appeared to be a juvenile just getting assaulted for no reason at all. >> reporter: community is outraged and some people who saw the clip have tried to track the man in the video down at his home. just looking at the kid he was hitting, the kid was defenseless. he shouldn't be beating on little kids. >> reporter: and among those comments posted on social media, some are considered threatening. the police is reminding the public to let the authorities handle this. reporting live in west deptford, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thanks so much, annie. new this morning, bullets shot through a jeep in camden, new jersey injuring someone inside the vehicle. the action cam was at the fairview and morgan street after the shooting. the victim is at cooper university hospital.
6:36 am
police don't know who shot him or why. people outside enjoying the nice afternoon became the victims of reckless gunfire in southwest philadelphia. police say a masked man opened fire on two men sitting on a porch near 55th and regent streets yesterday. one of the men fired back. annie bryant said her great grandchildren were down the street riding bikes, the bullets ripped through the basketball hoop. our children is out here all day everyday. and to come home to this, it's not fair. detectives say one of the gunman was critically injured and flagged down an officer for help. they are working to identify the other person involved. it is 6:36 an urgent manhunt continues this morning for the surviving brussels bomber. authorities have identified three suicide bombers in the bombing of the brussels airport and subway system one was a
6:37 am
bombmaker who is part of the november attacks in paris. a 4th was filmed he has come to be called the man in white. a number of people are missing, including emilyizeen's boyfriend. i want to know if he is okay if i will see him again and if his family will see him again. european security and justice ministers will hold an emergency meeting in brussels later today. secretary of state john kerry arrives tomorrow. happening today, atlantic city mayor don guardian will hold a press conference to discuss the closure of city hall and ending nonessential services on april 8. atlantic city doesn't expect to have enough money until may 2 when it gets quarterly tax revenue. state lawmakers are debating a
6:38 am
takeover plan of ac. time to turn to david murphy. it's all good. >> reporter: yesterday it was great, today we'll climb slower to get to the 70s, but we'll get there in most of the region. we'll talk about who might not in a moment. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you are dry for a thursday morning commute. as we look outside there will be sunshine coming up over the coastline clouds before too much longer. satellite shows high, thin clouds coming through. temperatures 49 degrees in philadelphia. not too bad, coat weather this morning, winds out of the east/northeast, temperatures picked up at 9 miles per hour. it will be on the breezy side. 48 along the coastal areas. 43 in reading.
6:39 am
53 in dover. satellite and radar showing you the clouds, they are a little misleading, we'll is a mix of sun and clouds similar to yesterday. 51 degrees by 10:00 a.m. noon we may be stuck in the mid 50s, there's a chance we push up closer to the mid 50s. 3:00 p.m., 70 degrees, 72 around 4:00 p.m. high temperatures here's the change we're looking at depending on where you are. we'll get to 72 in philadelphia, wilmington, 69 degrees in reading and lancaster, 69 in millville. there are two spots it will be cooler. down the shore, low 60s there. you have an ocean flow. allentown, trenton, toms river there's a back door front coming down from new england. we get these every now and then, especially in the spring and fall. this will be stopping right about here, that will usher in cooler air for you guys in the north and eastern areas. so mid 60s maybe low 60s in
6:40 am
those neighborhoods. overnight tonight, sprinkles and showers develop, tomorrow morning, future tracker 6 shows you during the morning commute up until noon it will be damp with spotty shower activity. most of the models are suggesting this clears out quickly in the afternoon. somebody tweeted when is the best time to do errands tomorrow, probably in the afternoon and you have a shot of being dry. might be sprinkles around, generally speaking the afternoon will be drier than the morning. we'll get a high of 70 and the front comes in and we cool down for the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 72 not bad, sun and clouds. tomorrow, rain in the morning, the afternoon sees generally drier conditions and my afternoon. saturday it's cooler, a nice day high of 62. lots of sun, easter sunday is looking really nice for all church services, sunrise
6:41 am
services, easter egg hunts looks good, will be at 40 in philadelphia at sunrise, if you have to be out there, down the shore cooler for sunrise services there. in the afternoon, 65 degrees and partly sunny. looks like rain and thunderstorm on monday, tuesday is dry at this point. it is now, 6:41 up in smoke a teacher takes a legal hit for letting students toke up in class. fire rescue unfolds in front of an officer's dash cam. >> reporter: we have a crash southbound at street road. it popped up and cleared out quickly. we have delays on i-95 and accident on i-95 in delaware. all that coming your way when "action news" continues on this thursday morning. welcome back it is
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thursday, and that is a beautiful shot of the sun coming up behind the commodor barry bridge. it is pink and purple there, my daughter would call it pinkalicious. easter colors. let's go over to matt pellman to work his magic this morning. >> reporter: i'm just the messenger and never forget that, please. unfortunately we have a problem in glasgow, delaware where a a couple of trucks collided around the 4:00 a.m. hour.
6:45 am
you can see the truck carrying food supplies and paper supplies the one rear rear ended the oth. there's fuel and debris all over the roadways. 896 is shut down at route 40 pulaski highway. 40 eastbound is closed. so alternates this morning include glasgow avenue, route 72 and instead of 40 eastbound stay on old baltimore pike or i-95 northbound. once you get on i-95 northbound toward wilmington there's a crash approaching 141 taking out the two right lanes. you're just starting to see that area of yellow. so speeds are starting to drop heading toward the city because of the crash on i-95 northbound. if you're heading toward philadelphia on i-95 southbound we have the typical morning crowd, southbound to cottman and gale again into girard. speeds are dropping on the schuylkill expressway in the 20s and 30s.
6:46 am
the boulevard southbound at 9th street we have a crash there. ncaa tournament coming to town today, at noon watch out for crowds because practices begin at noon. crash on the new jersey turnpike northbound approaching 7:00 a.m. at the right lane of the inner drive police pulled up to the scene there. aaron. new this morning, a virginia teacher is fired and facing charges for letting students smoke marijuana in school. classmates tipped off administrators to the unconventional and illegal policy. three students let's up before authorities intervened. the shop teacher worked at a high school for children with academic and behavioral challenges. pope francis will spend his day washing the feet of young refugees today. the tradition recent -- re-enacts the love and service of christ.
6:47 am
we'll take a live look at the vatican city where mass is being celebrated. holy thursday commemorates the last supper where christ created the sacrament of holy communication and washed the feet of the disciples and pricking his own betrayal in death. they celebrate holy thursday. live preview of "g.m.a." is next. roo on the run, an animal from down under takes a day trip downtown.
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6:50 am
>> reporter: i try to deliver on my promises. i promised a look at the boulevard. the accident here it was now it's gone now. southbound at 9th street all lanes reopen. crash is gone, delays on the eastbound trolley route 1002. everything is back to normal on the lansdale doylestown rail line. all delays ended. >> reporter: fleetwood down to 49. most of the you in the mid 40s and upper 40s. 47 in cinnaminson. 50 in woodbine and low 50s in smyrna and dover. wilmington in the 40s.
6:51 am
afternoon it will be nice, cool in the morning, still around 55 by noon. but getting up to 67 by 2:00 p.m. that's the high at 4:00 p.m. 72 degrees mix of clouds and sun today. similar to yesterday, a little bit on the breezy side. tam and aaron nice out there. well get out there. time for a preview of good morning. dan harris joins us with a look at what's coming up after "action news." >> reporter: good morning to you tam and erin. a massive manhunt for the bomber in brussels. we are learning about the other suspect and the failure of intelligence that may have allowed them to carry out their attacks. race of the white house, gop candidates in a war of words over their wives. donald trump threatening to quote spill the beans on the wife of ted cruz. she is responding.
6:52 am
hulk hogan big victory, the jurors who awarded him is $140 million in payout, the founder of gawker will join us live to share his side of the story. benefit ben -- ben affleck joins us live to talk about his role as the dark knight. this is a strange scene in iowa. a kangaroo was spotted hopping around outside the city hall. according to iowa code it's legal to have a kangaroo because it's not a dangerous wild animal. dash cam video shows two
6:53 am
officers rescuing a woman from a fiery crash. they ran into the car and began breaking the windows, they managed to free the woman and pulled her out of the of the burning wreckage. sheshe is in critical condition. one officer suffered minor burns. ♪
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discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon.
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investigating a burst of violence overnight. a man was shot and killed in kensington. a woman was critically stabbed in juniata park. police know who they are looking for. in germantown a man was shot four times he is in critical condition. police in west deptford new jersey are investigating a graphic video that was posted to social media. it shows a man practicing mixed marital arts assaulting a juvenile. the police say the juvenile is okay. >> reporter: we have an overturned vehicle approaching route 1. left lane out of commission, new castle county, trash truck lost it's axle, it's a mess. >> reporter: it's breezy, later today, 72 is the high. tonight's high, 48 degrees, i'm not sure i'll have a jacket on
6:57 am
the way in tomorrow. it will be cooler in allentown and that direction in the mid 60s. format, erin, karen, david, matt, i'm tam, we'll see you in 30.
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good morning, america. an all-out manhunt for this suspect right now. the alleged brussels attacker who got away. also breaking now, police are now searching for a new suspect from the metro bombing as disturbing new clues emerge this morning. the missed warning signs about the terrorists. one of them a bombmaking mastermind. authorities have been searching for since the paris attacks and now the revealing message found on a computer in the trash. and we hear from this survivor. our exclusive interview this morning with the basketball player back from the states who made it through the blast. also this morning, a spring blizzard hitting the midwest after burying colorado overnight. the entire denver airport and interstates shut down and winds up to 60 miles an hour as wildfires fear through the heartland. and war


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