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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 26, 2016 11:44pm-12:21am EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa a magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. it was a nail biter to the very end but when it was all over, villanova toppled top seeded kansas. the wildcats tonight go to the final four for the first time since 2009. saturday night, i'm walter perez the big story on "action news" is a huge win by villanova wildcats. if you caught last few minutes of that game you are probably still catching your breath. kansas went down swinging with last minute mistakes by jay hawks gave nova the edge they needed. sports director ducis rodgers has highlights. ducis this was one heck of a game. >> i'm still catching my breath, walter. what a game indeed. villanova had not been tested to this point in the tournament. tonight cats and they pass that had test to reach their first final four in seven years. nova facing top overall seed kansas in louisville. first half josh hart with the
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steel. the cats forced kansas into 16 turnovers, 23-16 nova. later in the half chris jenkins is deadly from out there. cats up 32-25 at half time. second half nova down one, ryan archie dea ago know, know of back on top 47-45. eight to go, nova a up three. the cats get the steel. villanova is heading to the houston and final four. the cats win this game, 54-59. and it is their first final four, since 2009. >> you know, it is like being when you are a parent, you think your kid are the greatest, and then when you see them live that out, and become great, it just, it just makes your heart swell. >> this is just a total team effort, and it was everything that i dream of. i cannot speak for daniel will but i would think it is unbelievable to know where we have been from our freshman
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year. >> so villanova will next play in the final four in houston on saturday against oklahoma. team they played earlier this season. oklahoma beat them pretty good. probably nova's worst game. they will look for revenge, too. two different teams now. >> they are so relaxed now. leader ship. >> ryan arcidiacono, daniel ochefu and coach wright. >> thanks, ducis. tonight the delaware valley is part of the nova nation as we set our sights on the final four. we will will go live to "action news" reporter jeff chirico at a watch party in center city. jeff, they must have been going nuts. >> reporter: oh, walter what a game and reaction. fans were on the edge of their seats here at the field house as they watch the top seeded jayhawks fall to the second seeded wildcats. nova nation out in force, as the red hot wildcats prepared to hit the court, fans here, clearly feel the burn. >> we're really excited.
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it is our first time in the elite eight since 2009. >> i think it is time villanova shows their talent, and i think everyone can get excited about it. >> reporter: hundreds of nova a alumni gathered at the field house in center city. their big game reuniting old college pals. >> i'm's here to watch the game with my college roommate and my husband who graduated with us too. >> it is just once a year people who actually care about the kid. that is why we like to gather here. >> reporter: wildcats had dominated previous games, this night, a a claw biter for the cats. the throughout the game kansas and villanova jockeyed for the lead. but in the end, crowd went wild, as villanova pulled out a 64-59 win. and advancing them to the final four, for the first time in seven years. >> i'm proud of them. i could not ask for anything more. it the is a dream to be part of it. >> you know what, in the end, we won. we played, like champs and new
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we are going to the final four. i'm so excited. >> reporter: fans say that the wildcats will scratch, and claw their way past oklahoma a and they expect them to go all the way. we are live here in center city, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news". >> walter. >> thanks, jeff. switching gears now a philadelphia bound flight had to be canceled this morning after a authorities suspect a co pilot was drunk. officials say pilot who is from pennsylvania failed a breath alcohol test, that test was taken after a tsa agent spotted the pilot acting oddly and smelling of the alcohol. faa regulations forbid a pilot from operating a plane within eight hours of drinking alcohol or with a blood alcohol content of .04 or greater. >> it is very frightening because i travel with my children frequently and i trust that the airlines are keeping us safe. >> american airlines released a statement saying that the company is assisting with the investigation and will handle this matter appropriately
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saying safety and care of its customers and employees is their highest priority. managers at an apartment complex in wilmington say it was a faulty boiler pipe that was behind the death of the four people and a dog. tonight some residents are being allowed back into their homes while families of those who died are speaking out about their heart breaking loss. "action news" reporter trish hartman has more. >> reporter: nancy youknack family spend the day moving boxes out of her apartment in building including her prized wizard of oz collection. >> she started to yell kansas and it comes up, and she was very proud that her collection, you know, was in the paper locally here. >> she loved everyone. she was person who would say hello in the market. >> reporter: the 56 year-old was among four victims at evergreen apartments and river front heights friday evening. police say, 58 year-old veronica mousily, 68 year-old karl dunfee and andre spanakos also died. neighbors saw spanakos walking
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his dog around the complex. >> where ever he went, dog went. they would ride around and dog would go with him. >> reporter: building where bodies were found and one next to it were evacuated yesterday. next morning, flyers on the doors of seven other buildings notified residents that the cause of the problem appears to stem from a boiler exhaust pipe in building g. the flier also states that boiler recently passed the required state inspection. still county code inspectors found mechanical issues in other buildings prompting more evacuations while repairs are made. >> there is no public health hazard or no licensing hazard as far as environmental issue. there is just no heat and hot water. it is a comfort issue for them. >> reporter: eight other residents were hospitalized. >> that explains why i was dizzy going to the bus stop. i had had to sit down because my head was pounding. >> reporter: she's six months pregnant and just released from the hospital this morning. >> i had to go to my job. they check me. my level was up to a ten. they had to take me to the hospital, and get the me check
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out. >> reporter: official cause of death has not been ruled but emergency responders discovered high levels of the carbon monoxide when they responded friday night. police say autopsies need to be done on the victims before they cannery lease more information, hopefully early next week. reporting from wilmington delaware, trish hartman for channel six a "action news". police in philadelphia are investigating a brutal stab ago this ended with a woman critically injured tonight. it happen just after 5:30 this evening on the 5800 block of north camac street the in logan. investigators say a five five-year old woman was stabbed repeatedly and taken to einstein hospital. police have not made any arrests at this time. criminal charges have been filed, after two grandparents were killed by a suspect drunk driver in new jersey. a family was on its way home from an easter egg hunt when their car was hit head on in hunterdon county, new jersey. police arrested frank, he faces several charges including dui. a five and ten year-old were inside the car with their grandparents, but they only suffered minor injuries.
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and only "action news" was there for a benefit for courageous police office shore was shot in the line of duty. officer jesse hartnett showed up at the skate zone in northeast philadelphia as you can see philly's finest hockey team took on flyers alumni. flyers presented hartnett with his own personalized jersey, back in january, hartnett was ambushed while sitting inside of his police car by a gunman who said he was motivated bias lamb to attack. hartnett's arm was shattered under a hail of bullets. the despite his injuries he was able to return fire hitting the attacker three times. today they raised enough money to fun hartnett's recovery. catholics in our area gathered tonight to celebrate meaning of the easter. archbishop chaput, presided over easter vigil at cathedral basilica have of saints peter and paul. tomorrow is easter sunday the day christians believe jesus christ was resurrect. tonight's mass marked the end of the lent. and in university city members of the philadelphia episcopal cathedral lit
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candles for this holy saturday vigil. the reverend daniel presided over tonight's service. much more to come on "action news" tonight, pope francis also took part in the easter vigil. we will take you to the vatican for his message. also coming up democratic voters in three states cast their ballots the in their ballot for their nomination. which cap date walked away with the most delegates today. walter, we are tracking cloud that will roll in throughout the overnight hours and a cloudy start for our easter sunday. we have details coming up with your full and inclusive accu weather forecast. and ducis rodgers has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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bernie sanders campaign opened its first official sights in south philadelphia today. the supporters gathered a at the office on the 1900 block of east passyunk avenue. volunteers also stopped by to find out how they can get involved in the campaign. and with that said, democrats in alaska, hawaii and washington state went to the polls today. so far bernie sanders is the winner in two of those contests. sanders came out on top in both a last contact and washington state. we are a waiting word from had hawaii. sanders spoke to supporters in wisconsin saying recent victories in other western states like utah, idaho tell him this race is not over just yet. even with sanders win tonight hillary clinton still has a
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strong lead in the delegates counts. mrs. clinton says she anticipated those losses because she did not invest many campaign resources in those states. we have some new information tonight, on tuesday's deadly attacks in brussels. belgium prosecutors say that three men have now been charged with terror offence that led to the attacks in the airport and subway there. today federal prosecutors charged a man for involvement in the terrorist group and for terrorist murder. two other suspects a rested on thursday have been charged with quote involvement in the activities of a terrorist group. also new tonight a team of engineers say the airport terminal where the attack took place is stable. airport officials say flights can resume as early as next tuesday. meanwhile one of the victims has been identified in the 30 year-old american from tennessee. the justin shults and his wife stephanie had not been seen since the attacks happened and tonight she remains listed as missing. pope francis presided over
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a solemn vigil tonight ushering in easter celebrations with the the message of hope. pontiff entered darkened st. peters basilica with just one candle lit. during the service francis baptized 12 people from all around the world and in just a few hours he will preside over easter sunday mass and offer his annual easter blessing. pope francis is expect to offer a message of hope following his condemnations of the attacks bias lamb i can terrorist in brussels. easter weekend is time of rebirth and renewal and congregation from camden county is clinging to those will values after vandals ruined their house of worship. here is rick williams with tonight's crime fighters report. >> reporter: on wednesday morning, january 6th, mass had just ended at st. lawrence church in our lady of quadloop parish in lindenwald, camden county. >> 11:30, 12, nobody was in the church and they took advantage of this. >> reporter: that is when vandals struck. >> they climb through a window
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and they just destroyed the place. they threw candles through stained glass windows, knocked down crucifiction for what. >> reporter: big concern are broken windows, the parish priest says that they are one of a kind, and he is not sure if they will be able to replicate or replace them. >> this is a senseless crime. i mean, you know, to desecrate, you know, a catholic church or any church, any religion, it is unnecessary. >> reporter: lindenwald police did get latent fingerprints from the piece of the broken glass that could lead to the suspect but they want your help too. >> the cal rugman, philanthropist, who posted $2,500 reward for information, leading to the a rest and convictions of these individuals. >> reporter: all you need to do is call 215-546-tips, all calls will remain anonymous. for crime fighters, i'm rick williams for channel will six, "action news". what if one piece of kale
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time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee so people can find out what conditions will be like for sunrise services. >> it will be cool. we have got clouds rolling in as we speak, walter. so those will continue to be with us as we wake up tomorrow morning. we will talk about what is going on. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. it is dry. no issues with precipitation. we are dealing with the easterly win coming in off the atlantic. so with that easterly component to our wind we have clouds that will continue to build in and thicken as we go throughout the rest of the overnight hours.
12:03 am
for that matter throughout the day on sunday. high today in philadelphia coming in at 60. we're cooling down in the 40's in most locations. it is 46 in philadelphia a. forty in poconos. forty-one in lancaster. at the coast in cape may 47. beach haven in at 45. here is satellite six with action radar. we have had dry conditions, plenty of sunshine, and most of the the day. and ridge of high pressure and wind around that high clockwise, you notice clouds starting to thicken up across coastal sections of new jersey spilling in that 95 corridor and eventually our northwestern suburbs north and west of philadelphia as we go throughout the overnight hours. the call from accu weather for rest of tonight is turning cloudy, cool one as well, we will drop down to 33 in the suburbs. forty-two in philadelphia for the overnight the low. we have got northeasterly wind that will be sticking with us. so as we get into easter sunday. it will not be as bright of a day thomas it was today. 9:00 in the morning it is mostly cloudy. temperature of 45 degrees.
12:04 am
for the majority of the day we will look to be dry. no issues if you have plans outside tomorrow, any easter egg hunts planned as well. cloud and a few pockets of sun by noon, 53. by 4:00 in the afternoon those cloud will thin out for late day breaks of sun with the temperature coming in at 59. so here's set up, on our easter sunday. ridge of high pressure to the north and east. we have an area of low pressure moving across the great lakes. we are sandwiched in between those two tomorrow. high temperature coming in at 60 but depending on the cloud cover could be a touch cool's cross the region. it does look to be mostly dry. overnight sunday into monday we're tracking a little bit of precipitation. future tracker six showing 7:00 in the morning mostly cloud a cross the region for those sunrise services or anything you have planned early tomorrow morning. definitely cool start as well. future tracker six wants to bring some precipitation north ward by 9:00 p.m. on sunday but the bulk of it will hold off until late sunday, during the overnight hours, and it looks to be a little bit on
12:05 am
the wet side as you get in the commute, on monday morning, at 6:00 o'clock in the morning. we are calling for a quarter to half inch of rain by monday and then clearing out by monday afternoon. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you cloud, a few late day breaks of sunshine tomorrow, and otherwise a high temperature near 60 degrees. and then overnight sunday into monday, rain, likely with a possible rumble of thunder. early high temperature of 67, the numbers falling throughout the the day on monday, and in the wake of that front on tuesday, breezy, and cooler in at 60. sunny and nice, not bad on wednesday, in at 62, warmer on thursday, windy, with a high of 73, and a couple afternoon showers are possible, and on friday, it is mostly cloud which some rain in at 66. on saturday, early, rain and then cooler with temperature around 61 degrees. walter, back to you. >> thanks, melissa. six is your one stop forecasting resource for the weekend. keep your devices opened to storm tracker six live double
12:06 am
scan radar for any changes moving our way. ducis rodgers has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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well, ducis rodgers has a check on sports. what a game. >> what a game. >> what a game. >> it is unbelievable it was unbelievable. >> this team has a special thing going on right now. houston and final four, here they come. villanova knocks out kansas, number one team in the tournament to advance to the first final four in seven years. ryan arcidiacono playing on the his 22nd birthday, butterflies have to be there first half josh hart steals. twenty-three-16 know of a later chris jenkins dann you ochefu, nova up nine. seven-point lead at the break. second half perry ellis, kansas star quiet all night. held to four points. this put them up 37-36 with 13 to go. know of down one here. archie, know of back on top
12:10 am
47-45. hart, three, all part of the ten-zero nova run. villanova wins 64-59. cats with the first final four appearance since 2009. >> our jeff skversky is live in louisville with more on this game, jeff? >> ducis, villanova has said the goal was not just to get here to the elite eight, the goal, it is to win it all. yes,ville know of ace marching on despite shooting just 40 percent tonight, worst of their games in the tournament so far, and they beat kansas, the number one team in the country, and what a scene, on this court, moments ago, the entire arena singing happy birth the day to ryan arcidiacono, let's listen. >> ♪ happy birthday to you. happy birthday. happy birthday to you. >> the entire arena here in louisville climbing in, singing happy birthday to ryan
12:11 am
arcidiacono as they cut down the nets here in louisville going to the final four for the first time since 2009. the fifth time in school history a large part to their senior star, ryan arcidiacono and his 13 points. >> twenty-second birthday, best present in the world i'm sure. >> it was great. it was something i was not expecting. i don't want to take any focus way from the team. it is a whole team effort. >> how great does this feel. >> amazing. it is amazing. >> this is a real feeling. this is what we grow up, you know, we grow up, watching, and it is a crazy feeling. it means a lot, man. but we're still not satisfied. we still want to win and when we get to houston but, this is hard work. >> you look like you where to
12:12 am
break down. >> yes. i love those guys in there, man. >> and nova nation, loves this team. they are in search of their first national championship in 31 years. it is alive. next up, oklahoma in houston next saturday, can you wait, cats are back, finally in the final four. we are live from louisville, jeff skversky channel six "action news". >> good work there jeff, thanks very much. as jeff just mentioned cats next opponent on saturday will be oklahoma sooners. they took on and took out top seed in the west oregon. sooners star buddy kiehl outside inside 37 points. oklahoma wins, 80-68.
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the desert flyers with an excellent opportunity to create more space between themselves and the red wings in that wild card race. flyers certainly own it, and,
12:16 am
no score in the second period arizona on the power play. shane gomes beats steve mason for his 26th goal of the season. of the second period do you believe this? he scores with half second left on the clock. the right now flyers trail two to nothing in the third period. sixers out west taking on the portland trail blazers in nerlens noel out with the knee injury. first quarter pj mcconnell showing off his skills. innings isers trail by four after one. fourth quarter, alfred with the dunk. sixers trailing 103-100. we are in the fourth quarter. and that is your look at sports. >> how about those wildcats. >> yes. >> thanks, ducis. finally some dogs get all dressed up for easter in ocean city, new jersey. action cam on the scene here at sixth street on the boardwalk this morning for the wolf paws pet fashion show as part of the fundraiser for the ocean city humane society. owners dressed their pets in everything from easter baskets to easter bonnets. there were award given out for best dressed dog, best tail
12:17 am
wagger and best pet owner look alike. castle is up next on channel six. "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning with nydia han, gray hall and chris sowers. now for melissa magee, ducis rodgers, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. have a good night, and a happy easter. we will see you right back here, tomorrow. >> ♪lank
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