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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  March 27, 2016 11:30pm-11:46pm EDT

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but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. well, time for a check on sports, jamie apody is here and we are looking forward to the final . >> yes, dinner plans, cancel them. it was just announced, that is right, you can watch, they were just announced they will play oklahoma in the final four at 6:09 p.m. wildcats setting their says on the first championship in over
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three decade. victorious villanova arrived back on campus to a hero's welcome from nova nation. ryan arcidiacono and company will head to houston on wednesday to take on oklahoma in the national semis. sure, this team was ranked number one in the country at one point but hey, did you really think this team would get to the final four, jay wright. >> not at all. not in november. i would say about middle of january we started thinking bit. i never said it to the guys, that they had a chance until probably late january. because we really believed it. >> well, they got to cut down nets thanks to the cats holding off top seeded kansas last night 64-59. it was i game of runs. wildcats managed a seven-point half time lead and held them off to hot shooting throughout the scratch. in the end they danced as they do in march with the trophies as regional champs hoping to exchange it for big one in the
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final weekend. jeff skversky caught up with the cats after the final buzzer. >> yes, how great does this feel? >> amazing. the it is amazing. no word other than amazing. >> something you dream burr whole life. it is something that i will cherish forever and i just love it. great team effort out there. >> everybody on the team will do whatever it takes to win. hopefully we can keep it going. >> do you feel like you can win it all? >> we definitely can. we have 25 percent chance but we have, these guys, and do what we have to do best. >> what about a hundred percent chance. >> it is all good, man. we are not done just yet. let's get it we will have much more on villanova's big win coming up on "action news" sports sunday. 97.5 the fanatic mike missanelli will join me in the studio in a few minutes. nova's chris jenkins sitting court side tonight watching north carolina battle notre dame. and the final. carolina, isaiah hicks, with the big jam.
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they win 88-seven 46789 only number one seed left in the tournament. remember, carolina beatville know of last time they met in the final four, seven years ago. jim boeheim syracuse squad was not even supposed to make the tournament but they made a improbable run. they erased a 16-point deficit. now, richardson the with the difference. syracuse shocked virginia 68-52. the orange, first team ever to make the final four, to play north carolina. this saturday. you can call it the a mismatch. sixers and their 64 losses a begins warriors with 65 wins. they have the best record in nba history after 27 games. sixers in the bay off area taking on steph curry and company. ish smith is not intimidated. sixers had an early lead. they were up, by five in the first. it didn't lad. curry had his say. and, maybe they were so focused on curry, they forgot
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about clay thompson who had 40. sixers fall 117-105. they have lost ninth street, 22 of their last 23. do you recognize this first base coach. that is ruben amaro, junior now coaching for red sox. coaching first base. >> phillies starter, jared eichoff with the second start of the spring. he gave up five runs on 11 hits. phillies lose five-one. >> looking forward to next saturday. >> i can't wait. >> thank you. much more to come on "action news" pope francis celebrates easter sunday with thousands office faithful, under tight security. more details when "action news" comes right back.
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terrorism and security was on everyone's mind today in europe as millions celebrated easter sunday. pope francis prayed for peace, law enforcement officials worked to make sure that the faithful were safe. abc's matt gutman has more. >> reporter: outside st. patrick's cathedral in insuring today the nypd anti terror union patrolling among easter revellers a amid worries of attacks on christian sites during the holiday. in the beating heart of catholicism the head of easter mass at the vatican they filed through metal detectors through the thousands. flagging the military marching band and swiss guard in their steel helmets were troops as
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the song rifles. so far everything seems to have gone smoothly, the security lines have flowed, pretty quickly but the one thing that nobody expected, just before the services began, all of the empty space at st. peters square. it was, rare we found this trio of college students. our family was questioning our decision to go to the vatican. my dad was wondering why i was but i'm not scared. >> reporter: pope francis at the alter giving commune yan and praying for peace. but europe didn't seem so peaceful on easter sunday, troops with automatic weapons posted outside france iconic notre dame and in turkey heavy security outside churches following an isis threat overnight. and a terrorist attack in pakistan, killing more than 60 in a park, as christians there celebrated easter. victims carried away from the scene, as family members collapsed in grief. ending the ceremony in rome, the pope specifically mentioning terrorism.
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>> that bright and brutal form of violence that continues to shed blood in different parts of the world. some prayed, others posing for pictures. but everyone praying for a better look at the pope. pope then sipping around the square, even leaving the security perimeter to bless and wave for those who had gotten in. the tens of thousands on have people were funneled in and out of the square safely today but most of the europe remains on high alert, in fact, italy is still on what it calls its maximum alert. >> that was abc matt gutman reporting. devon still is going back to his alma matter for a very special reason. still and his daughter leah will introduce still strong foundation to the penn state community sometime next movement the focus of the foundation is to help families with children diagnosed with cancer. and this event is planned for april 16th and the the same day as the blue/white spring foot gall game. she just celebrated her first year in remission. she was diagnosed with
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neuroblastoma two years ago and treated here in philadelphia.
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"action news" sports sunday is next here on channel six. acts news continues at 4:30 tomorrow morning with david murphy, tamala edward, matt o'donnell and karen rodgers. for melissa magee, jamie a apody, jeff skversky and sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team, have a great night, and great week ahead. >> ♪ the
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the final four. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> you could say basketball is religion at villanova, only thing more important is our catholic faith but on easter sunday, it is really nice. >> this is "action news" sports sunday. sponsored by audi. definitely, all of those chocolate. villanova fans inside their baskets easter bunny left you sweet taste have of victory and trip to the final 46789 welcome to another addition of "action news" sports sunday. welcome in mike missanelli. i'm jamie apody. >> it is a


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